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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 3, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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tologht. d wilsee up. k fointh tot. il te orro nht. goo gtawi. th te isron op n. thgoad jus f gwi this yoop bill'reiy ishus n ft. go nig fm wayoingt ll eid.c.iso t n goig fwagt gtawi .com c. t gwi om ♪ >>reg:heres atory so huge ou'dave t ♪ cal i >>g:rea ry ohugetory the gedies'dfe "th tiew"al w it hos a g.o. gery e es debthe.w" w buos.o o mus a: wheb the buen tre i o austherive in a wh wn?he unke "th t i aeriew,ene d't drin?befo noounth hell eveone.w, it d 5:0 iinnfo newooorkity. llvee. dnigit i:0 is i s "e ig fiv i" m gr gutld.t. inin us i "iv t aygrut. in we'ee t ho bir flye' t her i hoirly winttime kimbly t glfoy. er bo iecke the n ingnt ofme he rmbht goy bo ng, icke bolng. e shg isf s cut r bies car, ol. arou picressh ofs serutn bs eirar
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t tlethheouview is 1 hosle rrity bu t t g.o. wou geew betrs trementos itbu fro t.oou geet rent birroang. big. if aounthe vies a contider forobie whyot "t fe"? we livcoer oornhylane"t ear. f? iv in oeadnear. indwe hav frotonseativ and eunnyweav f loong lse.iv d younyan't bea toose os. l bob,hat yu'tea t ohink b,t y? iew"nkantsoost a debe.? at it w"tst gdeb tt ia? g >>ob:unny loong i libel? fine >>: thny isooreat be monneogue thsat.onue wheris the sho --er kimrly:he "a"lock ho >>reg:tayocus . imy: a">> eckc: c >>g:yus youmagi -- e >> cob: n yo imaneou "thgi- vi"? >> : ll byomaerio. th ifouad a debeviith the ve o bios, weifnowometebng h abhet o policewet s.ab
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withllueolespe t whoi goldrg w t dthshe kw pe out tho plditic w d at d ks arba t wters pic d ba ow? at rht wrs win ? r womin she om don'tnow aut pitic he ther do >>treg:what aou tnk? pic >> ana: er aee. >> g: t i w t? csultg an o he >>a: a. candates i' way c sltpan ohis ndes s e.s rry,tay hom >>reg:eight do wl y, ywithom e won. >> >>g:ana: wonht defod w th. th thwor id mig b o>>a:fonef the th ingsfothidig b oxamphe hman cain hatgs the le abo hmp h n ise is uiteintikabhe. l boa sw hike "e iew"is ifsoute pullabt off s ae " vyw" bigf if, ll uldff a go vigf, dell. g ion't knol. ihe crent cr wou do't ano goo i c jnt crouooo j herm caiould bon't kn how rm ai >> gg: ty asd yold bo't know "v w" a y g tas wisyoy sd . uld s"vrt a oer yis sho sd like "rsey d s sho" a oho
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ke hers "ey ho a>> kberl nook rsas krl inteectuokuestnsner poof te tu >>ob: at st kimrly:oof. of wel elain fter >>he: sw. imy:f. "vie haswe muc einer cnceo s ht g.o. deb e as ieasuc occy wl ce hstre wil getn nvito.ionebs to icca wo reilet citern h gtout io th tm. >>ric: ce shld me a h al. "th t vie g s t>>oc: hossh m aa g.o. ebat. we tht obaie o gs tos o. eate ba o sho ho kimrly:hat so i't gog toappe >> da: i w ldn'imy:vent i goto pevisehat. d i >>ric:bamawhats up wn'n with set. >>.2%?c:maatup >> da: b th see predent%? d b ee oba, h hesrent rllyood on shoikeob t hs.e once rouyecomd pside on it'shoe t eas rceom pde 's yoasdon' hav t worbout thdiffent ings. i ayoeen'av the torut queions wld thff t gs obab be ke t t. a he buioueackns t wf y ull abe t itff and nebu gooine ak y do alood j t cit worndk iooe a ur for. a d >> job: ose are c tor i sup f de.tes ere u a ryin>>: ere t toe fny s ifou'r notdes e aunnyin lik to f
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if ec'rotnyik er e ericer ioesn com ove ic we. i whpioldbg hsnoodomve linwe whdb hd liins. >> imbey:lihe's omedn. >>be >>ob:epubcans'shereed ki the but a >>s: anyubens cricalre >> d a: itherkiwereheut a nyrepueicanheret wod becral ke 1 d ier re >>ric: idn'they opuanre wobe sothinlike hat,ne o f 1 th>> debc:es, n't deyn arod so inthe keble.t, o memb thath eb, d>> gg: nro i ever e atche.- s y wat mbha ghe n viw"?erch s y eri th debe. v? ri o. dan the was athebit- anheas sit-wn. - gre i agr. i he to sy thit-. y say re presentgr oba d s ho wel s o thehi yview bayause ty likestba d him d tely o agr wit eisew bse t yik sumpons. t a m tgr sineitepubcan >> ric:mphens. the ll lae in mney ub n the l e oba >>c:nhey'he l ve rney. ey >> ob: heat w lld b ybary' fit qu tiono ry. romy? >>: w >> bric: yow ce yo fiqu onfliplopeonveryom sin>>ec: cyo de teippery top? inaboron iigraon de p-anoptrad taxor a of ira th. an hoadcome youax a ffp-fl? th >>imbey: w didouhomeou
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turno t dk s fe?fl i hink>> hebe wasid nrn t t d rig s itracnkwithe rneyce. rry,hen tsig t las taceth ryc yotalk y,n t tod?as t ey fp yo thelk le toubl? f cheeheburg, an lmoree qutionblaski abother men ee mrghtanaverequon okiendebo ertherma n m e bachnn, ey wld he a ode eld may chith, w h a d y h.h h >> b: wh wou y ask ron ul? he's bwhou yskiberrian n ? gre can 's i bri uheeran quinrepiacanoll at ce o. ristro u numrs f hern in caac.l c o wel ta abo tt nro aum f nuteer icaant toalwe atautbohe t elec on mchup gainte t o ama. a hav t m rig ec h me.upin oba l ds a. romavy tig h 47-.ob l oba, 5omo7- per ob 5er6%. re iy. i qstio qio iteems likomney ishe bridmaiditithms tik rublin ne candate stwith the ididh t r matliup ag nst ndamae hethshe nber e.
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at>> da: oagt'st vaye earl n rnonef t dandi otes,s v wh ver ts t rlomin heyne t havet stted di runs, ainstwhr t obamin yety havvestd pentun a thestastou am et ysalki abo navustnthet b he wlekibo n ttablhmenthatsooki b at w blen tat --kiot meat tablhmen dia tstab-shme. lookeg athe llegion blen of armanabme cai exua okat hassmt,eg n instfd an ofaioing aftua hsm stpresent ama thef jobngft y as theyayn .ces thet a heob are ying o tal asbouthe the jobsillhend infstruure e ng bio andal the cut'the get bsactil. thnf havru't sertedo ru biagaindthebama >> ec: c i ti tandth upav s fedru ai ma. co ervaves e eve cwherightndp f no gre plee doco.vas ve er erihthis is snoo obvus re ledo me w ts g ngri o herss s thleftbv wanomne b ause e w they gnowhey oer c oth afteranne b se him rhe eywy f cp-flping a the m stabshedepubcans ffl wang himsell. thabed ubis ins a ge.waiml. lo athat i goi on. i bachnn t gk thlott iead.oin. th sysmati lly chok h tth apt. e had. heaches. thyouyson'ttianty h ht t ap bu on whan shea hes a uhead'the.t h t dan i d'think ttbu wsh h ais w he isad.ot oing ell. an d nk t eri per toothe l d w and sen a thengl. cment rier ooin, ew tre ls d aheisto.
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it cnt oesn , tut - newhoul to beitarefsn. he - rewesoul top be hs e ntefne ty tee r ls t hout . n none touch t l t rney. no ch>> b: onerio not we ry. wod li noby ette bon thaioot w pey. woli ob >>ric:tehaisage. pe bobi am alki>>c: aboag decrat whi you k w obam deweatistehi--ou can i kway o in . thg abt t poltean i th base r oublin ve nthab t isolount anydy w lthas rli v g 37 nten y wnyld w g g 37 y w7%. g .orgeush e eld h the ma. it ud o ge bh ld hhe 3,ma. u 4o b decratepubcan d th resterendepdent on t de.deat ubn itth now ste 40/ep.ntn t . itthatow0/ mns vots he atrown in m laeot nbers h nonefhis ieres mewn in la whatever n rs ama nest bsel iese meshe ater demoatic a bhresld. mthe stof tm, t moicneses. ke re ublin thshol t twhatsissis the rli quthnipiol polis a atood he 3,0 oterqupi anolargid of . errois3, an itgif relble.
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ro thi 1 ititellele.s -- hit >> da: a youl eourad-- by tumbe for y r d aouide? e rad wh not t be or >>ric: y >>ob: ama e?ouldo wh otttergain per. >>c: >>: a >> kldberl he eds re in iner >> b: hesoing bter k thrl weee s in s. >> reg: wan to bhe bngngp br the obtheepprol n bers>>g:ano b wt erol nrs up w up 47 kimrly:othi to writ homabou 47 gre but imy:hio iset itomou tha reut 41 i >>simbey: ihinkeas ha be fluuati but41 ne rthe>>ss hbehasn i beenke le t tndbelu abotiut 5 or anehe h snee ile. tthat ts sllbo 5 a e. at s proem a inermsfe-eltionro i doest boin welmselonor esboel h. h >>ob: thinbama t reas it' gtingette is >>: in ma t tnkt' inalast' sta gingngte s sin i tha y t don althinthertawillg beuch of ain iha y on meage r aga st tinserlle h cofress %, imee tnk rouga t r agast co ssngre . 's gng te t t lesr o r ga two evi .re he g te tes wil w o.
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ovi >>ana:e wil-- ieil w doesin h wil b fac>>a:itil i e rublin se te a he es hil b woact ge athindone rli se>> b a:e a to owogeosed ainne repuicann th whi b hse a o sena andheouseed th we'pu allan gthnghio he na >> gthg: me'be -ll g >>ana:emocts ithe . rst o y grs o m - the o ma>>a:oc ie adnisttion bob wondt ful ytuff ohe o ha ened theadston ob >>ndreg:laybeffmeri has becohaedheccusmed d pair >> g:be ri thaasote, hern coainusd ets dir tesy w h rhaorte o e,er pitohill nthat nexon "ths te w rte fe" toll atexth f bikesedtitori so dot foet teso eails ati ri thefoe@foews.m. don'forgdofo t el ahe effos. n'rg mealoaf repes. ♪ ♪ea♪afres. ♪ ♪♪ wenow placwher toing d tuing haveivenay tslee ng.we w acer tog tug vewherenslee tess eeghts. yielto rtfulleep erees tsel rulep and nestcan lp y gether d st n like yt ha forge erso m
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t meay o thi. i'hereith t docrs a > meat's ohathi'm gng ti' talreh t oc aabou dot bo er a's mthe g o teral estious th youre curdousbo a m abou o dot tithou evur oudo botevr. >>o theomen exi? ot >>hat d i >>thay?en >>xire y ccern >>boutt i ?>> euse . >> y crn exseut ee ex me. dano ttory evyones tale.bout a vyan tdos dry donsnevhenealutun-i a
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s on s okay-i ayfirsof a heeeds fir the rrsid r aponsee ds constant ight awa ir he he r menonedhey r hnsapid ns ntht waspon csultent.edy h don kwowid mh the on pers is cettilt pai oni k m hophhe it' f rsree.stiai th's t in ofop advet' y fe. de rve d yoth tyor tt.f dvhe nds t y rlizehe srydee yo is n t goi awa n nu ter thr rze o s greule i noi wa leard do tnuethr tm oeere youe i swt. ar doght tere,e l tkedou ssw defet ive.e, ll td cdidas, ty hav s reafeze te.y are t o cdaamer tav althe me. ea tere ire so ouch nser ppeng toaly, je t on. thi e i storo hso w nll r tought a ento j onhi th w romor w r devopme t ofgh a a third th wmccusevmef ir thuscain camignccusghe rrythin camignam ofneing behd use le a yuestnsam abonf ng ehwhet r ra is invlevednd a th"newstork tboes"as a et ras nvubled staard. beth witewhk u t" a kileerlytaond.he egalbe it ont u >> kberl thais ushkily weekd atal t krl fraharnith no you ekato, y.rait >> dnoa:ou we yeard d froe- werd
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hed fr aroaper the "wasngtoeost" yterd hefr th onef t accerersheoes as to wat" to y telrd h stout isthne t cc sbarrs fro doi so becsewaoel h oftohesettlent. helprrsronoio lalecidef of thgs.tlt. wh is appelpng? l kimrly:es theths. whs pe? laer, is imy:th repsentg th acsed,hela m, ns one thaepntidth e deacd,it t mne natnalha de staunt tatlssoction e saugestn i phaps s was to coceon sstorwa i. pps s we a eariwato c conictiwa port arihere on tirsuito aeeme shes rt rredro doi if s ui did ameheome fward he ed oio. uld fac tn v slateheide f rd agreent a d ac t vavte t forit ereettltent. a thk abtt,erha t aor netw t. othethab pcehaot a f e dontw he pay,ouldome in a p say fe onwe'rgointo com i y, andlde wen a ay wantou t do a 'r dinl, doom a inde ok a ecete andnt the to a d amouo wou suc aedhat. a th etendhe may ououuct'st. a antaousth ay do tt a foritshe moy. a ta s gre tha is caryo t a or>> b: ifhe mo giv u p reha ry 0,000 ucks she b isif goiiv t u t pd 0050,0ksrhesoi t $ 0,00 p ,0 eri inhege o $00
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ribillnn doar psideial ca oaign $0,00 lldo pdel $20000. ca gnn't rgethis, hereal $00s 20 t nra t et s,r de iserotl wit tain.ra sh isdes notit daginainn.t sh ot al d in hean'tn sayt wl co y al bilon i amaghe bec'tseay wl co mig y b il i preagdentec wod he r sigakinout burt era?rent wo hefran sy,intt i ? an pbablould i han't y eectn p nrablld dan as hat e toetditora lemesk yans oehis. to yoare fro le pitic y you' pols.ico. yoyogee aroip authe p sicry u'olo. omyo a s s ewhe. she youon'tun whhe ople nam but ty unow't w o th re leam thiserso nevut talkew abo is. th w thereragg isnso toev tskebo caus.of pitic tha couhegg othenf i t waseake by aus pichaou ril enampa in, ds ias htkey a the ri camignpa d i h e me?amn m woulyou veot disosed r na inhe ulu rigil ised pie? >> gnag: tnt'sough mor gi meecaupi mos of he g tsgh ororigaltori
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auosf wte w eigri abt a. if ts ws invving weoplab a th don wan t tsenv ingolve and plon't hav hethacton ian t ive wodn'to wi i d 't av >> ec: htdoest he greawo abs'twi i gre yes e hthates the h b akineabsews wreh es bo athe >> kberl bin nersealid w heanboain d n' tur o kr rl ncasho t pson. li he'sryinheto pie in dur o toge t p n.thisappe eve day 'sin aieoss i the ge. ountispeheveay as ent d a teinatn agemenwithn emplee a the d don a he to lteigatat ifag iensth tru pl avorahety oonit. h l atf ieapruero ra pay o tha. bob p per cam--ayha dan go headob. >> ber: anamhertory abo anrmanoainad onheadio ban inrhery bre wbo tri t getannn the iooduc to get w ri bu tthey wouetn't e ucot,et shery webul trey toou gt i tethe s >> ana:wetro g i iroke the >> b: th're orki>> ona: i it ke theye go peo e. b noth thee tngboutkin the rman citn eygoeoampa n,nohe t accinguthe rryan c dirtly ipacc agtron-- y daniry iight a onttere acrate an>> b: thetai iht t er acte sty th way i rea b tth me,ai i tit'sot tooany stthay i detls.ea t e, e of the 's thisoo yy problyet .
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wrot thishing henof yhehi y roy decid ho ot yisngn y picduthe ci leang. y i wererry tsicsd n tr ea. iouer gotry t n atherrobl tr fohermotain aerbl formn doerry syilen he hasdo try s rpond toenim. as dan t rndo per's cpaig. said his san pattly trueer c ig >>ob: m nids pry himlf at y s toue rpond to i >>: m >> d pa: hprobimly wl. to r erind cano p int meth dg ou h ob w acrdintohe rian ele pion webse th e isth aou gacinho tookverle fn her n cai bsthis a afte ge l tokrs fereo ofai te nra l s na i svenf c. ra heerso lo, yo wanna t i mak sn. a lk. he sothisuyas theloyoan teoak aer a l cais.he has nate to m at >> ana:s aitteo mom >>a:t secd. kno him i d't thi is faiec t dr somnone lime than. dhi iai t eridrom lha i notaying h ri ishe lk. iotin h i' isli s ling >> di'a: y btere sg acrate d y b r gre thetheruestn
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isa queionhatactevery dy rehe erst is aing, ermais cuen,nst ry is is ag, ama c ser usesir o be esidt ors ts somhinger ir at i ae divsion methidg thor is tomng un? i thateedsivon is ththsgo whenometng l?e thi atds ppens y hav en tet lskhi himsf ist tim ow? en is i yav wth msist?im ? >> kberl don i youhink w it rud thaverydy ee k rlisonou snker serus aut iitudha butry e isn j t bec sse her a is i ut ruing n sn jecnconntio hs campgn aru doeg't hen offis seuponio mp eve awheroe h er c'mo >> b: wealke abo.his e otr daymo bhe hwekeotbo s cal a preotay coeren spe fica hy on althisssuendre s evebodycoenpe caon come nd isue il sta her sorvedy asong asmetakes ita er ce y're asonegs yton'tes ar f m me gain uess yewee y info'tatio f c mesin us foio out cut >>ric:ddre in a d i be. >>ana: hen u on h>>e c:re necon d t i . rpons >>a:n on h bobthen ou say ipenton r ns threhour a ing oben queionsay annownt mov o t som hingreur ag allymporuent.ns ant mew sov som ohingbout theomng
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ly oront-.nner . methey sarelomng leauthe infmati oneople b indt- theer ey el it'seaoonfti danrous on pl b yodhavehe toeigh 's coequees. anus >>ana: ring uyoveo onegh oth co ueing,.herere a lot o>>a:ng u annees tthisth e "n yorg,kreimes a did aot o ont ange s tryisn ts wit "nor es idl th ae aegatns. on thint tha s h bee tnit brout up odayth is a dat. the onin ha hhaveeeoubl sndar whe it ouupay s d cos tohe reptingn t ngsvebl s ar heliketheohn eardscotoep ng algati ts fist repted i nke n the eds atiol iuireal inti fi 2007epd i th didt a ualleepor e stioy iren 07 untthid allor 200 sty >> gg: i sdnt thi00 efor g i shi aorragu is a pig he get pa. gu s >> aob: at tig heleoeset th meapa >> g g: i>>you: re tels ogreive d exthesea sext g iu behaor y getway wh it. ree ex ok aex ken dy hadwar y iety w t. you ok a the aen occy waar i strettac u goi a on dowhe ccwa the th are reacoi ign >> b: do thi spris anyf bdohi y? s"newisorkimes hasy a bso ymocr s? ew k >>ana:ot rlly.esas a b>> gg: w can be cr d gust>>a: ry. g wan
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ite d >>stric:t toen day t it devep a espo>>e.c: to someingette wou heay t come ut t nveahis ipo they megte ou hweret trng t putme o t fiss al ove t i plahe rig now. re tr t ut>> d oa: ts ishyfialvet's tlaig w.ggertory d tis kimsrly: errysty. i n't ink im iy:st h ituali t k xual i harsmenkindf guy e qstio hisuaf you ave alaren nd tedaysuy toet rea f qio ou sothinelikehis,his iteyso ea ho f you hsodleinkes,s i i what ouldouhoou do i the he i ova ofatce?ld o >> kberl i peoehe itice cava for n ofving? khis rlfeeotand by is ic sidcaor n ople avengonenhe pt. s ndy m gd heidookt le aleee man p and idn' g sit terendk u le his fean a a cruh. dn' it t bob uyoure rht. s >>ana: ae go toruo o b ob u r th. tak up t >>a:goo timrom b ur bthck.ak p t bob sorimm b. ob >>ana:p neor oive fi so w don t e awa>>a:ne o b'seime, banfi ofo w amecaon t opswa the s $e,an debf cdme s fhe. $is ieb crue? thfree f mart w ks. i becke? isot uyinthee iar w . ♪♪ cks ♪in♪ i ♪♪ ♪
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2:29 am
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
grou ofsabortiit t leade ouorde hes goio beherumk he aboithis.e mk fincia abs. traacti. ha of 1%fiiafra eveti haf% trsactn, wtherou a yingveiecef rea este or akintrct wer a a s ck - ng ce >> gg: teas isst igor deain s - g bi tgiseal. eabecae whou fd out bi out isl. cawhank fut t ee y d'tk ha toay. you omewre ee. y d a gov nmenhao.uilds u ew eou ov en someere ld kimrly:hat'how e fr martorks me e >> b : im thay:t' iw e pbablfr ar whilksyou b areha i pbl on thtic ilu yore usuly aren t sanic an yo su raonalerso mo ofanhe bankiddean arge iraalso mof fineande ge irint ifinou areomeo liknt m whoifre bankwithankeoik mfho arica nkndthk you get aersol bk a yca catalk ouet a to,so b norl yvera ca pelkle g toalko,orra to. pe gok aompur wi aad tto. soun lik she is fro-- [naudale ]pu wi >>ric:hat t why oma ys h cun'tikethesro [ud ]
2:33 am
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2:34 am
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2:35 am
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2:36 am
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
appead --or >> ob:>>c: cig io ape- hot >>:ig i ot room om it'srue once fac t rce opleouy 'se ce mtgagac t geingn hou ng ae leoing ba to m caragr gegou a yea ang ba reoan yarrs ar bh yrs ea and aintoears re y a b wenowt w y d tors mtake .we w wat dsn'txcushe mke d'tus fac at t bks kne ty had d mactgag i t bnehere tad whe mag theyhowhem asre morage ckhe eyw secmitiesore ecie thateanshey cated >> ec: w is tatingnsy respsibity? c ed >>ob: am. >> eric: wut cstain not tg an ne, sptbi? >>: . bar>>yc: cin fraot o ris andd b, oree ltrarra o sc mers be l. scr >> gg: i hap t hea bosa it w the gov gnmen i atapault t eaawes e. bo tbut wre ihe theoven atlt o er es t ihe tng. o e bas ho choe. t.
2:41 am
ey h toake m ey ffba h ofho crap loa and t hyo figeed m out f w to apoand ty dig t wot. d whatreou gngo d whe u arande a atrap g ndwi d? he >>ric: e he ar tesmonyde p byhris dod barwiy fnk >> c: handechum sayesg inyhe byisodar f dum aynks, i fnie a fddie derc s, fe a fie the rc >>ob: the me >>: ekeanni eni mom. at i wha s doe to m. iha soee.o ifou knehat uad bunchf 7% ifnet mtgag nc% rig? sa mtherag are 1,0 tt buigledhemogetr. saer re>> da: i n,0ood tt a th.bud m et bobfine d it yo n knedhat t re.ere ob ne y 10 of hemyo wneet te b 10 f womd yo sel w tmo pple for e b surit wotireyont?el t >> pana:ef th gernmt r ss sitinge'reot gng re ? -- >>a: th g nm >>ric:tep ck. sg whredidhey g sl the to. - don'>>sayc:heyp tol. whdyhem sheo. to n'y y olpeop foretirent.m theyidn'o ey bdlee andoporirt.
2:42 am
seydn' b theeed t dge snds. buthey rlize thehe t sked. o die d ts.y buey rze ghee sd.hem di to? g nniend fddie m >>ob: ere e eless mberf ie emp fyeeie comp sati>> pla: thae bout ess thes er mp eendls nu erf mptilarivahaou retiment und esat bght th .dlnu n't y to bval tintd bthem th t to b outmut ey sdrap. >> da: tre i perna resp ssibity ap.well nojust hat d t t i ban weer llinspor gbiing aoansll noostt t an w unllinpeop. in gpeopg whons onl ade,unin whoop opmaybhoweret gonl atath ke ie,ot.ho on madyb aregoertat amot ih ittin. h sesonhaad ty ctaldmo i no aord. in was h as t t-way str ct. 're nol ad.ayin as tayortr e in it. >> kberl lik halween t. ndy d mheeighr krl gaik itoalen the y m u ategh it! ga t >>ric: onhehe inan alte t!rvic ommiee >>c:n rardian ic mi th fanend fddie rdi don wanthe amethocus onan safy f anie souonnesse h in thent e otheusnaf an deptmenouss hnhe
2:43 am
hes.epen rollheice me i bsided houllng.e m yinghat ntert loa id ou .no wn paynt ngt er loaoa ay is i whaould cseheoa housg iharisild c >> b : wh usg csedtsi i that bhewh govnmen the was c dt aill bore conesshat wo dat hoveenheas reg atedal beonannist wo d fr hdie re csely eg ovedsigh steani fr ofe clyovgh bei ea uerf the thriei magemt uhe ri. mem >> ec: w ran conesst. e e wanonsime? gre sohee? ecuti reos, eti faie a fddiereetti bonus. fa a fieti ob a isot nu saygnythg outhat. if seone nob walistreet gsayth a b ust c ledif f sne t. al if yee gork fhe over benthe c d and ft a busou y knok w ft ert yoare alled a b ivatsectno w talt. yo neee toeeple yhere. atct he isal eeo bpus yre hes. b
2:44 am
>> b: thonly w the t th t tak t job s bthly w heomisg th a bus. th t >>akreg: the pvateob secsr isth b . tant >>g: pteecta >>ob: a gting a >>: a gng ra >> ec: cing onthe rave" y a amecans s e cg n e sess wit k k dash" n. a >>meob:ns i s k ksh >>ric: ome >>: us i areot co ng>> upc:e n "thsre fe"e cove sprispg detls other f divoe. wel be ightack. s is♪et o ♪♪ vo webehtk. ♪ ♪
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2:49 am
aton e ere ."e rorts metharer po esllio of llarkaoff the e rts m ddin ioese f portar arefhe simy n in true e rt refals doim you n belvehis for ue ls nuteou eltheyoldshe worleeddi te eyd wremo on . bobidi don car i d 't thi monybon els. obonar res. d hi you bbolseopl magine as. ou b "u magine. plo is thiage per an? e is"uage. isittlhier istl tin-- i ess en yav thain mo iy. rrie s y a 1hafoot bastbal mo ayernd t yot ieivord a 1 otin sasalonth er t bideal or whcare s greth i ce. bi al>> b: whdoou carwhre doe 't re mat cr. bwh ar >>reg:he oeat is a amecan ro. >> g: >>ob: amecan rk.s ame n >> b: sh scam. a >>: omen . r bsham a fs. o gre sheold wding f piuresetwe rehed $ wngpieswe $ $0,00 a $1illi. gopeop to ce abo $00 a someing d spd mey o$1li go op.o c bo e wi do tgain meg sp m o shshou be t nex t wiesidot. in >> da: ionde if sshatoroue t ex durb wou say it' roofid d th ifreede mart sor wor. rbouay t'
2:50 am
of kimrly:he ds k wtheear how orake mon. shimsaysy: d k mared f w love on can i havsh tys dendar f th.ov iould hav 'tanpent soav t muc dd timethnometng f ai tvldav nt sho.uc t she sd heme mhtetav f av tten aughup wshh the t sh sh s andd the momanf it en gh w beuse hee wa ted t heshndhehe an fair tal i bee wae ed twa b t h mried hav iral biesthe hole hingwa t b >> b: whare medheav fls es ethatavele herng t s bwhe fv ateer t sho th is howou talo hoproders d thalk th tsoowal you? mineodoesns thk tork. u? nesn k. >>imbey: oy. eri we llowheoney a t.>>be o hodo you c e prie owithey a $1millnr ho $ou mil con?p w arhe t peoe makg t$1sll ki $ oil? mon jart t beo beiak t aki on jceleity? b ei dan i tught wh wer a recsion ley? >> g g: tans is tht g water thg fo capalisecon yono lon gr h teis go be athfoapis yo on h celeity a sr oe a hav ykill as n ley s octor toav b ll s mousoro b. us >>imbey: tk abt meonignicant lind y >>be tab loh onni nt >>ndob: enoh tugh i >>: till th
2:51 am
lievyou n m'sealtll mae evomenu heah. m >>imbelty: tk abt malindy. en ea>> b: th pay $>> milbeon tab r nd hotoaphs bth ay do tyeall $ makilha montohs ba? t ll ak >>reg:eah,hey slon th man morbaopie >>g: thh, kno ify t sy puter onthanor the iever,hey wil thno sfl t0%ut n re e r, sthat wl cer --hey cs. probatly p wd -- >>imbey: c we lk c - y out ndsa loh ? ob p-- >>gnifbeant cgal e ws medit oh is iwhatappe whe you' ver ift l vy,ery b diy. an sho u iat latpehe u'eror vhey b anrguehoou'r usupped tat be therbecae yore offded dea bod s at ue'r:00pp t ae. in er ca yotheffd eaodst0 morng. ain dge setencer to snd or. day ie s jaincor volati the urt srder for ay per irminai vti counit svice e ndterorerin aend coit sce atndinpsycthery. shhas a serd mor tha 4 at inyc hoers of comnityshervis .er or stl atheha 4orguhoof om tysheviidn' eve get ostatf thatguou e on'veethe o dth sad. atmore cnselg. e got dumpe s re c elprobion ylike proobtionn --ic ke >>ana:hey oke up?roon - gotivordfter 72 >>a:y ep? ds t.or er
2:52 am
72rthqke d thedot or d nner. >> da: aleas lindhqy dhe han t o er talted. d a as >>ndob: ke ts n serusly th is aald. vy sic >>oman: t ey kperuttilyer ithhes a pris vicenteanes or 30 kpti iays, 60 isays,te 900 da. s, >>imbe y: is jl.s,0 bobdajail mes >>ck obe i j aut h obnil s comm oityervi a. h alcolicike thi oman mmy eds govi t s-mon trea entlcic plae ohianear whe s o tshe son com ttedeat tla o doirhe thatmakeer s ye here aomed t do ioi herw e shatwillke co b skyre a ouan one o ihe day nerwshllco b ofhe day oune o regttabayhis of ayman ll klomeby oregab kills hself n k eb ysadr dease ll she s hotlf tm -- t d ddgessebecae sh is a e cebrit t---- t >>imbey: ty codd s >> ob: workceithit the ople>>llbehe t te.dd r. >> no: rkhhe d ferele tha t oinar gard varty no d drenkshand oar ordi ry grddenararie dnks d skilleopl eridi lat g onnneie dtorys nollsureplhich o i riatn reary a. c ntyailsnorere sch o i creaded erobay ill s cnyls s in ahen be relsedcrd eba lmediely. s >>imbe y: a thans weteld haenedith colediy. >>beha wha ricedh ale pasiltoic atheyid a per wkpa ato
2:53 am
pele ey t aewer wkpark d at. thatpesrue tecau you getrk d cred forime sved ouat doe au oua trdetf t tim edor eey c s't.d o theyon'tave tim f t thi tim nons se. cey d.'t wt to p ey'themeim in f hi at j lecau ns. is d wto p probmm fothemn wit he res j au the i iates >>obob:foemithyes he do ieshey p ple>>: in the ttomokeyope. pe >> kberl let nothe t dete t dru lkes.e. krl etot >> da: de tru l i d thihe mgue hi isunisent. >>reg: meisist. s ent >>g: s shed u sate,t s she s st cushakes u te,he mgue s sayghe s t rry,'m lendcu tesy tturn t meay y, cup lkes t dow rn t kimrly:he lt thg ups yowantoow d imsy: l lkth frting wyohnt on pa ds. ve y bee t l more?frng w ohavepa bob yi woeeed a a tor fural meven new or coby.wo a a whenouookful theewodie c downairshey re a en k crtivehe piieuresfhe ppl wnndrsy a ma the loocr rigve. pi estheye eing h p sanichema heoo whe thig dot. ey ethatg h isanick.he wh tho >> kberl on at ne. at >>ob: n't at ask. gd k warl-- tn t sh nld he b
2:54 am
>>: t a g halleen ory.wa tsh h >>eimbe by: ps th baloy lln y. san>>ichbe pth. lo fineanh bobrealood oil and ne vigar. obal >> bd: yocanil enndiv viminur.s. b kimyorly:nespi e bierinon "e ive,nu we im y: piloveachther andebi hin "t e, out.e next wvellh fawernd hiket t.his. xtstayith waw us. e ♪♪ s. ♪ayhs. ♪ ♪ú(húcqhqh
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2:58 am
>>reg:elco bacto "t fiv" atory youon't fin o cnn >> g:becacoeact' how"tiv nna iry ou 'tgetting onn ca reredownd i tticked b rbox dow i theiddl ofheke b nix t. ihedlf ed eye bt pieeni mgan in t do. ye it's b m n don'worrabou t i d at 9 0 p's nr. n'he irrou tha i 9 priti iha guyti kilne! uy >>ob: te behe f st ln one ury>> t: t brie a f congtula you e iikey the tri bts a mos nglaou ofiehe th. b os >> gg: wbeat chrf th g wttheat, johrscarroug >> da: elainha i is. >>hereg:joarug key d ein g iup os.-- >>g: >> kberl 25ey to4. g owhathedversersave krl5o ru aterrsever. >>ruob: ntrorsiabut the stmpornt mberr. at
2:59 am
>>l.: roia t eri thee mayeor er methg toto ith you ad-iriheay gre rer of thtoothehou five -i thatelps re er fthate hel . ve atps very atelood. ry >>ob: unow, y reay d. hav a ver>>y: martw, s yw.ea i' don it n avwo oerhreert s time i'gotton int tro nle tr t oeeee mes. me 's a gat t t ifou lisn t ps.rce orga a gw. ifis t pe didga f id0econ - who f i thguy wit t houf theon ho irichnd famths?yit tou he bin ech. ch am gre allight i wa to howhis. n h. is i thees rell phtture amewa o wofs.allo en. ieryohe is uet. p re el ov t web lo. fath wityohiss son u. ere is.ov teb th fath is dthsseditss aon e s. baling ofthackths d dedielssnd a e ki isbaackng offkarlb i t nke iskishereatkt df tlb. wld t s dant'sat dunny ther t i w fheron tim ansnny er the. i fherim too him trith-or-eati. bobit gs thenoo im oublbutriherer-stin ob g examhee ofn rneck bl t kimrerly:ere go. am bobofthe ea rck y'dalk im y:e o.oundith you obe yk


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