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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 3, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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ted oains an wersheentemts l ter d thens whi e houst endf sepmber lr he grhitasme sentwo oreusnd ep leerers octer, kinggrsm fene infoatio pecilecalls ct , ng an fhen w met ithfoheiocill wtean n w hoe cocilet yeshrdaywe coul't g w any hoco dlailes say w ul gny fe tt th wer d sloil wking s w is who pro ss afee tther ftlo wng we hado ovehoro aorwa. so w f weadewa pas wd, outf theas bcomtteeodayuta reesthe for subpoen obab a omee subayena rell bt r uben deliabred meti tod, wereuba b li d tihopiod. we >>ou a askg fo docents is tt rit? yo are t asping >> askfoorocts t teriimon yo>> ye .as ishere aeturate the teon y bpoe , whs youre want tur e hecumesrodudy? >> oewh woul, i wan't tell you mehedu >>turn dat w ibut 'tthinlwe wt tooueithe rn at soon ratt r thin lat w bectose weave en wkingith e ite use n aonndat othatec fwee w ng h ond-aalf e e n mon as. su flyfte eht-afnd-aalf nthsfon iestition you su wi thite e-af t y wohsd be rdy iti on ur us bwiausehie st twobe rf us bse anunce ve ear s tha w want the dumenan thaceearha w wod how,
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nthe gus foenhahing gret awonew,ufo ing the et a polical fluee th ihe ctribes tolal thisueelecthon of c sibyndr t and isec prping i o up. d wh sy ddrn'tnd tprynge itr i thp. wh dt d teactoe tr r i th fgs om d dct and t rhat out f t d nd suboinatn, dt thetknow t out i how did tt codina iboat d hedow t frthl jus ito t nk wid t coout naou he t i l der th fhlus t fe t orld hinvo ted wh l r is teth onvesent.ld vo wy wahhe t onvold? anwhatas hisest. waotiv so ihinkol t se fanratis qstio thivamer an ink taxyers th fldr get qnsweior t th er>> aightax rs thiss ging to go t we t ve a liht is gg leo balon ao tvei le. al a i aume tou kno tt. if theave sid a nomeno t if he luntily. e is w s't bdreceoed welnt y. do y agr w wit bce na? i tnk tt'sel tru ygrit becae ofa? t t tsru caof t vifersnesof themocts othe mmite to vy anerhow esey t ed tth adurn comtteendhenoc oe it eytoanw t ted t to ameadn omee then resotion tnd tyomeoughit hetootand nil. so ion t assye tt thegh
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ot coddinad wi n the.hite house ss t an withehe co whinawi houhete couse o eand lf thanrit sta. ofourshi gouta weou mseet w hd th emta andofers gnvede met wh r. wman,nd th ranng wn, cir andthhe rankang c memr onhendommiee. we adnk the a theemon stf. wemi.e the evehe ahe opptuni tto t k tohewe wte hse hecounl antove hrppni tur ctoment w h the unanhiteouse houel. soe we cnt he tnspant atesepen thhe. wtesoouseweouns. tpa we ahoug thenemoc ts w suldse e itns >>weugheoc aicipe th shed it defse >> theubpo aa wiip bethhaef ey wilae hepowie exetive privilege,hat au areaski xeve for ive,t infarmatiki to fo chue no titl. i nfsumetihat'owhathehite hu nouse unse tol uadtlnce fi met' at day,te rig ? e se >>ouol kw,adhee has ny, issued ig at>> theas nouldsedse exetivehe privege. it ourldxevender andi thaiv e. they et goiur to pvidehe cumeers.diha ey no if oimehoow ty pde do, g tame th doe'tno meaf weho tyon'o, get g th cumeoes. ea the havto, u shld tn'et me thav, sh t w, dinea whiocumts
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whic ffec naonal deahiecury um anthe predent pri cyicorecaalur an econstingre nt riso whaveo se the lineion tho and nsng e c wvese cidehe nen wther- ifhond we ree c withhem de n -- w weerofe e ay, ere e mathm mor n - cumes weeould le , te maoree. me wet inld t lnner t cclehe.op in t adserso ter whi c houle and gethei ad crsmuni ttion hi >> i amound geurioei, nothiss c dinictedont the hite im house. t inionoheiss brodieredictuhetefou. inrotu lynd and don knowhy uponm ixatndnd ononnoy on thi i gus beusatn aawye but hav'thiigur o gubehat wasye tt s yndr ht av a leurl o billhatt as t s tdrpaye h e aed uel ll t foing,avinto doit tye e t us whe fog,ppliintionor to t dera lwhan.eli on t ani wrader, l.f ha you ten a loan at t wr,ha legou till, lo tbecae it teeme rher hh to eg meorl,his. tca iitme a rr hourio. mamees. i isio maegitate. ve y gehrou i syndrs cordit toe. see hat y ghe aourican sdrs rdxpayos rllyeet eed u a paycag fo ay>> r rht ny it' en uay fo
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r nbankptcyt' and tnk ithe ankrnktcycy i d t ie anspent,e shld bablekr y iind tt informaon. t we are spt,sh ble hinkdg a tut akingnfma. were sondrahemsves r aonk a of t ang oious, th cld soramss a turn t it ousth dow c whetr it' r evan to rnr instigion,ow am t et se. t' bui th rk iano oes the in iglargn,m msagehat s the buth iaste sos he rg m mgehat monhe, thte pent2.5 m onmillthn ineryhortnt piod of te to5 allinryla frtrm pd ose tto unse aas felat toe se mr. ephespinr whato wo shin syndrin t depament f . hein ewhrg w so hhat inonfl stdr t pant ef ht iflerest and viouy, tt's good qution- wh was ies he d ou ts $ g5d milln spqutonwhasn. >> tyaid $ llsp >> ty milliid some timen augt 1 the mlieceid om me mo,ayinug w 1uthen eiinfudonf ch, ty min would fa and hefu do c t bel up ldout o eeksfand ler. buohat ll t oneelfup t tho--ks. bu t the tmpannefhonvesgati them e an was a snifint -esti whe a s siific at bil
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i asme t sfi - waxpa aers llhe tosiayic ail. utas teallpas to a cat -- can undstanll why to huge vestatioca-- annd beanuse hyst tm oe stio mor obee manu tctur the procthan eyor wou g if nuur thehero soln i. itou sfmed ke w inheheol w were i the tryitgo fgu sd wn o whetr thcomp wy wa go g t rehe ryke i or fgu o not etno cthpanymp goiwaoo t mak i i r th tt. ot >> cnyoiak i wel t .>> notheyan't even manactuel ese oduc andell em noeyor 't anrofi an tuit was pre ye ucndl a appent rlyfi beuseasreheyolarpp mt kety beeor solaar manelt dro almt la 4 and elro ev dnlm t 60%. 4nd ev d t oncthey kne0% this why nc eyuldne ty ctinue t tryiso hy op d t thi cup nud br tg i two hedgfundandoubhi dop br iithwo 50 m l dg whendondavbohemh m he $7 soav the estim w we $7ohe heytioin ts? w waswe it beuseyin o pol tical fluee s otcontbutoewho e re onvold? olal iean uehose o antto theo queions thol hei amecananse taxyersant a he qtouens unthrsta.
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sie tmenhreloaaxrsntuara ees at wernta put osi t tworeoa ofhem ra snow banuptcer bauseut owohefm w antc bcondsene w banupt er e wee nd.nd wanret tartg to s ee.ther arti to ilere,o trtto s present ser tio e, t est s anoted hb aliceononood io al hl t icloanuaraees. lo and ial t bold i thianhe ras. priden reales jotsnd we bld hi thahe prenal joan-earaneing hemes noworkg aha he was toet aad on-itan wngh menork ae wa o mr. liso a o >> whuess allf tse vest atio. thaso i >> asss e ll the isom t cauon tt stioha h i to bss thisxerced taut tet h b nd to resptrc e tcuti pvile whe 's aroprte ao n ngag sp e ti a plehe shin apr axpedion nagor potica in reaedns.n gsspoca i a hingeahat . e endthiss de g wit hgt en mousoodudgmndt, wis d g toheitbott of ten aus itdgm w i g otto onpartttf btlin at ather i>> i aee. onat'srthat re b tining aer do. i ours this a. s'st n tightg o. rshi ana-ha-mon invtigaonht areot jtumpiff heanha on
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nviffga he. re were jpi tryg t d f thi h ystwe ical. ry yo tcan de fr the emls whi sthaveeen leo al rev lyon frhem tt w e ven ha beeev scessl. >> t cgresan, ank haee sss ou.>> ok c fesward, okeeinwhat ppen. i amurhis fllrd beinat a intestin en amiscuion. s youet t doceents a i 'm tein cu n.rious ou wha toc itsin t i'mocumts of aouhaote. iank tu, s. um >> hankouof a gta.e. k s nowo>> thenk fry hace r g . the owhe.o. f h predente l e nomition. eakerenewtntingrh suorte are sing,atch outmionhe kewt spgrker sute s inge sg,ch mdut sge inhe spr pls. s g d th sex ml s in harsmen p .scanl thoesnex seengo stpingaren an msn hern caiees stng campgn. e merateaiasmuen pl asmp. ca oop,te fmulowe plyry cap, d th fweomne andingrh. th chae nicto sne youndgr aeic s wha do youake t fac ttha y mre herm t caiisac t on top ithmrrmai with tepho oopholl,ut nethess, e's topthf tho tsl, e? >> ell,ths,s op tsret.han for
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havi m >>l, it a emarbleetnor thi. i viink m 'sit aare ftherhi i k videe thathereas a fine erom t inrnetideodehat ot so muatre ae t at ntio whein theethiefeoft sostafwasu sking caret and atere ios a hetheef of afs sng contvers c et but e lid ate ta endfwas at e co try dnt nersr see t lit t e s caidat uitcoy eee like h man ca atifnli thiit thiis edenc th cai le is hn d yingnlhihehi la enc thais o d ng potic, leangheaolls in o iopoc,ea destelsn tact e haio't beenes tthere hi suprterha on'teneem be trrebled bhi t mupntiner't alm gaties. i trll sed, i bink at tod min chan . al i tin't ink is si ry's soingi k d ay. anthin it i geti ngt k s'sng wse. don'thinhe's h in iet w . we .n'in's hin hower, tre d esweeem be so weed tl silencen hm e suort. i a ays tsonk ted pillsce hen y see asut. as t sit ttionike p y th wheeethe a puntsr theitone jonalis ar athasthe ateun tngshe d su icio ojoliar a thits, wtn thpoll sug tstgs seth gsuio diffent hialwa w thi thll it'ug a s thmessge th we don gff. t wa ithit' sstheon g it -- get it.
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>> thi you a rht--retaet t. i y>>hiou a rhista i ntutely ands andotelyrom tutkingy to innd suppters anonete thimhat rlly tngo attcts s pppeoprs to rmane caihin it ryetts st kes em aop ano anai i oside he'sot parstof ts aysten he not odeart the 'sar t teestaishm t. he heot difrent t hehis yle difrent h ckgrtand ihm dferehe. ifnt in s e if tntth h he h gr a l itle dre orein tshinonexpernce an h h le like to et in oer e but ere a s hse keo t o t e shaty -- atty hes a outder d - waingt is fhtine a bk. utr i n't ink ttwagts finntiry b accui te.t k t i tspectthathat art ir at he is kping him cu. al ti ecat t rit notw. his kngimeanwlle, ile l th atteriion no on mr.erma cain nw, e th s mste likn en sakerr.maa ginich sliing sik t seride likein theh li kg tuck terbyide kehehe k hocke tt'snuing uppby ho sarday t snbut ng'spp m visaay t mvi up. -- tts sneingpp. he tneg sid
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bute i mingp. >>eid t ias p himlf i m ag >> siti to pim i a c italtie. o hean cn lis to elain he's t cal helack clito walt ice ein 's tream ckbuttal tha i ireamelts intam attha i pude, namt gitsrichs i ant siti to citale onud n tgit.chs i 's oly wre h tias won cealon t inedhe o raclyin t w h wprin ednewt joedheac t re in t l nglein d its andwto rin h a terri le leunchnd ds ndveryad pre h. a ri heutis fooch i his ry mou. re hes ba to hereheeoo ias. is thiou now thetbaforee thi. tory hi esow b tng cnond hhi foryowers s tteri tnk n cwt h is fo aer seri natal lding tlaceor a n t of peo pl is so ihink thaewtasat lngce a of eobounpld. it is nonkthate ishat sging ck iohe topun it tienoat butis hs sng posioned i hselfopo beeady ie ut h capaliz osied a hlfainbedy apiz ltdo. o >>e wi be omornw nig :00 m., do wil ask>>wi hime or lotf qutionig aut the 0 r, ce.ilsk im a tquon c aious gheerno r.omne has en q aet. has spped cus gnoown ane et s ev qyone.lse d ukeas i sedn a o. evne e butyehere is he in thiace
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ow? >>ou kw, tyre thehe hasn bnhie joki>> kheas b pitic c ned theki phsehe mtnes picroteion cdhe ogra he iphappyo m layes ltenndly ra in u ierhepy radayr. thin lhe ishe uefauad r. ch u knsone seeauoove ch hi. bute kn haso strgeeeaden ne hiut hamhire as he i atrlosgd secd or tieor ne amrst re i a i aosecorieith rmanain, t i ose cdida i inh an somen, ubt. e 's dng cda vy i wnllnom the nat.onalolls nd i dhinkhat v roey i w hopllg to bhehe lasna alls ma inkt tandg, trot th iopto b as ndid es re upmand flnd t th back soiche bacanname a id rup f ck sohe ac a ck pry ce anwent maybhe wlomeack, aybe. p can nt want yb w in i heing hisk,be ment, nt mae cr i hgis mt,a crrumbng. romn he hopmbg repu ican s dmn't lve hiutop t llccep puan dim. l iay o ofuthe w epnd n swer.oo o mfny queionsbout s r nord ner mass. ue ns's hutpy to rayd low i thkess. loo hng preyoay ow good ightth now he h toe theoore deflt, you od
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hteow etti , he hoas theeheef, ou defattihe tomin. thgh whave lon way t g of cfarse. we hine 30th wve secondsay lt. g wh do y c thie. thehite heuse h 0ght nowec tonht l wouwhld l ysthihete h kee o rtowonou l agarin? >> wel you canpi tat lga in of>> w ws. el i inkou ian'sompiy tecau i l thin the p wside iali klectns i om arauough inheut i t pdelct cen r. ar thprobm rogheyas w ih t the primyen v ersthobro rht n w ih tthe im he i vsoooder re. n i heas t ome i leralositnser he d pa posionshat e lalitas to cpange.os ns t t i a geral electn,e cos c ae.oss i clo g to ale ecte cent . co ihinkome a thes therloo reblics, par cula ynt pierrynk e heforer itanc are morre haicrdarla rit. ry i ink atr p iysncreell thora t primriy ai ienck buthe phite usel eels t ty hime ancutte a e betlsr job tarindown h aonseativ onheetightha b inwn a gng t tseiv toe th omeo inonhehtent g t trticarly som ne le romyeon wi antusinsman rord and iclyom l veom good wiin candent rls odthend onomand ve god js. i ink c's rntney oehe omead d th's w the areoing j i k ry afte whe you thar where cment ng fromhe wte hse a obama teheu
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ccampntgn somkesp wple. h a tnk oma y. ho you ill mempack. s sp e. t tnks gre. >>hoooul ourk. n tion'ksre >> uneloymtur isis nn'.1%neymor t is trd st1%ightonth coulit psibl t be t sthtthorse ul p bl he'seouse morit lder,se ncy losi >> fromhese mitolic lr, s ndpoy t, isi ink f'sm reay iortaic t ow ttpresent s obapo i k wea ita jo treatestba fm da w one. s thjodit thawe werat fdan. othit ha ep tt wher you a tking to pplend ty dn't tavewh aou a tng b th tha pt ie tt any conelati a to tm? thha i . bunyi'llell uhis,onti if tm? priden bulll s,fbama pren and congssiol decrat hma nnd ng ioactede we atuld h nat5% tee d emplment no csolaon t tos whout a plnt j t tt an iorta wut pinta to me. an oneear iftta t pto replica majo mty t.k ov the nerft t hse spker ephn bcahner hjo tovhe hvy disperenr ber hw di enna prino ise. ice b herwith pou -no- s in n yor >> i nee ork. er thoould -xpecboth o n us or i ben nek. y
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k.ldecths anyw, thbenetate ynt b minoty ywth leareloste b t t no i woulhaveeenea 15%ros muc t woe? >> ihis a ulveuestnn t5%t s m uc obab s uldotwo h e>>s st an teredn th s ab sd w. h yocan imane behd coandedth ors,his wha w yonmaeh demrats co ll s,s ha theemelvets tha tngs uld such betr ifheveha ts d e h habeen abletofold otohe hoe. haen onblof t key otereingd o thin is at ho on boe ter, o hay re gbeenhe sinaker fors theast yearoeone , thehaeaso en h serors heis btause i are he010soin t h mid- rm b esectio ihe amerin 0 pe tle sd,e d- eiore nme forrihe pe s demoats. don n thi thatheorealt careill the rig thi mos. appronimathiandha wereallton't rel he igkehihat sti pratd wal b'tsulo bil t titheyhinkhat'what hthe blo econy. sohat ile s eynk st'yingat i ht fling on desot es. ng i pl, theally n fdngotay e eay plthll n fro scifiy tar ts. sofor emplewhenro pre sdentfiar . ama akedso tr c egresleen t psrent hisa ad s tmulu cill,es the t p s slul,he prosed atnempymenould go8%rod
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ormpen bel. ld g inhis cas sheoesn kno or whattel wou posinblys bas ahesnno atouosy a 15--hat uld 9 milon jobs urel15 thet d re9 n iltryi to tkeredi f bs 9elhe nllio obs.yi o t it'kethedi sca. f >> ten to lokt hios. t'acteca >> anenwe ao lk gtng t be ast annsif a to g t s a i wou be ifo5%, n iou weayf i%, wer't a i e n -- ier ait a r ublin n- priden tha it uld it a 7 r li>> prenhat d ur >> 7 e cure c fsifuboth dictio. >>he c fro t y fngfuth di iopres ents>> cro orgizatn, t amican yeosoday a estsrgat amanor os pessayisti a tha everecau ofor ss tiexcehaive vvernerntaufpendg -- cee rn stimus bil andnd-- im bil aun unceaint-- hlt car >> cent h sear i i wergui the demoseatic i poiwe if we ui meheer o moicoi cgresf i we me o wod ces steaof twoanci ful stu
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eai wo td lk aheci frendul a yetu awo, it las a nd6% and yeow aitas 's 9.1, we a nd hded he rit.e dir ation you n puyourands a houndd th betrir th theumbeiron u whpue yoursaydswo adnde s thetth mhechbe rse. wh yo looyat t waywohat s presen mbamaheto ce. h oo tayt chand ju a l tleesit ma tto h st cple anju wee l.e t rann top and ce hang eeall audde whenanoundre ruing rng rl eleconou deen dot wnt c ange yourug wan rec dome. w u ar caskigeou f patnceannd . me.arki f is tratend,e a yay .eadi in t rigrd, airecon, yt atdi tail'igpacend maybe itec, wonat l'cebet be bteron b the te t ecti rol br b arohed. i ink t mos tiolconosts in at' ti k shesos basinernos cment 'se. he in cnt stud tharoje ed o assud sudha.5%rowje. o su anthatertaly i5%wancil. >>anhat'atthe her ingta i i ink y of theci >> nt'berse r ngwhetr it i the ederk f servshe nrs etit prehectioerhatame rvout sout gdpreiorte t tnempymen
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we ner kw thssumions on wch ty armpen n k bthed th's s iortaum inns w tar econics. bu noth s itan wha ons. no yharundline sumponsre. ey a so yndne varble. mp s tos aro.d the numrs and ao eare.nrtaiy ndose urotheum and e aolitaialeap. wit ulmos ave aitcomisp. itit's gosd thg we d'tveave reecis 's hnds, gthwe eveone,n th eeand, n the oer hd h as, ve ife,hereth w a d, tthrd o h hd, ty a wouluse ifatre w a to. t rd is e h p tside tryg t ul e wo witthe to. cngre ?s an i p condeessryryin t to work wo it ewith cre an iim?on s ino w -rk n th esidt oma nee? - a n illidn. o heeeeeds somne a tounegyl hedsomoegy -- ngain theave dided - at rninggainin ahee d-notedng cgresis t b t rngin way. e 3 ot cesithh tding bax,t tt y. will asnext weehhngx, ttoda the emoc tsll rxtekedeen da thheoc sen re,ed a cmonsse rorm th tenden theighw bil and cns romoin rndublins tohehwil dt nd th in infstruure rliill. o d t nkth tha i thenfru wanedl.
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se t succhases,he ihe wou sanp se send g up ccs,egistionhatou s even ndup mocrs caistont suprt. nroubng. l trcrblincathe y tyup pla. wi eac oerub. trhaine way t la>> nice twioacee o y. >> senoroay miccain t say y >> enheadshou ro. he msinayired u abo fane an fredade.ouo hesre u he isboanan edsinghe wor cruptn an i fra. chs inngorreecandhe cpt anraurmo ch in isecontadous,eavitsmo isfect wortawides, vi we gon the recd. andct psideorde gheec oba dt a pde letr fr theexas aorneba genal. a et what in freheetteas a nethe xasen. atttorn yeenerte i he toe go s theecor oryer i he[ mao anno erhe jue drork towate? mann er♪ ♪judrtote ♪ ♪ fe theower myoung rien mm fehe ermy [ngale ennoun r ]mm r uurpaed f nd vgie tritn... [e un] u v8pa-fus fn. ve it.. cod'vead a8. v8us cove a
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10:24 pm
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10:25 pm
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10:26 pm
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10:27 pm
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10:28 pm
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10:29 pm
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10:30 pm
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10:31 pm
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10:32 pm
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10:33 pm
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10:34 pm
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10:35 pm
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10:36 pm
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10:37 pm
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10:38 pm
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10:39 pm
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10:40 pm
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10:41 pm
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10:42 pm
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10:43 pm
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10:44 pm
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10:45 pm
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10:46 pm
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10:47 pm
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10:48 pm
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