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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 3, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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no n>> h rr chaed r hisum md ater sa hozyha andis m ar meel arnesayond moreuropn lnene mon thoua comtmen withreopn the buet cons. >>ouomenth whe wil bu ce >> tre ao o w ilty. sarzy t aall tda o . ar elect t shoctreaent d wh e tht werountg on ooceat wh th payer goventmentgnndaries.ay the venteferendum s noesoer e nessaronceenm sothe oositno lead agr d tnear scepporhee o it cu. adgr t sor but anony cu sorass cling for etny sas cng r pme mter olst. he p a mmostr d troystreec andehe eurst doyndecnter tiond stocur mrks inrdereron t oc minsurkin wert t blk mai t me d the su w tlkreeaik plic.e it ths silarep tc.he wal it reetelt dwnut ts sarime tal ett d vernnt'sacin t banupte anot com rcia banrnks.'sinant amica' exprienomiaan.s amweata'ringhexpen sto and n
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help g eatopeng wit mon.tond >> n our alityo lp eeiteadon a urflue ae thty outome od the a rts of iuessuthut ie o nothe tsdf necearil to isu h ivingheot td am icanceaxpailr t pay horng everprobm. >> amanpaay i is not clear erob ow m>>uch i th expsienceot car tnslte. mh euthan'txpnc clereec t liksl.he u. deu'tl lehecnik broersr u. d veeh gerny buyrosompa ter forcuy a salpa and u.s. t rc a offialsalelie that hend deb.risifflsieill isonatebsil eurone's deb criis.urs elanebha andri a ain cld olloannd i a traveli n wit clo t present fancerali >>it stoc wer tp est fceoday tocer s&p 0ain ay andasda p closin 53 ahe .nd fit tida os3 uneloynt hebenet fitieque we downey 9ne0t st wk anue wowota of 90 wan 3ta,000f wa tost inive 3 we00s. t eaier is wee i we tole y
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ear eeout w hugeolon y for fan e t mande freie mon. or eddi wannts maillire m in di w sditial feralliid fon bustiness fetwoaletid hisrnornia an additnal s si bllionin dlarsaitl outrsie onioapit hl ater drs the trenegulorit o h ar eul o freddieac kedhe tasur deprtmereie r d six blion t iur bai oepme fu secau oix bonontiing iai o loss in efu mautgage oianttig ss n is ce magnt aftdward d arco cft regutor ar dco fd yee gur sster nnieae feepprodoses. ser th com anieieave gtenrods. 169 thomie biione gn inail out funo69 fa a bin mornoss tl cute.un fa aorss t>> fny cnd f fredie wlole out bg nus.ree i am wot maengt ou b up.g us amaccap. offshe leslatn toill thecaffs
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paymts. leeattol hse fanal svicehes commtee iym. csi hring fan slegiceatioto p mme i fan csing fred e emgioyeeios phe sariesan ofornme w kersedemee and at saes o hsemers deariat demao fi hd bacri cpenatio mafi pgramac a th cenioame p proamams an pace si etherose 200 si toroteaxpars00 i wtotepa hiighly i quafied w execive unhi fan andhl eddiuaed ec ae ormeannyannd exetive di aged. ame ynyayxeve forag. e yerseo maorine therganati. eer >> undhe maeheanighliyualied >>nd chf exetive tha ehlal dcompies red chxeha e 200 fan mp ans fred ie los mor tn00 1an an rellioosor t dla. 1 and thoio lossav d beela shnkin dreho >> peoster,hank sh>> minedre covera e of>>er,nk y. medoraof sual haramentllegions sl he rant nohur hman cainneghens h nour h n lainstnasmuen repts thisurve lamu aep poll is cveducd
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wednday reeull aa pl afr t s coryuc dny ela af f tirs sy bro. in lds m fitt rsmney thero perc ltage mt ey gingchhnhird a rcge nghenrd a pey an r pl.n e ca pe canpaig r i p sending outca cig mxed m issese ainout w t specical mi mtd haveen m ss reonsi ae fotrett wg th ec alstortoi theavnedia resifo theyavttth n c ngedorhe theia caaign ey n they came.edhe ugcagns folwinghe ty t.e. >>xcu m aol dng t a>>ercu m hern c n d vigad hi way tou a a ercapi cl h lgahiay tou feing f anzy. pi hi h chi-of-aff eckegff fy. hi ofhe achisatf-n thf ke cur of cderst wasthhe soueur rsas of tou leakyhecsersf t t ak naonal reaurt asciatn. >> wrs we t til dnaal her cam oasat d sa>> w w ttil hsn' sa mrcainlyst h the 't uost respmrt foinhim. h wilhe d the ut sam sp tfongm. tha il d mr. dersheas don aam me tha on a ta . rsbtssueandon a t of m aa o the sllesssteued
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of ca tod a get ohe slls oneith caod a tet caaignnh rt t andson cagn xpssed fudddmenoverndn bei rget. ed>> a ddener peon h.ei an i et a dn'tnowebout h ts andertalyidn dt pwddleut t it. >>dhetaermaly caidn ple cpain . beeves haerrymaai pple c aie bend beesry the p leae hermbe caituc tohe theea orinal rmaiccatn.uc o >>hehe oralingerin a all >> ov the rickerryge cnpaig all baseon ovhe ourou res ak wry cig seur a went w plic. we d n'nt digt u pc. othe repo der dtigt u u an asi llyhepo b dlewt out uf anporptionsi y>>wt tuterma caiampa nrpon stggletooven a tmaai thepa is astlee p ahotofheainatg a w photn heaty kissenr a the w csi show nohei sigen ahe of ebng a csi ow thoe isig a ob attoryskin this t a naonal rtaurt orassoyatiointo he h t naal rur ient soio h honfideiali waiv sohe
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c ldntssue eyede li stemen iv o>>hes aious c fuetyeo stoen aw. aus f the rtrantosciaon reawonde a heurrely r rentewinthe cuntsnda re dean t a rpo tomrrore reine cu t rpo om ormanain d n ranpopn ed n -espo to reportf a rop th d wo-npo wo wert mad to fe thwon wncomrta webyad caio a fe omaoesai aormer col aguehos mame ipproiate comntsoloue amaouroma iroteoms >> ty a stiurlinma t pey t aampan. >>til t pepa s>>ll blang t pry ca saignla t p cagn and absvinghat ng t ric s onff. tru ic com slet hi goa o v titinrull oomt hi iowaoa o vin 9sou oies. the waorme 9s. sator emeanrus sfaroreind in t pls a pe b tterr shingdn t p j auary 3rd b terhgiv h jry mome umdor t th pmaryiv sean. homem anher th pandiryteeaichee
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anchmar toludiee tdit alhe ameeica s ulmaolie tay txes al simeea eve syone benfits f tms sieven seicesuchaen roats f mconsucti and natna defee. seeshaoa ns ti shndsaidheat ufe.s. i now shid a u. inanaow rubcecau a alls arnaneve r outub ofusinaus. ll s arveermautcainfineting a irhakemain fm theng a brocaak netwks? thats fmheater andhichro tw is? atorempoera. jo d orch psna proptye ghtspoa jor p pop y ts at'sood rnin ggietyle 'sd in ie lehmmm malennouer ] for lf t calies mm leou ] r plu tveggal nuts tion coud'vehad v8. ugguton ouved .
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billn doxcar ce i ather eas. e slljectdo cf th js indhe s. ivatepropty sct rhtth are j at the atopenr rf aret maj ise ine ssisppi enghtr a now aj shnobesn hhe isi tow seor h omacks >>tate of siisspi s ks trng ttefei ms he fortr t pl in 2 m1. h or it' opl onhe 2 hoest issut'n oissi oip stao t ectiez. su ouldhetatensiip blltaed t ti. ld takemmitent d b mai t f kemi dai ivat prorty? f the presidt of t at miissiroi fay? uree sidrid t nof t he i misi lfadingre th sidhar noor he itiave i lng athrevear t sterom ia tki ropey a ave ha ting over ostm tki ape arate divihaal og busi ossror a ecomic devrlopement >>vi osi w lood a see ecic wevtp nt ppen ande w are tooying a toee w be pro ctien and put ore the tfirengo bfore i besroi aere.ut o he renigh i bre ie. tal ng aoutgh i a sueme urt ringal at t at lowe su ce yt og n t lo onwe to o ta a hom for sppgo tnd
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ta coo promjector >>he sppupre crt sd i coprct waour >> ldre c s inlomeo el pwadr ld meeoaxes .el p >> biloar mn msissespi >> warnilr agast imine d mss mai rn gaabus ne dt th ceain be us sprgs eth c steook band fropr urch sk touildro the ch tyota plt. t the nersil n wheheo tta pl be e rs nhe fod. lend seedse dect of e issifoippi dleopme sd dctf auth ity. si pi saith d initiameiveould be a job thy. ai kilr.niaeld >>hey aunob bilil bards ytop imilnento bds mai abu. showpe im ant vtim?aibu th sstem we ow hav wrks a a vm? alloth sem useavso a assble los gaprssect etesikehe toyo pant. prt s>>e misssip bus inesyot. friely gvern isipuses arees ie ba gerrn wntseopl tono athateshemenent ouldba dosplo nothgno toreve theat stanntld ofromakin thgo priveteheta ropeomyin for riojecike roadpe a r ecilits.e
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congtulaons. nglas. coratution cotuon ngration day,he cy ofharl te n usverin tenolo raon y, c oftorlnspi binsesus rito cteservloener topid mointor ssts. crver kingommutiesreen... coratution mor s. . an builngs ng valmublees ento t. botcom litu...on whoa anils ale totli.oa ... theeoplinsi the coratution . heplsi hebeca e wh youdd vizon toour mpan cotuon cawhou vyou onn't tost ar an u muiply u ♪t isco ar so ♪ly ♪ corizoso inw.♪ zo
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ese gs we upoo ely! you ow wt el is ely? e wup e! dica u open wnrolelent. e? now cathro h demberenth.olt. n itick ith old edice plw? rodeer. sur ick h orldind icnew plan wh tterovere, ls co r ord w w erer lco bo. edice pls gi you frecanc scrning bo icand plllnegi visous re nc crnd 5ng off obrannamerescptios d neis wh 5 youffe i o anthemeoughsct hoio it par of whthouheal icare aw.eghho it timto lk, copare. itar thalre. itim l co anrechoo theightlan for u. earnore 1-8 -medanareoo he ht mencare ov.r rne -8ede mere.
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denstrtaors ped ntai sr. detrs d trus an bcked ai e stets fours aruan bed prenti n nests fm getti fur athroh. prtin blo feti oapitis aro helo cupi os is>> t enomi i mpac ofpi pmi the geneltrik i t emiotiac ye knhen. eneikoss ifyehat o rniknt sh in tsort a clean ut oni cost shn t ttikel a c toan b u st bstaial. t el sano b fan sco tal. an fan clacoia wan x ns. >> a malar n n w l s aeet okere fia isnd the w st erfis fedelnd spehe tnit. jamedes rosn rertsn t tni troues o mefosres tloba g odou oess tnitedstat of s tedat a >>pon tim obama >>n toodim ould oma tohoulderd ldo corzine d lacoe. j eorne bunling hal la biion r the junng ob haal
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bin r reecti camign.he cobinend his wfe arettetiamn. a co ewhithousis stainne wfe ate the b.i. itusta ane cmodies e i. turetradg c aenr c aredi read in cstigening yre mf global iled finigg bkrupcy thisf weeknlal t ed f buphi mos ek spetacar t ll seetollae sie thos fall ofpec lman ro ers sthreelasith ars o. llf >>s the a lnsiskee o s >>hesk o xpay baioutnhis ca? >>o, ayaitns ca it>> fincial tstition ving t fedom to failinal itn ng>> t amg fom to fil mf-glal's problems besis thegl'srbledroem debs si the aartheed cebmingngs of e a ar itfunds whoust cng uf cuomer funditnd what ius now u unaccuunteerfor.nd >> it w iouldow strshat acter. t i wldtrt cftc till d evethin und tc ls poro i dsureveinnd po ire tt custers t th fl aunt tat thean. sts th f at
6:26 pm
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6:27 pm
>>an fanscoos c ityew lader te i >> f fvoranco of c cythe ler we'l tel iu ab ftrhatof chen 'l elthe apeve andbt are e ev brandcasetwosreatgre rmanain tterr wor bras thanwoat the dann er bilclinorn? anhe dilin y commted impvingives withones pernal rvic mmd mp ngesyearricethock esaraneres l icd co istely ft spds. arcek an cote fsp. ♪ ♪ tirescrehing rereng accent esn' ve tslowou dn. cct n' t ow d wi betr careplemen avlablonlyith bewiy muetal acao inplrancen avbllyh bemu ainnc ifour r isotal weive u thmonefor ca one del ar ner. ifr isal wee th ner toearn ore, isite s tol y. n. torne,itto respsibity. what ur poli? spbi. at li
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♪ ♪ malanno cer wha is t fute ofuel? alnor a tutofl? theebatis or. heat o ♪♪♪♪ lus hrid ive chnogy s degnedo opmize ny f l soce olthe hanetd e no deedopze fso oe et ven ose don useet. n be auseonhen seu pu.ue pfectn, youbon'tseust n ginepu a fpure-ctoof bridyste ou'tt ne fe-f idte ou eineeamazg. eeeaz ♪♪♪♪ [ d ] m uslly checng uon mkids
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but st yr myaughr s chkingp one. [ ] usyec u mds wast t ea yng chngon e's dietian andashe eagges wed iry bst omple nuitiol drk s etnde es i b plnu toioelp drt thnutrion i p now thdrintrit enry dwass d iove e grt ne tastw in e d [ fale nounr ] ostas 2 ie gr nest esntiavitans an mine lsfe un ] inudin calcstm an 2vitan d hel keepesestroniata anne ininlcanta dand0 gr s ofelroteep es toonelp intn mcle. dd bgrst hof theteaste to p t'ntpref mred.e. b hur fheorittepatit is ere!t'efd. [ d ] choo bei str fg ittid acisve.e! i hoos[ new ] d imooovedeioosttr ac.i os w imedst dietesesti? 's althe me.
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:36 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
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6:45 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:53 pm
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6:54 pm
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6:55 pm
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6:56 pm
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