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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 5, 2011 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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ine thg y couhery'srimeinisror o of ecrrow wonou'smeis a cru alowon no a nfidce ve iruo par amenid v i gegearen ge papdrapeau. is omisg to sk ierim govementhat wouu.elp s isto serehe s prosed iim bai ntt thoup eopea uniose say tharod packe isheai. eyth e toeaioavinayha ck is gree's enomys we asoin prevting tal ee fanci emywes ltdo thr ghoueveurong a t al foverci the aming up,eill halrerhe fromur onomld pan abo thi ngp,l iss. hrro omanbohiss aytos sendavore segmt. onof t toomenseor ausin hern cagm f seal honassm tt isen eaki out ahrouin herer case hsmis attoey. joki benuttt sous terreas to. joinapenopri se be tvior bain mo tha a d ade agoaphenri hebeor b workn withis moha cli at at t de nagoonalnestaeantssoction rkit s >>he facliat tt t the renaaltatocon >>ac tthe muipleomplntsells me it mor lely tn notmuleplhatslse ereit wor ly tott se sual hassm te w tivi byhis m at shat sl hsm
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viys mtt ti. >>tent to yhat his clieti did not>>isht o bo nedtis saieng sid wan to otveh a b norm nife. sa scainan do ies the harsmen rm legae.on. in dsragitoryuthe ofarenexas ts ga. gi moing.ry f one rsonas t deaand a dozmog. e on injudead aft a bozro juft a b abine unersi flied or onhebi highy. it wasunsili oonarryg gh itas aiculryral udenhen a aull drir reenrtedn ross ctrolri last nig reedos a sdent coleale stig vigi f a s 1ntyearldlenna giell f oyd ed ithe 1 carsh awella 15 oler d h ipitaezed. c aur ollthemre reptedl 5n o cricalondion. htad. 's t otem te ofhe yeprdl craldi. t tagaiof dayl yht sing me es at 2: aai. t orroyl sg eorni. ve isxcitt aut 2: ahis. t ro >>sualni n onesit a ces buts. av al nne has c wat tut s at t lsulaba ga. >>eants to ba>> ga >>tsoal wek.ov o lockack ee
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ohour ck ngralatis, de. od ns isk w g an urxtra ra hoti d o nis w gleepnra badho ns dar o en earer aep ni t. d >>hat' n oary. e >>hat'ar a notkay. ni >t' o hat tha t' >> asoonots iy. wal d iatyha aoducon andi i sdeal c i wat th ucnd s cat lthu-abam ge. it'she oy timto wat theu- am me othe y gr. >> t's res oof uimave toatealhe wi o dare y t ates ueo 3l0 p.m s wi bear it rtave. >> se 3tate.m s don doett. why e. invved i s tste is on och a y nvntiqdted i thing i n't ss aiqd ong t sw. we staith o polics,f surse he we etahre 6 dayols,ut fr the iow se hweaucus. 6ay hardo frheowcu rd bieve mo of e g.o. 20 bve caidatmo wf enowa f.o20 t ca at wnualepubcainne f but o t wernot alubherene ironally he t woert frorunns, re mitt r ney only aermaronn cai tt r yneitr amappead at ts airepuic t thiis a pu bne funaisend s. ap renthi the arowd bndedp,unse
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ere apnt whee 1,0wdartyed acevist t's ve w1,ty you acst a lit es sple of wt thouandites sai lt s no eean wthrguehat edis ai lesidtt dn'tnher t. a o aduet e onom idbut one dteran auea tha h n't de iom w se t ne eitr. aha h t i wit applse ] >>hat are pl ] fact re witis tac resusit a t rical sudeolynd a ralolnexpienc incpete priden >> whaveost r jo toxpncncte ina,outh pren kor wvet joo a,th mexo,or a cotriearenorldex a weeed somne w h pncoieen ldto ghose job swe bacdom w h >> ts ishe p e gfse aobac e. tthe isg qutions n e souch aout at wehoul e e qu do,on noh i st eul what goi too, ce of ts. is are goi t atriftoi liko cheof rest int toreover ent e oiftik soluons. areste gontg to saye enoherts lus. enoure. goto >>t'sayno le were i ou can >> smingp tohe lwe ee if niaraan ngfalltoand e riv e i mingfia faer r ht n lld ivnd w are i mg livi in taterfaf r n t wre
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absu . vi >>n terot t of su >> maphon af can iniver m hoe ife a canan clateinller t seif an taphs fo cteou. onmemb t phfo.f onmbhat youan dit t bts, t e oucano d t t betap, rs. no t [splhingaterap. sou] one plandingteer w didet aou genedi w rsingid blt opplae beuse whahe sd h w rng b o goo dla witbee ha s h w pop go dit priden oba. op heaid igoin to folw hi arouprenba t hed cntry iino uileol hi oucepts t the lin clnry dglas u pt hebate inyou ve hrd h tal dabouas themn thothe dates tere h is u a h we hal wilou emearthhe wt d estheyre ia h ae take lisrn. w >>f tey i predentas not sd. y keis >> aged, tre wntl aotounc tt y om thaag, ate fwardor w the anc t restf hae the frd camheignhe w te st hoe wi beyheamn w sch uler ahowi e erev the psidech aerears a evhe wil a pearde fou ars il ar houou lerou.
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applse ] thas exaly lhat. pl ] aaham haxa lioln td. aam 185 >> tnklin you sten douas camign at h 85 tllow himou a ou g allamn h pre. >>e gow allim ad. p ss. g lllincnre f ousllost>>hat gll p. nc elecon 1 f8 ansltwostears t lateent toin t ec 1 anpresoencyrs let' put tehatt o in t con xt. es cyose t' dtates. t ifou ern rdhe tracrip on .from e the d esey a teeif eours r lon >>raip t re omhere s en a t ofrs theon > t tt's whanewtingrh sf wanthe no tshawtgr modator >> ren'ntthe no debesong enghodorlrea . sevn'e thr hrebg debes entweetwo opleea in thievhr h dernreaeb o 30eeo le secndhi sou rna o bite ec>> auallthatayoue -- >>ou wldn' b ablte aoll datl sou-- bit>>. w n' b th's tbl beay of d it. t toouhe hrt otheit. th mat tr.ea of e ret. subance to hyou ould eveo dat re deeubce ybe u e ad rica pub dcsee cle orin acaor thaubc sstan. clin payer vw,haet m a san. llow it wld b intayesti v. m leme kno whayou ink the ow w bprosctntti fle snoenhau khe-hou os debas. thwhithouson sou fdaight ba thitus
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uall fenng f offhttori and it's ll soldranceen aga.ff asriou kndw, the con ess 'sasol a eted tga spoen aas kll ohe theons d t do smentenegar onghehe syndr do nt thatof crsehe sdrasti ca at cefti 53milln tpaye 53ll tyeolla iteouse sayot soast. la yoare t geing l eseay o oo corrpondt.ce. yo whae s ingerestg g ishey ve t sub oena ol th rr nd .docunts. ha ine whste hoise baycall say g tub a thit gseyon juscu alls.he whhoballay doment gsuspts ts brond so ousll doscatntr s t sp tbrso aroac o re ia letr fr thehite athous sfiri bac aac fm cat irine etfr ruheteer. ussheriaid acm fisapinteatdne a ru. e d oubl thathe comtteeapte adecid t bl movhaeomorwaee wh ci tovnwa w overoa subena er ub aprecente extre brd reest r ec te do menttr br renow t subpna ia snifint dointrntion the w bp iignicant sfi anch trn henintnter tsch driner partan piticrithan a legimateffor tort p conicctan a inveigatn. >>gihey teeror weonicke a
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veat >>y whoseke 8500 dumen to air. 'sseiffilt wnou sayad85 d eno your.ick the docfients whatou ay argointo urnveryookheoctst u arin n clrrly u ar n goi t rn ove t u docentshat cly ar nght oidict you t a sugvest t ere octs set cmina t ctou a aivit ugi'm t ayine the s is. cna but u ca aundeittand he m nindhes. r trsparh is whe it cade nd come t n trarishe i al me a tllio llar-- he ailli tio llar ar h >>35 mlion a li>> wl, but lark,e he taed a mut tons wut l befe. h thtahous arepu ticansantef t thus pu anesidt's tackbryessas par o t ts. >>ould id bes kbough sa >>he w te harse oas sd we t >>don'ldwanto ten ovegh >>is w h bl skbere mesges. n' facnt tha t wouveeome sor bleress. achaou ofeor conitutnal olatn righ of ev karove onenutl watushe him iaid wgh ouldev parhe ckheoo. woum wer iinhe wdte hou w ld we pould pus . ouerack. wou >> resint bweh dild'tuspen emaiccouk.. di 't wt>>nysi s bt ofdin aiou di wt a cel sof phon >> srt me. >>et a bckbeely, tn it on be mes s mart the>> a pubc bbe t tdiscsion >> ybe guys g ont heubield tri
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re no ly.cs. ott dlkerilleczeeverse phs out,hely gov.nor t erliscoerin. p h thas aew et,tion ov r >> tsouse wcoade.or ha ya and eon e. t i sen't memb w thoe lyrs y fr theong his d lan as mi et mb ho for undyr frhe mgs an thprobm i m t r eachs didn m keep tm outhofob ihat' t ch cleay a dnee p titicou proayst' aid at the wieaonsiagoveor and whe picros aioxat rheortewi ssiwedve d he e vid to e rte serin sndend didn evewant to seeido it want s toinuten h eardnvent offseent d ntreteot hidn'ar h pen.s furermo, di 'telltehen' rent ur omodi alon for ntou t o a ds weeor f the surintdent let d knowhatou teenk a futhe it fsuntnt w kendt no tattter t accou. wod yo f wnd be tutraerd asou wopareyo if u fndut lere ra aur k w nvolred.f f >> l polical k w pp.ol >> t ling ou aut tt olcrucall vo inreec las p t ng anigh t ucvon ecis casld mn aailo gh i on c m a s wa flooney i cnsis. e we wa goi to felp tm bailey ou c s. >> aamil thatweoio runpoget trmai ays ou h lthy ailat togher. unet tetamily ofs e hhthy tt's taogng ar. toreilf e ts t nta a2,00milee
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ne st. dnc avid d tyan dtoerce lcom to a of you nc gooidmorng. >>ce om afou goo oorn >>orni,. >>ooorni.oo >> y canell ni whahapp ed >> la nig in nieecendhat this ote yanl eansha pp >>laign ceave g tot ge is youeullns >> discsure i toe gre g paioo g ce heou thislorni. my scre n-la aretoreai gek. c ho k wsisni hat'my goi to ppen la reto mwhen g get. oome. k fitndt'oio fenemos it' a men et lile b oe. anafihy gng f onost'a therliin r bards oo whnas g gng stann er r chadse. wh hapned whst nht i ghat taha wh ap d basi nlly it geoe papdreo kt s sp bute si isyoingoeo tn ap eoit o kr to a sput csliting-typ tgovement o t y oto c a auall y to get ctiyp tvesnt bai tut mon c. a lla lof to ppleet thi thi taion . en relocenao ts pastehihi wee waactuenlyna ttigopeee watue dop he h nohoictoo ts. >> wlop he hoic.s. t b baing eece ut w n. . >> i c b'taimagi ce snari althis n p itic i caneuring gi a se sri alis sho pic eue trnge a i s ttho gree' tr finaes a i tisater my oiewre na a issa ohatwreec
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shou exihes etozon ecat'sn th est outerexi of e eozon eon and a'sotht ref gree. e pr lem eson t pplnd af re gree prantm it t p botee ittays. theyantll t nefioto beme pt ofeings. in eyt t fi be pofng than coition nel lownterhat rateand coundiio fro t nower eurotene.d ey d't wdit toroppro the auerit ro.easus. d waventonowsrohey donant oauit su opthe enwsyont ateri t meares at t arieas tmposg. my gsss w he som ban th havos my som g w thavom inddosonta on i thessue whh isndf crse ota ihe eveone'ue whis ce o mi. ve the''s athereaso why gree hato go. mither is nth a mecernismsoorhyre ha untro.leavg erhe necsm eozon whicis st ofn tr andav o itlf a eonarke ic s forofnd o how it a ke dyunctnal is ooranizion is atoweastn lal dyctl oizn is st lerms dav whaoes i meams i av ha grsce lveshe eozon ea whatoes id mea orgr e lopes d u >> eon at ts nkteareat e aeine
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uf >> incuri forhe t uonat ae itsf wh youhink finrior ita a u her tsuntr s ttwhounkre tfing totaut aheir fisr ltr touse i tg orde iri thkt wod b aisl easse iay de out, thwo b r aher thaasndurg and t, icki to rrha a pgramur thand eryby ha kio bght pamha int yb had ge bthrouhis thnt hege propeadehip.ou we ds s andou he goto opdep. dve s pandru critnd heot f t ader pip hdrcr donsttednd f t sicay in negeriati h say dg,std caok, inwilluthisoegti aay refendumnd lhe pple , ll sspeaor are a w goio feumtick l theerms pfe teare deal woi whck hems rerd tthe tustetyea pgram and e w thi re te tough >> ste cis pam wha is td hi rig t gh answ ? s wh c's t fixha tig he? sw wh tixee i agr wit t h fac th i d't tnk gece i gr goitg toe ab t toacork tir th wa dout t ge it. thisgoasttoummeab toy had ok t of wa t theibestt. yrs ver inistme tad oegar f to trism eist y yet,rheirn enomyentar tsm baward by t,ir 7%. e my thtave a c pletbardy ibili%.. thpandou t yeae ago cetas suosed io brlik up l thnd tea go unns a supsed bre up suedbrp th
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l of theun andupd re ppvati a l of t busess ofherehehey e comptely pti una le too tussrey tt. i mpn't lye hotheyrenato gong toe abl to, t i bt icalho, saey gthei wayutto obl thio, suati. th b neealtosa gro the eiay o whi. th are sti youtheerohe weopl-- tirth re yog pele a leaounghepl t a easoluisary. wayo beble to ixcoy.t at luisar aybeeoointat in te. >> dyougree >> dont agrn. ey h teo dev ue duouree >> o currcy a youan'tgr d if ou h eveartfr the eur arr a movou't df forw d.t f that reahey htorilly uren aov the fix forrw ount esat teat e hriy up ienixrofodor tntuble. t e this c ntryup i mn,fo rlly,f tle u re is cry m abohe a runty, re ofbo a t onomy tt's undgrou o, th numb of opleho d 'tom pay tsnd ou thtaxe thi mbf le days xehi not sllot s oble thissrofodlyorru cotry ain leat is wans thefoy ma benits ru gree, ocoy n an ing thehe eu maen ws h lowre o intest rat. g heat'su gon w i dot seowhow teat 's ion doseweallorks out om he.
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>>llks t h gota. >>ot thks smuchor cing in a heings undstanthwhat s ch cppeng lasn aight tha s f hheinggs.nd an at jaid fo enasht ha f hg h chrtian aifo fa, ir i hhran fa pirting iresse on a pto pngss to on conrto p iam oroaceeath.on >> i n freorie me wthts anoer >> taayer b nloutre m wh giv w?no taer but whiv pe re a r aope. e. i' gotothi agast thes-iyourlf stm-clningnthuasts it gooi'for ote cuhiomergao get es kno-itheiurown rpet stclnghuts itoor cuer t nod speidingn he det vingurnire a
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luggg ar nd aspot wnger dextr tionngnit nin be a rus ggar a w tront beus i . that why'm cpet r li. athy c t li t lo, ifhingget ouof hd, a thelace loifngtou st hts s allinhelikeceet gym ck, ere'no sme st sinke m , e' s inalli a pfessnal. inli p i r ng. i ♪ecll 1u 00-semer.♪ ♪ 1-ser♪
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airaft careril aoi bggsh ty earton tueaiay.ftar b comi rtuebout. 20100 mes fm mi ou pnet. hardo puutt tt in01 m fersptive isn'out? pt. rdpu tn th's cser span tve oon n' b dot woy sci tistth c sayr here t n iso c bnce w ldoitwo yci astayre ce wl y a >> y wil eel t beze tha esy. yil l >> tvery beekee aha talng outomet ng.>>ry k comi a. al >>nockver t davset g.nt mi coff. >>ck >>r sto were bnavs gllowg clely is ff morng.>> to ewe wl coinue b brining t toow youcly or. h e o w foxcouerigto u h oox new a poibleeath stenc f is m rewusin tpolethnnoue s nc his rist fnaith >> n m rin t tre areouew rorts s st at ithn n tre isryin to rts fce h i to cvertosino sla. f h to crt irann eertla joi u an eow.t >>ood morng. oi uhat's the lestn t.s >>dor. t'he lt can? t >> havbeenn toh wh sours ve clo t heca >>avento w urvelo famy anhisttory as ansoras bacallhe i win jlnd aiti forball i jludgmt toe madenis
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6:26 am
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6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:29 am
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6:30 am
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6:33 am
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6:34 am
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6:35 am
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6:36 am
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6:38 am
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6:39 am
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6:40 am
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6:41 am
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6:42 am
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6:43 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
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6:53 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
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6:58 am
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6:59 am
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7:00 am
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7:01 am
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7:02 am
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7:05 am
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
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7:08 am
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7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
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7:12 am
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7:13 am
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7:14 am
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7:15 am
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7:16 am
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7:17 am
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7:18 am
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7:19 am
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7:20 am
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7:21 am
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7:22 am
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:44 am
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7:58 am
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7:59 am
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8:13 am
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8:15 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:41 am
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8:42 am
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8:43 am
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8:44 am
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8:48 am
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8:49 am
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8:50 am
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8:51 am
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
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8:57 am
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8:58 am
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8:59 am
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9:00 am
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9:01 am
ha tir dent. heas o lifra tsey in mfolkths, r tht.e he of tsejournalilkst j rnthis youneurlias probablyoiis t goouutith hisne boots ponba. yoi wke d wuthit hhisor 14oo on y rs w tkehedsameh uildor 1s4 gh yea a ayos saw himam ld ery y ans t ay teahat aw re hmber a yy an rooney e tryt y h ere smbeeero rronat inry som fa hshioen, b s irrat i om he mioos bt cha irmg way. >> ve: mt c chamingywa > : riting >> c charminglyy ir tatengd. c>> de: n myouan say atir oute most d o nfuryou aanie snc i ou ey'r stnd ofhe age 3 a oier0 to nighno 'rhole l authe a andy0 rooney gh whouho l acdyrobe whou ho wou hean t lbeac eme er? >> thi he wuld nt tbe membed asome dy w er ld i>>the hiy he d aw t be mb aitme w i an ie h a of thereatit urnalists tt h the oth eat opportity nasttndy and t po y waerndcrndonkite an rather cr ki an tbrokaw he w rat thean gubr whaveou fis he wa hingn an rne
9:02 am
ygu wa fis gmen t, y nwaerngamane rne a fr i sa ngen i yon ader wha fr rngll imean onbedee heha dn'teave rll anmeything o t hetable.n'ea >> asyn: w an -hi o he'bl a n:che' i co ch ioclast. e sehd t deskland. s pineedry t sdaesy ak wend mfted at . ne but da a s wrteed a d ournis yoatnow,oots t on a e rngrndonots oncorresnden and gren andt spoint, esrrs, i s ftd ed a t s hm t, th kinge jus tesantedo sft nd t littl eth tkingtseus tan lifeond c mentn em ?nd t it yee youts knfeow chentnem y e y conde asnknheorke y n algsides gresikeor ekernie lend alidsik eie le wter cnke at tars a ris. the igile ajo na lirss, h ris. comend e tgilat ofnali s,we den wonar an w cronkite fvearr cd-y. veeseuys ere in the tck
9:03 am
ofitd-. y. es e thine ts t dylanatn ofit . betw n th andhe tops ththeye ere s ll dan ring togeter twth ndinto tps ha's way,ey bute rheinnog her tofoundha t'shisy, gutreit nich e, un fter writi gome for ch telerisn,ri people lomeeor arthu godf aelis than,t pplree he rt jt- df a ifhat ever had dam in j url, wldt tve h beam i it uryou w wld u everyt d and sai t' su b wugging e. ry ndlete wr about iit.t' gi weind of do s etfwrbo t it re n ae regulinar o ba ds.ef >> y tknowou c ldren tkul s. lu a yboutknhas bgingldou k tk about lu abot tso bgi youou coeagu a andboometim your t t oss, yut toetut o t gund et teimvisi y eve wee a ays, o ituto t 15 2tesive w m lioople boy >> iave askyoopeleas oy on iute bskausee bascast everweekut o his bseecaffe, her offekic oe a host bec affe, h ff chacernd hisor beec lled tchoo andnd tha h giet lo t lend y ou goted to oo se anditha givelo healerd sndom yentotes se ings boutis oice, w ha hea s wa i likesolo byis gsut o e, wfice
9:04 am
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9:05 am
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9:06 am
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9:07 am
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9:08 am
di cain athti. c thepl tacnttful aactsthat inhereti. ar m tiheac comulplnts telha heme me lel thaarn m ntiom the tre el s s m sexlua harsmhatn he acvity by shiex man h atht ac ty te.hi an bentt went ooay t t ensttlitenidt not wh oo ay t nadnd s an tss toliid n lh ao dal sfe. ano cainenie t fe iniealtis, t notheselement ose e yor adnes. tis, not's e to selentri . e yoadne orry >> t t's o ay. alin: dn't ow wt wa happ ing ryght ere. t >>e, bu t wli dmat i wt wapp g t ppene.. ta>> a lnek atdobu tt wether map en . ta l a t weeeerting the now aaposs . artsf thes twe aesnnghe w os ma srm across etsth snrtas a ama b storm crs acro par of e st a nd rtas b 'rtoe oi to be s roinargf e st a arnd sixnche falng i n oio s flagstf,ri naar a sixheal i that' fl st about 7,00 a feehat iohe bo 7, peak aeeto wheare going t o s a ak o o snow. war oime a in e to swns, b aut ore o the higowr elevatis an to s,d be s, a ose shearigts oleva sthe we o tod rm ien th e s, aos sfourornearts t nex
9:09 am
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9:10 am
him s serviyimeltinhe i n sjail buter jue'sulin saysja tha utju cstalul mus say s t calus$47,000 in s leg fee ang wh 7, another in,0egee aon inng spsa otsur pport. ,0 a ininonus n i witnmor spsuor st f inst neit witrh jge stf stith jnine pirhiis jge traou j donne undstan ihi is he's a raou convindedani aber 's >> convictedel ta>> c prson f six years. >> isyn why ouldhe prge f ske t vicmay tyehe > > feyn.y ld >>he jge i ticay int terpr letg a fe c.ifora la >>n j a wayhat nt pr es aginst t vtim corla on aay thi us aalst vti sexualassaul hi a wanal mared fexyears,sa e s fere w dom mesciolee l thugh eyes,rrge s re ere ome mancyle thh 911rrgeca s, he e m y sd finally sheas 9 leaving he saidin s iheaseang kill y bore ai ou lve ssheot i a il y b or rorde he ends up l s aolted rdee e hes eang her,olte ringr, he ng odom ing r and she it onape andoes t o couomrt g a he afr ihe cviction aon gapsand t
9:11 am
outhe orcend t heafgeay csviion sby t way ou'veot t o pheaycend $47ay00o hioris tay'vot t peg 47 o fees a makyou p spous pp t of es a,000akou a nth. s it a m nutejppgeofhe g00 a is tate pso n hitdo mn'tet g need tha isne ta 'm going hdo tn't awar ted tone im g ngd he gs awhe hteets outf s te h iss he h et alisn: ts me no t sensise, theud i s o w rongli tme n adednhis onnse. t i>> y s w kngw wtt is i t'edhi on disc re on t yt judges wve w t isd no the iy' sayi , ok disc re th te la jge i calirn nohe' salirniaays ithyola cay toliilrner c w e sias her fm avtog t payth. asyn: y gheh, f lmn to g pis, yquot oth wha the a n:judgge h tid , ot orego w tllk, dg h i can'tid lk at 1go yrmaerjll ok,ne side i c't kmang $4 a month arer t o se other se ming m$4or aeha mnth t he r$1100e a m minthg m and say sus s uppo11rt00 m at a s wld a sbuusse spo o ldse direon. so pish e w earer a e viimfhe. at ptackh w and er make h ay tviheheusaterck.nd we, atke he's in t usearlery, bed ponis , ate's statent
9:12 am
he rl ipring tishe atnancntl da on. he re ithe ttoprmin tne junce,daheon rson you'r e i ae o ne dges oujuan use r ysoouou ge direouon. an u ythinyou abusedour di rescre. on rd inin au victimbu y rs o f dreescin avi ven theuy i s a crsvied ofclo a v lente ielson anded makloin her vnt el y and kds of moneyaktomer an dy oered ids o w mhiey hm in oered w sta'srison. i alin: oiousl juds trto kp pele o tahe rin. lfar e rolis, oheuyonsl wudan tr k pe th ostatehe t ick uarhe b,on w but isthuyat is in j sohe he b, n sckt pe i t j money s han s so she appeaeled th tat aon ound aanudho a greeodhe aead hadecion, t th jndge ho a ee did hey as sn hacion h, ethet s ouey o afs hste'sriso het ou of thatoneynd yweim e'ri $,000thheateyuyasim cl$ 00 salesman heeater and c l ver word an fisanasmlly,ea youer a ve knowor ranedndfiy,ou sodized eowe red an enougor aury soe e coict hi a ur o at'snusu. >> asyn: hopthat o nco ic thshow ni t. 'ssu >> e're aoingn:o haop herat o on
9:13 am
the show a tonight a sheri >>rengha er inth carolinsays ve sh a tig a womhe nds a g a g unin atharinys a om nudgeho beat g h a daute on ge ho heeat duudta a ummation f kimrdasia an. aliumn:ti w oo krdiaorrd li atorrd than. dav we rerued abo ut at the divo av >>e layt: weere,ruhougedbo he at lst ye>>.ytwee, ug >alis: 73 lstys. . >> ve: >ouldisrineave 73 yso. p f >> : ldrineimen il. claon:nd takeimn ilde n la:nd ak e you, thede taxper u,>> de: nt,heer d n gmmy award winng sger marad he nnggea he an whashha in cn with i d hl whan npuie th ani dthe hlw yo marhon. [ gg ] e yoarn. straerrbana! g ] [ le aounc ] f a ooth witrealruitrar na us vgie tritn[ anc f a th itw v8al-fusitn smthie ve it cod'vead a8. v8ussmie cove a
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9:17 am
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9:18 am
>> am caopo eaes wsises >> m w asimallguessrg a maka nation day.a ll anguwe hese ab at 50ak rane na da ony.ur amte anni hab50 ag. on r >>ou c alsteadopone ni hereatoghe and i. kw >> cerlse'opprese re o atog yheou ynd iw wa te'oes o cpete y yithhe wa cte umor yr n y gunts orr erfoer gwhatst do you expect. >>fo donha'tav de ayo suecord tiex andct. i'm goi t>> geton a s throech t fdinis li . ti nd'met my fst rot fmalith. . ght urs my 1 h frsst bed on taini. ng i ve ttaket ts ey bed t t yeniomti oi f t jkeog y d twaing. ye >>nd iti o jho p ro bablyoin g. that>> i who amho i pblykioing. at 26 il hoou km that rkiht.g. >> cyton i co6 dn'to k at at. r .howo yo concopr'tar t.o yo c arowo l oad bore race yo >>e're cold t e be ls o fce >>re t carbs,s the oamfe gi a rbhe wee t wks ior. >> de: ihinkhe's ee t weadyio r.
9:19 am
. d ink's it beatt > it's a. y. it dav oktt y->bitt'sy a is a av bok. thtt cy-d ttysather- a- >>hi s isb ct perthfect d raatr-thon-eath espec lly>>hiis for terctdistance raonthspy yefos.r ddie: anfozen. give usheebsi agayein di you fen. e ivheus mesiga in thiis diu ehefn, mea wired t terr >>laytfn:, s w ieds orab .rr >>he >> wytebsite s is i. >> wsi analleagrg a for anag aor animalleag.orglgs imleagrg/ya >> is a a thi you/'re doin ia >> think y foravin ou inus. t y >>oravin ll rht. all what's c>>ominavup. r . we tou boll t whehasin. e cria greek trisihat the coul impt t crreorri ec omcoy.t t shld wspenour mey bailg th ecomy. o utsh wenr mey il thus t o
9:20 am
about aril us toghis abt video ls ge vil. nd y'llhieethe o g pevihol. y malee the f ps ma faeraughrsnc unrgghtae. ♪♪ rgta ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ [ ma annncer you ver ow whn a ment mig turinto omet ng mmae.nner u r wha nt andighenurt doto et mmen th eectie dyunctn ndendo n etidy ct ca be re cfide in eir ilitto bread cae cde wit cialr foritaily cias fodailuse s a tinically porvenly. afoil e ow-d e taa letic p nu te evy da so-dou cta be teady tytimevthe dament rig. so ce dy ime ntig ♪ ♪ [ m ] ell ur dtor out all ur micalondi ons and dicaons m l d anr asktf yo hea is alth l en mugh alr sedial asivitd casanskyoeas th enn't h ke cselis a youitake nitres f che pai t c s thioumay euse unstre dr f heinailoodresse. hiy e [nsan ]dro no drininalcoodl ssn exss wh ciis. [ ] node infectcomay clud exeada we, uciet s.mach delae d bactachey r muudle a e.da u sch tovoidong-rm iury seek mmedlate mbaicalheelpmu atoidg- iyeked malp or aerecon ltingore tha4 hos. ifou he ansudd dec ase
9:21 am
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9:22 am
alesne. so bread foyourext ntalheckp. bad fourt al ckcrespro-alth multprottioninse eso-thltotonse [ ma annncer trany est o-heth rse. ma nncomperte s isfatriony t he r. guarteed mp s ofawe'lnbuy bac ared o'ly ac
9:23 am
>> uick hin at 23 >> ck aste. in ae u.. na onalebt pse to te eee d a u.naalthoing 15to trli aonolla witn th hoxt fin g 1da5. tr lion 1lait mthber f cgrsial su r cmiee hntgrsial nove suerr3rdo cut h trlionroth evebudger, dt c ut otr lmake say onrotht t y'ot lke ssiay confidee tanel wi sisucc cd.fie t lo out deannsel a offials iivsi lo o county
9:24 am
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
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9:27 am
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9:28 am
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9:29 am
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9:30 am
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9:32 am
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9:33 am
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9:34 am
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9:35 am
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9:36 am
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9:37 am
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9:38 am
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9:39 am
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9:40 am
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9:41 am
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9:42 am
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9:43 am
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9:45 am
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9:46 am
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9:47 am
ut pryogm. i p claon: e's artin t o thback a nd e ry dol la laou: s ti npassindivi alth ack the a ry tholon is gng sso dihe char ity. >>umorid is lastro pa $ vearr2500 >>oridas sto i'm pa 25 ho00ng to beatisec s aond'm t ho t26o,0 bechas a al. 26lisy whas pmesl out ur marhonrualin syyo whaas babymees s ha nt miv in nths go aou srthaedaby traing f t m hon hs a srt at h oursai a fftering ho rth? he t nk, atat? hrs a>> no, in not ur ah?ou pl t, ? ee n afer aot arduroreou tr ni asee a b aeenboar 12 ek lotrng. >> dav b wou younecombond th 1 as wayor n ewekloom.s doavououom take o ffths ay tor n baby oig. ke o fftrain f t abrayon. the. leep part i tai n t haest ttinonup ithe mihele oepf t i ig ahaftt in i e runnin o 16 til everyig atep ine 1ay6 to g eivrye t bottl eay rt gbut- ot>> dour hband pickp the lack tbure- d>> n so ny hnobaick p he ck tisre no henois. aorme proisessnal b pler isd-.- ustoralrodousst. b whe it gplts ealld-y bad e tal doesou >>ryinis h peni in hee geall y adddlef thenigh es j
9:48 am
t>>in h nin ra 1 m esle thday,ni hone t do heulwhat davraend day, ho doeon 'tdoear ulit datav e he , all aute'tea it d ye and, ale lnt tskou out itis a gbo ok nde nt thw like a rl t is yohaveboone l ot t o th l ienspirerl yngemal athyolevee s a lhe to me h i cpinged in theyasemtlth ahe h ced in he cad me opptuty i't therde. >>t s, neooubt about pit.ty i 't >>er wt'she g oa>>l of the nou abo book >> bical jus to k wins of oaf e she myife l sookns thr ou bhalus k o if and being a yshng m lsomahrle ih don' thini tndre basng much teri outherendma want to n'areiny t jreaseyuc h ri utonrend t wnd life nteso nsrey eyth gme h t gh m and lees ns hop ully iensri tng yghng girls to beoputlyhe a i y be ourl ser t he a fr bodime, be touo ting fr od mditss t andin cge ss sclahip. alindn:nd what w itge t bsc invollavep.d nlindha stpos i ft t b igirlold whoever swas f wha orof thi ngrlo geho toevwa yohaorgirlofs.hi g e it' t yotrenusrl t'bety ratesusty grade pnt tes average
9:49 am
is hher arandde teen pgncyvera is l s w hhehen aou tee invved in s lrt and theeamn erip i srifi ce sny sreatrtnd tthinm andt's mazier to see sthe fisson iny learnated innds azi oee yog ag e raonnscend even lnrn ed buness a ndyo agra fceil eyfen cbussytonyouroal, w talk to my grammyonurl, lko award my wiin g smmingeyr sg writer onard with shoge arg srihort oim ag a a srt himoal w 12ag a hohs. oa >>lave: s w s may eht >>e: ho ss. ay>>ndht youroal four s.hos. >> mbe yr'll pass fho mhe wha'ls asths go. >> four f 10 is aha gs . >>fo f 1 i reisti gike toho for t tarersis ati g for urik t hoou e m ing ttaorur ou mex. a took "h tohrmex. a likoo ahgirl". > "thrike a ikrlgirl". > >>"t we are aci it hankyogi". >> ave:>>p ne w thee future oit th wnkoryocomy >>e:nehe fkeur ae o eece ri w figcourmye oke how
9:50 am
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9:54 am
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9:55 am
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9:57 am
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