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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 4, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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te4 ygo t. >> spardand w yoknow t wsor srd td syoow trida nembe e 4th t 21. da n i beve g abama oveth 2 lsui thi g ama veweekd. wh a ge. nnotsuhi wai ek gowh g rebs. otatentuy. e yomondai. eb ♪ tu yond bil "tho're♪ly f tor" on. toght: ilthre fr" n. tot: houtg] >>ew pls s the arica pele he n turd agast ut >> p she th aca occy wape h ntreeurga mthemen we preccctedwahis woueeappe and nighi menill reebatedsoupe ge ldod boutghhat ppen nexlat >>geo sutt herenexorthree s theirstnere oon us effts he st the st of u was osff i irece y.f 're asundoget e >>dill:heresesse jkson d alet srpto in>>l:reseefen jon ofal rman s cton?enf e two an cctivts woreiv.i.a >>he lst oy conrns the ments th polics .a >> th lyearrom now.
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i'onworrs d a ute nt pthtingeoplol s back o wkthar rigmow i'rr n a. png pl>> bl: i that ck wigrue? u dos onresi nnt bbama iat testconoc vionnde? how doonsi tomanvesour stoneyno vnowow. to esutio yourreey abo t ent .the spizonehe actoiooubo tbegi rig nownt e pi ne to caionsy clos capgioninigservesow cans osapinrv bil hi,'m bl'reiy. anksor ili, b wating ei tonht. ks th fol turgain tatg cupis, tont is.he s ject olof tursin eve tng's tking pnts pi tis me s. ct we old tu fr theumpheve's tng amican peopls wouot me we d tolefrtehep a adicamanplouovemt. it jusnot in ur le a d.a. ic doem itustnhat. in l de. s temb whedothe cupyall reett.rotes le s mb hebegae theajory o arica pyl et supptedte gaheor o a theca ime" agaz epp pold in ely he octor e"aze hadol4%n sportg th e motomentad 23% srtpposthg an t rt otmont ally didt unrsta %stanng wost waangoin t on. r day atictuas lyidunta an wwainn. dras cally chand. tu thnew inniac plays 3 asll an of aricath noww ni paves 3unfarablviewf th
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acaow cupies. 30 thi thefa areblewth swe. 31% piill n't30hiherewe % l now.t obousla hugturnw.roun o weobs asl ia sai this autugrn eunccuprs. oncwethey atartaihi a to attk ouup. p sonnncey herrtottincling hn sousselnd galdo pndnn aer tha i scld, yg know sel gdohat? a don'want ny phat of ihese s yno oplet? n' bilnt tal png pofnts se pro thatureporng othe le cupiils haalbeen peads ro oat or oaccuete ery spf t piay.haend oolen i nowcu e d sining t t . grou desucti and har enoow d in ther oplerontnd enteouestindar take looat t s.r lentte ke oo >> troteersoke upooud yes fr aomeltesse maparly d thsday orni.yefrelmaly th ay iniit heror tee mons aniaven bee er ton anbleenee te [iudib] t [ep] [be] tt. u wa to [iibight [you]be wa t wao toetht [ eep] u up.wa >>o [p]p. ptests --ome eve fig back pst--eveig ck
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hists] >>heomels man st wuick cort out>>felan wckhe rtut par ar >> he i menlly i, ise ae i liceen y is ha blmberg iis ce age . hbl er diurbi and druptg tge di prbiest.nd d pt >>ill:hey ve t tget ings der c trol pr >>l:y akla tt tgs r lst 2 p cpleol ha bee aesteland 1poli offirs h lt in 2 pehe ohaoingee ate 1 lifrac . fi th he isin aolutyo ong exce for cene likeac thishese a ut anothe aricaxc r pplenekeust sedema thatheyantope aca n. pe t forresint oba ma thaeyp mocric p nty itial orpporsingheba p ttest tha cr pwas iisgualed bor pst ha unrstaable the ftsgu bieve b theall stre fatuntaatsle hav dese oyed bthevecono. hel thtrut iwall re sateets didavesed cont buteeo thno thut i recllsion sbuttid r. o ma'sntigteth sndin econ po cies ave tde t ecomy o 'seven wor. sin th 's t trupoese but t it'co enasyor toth tlameruall struttt'reedeads foyeverhing tondme ilor ttredds foproberms ongbig speing imocric p ttyasbrout on t ob ogpe cougry. crwell ptheris somoodou ns
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t toniout. . th folk arelleromd now ni undstanthng lke wh theccupwalltree moments alndan abo . whhe anit'supllee montal n aboooki outbo. r usan's n anthatbo thekiut us mem w fo the topanat stheyonig inheem foheop binni gerstdo rivaig sin wt b snipatheric t tiv movent. therowds ea t w sth t t ve. hewdea m tk. theyreisornize theyoounny m so likeytheerso ptingheorze paeyr in fnt ony the soenike aso png aggr siveut tpayin f hav ohe a grve r tly av letima comainteep wn anit is r msagehat ile tmankomntp wian i resate mget eveuall a ts peop lis np.wiesevell a bil heropnowiss m riva. illlerwventllyasome and m iv he you re. nt y>> iend am. >> ill:t's d th ipeop he turd th m>>emenl: s >> ion'tong thop hurga agr. th m>> benl: y don agr i wit't the ll. i thigr th b yon quigripiait pol e . can ead hi singth tt is uiiaolirtu tien etwe td seho sg t i arinavor nd tsetuie whowe t a ar oppod toor oupy tll strhot 39% a to poto oy 30%trt th 's ptty 39rnolose 0% bil buthe s ng iath py the weime,se i
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il meaut s i fm thwee, i 5% ea do f to% 3 . do >> l's cut to 3y psona>> l as i deputre vlenc p nai'm cop man i tnkephatnyon who vnc r ses m op thr haan to a piice tffict onservho to rs get th thehao p weght ic rvo thlawhrowet ainsthe tm. w t the cry peoe,thherew areow ast t azy theoplcr eveeowher re andrendeethey yrepl attctedveer d thee's teyttedurk co-thestl tg ampik of e paighthereo-tl puing wn t cra pif pa guy ht burethe pug ello tra tt got thrnuy wn tbutheeidewk as helo ould taveothr bnn t iseewase lde b evelder so isentay inmpett, elr i'mistaold inet ivitay 'mwhenheres frood andd ilodgtag an ociaenrefr edironndnt ho less eopldgoran strt ppleia e at eacteonto it hoey asspl nottr pe th majity. at tethinthe nepape that re a ot hypi theth vionc iajy. in thie itnepe ha isery pihenforionate itheyavelrea.hit >> bisl: ny hypg thorte vieyencee eathiss wh it all a but. nypth lo galdovihaveceou b n is arwhndt ll t aders.nd thi lo ere is go cdotralveutho bty ardown t the .rs youant hi goown teres cndalho wnuseroub youhean. a no
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ou ot on t goi totop you >>eubs yoou ao c on tis soiareorpou an>>placeyo ee. >> chey don dotit s tere anac beuse eere sn't>>y shid tono t pr tect bee e't you. hi t >>hat' y rprt bee ou bil i'mlad >>ut' ask y. he is my bigee b f. alil rig'm?d sk thisholehes myemenhasigeen b alig hickedy isle archi ms,ensn mmunts, hid credy pyple. a hitheyomine now d th un, cr pood,e. eyin scereow th preste, antherd,were so sre e aaid fprteaner >>ou kw wha stres ad i my t nd o>> khatroggyecau wha i you y just sd w o udimegyndau thaeou agaistagait s w u te ai-vinam t wa aiairoteers. t you e ahasivimhe wa pple hetes. yo esi pedgee bil youre jtifyg al thisioleeow? >> i jgetify ilou j nonfyal u arispufilet wos iny? imoutand j'sfy noton ar 's n utd ot te. >>ill:fppat yo wer 't n stifng i t>> iaid spe>>fical:y tho er anne w ifaise i t ir and idopecath polian wffic. se t >>ill:dt don't tter li >>iche eal >>l:dot eright memen rked>>ecau it e wht men ed aunonvtlent bil thi wis n nonolen it? is nvssenntally onviilent.hi n i onon knoen t ?
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s par i ha beedownenly trearvit. onno t me. ar>> b l: y canha seeeehe wn pi tures outf m cifor a. >> b see y theanee pi picesres t ofut oakld, cor c ifora.>>ee he iamen itics ofnd i belve t kl cor certnixtenen thetel 20 t typ rtnen he anchis too ove in0yp oland an>> bisl: toot's vest wt in id. it ppen in e ond b n tht.s wi >> b l: i.happed i t enn denr. 's hpenein tas. n. >> ome the b ipp h ie poen hne t. o f>>e he h pocupyaltree park o downwn, w yo andook a py eeat tse yarng pple, lar lywn, yo ndung kople a who t a y pe, frurate ar by n onl the g leact at tho a fat tsru gte o nnlhet sco tfreend took heirt h gdreds of o milonsco ee of d larokironus bac hedomef tils grofnwic con dcticr andusoneac e ofhem weroseted r wtgriconicnde re sofe ofmhe w mossed wgregus simesofoshategccelated a es exsat beredur eelnomied a de ine. sa re iwhat theerlrea emi accolish. th brodeht me.etten on t iathe eae ecomic ethro men gro tngncom g inecic thipa. untrthan aro policalomorce gnhi an esid at oba hanoolalce suggted at he s. idobha wilpass ggd ae lidaon stuntilss lns tha ll limda ttu sdent loa l ha
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reymen oim t s 1nt ofoahe reen diretiaryncomof t 1f boower so w n aditi kidy iom traduin boer waith id5,00 iin sdentoansduacin is uertah job 00 sarkent hensin gets utaob e >>ill:ho ps fothatn th longtsun? isn b tha. aice >>l: pfoathing th ngisn'that g?d snhae tng? andng tn'orroat g bil holit, ld ii t j?t gad youwo m tutesro n you ilreol , gog to iiste to j ga me.ou >> mlles nouight. >> igoavetote aotherointe. s >> htserv myight f ie aernt s rebtal. rv bily herhtyou . yojustaid tt waebl.tree t cail geru ayoystd w thwa cris. >> d't youee aee wit ca g ay w tt?ri >> b dl: n i dou't. a itcaustheris n cri. if t t re b n wer d. >>us noer nri rime sprim ter morages>>o andme sim.a.aorecuresies? bil no.d .asn't itsn'tn theurs? il booo.. if i't was n t b'tkshe wt are oo ama nd h ideroingas t b aut w it?re ey h eaeen h inrng affic ft? re h yea.n ney suldearchg onhe ic fwhithousand e ea jusce sd partnt iwhatou sch ison itus trd .e nous terrizi cizendown rt iat in ss wertranha an. no whaerzi c youenay iwns te, ttn thes peo er wen'tha. rosehated ou the i gov tnmen and thoul es eohave w'teen, thellse od heoven tndse ul
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ople shoved ben,he a oer t oma and lehoe a hold. righ o nd>> i thi tha ld >> b l: rghht? i i tnk thit thscri has tetha bnritt the b rinal? t t chthter ri whaashapps d the btt he >> ill:ou mche thr stathaentpp s at they goawayitrime pe. >> l: the m areth satt f tgoay absutely me ttin awaith, i here shink a f imebsel inwa ah,inst tnk eount. a st >>ill:t is tp to the holr d t oba antinisatioto >>l:istohe olprosute. ey h en't troseted y ofba aisio em. i b ieve hat ose coe.ress h't sed isof . dfunc onal b ve t co bilss no,o. it theustiis deptmen theyringhe dncal il caso,. it hengreti doe't bepng ten ey ng cas. >>he ces a notas y all reoe b t brout th wil beca bro ht a>> c a a ott yll o outhilro a >> ba l: o sto >> w o nd --ere, b tom orow,to ther w is a n-- bane, tnsfe dayom w, is i aer c icretan tfe day.ay ey a i sayg t ceet youoney t obankayf ameca aakeay t yo mouey o ofey onk.p. mmegane yo che. m o taf you mey o o the. big mn bas and p thech intaoumall m o hecredig uni s. ba anat i p thaheomesn oll to edens ni of i milhaonses o oos d lars bilil i hse goto g o nobo is ing d drs thail h go numb g o hosebos pg pl d don ha anyha mb mey. o seand body ps gogonoiste ohany
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them becse mhey. ost d dygo crteibily. >> ell, etemec your vwers wycht the crws oil >>l,unda and sou vrshat w th e o didda nd s bil watt ger do, heth ge winof any tnsfe hid ll l you il , e >> illgeinny tfeee. h tr lsferou k fro>> oeilll. tr tonerht. ro>> bl: n ot onllhe r dn, whon are b non r atckedn th dubli whfrrena-acare sse ckso a atedlthharplin menao heire so a rcue. rpt wh ermao caiir wh late r thee.ajory of w amecanma ai won stluppo ing esidwht teheorof n y wostpog agaid? mingight bk. a. ga nght b i'dike e ofhoseesses d se coee. su. ca or e? e.'de ofsese scople . chey? suerrycar l ocrea e he ry oilr crm? ream oealcr am red-wips eal iry m. othi 's mde reip s
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tn re i-wil y m. hi mre trewi ese gs we upoo ely! you ow wt el is ely? e wup e! dica u open wnrolelent. e? now cathro h demberenth.olt. n itick ith old edice plw? rodeer. sur ick h orldind icnew plan wh tterovere, ls co r ord w w erer lco bo. edice pls gi you frecanc scrning bo icand plllnegi visous re nc crnd 5ng off obrannamerescptios d neis wh 5 youffe i o anthemeoughsct hoio it par of whthouheal icare aw.eghho it timto lk, copare. itar thalre. itim l co anrechoo theightlan for u. earnore 1-8
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>>ill:ersol sty seent nigh as y maynow sse >>l:ackssostset d algh yayw e shaton aks twof al thehan a mowo well knohe defding blas mowhene th com undelire. no noin t casef ongla h man enthomnd cai ininus n froe. no tas o pladehia hnai dr. rc linont nll wro teaes pde a at cumbiniveity. . y lret wacksea and c sbirpto ve y.sittg th one oks dtor.nd >>heres noing sump to ttthe thmene oor. dr. rerend shaton>> arenog p r erene ckso.don' jumpren endry thaen a a ackersois rennvol d. son' thmp arenter eted tn jusce.a k sost le my ieresisol threerd juusice.. don' lthinmyanytng u iust es haenin to hman cairigh jue. n' noin yt uin ft t, ihink e ihaino hn gtingaigh exacnoy wh he f ink iesers. g ng >> bl: y don kno what eacwh e serv becse nody kno er what b yonnoateappe d.rv ec nere yven'beennyno at legaons t forpe b e n'nyboen gas or b ecifallybo and jusseem toe t b iflittly -- d -- usat'semot wot i t b tt- mn. - 's w >> iill:ear out. you say he is gting mhate >>desel:es br auseou dut't l e
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u aym beeuse he s gngt se b se dnsertive l >> n tha s nobee e whai er amve nhano ha sayi. >> bl: y don kno >> tt's mt wh i'm ayin yi leme s b w ytonno i'm ts ayinwh'm wn sayine isle s get wng wtt'mein w desees iayhe gtingset w seutin ruing for se i gngresint sin rugorsi ontrner bil allight far re tn tha tryi to stro trr mr. ain. il llnow,ht ifr t mha cain wer ayio roiber.r. n. >> m be o w,aybef er depds o wheer her did i mor ootbe bil ife di. ep o ihe hid i >> ill: e ha a psumpon il of nnocce hife idi ts i untr>> l: haand pis impnot n plaofoc hight i t w. >> tr o.d itnlaht billhe >> is notonvied o a ll cre,sot bil vi o>> bl: is prumptn of nocecre abt anying. uil re b iprptof innent ntilceab pronnyg. guty aut athinnn okatil ro jushad gu a ain gerdo o herka us dconvtingall reetuys for traderg m otgagernd tre is nvngl et s crior aache to itad mag s t iss craz rilet ask ahe yout s i ts. az t skhisou we libal t litian, u cat sis wehere andib ti tel, casie tt shareton andd cksowoul't bele tcreatng bloohan murr.nd ey ould soul bea >>oo didturee t mld scrm oodyurdewithohn >>id t eards cr
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i dn't s dy thedeth scrnm bldy e ds rderi 't sithhenthocrbleine er bil is whi. h th arehiteho >> y sai libal. ne you re t kingilbouts lackhi th re tepeop . y i aiink at y neeto dibis. ou tgivengeopluttheckresutionf op in cenc bi ed ok what you aee d sa ng bvepllsoesuon innc b inv otigaat. a alsathey bre dng roht n is nvga instiging. oneasaley dttac rd nsim. no inigg. neac penty.. no >> bl: lk. i' allore envest.atin anytng tt'segit >> b l i'lle yt t >>sill:ll iant knoisit u ha got two civ y rhts >>l: it no acvista bl kha motwo undiv rs fire >> h cacilstbl mnd rhts an't eing re h c viatedight n. r's asost at ifou ang viedht n ayingt f a bil rember j. spson thame? ng i'm filia wilh hiem hr was son th rune?ng bk, 'm fia whiight hs un bil o.j bsimpn, rht? ht>> yea r>> b?l: w def de h? jee jkson eahe hcame b rig wef out h i bieve tje jon hme wasohnnigut b vechra bil no,o. it wasasnn jes jacon bore nyra the il to,timo itasefor athines ppenac the b wase reven he tmo jason.or ain enj.heasacks thiev is jan. unf r.kshi i twanrallnf bore anying cameuthere anll was belnyg
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me shaton, re yocan't d tha youas cano hathatn, >>yon' dha bilou an bil comon? thas t at milt ilom?ommo ha t logii ha ever mmo gi peciealy aual blly you s ey a wro andci a ol. by soupson s a wrg. rond th wer owrontwo mes d s onnow ey sulderong writ ther on o rmans cai w let sed fishyng poi. you id t yanade ai mis ket i fh ose o cesoi w su uld t te y rushiso jgmen i wh her ne c w ca the s appdr t sh jen the weray tey didcahe pp wi oth twoeoplhat'he tid wrg. with >> bwol: tt's plch a. t' yoand ard ght go on wr cati tog bher. t s a we dyoall d e td et on auall ti og r. >>ill: wilegiveou t d l tlastord. list to a a youllan u >> thl: inilve t you std. c ssro . sto yojust sai aou y u thnou cro jus yo saistai y at tyere stingtusutai causther rlly asn' t ae sng iden. yoon'tnow us wheerer i ryn' aas just e orenot a thasyo'tw he itrue that tru >> rstht.or ahas >> b l: ouey. buatru hey roth. leanto btuat ons t ybuad noydeahea o abou oneas a urdeatand t t n otr waa raa tt ner oune aded t haened otyet,waheyraeapt t n in rht hereha ed t,ypt rign. bil r butere re>> -aren
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youig ilute g d -- -en bil her whetheris aou prumptn of iocen ghey-- il er hewon'erleap a ptof >> ienyight n'ap >> bl: ce on > bl, wt yo are ht sent lly ying s th b the con re b wro w tyoreimes bore and nt noy theyngre tthinghe dferero t esapprch a b theeynd no aey tg alm dtre up tpr ahe tt th are n alm up t n >> bl: ihinkt's hipnd poliuscall.driv andoth b i nks theip guyhoul sayliellivrendh goin to dendth peoe wuy ulbelie thwayayeo in ddeo w y t ifou d't a yoare blac fortity. t.if d gi a youyohee lt acorord. >> ope ugiou l d tuald., isag>>e. e i ink thait wrong d t al rushago i kha w judent fng t o .shnd ud wrtg fith o wrh towarall hean cn i gtingowhate desees wch ill ediahe c i g ngrutit. ife di't d anyt ng wseng w i th he iall b cared. ti if ifdi i dsyt w p venthhat e bid n c ed do athinwron if and ie is p n stt l gting n attked a'm ginngon jumnd tois his efenst g ang ittd g ho tha revumendo aisen aharpn mps his hohaevd aefen. rp >> b l: ts s iseryis tereing me. u arsayi thaten jac on b tndisy
8:18 pm
reg e. ar yi shhaptonacearn the lesns and w doshon notivenithornhe es know g th fd ts o theoote mter?n ho at'shat u arsay r owth f ohe m r?dr. ll? 's that s whar i'my r hing. can'speafor hem . but? ha whthat'm whai hope.g. n' ea>> brl: tmt's ur hute. >> hat' myathaositn. i'givie. bhem ts t h >> pt'sumpon it innencei'vihougm t >>ill: phat'mpwhy lov ounnce doct. thugks f comg on > hl:t'y ov yes >>ctill: irecyth fomon ahe h cares >>ve ol:presecent obahe's anceforare-eltion oneear o est bere t vbae. latece whyro theelajoronyner o be t v amican w en tehy stioheor suprt back o oba. wil talkaman w witjanitiup tur rbaba il lkand kirenit pniers aut thaur ment awa dir ps aha ntwa 0%ore sh. accdingo rearch 0%erye dy me ca. ccngrech ry l mca ll almo evebody. movedy ♪ ♪ wod yolike 50% re ch? woyo keno% c t is mo moy. no [ ma annincermo theoew catal e ca rewds cd. mann ter carhefor ople cawhol ant ca% moew cas c tarr le hot moas what in ur wlet? woahatn wt? giges ]ah
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ig ] congtulaons. nglas. coratution cotuon ngration day,he cy ofharl te n usverin tenolo raon y, c oftorlnspi binsesus rito cteservloener topid mointor ssts. crver kingommutiesreen... coratution mor s. . an builngs ng valmublees ento t. botcom litu...on whoa anils ale totli.oa ... theeoplinsi the coratution . heplsi hebeca e wh youdd vizon toour mpan cotuon cawhou vyou onn't tost ar an u muiply u ♪t isco ar so ♪ly ♪ corizoso inw.♪ zo
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>>ill:mpacsegmt toght, is te ne yea >>repal:ngac gm tor tht,most imp ttantne veae we ll er ctpa the pthsidestialmp nt vectiwen e c012. he elec pon tdeo bl ti cse pside
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8:23 pm
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8:24 pm
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8:25 pm
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8:26 pm
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8:27 pm
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8:28 pm
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8:29 pm
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8:30 pm
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8:31 pm
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8:32 pm
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8:33 pm
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8:34 pm
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8:35 pm
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8:36 pm
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8:37 pm
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8:39 pm
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8:40 pm
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8:41 pm
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8:42 pm
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8:43 pm
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8:44 pm
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8:45 pm
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8:50 pm
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8:52 pm
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8:53 pm
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8:54 pm
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8:55 pm
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