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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 4, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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n. mea somhingt dan bcausmeg te da s fo rhed. pimars ha ea beom movng up. bus t it mdansfo sothine p toarundha beovp. isin m sea we'o goiin to it aond e. in ngraea. e'oi weo l se ayouthe ra weseu vneti. brua vti. ua 23rd4th35th. >>e'llee yrdack hthre mond nig. h. >>toni>>t thlle's ypearckews h girich ews, andnd hig'l be>>nith s righhereo teeasou. gi chs,nd h ps one the rcord ghrete fiu.t, > pon cohetry rsicrdi spersr bad coy c paisy isere srs b diyou heis is niss? yo wire an hedilu plaefor u. >>dick n mris iyo heri bausene la rthe o.p.ace is oin>>ck ms i wier bse pos arhan ng b e hep.esin mite.i mois wpol tear you whan's b hindt al mi. mo wteouh fi t,ndl replicaresenti caidat fi new ginichep goca on thesti caecoat.ewinh o n. sp ker,ice th seeouco si >> gat t be wsphr,e ee yo g eta. si >> i l gi g t whou to ga. iasygine t rst. ere e yoy >>'m inesoine at t. e yo th n annune aepubcantat pahy agan d nnernu >> nubn wata g inta lileit
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an der nhard on. g nt brkingiewsut o rdreeon nighbr thengrimes misteras oee surved t vot oghheme nier nfidce. rvat d ts thot mea ofo h nm, an whatoeshat id. m an f dthea hn atsts? >> wel m i f mes tt te? efelrt b iy fnce ands t t geeanyo ef b fn bandut tey ba t eo zne wil coinue it pt pos e cris z fil coobabue a othe r m pthpo or twr fand thin in that seabe i a'she m r prablyw btter n s d inn thaha hange i eeps coapseprly ber nhaa psosegreellae toght. the untry iseelaot. o rwhe ingle ytr agnst at'seing do.s o hee tgl mor agt 's pngrtieo botf em h tve l mshan pieote peent h su lort sch. theye thnajor paies beuse e cotry et ssut . ngreyth it'sor greas bee acohievy ent thi s theacegr of 'sreery, aevt hi vhey stcenf blkmaiy,fromermy and v frant sayg th bl wiai cutomm offnd the eek e nomyan toayllythf he ilotutfff. e itkoes e bmyoy teme t cole of it s bre mths. t ihink it meoslowf cntin ng ms. idecank italisteow cin d cayi
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.ca altherisi is aon wy fm dyi ereut asi leas a it's nt w ay fm aeat' n a sast. >>ou s itill b cuple mo mnths st >> i sderstnd teasl w b cortle mo ofot m ihsto t isoi rs tas c wnfidce tte iseca eheof irime t mini cerid waed icaeim touto t enia pele o geche qestio of t whher noto te pe acc ot t ge q ti faust whr otcc t ststety masur tha meel darkyte murhaanteinrdere t bailutrk gree adhat srt oteer t ilre a backatred. e pe sle ogree areot happwith th thoht ckd. pe oeere th pp th hey'rgointohoave a l oh thr befits c' don'undevetandow ts i l o necearilthanytbeng atsut le c n' dettinndth t lid i onor ceilytery a le shint ti andidn a vryy coustie siatiosh ti nd>> a v wl, t becotii honiot, geta, don'know w wn tehe gre nont elec gona,s. n' owsuspt if thi wsn dn'tre n ec prov andsp don i thi thehis d t willyou' see ovndonhiheirtally ll eu'eree inmbenwipeout inverrtly e pay. i ink u'llee a inenpetopunuser rebeion pa gree.i k llu c ald see opu iben re ceeort oal.
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you c iuldee o i ttink i. u ital c d thers oeal deeve tk i o pula ngeral in er eure,aleve but t o euro an slatem er dengnedour ock eeoput t fro havg ro s m powee ed oth litk opnro eavrope orkwe it ver e pe rd ark cntroeringheuroan a peop b crogndirtroean andop it'snly en y getir toannd refe ndum that'souy yet seoow feum at desive the poplef s eropew arenhap wit t e curdentvehe go prnmeles. e >>pee'reot sily eapit teur bstanrs go thme. i>>re mn,i ts maers ban u h i msit taess it n? u thisattl o t ecomy? 're f tohe n sde b is thtl oc y? real e toatts to s us at bh haens. wel andal thkttto ins hat hasenss. younow, ifelndouh ten theat nsou viw,, itf beer tait and t he mae t daste viite w tn'titnd haen. ma th ts d semte god wtews. a .does tth creem gnytng phes. i es crthedown theyt p ro i. ter l,he hewnreeheast wek agre thatohe p ivatr bnks eeuld ke ast w reha p 5at% b lsss a dd aeop re imdia 5ly sing l thas a opteep nou. m iaey n sd tg takhae ather
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2epou of n t aktheyhoulhave aakener 2 of0% eyulve en lo. is i pt of at h%ppen as y knolo wi i ptawpf k hren ynoiohnp kor k signho tued outo bhn inorlvedith gnu auto b inedhompa a wh a thetookhe 50 lo th copaany a was nvowhedheok0onh co y as bacallwentvo banupt. at's piefhat' gog outballnthere ant. >> 'sieell,t'et'so utre >> g bacl,'so gac send fheo coinese f situion. at's gblin oe th tuambn.d n's vy gin th rsky ventmbe, a v n t ry cpany nt a ha deared nank tptcy ere'no o cer wnyo dearibe thisdeednkne, cydon' thi. e' >> o wheebe is, n' chaengehi th>>f th've got ani'mhage noth renringheudgotnt ancausmi dot knot enoh. thnewsenper ngports tthe dg i is i volvusdo bkncausno the's th wsme er dencrtthat the comny i lead ishiplvas lng i bnusheheir ereponcs anat wasom madipuliping l i theidebtirn oer t lopoan leas theywed mss tuln tgy d eibt s o t o thk lhat tha s eyd t tery d s htha gnifant ssibyity at you' goi toeeome crinal ctioif tt ereib jusy s
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u' oio yore singowe pro emsithcralio teus solyra.yo s g cou tur out tatrosthhat part ularlyompa.hat ouurut tat rtorziar pa istnvold in wctuly ingotszi inisstorol i>> we'ltu go se wh haenedn wior th'lompy. now,ohe sitedwhaedtatei ethewsmp tday, w,e ed unployntte a s t y, . thathenoy tre at dnwarre bu peop areot takgo darhe u reet opre aak popnghe et aampae corop. urhouts. do y giv it paeast anyor cred foroingoun.he ri ytivt stny ed orng dictio i>> wl, inhe ame mdinthio i w nhis rsterm roned mh i rs agant s ceatirm fouon tim a ran mny ctiou imjobs in aeptber hsirst merm hebs reatptr e t hes asst my rmjobss o ama. en iatas ts s maker wbs oa. i creed re ser j wshan ery o ore thesmont th oma's jn e o o escreantng.h e amicancono has o's turadesi to ea be. amannoas pspers an ork,rasi aod se deite per an k,traoinar ay bad g svernnt ere e oecasieal bef sgn ao gdon'rnthin anody
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ane o taksie b s ff coidee ou l. fn' tinsny --ak much onfince t ofodeou t ts. yo-re ia sit tion fchfie of unuslly gh t yo i uneloymittonndf us uny uallhighong trmneymt unemoyme . un onllof tgh, quge, pos tive gns day s y m emme n on tqu os eart eingeop s ropy ut o y m thwork n fce b takg t earngopop o rereme so ththrk n fmber bsillakar looketteremeoecauheop n qert ll loing r wk. somokow dte'thinkauhatop q lo g very w p sitiom sig dboutin that eric ec omy.ry ptictuaigy,ut thahs why ic'm ac y. ttle uspious thiuahashy.0 a numb beclese tpires erehi 80000 jobs ddedmbnec thee mthf 80 ocber,nd t bsednnemoyme levewent m fm ocr,.1 t dnemme vent. f the mnthf aust, dn thk the we he mh 10,00 at,obsh add th webut e 1 un00ploynt lesldd st ed tt ame, so yououlnoyel thin you st te,o kow,hatul ithoul in haveoueclid in agustnd k itatt ul dn't so ivectualiyin ainkst it mhtt 'tint e s tuat in thua peoket me gting so t d scouratedtheo ey'rdropng o of gengoork d urforc theby t nu er'rop is of gog do ak rc bt. he t >>uhinsthiss tgodo b >> salleiniss t ma parcipaon i t sle wo
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rcema iarpa i t pea tim tat we'o recoeed s ice treateaim t e'deprsion you' see g pecole j st tat teray dr outpr quon lou'ingeepe j for wor s wraatdr yoreutu gttinog ror s w%of gin smler wo orce wh i we wen bamr upoce o wwhat e d been oa nural wor for p the'90s w wben o i nalor wasor he0s sp wker,nou' pro ibly be a as 12 o 13% uemplspmentr,u'roye a no >> oe'reomin into t3% hiday uplnt seon. oere ll b>>omereinnt t prt-t heay se. seonal orkee hir b be pad a-t diress g rseportal keir ihin bitas a r rtthey e hing aiut hinf of whatt d las wmaear. ey're hiing a hof atee ev d on thas r. seonal art-e me wg kvnh gog intoseal dembert- w se nbershatgo wi pro bly toeer dis suragg to nrsat many >> lk. withinroy it aisadagto cmmen ry o ny th l pesid t's intaltack a of conomen o pids l uckdersndinf bu oms an alyst ursndinu obously i' ast candate d i ve aandateb sl as b' s annd anae sti annde storn, i ca bt imineannahis n onom srtin to reorver iat muntiehe'ss deated om sino spler beca e evtiythi's there dngeed est sctiv i th k
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caevhit'she d so d ficu tost iv lo arothdnd says wllo tl dcu o me sethi heyloerooinay w th t crtes bs s anhid i thieyin in ath crs n ihinettg,y sarkontrt bo witeag attdith skhat esidtrtlin n aboit dagd antht id in abi-ptisabasiin d the 's, is ireal a-psasiheery dffic 't i alme ealyhe wrstryerio dnce icetreat eprasion e>> wt whioh be ingseat uphepr queonion. h bgspuen. i'mold t sma busesse arstra li nd hmlthd t cmare. usch wsets t arrai rpealealt car hh causof t ce. w t asrtio th ralltar that us t asosioh at a sanglg busess. i'm cuous. if y s alglavuss.he sme m uecons.ic picy enel, iif yl meanwhat the s di erenon? py i an, w done i anath t votien i , odeci? i an, e yoaittit t ot dierenthanhe oth s ci i i , yott dienan licyth >> i lok. thiiffent cyeop are ry l.iffent. rman ain his feopre
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9-9 plafft. whicanisn prablyhe-la oldict. i n't ink wor bt itrly a vyold plld and ai t k orery b btt v plan.ldl ndck p ary ay b hen an oponallat ax p wch a are so h n of gneray silarop al ttherare womere spefico of g diraerens. ro sey har i thiere thepe mosc di en utio, anroalmo h thehi mth ostradiona of ioanmohe te m lan ad na it h tf t festhanans, b h tu'reigh i ane're thee pele whan b belie in here pvategh i he we'rethe pplehho bellivein in p te all sine. e .we'r the ople'rhoe p believ ieln l ne job 'rreae on.le b thevdemoats ie th fksho b lievineaig. gornme andthmo s thgh f taevsgomend aa aurearati unns. thin youl seati if yere toutun sid. inou sf by y sere ca antodid perran gngri andy somnay, wond yoactuly ee rr sme grind fairmn woyo sigtuficaiffe snces anin ir some csesigcafeesou' s anome ingshat ome th cs sa. ey stfu' o sht to be,ef yu gst th thinaboua i. mea s w o te, yroadeli e in inou i simi rea w payboven thgh wadliin proami it pbohomnh w sowhat oa t diffentl
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>> im yore srt onoat the ff tleds d yo re io s o piche s yo won u p mitay itideyon se d sethe differces. woutde suect th s ver see you ve s d merchs. i ouut ommh tat v it reau y s m i haomm tistguis it'sardito geat inhe weda ancompe thestis e'sd g ie w 9-9 i anmp pheofouly dieren sohat' an-9 i eier pou dien o t'one.n by t er wa rmneys i te e.othe di ctioy t e wa iaoul rey te dhescrii itio iwa iul cin's ov d hriet i wit c 's ldnev rmney h i ove heit wi ne rey ivee wi tmidi. at'sind how i woday ut r thtdi nw. 's d howve i aoowerlat tax r th n pe hy. a m atert5,ax he ah 20pe a i haveroe c apita gns fo0 i evybod avhe cs ito a cta go $00,0. evod cit a i he $,0 hdredxpeingor hall wquipnt. hdon'edthinany thepegothe pel le dwl wh hip. n' diny hehe you pe d w h mornizmanu dcturg aou eate manactung js inhe mo iz nus.ur t a w i d te an tuthes jare inriouplanthatre wo h bng t w i sdied d i dones me ndouanat sangwo b frkly,
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at t pri sryed oter on i mowaa ery,aucore w tlriaveer a i chanwa- gucer wire w havve a chan to e heman si b- g side.av 'ssef t ano akeemi b f nute sand.ook at the aefry t ke undstanwhat fachf u te idok t tryihe to a. >>o d you ndan katwh you p un is i yio ri t? >> i an dou 15% i kou pns yos, ri pei y's5%s i 20. t aoto i cmmones w do ynow . aour c ion do yowur rig? >> i we, inowhat mne iigs >> signei bawd on theat yes m i gnaon he sptes withac sp kendit ohers delopi supy sie onoms, tears ors spe de pi uplpinsipasshe ragan om trogm rs whhperead inillisss and ran ogmillns o jowhnd te yeaea li ent ndpeak of ell oo hoe, t eea bo briing uemplment dt wn akfromf o.6% toborig uplnt d om 4. and6%oancin e feraludgor f.rnd yes, soain iat let feldg -- f i's a ye ttleoike ing to ie ahef- and i a yingleow de you gowohat u'reookief in thnd ktche ng dllu wk? t i' don a lotrekifnh kookihen my w i' caoner. otmretf sureki cyook t oca. otet jbsur and c bklanc
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dget nd oefo. ji'veeen nd the kchen bere b nc ani've oneet itfoo t at's veartn he kof menbe anve conedenc int jus hving t's tdonell th mon befnce. n us e hceptng nehenh youan geef spik ept b sethinoue likhin ik alof a b sudn shiikineva ing sal aud rren dowto t bemen pposvayou g d as dmocr icen ow tuse d bemoenatic coness osu th a didt wa toork d wcrth e you. mo icw yoonve gs a reathlidwaorobl.k w wl, tnou h ve u. yo g dieren proeaem bt onblhe ot r ha w, th turp he o dien leroersh is bivon nothathrp rl o rld d so yleshs aveo reond r thehing d hatso yo hapn, e yo knoednd y h eheng ttryo ap fi outowyo areno y go yg t h tsolvthe obley tat ealfiutre y o tist. th i thelve le t rean yarsalhere we t. staed w h ieery highea ys re in atio ver hita wy ieresig tes,tin loioederiket wi goin ito besa tribl peod s, d weoorkeke wray ot of in b it tbl d the wn orkewekeith y oft clin n inth wkei-phrtis efft to rerm elfine aino-pisff bance e e ferallf audgen bhf a ethoscaseyouave tofelge adt b yoself oswhatseeu goteooned wsorkg yowithlf at liral omocr inhe iteneous w i uld rkgueg if outh hail crn e gi richehiteouseus and ei pd kef up aa reblic sene a gich keetesend
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th prepuicanous w augh e icto benable aoetee a gatth deapuan us w do to pgh b ameleca bok to g rk.ea allightdo o pyoume b t mst . llht u be happ m wi t a b hpp shinonewsi pos pll. t a it sws yu're puinings upos th re, up po. s 1 y yu'rerenugheph do lereup digs. wh 1is yrehat wh dooudo tnk - whyig whre youat mberwhcomio up? t -eshytavenyou imptn er mi p?what hapningith ether ve ors it youymp at meapage?ng h wel ierhink orheitou dates ha reayee?elp elndnk ie tink d esat t sen tathaeaylpd tk ten sbsta te maers. is iprobly t mos sta womaied s.e arica iob p tple veos en sce t gat woeprd sion a ca and thi p te ere' s t g aerypron d p d hi t see'ehat this ayren ging d seethi rit, tten w gshingon i o the ongri tract coresss win at i 9% ohe provg. ac i oink ssere'at vry ral% sireo ha somovody hoi k ae' v sutanc r and thi there modhaom y oof o camign the sunc torndise. hi evhey daodwe g o fewamn orehe ft. or e.we ev kdaep g mong fewward e the's f n oll cing kuton f rd wa tightth thas s n vel cg enuragg, a i t shtwsha use
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real movg in enager a s goo u direalion,ovlmosintiedor send wh roeyereooow a dren,os edr so tnkse w tseo tngre ke a mingwe'rsogoin t to ke t ta ting aute hwo yu ng d'rveloin t e re ly bdtag a p hoposs, ppleo y wh dcanloo re b t pos peewt.g ndwh sne ou tt.1std s ceuryouontctith amera. yoll s thistis theey mosntth subserntiv cyompai shifheos in modn bsiv c aitime we'lgrownd anod mo bsta e ov theme ext fe'low nths a >> iouldhinkoor t pe letaov he o lot toe wat tes hs ildnk te looat rces, t 45saidhat tey wldhan r s, eir nd w cho45 midet t is wan hug r elem wtfo mntrie. tsre's loofug pele em outri th te,'sven thoslowho havead uputheih nmindthat hey' osillioav t angeheirp mis.ei i tink ndaty' ttli mak tt geiri v y tk flui takituion. lo. i vn't lievanyby ca tel lui u whtu'sn. goi t o appi .t ev ybpertcaoutel heave td wh moi t ppat rthet beeevehene t t mowa causccuee onen jnuary trd a thatt let a ird tcaecu nople jalkiar int te atle rooa d t ll n hav lekintinal t madhei oomind u. wh you navhave atal lvelfadei nd uidi u andhat velfwhouve
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oppounit l thelifou' a dindt lf opti st lpoeithe iu' a am y thi ti lere' aealaluem tooin yhi t an talng boue'our a ias l due solutisin a anal encragiou peurle t ilook a d sti sutanc ancgi pe tok a hofullwe'l connceu tncem th hing triomeby w holl'lon e ts ixperncednd c earlth i hg ri aeb fa wure, i ier wedl crl b iiceo haveomebay whe,nows ho wto bdo ts ance see veebwhf we canetws ho don tan tgeth. ee >>trin me toan gat on qution t th januy 3>>. in m weo oo teco g quon n nu 3 jaary we o tthecord? >> i'monfnent'l enday up e ing d? the ecor on j'mnuarynftnd 3rd.p can' imane g heor grna, h j iar wod geout it. d.>>eit rn' cma nowr h ttwo yougeet t. it c owsaid i toou t etire naonn id i tevisi. t so'll eereoua bforehen but ja arytesi 3 d,so wl lle hav bre it en maedutff. ja ythan yo 3 wavtr. s aker ma >> tk to.ou ano ser oon t to > anstraht ahd,onhy anra ar'thoveor mt rmney ar po numrsovive m chating ther rp orey do.po um the somvihingoingn. ha>g eror tere' nos heomngng toghthat >rmanain isea te' n frging pao roteyat anns in sevalollsrng
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y ispa tho? dickorri isnext ev >>orelsn t is brehing ckriewss xtout >> oferee t toght. re gitay see farws way, but tfee impao ist. b g,oeeary, biguou a t i pa arsgointo b fee i ig ho aig? at'saromininup. ee > pl a i hehoed? c'snfroinatio. caugpl oname.e film croio ugn mker mchaeme mooets lm in a fht. at we th mr a y mlingaeoos out? in u'llee ifor f. w youthelf. a yng t? ll irouf. ple chey? erry l ocrea e he ry oilr crm? ream oealcr am red-wips eal iry m. othi 's mde reip s tn re i-wil y m. hi mre trewi ♪♪ ♪♪ it tru
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u ver rget yourirstubar itru u r eturstar congtulaons. nglas. coratution cotuon ngration day,he cy ofharl te n usverin tenolo raon y, c oftorlnspi binsesus rito cteservloener topid mointor ssts. crver kingommutiesreen... coratution mor s. . an builngs ng valmublees ento t. botcom litu...on whoa anils ale totli.oa ... theeoplinsi the coratution . heplsi hebeca e wh youdd vizon toour mpan cotuon cawhou vyou onn't tost ar an u muiply u ♪t isco ar so ♪ly ♪ corizoso inw.♪ zo [ ars brn ] amera isacinsome tougchalngesightow. arbr] ero oisthe inst imeorta ugaral eneesy sehtrity. oe ita arne seantyeconic gwth. nth aricactuay ha anon gh.
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onof t larst o resves in tn wor a.cauaha on ta large p ot ofesthats is tl saors. l p ofthiatresoce hs sath abity tcrea hiso h thundrbis of thouseads ojobs ourearlroje in nada drofus obs we'lbe le prouce theur oilrlandsjen da 'l we h throsameemissns heils mads oth oil wthmess andmahat'tha huil brethroh. th's gd fo oucouny's ergyecuryndt'hurero th gfo ouuns gynd our ecomy. oco.
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>> gta: ay. whi g.o. caidatpose theiggt plitil teat o esid gt: bama. hie.ocaatse la stegg po psti tt idhowtma it's vern mittaomne accdingo theallw polt' governorit roeyneccngnd esidhet oblla artiedor thol 201veo d ey'robtiedar ed theye tih wh017% of . tion'r voedrs. eyti now, wn raof betwn priden ono ob.a ad mr hermw,ain,he a bprestw haspr aen ob arrmn, nrrow esasarg 4 to now 46% no mterhat t nrgmber 4 are nigh6% muccan han mrtnd t n muer canrehang so ghucast.nan did mois smuerean tong tok out tt. t. ni to ediou,os die.o goo tto b hte tith nio u,oui oo gr ba. h >> ghta: plaiit to m i'veee wating ese nbersgr g : aid t ta ming ou f vehe patstg e n corsle wks aut ag ts. f p w coco g wvern a t rmney co grn nuers n'tudgep orown r ey >> t asssnu hs ftge oull own >> lf tmpt s the halfull isl he haspt eftron loyallseupptas fom aonuart of yaeote
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10:22 pm
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10:23 pm
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10:24 pm
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10:25 pm
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10:26 pm
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10:27 pm
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10:30 pm
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10:31 pm
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10:32 pm
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10:33 pm
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10:34 pm
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10:35 pm
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10:37 pm
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10:38 pm
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10:40 pm
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10:41 pm
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10:42 pm
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10:43 pm
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10:44 pm
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10:45 pm
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10:48 pm
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