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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 3, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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les goo you heaines? ri t ndg. w. le chgos brkingouut ieanes calorniit ch brerningt. i ght w,alnis ma as0 ocpy ni klan t roteersmares unroc restanfterhrowg hteemads mbs un police. ster ow otesrs srmed heverad bu ness ands et fres ili.he es sed erstres. bu possce wnde rerteds i fordo re fit ackpo wre wedith tea gasnd or flh ba fi kgrenes.h rlieinea theas gflba, mo tha en. iehemo ha 000 prosterorce ofcialto st th whol 0 throg doer. inhe mstce ofll ofal sthol thethdo inch mosf two otesrs we hut ahe chos r. bo are xpeco d toese ok w. h re othat s ry cmi up. bo re >>ectook a b o rouat o s cmi up.laffs r >> thair rce aw. bou olas th r 6e aptasnd mor ill ta m t of jobhisl ma ch. ofobs it aim toeema. itim ocongeessiolly ndat cuts th annncemt coms the ngioy at cu tsntag bras fo thnnemtom50he blion in utag overafo the ne 10year b ontheir pt inf thveeheeefi 1t ar rectio dealei p psideth oba stck wh cofiresstn gus reioal and pde tbare ouldste wco msse i ttus supe commdtee esn'comep t
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wi a sldutio m i t pe mmwyere gettn'g remey to dwiive sio eir osin erttreto arg dentsveodayn r the innslahterrialf ndrgtsay murr. e thlajuryerouldalegin libetionas s n asrr th rynighldin if mray fou guiy fo his le i n beonicha sas ckso sgh my ou ui foath,e co d ges io yeaha inso pri n anh,losecoisge micalea in cens rithean whise hou caut i mal ble ns bleder.hiouau i ittart whe e predentbama brght d in thblr. d itbart ovehe his rebs brt inth d >>ba iverust s pngod. bu>>god i wtssto sn usd. hp bu d wrsels byutti peoe ba to elbytieoba w>> n't it abi muc t bri god to tt jobtdeba a?biuc tri d tobba >>well i bieve thehras fr>> thellibles b vethe lrd helheas the whhelp hemsfrves.he"lese lel >> thl riwht.lpmss. ri butherigil date s tt present ama budn'teeliegi th coness douldeake t t phse " god west a 'tie thontruss "ld e t don knowph "od w o's ght thi whe thg?us it'selieond th towncie s t hi h gr ks ce up w'sithie thatht t ie paicul phre th gr ce uh carhay st sd paulhrth and t engsh rsioaris
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snd tng ioribltribed to bl njam ibankl. >> thoght am now, tkl >>tht hern ca conover thate tnn ndayfterer"fe tcaonerhation wh ayererma c"fn waes tpproond wh repterma cwa whe he saro id u hrepr wh'snhehisen-lisa id sty? it far hrom overh in fst, sterliay it st it garm ner f bing becerset hman in's g mp ce ngec hn 's o nd c ss i ink o know wknowe kn i sul si k y, w re aow the wowccusionskn s ve ce u from nd w w arehe thesusstornssave en c uom w esore redg from.dg >> thisfrguomy,ar block hman hi cain chigu of aff,arhe bck h smn er, wenonret inr hi f anf, pntedhe sm, en finrt irecy an at rk pe pry'sed mp. f hein aual reaec fro a r piepe's pap. lik a e aaleaatemt. ro ime wiet ds t tap ikmean at em d beime w lyerid tan tath, be numb lrine a hdidn th, ust mbhimsf to auallay a wha his hdn t ms to re aoninllwas ing be hathouisreadg itrom iece par? re hein'ss mg ke
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ouaditm ock. ce the ctio pa he m othe prrk. hempaiiore desp oablee p rrck ai persp ale h camigowe herm caiernd h a fam hy an apoly.amige rmai haman ol bo ric r'sampan an poticoid t wro thi bo bicy paan portg sothin poco trohi bhatasn' rt so trin frot anymo n' trrosoces. theaske ahimmo ahere doou g the pof frosos. hekem tt re thperr do c gphe pro wasnvold wi t th ?thrr esntia cy th sayhereas asme wolkerswiha us to th wk es iarthay hreman cain wners g inso w partular curt hndern n whoin g n gotheighttory rtromarrt herern ho ca whehe w runng f goehtry pridenm whehe w rning er fo senaca inhe wun f200 and sprd,en youhe w rng knowi ha thifona snual 0 ndrass nt st iheou owhahi s alckgrnd. mig com s i nev cam up. no tha i s ig womrk.g or tevam. pey ca andoine theha ierry wrk ca t a coue pe ofcandneheeeks ary a ca ou e th is allyf undstanks wha a theyre bldin athei ths lyaccution.ndanha >>ey bin iei c cuoneeor o >>rain c ofou know oimintherin
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ofve nideaf owhat' ter iner not. nt iteafouldmaket' tesee. >>ut al t. let it makld notke sethathe per>> al cpet camakot ack at erd sa c amuneqvocay, ntk didnsa comfromere d th eqintecathe ninge at the omnednom om e mp sthing ere'anotr teeget ene sg e' otders, a y nad sten c. andeon whrsa ollonadst. hman in hde theceo othhlo hn hhenr o t naonalestaant aociaon d henrollo td in na inalta ttt ab whiahas en a le ashelo reintelyinke t ough cwhpaigs a ntritionto so i tt wght c thaig way a tn i rion itgoeshat mny an tha iway.ha a t i i an, the est meaanimeha. - >> mfeelg ishis. i , heeae if - i ave melisuns.chhat y're abbi me if invechthe yeac but bi ie don'knowevenhougi thk mynstiuttsay i .n'owenugth less hadmyometng f stiure tohow that erssc,ad iet coun't f e doit. tow so'matonde nger -ou t>> wt a midote.. waisoadenute -bria w>> tas gu umiede. to wo f ai mete ia henows he s try agu uoo -- f thi whol stome ce romhews s a- hiolto onym cs soces.m if at tory ue,e shld gbacknd say,ymsos.ow f d ty e, is s ry eshr gurfack bause y,
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rely d i com fmourc swho ell gfa bse on e rerd? re. d iom frc o gn reso, ?u know ts wle tng yocouluse at alogy , ow tsfo w. t thehing youle agyissfo. erma cainhe ng upsethat anoymou srcess ha ausedma himin of in ?seat ems no be.ou s es at ha aedimfs he s e. doi re? gog afroverr erry campoi re honegolyafhoer yres? mp theswereettlne lawits ars o.s? whateallmatts esre itlaw hoit s he an catn's llmp wtt i gvenho0 da of pherep cs w to h gdle nis medaa bnderhatf ppt t hmplee ly fblinthe ball. me bmbererote, and umbe two, thele f in e bi.qution erok, i'm ad be huo,he biquon herm caik,fa'm i'm en mtionu i his bo lorm theaifa m gu monut isis tbo wa lohe you knowgus t youant awa predent u toandlow aoutemerncy. a irent todl actuay wtery. tono w plted is uaory. w thinthato as portt, w who pld y. antethe stoinats rthoecau tee i to n't ink e amicaneopl auwille hay wiindi o t whok lantam thean splry llhandwi hpy diwithhe p oson o d ont he sit. h if u'reolling e w th pn d it'soingight n. f ndre wllg w dersnd t 'snght pry cp n h
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be acced b wthe per amprs t an t p c pry ham becc b sed chk erp ro ey'sanamp. t the prd is frohe sashichton tis th ro'sp. e sroccorng t ahiourcn tith o's iendwithhe or tinrc ca , no onlys sndth rick pey's mpai invved,ut t may canolys of richico,pes forr c ie of ainvd, t aystafrahm ema ue icor cief afhmma isue lily s iinvoed. withhe sua hassmt vo. th s cusetack hsm w ra enuel cto in secknd ra e el w thpresent uld tonefin fr thicontvers i'mot t d it fiems ke erybo isfrhi ntbeinrsg'mccus of s ethi. h e t s e bo anseverody deninng iatus fis pnt itime shi h ein t anti anery en i a t rd a puse ime came orwa t.ti agn, s's anonmous t abrinseyou re ohat me inwa a ttleag st. >>onow tusa foxin neu otn ert. le wod leers ming>> togetrox e fothe g-0umtt.n fnce wo le s ngght noet fomuche f thg-meetg beg fe t no overadow by chthetberope de cris a wheer geks ll er owvotey n forfpee bacrout ahe gs te fde. fobusissbat repter ricde fosisonepr leinanneic were the summ is undn y . l >> ne wehe mmsndy gd rnin souch r th g20 agena.
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at'sineen ange soh th escial witthe ws oena. o 'sn ge grce. es ale pritidene has ost wpped up a o mting wit rencgr. prpridenens wed icol rkoz m ng 's ohis itayonc mee pren wittheoloz rman ohancs loree anga merlite d yeerda thoan twoncrnga ereuroan lders pent he b k ye da ofheirho dawo mtingith e grk pr e miroster lrsnt b ofirda mngh grprmier deveri an ulmatu sicay, y pasthos deri n austity ulasurtu, yorais taxe and t yoca yasos sndin or st y thure's yo morisbailt ney. xe d thyo's iin ryou' liky hav eth ts or leiley. t th eu i zonaftethat. u'ikav te presidlet,us mting tit euonteat rkoz said thapr theid two m mng ozdiscidsed hawhewo m exaly there gointoddre g reecscd n txa he eu zo. in ta a gec t >> euthinzoit's n ta l surn.ise thate in spe's nost our oure at coersaonpet f ousedur on cosa strethen fg thedglob n ecomicecovy sohate ar re en crthtingobobs r ou ecic peoovesotndar crablingng ts ouinaneoal mkets oundhe wld. li tan mts nd w. the st iorta aspt o o taskver e he iextat twoayssp o o is sk torsveheexwos fanci cris hes in rope to fciri hen pe >>the esidtlso
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congtulad pr iden>>sarke yid theirth o his nglapraughenrrk wi hisheifeth ond sd ttisegh hope tha wi tise s dghte t loo peha t d te mo likmissoo brun tn mr. moikss sarky. ba to u. un >> thich ms a r.od in no fens 'srk pre y bao >> a i tinnkarko ns isre a han.ome t guy.ko anyw, i'justswo an. an eankso mu, ri ch.y. ve f us erywi'st awon. ksmuri. told fe ins coiden ariuni ldsincoen quita look. i >> wou sayo, its. >> wanto a tond outok >> ou ay th e hman in sryhat t>>an ao womautthatanteto c ometh h n s foard td te t heride othe maat te sty. e th washe ns fosterd y.teere opareely, e don'tan tost thas shdoes ot areord, gdoo theo want o bememe twa nex shes anrda hillheo s wl no be tntllinbe tex her stohichn is an ll s wnoe inintestindevepmen r>> tto lawr cochd.s a te thinlawyve cenldom taw co foard d te her sto d that'swyhy h ce petfotiond te theerto nati'sal r htaurt asciatn toe abet toonhe lifthe ti toabo >> heife ott idaline is 5,0tt e ymento h i fm0 t n raen h some fe cldalk in a t say n
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re, atev the 35 me gra ck inn aay penaies uld a ther, evhe ran he's 7 her s 10nas d aer give e yo st y.he 7 er she10oesn wantoo it veyo stcaus.she esn' wanthe tosnan beco at pa e n' younte noothatmpornt co nest. i n't pakn.. >>ouet'snoalkat aboor ather ststorwhic is i t kn ather >>'skboolyra aer oric ppen anher dartmt ofy erg lo? th has o d en wit anr bea dntmof e wer. is iloa coany ut othas ditea r. mass huse is.coy oit me flheel nergstore syems. ssse mflelrg orand als sys.entankr t afd rlst kraf 9 mi ion an. no a jge hasbeenmin aed b . thatompa for t mno joe abasen to a b us par atpaor tax tyermoneyabs tos ar shollaral toax prayey opeting ex nses urinthislalo p ng oth wor, th sa yexesinis the cann con nue or a czapany.. thortha >>how he yu nn feone cbony th? >> w thers a yvernunt ln anebybo the ay thetheparent era rn l enangy inot ppy out ise ayhe ruliar.t th saiok, is iour ney.en i t u'rey t astiit. li yo ve gtheai, ir y. retibankpt. wehoul havyo g ack a seenk . if weul tavy'rellowo useck aeehat' ifft othatloan tre 'sow reale thase ty he t'
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oatan $7 ,000f th rr owle mhaey t h that restctedhat $7 the00th owcoul muse t th don wano at e itst edtheyt ratr usheour ule thonanmoy. >> eymeanatile,usr mo yest>>day, ane, sondraent nst y,auctn, a banksoptcyrauctit so ey'r auioni offolar pcte and nk cy tiatevo els'r the auoblenihereffsar pehey' ev exlsctedo rae sowher e aroulere y' exedra$70 sollioer after ou $550 io aer lliopaymt lo. 55 sohe 0 milons gng to io ym lo goo prisote nvesrs wil got g --o sow g gori in line inesront wot of t tax--yer sd t gt,ightne nther inthe b ig t axr prob tm. thater imeho a pvateob invement roupatot ifronho a p ote the taxper. ve doentanyoup fin iitonroni o ck t the e acon sryxp.nd oeyoin usg th taxniyer olla toe on s ke theaflo usthurinaxrla renotionit'sowhe ke he lo dertme of ergyin figing no onains'sthatayintheyhoul use eir den momey fof gythat.igg y di 't t ynshinkatin thaeyul e forer hey move tfo loanat medi, tynkha$3 m lionrendy ow t yoanre fhtinover 3 mi ion?me$3 mon yo finermin? iteems lite congent. rig, th may b itmsit getng ang t.lot scr inyig othray b solynd, et a t
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cry o sunper, me othe her nd skernp., o e doesr tt see like t y're er esayintgamewithee$7,000 comen.ik tre inmeth$700 me that a l of moy. >> at he lf mo >> w allavee $7,000or w ray dall e all$700nderand at. r rada lynd , thll govnmen almo gavthem erd . $1 milon ndthov en ilouto k p thmo avem afloat at t lt$1il mi te heyou kth af atject tha t can you imane ttmi afty sp ding ctha noumillioma tft mecares gog spngbrke maybiothiss me re goctorcheang tbr syemy ybis writg ofdanc orea tesso ay leittimaof ifnc trapyso is t at seous? lemaf t py >>and ur tses? next gue ss th >>d ath per nmmitte ne gsue to t t sarthh h her ut h sr it ne th te an chan tha t can actuly h hpen?r theynly ve t reethanan whaksanle tu hn? ey foy s. t e wee gog to wsk tm.le >>makeyou ppy. fo wegoto t >>keu y.
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>>go b or go me iparisan gro of >> bro 0 wmaksarurgianrof the ak coressnal per mmitegi the conser a optons in colashssgl r it tourtion dnsbt a bptsn sh anksvingn a let rr senon d to ksng athe etx docraen a six o publans,he g up se s drae kn a thaixmanyn wasngto nd bls, g s ound hekn chantrynyo noasto beeve in the ong ssnd cry and be e the winin yr cmitthe cang ndsuccsful mt thi thwi y cttan chleng belccve tult we man.hi and must chng >> e el l tmakewe. leang t sd st ca toctio are o r next lke
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eaests t joing usrom caoiore owaingtext idah rep lica mikets inus smpson anwagtortharola decra s on weome botof y guyantholdea atul wee ot yuy whdo y thinkt wa neceary put tst, wh y t nk ngreman wa cey ut tshur? >>reit wn very iorta that the's moru >> wer itaha preing sue that ws re fored ithis cntry at t deb andreg e d wicit f tha iis cry twe cebtinundownhi ph ditha f thlast0 ye s. c nu weave getwnonhe path f thstye forwee g atcove. thbestayo door tts sw ve supptht thst we stoo tg. ppthe tllioin singshat . st fdnd the nly w tio sgst fo do heat i havlyuppt in w a birtisdo way ith iemoavat pp nd publans. drpinghat liti lbiarisrieray h otweethe twbls. the drngt tilhetocer eeetw thhe's bn gog onor qte to meti anday wre gng t an th bgoon q tind w g t t ethe and mak aar th t therecondry. m ak a let talaboudebt li le b . tco. repr entave sler etysal oubt li b$4 prtriltaon. s r e g. p.$4 aee wh th$4 il .tril on n ber?g. >> i thi a w ethvery ganiiltion nr? ever ind>>ende i hicomm etee,ry evy invidu tniat'son er lkedndde
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atmm oure, ev financidu sittion t's ss ld ur e fciiton s$1.2rillnandes tt e coittehas en gen i.2ll dsuff tientnd rlly cking th can wn tcotes o g i a w re ff nt rt ofy oad inght w. thn t a and ey h we to get tofd at east d htoet t $4rill an iordeas t staize th $4ll i debde ao s trt pyita e do our thficieb at. i' slike poyiee the m godour bger cithan4 i' kebiiee. heif tgoy cage to t br $6an bi biiion .vel, tha tcaouldeo tverymporntso. conessm shulbin l,ha youno ld th deryalor. we'l lineonp bsmotullans nound th destenalo selle rao t be'lne b ableo tanshem n. you ow t deaenwher syoullra t letam say u teaeru go bay a gme if i a beblic and a i gme say i renue creas, i goi tic ndlosell msuprt.ay i'm docra ree aea i ioiut t se m p. 'm enti demenra, th mea i'm a gointo lute my job. ho do tientheea'met the in peo lemy b. inki leshoabouothemlves and re aut t unt?heeo >> thin that - kies thaousemes t d a t trt o inat ithat it's what c t w do or o ourount i?att' w c t wh ourdo cntryan alws ur nt forus. whur c ry havto me rely tlwgh cisi s anor. wot -ave av m re do tt sigeaner. w it has - to e both demrats nddo reblic.s w
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rkitgas io otemts re biicrtis wrk i wayndindi a bi is coromi. evythi musbe oaythedi atabl >> l's a comiat. evhi us bo o youebl gu l a .con essmbo, thougu moct. yonwillsmg toth cutntitment ocand e yyo willlng ttoaiseut taitnt theost portd t theg we yil tcan sen or r tta he heruet rtthwe n or t h enetlemt rerm a terue enx emre af tm. thee a treashat we n find trendou amouthe o a t assavits an we e nower t ndaxreouou oratend viane er t broenhe te bend we ro nrefo bdica medaree ansoci secity d beblefo to ptectt anca havted fore an thcinextecy geberatie. >> pa loct ofanaveopl looorthis thxt and geey'rticonc.ned at >>lo f plvenumeanootaxncreses d d 'rdon'ncknowd f anne tt is in f or ofnuanx ireasreg ts ates but aren'n fowavoran tis f f ineasi iasre t anre yo fu doro that jt le eathin sire e.saidyou wer eax anato do h at anyou j leroadth thease a geidu r axrid theat exetion an unduneatadhe e an a ihinke youl sed henxeon nd at ecomicoom thicoun yan i nkand thinyou'oulse s an gat ec amicnt om addihionaluneven d incomeu'nto e fed sal a am odi al goenrnme. >> e'llmell ko w in0 pled ys gopefumey beer t n th>>ll de kbtinpl ilin bacl ca i fube tthointeut's
6:20 am
incl ca i nt reeshi t'seeepubcan d demo at stingn waingt re anhiworkg gethub.n >>his n on be nemon sng awagt anrk bipaisanthay a >>as tonee one a eitr pay paalane. a >>ou sm treale e th .it pa hofullothe wilal >> s talth hollheil ngreman keimpn a coressn heh shul hankren so mh thp amoing. t nk cou,sshe ulnk gent thimostorg.we f st t d yo t ntaboun.yest day. hior felmo teingyot to pist to oust y.helpeach tol ancemong cstin yto th pstaxpaor $2milln. lpcholce cin y th it rth pae mo$2y?ll next h tmo forr depy cret y of efenex who torep etofenho jus met th t predent us t shar th airne pot h led as araero f touthingirn witho p h andlansngears inalro foug wspeahong o. heanays an's rsappntedithal ea o the b heheid as doe n't wanppedh to bcalm aro. e hei'll aoetan blmallim aero.o. lll ao.
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6:22 am
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6:23 am
6:24 am
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6:25 am
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6:26 am
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6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:29 am
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6:30 am
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6:31 am
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6:32 am
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6:33 am
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6:34 am
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6:35 am
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6:36 am
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6:37 am
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6:38 am
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6:39 am
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6:40 am
is icraz st t >>his yorreide, pol icia iaz ar srtin t ep >> s arrse, diolanceiawayro tse ar sin peoare w.diceyro teo shdon silv r, p erfupeak n yor is getng shn lv pfuupetak n thor're sreadg ouetand ing up the adoud g sgusng tngs d huin mehantarby wh areuse t was itinhug fo me nt >>by we whidreenain tsfo pgramhat >> present ama ght grete he embre t pamt othe cupyovemt est a t et th he ok - whi hebr d o e sepyral emeks o. now u'vethote thi -hie d in sel s oa and,w vehi anher somwhatnimil ents anoabehad,or le th. i wonanr ir tomatilresi ent wsl anha lth i on iinta t thembra of e si wcupyovemt? >> won r if he m or itahera f e ing set pyemrecedentnd >> on if al mw th i to a onc a g eeket ce nteven he tak alheth dayo f!nc gokoin the enpr oteshersak tay taxpgoers nll phe for es. >>ith e ou tage ingel xps p or acss t coury a >>h ou e cagforn whi is bre. ac tou ai cat imine hatcarnhe'lhidos br th onccaa weim.e maybshe atll. 'l ocan'image. >>th gotncy tvweuide ts ybe . n'rnin it sayag >>ot"vtvneyde & t in cotany"s go sg onayt "vy9:20 are u rey?
6:41 am
coy"goon >> ady,illi andble.20 e re if y putt li th. y,lind e.>> m denite yutliwatcng. thk yo ver dech.te omi utcp. n ourthyoerow, w. mi rule no me clping ocanheyw, ouletl hat mclng tnkeep ace d qu t?outlt t ep ey llowe quongo dru on wal reet we'rabouowto fdgorun alout. >> an yet l isla'rou f aoyin tthin? >> do you tnk y lr flaily ptos a in e barrinsing dothe tw bo y fy ps fturi therrng e boost fri kwarhefami >>thers yo bri. armindirs. >>eryori haba co. yeahi to nygl bud m std stbed . [ mabe ancounce] uth ah, nytoil dygsn't d st-stust youd nose rely? mance h ny d 't male nnoutuer ]ou se ka-sretzer?lus quidels fits y r wolet ou ] co sym oms,-sers ids ps itelies yo stuy no .fi ywo coyms, [ eep eathpitie yotuno ankou! at's
6:42 am
he c[d trp h!th nk! 's ctr i' gotothi agast tse do-iyourlf sam caner luggg arnd aot wer extrtion nit n bei' rusot higa t -iur s cer ggar a w tront beus that why'm cpet r li. att ifhyhing cget t t hlid, thers nohamen caing . ifngt h ernomecag ♪ll 100-semer♪ ♪ 1-ser♪ i wodn'to th. t maied? , i uldn usehat sing mil cret ca. wo'tth mad? i dnsetngilreca nicring kck ioff. icgnornghim. withhe citalne kvent ie caf. youarn. orm. thdoub c milal onntverycaurchoue.n. shar ] 3d i so rubl laily. onrych ar i i rig r herlalarr if y're t eaing doub mil... iigerrr y e yea're gttli ubfoilhalf. eall ye li folf alaidie? hat,re w ll prescho? [ le aounc ] aid ge?the nturcard t, w re hoat [ anc ge e urnd erdn dole mes cn evaly pucohaseveryay. edo mwhat in ur wlet? wasevonnapu sesay ryat.. uh h... atn wt?asna y usba.:] httin.coldut he. ife: inere o. ba neemoreinfforldble h engy i thisount .e: in e we eed proct thenvinmen eereore en iisnt wewhatd boutrohe e nomythvien wh aboat ourutlane emy [annncer atonoc hillwhs,bourne we'rhelpg ponnr er ericats ecocomy ll
6:43 am
withlean, affoableatur gas'rlppo icec y mo job le emiions than foleuras goodmonsweobfor leeryomi.ns witaffo ablenerg at wodcan wet tor afelyo.. we c ld aord iteat fot mole oftrg. wn toel c ad t mo ft r dahterikes myooki. don' you ri.. loridaeres myki nnouer:] cocophn'lipsu ..ri ou:]cophps
6:44 am
>> me qck adlis. od smp usag haseach a reco q s uagach a nerepo sho nrl co h. 4
6:45 am
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6:46 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
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6:58 am
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6:59 am
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7:00 am
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7:01 am
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7:02 am
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7:03 am
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7:05 am
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
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7:08 am
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7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
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7:13 am
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7:14 am
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7:15 am
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7:16 am
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7:17 am
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7:18 am
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7:19 am
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7:20 am
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7:22 am
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7:23 am
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7:24 am
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
loimgo polical ressas crety mylf kmewinghis orasolalssmg, e, wneve r et myu ru kforngs offiou suldm e, re a wveriva rur invtigar on fi yoselfo yo sknowdhat' co ang dwn theva ad.nvga onbut juyoanlfyoowt' he coould davehed. scoed t juan poticoe lde litico. hehoulhaveumpethisn hi own po a pcolicaon. he id htold urt dertin bahe in ulvepeis2004 whehi hn was pca. run ng e h foldsenat ern ban geoia abo04 thes hs un sty. thfo's wna he tnkseo andsobo t s to theerry peopstle. th w e if te kns aut i bndk the to heandryoticoop g.av him 1 0ifkns a on i bkhe it10 av i h 10n ree. it hdoulds. ouote. - >> hold bildress confence i ree. ho a>>igd pss ssconferenfe, ce answ allhe q stio. e. geall ehoacts pout then andre mosw on.ll q io r th goodgef l etst rheublindn pay an the motionn. thodf >> rilli sup rtinpahimane andon'm sor thapeopho p ut up in m thr hendt in himoulde so orhaop disa pointut if doe't thheinimldso --sa nt f ifoe tre's no the ere,e sh-ld c e ou and fve u the t 'sohe ct. ere e,oulde noeasoto sh coud uhe du. >>urio to e wh. the olls e ld sano nso and factor i duhe >>ioo whhels sa n wandingt tim reptaorhat i hm enuellaye rolin wa gtis.imept eelyeol . we'lwatcyou "thfive"t 'ltcu
7:27 am
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7:28 am
ngralatis. rati congtulaons. nglas. coralaons. toy, t citof crlot cause rizotechlogy colas. to tit cto iotpire inescas e zo conchrve gyergy ianremoniesr co s. one gy mang cmunies gener. congtulaons. annico ..and ildimas as caluanie ger the ottonglinela. s.oa ! ..d diasua hetone !. ashe pple sidehem. congtulaons. as pe dem.causwhenou a veron to yr coany, nglas. usen aeru do t ju y addco y,yomultly. do♪ djucoveddsome ing♪. d g ..♪ ven. ♪ ♪ i makg myoneyo mo. ♪♪ iakmyeymo
7:29 am
'm csolitingy asts. 'm n payg hi en fs cli orng hash co.issis. nayhi f orhcosi i makg thmostf myoney a sev-dolr tres re jt thstariakthstmyey aevol tr m wi sco jradethar m wi scorade wicode m wi scorade nd iwi lovcog deeryinutof i wicode iov [ dgeryrinuty ] i at sttra weive u mmison-fe et[ gein] sra wee isno--fe iret a mor comeo-ee wir mor inveaorsor are worves e ng'm wh sctrad wscad
7:30 am
7:31 am
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7:32 am
oksike ty'rerett goo at. >> et mse do theke t fisrermanttoo ing. at n i row y >> mhedohe -is an >>ouldt behe f g. i e,w y ght? fo>> eldricbe fe, -- thr me et? - fo >> eorcrico try- hre to el >>e c t in. th apoo .oh n he wogs i a lile sry.oh mutes wefor i t tli s of .e hour we h e a x ne ale m nowesoor t te touf out. thinurhe lt ha urne tleow te tinst. amme intoinne a ltherurendi themightff t t trass. meto aerdi emht tra is ithe ve st he i ie s rtle iilli iss ma as 18ars railnd here rele portliof aas masleak. 18sil it'selied thretrai a rt a caying oanicle. aci nd'sieth sodaim a cang oic droxe. woryetodn iurie or ox acua ons ort thte arhome iier therare mes ght rosshe st et. uas tharme ere s t ss st. >> d pridenobamrrivg athe 20 smm in fnce prenam this moiving. t tat eetis are smmeingn fe is mo ovg.shad ed b a ttire mucbiggng finciacris. ovad bucgg fi iagrisce ande're just gr leningndreekrimeinisrre will ot stregn.
7:33 am
fox sine repleterngsekhleymeis ll weter livinreat.ns x ne ep reecewitheyhe ry wer ivtestat hley give s thcethtest what goi onver stere? it beyomive morth of a mstss not atoi n ger ttie? anyette it ems it b ike.orf a mssot getinytet s . >> soluly ic lu ct, delopnt chaing by t nice. therwas repot, from dheopowhag tnes at sgest ers po fomat s perh ss, gstek pme miste geor rh gpa pndre m woute signor this afrnoon. s chf of staffpa havreeou s dgn th is ist traf.o. 'll chve t owai ataeeff bavd the's ths tro d bt al ut tai at b but heth s doi somseriso d a t ut ncine oiomrihis ternn he in eeceo t ins rnryhe ton savce h gornmeoromav coapsi. h thgoe's me roltm witn isco osi pay. thhe'ss ow w rt wet bieve hasit o st t moritin pa 's p wliawe bnt ve as thabuilng ehi t mit mhich pa is igni cant ecauha tomilrow i nigh m hfacea vo of ch nfidce isnintauomw gh if h hcevof oses hatid vot theit fwill h tow tes whotroce to othermo. it wllld tean t anhoce o inrim w vernnnt an a cl fo aew elintionmo rn a ele c afo new pri
7:34 am
el onminier. l ofhisle aew wn theri ur zone ni . on hopofgshatheir wheates z e erge y baonout opundtir for greees wou go hrou gebat d smorthlyan pro cteeheouo eouo zone s asmholely sro ere' e obvisly t gone new afolehe s e' euone as gvieecey goew connueso acin teumoilndes ghece next 4on8es ac til t 48 hourerighteren urathe cou pro piveralotht eonlyo gree's f ureheutourohivt fure o thely eeuro ne ielf. f re allight fu oe go o jo i.f. llso whtll beollonghat' go jo . haeninover here w be buse,lo fortatel it fectt'us ov her ha inwerorebee, yo rtelt ctheline over lawy s geing oady diveo osing argentshene i wygeg y dve inrgts ihe nslahterrialf mhael laeralf jackn's meldoor drcond mu s he'founuildo inron hs re in mu. ckso s e'unath,le cod gn h r foe yea in psonnd loso h, himedicolg foean pnlolinse. hi di tugat ctainenteed t one yeanlirisoe. or ug plo cng inte t s bae in a duon bteannso loilly illi two eu ctain wn stra edlyli wo aprentur mak.g an rece ing c in wrahone cllsit
7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
allee. hano ia i s t onlne thaty hale ha ii ised >> iyou n do t itnl und fou atha hourwhicwillot beed iu dotnd easou you ll d ateur-ic ll bbway wlas dona u de$26,0 toay wpeci na olymcs. 6, t thas >>ou a worng ainsthe ock. 's n jus abouym . harinish g.>> a >>oro, i as nostt ust outk. n us ounish g sohe rlsh kic>>er i inot t sushay hso agr rd an iic i nninthisnehal of su h gr spanial ympinerms o inisnalf who spl pims o whiho orgizat n i' sociing th. bways myponshi.rgati' cisubwg is. sayg f aymyns youan comp te tbws masthonnay unr ur hrsoue wi mp tmaedicone n hwiic $26,0, bical to e spial 6, balo eympi .sp l >>t'sfaasti >> iove it.pi >>oples c gfaotin li a ie hec. oule >> wt wamore cmpornt t liu? a thecmome you ut he gouol w wa re ordal toundour ck or thmeheout ei gth tole orl tndr morent you grabeid tr t mtou ab julnnehougshand. cod beour ncinul epartr fothe xt fugsha . coweekbes.r in younow what rtfoe fuliae is
7:38 am
unbeevab.eks. ouw atiais beab at w anweso exrien, has do and now t wnsosee r ex en blsom dha shedondow b tomin -- e's e tple blm he b tineat.- e's s supetar. t e t movs out, i t an shes per. ovawes e. >>but, i yhe re esomes too. >> you re t amaur a you omto won. u tmeanmasome aing be id for pe le w arese t n. anme g accoe lishnts ke yorrsel pe wrese >>i'mot spris tco kshws yel thatou'rgointo do thi >>m mara son ais i b k y're gng at 'r in too itohi undour ra a burs. y e tha gs thgoal toat'sithe gl.nd i'r been ppari for . hath ali've ong's a gut700 i' meees t porior it date hichves inne tnking a out 00. m t when fst srted ttesch ini tki t enrunngour f sedo t feilesas lo for me.nnr w i n go for 1 f0 milese run lo ord fe.s i go prey orilgooun >> c i t alk feo you abo re ojuste? c >>plea do,ko yoboahd. >> "ncinwith he s rs",sthy is>>t thea nano, gra is sti ah inhis >> "inthth sg?", is thshe'annot rasod.ti inand s vidth auett e't . d d w bet ar tt anhe h a hher sco. wet an h wh hat'srrong ith erico go ahea >> ts ishe situion, this 'sshowngsh ic icta d byansea and tis judg, ritut?n,hi ow taso ibyyou sve andassi dg --ri
7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
>> yes. l l and thanvsdhe harn,estht >> causdhe hha tand ofhe ht s everus hixld met my 7 onthdld dghte heret 7th d te is a rynterting ory. d wee gl to bnga it er oungviews' aenti . y. weglo bt dianouew atidiaz the wethe an dibordazhe pro w aenteho rren y isrditti in p a soltaryho conf emenenis tithe n-yeaololdys fre thnfk yoenso mh fo youre me.ea d tha eyou. >>et y th hyoen't m sfonurhis side. f dhack >>rris y h'tn is 's he toy wi hisdeooch dis bu h towifirsis tchs in sty. thidayn bu rs t i 12, j nny stnas hi y hanthe numr oong with 1 jy caassee earlnow. haeum ongit cae rlw. [ le aou ] ice ink o wary? [ a ♪ ♪e k wa?
7:50 am
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7:54 am
er ma w wonenyhahaay t .s. mines andne f won histy'sost ts. fam mses sces andanhenhe sstdierstam assud t tscndreedn ser nev fasus, p tple ive tnkednd gs wev the tai. fa pe e t wd thheai wasngtoonumt ere,e's thking for has btoallum but ere' a bae,s in ery ngor hot.l d yot havee'o fbad itn e wh he es t t . yovef linln whe t t mori, heays the in merialorbrah rihes helioln, me dual satpndahlin, duat sprted inki. ifan i mant sedo be free can ki if meon ige thisillleas mofft ?be free an >>cu te. on i li howhillas thefhave o fd t >>ballecau it'. fin fthe ll i t llauhet'. >>ou alizwho u'reoingrae. ine i ains you' a cpetiheve g >> a izo rengou kn whoou'r agansst u' c ti g clfordhe b a red do knho 'rtelleabou ds and cl wrd bed we ouldo dudo ove lliff?eou d>> causnddubss a we ldduvepaiot. f? tha a >>ubs undstan abopat. ha paioti and t co>>try.s nd clianord boooki to se patind t book cothaty. not hat u'relioingd >> d thki onohee w h eok atfromott reng thnwashinon w bac h on t om trai dubtart tomilewandin aclookn at e tcounysi foraiub
7:55 am
rt tite longilhile ok t >> got be nestitun sioru. e ng le he thoht tt t noe st mter how r he mhtho to mr w rro, th is m amera, mme weet th s whe i er f mst she ory,et why thihapping?. hee mo i i tnk a fut s ty,s is y hippg?antaic mo t aid . itets ds iolve td i ois ta storid >> a olutity.s i vewe h ie thas o jef rsonorndwe aut hth say,llen ae catedefonqual jeffy,son ote. a cedal ffn e. declatioindendenis mo fams qu e.clio peoe ar uadeen c moam qu ssib be at eo dars ar ua co? escial me? ibe dsar thees ialdee? iachoem gves u a ense ofhe idehis i cntryhem gs and a seat ifs abt andubsisakes you ere. cry and iabanbses my u fave.itears a di is n sigingyhe bos, davse ar isi nigg bo d yousave eris a ouepawtraph co. >>ll rht. is ere chan youl gewtph wring f co gro-ups nd>> r . ite s r e anou g ch drenri? frops >> he the d iasitcheny >>feeileth we iriteitllfur y oks geth and he'sle busyeteur s thnd's b
7:56 am
y rearchg a cpter on feign d an i recha cern fompognng nsery rhyman fordubs >> iswoing.po n ryatev ymrks.or do u rlizebsou'rgoi i toe fawous ev >>s.he's o rze'rmousoi >> g twoto fa bas. >wo b'sls aall ok gwoba >> b al s. wh are ok youalki bout alrigh can whreoukiut algh nhro? >>dubsyou ro >>bsuady? th is ry muchike hanny rowi his y? foot llths anhher e riket nn >>obodsaysikeott brann.r ri all good>>uck odthyse t brok dk, l t. thatoes thousay g,odtk t will robay be atstses er.ou y actlly,t' numr 1llbabe of all oks se ama.n. cty,um1 af numrne o ildl n.s ma w, y can g ts i aum old stes. 's j t at yanmazo o t i st. jatzo o >> mbe idubsas a quel dubsdiillsrrom mncol i webs a ightel have bs blstselr ov at x.oleht ve stight belovaht d, gim pricti forhe stousiht ah grketim ho val sprti couorake anohesi big unge ithiet hoal toueno ne year .g gehi realstat t gureob ar almaati he gur
7:57 am
next >> kma karshia hrits say her iledarrie wanoth g xt bu a kscamariat is taytue r wied theriamilwa cthh inbu onam h t ue dirce? wirheil cnom kns nner h tha t's righdi krie? jnn i khereive er xt cing ha.'s ghri jnn iree cg whordeed t cerl at n he lowr lesrol a whoorde ed hothedeummy tereaer t heowmmy. s[ woln ] lowecholtero ahode hemyea y.wo ] manwe ] an y got.thatrongdidnt i? [ale noun r ] nt gat tate a who g oatotatngdni? [ e thauncan ] lp g loer ctalest aol?hoat hon nut heerhas.n lo cst? onuter
7:58 am
coratution cotuon ngralatis. rati conglatis. toda theity cha otte can e vezon chnogy ngti dahe y ha instere bessen veton onsenoe en gy nsand bnitosecost toseen maki comniti greer.. ngralatis. d tost ... d budingkias vomuablti reto..he b tom rane..ti wh ! . bung vbl to bm .. wh t peoe inde tm. ngralatis. .. teoin tbe use en y adderiz youcompy, rati bee y ddyoizdon' justouddmp you ltip. yo♪n' disstver methg neu .. ip♪ ♪ isverir n. thne ri ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ malannocer youe rehed he a ere u dot ba dow froml chanoenger ured a e dobaow omhage is thege oknowg h to ke tngs ppen s he oow
7:59 am
ho ts en sowhy uld u lesomeing ke ectildysfctio soy d lemeg eil sf iot inour y? isn it me y tald tyourtoabouviag? inr snt yal turtoouag 20illi menlrea hav wi evy ag 20comelirespensibieaty.av askour ctor f yo heawi ev agis alth enoume skr oryoea thou doornot .ke vgra youake nittes r cht pa dot v a ou aset ma causitan us afe chop pa inloodresse. asma us si u effe ts m incde inod hessacheflusng siff m ncups stochhe he usd aormavisi. avo lon term njurps to seekmmed te m aicalmaelpsi voon rmfor ur ere ion ek edstin mmorealhan pur hrs. st takr g virera n d ca youindoctre rign awa h. st akvi i you percaenceou ct igsuwa decase r los iu er ce vis n oreariec.e lo is ithe e oftaki actn. isorri ie agrof ki cttalto yr door. gr lee i yamerdoa's. ost escred etreaent ier issightor y .t cr eeat [ an ]is hti g y thicitihankou cd an staed ening lods opoin. [ ]ghitink c anta englo oinu g a wtherallo ith int g w eryesloi di h t [ an ]poin i culd se for st aut athinsdi [ ]in cd r a ain ♪ ♪ ep ♪ goi♪ in is drectn. ke iridgoverere. p oin dthctit i e [ dgn ] er i ue.d mi
8:00 am
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8:01 am
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8:02 am
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8:03 am
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8:04 am
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8:05 am
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8:06 am
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8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:14 am
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8:15 am
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8:16 am
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8:17 am
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8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
8:21 am
ppins toork y.alnor hayo ar camell'micravab sou .'sngr in tok m l' cr thrab minoues - he dicionesshat ings hrin - a sme tony mday. diosst gs smto m y.campll's- it'smazi whasoupan d mp's 'szi haup d
8:22 am
8:23 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:30 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:41 am
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8:42 am
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8:43 am
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8:44 am
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8:45 am
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8:46 am
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
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8:49 am
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8:50 am
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8:51 am
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
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8:57 am
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8:59 am
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