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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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hee yest fro o n.y cm wornied boutthmes utti peoe p ic ba toork ye rroht n. wodow.ut ti eo >>ill: s thbaok r tru lou bbs predent. >> obal:'sth late ecomicisio andru h u s rent ba invt you te moncociond h now nvcautn, you areon auto eer ow thno sn zo the facutr yre a bens rht n e. th s zo he ac ptio by cled cbetion rg seices n ioy cl consees >> bl: h i'mill o'rlly. than for b h'm wlchinus'ry. t ight anor the fks tn agasthe win occuers, that ht the ubje th f of thisga eningalkioint cus, t tolofyou som t jum the eng ki eric peonte wld not . ol tou rate tumhe radal iceo w movent. ot's jt no i ourtote.n.atoad ovt. jno iur tha inat.aepteer w n th occu walstreha prosts in te w bethn, t majityf meri nscualre suorteros be tajy trim. "tim maginsu ptel iarly t oc ber imag h p 54% iuppoing ely ocvemer. h4% 23po oppg ing dheest not me real i dn't ders nd 23 stdingpphat g s gog o t todathatot picre has al dt rs stngt go o dr ticaday chatged.ic e neasquinpiacoll say9% drca chd. ofmeri ns nneinacl havay
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unvorae vi of e ofri n occuavers. % tnk tuny aravif sll. 31custils.don' t t a s. 31il knon' viouy he tuno arod. two eksougo i sd tsbout htu thero occiers >> oo e ths i staed s ts tut aack e ccrrs erso oelth he,ta t ak inudin john toss anderal andso hll of tt,inaid,inou k w hnssndalnd wha i do t wa any tart thed, kw peopha. do>> bwal: tnykingt ointheis pud th our reptingn th op occu bers ts beng deant p thn.ur epng acthrateverytep ofhe cu ways beea violce is nacteryefinpgfhe ay grp, dtrucon a h mol i to n in gothepeop fro and cengrr. duc a h tao a lk at his.heopronden ta lat >>s. proster wok u to lou lls om a>> homroesserok un earo ou ursd morng. s aoms ar sd>> ior. sit he forhree mths d i hav't b n iit horee ms i ablav bobl naudle]beep [ep]ent. you nt t ud] fig? yoep [ ]ntt. u t t getig bleeyo u >> tetee u >>roteers som en fht ba.tes om e f ba
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[whiles] the homess m his]as quily escoed o ofheoms mui the co of phek. p poli. is ha blmberg li hbler age. diurbi and druptg tge di prbiest.nd d pt >>ill:hey ve t tget ings der c tr prt. l st 2>>l:y ple t t gs ha bee arestend 1 cpoli offirs h lt in 2ehe ohaoingee ate 1 lifrac . fi th he isin aolutyo ong exce for cene likeac thishese a ut anothe aricaxc r pplenekeust sedema thatheyantope aca pet mahaeyp rotes, tt wa misedutte t dersndab. thleftwaisedelies t wal stet f rs catab he dthtroyft thie ecomy. t al e trhs wa st ftreeat d h doy coributh to eco. tr rwaessi. buee d mr.bamaco bigbuo pendg r si lici havbumadehe enomy evig wse.nd at'she t thciav bde is emy ev eas w. 's bla t wal s beet i gre hea asr evythi andlaalgnore shetreea prevlemshif bi sndinnd demooraticarty has brght uponheprmsbi s cinntry mo weic, thtye is sase goobrtews
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on to cght.ry e fos arwethis soos now tot. uerst dingfo ar at t occy wa strt veme is low ust angut t d itccwatr mes ot aut loong o a for .it d th a's too o r mo. now r t t th tory tonht the m w t teginng g aldoy reraon was hehatinympa geticdoohe ra moment s>> t cro is syotpaic mont tros ock. th are disganid. th look fun.k. me lthe thre pernutti theisni thper oorontunf t len lztherretihe agessi but her hnte t aen agsiuteal h gitite cplai deedown d its alessa tha i tihink caieewn llits ronatsaha e intuaysnk pele lten up. rat euas >> bl: hpee no l isnp.r. rera. bwell hnos eveuall has com a r a. re y ll are vell >>asom a a bil it' not y resreatinand >>e peleave tned a ainst e ovemilt. t't >> donesind pee td a astee. >>emill: ou d't a>>ee wonh thpoll >> i tnk a .e >>l: d q annip wc p lth ll ca be i rea tasayin hatt's qaip p vir al tca beteneahose whoin t se in fav andhoseir t wetsehore in opsed avndccupwallse s wee % t opd upll 3. s at'srett darn% t clo. 3 >> bl: b thewingn a 'sttrn
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ree ek timlo b m bn,hengarom e im 5 m wnmo 50%. et's c too my.erso l 's chase i d cloreoyiolee. so i'a cs as m. i hink d thare anye wle aisei' c eir mnd t a olic offnkerha nydese wes tse g tr t aiceighffof se t e la thr gngain ese azy pple, thela ahrin m.craz peoe ey e prywhe,e. he an a ind d th az areeo aract ewh an ndat'sthhere act tur c wres'sing chamuron othe rk rig the cesg shindownhe czy am oe g. ig het th in felwnw chat g tow g down o thth sidalk hel shou havt g teen wn ithidk a h ouavn clevande iwho menlly compent, evde io eny tol mpt,nevibly i wh the is ee foo aol loviing yd socwhlhes oonvir ament mele peoloe org seeteoploc are tracird tont i theylereeoor n st pl e m orit e aci thtok th wspars tt i areey n hyng t vlence mit th tthnk i pa t re ver hy t unf vtunanc. th hav alrdy. t i >> ill:erot hing enfna tholenav. lr th. is at iis a >>boutl: hg okeral , haen you een th s ound i aoundeuttand ts. ther i noalentrha autourityn dond trede nd if y wan tto g dow erhere io andtrutty
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docaus trole y t can nd n yanne gow re is gng tnd sto y. usro as yuan nan in mes gquar t orto y y ples lse. the d't dn s iarherer pl ecausthere. isn ahe seld do d otecre usersn y. s d whasour ec bf? y>> b.l: i gla youha aed.r re i m b b eef. bl r iht?lau a. th who i movemt ha b beef. r ?jack b thhonarcsts,emhaee commists and ckazyeopl rc ths, domate n. and e mmtsd y goopl thomeince n d otesrs, d thooe we mece arefrai of es, thwehem. younow w t seikesaifn mm. mind ldouw w ses fog becse wt y m juaid ndassed timog andec wime y agjun agnstddheimndnti-etnae ragagt proster umphai-zena the eoplon theroer uhahe edpls. he >> bl: y areustiing l th vionce now >> edusti b yre ntie.g you the puiongt erds myow >> moh anit'sti n n u apurecit ed.s y it'sot moan's nrue. bil if aci y.u w en't's justyingt. >>e. sai s cifiillly fat y w 't yoneho st raings heir han>>ai to sfiy a poce ne offer. ai ir bilan it esn'matt.o po ff the. qual ilt n'tt rigsovemt work bechese ialasigem rkec no iiole. >> bl: ts isot nviolt it >> i no essletial non bolen t is i nly kolw heit
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i pk. i ve bn dossalhere faronen i kore. p >> ill:ou ci 't s b thedo cturrear o ofe.alifnia. >> i sl: t c she purtureout o f oaand,ifa.alifnia. s t lamt i pret and i bieve o aoad,ifa. ceai extamt t ind i bve g 2 te cext t archts tk or i 2 takla. >>chill: that' ojusthat i said >> ihapped ionela >>l:ightt'st t >> ill:idt ha ened n ipp ie dver. it'sapped inexas ht comto t>>l:haedome rt dr. 'speinasf om t e occu wall strt pk f dotownnew rk a loo t cual trwhathese poungkeopl lgelydown w ayounoopeop w atserengpl fstrad lly byot o y t unop facthathe w facats fraot byff o tac satt-fr and to thefatsundrs o mlion sfr nd ollatohe bones bkdrs hom o to mon eenwh, cnectlaut aon non b om theere t procuteforhat nw cct aon were ome he thee mtrotert egrious recrime he m thagr accuseratnd im exgha bated ourccconoatc clin ex heres wh t byed alrdyurno acmplied. ey b ughtinore att tionreowh t lrthe onom disacrityli . the bhtett gonwing ince ap ie om tsisty couney thny g pngiticnc for i t haun th present ama s no pwicor suestethat hha est a no wl pa sute aat h holiy on sdent wpaoans t at will lliiton shenttude lnns t
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paymt toll lde0% o l the ym screoonar ince ofhe ohe rrow. sohen re karncsof graating ow son wit k$25,0 intude loarain facg thisnceritin j 5,in mardet, hoaac ge a iser jreakar h bil whoays r th in e loge run >> i't takt a nic ilhos thn thi? lo ist th aunood i t aiching anhi isomorthw. d >> bl: hd itholdt ingust anve y twoinutor ow y b are hit ld ing lisin tt m ywo allut y >> havg is tnoth poi mo ill igrese.e m rig of>>avthoi rutta se>> b ml: hige yogo.f u ju saihat ll rta strt fat bts hotyo. wajuaiitht cmes. >>on't ytrgree w ht hhat? cs. >ill:'to, i yon't ee wbecae the iso cme. ift? here>>l: w ie.'t ca nthis c. criifubprere w mtgag n anripr a.a. m secagitie >> bl: nan it.a isn. it isn on tecie b b nks. ifsnt w onheitsnooksn that a b .obam andifolde doi wnksboutt i a they aveam beend ideoiut offeor i threeye itheyhoul be maring the ff whe hoe an th re y. j tice eyul e depamentf wh youaray ig he wh ho anue. t j tceroringitiz s do pantwh iou i lowe . manttan if w ttri yiz saydosrue,hat i th e p pleweerenanan pro wcute yby tay gsernme,t at sho d th p haeen bee tn allrotef t gnm ahese ho
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peop shauld bee tllftersebama a op sd b er hoer. rit? ma a >> tnk tt. ho. >>ill:riight > ihink that e scpt h not yet teen wrien t >>l: finht i nk t aptescof w ht ha en andt tetnri t oplein bil you ade tee st wemenha dthat they t aw with cris. le il>> touy ae stoen araty awit aoluty ri gettg ay wit i t a thi a crim auty tt aitgain ihehi a im coury. in bil it up t hder andhe omaoudmin.trat n to ilt p t h prrecut they avend procuteany oinatto them >> i elie thaprthe utngre eyenro te y em ysfu tion i. ieha e >> brel: n no. 's t jus ce dartmt. th bri thefuon b c nes.o. tcongusss dsn't dringtmhe thri he ses. theasesre n a ng d't ng brght at wl be bs.ughtnd he es nlot af. brt wbe bht >> ill:th, sp. >>eeed her >> tl:orro s th>>es ad bkerransr d. t ro thiss athoncrse a bns d. d they reis saingakecr yr mon outf ba d of. a rica ey tak sge ur yoneyut oon tba aorgacaak ase. ey oke yroneyut of tse.p bga nks dut tm e. i y smaey o t crit b uons. s whatdf tt t com imaut tcr ten us. of at m tlionomf ten olla. of >> b ml: ionave t too. nody igointoola t bt. i e to nuer ne thono iineople d't ve a t nuoney ho
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annobo is pling d to lisn to a th bause theey losanbos go isedibity.o wel letth b yserieweheatchos th newsibny. el sunety a yeerwe whach ey thws d.un a >> bl: whach galdoif h ts wd of aransre d willet y b wnow. gdo h i wil wof ans see llansf yw. fm 'reiilyee tsfight f >>ill:ext ei theunown, ten ahticanmerins a >>l:t he tack in en, pubc a areanri a jessjacknnd ck aln shaubton comere t thesscklescu hanotnith hermen cn.he y? lar, tcu maj ity th aricaer c men ill suprtinpres ent la tajy obam a ca why n lupin aesin?t comi rigack. am y a? miigk.
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>> bl: psonastorsegmt toght. youay kw jee b j pksonnaorgm antoalt. ou kjeharpn are jonwo o anherp remost oelnownefennglack sten htheyomender fe. wn not theaseen ofck hern heyeerain. joing now from t heef phidelpaern. . majo lamg t hiow whomeachhilp colbia uversy. whma aamhiho jksonchnd ol shaaton u rs ttinthiswhne a out jon docr. >> tre inothg to jhap inn ine gais fut. oc revend harp n t and ithto jin rev endga ja fson n't mp ive eve timrpnd a blk pson evd iolveja n t theyre i ieresved iim usti . bl p jun likmy intest ive ey ies i justtie. i jun't ikink ythi unjntt ist happingo hernain ght st i t now.k hi nj facis i tnk h isppger getngn t actlw.whate ac t hs derveet bil youon'tnow at h etl at dervesecau nobynows d ve at ilou'tw h hpenede esau thobe han't en aws algatis pu horthne bythha at body a altiputh y spific aly.dy d itust emso m to be a sp icttle.- >>it- tht 's ns wha m ioe a le mea>> th n ha>> bl: hr weut uayes getng weat h bserv h becwese y don lik
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hibecae ise aet w h rv ec y coonervave.ik no,hat'hinotcaisahat covam. o,t't t ying bil youon'tnow. thas nowhat'm sing. ng let say il whaout'tw.'m ha snoingat whe i say hg. s t ayettiha wha he sghe iserv is h getngtiha h scriny. runngor rvs et psidecry. nn p de frtrunr -- >>ill:ll rht. r mo thahat. yingo de royfrun--r. cn. >> l: rw,. fmoha mr.t.aiere ngdey leral c may or mbe nr.. e itepen onheth l healid it ay nr mill. if h ndid itenn it.the t>> bl: w have n prempti l.of i ocen her h ind thit. co try. b w ved thre is tit i n lay ien rerhtnhi no >>coy. n ths iy r ll, no s not cvict of , crimill. c ct f bil it'presptioof in cencimabounythg. yol. a ilt'esio nnoct uinilncouroveth yoguil abo a anying,ockay? u weveust d ilbonyg,eral onerey? we t nvicng wl stet gsor adinal mornagese a thes ic w st g norime atthed tinores so ahe it' azy. no met meskttd ouot' thi ify. me ts were aiberhi if potici, yocan' tsiter a tre der pociellyon' mte that tharpn nd jason uldn bel m shaeami oodyrpurde th wld.jan dne smi >> idyidn'de s theth w.crea bldy mder th jn
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in' she edwds. ea i di't seebl mhemr jcreabloo dw. mu er di weeh amhonyeaoo wner. mu >>ill:s hehite w theyre w ate.ny youaidiber. wr. ifou a tal>>ng al:ut bheckte ey w .ople oui thdk wh youeed do er if a alve p aple be psumpon o leinno nce basth on what you ared o sayi but p ae o pmp o noeasnvesn gate yre all yiey aut doi a rig nows es teinveigatg. no ne h l a aoiackeigow h. no veat no h akeenal. h bil loo i'llll te inalstiging ythi thas lit. iloo ll tin yeaigg hi ha>> bl: a i wt tonow l. yohaveotwoivilea rigs b a wtow acti sts blacyove mannderilig re. his civtis acaner rigs aret bng . is iv violed rht now itig almt asref y b are ol row it y >>reill:ememr o. simon that ne? sa >>.'m famiar >> witl:himem he o.sim a at nunni bac >>amrit rmht?e a >>niill:.j. acmpso rig? r ? >>l:. soeah. ig bil whoefen d him jess jacon? h. he me >> belve i ssac? e as jnnieht. >>el co iran. >>ill:o, n itas jieesseacks bef e aco n. of he>>l: tes nmony bore anyingse haenedkshereefas aever dofesny jack bn.enyg ha o.edre jksonhiserd i ck nfaio. jons ana bllyai befenythg me o tre
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a byasef ath oharpn, t you n' dohatouan't d a rpat. u otill. 't >> dill:ome ? >>hat' the . mosl. >>l:e cmon>>t' he ilgic haveveos cn ilc eardve escialrd actl broyou say th are rongesndalct o.jro simonay thre wron ng theyere .jong o tis an im w th shod b wng wonh ey e g hetiananain. tht mho b finh m w wointh u sa thehe me an.ista m inin m the tw casnt why shosadhe m thea sh tta judentn wit ermathtwas hycainhehoppeahe tudtheit wma th idin eawiththerwo pple tt's wh wron th er bil tha ps ite are t syou d hed out toon on va tion ogetilr. hait >>ree do u l thhe timouto onet >> bl: i>>ill ve y theo th imst wd. steno me andctou cy. use bthis inl yheour w claroom en meyou staid,nd c youse isrlaomust u aidd,ou th the we sitng it od beuse ere reay wthn'the w anyit i ev oence you d 't kwbee hethe itea wtny w insticevor nce and hat' su d k th tue. at'srue. w in rigic. nndt' bil oka. but,'se. ty bigheapt io siilatioka the t, h n t ia bpt i out,ne w a msider iodhe the h othewas irape tha nev t, w mr he happed. het, ts ype lpthaevn rig t re. pp. >> t light >>ill:igut he -- t
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. -- en't>>ouht >>l: h-- gla-- - 't >>ill:ere,hen ere a presptioof innence tlay >>l: e, n n't e ap i es io >>nnce t rht. t bil i comon. bil whayoure r. esntia y sa ng i thatilheyom . we ilrongha twou tes befend es ianow saey a i takatg ay we difrentngwo t proa andefhe w are aak almosifnt upse oand thatheyre notreos sehaushiey. ot bil i tnk isip a litihilly iven nd b h of il t i thes auys suld ay wtiy aen bof ing def deseopl whos s dlievthe y w w a d g efplho po ticaevy. e w buif y don d andyou e ack,poorgeca ibu yon givendou tu las k,ge wd. i >> i h e yo ve tas do. ac wallyi d agre i h yoi thkhat was wngo. toacly i dsh tre tht asudgmt for wo o.j t a gmwronor wh.j a on wowan blly. herm cai is getng want h serv whi b isy. m ia rmais et sc wtiny h if hdidn do ythi wrorv hi sthen me wi be cle edscny hifdn it'o hiro pro n tent hewi de notle anying ong nd ht'isro tstilhe get dngotttacd iny goig g toump hois d ense ilet andac i oihope hattoeverpd al dse sndrpto jus tois peterl dense s to bilju thitois vy inrestg toe. yoare yingha dse acks il ahi v instto yoe ng
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sharonks a lrnedheiresso d no oarot de in whout ledir so owinthe facno ofhe d mat ir? wut th's wt yoare y rg, ineacf at . hi ? th >> what'yowhate 'mg, hopg. i n't eak r tm hiut >> t' atat'shat hope. i t k bil t thas yo hop >> tt's 'st pitio i'm ving h tilmhayo theop t pres mpti pio of nnoc cem ng t tugh. he >> bl: tret's tiy weove yofoc ctor tthanh. foromin on. b he ts wee yes. >> borl: d ectl anorin.head earl. ro b on desidtltbamaad chces rl releconne yrron id befo the votma chter,s hy dohe r mecorit y of fohe otameran wom r, dtill mituppo barafbama weill lk eromith ninellpourne rama we l dirsth pownes abohatne montsway. stowbot mosy.
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dgdg@c y y b # nownd g youown credle j sawowor j gtoun threeasyayme sed jaw j onl$39. resyme nl9. that an azinoffeon a outandg to. atn infe a thjaw w wi savyou re oundto ti andllow ou tthdo yw rwiavu jo fasr an safe tindow t y thanver fore joasanfe ll t numr onour an r screre rig now tumonr reigow
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bil impt seent nigh thisime xt yr preilringmp se t for ghe mo iisortae yote willverastreng t r resimontia i ta elece on in llrt 201 t eltionsioiae
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ecloseresinnt obam01 avinelono erencduppose si and d e nomy aamin encpo ham r. d fonews emy a alystarlove wam has foenwservi pas ast l re-eectiocampgns w s wchvi as pride ver -eiomps ieresng w preer inghts present ish tes eld lost -eleion, m rovints o esillt tld closton t a yea out a ylern, m ovforehe ectiolas hdcl hen aeaut y okedrettstro witre eio hhe 62% ed tt roprovit are ratg. at ds2% tt tl ovre u >>atell, d t t u >>ook,l, i telk, ielsse had athe rids colpse. e nbers id predentheush r 41 olthe e.eric peo e a nearrs ire outnt om th eleion 41 ad e ic aeoar sute 62% tlen of the a wer distisf sd w2%h theirecheon o theerissf c wntry aneec ohe tt bltver t crse c ry the an yr. t b rd he t a y ce s he yost. let'helookt it yhe o ser wayt. ough t' okobamitby tumbe o. hiaypprol ringoday gh iam tbe hiro r g 43ay no pside has i bee reected th aumbethatow 43 yea pdeaseeeeed abeatea ou eerceage ppleho s ou
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thcouny i goi hecee perong s threctunn i 7.oi modnngresint h bee ct 7elecd wi aumbe tha od gh osi yea hee o. ecwibe ha % sayn t oea glupol o tha th areatis edithay the g pcondion theha ount.threis ain,ho pside h eve r ndn he nten rlectith hatn, pde hve numr. ji ry cacterashtt 1 youum jica knowbilllint wast 1 aou 33% th owonsullrntasonfince lev a 3%nce ey bthanskinsu tsfie nuer ievthe e ate b940sin t ns nu i eesidt ha bn rlect ewith num0sr thi n l. foid exahale jim b rartect w thumhi l foxat im 62te w pois in 62 theoiinonsur confenceheurve su anher y ofooki at the nf ce numbs iseein wvere anesidr t obofa iskind sting he pe le w havmb tisse ninbers whaveeen le t idobis get sg rpelect w av tand n lears on ven t theetour le rls nct pre dentd asean bee reheectewithr num rsle t ns lrent year boreeehe retethum ectio t l bil letare as byouehis, be euse iois i int esti ilet diasussiu tos, bee int mti wediow asi ino aime thas iquen m awerica an a hisrys eha faas polics are ue conrned a ca and 'ris faoleeinswithrehe honmaed
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5:25 am
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5:26 am
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5:27 am
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5:28 am
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5:29 am
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5:31 am
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5:32 am
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5:33 am
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5:34 am
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5:35 am
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5:36 am
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5:40 am
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5:41 am
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5:42 am
anill ak's att' buctforand. l >> asuc badshe gresred. king he eureanssadsres lngk. urthens eopeare makg us loo l li e eea iots.ak u u lo aundoond d't indli thchur athe is. lo a tabd d unrstad youre t hurcthurt ropeabs ruse ounuttaou tut arc ney r t ailope for rereec but ey s to a y he t predentt wilo beor finif yecant t so row me merent wiein yt mey. w m bil 50%n throans t m. gree. il0% soth lk.ns t olun rilyee >> gece esn'have nyso l moy, a rig? whdon'un yly ge seln'vehose mo aislaigs. thwh aren'ice. y >> tely ar verse nic la islds.thre e. autil tarericslan. bil getslven .ain. ti okay i alys aan youhis bec se iletn n. m cious ayysel al a>>ousec rht. cus >> bl: t sto marelt is azy, rig? is ins re.. it b ttoarrazyis y,uig mig as llsns go t zy to veg ifu ig yos arintwo b ao sck.oegf pele gyoi hain a lotle btra sh t s.nves i pet ki g toha lute ahrou t colle. i ve ges to ve u fori mkioou rereme . ll wh do u doi go wh u do oru muy? wheyou reymehe whagico do who ord, whh is?hat f rheu etteicord,d, whis ca, itt r flly imptetant
5:43 am
so ld,g asou caitave e rughy casmp nt tak lg ces of se eh mons,as perh s aak cear'ns efmine son en yrh havar' ene - yav yeas expees. - thenou he ca, moyeao vest pe .whetr it in een hcamoy mket. >>ill: wou say yea st i etit n eis cent. m proct >>oursl:fou andayeaeep i at i the ct. t ank,ro gtingrsondp inte st, i thee wk, gng f te, he w n yearo yo can l fe. n sa you ve aarittlyoleft or, an at dyou do. l >> y hav tosa lu k atlft o hestlat du mket d nder yand av are looki at numr o htl m t mpans. er i'd not ing e tokit um o g inthe sinean of i't rgommeino g nt coanie but ere e a netf o rme mor bran ccopaniie t e a o m tha a s lingan cni forboutell,ha a sewhe sng nrrut l,2, y she n kw,2 -- a y mulple of 1on k--arnis. d thul haveignicant 1ni rnin . thav the arnint cpani toake ok in thart. c>> bnil: y sti wouo plae the rket utou ould b ytioula goe et dervued mpans wild a peo 12 down, rvd an rwiht. >> sewhe arode tre. i'm2 talngn,bout maj r.
5:44 am
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5:45 am
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5:48 am
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5:49 am
ys hgingut in g warrom ty aza. howinngup i iestaants too aris iaealt a. in i htaard.ts oodon'wantou iltitti h.d. n'nt >>ill:ow my naz guyti e. >>herenougto >>l: mnauy cplai mornaked >>reug guy c ai numr isoo orke my. theyre f up. >>hatuyidhey umisecidto m o.ey fp. >>t unimolyy apt somid res. stl hato g undermo a anoomer r .revi stharoce. er >> bl: athernoevie >> y. buviit's probly ceing o b aerie th yugh. bu 's 30 ds afror thy mayog sns it thh. d afintothawyoheecis snst gng to tois b iegal g toto e. b >>ill:lleg i to alto ned. >>n a e >>l:eg o staunt. n . bil>> you aay? it'n outge. au w.t yilou? piet'llahut. wodeieahe alala de. ugly it'snly sangeooki . weires, ey aly loo 'sy s likgedki ir, aooik asne yes,t's ue % of a udis ne s,s re of ais hidus. bil gregutfd,verye.
5:50 am
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5:51 am
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