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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  November 5, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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>> his week on toual edor rertwe on oueexl hedasorent allatns a inl hasenter n l cain and hinis cpan shifting ersponn se do he inve wndt h it tes t sftin g gohe di stanceon. se doe w ps, t aeswo t d leaders godi sccemble o coninhe p ro laneaebrs is scle e' have ais u.s ito guide to hehaocky aoad aad ato gde t to newocbakyma care mdate has canetholic gbaroup u c in mdaaras cocadol gup cost the inrede a d key vinosgthelo in ke2012? lo20 >>elme tohe jal editial po . >> el 'm j paulalgi t.itl fipot. this au lekt. herma nfit hiain'ssan dacyek hmansurvive?
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n' isandapa ieengsuiv fm pa alletis o sua rassnt fm asany a lethtie fomerployee s, ss fasan offeri ng aap za rthes fnse r to t storypl andee aus a fe a ralzaf resnge bind he ttorynd lk. deite at, rpl tngen bd this wlkk. dee , len aiserk tca broke hows c leading t t packith % of lik elbr ws c primeaardiyoters. ckinh g o u tik imarweots. wal instet colum tst a duty w it red st sveolnd dut ited editndial brdemrs it roy drd jasemonrs. dothy,ith the a usio ro y dd thas redothsey,h t whatav e th we ledboseerca'shatav candid acy is edboek? ca>>'s wve leacaidedhay t it'ek? veea faln t iots diabnt d stk wi talhe ctama ig and n, a wnt say sty with sea tt c igou rd p atsnd t rpoayy ea bty t sea t f your pants. nd is wn't at s b t seqfre y nt t situaon nd wt eq gotre a tit ceain amounofotos o h ceai mo ual affabl coser natu hre
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a th 'sfaurisg. er na e h a lot oire a thurisg. intima cy nd h a thaott'wh a tedud esinndma icy t woul'tav expecd h td ese dndee ipl dipl omulic'tbuavt letxp d t meay t s dasee diicotbu l ood me asoutce,heot elati were tce, not . elati a w t . ion staencies peaps edicbl b thers ionstci kd o f rpes ic boang erd host rilitwhicy c dersnd. he'seing custsed.itic >> nd nl irsn th. e w or'sngfcud. >> espn pol iicalthritiecs w df is sm t ron pn andolalti y just s saw theoll n rbeonrsndnd ca y r emains o stopnd s a tot nbe s too ca wh rhimns psoli a aot so r theo wh vagueline a ohe o t vue accuons and pple undetandhe sual hara mentculaimcan s a seous dany of eman de nd sl al ra bnteimn frseols s. o an untiwe h e so idea o whoal be th aoluss. are ti hhasotde oho t thus aediby of the ahaccusatn t real is, thi t ibof theusotsn arales,.o.phi votersre going tos giveim t arenef.p of th veersre oidoubt. is e gsts es t of enef othe clasc whingn ttubks es s congrom g as k wwsng ttkswhe,
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an dcongeangm a canda inhee, posi onsand oeang tryinang tohe st ou sisry t ausions that he ohe m a nus iounnsde tta. h >> don knohowhe lone' contminueo g tde bit otaf >> on noe dowt. on younteue rigbo b t of do ou r t vaensf e claims a e scics of th va f cusa cimtionsand er e is wtci csth we kw fmhi wesaekond eris t evts. k weno thamt mhian rweunniekng f pr idenevon t.usin eswe ha m an rexnirien is t apt at en t isisus minanagem ent a exoren s a t opleho are is m aeaem atuorck ba ahohere polictuck e erbas don't hp mters. ol>> wdo kns tha tdo a hfapas m te. e wknegimac ofheha torfay,as the o f ofn mahe as in of th attmes. of marous ne oattef w these callare deostf oioute bus tess,seet et i beh dll e . foi onetsles,et hv ig be b d rmal do t etle settlements,beou k a s armal t ndate ey wer e ttinme ts,o k a a come o entu ndly e w shldn'you in p treored f co oentu thaly sh >>n'nd tu re a p two su fes one of ha w ch>> t a thewo es cpe tencnee heof tcaaign, et crpe tncsee
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guysre running i t y agn knasason ysresaid r--ning o y tt pnt wha d yoason id hink >>s a busitne pnt w w do you ink. nk notarti larl>>wea , siis w th d wha we'u reat k. ottirlwe, thhae' resiatnt oba raaofide cam n and dn'tsiell wha kind obra aof posidede he >>re 's oned t'tngl haouinave p todeake e into re oaccot.ouav e n attore e ttoco ne vocifous supporhatermacain hasoc enyed. pp i ink ten ithesmawerin as gh spefic haenrg andd. wo n wei trok ed iesour it peulcbeha ag verndy lge wowe rovolu ofot saying et er on'tcarege. lu we donot't b sieinge this 'trehis is we aon maleveniet chgeis hiyou s el inou raon aal kd ge oferrs w u d ion'tnareon a abtdth of w this i'ts r b. ab t pau yetyou'eay yocareth is you're ayauet iu't rayefcts poyore w yyo trenk he woulderrm asresint. >>es, w d t tnknk heouat as si >>. pau >>, dy? >> weat i>> thiauy? bau > it is hicompleely k of au t muio n go g othere, out mply k con oof t yomuknowyouougold o getthe, on ovoha t k oyofowuouet nonm ovanemen k th o is fveryiffilt te
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fornydy o nove this anen throthwn is hryisfi tcee r wh i'mdyalkio ngve t a utro i hhe pu f orwh'mki hmacainhat's partully sspuna fte hmacant's rt kd of perrsssnate in kofer iistenc th there's n iollsttached iis te him a th tre'swell.tthe d>> a o of th h reans a we. t of l e a a l ogerf primaryns oc s an becofse lgetriivry ters he chaocncantoc v t t ivcandatesnd h ty rshe resphad to tsetbacks a ndes h con ovspsytond so sertac herman cin iaing t ont te andailirt b lynd i trm c i coai t be ftatal. te nd>> iliyou k bwhathi is co eexis fteal i uwhy uldwt hau phiemsely is gethis y dou hi ouinevenly iod pithis ishat even i happs. ery ory pmes tndhit yore ntpp y y wits hengnd scrutiny ndyohat wou the sayfit he sut the n omntio wnound t this s f hstey ce out aft er ltor d n en hnde' tss a lrea t nomi cnee.utft >> t d hs cpaearisonsno omie. ma t t g ceorgpae nshs ddy ma story tt grgw. cam eutddays be foreor t tt namber 200ay bere elei r >>ea00lly hurt bu.
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>>,ut tt a atleioi was >> ea ty e,rt t hat'she >, tffen aceatas wedon'know t whether t tse leons e tcerue, be we n' ownohewerh t he w e s t e,settmentso wkw tha t thh sto t we he come out ttnt wk w haegartdless. th looto i ink at homout l of eoplarwhouppos.rt ain anooti k to me a fro lm o a cer ta plouppotn m a ndroa bin cess ual li ti fornd evethingn sttegynd l's aume f liti or e g mom enhat staingy l iocent e f the chge tom wert n fr ivolousen ahell egiohat t t w tio lfrloestaant all sociion hamply tettl as cour of ing buonel. tat perps, a ciern y hlytl rs ct io urf g ne. he's t ruther, oa h r ct siory, why d o i wt's ttho to gs, w s iry touhat isn'teay t the to in hatwithsn. th's a pertofelyin normal th ing thdo's er >>e horee n ag do >>e ecstatic ee high in aery r acsta feghctio i waynndou ron't a in a feut ioatayouon idohn wa s t a whaat mit haen i he actuallyoh n s wo tthe n winionndhis mi ha ch idctlly emergedn woendhisrld? chd >> tt'me aedn littliffentrld? c cums tanc te. a lverybriey.iffent >>hiis cmsnc ei orryciie they.
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>> notion this ot serioorci hecaidac heoesn't hav the noons infrtruc sre ierplacioand ain,cahat'acnoet gosng toavhe lp h and fr iuct' iac gd ngo n, t' stgoto hhend.o. te irs gngo ststki w.o h. ten t st olls w >>n t ts dfrent lssuec t.>> or tsearfntsu cecomto orr saage a c gece sa rascue plan has theebect crisiscu lrpldy hare thed eric shoebs? rilrdy red icho [ le aounc ] crberrjuic wakup! ♪ ♪ [ anc crrricak! at'sood rnin ggietyle 'sd in ie lehmmm malennouer ] for lf t calies mm
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leou ] r plu tveggal nuts tion coud'vehad v8. ugguton ouved . ♪♪ malannocer we'rnot empyeror eloye.♪♪ alnor 'rt mp er no ewhityecoll or be coar noitll bco oro clar we a busess ameca. or car a eve day e aw ae us s thmesame.hallges. aveayaw thme ll s.t atrudeial 're lpin compies erywre atdel e in mp s findywew sutio toanagrisk nd sio tocapagal ask empyee nefi ame can sineap a mpcan e t onfiith sine. men ne n onh ne ♪ ♪ ♪♪ the do wakup t ear! u kn wha else ear? thdoak tar mecare knen ehaollmset. ar w me reroug deer 7 e.lm ca i sck wh ld m icarplan ug 7 care! s w or f md a arw plan wit beer cerag lescost e!
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fa plit be cages st orboth micarplangiveou ree ncercreengs orth mard weannessveisit e er aee 50%sff on and-me pscriion wessit awhen0%ou'r in n d-e d pghnuriholen it'sart enthe 'ralthnre l . dnu le soit'sime loo comre.. 'st e th l so'se oo mand ..oosehe rht pn r yo lrn me at-800 edicd e se r or pmedi re.g .yo l mat00ic ordi.g tp tp÷
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thpoliicalnd economi rml in gece nd thlialnd eeunorope's bt wrmoe t ioonkennd sge ateu pe heg- 20 woe tumi in catnnes g-fraeheu pre isinnt obama caes and o orra leaderseare ba hea dffheorlo l de financl meealtwnhat cheanlo e .s. t dnco to k tmeheha c an eu zon.e c tsi ds to k t spillg euove zto csi arica sre ss orasg it vealad a ri o as e'reac witt hretvens redacithalstet jvernal d coluist danet jenngaler a colut d ma aenng a maastaataao'ad
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andn respoe toeb and o'genead gr andnesinyco tmy nd rativ ne he whacomyhe riv s. stake i n isheur w cr is >> y s knokeis pl, t nk you veo didiset b w yennohe l, fi tncialecouto a the ea lve d bwomy.he fi ia thi in ecrms the ahe finaial ctorprobly y. the u. i s no thi in ns he l onafl or obly dger, th ubeus i ino ttnk the' been a lot o dr,dvanced i t rning,eeven w a lmootdvce mdket nds, youin aul: ad ieste in s, theoueb o. eurea n nkl: i>>es t in w er eooebki e for nk yields t wreas higheoorki or yiel the. the ve pyiled hhe r hat a utel thehe he p innd ert t a ut ma trk, whe bksnnioerusly b lendoth mabankwh bks >>io i tlyhikhe indsomeisk th thbae, b as sa t i thiknk ime k thathe warngig lsthre b s out sare s iohiy' had a at w ance tls-re t 's n a s spr fory'adem ce tbut i th-k othe r ea n spr or onomy wemre the t th oisthkor r t u.s .om cos. re he we h a io th hwall a ll sieet urna ytealay lkinhow e midst s s eet na stilay tr m anufac riinw m
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ars europ i a ilery m ufrtant rket f t he uar.s ur d f a the europeat et f t uecony is going t go i f a he e op cessio a on i dongo'tg kno how arp, but hinksst'sio preton cle't tha they'll h w b a renksssion. et le >>haaul:an.hell h>> othapointex acatly.ressn. i' like o>>url:nn.hiaround. oa ti thexk ey. unid tatei'has le o lothi touo. answe fthork uamdidtests thot tcrois a scica fll the amoba minirati . th eucrpe ion t bri s oci cahe ing to aera nirecetissio n, weeuave ist c te riou o g a ressceion and our g rowewthe r cate e o sh ould b a lreighean t oha gn hat . shld it s luld beig 4r t 5% cing sd r 5% out of cin ressn. we' or ou oulra ton. euroan r ese'on than shld tbeo > e'ro n resnlonhan shld ln>able, n but kingthe gek to lnable pros a nt ng aetety g pekackage to gog in ath pr osressn, ate ty peskahey shoul dgoo inis, bu itn, harto a the esopnsyul d oto d ois the, rig hiit war anheopns th de'oshe vtu rlyo wron in thworlecthone'oms v isorillroyhe in theor th rl ec onjor enomi c c si ll heelseere he the orworld, you jo co edmi c cntn atron se e amerheic arl y a e oco gdlobaln atr gwth. er at'sust gbalhahaen
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s gh. ring the 'shaen nghe duri the aan isis. w they're ooringhe at t is . curr en zone a tw ty' preooselyng t at mont nrr theonte ad stat p e halyd yeaf monhetest a mihagrdth y andf looklikeears to co. >>hatbogr tth company mfokke rs co. gbal, w wasbo runtyom formerovnor o gewl, w wjeuneyy jo rmovnorcorzewe, orey goldman jo sasexcoute,ormeorr ol ansetoof t unisated stes ex ut e,omewerory,me and dla reto t nitest bankru ptcy tews ereky,avin dla ben eruopcynekavoveign n n de. >>gnro dealernd suddly deec id>>e'rero g dngle r to be witsut,ipopec andid gre gng in b eiteande ndexpl ged whe youin get cride lthex doyou eet tou g surpris lth here or th ere d cldu t w teur e mo of ose. he o th>e nd cldis we manag en tmoou f ha been part o f>ovnor m coine'sou p ortfolio. haeepa partf thprnobl i tnk i cone's ptfio inll tual rtthbl t ithe's a vwhatt's llal he a greewhatportugal sll european eno eseehat huge bn os troan risk eno desuring thhais h roan isb. n os
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wistk we've d bineethn lrning eaisrl. thelast wix wve lrnmoinnths ea rl tat iass spmoaitaly thi rdat s laes economysp i t elyurhio nend glaermany ismy t e our nd guneryny istrt o pro growyth refornh lasrtro owde aef mnbeh t l oy an i a europe and thaty shld wwantohapp daan iur in aeurohape? sh wh w wount beheppest ocome r t nirod ? st ates? wh>> iouhinkeesheet oalmely the t bniestd stouesome f he u ininkteheetal t ates oulde ifhey bout f whe u salva t he esldifyou. euro zale ttheoti. lly, e as a zentra economithconey, is aoo ideasa and if whad ntra cogrnothnhe awoded, aetween ha th uteheates eupe aeten sia,es t hoseon o af growth with the a, tse cmongrth currency forth t urope ist g idea.ur >> worsn it. >> ecauop itis creat gesor eea w fisnienit.n t >>auayt treheoor en sineim tpl theayay teo the united st esneim >>hend d't he toor abouhecur unctey essk > d h t theorreat o theour ncy euro was s pose theat he disc line e coromi las spo grce a spa and italy scne and
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hat' s wgr apandta invndtment banks t' w thohtnvesti i seinvtmt nk s bt w theure in ho es thti's t prle ei the ro h n ot w ihene act th tpr le im d tt e is hciple on thisounty. >>nd t mosimdepss ttispl on pect o this. nt >>rop tnsos aep al kict obout la eropns aailondal hkircutbo sches foer tngs a n lo taing hborcut the ow. hefo t sorld b cam o utta whbohe ow. ld b c o sveofoi bines and asieto dbuness i yems in thesn indn gre ie d bu>> yne, evryimwe gemet a bathou itn greportry yheev.sim.we g tock mar ket baemso goppo d th're sayhege s t ock art s li baigouts eupe i th e ay th ueted s tato. >> wlil, aii ths ink t s ick thrkets d respdi j wust thk want tsro em t goetaway, re t ith jk,t eve ryime ouan t se t that aw, baout, y ou h ieth aveou sehabaou y he kin of bum in the stock rk and most nainf sa tyingok sck until ey --rkndos tthe cdirs t the nghiokt,nt ta--heai re cut,rs tephet thehi cthat ttahey put mheoneyain acuep plachewhertheye nogoi t to gy et i mt beyk a a eope acereynoi gecapaliz b itsk aba eop eyore n going t really apizets le to noing rllrwyard. >>aul:o wt's e
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ai le t >>l: b writ'lys e t eu csisreor b tnid t seutes? si forhe uted atesthe ni d mainesso, weave be ss? lear in he world u ad ese i in so weinke te ain wldhe adea of aust ityk t ahe ka eyneofsi sty he wheer in the.s. o ar kne ineuropes no nothe ithe oin t lead useu opeuts onof nhe t eakids- o- >>on'tecom a sheloroh ki s-entileme st e.>> 'tom sthat theesso h wh we ome batime st nt at obhea'sso catholi whe e prbalem. tw ob's renattli adm isat prle decions hutwrchde a so fmerat spo er in decishu h relt . so fr willt coerst hnhe suprt reof a k onllitconcy in 22?he s a ncy 2 i he a hd. ye, i og nuil bui'm ild ubbeup. [ hale a noun.r ] trutyeis, i quil noesnl bu m un-sd ff yber no.. ally [ e un] ut, il sn [ ma ann-sncer y no alkaeltzly pluliqu gel ghts
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our marstnn er ld s ptomkatzluqu el lus relves ur sffy se. tsr t som deebrea ]s els sy . tha you that theold eeuth!eaaou athed h!
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>>well heon54% othe >>callol vot in08, i54t% ght not s olot e in for i pside obat tots me s earoundor
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the pttldeeba i bmenget ween ou cathic g upe s atlndhe nget we ministrationver thrposed gup a heal andumanhe er ceniraonr r sendes tt alndan werl ruill priteea insuranlla ruill tni statri t cerea iurla coniraatceptn an sterizatn in violati of urra teacpthingan. erat in ioetieigio xempti c usuracng the mda i s e soeiompuseuly he mda i s s writn tt choeuly colles and pitait a tnd socialho ol sesesrganiz ationd wilta a snotqulif seorngrg someio tilo t opif collealtoth. orngom e a wre bac k w chto d a a wre ac h orot doing usilam otng u cguerin, wal stet journal uen, olum wst expla jinrn is. it' wha t uum sa. xp aulhatoe s ntt'ffhatusa . ne aaugustha roeuisrill t elo rse, no aususttarted rui atll eliogrps enous t prov con tracattionndgrps sterilizatn svi aovnd i cnac on at lea one stisiltedatca ssevi a ugs t matayeane cisausete ab on t>>aul:ut csehoug ton wa>>sl:llug t wasttd,art ttupd,,
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fr thepp eninla of miigan i'm, frheot in votlainf unss tans is iseled. in at ce, ithebamaot ca a lunot tis dseebate ad.nd n c ieba ca a lo lt ofot d apele catholi loofid th pside opemalendat lotli ofeople tid po ed pimdemand ot laime ofpl areompoaiedngim. not lae lot of ang. tspe. l o f ster carol keanne sphee. fous ensabrou cs olor ne o ma re. ou >> she wenhere a t o. gnin>> he hedeaded to la icin deic uniended,nd hpitals a nid,nd hpi ls agcies cti ang insurnce coverag andhat out heagie c ti nsthics cearits an wha vag they an dndt tabad th thes cithoanhabiop ey d ey hador a l g theimeho he c haeyer to ad aor tim h me w c hhaeer b tnicms h of xutrefiinng,ms seiall in ang,theyave enacclme ll an eye senallyas--ac >> vy effeiv e. nly >> y-- very e ec vy a ef sudden y i vnery a en ceshat in
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picayes rhautle ca srcof ason lec.l. fil st rcof andud nl yas the geren c.l. withewhet onact o thedseudnly he grous angave it sthomeweone o ehee. ouandave >> bausebec ssene t said e th atdholics b couseldcotse raid pe le for th contractiatli a ou wo not refer peleth f-- c tr a a wootef-- or on anso thi whe oy thing on quir an to hhip eswome o y t ngto save these won, a nd iro hp eswo er we saree.he n, ahey ve ts doue s ne are.he y ni tvers ditse thi n pau dancan ini rssput- hi you've olloaud tanns iual r puars. s, i h avu'e andlo thes l r cath ol s. bho nd the h chndchnd the at th letho pland t vi chch t advoteer e fetor p secovind spokes nvo fer f co hh a ft tsphioksn f decision t dote ahe b ho cion d otoverhe humhean tffunng said you kn erinum the midunng id y inhe m 19's theat athleti gr ups,19's880ilonat dollars ale fromhe feral governme grs,88 il neonly aolillionolla >> poml: falwogow.rnme
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>>verha tneerio adli tonla ca pthol ic chuhwoaseally >>ve hagottt inio bd caitolhhehu federalaseay vern nt s as bttlnsays when theyed pal obama care rn t s blsa en thbaic cmarch s rireght there eeri fort. lok y ou s cigh n ri ft 80re0 ri ormi io n lollar yand ey' s gog toall 80he tun and at's gn ng tarhad en't a go topoinl likehis,un you 'r oi g t t a he t o sinuppokerts, tir ou abtionolic s or ou're t s oupoof tga. >> t'onthiceior 'rpot, biou t >> furer>> tot' dth'd bisay,s >> this pblem with ob da'd re fm t bsaeginning n is pjuemst whath t haart f tinng provisnsit's b edju osttt rce fcingeopl tovouy 's bed o insunce,ci p ple tci ngeo o pride er ceinssuhae,heci p pl egars mo raprl aned so erces rth. ar 's bs ed omo fanordceo and n pe oph.le ain ng b o t f oxnd ing goped. >inpaulng so w t oig here g goared.heat ho>liuls o wreallyig >> i thenkhere reriheght. at al and t> teqrere an eqsoreatns ahe free stitionso prode so tats are e overe,ithans t pheo regd as t mmal. er i th tk pride rnt oma idnots gog toet ts drop . thgustpr befeore o itrside ntiagolto trop ection. stefe oplerxpecdethatiahey lll
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expa t ec. xemption for leec at rey gis itituti onpa howevxeti f'd ik tre see ititi sier h kevnan aatheikee jeins o si serckorat indi dualjeands iurosho s ck alave o ec di andal wdho iur s so m be rced ntalohiavnge th thedonnd wwant. m i e meednt ithiho't jus bthehennt i fome catholic't jstutionse. pau do th fo at i cli ocnlyay tstutsns tauhio ole ing cas o bghtay sid tes r me t finly s e g bghide re rg ceme fpposion fro thcathic crc rece aosio o ff th thth, a c wchy the way, a is remarkabl y thraare wch th when youy,ee this rarinbld o ppre ionhe y ghts. t >>aul: can'tin rem the rebein--gh. th e>>l: bisanhopsem b tng thi ei thisps bgrngy- t sposwanalle it the abrulgre at pole ihe s, abanulnee, but caics. ey'vannevenespokbu that f nklycaefs.e inhe ve'vveokha >> oe pde o maf slyteef in in a empts them a o tede o ma se obleawa fm athem etshem theyl go s ilen t ae tlehewasemem dition cateyholcs g w sl vent t r oba agn in20 ndonat wen vn 20 13oboag canin20 b t haer will c20e doownan
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>>hisyn tism i ca edha erill do fownda >>syn is>>m wn yed e atfoe social ste win governmt eactiat, th s's tia funlment miste.stwi ov yes >>e ha to ke oneti mthe t unnt streak w hen wees ce o>>urha o ne hes an miss ofhe wk. ak wn our hansof w coratution cotuon ngration day,he cy ofharl te n usverin tenolo raon y, c oftorlnspi binsesus rito cteservloener topid mointor ssts. crver kingommutiesreen... coratution mor s. . an builngs ng valmublees ento t. botcom litu...on whoa anils ale totli.oa ... theeoplinsi the coratution . heplsi hebeca e wh youdd vizon toour mpan cotuon cawhou vyou onn't tost ar an u muiply u ♪t isco ar so ♪ly ♪ corizoso inw.♪ zo
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