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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 4, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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% 4 r se l meikelel 4 se mit's fasnati toelatch toy wereoing to 'searastio fchm th natialtowe resuranngor assoatiowhetr th wil f th tilow tsesanoman soio tetthilpeak w t an weet t a facak aachetoll thie afache ahe i hi a mpattic at kdfmpac do y i thi it wl atec k tn? >>ac yhihinktt w wlle a t >> siificnktt wmpac repuicanare wor edsiichisac llpu hant tem witors scer h titoms. sr so i w hav as. creble i wom wav co fward a obvusly itillree beom acoug frd il she hbe atocredle he h sto armanain goi toeedn riouto rouban.n oi o t rit nown ouub is hman ainriow vers anomous i hn sounes rning rs agnonst use wasngtoou rng estaishmt. th was 15agt yrsasto ago i tahm d't thas ha a5 yob i'm intgoeste i d ha imovinthe'mcono.ntte w imetine ttnoace. w if s i alled t t tele. h
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s istorandll it tasel hrede e, ord tnt the rtha t w are i e yituaonsng wh eha peo we mageore w ither thesuathins wheeo s mcesselly wer nd es inherm cai s so sssy rm farai bi :so the is anoerar ewbiheoll i shnoing ttomnendl present ama ar shg ne est aaried i key swing stas.d tt rneyey at inta 7% ry tt present per t no wn est e'ser noatch wpsgain rmanch cai swg steinoter an thringai mor swsterhrg suort bind oresidt oma th stesre sut condere b thed idt o st ritithl ss ion winrenghe election i inin 22. maha: ecomin un ler thi 2 ma: hoin we' sak wh u t l chihi of taffhoe' s w f hern thiain, marff fock,ere'sheann,aruidi k,s hean cnhrou thi diffult weedi e'she bee couhi h ing.fft ee wel asaboustee t mey hg.hat' we asou
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co in hir te mt' camign coringn ir thcour ofhi anyamn ng foign licythurf a isss whh m fon cy morimpoant hesswh m orpot end havetndtarta fe. migve not bert f tpinghe igote les tng pls. toes joh s hunman he phe. bes chae ofohunn h beang pside ama xtbeha novofber? you ght sureaised p whodeays a yesoovr? tha u t wel ta tur hedho livs a sks ha out weta c hingiv ap. mart: t here a c majg rt delopmts ioreevel ament aj ailedepm io solelnt pel mer sle nnr..ol p thwhithouseas m bee s .andl thaitus spoenforheee dumen i dl s no turd senr den ove i bi: nour nan peli sdveit bi uld mh woran iteli sdere up t d mor rep ilica. 'll ae t pel wther oepca n l a she p w rerht. >> n e i pre rdent.bama and the hous irentmand cgresonalemocts he had n
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uscted we cesaloc wldhae n0%ede w unploynt. unoy. [ ma annncer cranrry ice?ake ! ♪ ♪ manner any e?e ♪♪ th's gd moing, veie sle. th gmog,ve s .mm [ le aounc ] r ha thealors -- [ anc haus heggieorutri--on. oulve d a . s ieri. l a
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diabes tting wh elsis n? u gethe ood, hopet's engh, 's-- ab tng whls n gee d,wh'pes t'? en, '-eeste li® bloogluce st sip. w'th stli® suoo, i'u'll ry i but s . [bp] w. suyei' thal' i utth pateed [b eest e pwik™ dign. yeh' thte i'liket-- st ik d[bn.h] tgetshe bod. it 'yeke, dr-s itightn. [b tts b. e te stas fa. yedru neit jushta th d e bld ofne tch.® tetafa neusth blokayoffree tyle .st s ips. i'llake'. ayeee ss. surecall or cck-- we''lli'endll e you'rips nd mete fre relln't i cst --ve tse? 'lldu ps tere f'styli lite est rips t ? callr clk toy. fryltet ps llclto
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maha:t's ing to g a lile orema:s gontertingn a g ewli meutes wel heerngarom hou mes wehe m publans. ey wl fi intou tha roo antalk blbouts. the wfint latt jhaoo an nulkers. utw abthe theat j slema oingnnus. abhe sma on citol hillng orny leslatn on c aolilobs o leatonsill. ll: tse drs cel. : t citi. th dnati cal dt cse i on ti thethti d $ c tllio inark. mitt e rney $ off tingiopk. new tt r y detas onowffog t thaew mber dow taon hi ha pposa er iowlude hi elinatg feral ogra p tsat ide ar't eenti elat afel ra t endg a ar e ti to c antri ttnd a to c opprie amer ta'snterts. ppresint oba ers camnto er .offi in siba a fisamlo emeencynd fi's mne it woris.mecy
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e pridenhas mit fledn ormostny ienti pr yens cou fdn st cotiider he c yeirstntoou oicend said i wtcoer o cstorroo oe $id7 i w $ ll 8%. ll: . : bill rep lllbamaare,avinep $9 bilon. mahow e,esin this h p$9il. w hi h arica >> in tt cli aca youus pyedn t yoli hea gernoou pomned yoea gnoointne t pridenobam uttlynt failprenamottontr the speing il trhe whingn.peg
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wng wasnly aew mths aas y at arica sfere mdsts a fst aca s crreit dngra f whi cr milied u din tra eyeof thi wolid. u t miomne belyeves w teed to t awo minelampels w odo o-of-ntro a spdingndmp deb i o wasngto of-ro day inspng d.che webl ieasto givg y nspee whe he.c w layiv o som of teehe speeficaypprohes willake o tomo con tolpecro ss ndin ll bie: t ton whi hussut s onin bi :effen tve ohi hshis. ey analki a uten o endgs. aki amedire, ep cs.nd sang ts pn di onl, y cenefs sa t miiona pes anl corratiefs. w wl mina the a forr gernor or titaken the wlheor gno kehe crges >> pside c oesma andis pocies pavede o devtatend thi poeseevtehi couny. the armanyeoplwho e rtin the l t un the tharny jobplo ve lt inheirhe lt hhees. thob havee t lirtirages h. thav clin but t uerstdehines eve
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lineintem t uhestin budvet the wille ne am udtronhe ll conituey and ere ll b spealon inreston figueing to d e betaipe th pendgin andstig igomeo cesai incrthset.nd nd bu iwe ae in f ccal cr owlebue. a thn ruires f tl aly a le th rre test t is ts pro aam s a portt thate ar illist t tro sorro rt moy fr at tarli cnese t t pay ro fo t?mofr t wh you cookse t atay cfoporaonor wh oupublktbroaastit's c nraeo haveblhatoatis nubsi utvet isi i mmeral-fe adrtisg o ers s-fadis o imptant thawe a s mp wintingha t a borw 4 wient gt of t evy dolror w 4 spe ot f i biev:olr w wlleepe h o hayst i bi ou w iis h h spehaters ouoday i y hape ih beenero dficu foray hi t ha bak o iee of dcuor ts 24 hier b o tof 26 ts4 pe ange? >> 2 the pls ype aregeeein >>he are p yre mui caidateollsin don'hink arebody i gngmu ca
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atto bls run ngn' aynk a witdy i it. g b butheollsun tha a ait mort. in restg tobuee of crselsreha atheornes thain psttof ce eims haheado-he p agast pside oba. inhose olls adhega pe'sde ehe ob innninseor whinlshe msgin of e in wn erro m n ftherare o tngsepubcan te a ro erooe tsor iaubn aomin. fit an foros the i wan meonwhoanin fi leaan oor jobhe a an th ono ecomy. ea and oob b aausehey thenseresint co ob.a is sd bse vulrably tyse wansi obmebois whoan seatulblim. t ll:an eforbohoou gt that. int :u ha to worhe g tt t hao no wnati. whdo y tnk hmanain is nodointiso wh y t w hl?n ns hmanain in i w a hnnormible i mpetor. hasmie triva et. as secr t exrienva my peoeec b ieveexen mpor mnt. eo weave l bvef gdor. c dida we e in t l gace. c dall: t but yrea has p ae. : tfut y atttionas p o predent tton obam o bure whynt n hern
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am bu caihy 's n see as ner aai neehrea s>> t a racsn't abo hernea in t isheac abohe'tailu bo oferheresint to ibo turhe ecluomy rounofsio it wl beur a ecyun weeferdum a on back oba'ser umer flure tn ba ad on job ba th u's wre fre t t o focobs th wor mitt t romy.oc pil* w tt he breingom n s.ll *rtha w weant hakereg yac n to t ha hilet e th ygop ide s t disssinilhe jobs thpumbe.e lienisin t joh bsbe li toh bhner >>nce theil i ber slledn e sete iehehinkt's sedn se i acceableornk thehites hou toe athin cele leshete thaou to 100 aines enhaged the00egistive en d proches. >>he j numrsis areve outnd i thock we ee the>> jumre umploutent figus inthwehe ts untr a ulot st l wa tooguin hig ts tr a unploystntwaotig 9 is unoy acceable 9that whye ars hetryi t
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cele teat harhyar h rd,leasyi t jn us ted barng r theas meares j theus b flr foanhe upr doweas ote.he ifflfohey donp pasow fe.e. y whon is rryeid aas t f mocrs afid whs y odin a th t sena as r as urcraf job ogendath na s as conrned the bilob ttnde hen our oned eil t jo h andareur reaonces anjothey aaddre reaeace ianueseyre thateamall buseseopl are i sfaci. i as atll rusentl dnpl inre m ci stri ini rtl r dhmonand in m hel rin eve a rond a iioteellant ve a thkindf assuete raid tre nt ar the thndue isss tseai t arhe bilss t confnt. stil yesrdaythiseeke h nf . ur bls iesayheis houkavine h to dwith accs t b i fouanciin r sml dth binesccs. t fat'scihat all bines ssm at a browiesant. 's t theylant b accesso a cwiitalt. ey w t eyt lescc red tap in cal shin on s wthey canes gedboutap n ntinng tnves in sey aanreatut bs. in tesleas har aat rd,ust . allothes bilasnar u r ortown
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te ilotheesilenato ueoplanrn e th whing n i iseatpl auall th wworknggns towd tirnterts all an orkg cateow ter an ceobs. mart:erynterting becae yohears. therty pside ertimeng and cayoar tehe ain s p thide i mend a teo-noing aongr ss. hi now iu ha thenoggr cgresan frw theha gopouseheide c sesing frhe we hopese pesedour sewgills ho ke i e pierdrlsor new com inies to erakew es wttohoseills toet anven w searinon t senels sido a thre in trustente wit har reidoridot th aowinstitar idhat t ppen a in hoabou thit bit a en fam yhoou feuhi eraff t sto ttam heu ignid affto n tty fig h beten ni hiway ntrol andheigetolic it'shiy getolng ynd gire ts e byiche 'set ye t min 'll rig bac in l igac you uld ve aundlwith geics mui-pocy
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dcounu d adlthicmupo dun geo, sing opleoneyn re tn ju carnsurce. ge sg leey tjuar ur. ♪ ♪ geo, sing opleoneyn re tn ju carnsurce. ge sg leey tjuarur. lcom ida whe th gro erics farite poes. evyonenows dahoomotatdas tawhe icfate po. evnewshoat tagr budid u kn thereoo for u to bud knhe oo they e hir in totami and tassm. eyhi ann idahmipotandes a now ss rtifd toarry anahta ae heowt chkmar fromifhe tory amicaneartssocon hech arom fo foodlow am satanatedrtat oc d chestel. foodw ated chte there gd fomy fily, and r yos. he gfo fy,d yo art art aho tato. t t o towaysook r thgrowin aho al. ysk thow o .
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ha inet theiddleeasto tsion are t risi betinen i rat ahedlst tonre siet iat aran. new llhows theeoplfn. w isel arewshepl eallyf didedn is rethe sue e wlythersrae ded shou car e e out werae ouar mutitar stke ainst in's nuc marar site st awherstis a thi isuc heated? er rep ater:hi senrfficl closoea epr:sraeen cineticembe os tes me tsealksae cet abe ver t andks som aabiner mbers oosed . ad streom ainor mrs oed it. tr a theyaidt.he rgan eyd adnisttionas ainst rhen tackut lat adm ted itadst won ast thrighthin tckoatdm do.dt w thghin t th bo.ieve t curnt wte use thil b pvebabl t py out tur w samee scerio pbl pndut t aee i meceo the end att ak w ild bhe rht he thg to d w b rbut ana ststhtoay 20o.ears tnas a0 e tecologrs wasar dfere ad heecog nucarasacily drere
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rder to penrateucnd morily spre er t ot. ente threas wor w maye re hring o thisas i w way hng bause i bse foerfo heaof theea mus tnkshis is e a hoibleus tss ides hothisle aack. rthade wave one psonho is is ak. n bac ha w inchooene pn yet is it n beeaca lonnooet wk. bi: iteeon hse pan w biaisi hanhe si stak or ansrs on akr syndrns a ton sdr replica wl te s to wh 's hpeni thiepca wteay. mart: wh the lest hniollshi s.w rt he l hotherm caiis hdinglsp as s he hoinisrms aai hngrett touseek. bu isis ahe prettdentlou candk.ate king hitbun thsrent nde ng it thmber hermain'chie o sta er rminssn'ie otan ameca'sewsr mss to tk abome'ssr it. >> tbobout bng ihe topt. t r theut cdida bs, ianopou a t
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9:31 am
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9:34 am
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9:35 am
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9:37 am
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9:38 am
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9:39 am
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9:40 am
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9:41 am
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9:42 am
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9:43 am
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9:48 am
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9:50 am
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9:51 am
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9:52 am
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9:55 am
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9:56 am
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9:58 am
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9:59 am
10:00 am
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10:02 am
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10:03 am
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10:08 am
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10:30 am
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10:31 am
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10:32 am
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10:33 am
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10:34 am
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10:35 am
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10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
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10:40 am
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10:41 am
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10:42 am
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10:43 am
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10:44 am
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10:45 am
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10:46 am
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10:47 am
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10:48 am
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10:49 am
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10:50 am
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10:51 am
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10:54 am
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