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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX News  November 5, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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ndo ge t thudger ontogeoner age toon.dg ge thoe n s an. wlit thoe n s e alia. wit eek posion ead iaai he h k osiado. callge hfo medieelecon ll d nubfong prdieinisecr ub papareouris clor per shpaing.ou he che shg.ypas pandreound he et witashe g pekdru pre iden gre en>>ai abia mo.t lea f a noithe iaea f noe chie not htinghe fan.hi singot herceng a t fin.t ng readn thce a tarketiehe voteinree. adth its wtkeie tenet it w i anhe eu de iot oany ttinu eurepea oarke in butura stoc hendorlkeut leaocrs h arerlounng out aea fix for e grcenut aonixitorg wtor cod be agr messn ata.or w so mucobe to fix a ms s littl me a u s to liixle a mony . s l
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tl he wit a t thohtsn s aion .of thihesit t ihos a rerhi i r clanfmer ce-psiden cnfr golan saes a ou s-peemdeoave do fin andol sa a nm embraed e hielf doinnd i n othermb hif eeavors. i oer rort, od t hav yo e >>vo.hatas a rooke., t >>avo >> undstd. t >>oteay.e. >> wh do u make ond wt >> iea ppeng he. who akwe a o wat wing gre ie, enhe eece aandat theg what isoing n ce herde?heta >> tood ats neng hapened thier t weekode wapedhivoid cao i ek euro w bauseid c gaoece iooks ke rohey wlgr bseohe g bae out.ks it ioingy t wl bgr a msnd bat. i wilngave t b fht a m or theiil eltioe. f italis or a prolem,nd eitlo i goino beal a pblemrom, for at i whe. ine wod gue p temtheor trk whd the c engeon e eur tetr to he c ge avdnuromeinghaotndo in the avantid isegot goig on be a e mestisy i mdlend w'lloi be be in aes me ts wl mdleeor
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in weeksnd montngs. t sark mye aerkelesave de nts. rk a an ekeelle je bei steaast d eleoldg j the greind eat ldhe andgrtangown pandre. it indtaessyndn a pare mdle t th iorldsy c dea wh mle a th mule bld cotea c wos. >> mu baybehe c. wor cnot >>eal bewithheurohingndor ct n lwort the thtrugoeng a epens n anfigh and the rt ihedea ouge ge aing ens angh unindd sthees o ieuroa o dn't geg makens onnist o per and ro hard to dt exeteakns inn real y a brynda toxe ryn critalia t at b the t eopea ion it tt uheses, oyerma eeaits n s, o perfectma . s ance- iserct st ocef le t i fanc s o le gol c tub tha keenc ttinol m cmbsip fs tethaee you jn t tayin mmb in i f t is u teal j t waytht?n i >> ihink is aal o wheuropn >> i conktriehad a o voteop co aieind ey mig n ve do ts. a ig is n tooo lat t t tn back
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soo noat t >> w?n bk >> iis b no rn i w my of t iurop bn bks r i m t inudingermop b a freh inin rm nks ughthe bnds are ohe weaks couhtries a so bs om raidhe akou a eoos prty muc id is tie e togeer dr dn'uc ink ouis can tie tuoackge ow. dn' you ve ok movorwaanuckndw. makehis u ork. ov>>wa tha rends me kesk. o the haldes eory,omeon a ohe peep dy,eo deepernd pne pinep yeer realeusut p theinhove y do. al usare athat poi orheve dos it e ttoi r o tendt dp. >> tnkhrowi in the d >> tol touldwinhe toig theld he deep. thinhere is wayhe foard. h it iep in goi torees aessay fod. it a i scyoio a ands gree wl a sta insc the rondre and wtan e e'lluddle rougndhis all eurdle timaly ugs aaybe turo trie ma wibe tie
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wi fal off buropill strger. altff b it ioplooateto turtrr. t bat. i eye ndur t sbay. sa ozy a merl. t beli see, sayf aer merl thght litherwas a way toertht exerraicste a thselvay she wouoave abbet.x ic t thelvheou realizee i ibe t la forea thaze i i t hav e ylaorhaere goi i back theavoldm yayeoi wh d yac thihedm aoutay wh yhihe at coine ing w tha h hirea c minacoe g awyew ha h don re he cnarillyent aners d ion r hd ill the ans i nepape. r iaveehe spris fr nehepe ee s isoutsre th theirm tsthhe w lerage5-onm th is whe lege bgestonurpre tual thathshey b wstepre hig y al haleveged d dydn'tave worig ve d ca dtol 'tdehey mad a b cal t ony don'have an b tnswernhy ee. that ouldn'ven he haeneder it i s atarld o h oha ted bods
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of i s h o o toinanal h instutisan eyevered. doounsti thie asered erraod?hi >> n. i owon. anra i t nk n highly o i jonn. i c t't expinilyt. o on i wer o he c inseherexp woul d hav ier me o swens tnre lea ed.ulav i m lwern t in ea. y lrnn oge he wh youaren o hhe oside whoue dan't ode ela ion't kn. >> y cld't n eer bla't a kn >> y cnancl tv a nhor. b a robe alws god to nceetv you ar. >> gdoee belw you gooo.ou g proouesso rob.tapla >> arosoobla t l est a on the situion tn ltreec n hell outtun froec guteceroould palen cparin geld le wit crihe itian ltownit i the it bn nk syst.n ho b i ihehise bing?nk >> ist y hoook b i as greeg? econy it i is yok sma e itian on eonomt i lsge.
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ema itn e oomhe l. bgest i the rld d lk at o wt bst ita ihe ha done nd d lert wfta borwi d thhanemouer odebtn tor bala e sh tthou i o isbt uge. t and e lash proem is,s e. d roapl poted o. thplat poheird o cookin o th theanks ownir the oovergnoin edebtkswnf thehempereredgn cntry bttalyasheorerebt and c sry ey ly do. d he whetnd s thelobo. hehe coagia ces iheobhe u. nks, w coia c ihink unde urotehe s, insuran polies onk tt. de te tre is ansan li o rea t rigging t sent a aealeaefau.ggg 50 p cent hte a and clau the gree 50 s plunton hnd c is nothe ee slus ottrigringvent t if the i igng defntault thif hav tohe i mak thaone od aeflt thathsavheo theak.shane bank have o a pay fhis.hahe .s its nkve soay fs. crica t a idit ao riddlehroh a to to a p ic leoh a mode panimodeo iohen pheres de ni
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dereal inre daul >>anic alode dul i >>ic ilou ebailt. >> tha is moudle il >> i>> aghae wh tm.s m le d yo ige l wg-te t pois we yo e diing a lteoieep he.e when itdigomes o tph blout an andent aidses oon't t get but and to t as fundntalssue'tet o t nd haleue welrecomie tt ro t h pvateectoel ie ho tdo y roay t o p ttesto sff? u hahoo yrow and o t one s? of thaeasoow t d ne chese ge usf tsooney t chesitho nceseyon ty bliev in oho onomes t bourevusinse a i doi goo o ou gomernment irrazyinseut aoi oo hav ou a gnmt iconomiengi.zy avpeop are atil entmiepregiurs thi opreil cnnty.res hi >> wldn' tt hr s cipn helps. >> wn' t hr ort-rm, e monlp wou go re rt-ht?, onouo the eticly. re r?is becmingike heic. here anec youngenow,e are10re ye s,an weou cld bw, the ifre w10 ae ing at c w bhefre doi. w a
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g u h w bere maus.oi e o the oun r hasermao. de . o hehe sai hun cldn' sta de hom he sai hpo n. to cn'taanyom regatis, hat' n at y have to in ily.ny >> iegit' yavtn ioury.e e fally i at ir is f goily to g woe d ie aooksg atoi ao mt go down n eu pe? a >> yokh,this is m t pro emwneu? thur ban ykingystess titroev reco re ttanngteuch eve havco tuddl thrgh. onechf t reans weavdl hhren't. e t muled eare h't ecoomyas. mu d wer are i a resoncoy s.but two a re ialf reson t two a pernt grth pfople a notorkier gr d thele aloan aot defkilted on thand at's the pblemane ahaveef edand ellonou d 's ihe i pem gves d worsoverlhere a tha is i wh we he gs orserre a mude alg. itha couwh bee h b. onopfudal t t,ituroueanks wl b ha to make t tse critks w hao deult apsak goo there is ar rdesont hys nooo re srepo aers qted rnor eied orpo qateddore ed n tha
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ed earli sr of fha bsi ss li twor s yodon' gf f it, bsis ema or it. yo n' >>hat gst,ma satday demt.d. >> t l rist.aty em emplment ba rely udgiri and ne prcen and plntomealygi d n de fouer pennd bnieaus ere o w he'desou beaored o we' unss tngshang nine pcent wil ok un tgsng gd. ne pntil g whe the's gic. an younownderand whanatre'sbeenidin whths c. anouwerdhaat'senin ♪♪ atow wundetand the fferce♪♪ twee innoattion w deand ndventn.e er eeno oninntiod is intorta. inio ita it theeginng. it'she srk. butnnov ion it whehe wein .actlly 'seate salue.or dtovn heecty teue d fo socty, d fothe rld. ♪ ♪ fooc, foe d. ♪♪ dow wee cotant seahing forow tuse r fuamen l ownowl ge owechemcotrynteangr te fuen wl o em soly ese ffict prlems ol e icpr msscnce defitiv sc e therefis
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aivightnswe ahtwe oue [ ma annncer the me 1 elents do tma funnnmenter wor e of c 1mistle.s tunntor cst ♪ ♪ e dieren ♪ ♪ th oneleme thais th catyst r in vati dien thnemeha ththeatne et mentin tithachans evythi e ent aanevhi thhumaelemt. th♪ma ♪em ♪♪ dietesesti? 's althe me.
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noth g ti'ale .th tryhis. freeyle te® bld glthosech s.testtrip thrys.eee ®su , bublit'g's et goa--st ip eep] wow. su buye' thas'go -thpateed freeyle zipwp]™esigw. yeh' dithit jtet-- eee [botpw tar™t thigbloo ah, diew i jrigh-in. ot arthe teoo sta s fa. u ne jusa th, d ighe bl.d ofne tch.® tetafa neusth blofat i tdiff.ent. so festy lit itestfftript.makeesti... ftyit ea? stipke tiea.. eat.all or cck-- we'e'll end u ripsnd meteea fre t.l c fr-- is od.' lld psfree yle te ttet streps. frs . callr clk toy. eee tst. llclto
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÷÷÷ ou hav to remberack in 1av78o andheemrck in 's 1 ddleofnd th95se ' canst he le thhe gula5sons hadeodaan h las adda di't hav rongpahe i waavwe he ngne weidn' hav wa h the rul tio. mingut ofn'av whit. >>ohe rouul re sangngfou w childt no>> hav don taayha you c diavhen?on t >>o,on'teoueve . di in? reay don. >> i't have ted t oea put mysfon ck inav tse days tutndys one ton god t dson'telvee ne iod
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sta'tedome do i tod wihe tanveonmenteing t d od me ndwi no btor witnt ngthe t ay o b o sorre worit e w cod noave o ge sreorast 10- 5co no ores e g it i0-ossible. es >> ome i dep isie. c-fowner benieep rcusaid cowr b ue.s. ru tio usd arcreang a me. and me ruio it i ossarleea aend forim m to for iss oreimf theoor he bigstigetai busisses onlyai0,0 nsies lyobs.0 n dhf enomi.s. rk, tt poth tha emi , t gulaonsoringhausesse and he ry laseastnglowise what cd ld b mortwi rob tat c ringwhato b y tnk? or >> thiob that s ng fatair . y tk? >> thhiegulorha eironnt iai . unrtai and flthd anulor tt eon i crea s punblemai forndl busaness ople tt i srted ea m pemorwn cuspanys25 le ars go and sheedhingwn i cny
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arne s indan gng udo ne regu itionas lg as g uno guon las wh it i .no whclart yceain i. wear yceinanete t aspts f th t regatorsp eironnt. t theg borines pele eon. needt claryithecei b toes wet at is.ed ar a lh ofeiohem w a s.ayin l anfprott tom the a are saying ey anottohe wtre diyay wiirnd tha stuf ey wt to procthat kinha of uft f. woro butt k 1 ofegulionsdded ot th 1 bks eveul dns.ed ththat b isve o drpe oulde at hav as c ope bac o ld wh do youav a s? c >>ac o wh ioou s thiostusins pelereer itehistedtinns th speehing thaer i eteeredne th s. ng a cleha envonme e ander sa foa c ale wllnvmeunnda fin cialfo sy aem wll and cporainal goph ancesynd everne ionhe cra samphce page. er i bu wtamorri tm ta.
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mo. bu w itsri t chaging tapid and mo the it are manhangidnd regatio ththatheyre donannderandegio ndat ary n nleon doer.d til ey ailart n dow no l heyl can'lanow onve. mosty pple ren' lookingn outve st the-fiears p wheenoonguthe make nvthtmfit. ifrshe ty d't kw w tkehe en ronmift mht b t d they kill wot me ennmt m b thateyl mvestnt. >>our ne catepnc st.r >>twicrhis we n cith sncethi that got p ish is shi fatromota pylke si rliethiss wee m >> tell ie yisee thi >> itl yhi is esidtt obands idob ngreiona docra h not ted wuld bere ana dra h50 t d pet u wmplodent.e a i tkedo pe ulot. nber i td o n r coressmanho are wh o he co ss n aouldreave en a 5 w pe ent he higheld hade aot b 5n pe t fo stilu h hedid adu say tt a d b y foti u lieve d ay t a d y
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hat? ev i thift? poly mer dihi not rpondo eolrt m receion dindotinan ral pndic anhat is cen aan p ants tetha o respses. athe tth o feral ervi d an ficalvi d and cng ssannd admistraon d innd cespeng to thetimus. mira d ns,pe unempymen ratheouldmu ha bee in t5nempeneent.atld >> ha stieelus tone llft. is o er>>tis e sff. o by tt msure s. weouldave t be t m farenghe poweibilldye t oosie0a milln me poilobsosiave tten sll up mos tha leel if enp not forha stilundf cotressman s sangor andti othe scoss aln e.sand weould hhee sl lked 50weld perct henemoymnt ld ishat t0e rc >>mym no. ist t not cordg to m wk. o. t rdto m w theo stilus and ever hing hee heenti dons and eedidnd wha erng i h dnon anthe d ha teary i did d ane emplmentould teaaveideak
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out nd alf tplntldeak t lf t2 pnt. , no i ink p. tha nos wayi tk fhar eyidayt u terstd fr the resu s as w ustreiscuing.he >> donsu wast t wet i t pocug. tbs >>on w of t b ioth t s depo qte u t whe itfuit t birhoint sde qe of iew.het i ow wtit tnt tha iofw. li. i w ani d wnd if hae i pchi is gngo ani d b wndf ure p ghin a bd nw, bute theouldnave a be a el n ofw,uthe lotlde worbe ifel nofwhat weotor hadf don noat >>eeingeoplfaciad aon ni pcent g uneloymt rpleci ni pnt and relyobnerowym r a al it d lyouldow al b depitssioary not forld wt w b he se.ep io y you t tornkhat w w tha is he a prouisinpitc t t>> lethas printc m etayhat reay. m itoesn mea i i ntea true in mit snewea i it i is n t ue.ue m >> b m ik. i at i t. lik
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>>ayin b m on plu i i woulbeik rit nonlu i a oarth ul i dri't know t i aeri oth telesionrom d k pitic t ri pepecte. leonm pic i pectm aeconist d i a iont can saybou enocs if wan didt hav youhe enocs smulu w and tidavkin slu d oinve pic respse would be o in pic sp wlde measablyn wor. >>utot asly5 perntor >> emplmentorselaceer no, plntsece o,hat is i we ht nos i pocye h response aooial stim uspo and everytesingnslse a woui b im lndvytgnde h f t 1ou b l rcen t had t but 1till wse. en but t as baduts 1ll w p.cent t allight.sad alwa pnt e llyou.omg n.wa ank u ey vyomg mch. k afr gee v whi m. afr g-20ndee predenthictiike th 20du inrehenttim desete thdunes
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amica'dimishi rle >> ama'mihirima chaengin rle mahag myothesaid "wel may we ght buy th hotog ct myd seheit uidsome ace. elaye t uy soy pantsth otwent co ba of ericse umee. sopas nttheybaet wf h thicbran maner antheyaid, ey wth an"looan we' got his anttleey d,t docart d it onoo e'otreals goolecorn . dort let'see we n buitthe noper ." aloo rnan the anchanag sai "allight t'e e bue er i wi taka ch cean e wich theagwo oaiyou. llht wiakch wihe ou. anwe'vbeenoyal banof arica an'venal fothe anst 7 ayearca foe 7ar
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>> a rig. esidt oba wle bck me thi aig mor ng idftob w b ack frhitlestriporft tfrce. a fresip geread for tfr.hequee as geador refusesee ounnis f elec on a efes n o justni by f th e ec a gu. nt bformresideial thanditeu rah nader crmllin fordel adi deracrat nhallergero spinor u agait t deatllr sresint. ai t lphtt besi y.irn> htbe no. y why n. >>ou he .o b hy n a d ocra>> h crety oftate b a of n dra hampire jt p hedet uofpte tf regimpratie for j pandda us fo t gitior td n
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ampsfore pmary and plled out t tug nps pry f danyo ped wutante to and fo yo w tevebamnd a anda cllge r a ewam wee a a wthou aa cll e ne hapshi pmaryeet a is ward ouull net h ofhi pry >> s isd tlt wou rulf o sor the t te boungul o a immeiate t de bcrat chaenge a wh abomm ate trd de patrty ha chgelengin > i whmbo t n py intechstedng > t isear. n thgree artteedill he tr. theertl h thei cllenrsn35 or 40 stat andei cenaybe35r mo. litari parat andndtbeillo sila toliriar pasndl ectins whe s mall slaartioasill t e tito cllen thewh slltil t cen the-par diatorhipshat fezes th t outar o diorpst feshe dba sthut o a chleng andhe a chngrgumt wound be you hav toumoueold you oseuavo withhe lesserf theld eviou.e a th lse thihevi p ty eatry ohi the p
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e yft wld tip to ohe t repu ican w nomee.ipo yoagreit that? pu an >>om.ot yore necssart?y. >>my ves comecar fro v hisnic andomibitiansro ok a theisconve and thaitns a he alke aut fveanha beten n aul a mysfke fet on hinl a yske cmina wrs ofnrkn greson. cna the wf is es a. comnalihe ther >> asou anow,hethomli t er a pele aeer disreenw,th e t isss, ype aisend chasstted yabouthis u we aad ofha theed oundis we a safng tshe sffng sa t bore s otr saihem. u beid havot anaim.xtr jum o em a savhynottrum mp i o th ra? a s d war i tha bout dar eceive cooratpoweand outr govement ecee condatwedorpote or stat andventhat ctainpo boate oundt that casinart boou at of tt terty relt. yocan' gf a twher ie yy re. er not a yon' g aer i y
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ultilliotaire ligae woa lottli ore lga cwose andot woteooks o docenti it unlese you d wree bksomburocti it leou pet,ou ban'tbur tn it i pe 'tree-y ract iitho fument ref m e- iacakeho a funtef i compitivdemoacy geive chces heoter mp iv >>moy eou c chfs popleer >> a cick. ple miael oombg ath as ld mtk. mil mb wou ath m beou a hercean pot.e haveen rcno ted av rooveltn bolted froresintoolt ltrosiaft d da nea too ift and daea odrooo indil n w .ro the is a wer problehat th ird pars c adidte culdro det ouon' thindar we a a cid cd at l el. n'in ie a a is a less. lel i ayinfielthan is assn l ddy inelan i rselt's time. ney they r bigse'sactoir. y heigto n
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ffercialcesso telesion n ey d n'eralss he leonresintia deba thais lock dn' h thisiia pay re hingba thehackeoe.hi we'lt oparenghe gnete mor 'l proidenal datesnd g neshou be oror preprdentenl des oubatee o froitie ndre nt mmuny al verte tro cient d unayinal torhe tandi ctent inepteer a octiner.o sdi ourn inte act.o s pe the orn pridenal cpaig swhato y tnkhef is tt? pren c ig not at b yad. t oves it. >> t hatot wld g b. r oef tt. >> re andt b we gtate r nonnse o t re andndddress bolteone a region d ss estis anreal get me aeon ti anpeopal votetg itead m of t coissi on opotg i preaddentl fbate twhert is cosi an pvaterent te er rp catedsy theepubcan an pteecrat c paredesoheubn corol at youar a rig ab t acol s.ot ou a igb thea ralp it is alws ahe pl surelpt >> wlls talwbout a theplre wal w stet saculaon tutn. he loo forward toal st t nd in
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ooorrd theo meaim thr year n n tresihency deaadhr ar econy. tsiy naldeaga on iheted ld anga c wha iheed rean an di c teaha this predentow teao it diallea isrent t overgait l t saides veaif he sts.aies e
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