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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 5, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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ra>> w tthe wodanooks seor t wn emomemys su as his w io aion.ks wl anody b mesus lissning i aln. wfny tha bluisng li > li anour ghaeat, gea arican i nel. i we'r on t roaantor gt, g012. aca haity arts ightl. ere'r r thtoa now.2. > ye a in todha ty tsht tlk ore r e pitic ww.ld syerrou aedod t thsexu t oarament pic wcusaons at a sou be gthxu leved arant rpublan sas a fretrunr hean cn. ve a rnow,blhis ternn th atorn fr unhe fo conef w,s rnainth arn acc ersfoe annofced his cent ll nin goccs publ abo the nodis indent ct th no algedltook lace bacblbohe innth aldlokceac 19 i. >>he and husse no vae 19 >> nd hin r-- hsbandseoaee no vluen r h anrevitinghe mterreo disc vsingehe m ttervinyng mr rthe ubliscy ong meryrively. inact, het wld blie o eremeiv y. pain l to o st, w b mr. innow emehe into s spifi . ow incints eat wepfilled. cis w my cent led a wrten le mplat i 1999 c at ainsd ar himn la i spificlynd99 i a hnsim eryspic specic i iiden int,nd h if ry ec iennd choesf t not
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ememr orho t a tnowlotgeemr tho th's s awl isue. ho bhnnetlso sirely cont idicte. some o betsohat rerman ca tolntd mctom o o myadiorogrt an ye erda ca olyou m maecaainy waiogr ada ntyeda at auacaevenceinackaa w paid todaheomand a notveeka w sett ment ido no bnnetma was akedotbou caintt clant t sno betas adou afinrnoola t >> tt isnnaccatefoo t s deriptn ofhe stlemtcce ag emen de ptthisofas s aem sttlent of a agternen c mpla t ofis sexl sle f hassme a. itas n arn claofexevence hame it n agemen >> nve, aleof ts ufold. ag it ens nal t uapplding,.ain t prsed rwarwithis mpai, reasinppag, poinrful pr d videarinthespoe tohe aireina oonymuls atcks at e's depoto endud allymats 's wk. t's ke a loo du wha ill kno a w the s aoo ha i instnoam mia g as fo thee st m ug gest,o t raal sereopes ey ugn tot, aacka a bck seos to ak b coervave. thi isithe cova. his sochelly go
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igrantr pocayiny ameo to ignt petinme vote >> ts is a t cius. it's ati alte tis aisgce. iti. 's istiighsg te. lyhing fosghe uppi blays whngo i a way pilawh iei a toay tnk for temsees. it's mesge tt eio t ulessor you tse. 'ses t ussou cowtyouo cowttowu to a o oder, yu wilcowo dtroy a ratr th o hun o r, from y ail doyatthun om a tre >>o cod a mparon bng ma betenhe crerenc t>>mascoa ar b ma etconfmatis anhe w huican cnc tsrmanin w tr te thinfstian w huaneek. e auor oanf wrhehi btk.ell gau o bo bll bo mzleduthouan llia. >>'ll ll y befe we med ho star n i st wched tat ia t at>> l ysineef witwe ar i wed t t shpton and neithonnd belante. o isrucng inaci s relae. pesisere? uc osryi tonestyci s mebo ? se? itnbeevab thatyionest blk man uld obo t toitbeab ahaothe
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>> i plaldou als hisn d we t. i payed ahe y ila sumels auds aed pedt y t sud at wse. >> iear i. w >>. iar iad >> ale. 's t tea par's o bla a. frie. it t getea wrse froar ola tere >> t hole iiea. i e'sit aet wero t e to n, h ts ale i i pppet's a h's bei to ha pnipuetted,e's hmeon whoei i beg us by wit pu pd,oples on ihoean, i it' beusy w ple u beli ableheyn, t' wod de thi m hs ulileywn indewondendehi int mligee, h h llis owndeen scessnt ge h it i awn sss it i out autre. thinabou thut. thinabouwhatapped to clartrce tmas. in outhin aouth wt th 're oinginouatpeto now herarn ts.ain. inthe a ptrall ws aheng w er cear.n. e pdon'll anowou t rnn' awa ow fr it. whais i th te ses towae afrt. ha aepta ie that outh csento a atck blk ata at nser ctive afrtan-arical k consvatis. yocanttac ervefr c-ansercative ns timen, ounow.yonac late i'votic cerve th're n, w. goingfter ma o te'vic rbio,he hi anicinerao ronso,vati.
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whan hihisic hppen i tisay nsandti whge?is hen i y? t >> wll b causd it'e?ermted, d be>>use weop bhatust' sagrrmd,eop beehat lopave tat gr liralop oratodox le tlaygiel li l peop who waroxohinay fel themlvesre i medi elyophoain f coemneas emes idiyrairs cone seone aai traor, ursehey' a arg i n'telpura, t nksehisy'eekrg whati e'vetp sn t withermis cai isek mans h atve desibest wit sitrm aia bi taetisan on h hesesit bck bia sn.n h n y iminehathe b s as ynninmstores,t aonyus a sties peoe hoinoreveil ay colainbut osts eo nve hatco in t rman n caint an-- who waaio jum the bawagoho aahipo h? umis i he unlievle.a go you aip h g i eotial enev. nit ou at bac oba g g eecte e i >>ureni bba g fo ete his rica rason re >> asolely. i' wrifoen bks aisutcah ron >>vil ghts aovemlt. y. >>ou ha. i' thri b a i whas inrest g tol tsem >> a me therthcoulbe iha an postibiltoy at me e w lderul haoil
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an wa aericn an aricaameran eltednd aic anotr an alacca aerericldlect baot to ck. corct. ac why aouldiceoplot seect bao . thaor. hyldplt ee anha hisrical aievent as we?n i ttallis undcastand why y ave a felthat wwe. >> igh tllndan hyyou y kn ltt w >>gh un wt,ean he notearnind o bla w he's heotrnd ola doe'think in ars way t at's fi theoenk iay told. fihe even -- een backd. oma wa sl to getupp t enrom-he e b k oack laeral sloetstaishmppt bemuse he k l waal't etaactlhmy bee teir nd oeuy,a ether. e tlwhenou thkbou thermr ca o, he ay,hre en ihaidhisourm t youcaheefor he'sre a reato iheids t backouoribee'l a esatblisent en hs o bere kyingeall areoube be er oesist h o thayou eree fngrllre ars agobe o en hman in ihau oute f s tgore hn iut ying w t nee t impve ingshat ng weean b de. whenmp hetar gsalkitbou b wh's gng o dn enearkiheouchoo wh g oen hs ouherealkg
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out xooefo tha wil houre lk befit l ame canst butfohail i doesbet ft hemeindnsfut rhoric i thes's f bngd trpeteby thehic thbera b etablhmenandrte he pecilyhe bla ra liral eblend estaishm t.cie hela not talingl vitaimizhmion. 's t kingboutheotal epoweiizn. t ng utnt. wanto sa ts loud a edwe ear. he's.odel orntsay k tdsou and r. 'sur ks,el k t kean. >> h t aut h imars? a nody ge hiahehot..p >>ook ahe ar no ghi rheric we't. >> ok aard out cee aut te tehece' part d the t a pay isot a a ra tstte moment >> irton't hink e pa a the havaeen mont i'tnk itanco. th havconchenedav m butn ovall ey'rabou ilowenc thavncd m xes,utmall gornme. ovat'sl hat 'r's aouut.we yu'veo a s, collresson inme flor a sa'sng tt e a. con rvat yesve inmeriossantin lac orsa t hnginonat frin treri. t yove gache hresinen sing fr rereblics wa irtyyo ges sg ai reicwa ty diyater. jifi gt joe ben dier ji gyoujoe bot j benayi isu you d jn't b sport theyis stimus, pes ou dtnd murrs a srthe
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gog imp., s thiasurt's a fe daygo n sour , nohiire soue in th's f stayy. n >>one. num r urnore touo.inh the astcuse sd>>e. s dumesn' wa to t ta aut thi e a case. s >>his s in' awa ioportat a devehipmenbecaeemeaer >>s itodathe a rstau intrt as ciat nveen ca saidmefhe wnts t oda come r oaus at th wou wai id w thes tom o confentiity agrthmentouai shthenayshe n se doe 't nf ti ynt tgrnt shomeens n out. soe ll, tit ainut the e wh is gutngn h e?, a ut d thesusi sswhs g tat the hwyer-ou ave t esi lwyer sayi wel t thet'sot er q-ite erigh hat ler yir. elin t sais qneour ght sh. . ofoursai it isnr rght. in sshd th e waanofrst i rreemt.t. threstrantssoc tion saidthwa heasn' em thartystntocondo a hen' reemt. >>hey ckedpty cn'tor a >> eactl em >> whay isede tlkin cbou or >> tis e latler i o ha tre tinou ir>>spon tbly, thia n i o eaki t on halffis ir on y,ienthi n ki obn ousllf ife's t gngo ntive the tailb atslom poi popleifs g haveoayve ohay. if y're t g ngil tot rleasoi ple veit. you oe no.going t tel ye he go ras sty an ma . d rectounoin t el nfroatio he eedsost bana se f de.ct i'llell ourohyio iedshis b sesentce. f caus if pllplelave te i desn
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ofoubt nnt us pee te nde ofbt bause t hi libili has ben key to hi b sucsess. >> aoluthiy. i >>lifas b popleey tnko oh, nhiuc a utmay me o>> ple t inh, th nenel t ca aigny then o tha sent's n ing hurt hnel nd itcagnenha goien s to lger g rt h a pplet wot wntoi tou c ndid le thr mig ae pe vuoerab w in t eto g cneraidthig caaign vu>> aabn th ts gra t ecagn a wherma cainuts it t le hern w bma ins ople eel 'sle aer b ahent h n.nsertiveoicen lel mera. a ey d't s a fntip erloppve.ce ther see d a suy wh ftanp app makethhise ce a andhan a mas kes it cenda ematicaty wi stngth ey wthat a instaracemica wi obam tif yth gobegin t wntratuc astac th am doub you ye taoinggi tboutr you'ndeuttihhe uboutagou guy >>u'deti butet'sangguther no uy >> a it'ut'serrle. ng g it'ser hribl no>> t at'e, it' onlrross.le t' en y hbl s te at' srongnlss bla y s snserngtivehatslao ervets beg ermison gen by thelac
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libeisl es gblisthe goy afr th manhe inac a be lowesisalle o af wath an >> ts hangot stoow l ese tack agast wa that to nsertivefric a erice s,ckga nsertiveomenas erve gotic aic ster. veen i ow is gng toappot've st tta i ll i gopp opleike y a w y. i leelmo y alysisaeeit hav th w co iage spemo sagiveouav ah l fcoe cpedit. ieallt. d >> ivehink is l af ct. o trag ill >> dou' gng>> i t getnk ieat a up o ag>> i et>> bu't gp a theetimeat yosayup uan, i y'r bore le ahe thanme am >>yoyou'y wn, y e r >> bm gue >>u' w l. wt? r t. at's bue nhe way w -- 's >> it's nrman cnaynd bara- bam y>>u're i vos nganor crackbamad >>ra iam y notre suor wckma'm v ing i otr. um no su w vg h i wodolayu ou i'llell hu th. the ara lo iof byack pele the country ho lll eeth wha thhermarlo cin h bske dne w ldhe cry vote ha fo rm h crman h csn. d i wink it mothtrea fopart h an me o c t i kt ro. m >>ea'l telrt you o you' tigh o evy ki>>caneleou u'nsped. gh thas wh i'm sayevg. kin >> his fher wspanit. wi hawh th'meay js.>> is
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himoth f wasr a w md.iti grethw u j hi a he b mke th ughreo u ma p . diicul chal nges bn hish ligh anuccaded, diulalesndn n heisayi be an th predentccd, one dy o nee b thnninrefor ntesidt. ne >>hat dn oewese toryin r id im ine u>>t wouomewantes tory ime oumew dtsh mis ts man d caim ais tsan abadmppl ever amerdan sul stap d sao,plnou h. er >>er sta aree. tall sa age. goodo seou ou>>uan a e. >>omin ll up,g th odse gekan pri >>in mip,sterurvedh g toght' ri nfidce ve in mier atrvns. wel te youo wt't tis mea id vin t .for uropand weeteou re w of e t ea rld. firsdramin t rop sd eetsef tre sd. f rsam t cupy dver s astsilmresakefr michl mo e gpys io dr asm heed ke exange ith lchalmo g i rertere exo isgeh l tyingo dois job aeer is mindic tngdo ob a fo! nd fo matr wh sma bunessou a in, nagiat expwhses maems tobu. gessin t a wayn, gixps stoge tay
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>>in n yor theity ere allega t spporrs >> n oforhey e ll occu walgastre t maye sor nall cngintheif tu. cu al remayoayichl llloc cineiulooerg o yo wchl oc ar ntefeeroog s n w becong c ticar ffe t sotes nrsigng co cca t uonfied es regnrts at cresreoing ufi unport and res therng un pertetrandrrorarehe rnnin unra peraore par rin rae ptestserearai a pst specl viret ye yesrdayy a nne her tha ecvi cyetrovsialilmesay makemich nl moo .rha fo cowinov aalm paiona ke ch pporveoo 2foina minnae spch liveord to cering c 2wdf inthound hep wa veto cnfroed b cyin c a cal s oue rerterhoa cro b
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chalngedim o w ata l e'sg eer dog bend t sces t aledel o w e movsent. the exdoangebe t wece t itot a lileov tt.sty,o exgeeaythe a li ty,oyeeas >> h are you hlpin the opleas >> b>>ause do hreou hinh we. i wa le t xes bseaiso oeop e .o do w l.wa how t asouiselp oghese op opleith do w ow alpgse lehour0illi? >> don hav$50 llio >> tt's at is rured ur woh. r >>s thli wha you , se>> on avrumo0 ? io >> ou'r tjusts unk d at'sll ywo are >> thuhau se limo >>u'rstk a. 's yre ie. you ie to pple. ste.yin u opto lyg. pe. itstin y tacti.hershe retionti ticee's t hisand onr hi 's peshinon im.ces t is's indn hisiace. o pin wasicha y r iis ce. e. noby. >>uta teha m yrealy ie's a . ob >> t multmillnairal i why 's he smbarssed abt beinltallir mi iona e. y e >>e's sa ofar theed ob per nt in and e ina >> s thea onefhe o peerent. thd guy s gng dn the hene e s ghe w d iapprheriatwith th tirepoer, olllin.him
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w pun ipr at th's nh rpectl w tsoepor. , in thmguy iun do nher tryg to rct woe coveththeytor io if ty wterheiryto dendsn ve e theiorspecic ruest that t w theyeiant heaehenspea to e meeia inec r astat ey citlizeean eao faion. 's, meact,inize , tt,em to b perctly ho estra preback ama t be use berly hso sociebedk ha msel whee hm. h th's gng tbe a b prlem ci h el w ashe visont hues t th g t a bescate.r m he' usi as teints tlass ca. warre e'si t rhetic. yea ss >> aar tts et. cr tingea a sentnt, you tgreer digree >> irnggre t sntme, ouee dixteee. ichaemoorreisold tg s hmself ouas pt ofte thi saeorld 9 hel yeou pof he wrthhiillns. u hed wt 9e sai ine te he wh ip.ll . ise he wtain t tas, raey . t es.e i tnk heaishoast bause if h t. rllyelie d t thae heho b sewoul justifive h r oyrie hhaeone he sayulg rstseye tax o a h th i'l payne morhe ay r >>hiy isax t a th'l amaayngor thi .>>s leer tetimoinma liralshi. l eer michlmooor howany imesls has een on l prate jet ch and gulforowy s sts ams n how ony tesrteetasnd mic el mlfore t howms ma w illi tsoes hic me
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ha? ow >>ow ialiiss caon h fopri? >> howha ar >>his i fisaoriist ctd?>>or s irms li golan shs andst d? her bi wal stresanksiol s-nd r biwallitreealbankreks arehe mpans th dstrite h bi ll eefilmnk soreow c h s andan tthre wit d ari h stra ht flme nd saso c'm h pt s d tit t ra99% f wan p h ts hay to% ta the w mon a makone hom tm. a >>t'so taheon aak thene t uimat>>eshe uat - he'he ulmate -e' h pocre.ul te y of t yars he' hcr be of t ys e' king miions he cou hav ikd e boto t ngins hourav and cod ribubod moy. t hahe dend tt? cobu nomo >>ibehals dre oly gerou t no withurbe o gou thoney >> sai howould you de th ts,ey raidy?ow ld ou sleing e the p k. t heommeedbout r?bams leg he re ptionip w hhe tmesutam mveme reon w t d res mnsibmeity d he's wh he esiby he wheaidz dz
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hi arees wit i. he symthiz with hi aesit i it.he anymasizit i get. wrse anan wrse i beeveehis wen wi we b ebeheisi b millone oundarac oba's lle nd ac baneck thatill tak his ck atlresencyakis wn. onef mny ises reltin ineshecy . ne mounsy. e inhow inrreonsie istf a presunent en hf he w cotryre si ispaceofeder inme est h txes,o y half that e gceso ouernndays t s,thosthato aylf youat g knuys al os at thisoneyoun thal the isey seish dheyeha geedy a nohe eyingh tirair ey she? gdy a meowhilhe's ng t boowinr 40h cent ofmeil'sveroin d0llare's nt overendi. whis ter dreear ptys her >> hiner pdiesid t backwh t obeea' p biest chlenger ince>>in p idhe bbaameresint w obit h ngonoms, fnancce and bee'resi w eing h omack f ncn >> and h brembed filed ng h>> h lckck o >>nd hophiicatn, b ed s lac fed f e hperi lce aack o of kwled ihi thiats arac. eri a ck for m to keday i thehi tngsr
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abouoccu walstre, he r e ptoside. he he c get t outs tre andou scuy ialre he belie in our pde c stit iona cetut t ght nd sissem e liinr c peaitfullna bu the sho dt e noingemore thanhatea froll thbuhehoo pregdentre and antro ih thiherent may t d irmerhi myo oneway yor t was yingasrue. er th is vry m l okelywoingoro beas the ngusefe. theths v pside's llyngbe de se. e e reafquic i mehe pde hs de . demo zingeaheice heop mong the op trepneur the pele tinghe epurhear lag. e tit ugd to b aounta whe ueto b adred thont whohe trd too adtterdho ho noin ftrou'rtothe pople th aread. er th wan no f'reedi pribuleon o th realth. thth's wantresint backdibu o oba's ssag th if wou lesi b himkeelt hiob s agif ns. sh im thif leim do. geld tot seeiou g ys nnh thh sy fodayight g to theee g w ty'reh rportg on f y htose imesnd het's w get tngre rrt on re iolee .es psedic iet wilet woend le prict p oicama wliltegro suppting im. r> cotng oa up, w llsa lg isgrere to gppengs. a coneak peep, a lt he ls e bran ne g hert aak weeenchg aspecleher s i vestanates
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hthe de o w tha wsch suaecyer s ft inseest bes e oirst whahe ua gryk pre mieester b nastowly rviv hisgrpri coeridenalyote. w ts ivisivotecisn migoen fectot otey t tot stgglgisn ig econies erope utct o yo t poetbot asgl wel ons st eightpe atead.yo pobos el stht ad. ♪ wal lite wa ♪ ♪ sll tk, b thohts, gonntellhem l ♪ ♪alitwa♪ male snnou ter ] b ho s,e mo heannoom llr dom ar♪ f anlecar ou ame ]ca. moeam do rom 0,99 anr me. e alnew ssanersaedan m 99 innatioupsid. ialovatw n foanall.saan nniosi iatfo l.♪ ♪
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♪ wal lile lk ♪ ♪mallalk,ig tught goa te theall ♪ ♪alie [ ma ann♪ncerll k, tthe htst l roomgoer dtelarhel ma anynnar ieramer a. e lom dr rom 0,99 ny ier he a-newissaversseda m 99 innatioupsid. i aovatewn fosa alrsda nniosi iatfo l♪ ♪
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12:26 am
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12:27 am
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
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12:31 am
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12:32 am
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12:33 am
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12:34 am
12:35 am
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12:36 am
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12:37 am
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12:38 am
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12:39 am
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12:40 am
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12:41 am
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12:42 am
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12:43 am
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12:44 am
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12:46 am
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12:47 am
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12:48 am
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12:49 am
nd e pridenandet tey're ey uetps w oth wssl pren stdet. t'r th don undstan u w wt toot. thonndan w acoo fourearsas gey, thr yes ha gone by surrs guicy, it'shrlmos yehane bly of e s e. thpublic i so 'sospse thlf e don'know e ho tothbl io ble. the seah pa y's n'owol rote tsas- >> >seani'motpset baing ut lltree > anmm aoetag up t,ee m $3 ao biio forp ese pho3i pnyor gen eergy e mpans anhotheyaveo tu p e s geet l eghtsgy ananffeyeu i s t de loit.ts noby tas abt th or es tere. i th oth thi de ist. obooktaab th r thiwa a te. p tienththhihatsadok hi abet, myom penadatiabes w, t et docmyr sdab te toc ry, s don wano icrea t your insin. that lik, onanur dbt iea ceing. ur let' t atik isuli deg. co inua y.t' cr t no how out di i?li how boutcoua wahingno w tw ou'ti w tingscalutgack?ang w u' mak comn snse no to ngal coinueoraisk?our akom seoo coueisnsuin. ur>> wre gngo end upn a disu. . i' goin wto g prendct thip spial mmite wi nev bdi
12:50 am
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12:51 am
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12:52 am
. >> ean: de'vehaot tpptaken a brea we'r acomiic back >>n: ve[ do tbarkke] a kid dad? who honea...w ner? 'rmiack dork d d?o on.wr? no ia. l me e th. i at's hon wag r lautoe the ll ofame lo at 'sis onall!ag toh.e ome lot s l! yeahfounthat at yd sa. i thahght unckleat ould ylikesat. [ og bthks t le ldke that[ new bar j ry? yeah. swe, maatew j?ah [ ma annncer theudi . medestargweluxmay san. mannerhei dstrgxs. ♪♪♪♪
12:53 am
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12:56 am
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12:57 am
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12:58 am
>> nt ha ometh. he sstly int t a nolida e thdlacnt he at semsid very dethteoes upac 2 r he ss pots. ryesp lik2ilitris goog. u >> sn: ihe'soingp toikit 1 o or u 1 h s s i'sng pltoere's in this 1 >> s hn, ihink thlis gosg i be is t sree- irsonnkaceh oin t end it e wi beerm te-on ce in, tt tndt roeyinde nrmt , gingch. tch mo crefuy. n newtswinn g p pleng. o er.h >> erybo cfu say a i th kwt nn th p're eght. oi.hink he' eheboay a smtest ih guy the t. what as hnklpede'eoplback upm st thiuy at hedplckp hioin >>he tnk f rmney fo me in roey d>>esn' t f reyo hee a o d won'd. eryero h h wund. herm caio youook y himo h the's wnd i wd. t re. rm ai ouu sek e ntim ginich, ththe'ss w i t. woun se nthat theinh, rehs un at retabityhee sephebiampllalk phbout that >>mp >> slkn: ie sutnore psion thi s at cye s th i s the paston hi cle omn. y >> buthhtot t pason. e mn i houg>> hutebad vy wel t iutug hhere a ba vffertel thg,
12:59 am
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