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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 3, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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cae . er n >>n top ♪ ca >>op ♪ bil a fal ring the ja t j kson uperil f r bowg he ja jonerow eose. gyn lly ll he the veict. caut en, ye. arebouto n y hhenter e nopin neve tt. fac r ut yre ut begi rig non tac captns b gi igosed naptiing rvic pt b edtig ic >>ill:i, i bill o'rlly. th ks f watings >>l: i'ry. wth p fdictat thegon. vionces pcthe calang ang theioeccuprs. laat'she sject af thhe eveng's uplkin.poin 'semo. s ct thno qenstios inino. gitars qio he inltrad thta rks o t h ocpy wl stet in r o the is tiffence oc w bstweenovt. thnon-iscupis anfeeccupr wh b enntoestr stu .n- pi anst nht iupwh oland tr the tudestyers won n i ond houtg]he strson ut
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xploons] los] >> bl: tkingointalwa wantto b fai so he is b a tngntwa alan dnt bai pe hpectise. inhe binni manofhean protterspeantectto v tin bnian a gitite ot brsfte vha arokege ti b houske are manulatg t usecony. inany reses at's truanat t e oupieave on som alidiny s 's ru pots. ry qckly o vieyeomid qckly po. anar qistsly v qly artsommusts lt psho phs shodmups a low. theps w pst pt th thehophaos a i .ing th m wipul ped athheinand os at ver iigh g lel mul a sten tan at utederh sel l wkers en t esidt ud s wrs l
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id larra. you areid dn rht the eak rra us.. oure weughtotart d r occheying k s. brges. we ought tort srt occupying the brnks,s. plas ugo t smsels. i ohinkyihi ishe n s.s, la talng pnts tel inkhinkss n almr. rrar pissuts.nk enlyalli for . ar vlenc yodon'walk is.o a lylior vrivanc yo bun'nesslko itop cmercnd noexpeva a bussp crc conontaon. nope gera's rponsislatonta.ut ra rnst irsponble. pense adow mh mey doe e irone.eed? ns adat i mthe c mx of theoe mter. ind? fre ie c sofietyt'she m nr.ody' in re bunessow mh moy one stys neds.y' d wh isupp ed t makbu tsst mmone desionnywa pres.dent wh ipp tak t deonwarent ama? is ia fr cntry not a? a ifr teari cry t a tri sta. hijaed b extmist a reta. viol ce i onja bxtst a the ol i w onehe ameran wkersndpeop all ov the wne er wrsopll wldovhe hav are w n
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maki asuc as tyav n kiss ty caes, ouanceeali wcah, celi grse oer stas le sin w y be clo behgrd. o at cses theta l w sldwi bemarks tolo piceho cshe conrict wwi t rktoxpan p at'shy tre aon fewct an 'sobs. t joing now aoewnaly all ofs. jog ow is taralyll dught vicefresintf ta a dht ce demsif progssiv athin tan em seor f low thogivinanhe hitag se fundaw on. ctorbegiwithou. heagccuprs sm togree tha da. or gionomths wi. eup smpro ifo eevernnts hagino romulatwi rocommfce. ere e thrn gois no wng? r>>at yh. ihink mm. tse e othupy oill seet w? y iprotnkters aolut ty d oamyy s tre i ey t nk ot thers aut duropyn istyl big govnmen sol tionshe ar actlly ing op ylgorkovenol herns thenitearcty g ker hete stes. we he se acrsurop ss. high des ucti hseolics.crop very gh heshtiic ry tatio h overendi byoverents huge tevelioof erdiy browi. ssiverbudgts geelefics. st nber bwi peoes o ofiv dg
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rk a a ricult. i nhinkr e areoweo see og tf a coll rse ot.the urop nnkere eeojec t we a seeg th v yll oelearop ec aeeth var reec e lahing w neeat ts me aec eopea lang sty wigee t vernnt a s eutioea. ty majoty of arica rnlear sio jectjo o aand caesidt oba, w iar inte entictly d idob w i eurean sty litian h bee triteti turn tyimplent me o the ti heeriuropn t lici herin plt ohemeri aop too cier sastus eect.ri a sooohese p teststs, i et. thi e hugyseisgued pst in i tirhi ug thinng. heavguy infencenlear t b in. maavisnfce b dow tyreurni toma i. t violnice.o theroteers reay, i ol. he thinreprenthetesea i far lefin the itedintateprtnd ty aaref e edte t a tryio yi haseen ted and teed fanyas deces in tnd euro andteav f beeyec ibsolely rondee sastus. howolo yoyrespd tohat? i d't t nk ists.ight towoyospto int roadft? a bru d a t we iht te th gec t adru ae somow
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th g symbizesailu of eom rope proct wch ihink whambheesluf sd. areeavi perout a wot o ink ha euroan stes so ha aot re vi ofevel of a o uneloymt th ro se uns edha stas, ermaofel f whh spds aotneymth unoreta o masoci whsp s andin the scalle o lfar stat ci sinhe tha gre selloes. arat swedhare nherls.ds bgium all heseedountes hav nrl bloweumrate l o uneloymt th se the ntitedtatedoesav t ay.we te germy al o haneymth e sedethitees goi t. fo it. rm alhaas expt shioiurpl. now, knofow a. ot oxppl w,no aact faory rkerin ohis cntry woulloveo hat anfay erxpors cry ha ere e thgs wn cor lea sus. e th he w. >> bl: i cgermy th cutea ck tntitment sndin she u b k iw.rm th uttheyreel t bughtit int down soin aevel wre ty ha k eyel b ht isurpows antheyre the a el w st tngesha enomyn rpanuropey he bu gree is stesotal e outmy o contl antheop l t twoburesalut o yntrsane l woeeceas runp y ceun a $ bilon defit. ok a? byocia spe $ingilntitment fi spding t isok byiapegit sntialiic sp ng isate. thatasapped to sli itat e. ppen at ipeo ptuga
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ta hapned i en i sin p gawhat don und stanwhatapd i drgard doe't s undstan aton nd anandat proster obvuslydrrdoe d'tndan un rstad is thaif yroer aowbv ly e gernm dt toun t onomuny ata itsoesha in y yea a and th g othnms ito t omenti aed, t iss aneand thth i disaer. whyon'theti, s a oupieet thatnd go sato t. hy fre't o ie rketace morat o >> to he ire som ete dorferees be>>een herman and iom gece. now,ne i dre ttben geranny dndsn't ghavee. pblem w,axin i tter d't llio ires ve ptheyemctuay donin run ioes eyuayon dicitun ere. >>ill:hat d theitax on llioiresn gmany e.>> c i t l>>l: yout hen is ioes g hignyr. c t ou >> bl: oy. i i n't ink 's a hir thanigt is her the on't b run o di icitt k o air anis yoer poihere s ahe rson't un ey snd a ditot me tha w yooi drea rn on s sial a mha spe wing. th dinan slheir sial peg. spding iththan tes. ir >>ill: sou al disrtin itspngh th a due t. r pect>>l: a isfensinbudg at all aue rct nsdgt zerll otechemsves. u c'teall cparehater ecmss. no cll cret no dr.ardn tara' poi ishat youun ar.dn g ternma'toi ist ou ficitly,s geany gnmoes.
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at y ciy,gean'tys. yav't bothose whneed i andecenot seecony, i shwhed inden rigon? i no, don thi she is. anigsh iso,ryinon to ahiuehehat s.all ellan insino at eur el utsiln gree. th's simyursi ppostous. ee thdespad pblem aimos the psts. rope nionsp. pem yocoul ahavehehe colpse o peon youlveole o sevel maj velpain ita ptaj ble. veraotherinconoes asta p wel in g manye. 17% fra theublino a nowel vein no gnyaithn7% t tliowuropn sileoth t crenc thope is siidesead cnc th is dillusnmenwithhe eire litiles pdcess the diroceusenfth ee ti pss peitic -- ce bil lasword he. wh perexese pic- abo thi ilass rd th h wheres ybohi kw yo k wth tha y k yogree kha ee and nd>> bl: jtice everody ows at iill ve yothe st w d. b>> w jt icenow ser ty ys g il intyoe
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oubl w hen wiw tur gnteregated bln finaial fincial mketseg ed usedanki cris nal thainal mts ed pactkirihehantir g be.ct >> bl: y can runir g. dicit $98 bllio yin tan yeaun and pecto svive you n't. d it it h 8 niohing toea do ndth t ct fincia s mvekets . u wha the hare nngo sndin t >> hey ren'fihaviia a mts proem unhal weheead sin >>y n'viro com eteunwe nancl claps >> boml: tey wen't ving nc prlem til ey cldn' cayps th r de bs t bweed ot ng prm l cn'his. ank u ve mucthde b o appciatts. nex on tk veucun wn lrappat irahaccusexg t mierry l ws ac ild yha eingusitt miry wac yomne ngt. - lat, jee waers ne archf. the16atjewas uffi pai ch r by you ahefiai byou a
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e emoyeef thmont is... t newparkard fr capal o. park ilesemiveseee ththe ntst r ardsis.tewrkdfrap o rkofesny es all e sine r credst ca. thsparcard earndoub milof... l nereca tharrd we rnallyub ilhad . up r ga. ith ark, he be s lyrns d ublep ilesga h ok,ever brc se, ery s y.lees thas seing e ba ettyoigh.errc, y owng m own hasinese g habaneve beentyore h.wardg. ow mn ne haominvethroenh!e rd [ le aounc ] inoducg spk e sml bu nessrediincardro from apit one[ anc int mouc by spoosi unli ted smublebuilesssdird omor 2itcashneack eve pur ase,moveryy lid lees 2shk veur e,at'sryn yo. walt? 'syoal
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bil impt seent nigh theris awirloing on he ilmp se t repughic er arl pngcincn . heanain the efen ve.pu w acsing t pnc perhen he cpaigen . of acng o thesttingharger agast chim.ig sohere rerepos ost tngrgga pey cm.paig say re rney dpo t pey cigay ry . evybod dens arpo inevoden po rmanain me an stament >> tt'shat i'moingonal m ta abntt. so t dons -t >> h'mwantngto tal >> ab soon ask g m hnt allheseal oer estis th youll aresk m rioull o ay?tith ou n't enre bher. ou it' aa.ood queion ough ? abou thet br. t'aduen gh ou cefideiali. c >>delixcus me.>> >> genemen >>use. euse >>enen m
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>> bil joing ufrom shinon t eenaly lra m grah theiluthooi of uheom b in t lybest l ahhehof b sler st "he i sr zg." " thsqua cro a theizar z " of o ththisuauy oro ahisheuy? ar can' keep rackf o is os it. bil? is is d aginn'theep ck repuic bnd. i thi rigt. n iilss dine pu b. hiig n n i heing f thieaso th nonge conrvat es aheg fhi kiso thge o oweonat aou d it,kiidou it wt di o ywe d12 yea dt,go? yo are w ndi y dea getng yr? sto yoe n stight the rebamaetets yto ska. if ou a somstneht who oesne ma s muchike mtka rifney auomho asn thin ng wcht ae m secd,om r myy is a in waecy sitng isrett comrtab righow. watcng titstt unfd. isom enjabing gh. h selftc t no pssuronomnf amore snjg the nser htivelfare pur are figin it amo st e ervee tmselserryig a mo cain t elin'sry fol aurne t in teerate do o'sol gynne t telly'atshowdooday othat a fht i the n coervave rks. y'ow roey bayefita l tle at f b i.he t i cova t rnk. oba in tro bit le b sht-te beniits t lot ba
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nis hover tn eure sh hantengens ot ut herur wi skozy aan mkel buts faas cwi szy a i tl n ones ml stenutg to fa c him t n bilne no e is lisning entoo m in eimope. >> il yeao is heoesnis havng crebili on in e e.imul and creing bsea andhesn av vingrelipeecnh tomrown h ulndre g bs bl band in thenite ngecomw u hted b stbaes.n he he te talng aut h he urng c ugresdto pas theobsst. e al a he ur cesashes bi. it obvuslyotorki. the predentbi had itbv clydibityki . herentad cbi ecomic eves letcocet backo th rubli fliesveet re. ck thu ha a suati whe r youli fve aesebat . ha s ctiingheou aat up cg u doou pectny o the rublio caidat . ct o >>he d e rectli t foc to be ca onatain nd>> d e pert. t ey gocerat thee mt heonner and gat m juiche bil caiis ausinone nd perrs gu of l king icad il ai auff inoute cn rrguf lng becse tt f yt corkedec t fkeain. >>hey e wainghatack f
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ttlen. here s wh you>>houly d wwachg tk fo next wk. if he cleserv ive rewhandioutesul w deci tournfoexire on w if r cney,rv e th thidiss re g ngci toonen srt r y,gett gthhi go s ttnterting unle the dohat tn rney.erng tradleputsheot t romy0% ry. ad chatse day womningy thha y ninat th bil gaming thawhat u do >> yh. n at do. it's nteriltingam bg ausehaat do yook, o. ritow t re i 'ser ang bseasmuk,en ri poll t i tt a sho cai iup atmu .ll t hoai roey 2 i d gintich i t 1 ro 2with peinyh at i 8 1 bilth ok ?pe t so 8ingrh, iilhis cn thiok ntinsos togr i kdsf chi sap e rgyin to om t k debe, wap eynows t eb ngri w cou be thend e lawsonseativ m stridingougaine mithe laseiv m stnginit rney. >>ill:ou he se suprt go r froy.micheachmn >>l: hse orupick rry. rochhmight r >>kill:o fr ric per y. t herm caiht >> >>l:fricer rig. >> bl: i rmai t cn thg kin ig an peop tart b t i s i t as cth ain an oplidrtitua ton w sch is don at is pnt. a i donithe d ua >> b wl: t in itouldon ntural
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p go.ver the on speheer. ght w bhoug tit ild nal hink go r esidhet oba is tpe. hapt estug guinownnk bidauseobyouis t kno threpuapicant regun bseuno nceth apuinan feing ong theelvee a >> was fe mg eg thatheve poi co wistely or thlastwo mhaoi nths newtcoingrteh. oth hestas sd, lk, we hs s uld wtgr he sbe le rninour e a sd our fus o the iled inconor c picie as our f o e edno pie o this predent and the is facthat thstatrent isurrelyndhe in aacat th atrrib ratofseclire. not lkinabouchinn and a how we cibatroli ts t inouconoinndndow cmpetwithrowi t ergin no marks aosshe gloet.thwi ein mean ile,rkbama aets slo.kate he h me tha pnt an te,nkmas ry wel tehe h otte ha motha pf t nice. el this has huiltte graallyor n e.ging ch. is aswoullt wat newgingch vrayly osel ngi th.k cn' ul caaignatasewng v owlyecom a el li le th cit mcaegn lyomi m discline onhis sryt tk a lg me t get scne onsore s tocus and a a l litt t bitethead ofet th havus nd ha a d ficuttitew dsadf no thav dot abt it nowhahey d cu
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ised lot d oo mon bdol,abittw y doest lo lede aot oon b wl-haled isiso eslo l ae. w>> bhal: cdn suorte areis angrthate is getng ar b cpoonsuliketehisreo ty are gratis sendetg himore oney onke s u ma t a gdre pnt i the nd hire see they m cais caaign ma g ha pto iethe betr. seth yo m dai't -cagn hatha cigetteet ad,yo d dop -st tt thiigted, w tt op snnec tsaryhi itas w t ecry uecesry. i thioome ues f.ks, t t lhieolks to se f i, t s rtso lk lileks it s i unriou ss l rega lessf whliher u are thereatntouonseativ o you gahavesswh grer arusin s e recatd, seopleivant oouo thi tha veoure areinec disleplint in urpprohihha to feeignolicisinn roina. havthin nder fgn conolic >> a.eah. av in biler thalitt sacm on th e an the mr.ain uldh.e ilhattac thwellandvishe notoalk intr.n de llisot aknt rerterabal >> iidn' care areuter thatt alwithalhe in'octore. a cuseha mt ifhat'al thethtoought seou c m witifthet'he rorte. threpoers egh c cing ite aut rte thpos cg a th. >> bl: iidn'feelorryor
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threpoers. o cas abt thhem? don' bthin in'elry thpos. t'scaabm? dnifi .n'in . ca shosd stwayrom dfi thatfe. >>e h cahostealym doc rsat >> h relmberheoc oba reer cts fle ba in tsere a leaeal cle in t ctor a bilea we uld ke ttilll a or bi poli cal ile d eve tllomin nbitlil moveay ening i wleturtoin t nt rad mo eng w ur entied t rad facr tad presenti dowhall ti tad ac syicat by eial obal estiowll lks. u wi liksythisatne.y l al iervi allf th replic s. wi ikis ca.idat. were g ng t itakeviourll phothepc lls d th y guycaat cwe g t votke rho onhe nurin s th t y puygram cabouwhouot tnkon ninhoul t pam ou t ul chlengpresentbamaiving vong rultst th e ofhe chngestmain sh. vo r yotshavetho dv etheffact. wilbe on sh undrs ofyovedv ct atio. il th arenisteonilldrof o'illy stentho threentite plgram o our b se aso'ly w.l. enthti ppublam pri ory r sas wown hl nex blri nday direlyn hexhead jesswatts go g inayearc of re the 6uffi youad andssttgoaidinrc fo wate is e xt.fiou ndd
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bil watrs wld sment nigh the stineparent leas a rert t t sa the meriilnat w snt taayer ickeghup t e tabinart as re tsaherior $1taerke t mfinsab proded a ju$1ice partnt monfensnce. roatd pitojuzese rt tfee. tmends stef taxtoyers dlars tthe ft t didndtike at eepor and saxghr dors e iscritid ite or sadng tre i salsouicecrt coee aruit isalude twith isoce co th a$16it ideth mfin. ey rractth6he iyou have m n.ncand. r wectre n connced. iu weavent j se wtersnd outowe noned wet j wrs ut nd t rea sto ♪o yoknow tea tto muf n ♪yoowan? >> c t iet cuffee, tuice? m cfin andome ce, tce fru? mn nd>> $e ru >>6? >> $ yes you comete e.>> >>es ouome
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>> h mucdo y thi ts brkfasost? huc yhi t >>br6.49as t? >> w, $6rettlose >>49 >> w$6tt se >>.49. >> ithis aeparentf juice >>9. m ifin?is alauger ]art jue >>5? mn? >>ug6. ] >> prey >> cse. >> iidn'win any ing?re he s jus c. i un'uckyn thasny g? all. e e ofhosehingus >>o yoknowho ukyhaaid 6 f l. ofse thng? >heyooverowent.d f >> ert. >>18. >>5. $. >> it's $6.. >> >> $ r lly? 's 6.>> we >> sprise. ry? whawethe helis t sis mter th y. >>rookn it ha woueel t mr b y$10 >>ok i ouss. takth b0 cfee. . that gooak ce. atoo >>verydy, iss aobbe. ry, >> whaare youettiorbe >> habreaeast.ou tury btion ehite andeat. ur myoffe b >>t's etendit myfe nut. >> howsuch uldou por a ut muin owh $3.d no pore a tha $3. >> hmu mucdoeshat 3. cos noeha3.
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h 8.4ucest twoos brefast f 16 .4ucks >> iwo cldrest >> f'm g6ng tohoos nks to i c >> wi goou. os >> ne arnot ingo toat geth. >>ouwiant. >>art reakgst? o areou th uyin>> fir i wtld leako? reuttein irur w le mfin.o >>teow, uld uver may $n. r a >>, d mfin? r>> n >> wl, y $ a did m. n? >> n how w ce yhese criersid >>ow c se co $16 aece?ri s ese e somigh dlar co16 ae? muins at t juse ceom depahments dr mus tusuyin >> here pa inty mfin ifin i >>re pai $16 r a mufn, i mn wouf iike to sai i 6 a >>ry oneuf o touse scos yoe ll s i lov hem.>> >>neow m oh wa tcohat?yo ov >> $m. >> mwa fort? cn bee $ hh. >> c i hore c the16ee h mfin c h plea? >>heuffi mn yea ea >> >>tfi haso eea b mfins >> b>>t oneas yh. b >>hat'a giv m.ns b >>ne y i>>t'iv he onl10 >>nlyhe $ h mufn. nl yea >> hery hav a $ite.uf >> g iea m erellyav ae. g i mly >> no.
11:25 pm
aid 25 but>>'mo.elli itd utli t for 16. >>r snaoutf it. >> ihink the6.usti naparttnt h betr tngsot. i spnkd thr mheey onti tn rt het ts mu ins,spth mn terioly mus,io. topf.he mufn t y. opuf t y. >> bl: y havgot dersnd tt thguy at so y b the yavt jce rs tthy so yhe t j fru e m tfinade mey. herobayru mad2 buc m onn te m . tranctiohe ba >> hsaidaducn i t l kedanio lik hid tom uise s we ill lett ld sli. ik youidn'omcarehate seas se et charng e gu youn'ret hasnye pblem ar y anyw . gu yoknow you asy thather p iem mor yw yo owffin cand ?u haer i the isctuayorore innd eggiou exa les.hesua e weookeintohe egouepor xathers. s $5weketo sdishor ereatbl.$5 eef sshtb welngtor d ervef an$10ervi oel iceto dve cre. iss tan0vi tipf >> i the se tonfeipnce.
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inhebeame inspeeor geral s portfeboute. hatn teparente pe gofal jtice rtutt tar doet >> b l: btom line jcesobod watcs whoe the bpend b min >> nod tc wh bil i whet to cgratate nd you d>>our n we il noe wto cat e tw s atu ome w,right w winoe twate ht g ls.n >> bl: wtersorld lite bi mor intseow tha gt. b w rswas.ld it biorntbsolely.ha ank u ve mucfor e s. esen what reay waoled wy. k theveucr it en ateawa w sps herheid bib we cet ttor serib e c t y. it anldy t w canet it y for n onhe ce foy w entyoret ahe asr. heon f ctorfo y ves ty aeng tshes frveni. noa d ocrasc satorants a t us tay forni noiapea. dra sor ts i'sure atte i torherespe ll.i' re tegyn llyren c . v jn icy jason theuper c bow ere a fal v j vdictja n hewe here y sowy ned oe fthos rerts. v ct h y s d [ mose anunce] in 924, re s.tali foo cameo oh. man vice-ripined t4,atoe anlirealootalime seaohned at. viip toe analli ea d the .od g fams. ansoonso d thehef. e gam anon dhef. llo, am ef barde o,m b de uali ingdien
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11:30 pm
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11:31 pm
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11:32 pm
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11:33 pm
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11:34 pm
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11:35 pm
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11:36 pm
11:37 pm
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11:38 pm
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11:39 pm
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11:40 pm
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11:41 pm
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11:42 pm
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11:43 pm
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11:44 pm
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11:45 pm
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11:49 pm
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11:50 pm
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11:51 pm
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11:52 pm
me [ ht bil>> he t's a uery gd guy wh fous o wesile a own g wuy wh f sthe oesrogr gunn w smo set i e grunmoet i cardupleas anthe nswe rds a at i corasct. andge etywe a ior. e ksas. >>ouheat. yolook ove at h. ks. >tareat atyoerokve bectse i h lik ret heec i ik >> bl: kmeadleadby o d th hesmbarssin for b kadad you o th macclumith e toarinro. yowillouove is queion. e ofcchemh to fnies wesrn yoll ie uen. of hiory m feses bros' bzing hi y sadd ms. ♪ro bng dd ♪ ♪ ♪ peakgpani] akgni >> h yan't pk hat>> anal or t hre. yit's iegal't pt an o t.
11:53 pm
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11:54 pm
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11:55 pm
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11:56 pm
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11:57 pm
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11:58 pm
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11:59 pm
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