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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 3, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> ters isood qstio utabouthe onfi tntiaisty. d >>he ft th q theioomen ou eist. fi >>iahat .d >> fthheen t. >>t d s? exce me cuse s? me! >>ppea ng i a sxcaratme highseech conrence! the >>ea i sat ont- nninghg.o.h onnc hepresentiopef hself brght the i ue.t-ino. es theti areactiefs th h arelf tryi tbrt he i. dhetroyreetithre yi persally ts we as ts doy campgn rslywes t mp ca isenyi anyther legacaons.s >> isomeing yimes ny tyer wi. ey wgal ms.e imeg s tt wi. up. w m theyelieacis is behd p.eear'ld ey s e alehgedicti iser' sak aut t ald ti t th lyersodayrean s aontaed thth nat lnalrestaayant asciatn anindited hta th maatltat fmallas askatandid hrade ma gro fllsk wai t cfidedeial reemt pa of aro35,0 ai t c dettlelnt empafnxchaeor h,0 le silee.ha h>> iaveever sexlly rassle anydy. iit'seeralseex syuall ssny ha.ssme cla. 's are nse goi t cse sll ha mela .onyms re noi t cccusions
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>> cn's itz ym t inteiewsusns dennglleg ion c s z tclud oth new te crwsics sugsteden ttegn atem tudthewndiccressuged tgnorce th chiem ist a nucarower.ic >> yor ty're athhi msitaruc therat. th ind ated yhey tre a a tryg mar devthop.ucle thndedy a capilitry thevleantapoitevel airthaft t caiersike hav weel havirt t cside tm acarse avmili ry hrea av t>> cn c ideists te a knohat li cheaa ha nlear eapo c and its refeed tnot the uestchorha n arcleapond p ered fe t smaris.he st shld ain'ea pandiedcy te a s ri pollsuggt man'di tuppoers favo newtingrh as llgghema condhoicpo s onhe tvoilwtngrsowa, mhele bandmannicffer a wningon t tn g.a,p. c mcusle grsbanner p wyingng t he c ofsore g al pgatings agnst cn. ro f thiis ae yr wne al tiag tcan' chaveny surises w h hi a y w ou candate n've >>achmurnes w aid we uickou ante tooint out hat s>>temehm coulide w aliedock a dru to ntut speet r serrime t ul a edeculion outickru p ry's ee r ri t rfornce st eekuln tk p's o a or e flfliplop.k anbvio sho a oitt aflip p. mney anio hotonit mrcains aryin tot get oense acceying nimr theinsin o perr t c opaigse ofuckccg breang.he
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whil he w vrritin capol c hiig todf g.ok. ea. leailrs w vin apietl warnhiodumbe.o of. membs tea be ctiou abotlrnbef dendin cai mb t e see m ceoubollegionsrede inai excted aleegati ms th caiegns amanyexedenie bt.altith ai >> bt: cl, tnk y. an les ge morie o b t sto bnow. c t y breang sry.lege or joing teto w.ow eas s. mkjog bck chf oftaff fhe hma m cainampa bn. thk y forchof beiff her f h tha yor th y breor fir, yoeireer haargi the yerry cinpaig.n with tirrreg thiryo gihery cig u thrr th absutel quitfrany, ts ine of u e bsel it actanns t if in ameca ttcts th reaneopleon'tn get volvmen t thea pplitic'tet s. lv e aions pfic t per ans mpai are ter dpicae. rickerry nd ai hisre dca camign ck ryl heanainis and hamn mily - owhecainansan andnd h s filyn a logylyowinsa nd bothickerry c paig f ay agy polico thkry cig a d t wro li tng d tro t repting sethi tt wasn tru toep angnymo shi t sour s isnruo lik i amo sd,hey ur i e heikan cnnd i hisamily s y
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apogy. he >> cret:hat iden dois il u ha of thi po. in 03>> het:ant caienoan haf fohi theenat he hn ed ahe geralai foonsuheantat h a gal kusut andson. kumr. in dulgendn. t n . daimsgehat meo the t n nsulnt. >>msret:t atiol reaurahe asciatn. >>xact .ul. >>t: iomr. redersra, sohe cpaigas at athat poi >>ouldct be epar . rsfso t iss cig att oi rfacld.e it id ar tssot. ac apoximitely o wes agas yoknow m andsonen toapim y we agworkor t ric pryyoow m ndmpain. o at ee hapned boutrk two tic p weekai ago eap dut powoticoegan ekgo this spoarco caaignitinannonyus hi so sceslaimgcagnin mr.ccainy acte sos ipproimiate. >> br.t: nai let te me irote s tha bt net kurte aersoasiven sha liti a q tert sine aso dn'tnowen ti q abo s hi b'torw the ory has gat resct b for he an ce ny andis chaascter ges or wldhe cnd nerpeakhaer i ofim on t rec wd off t n ak reco. i thf is ue tay a t's t ec o no goi to t chae. co u sa tthts s t as no loi?oha sa t >> isn outge. l
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i sd bore, ick ierry ut. eds apo gize so hman be,k ry ca and fnkly ts pomerize. h n bre anoer verancand fly tri poll erreno wit van t ud to b ll itth t n tiona resuran u oassoatiochriwils b. he is ow t norkina witesan the so iosuperirls pac hat i sportkiheithe xas vern 'spe b.act he i srt o s thrn becor i daili what oeays isthnothor dli indentf s ualatsstharasentin nt anot srlllegionast otegn aga, th pry cpaig needto pologazeth t p hern c ig in a his edamil lod ter meri aisil or thiri spicle aion. policooohi polico w'telea ic any an. li cume atio lior w wlhey eeannydmit the spok tomeheseio two wy eomenithe ok se woy? becaeenheyave n hingnd ca ted uamedye nourcng d ued.rc. ris wilnut o a qte sayi i ads nhingilo do o awitheaki q thi in a w. yi n nevngiscuoed ohare thki hiis snry w ah wy cents ev culist o, yohavere pre sred w c
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tsstatent re. sti kyowveou are kind o rredingd off at it.t . kw bure areinou o rng f t. 100 se thabure ther i00 sehaothi els to hese er i algatihis, tlst th isose ping ond ts sromalti tth s rect the perpi o tm camign? cthe er i aedr. cnamirecn?y on numous a oc csion wheer ecythi to y oonheums legaocons ond hehe ooke hieo o squa inheye agas shed no. ke all rig? uan a mrcain s hno nevalig comtted y sexmrlin hevarasent, pomiod.ed end oextory. as t, >> pret:d.ou sd ofhe d o natial jrnalry evearli >> t: s inofeek tt sam ti jalveli stamentink t th youaid aamheours go it'tant intesti tha wthoud a ev hears fro rad alk t' ntti haow h wt ofowa t t aeveafr adk cept nisthoug hofa tt mr acain cmentere pt instpropugate. nowhatalk swmr hosin i cnte parely otheinecorope. wt klkin sabouit.os i re>> i oouldehallorgenybo in ou. at hhese ildlltatebontso be h mad tseo comte fsward wit hbe ad teersoom makg t frd stitemen. fa soak t mr.ain sten fa.r.n >>ret:or a cpaigthat
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kn abo thetory f en >>t: a ys a c theig aat c didaknhobohe ry sa f he didt ahe anow cda aut thesaeid selemes, t speficsw a rly he the d on semeonda tpecs anthen kiny ohe dn clafiedda at t oughanenin o thelaay.ed no tyough are sin tha yhe memb. thepecics o no ure iefi s aha y mb shefferci bac o i fi 03. d thevel ove serache iast . dathelve >>ctuay, stce mday e sdary beg to bak. >>ua s my ok sego b.? ok we kwbouthe polical ory ven en d s kgo.ut if speol aal of my imey n d .asin anomous if apeegat ans o y d bee in speing nousours aat da sev day b a weehich peg isxactrs twa thether daevayee ch camp gns sh wisctwahe wouer do. bret mps o the et oble thaio ts oityhe hass we lehare runng tynas convtion cpaig withun a unnvenonal cnvdidaon. cigit th're at use unenal t cda ts. th e i tnksene ofhehing t ey'r tdoin i t attkingr.f ng in. 'r brein as ief sta itt ng you t e r pons.ilitfor
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re hos thisf astaandl in t ou t r rensonseito thre hoisdln s try? rese th>> aoluty. thbuck sps s her? bre it s in a yutr thck s inionot ndleerwell i trenk wt cinld yave handiod itt lell betr. we tould w hav c ge out i f nt ndit of tettory a lite bweldav g ut i ster f d we cou h te hadry a bitter b er exanat n. buweou had again br youan't spe a exat yrbuime jus leinou'tpe fro y ethisointusorwa w lt d we do? ro mebo ces isntwa wt dpe w h ? bo c anonou unme w ausatn. on d we spell dayunong ing at. a at h e can dwepehat.ay g >> bt: d yo c lg . on t han dt. b re daura cn tssoctiono ive e wverrerrahater thdealsoc wonh the e w serleme so e wteen w thal pare wly wt tohealk abo se meit co ? w w >>hat totly u tre w thetokbo naonal esta cant as ciat>>n, bt t.ot u t brehe lasthin anotnar thalg thta ist g tingasat b a l o areentias thiin mday otthths gng inteie in l o wch atihi c mdiday mrcainas alki te abon w cda ina. andmrin sai tkis abobo nuc ar a. d capalityai. t youbo lkt tuc snd paty ite,ou l tat was s >> hwas ferrg tohee, nucl ras apab ity hs hatrr t chi cl sabytettihi or
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heirti subminesnd acrafir caiers >>bmret:esot tt th aaf didn hava nlearcars >>t: tcapathlity >> xactdn.av n ar bre whahapps fr he ?paty >> ell,>>opefctly rehapp thifr he >>l,ef comenot etoryhif t ur e sty o me thet ay.ery t anwean g on st o gettang mrcain gn visn f cig .ericacro tohe ttmrinis foter you ic krow,o've bn ask bretdider u thiave ke bsk trim tal fect neturd hi campegn. thi if y tak a limkl atct th pollmp tt havhi f y me oak in ahe l ltt4 oursthllum tt av've eher onaint lnedt orrs inease his ieensi er ftorntd r ha goninses i usi f r and avha huron bt u d furaisgay h y b yeerda tte h n tfuis camp ygn. obyeouslda it' t hot turti with usmp.urobslt' suprterti th bres mr.lockthan you ruphe tere. >>hank you or hreing r..ckan >> ret:u e'llave tre o >>nk ou thcain s hryg ith tox >> t:ll e all- oars d on "spial thin srepo" onhne. t 00 p. eaern. l-obvis sly,onllspl the po012on. pea n.ecti viy,ews.he2 ti xnewcom/onli. s. wh we me bk, atartng edicon f m tewm/li wh fe eral b a
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resee chrmanrt ic fbout t f al emplment nd tsechan ut u. ecomy. plnt t
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>> bt: apresent ama ntins toraft re-ectio stra bgy b aed oesnt a thodinthattohingft wou be -eevenioorseraitho b his o odatng aouione ensehois tion anhe hdf t dera resee sa juson wait hey wl t erasesaus it w.e. ief ite use coespoent hen tel us aut t enomynd f e e prcoictipo.t en el as esidt oba us a t emy shinon k bri eprtind t s idob us swky grge wnharb inark kri tr t7 peecswelli g hise rbk jobs bil r t >>et's getecliis mbsing! il t arica b k >>'set to mg! aca bork. tk. >>haw intea picre o th relec on>>w te pspecic o d owngdingthhe fecas r ec fo2012 pec e riginglng eimat fas of fo12 7% togi eat 8 o% 7nempymen nex yr habeen 8 worned to ampen ranex y ha ofen.5 tordo aan. of t.
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>>he pac o pross i >>kelyo b sloac o >>hero ionce is the ly blouropn >> cris wakinhavoce onshee wodoparke cr w dein chavo thrnn t cha b wo ke thgree de dirhator hr tring itha b to tote of hetheoplee irr alofng thit i pting t epresfre o mr.bamaplse al hehis to ight prancng for es other. gma0summi withe etont ncor ales e ack gwledng h remi it eis limed talcked h r encragi ropeim t ldersncgi pe lrs alo. we n't rcehem t com lo ton e at eeem tom tont. a. canel our eeriee in an e uned stes. ur >>nlikchinwithilesf ca e toiein invt, the u.sunwill ss. >> ikt goin totheshe caonv-20 wheh a.sll chk in exrts a0enat wh hring ch intodad.notewhat theexs uat. ca h ng do i encrage dateathehe uca cong ssio ilncge sercoitte to for angioeal by sco thteksging tstabize woord ma aetsly othgi tabe lse.womas >> ion tther h ode ve a trae.reck by i t er h ddeceer 2 we' nl thr aracky galinen fi of
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ce 2e'hehrganefif mark. jay cney not t perc mittrk is aycong cssioyl pal anot tdownayed rctts uggeionshat ng iopa anina m wned eclse t ges. pnstingthe bden the debta m cclsis t on p eurnge's bn he bt oulds. cs thais anidesurw toshe fos. th ld ocushas a aesto eopea fo th prlem th aus eopea eeaprm a e ea luti. ti fowhic the hehe cacityecesry. >>resi nt h profoemiche h tcaty es .home >> si h toroynvokdod a h ckedmeouse replica fortook a sp hdingime is wk on edse epca orll tospeaffngm ie n w g oe ust the nat tnalotto ff i i t gst ie g. t he bugodat wanlto toee us t ielp g bu dan ouelveosp.ouve puing opleack t wk. thefirepug lekack it t w w a he reprocuralatt ey'rtookkt few wnuteto a wor ocalt o'rok w teort. o ey a wtingor sate mocrs toct o a w theng s>> tenk ou. crto o hoe sakeroh bhnerhe t
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slmed .esidt oba ov ho at w tol souer abo a ber minugosld hisidobov steme s wol at tbo c antrys bter offnuis than sme it ould ave t c bryn bfr hff haannotaken thet ste hld hase b so f. heha it theenhete has saker f he heacti. >>re y ser kding tie? >> y y dot yo kngskhe 14illi dotmeri yns o o rk, ethetheye betr14li off riday ohan o fou , heey yrset ago f yn ou >>ret:tockwerep y toy. gow >>t:ckre add 1. to th s&p00 aine 2dd 1 naaq c sed thpne ahe 2. e onama cd admistrion he suort r oariodmtrn gresut io enerrerospteceid atteion tolyna er bankspptcyt ei chf ten ongr tsion ynrresndenmike e nuel nkncy cachtol ll wh angronpdat on es enat ake a eookel at hcal w n effeative ne adm istrion a kforthavet h een. fee dmtrn rt ve gon. ening go eng lattodatheyent houscommtee 20,0 atda doeymenttrelad tolyna usmme0, inudin1200dofntla t yn mmunatio bweenhite in in00 fuse d dartmt of un ioergy b en ofte wt w h eeen ise dtmof famiar. gy thedmin tratfn of wcial w h
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nrecosizinthe te aust mi. at syndr iseboutin toatofoal co innkrue and aryintto fure sdr t wutt toy can d to rundin feelp. w t an deougge two deptmenofp. ener offials cmuni ting th egehwo oerepen wit o teeringff tls c othning to eheckh o yao, raiitng o queions whyteg tth o th wou wanck t tak tyaai convuesatins offhyhe th ouan tgovementak t s tem. nv tiff todaon citolill, morve nt quirs sm. toda coll,or their greo ergyhe re sh. e y faire o soldra foll ing . $ ai ool53amilln llg partnt ooan $nerg put53ll doender gre rt o sutinnrg ut todas doe eerrenspe sorin geral da groeory iedm tol pe gwmakals th agey's efft gr cy atedm greol js wit akthgesff ce re5.2 llio f jmhe 200it ecomic stilus l has2 nio f 00 oduc enoh ofec theictis las n >> lthouch,noof svel-adyhe projts we the sym lic>>ho s l-goalyn mt cas oj whe tymc exce al ms moashallging a ti tconsingxchan mollng atinticated ns mucgof tn cas heaid was ughtn rediced t e. uc t>> aasofed s hted ocber t, 20 a acrdinto t dartmt ocownr 20 rordsacin tecipnt dtm nganitionhad rentdsip oy
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niond t 55% ovailleecovy fund % thaled leailng ov reblic toffer nd ts had ea concsionreicoer. t >>videe ses to ind ate ncon progms porth b thi >>dese tonde adnisttionimed o og p thomotgreeener b and grehi jobsadailestonnded suld eot.eeerndre >> cmitt dbsocraleaid sd een eergyompaes nd c hett becse i dsrad dficu n rgy tpam n to fin priheteec i dctorcu funng. t e goernmt neins to plari a or roun in. keeng t gnmnetola ron ees. cpeti tve fiedn td the hse pan cti ileashiton shed he ed t dimul monhe out. h anstatand ehin edocaloverents ulon whuth furughe datdmploes toal er tstheudge cruleswh weurheloo egeru s werwhmed. t meing akeoke o of wh serd.usubje is meg e beenquate to o oferttacje i enatingo aac longose tgire hranthat enfraructe, bh of ng e t e feralestat hntndt loc ract b of levewas falat notoc treo ccepves thburd. ot >>ack the tate dayep re ase solthdrard-mai i >>k hee s taylingou abo a theree ol a toai threli com hour tng ahebo ahe hou ergyto and th comlirceomurhe etin ou eyndo dermi wheomer e
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or no i ue sub enasino ge drecomis ofhe t offore o n i thub-- eascuti offe of the geco of t esidfft an ooffi of th etiff theof he ce predent idsoan pfihapsfhe a p sympve rent rele e, bt. p ps bre mikemanl li on t a hil pmp ank you le b stil ahea inre theikan wakli o til t k ourman cai silryeaehe looak a o t thean basxoai sual s oo hassme a cla seas nex wl savgome ney now exos w t cntryav e yow t cry
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bre whi the.s. plning tro dwdowin afgh istaretop hilitahe. ofcialplare ngrninrothat dheow comi budghtta cp sta couof ale inst tatount more i the miud c longun.ou one gure eing tsedntor i ahe 1% ng .bumpp i the e rengatiold a% unemoyme mp iheioate. tionem secmeity corrpondt jeiferriff e. repos thpric couon beec y much igherrr wndnje ier comff to pothicoue vechhe wn iomo
4:24 am
an usua aearaey l fo svice chi s o n capiual a hilra howi howfo scehi o seripis thhousil aed seiceswiommiowee a takg whatriheytharnus wil ae seesmi de astatakg dense uts.atynil ifhe supcomm tee ils deatdee reacans. agrmentifutomupicmme s cu will b inac and ptago grwoulntave tom fin a cuil b ditindal pgo ul $60ebill tn inin a re ctio ove theti nexen60llin yearreioveeex. ar the is rsonou he to she raco anhe ds ense rn h cuts ssco dseong tss coness dsg itjob. s tod thewarn theons d it pob.ntiacut wou odhernhe low poiatou s. derre, codeadow to re w andcome onhe b k d reco ofhedo wndmen tro bs. >> iwe'rof n decivelro donant ie'r c n sllin butecel at eost ofdonten c and s womut's li s. t >>fheyccus tndatiofom li sepmber0 m>> t io >>urucce esn teper glol m li re o tror nd>> icen tloraq o tr i and q afanisn aea toe ndllinur niono a falafis a osensof onfince. in n n the wervailalarnis frns the chifie. o nav heeril ni
4:25 am
opatio abo theisefrfhehi ina' oilitavyop aiobo ahee thin ng ua'. a a >> 18, w h sixin u snap ilde c pani 1. w h day ix s havde cni y two av tod a ns rept tt wothehine milary s od n weriep the t staard toave e ne ilnewy recits he tritooshe ata rdeo toe eand whe aecys h al tady ose lgest n rohe ed a wod. th maraley lstn cmandt ward wothat mallth bargets wou c nd an ferar atll mine btsou fs. me witgo t ws.he mares ll ce hehen i sit ove t w raratioof orce c hn i ve>> docrac meers the rio coittece pusd b k wan ng drame s he kno whyheefencoteudge us exudin b tan war i nohy iraenndge exin afgh tistagrowarby m ie thara 30 ghtaowince m001.ha >>here s tt 30%ce 1. wheris t >>reoney t >>oes 0%e mane cps er t rely nd aey ew>>s ma c exditiar vreicle n their fce cefushe exti ba say vg thle ctf he fil c he ing om $ baay bthrel cthe benninof t g $fgha and bl iraq wbesin thand t aq $ ws13 tarre ineasethe $st o goi t13
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4:27 am
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4:28 am
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4:33 am
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4:34 am
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4:35 am
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4:36 am
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4:37 am
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4:38 am
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4:39 am
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4:41 am
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4:42 am
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4:43 am
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4:44 am
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4:46 am
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4:47 am
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4:52 am
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4:53 am
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4:54 am
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4:55 am
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