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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 4, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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amweata'ringhexpen sto and n help g eatopeng wit mon.tond >> n our alityo lp eeiteadon a urflue ae thty outome od the a rts of iuessuthut ie o nothe tsdf necearil to isu h ivingheot td am icanceaxpailr t pay horng everprobm. >> amanpaay i is not clear erob ow m>>uch i th expsienceot car tnslte. mh euthan'txpnc clereec t liksl.he u. deu'tl lehecnik broersr u. d veeh gerny buyrosompa ter forcuy a salpa and u.s. t rc a offialsalelie that hend deb.risifflsieill isonatebsil eurone's deb criis.urs elanebha andri a ain cld olloannd i a traveli n wit clo t present fancerali >>it stoc wer tp est fceoday tocer s&p 0ain ay andasda p closin 53 ahe .nd fit tida os3 uneloynt hebenet fitieque we downey 9ne0t st wk anue wowota of 90 wan 3ta,000f wa tost inive 3 we00s. t eaier is wee i we tole y
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ear eeout w hugeolon y for fan e t mande freie mon. or eddi wannts maillire m in di w sditial feralliid fon bustiness fetwoaletid hisrnornia an additnal s si bllionin dlarsaitl outrsie onioapit hl ater drs the trenegulorit o h ar eul o freddieac kedhe tasur deprtmereie r d six blion t iur bai oepme fu secau oix bonontiing iai o loss in efu mautgage oianttig ss n is ce magnt aftdward d arco cft regutor ar dco fd yee gur sster nnieae feepprodoses. ser th com anieieave gtenrods. 169 thomie biione gn inail out funo69 fa a bin mornoss tl cute.un fa aorss t>> fny cnd f fredie wlole out bg nus.ree i am wot maengt ou b up.g us amaccap. offshe legiatioto klhecaffs
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ymen. thgiio k hou financi serce mmit e isen th consideoungin ci ergislion pay itsanonde ye eddi emplsleen tay salaes o gvement oryersdipl tdat a la hou gventor hring a marcfireouack. hng >> comens ion rcre proamsk. are the >>oms snerorogrssre ile sinc e sgr il009. nc to ptect tpaye9. it was pct tye hire hhltualiedas ecute to r reannynd h uta ftomer r fnynyxecuve fre. agre. >> fr you f pcu orre >> expouerti p t machehe oanizionxpti >>nder t t ch o hizhlon qalifd er chie txecushat the h q if mpans hid in iecustth009,anny anandhireddinostore tha9, 100ny d biddionteha dollars00 d bihosenosse heoleenrs shri ing, >>eser, tnk h youe.n ri mg,edia bt.orag of tou iag sexl rassnt aegatnsex hav ss not urt hern in in a tatav t ter late i rmuss tepor. is svey te rss andor. pl
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s conyucte dnesy the flnd days afte the stonyte esth f dys te fhersttroke ca lea mt roteyhreke ca rceneage .ro ngrire i trd and en . ri tn i tnd perrand ron pau t thcain rr camdignon isauein thtinamn mid messsag abt who ecifallyighiave bne agrespsiblbfo gttinhothe if lyory ghhee b mia. spbl ey h geine not cha edy he m. campgn heothey blhae. do mp iollong thabl >> ecuse i >>lo dayha aft esee.erma cai >> ay nagatehisay throughft a mapitoai hilnateshrgheedg frey. to hisilhieff-stf baedked ore sof tccueftiostthatbad ourt t ancursonioas tatourct anon tf therc ak b t acurshe the bnatialestran assoatio t a>>cu we werhe thrille ti hestaname nsoio an saideer ihrtle wae'ten anid mr. in awa i hadhewa upmt spec. for m. awa iadill dohepmame ec thir hat ilo . anrson hone ande movhi t andalk anon aou ht iues de nd geoffov
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ndlk ofhe sillins a aou h ies gef calloday andetfiin an h wh llaynd the campgn. w cuhendern mp. ecureed beddleent erereing taeted e re all abelet ers hasng d taed ll a didt kwrs autas thi d d ctainly ddn'tid k pele a hi . t c hinman dain'te camaig beli es t t p try's hnn peoe am argbehi li tt p'sheeoeak. arrmanhiain suckohek. orig al an anusio sk >> t ig fgerp antsus areioll over the rk pry frp camtsignre sed erur src and p weamn d srcnd nte pubc. did tig it up.ub an her portid dugt i i up.p. and b sicaanyr rtugw i itutp. o drporon. b ca i the h omanain c paig or. struled me o andhe hnnhere cig arud m o pndoto cren eatin wito c ehenrinienge andheit crisis owed onrigngend obbi andris edtherisn abind aorney aing er the natial resuran a nesoci aion g hav hishe tiesan cl nt's cin avis cdentlity
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ivedo s coucl i'sueye cnt tystat ent. ed s s i anxusou i for i t gatot. s away inx >>orhe i t resaunt g assoati respayded and >> crentes aureviing e docume a asoti sp pld tond respondomoow. cnt vig dome a ploesnd o cn di not he res coppdiot - rpondo aert oesp thir woma rnnd who a was oadeo feel irmaho uomfoablas eain and el u nofobl dsnnd a fme ollenoue w d made a f inaroprteommes tle w de furth wman.naprme t the are ftillth blamg wn. the perr he crepaig >>ll bamghe rr cig stilami the per camptignmiheer mpndbsolng tt one sffer.ol t >>ick san e ser torum >>kompanted hisoal of visoingm a ofped s wa'slfisg 99' a cntfs. e 's fmer9' cnt senor fr stom i enr bhdn the pol and s to hom a i be er bhowhgheol janndry hod ae toow give himano ment m fo the priry geeasoimnt f
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anotr e crididaso mhelle baotmannold aienc c thada all mllmerans shobadnnd anc pha tas l sincrensverhondenets p froam ncr serves shadseoad ro nstrtionndatiol fens rv sdsd tr onshe id tiol uns. isow e t a basna republi bausellie baare vereputlif b binesse ie >> i e r hman in bes gtng a >> i fa sak hn fromhe gt faroad sst twor? at iro ler. d wchadst ors i me i lport.ant jobs wr persol p m irtnt bsersol
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rctnrmation and tres a submaenon for d t e dcuntsromheub wteor hous on dcusolytsra.m w us en admisttionlyelaa. a nied eque forhoudmndstonla a of edueor fil.u ds ey herode 8000il page f h dents so far 80 ge d houstsminooty laderar posi sa uneloymt wouusnoe ler p loiwors t nsanetymt isou iot lor prrsiden tobamand the i de icratongs >> i prenam wdlell yohe deatng tss, i wllfyo esidt oba t a the house idob co aressnalheemoctsad hse not cotedsselocould b a pe entt d umplmentld a e naonal fure ipet uplnt 9 naal rcen fe ioctor nuer ces out 9 morr .en to senanu c rublcaut defeed a rr 60 na billio rarblcaefe a pla or b lifrasuctu job was plaompone ofhe astuob aspresent'jobsnef es bt'l/sbsmul ckag mocrs blked b/sul a com pet gag pla tcrbld aom exettend t nsit tograin ehang forxnd tit 40
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ra biion ellarngutorn otr40 area th biubjen ar of eobs andtr ea prive prertyjeightf s a asnd th ivprty cte ofht a a mor isue ith misssipprighf n. m ijohne robrts ias the ssppgh n hnobtorsyhe from jacon. >> sta oor mssisippi is omac ying >>ota o takeisypisome f ng a an ie001.e f>> is ne if the1. httes is ies i missspihe ste hes eleconez is shou the staise all sowedo ecez ou he ta imtanento mnlledor tamnt m prive ppert th pesen ohe iv ssis pppi rtrm buthaua pes . o s isi eadiu e ch ge for inittive31dind prenthhe orate fro itveang prortyndre ndinitve to eroroy pivat indi dualinr bunessveo for onom deloatme. >>dialbusse lorkednd s om dhatlome happ ed a>> we a lryid t s t p actppve and peut a t fiyi tefo t gets pct her p >> t fi knitsfoser tking bouni premcour rulin tngouhat allod cemityur rfin newt l ndonloo cy ke a he f n ahoing lono and
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a ndo hoje. f the supgmeourtaidndt o je s ou anheuprtd until somne se aidouorenlom tax . d blboadse inissiaxippi. wa boa ainst imminntosipi mn wa a abste. imi but ease m inlue ab sings thet entate tooe lan fm a sgs chureteooo buand f t uroyo ant. o thowneuo wer t toyo t. b thne w o und. landpee is bireor o the mis ssipd. evndelopnteese o au oriteis iply sd the iitoptiv wou be j auit s kthler. iitivou >> the be run j bl kr.oar >>heun sto bmine doar mn ase. shto me neoicti m a. eyst w sh hee workndti al wsst u w h wrk to aembl al uo mega aojecblsite lik the tota plan gaec te >>ik mhesisspi b intos pan frndlyoveor >> mss bingre. frly rberve want peoe t kw thre the amedme wou er d wnteo t noin t pre nt tthhe stemeeou d fr tak gno t prevate t s profrrtyak fo pprojtets lik rdroynd
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fo ojutilies.ik rd ts i pctin yo ils. land t i pinyogait ndmmen do maiait isotrue itoai s sueot hangg t thi. >>ng t 43iteshi reform the 3i s mineerm do maihe ne la.oai d oonenn misssip asayhey thi t y re oen obabis goiip t l eyyn hi esda t it i aboi ln dat emion issu therdmndn sule pnd on ero piticn w pldouc on with pic10 wuc thooole >>oter i cora stle a me ager io the cra st a leaders nme new tes.he ate deears nndreeo neay t. r e educionasereateds r wer cal ucneedax hes. er ey leporom dver, h.t waesse tpotm d mr, be sonassng b tond coro. m >> ie thi b acknabam bad coro.hod beervohibou b wktamapp inoloro. hebevoou w sholdpp b n
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vousinor aut cohoradonywa n us>> vor a scoddowa aoluty n taxor ireas s ond sta aut nide ax anoca ias bnlotstande c llinan ecti dayca b ats kllin field foin t m sur s.tiay he k win fld foervo t mur bfore tudaye a w nhingvo ppen b re tuy a aviate t noseng n ves.en >>ack aat oba te ns.arri co radoy ne pin ibari 2008co butdohe n pstatwungto theigh i 08ut010atng manyegh inaly said10 t rock mounnyin stelys aai musin t o fo t un preside s in012. mus fo t herede beenn he t2.icen t st month.eee h vo trs set an t msage w non. th rected bvoa s a mge w t-one th e edrgin b a staideax t ne ineaseo inun adducataon e>> y are loinokinse atun fcaron day y hoolreeeksndo saying not f mo mey.ay ol th looksd lndeayo mo m.ermi dth oo el ltorahat did n cnge eir sitii elra .tid n c >>en a time r tihen occpy wl >> areet tesnetticcace w et timeti tea rtyeentes a
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runng st tngme in colado a yndte a reblic s vnningstnere inoloar eate reumbeic vgehann demoats. yo a teeeingben mos. yonthuastic aeng anngad ectorehuti and an repuican eaec erateor in tnd stehan puanemoc etsec ate.n t co radostasn notocpprod a a co do ste wiotaxeasuron a hiory. std inwisu 28 wnn the hiy. v ers in ve t smp 2 w ohe arolo vs t smp . oba o the vot arol do ob anytheng rotemblg aax o crea. in yt rblenve aox nws. >>ea st lin aadve n. >>t the a -- a ther too ma lawhe in amer--a. a erdooaawnccu eral seete cu ste
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shtillngo mons satorhopeon contnerll nsorpe tcks dlock ntr the reetor hos tnds ck evenng a yonee etrom gtngo s thugh. a en bneckm gtn capal m athsh. the b occuersrosed.ap >> aheheconoc mp t ofcusd. t >> geral stresno not mp oft town. thegeltr los ofot tha ver ghtn. e ip ioshe porfndlehapr t cos ioris liky tlee co subsntiaik in s trcis bsia s csudia cowafoxews. >> m cjoria waxs. all>>tree brokage mrmr i uer tlee oke i feral cope toght. jafesl pe ren port onhet. trblesf ja mf rn rtn glol. >> g odtresbleshef unit stes ofmerica.lo godesnitst ofra. upoa teba po stoo t shouerba t shoulrtoo ou t horvinulr - czi. and st in une czi bdlif d lliofo te bli oama
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io elecon cpaig t orzina and hi tecnd cig a in whe honde h ste dinr.t thf.b. a whho sndinommoties thb. futus tringter amoes tutrg vestatinrwhy a m gob fril orstinyankrtcy ts m we in gob heilkrcy t mst wen sctaular walltree colpse nce e m fa o staarehma bro therllee throle e yearago. fa o is tre amaroer rihrf aro. a s t ai taxper bl ou i thi se? no, xp bouhi ? i o, a fanci iinstutiohavihereed a. fci stio vi >> aonged a >> ag mf-obal pbls bedes tf-al troubl pbl dst, i bes thppent trbl do-miling o th ts fusith cotming o stom s fu sfush thaso nt un counomd fofu >>haou n sess tha ununfohe >>ou ssha cf wilo erythg uer cf ilits wer tonsu eth u s rosuhat cuomerget eullmoun thatt ty can cuert lun at
4:26 am
t>> hanong gin ler h wld ad pbe isng dbt.inr w ad p i doned d.10,0 on t the new rseyemoat,0 par wn the w coeyine ont fornorar w th coe occ fyor w l st et otes oncc ging. wst esn liralsried gg. t derive rlilsed sson >> t corneeve toon >>arorbama gutyto assiaon. hemaepubca nat nalgu ss mmit.e isemdingubcaathatl it esidt oba rern tsngt $5,000 tha idobre t corne bdled fo the c$5pa00n.ha or if bedhis fohe epide cpa ctinu downhe p h th fts ipi cnu wn go pg, tth my wl iet turn. can go to m i wtow or wai rnunti an itets orse i aorserai a probtily rur its late. ase a>> ob rt oba camataigid r jeed at cl abaam tgelng fox ns rje c any a telfox glo nl eloye nys chged wit wnglooing tha eye chd indiitdual conibutn ll beng rethaurne dialonut ashiton jes beetne ren fox
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4:28 am
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4:29 am
ureth en, slnu bed uld yo solion. e slp nuer b's d sed et iit'syoir oln. chamrs wch pvide slnueal bpporand t yose i's am w pde l ord yo in ctrolf thfirmss. d thbed c perolct f thcouprms be.use ch se th d erjust findendeny toup bee eir sique leepumbe stdeento r ueepbe here whaclinal rearchas fnd: re% ofhaartiinpantexpe encerech fback:ain lief oftintpececkn ef 90% port reded acs anpain % rted acan 87infell sleefast and joyemoreeep eep. 87lleestd yerep p. fostudsummies, ll ts nuer n. foudmms, twenul in nude freevd d brhurebouthe weine ee brreut sleenumb bednclung pres, d mols ps a eembedlu pr, mo pa fr $50avin car fr50in ar d hoabouthis eel ringcan use uncoortae prsureoint hoouis l ngn e cotapr rentt th sleenumb bed contrs tyourody. theembed im ine ntw go t youurly. el wn yo muses im e relagoand ouu fa wintoyo deeusslee lad fatoeeee i'not st aack rgeo i'm so aack tien i't ak eo'm ak en i slp onhe sep mbered melf d i
4:30 am
slon s erhigh m recf mendit allf myaties. ghecnd llmy ieneed noth reon tcall the eep mbered cts abt thsames an edthre tll e innep prinerbut c sts abice th lonme an neint s e on if u wa to eep tterr fi relf fo f wao p erfi elyourfoad b k, cl no urll t b num cr onnoour reenor yr fr tumonr en yfr formion t wi dvd brocre a pri lis rmn wivdoc a riisll r ht n andou'l alsoecei a $ savgs r nnd'lsoei $av cardust r inirin abouthe eep mbered. rdt ininou e ask p out err ri.-fre 30ightn-ho tri. k t rire30hthori ca nowor yr fr infoatiokit d a ee caow yfrfoiot a $50 vingcard 0 ngrd ca now úúxx caow xx and n fsh pis fr nd nthe foliicalfrrapene big e thriroladca npeworkne g hr ardevongca much more tim nrko
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4:32 am
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4:45 am
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4:52 am
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4:53 am
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4:54 am
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4:55 am
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4:58 am
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