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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  November 5, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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rmemend it to uowsn armten i je u a je jer@xnewcom. that ior tweekend's r@urna eewtom.rial rep ortat a thksweoen my nelnd na e topecial rallyor at o y thks m wahing nd ci lyi' amaul gi t,ope wahi sngee you l rht h n st week. ouwe. . >>on: n f new >>wa: h.f n hman in tes cter age in t lat medwah. hn t cr eircus t aats m the polital pss cus digs fth p it dtnd pssoreig dai the d txual harsment crg from hisast.he a c aloverar genng arg wee fkro hi as t.tart with c storyerit ah neeok naand n rtdeilithto didhe miait jhum np q uicknalynd n who weh ind t mheia tip j tp q ck the es w in pridipt am jetff to e ales w ithhe pridt world jwide economic d lalma ws mhketshe hereeact w aldde his job slaonnic mts tsrect a spiisked byob cosress. arepi the bcoessia sll io ar ehe uring he obms s.ll > t oupoy memen tro in h acobss tms coury tedup memen twatinll their mov acnd tou
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anti. at it me tllshu tirov o t ti. t tameruas? a er im karsiak a headlines wnhe fes korak divoadnese, b do nu ca? fesor onhe pel ts ekri rvo b o andcaox news onco pritosekudyr minder. ews eworkriailytoewsolumnist mi. ew ankealyewolntnios jim aneainkeon coribingos j etor america coinkeervaonve mazinand coibg eto ari host coof t alavan mind colmes sw fox h news traladio, ala cco slmeswox i'm ws jorasco,ot aa co esx neat i is onigjohtscot ne n. isig n now. . >>amiea goquestion w. >> ie gohoh-- qu ti whe y want to >>- he siant tosi >>xc me exc us si >>xcmeme xc anba sndbaback. >>ndck. >. >> j: that'sepli pr jid: tihaandidateeplierma
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pr ca trytiinganda hest to get stemcarsryineshe t poreetssnd emrs stastexhe h presm chars whh c me astex miasm overaralwh cmeek. tia storyhi roer leek ltigto h shan up the e g.p lmpig. h ha cains u t n in d ine corol i fode a calling thisco l aitch hunt. aal ng hern ca is topf his eol lachun bt.utacg t er fcasts op cris oolfl his bg tai fgnst ye sterisday, of aincaai yeer y, magerark bckays h daie wth issue. ma r>> ts is bhe lckastay time th td w i i'ue be. tis l atddressing t thee ss i' e hat haswi aedrein wghiton aphe enaonhis taswe. wied toas a y kn ow aonsr. cain. s s ykn cas a ifferentind ofandidate and 've nifferent k dfed o camanign dad were ot d e gogif treplay b thed r esamn we ot thathe mmgoiag h tasay bhe esesblisd. >>on: hat atout at, m,mmia h th media e stlied tseesis >> ru: s tht thet say, he th mia e not g tngseo ruthhey p t gwing polay by. >>hey eabshhem a py
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you be a y. >>y uncoshenhetiala u campgn i byou a wun , tial yo u hamp to iu w , hao abide bmea. d ademea.hat iheoi ng t i iheoi t somnesks h tomrow or ten om minesskro h noomw, o hcan n in ampndnoet hcan clbered. jon hery comes oclbed. on suay nhtry w ch esname soce a suesayth nannameoncrete tai . so whato yoesmakethf tleonet ethinthattart t his i avalatche?yo ke t wel yest sinatedrt w tits ale? el es otous s sourcesed i wpoli co os snce rcen wvead a nber liof wen gr. e w ve youad a kw, you hav e w e wom you k w,allegi y s hethi l ike eth w th's aallatn andgi y hi lve te ee w enho th alln a t supdly hoceiv pmes n fro t upmra,y iv fmsai nnro beusa,ef is amndhasain patt erben. f is mus adeal withs it hean't p te tt d oesn 't usalh it ext. he't mr. ceo dfsn misotood ex enough a s hm allsf mimisseot
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any reen aghnde h heneeal im semrs. in ny a htheenreee res t hs. hiis haled a hehe reco rve t ais w aheve have learneds aays worse veeasualedly wsehanhesay w secrime. >>nd o calpe wt o the he campgn til alimd is a >> o witchut t e thi mp >> t ald ll a polit ico dtc was hipo s ethi>>hasll actu ply hitpeno d. as theyidn' po shi accus hf tu hn . eyanyn'ing. ths cc wha hpef he usedth soms ethahind e cced omfirst thendidomet dial, sday n ight and hersnt heid omit w yeah i h dnel,d sda nht dot kn anyin abo w yeah payments then ye i kdonow kn ny ymbots and i don k nowymowts tn ye ch. i en inow how uch ats onend dwow pernal. . t hen was iwo w opleow. h a o he tal erl.mish andltedn as le. heth t. >> andmipodlerso mar blk ss. i'm nev oi ao er lk a muts aibln. ss'm n 'vsno this t e a a timeai ain,et ifron of 'vs hirissndeot a timeenyt a n, ionf sa 'ms n gngot to tkt outt again, e veime he gng to spks mor qu tiutshanai e answ hs ar aispd. m s>> an of ese ev op veswrar coue ofai d.da. af e >> aleve hreidn't dd ou o f
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it fly at. f hirste.n't tak f aook at s o t fst mbe tow i deoolo ad.t s o thmed tia e rrce ntd.he th ed iaatch dogrohat wasrc ntned,nt lk at m ornichngogro andtas enin g ntewd,astsn lc,k mni ac, ing asbstshatn they fou in the dain haheyou t dain piticro the ori, for ca pit aalro he 50 toes the firistf thr al ys esterheauhelaireneral sc dal br fauorredeenal into in scl b19 forde hotoing o 19 sry. >> c i aressth--in the's a s.ea cor ass this. he a andh uldhaeate or th. be. nd >>hreeh srid ahaert e kathle wly be. >> aeeus ter pre dentthhavily grod he us t ent19 virohe d t hree toesft ju it teero r i fesrufty of 199 5juto s r ihaty m 1clintohad pedrmtshat drea becse he ctolid ntoned ts caaignold e m iaea nd b thhe cediaonbled t hiscahignsd m was arivate maer aiabled t hidissaction eve an oughrite a she s a istatite even gh s
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atatempye and eed u paying her $850 yend uayg 50 it00mor than t cn itsettlement. or i eliethve t tha tn cainselent mpa niieunedha ts and asai n meone w wakend on thed t o an as scaal s, t yonidecrew i ukep oth fm th oe nar ca ti wilidcr say th isfthhe aar no wi s detals y nd ith belie i a po nlito hathe tas, and ta y nd th i wldieav been ithahe saciou thewoul ahav ed tthm. ldav b ee 's tli saouheulav me it isn a b t de a t theli numbe othee i bttlent iverysm t he umgainthep wen with a le iry anl.yms soce n inedn wda w a ths is otood anouymalsoisn herejustdauting all othis thedoualis onym ousrestu ng a tesoce >>he easoymnshe nsocersre sodifnrent rskreadnleil clifintonnt w fnthe kad miaeilcloitongn tew aheftiantviewng ch gitenghe a sftri nberntvi ch gingme n prbeside clion, sn'out tainmeg abtt. prdeli , n'rmantain eatea mia reinmabeause of the w ay ann tem hereac ted. e se >> oon: thndreehad a wat quesheti ire herd.ol ts
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>> : read weekat jim. esti aft wat tsing ppl eike ekm. ftat ppl anikoneei and anon john ward imxpdeeindoh rd omxpde cutions o this ve how ulon the cnampahin msakeow the hemistakpa m from "the wainont" th st id iroms not "e campaign rdy for notrimeamti. and y ouorri. an yate to--at at's toat ok it's 'ible toat sayhaokt tret' a ulesle s nic s and treel aay es s n nd nsid typelay you don ay bthe ulesou d on't idmakeypt. y d is buee es thious 't kere. it i>> n: treereuehi reactions ofanvolveme > nder eaio coulr sa a mnviame woul't hav run the cotoulsaia cainul wer't h wteuns tattrue jud in thaer jus ns tr. tr jo eards i udan a haistus tr. oliticians njoow e andds a it' caeol aiall w n havndeome i foreim tt t i ss of e a sealassmtome ow re ttss o on thsee blsme. our blas a
2:38 pm tha our b yoss,idt etow t th is. >>yo thiis n a hidh-t ch th .ncng a nd t chionisrvat ne moments split downhe nc a ton at mo me iddlpl darro e ll s,dl saroying ells, ng tisfng-- yingnd l's g theacts out. if ere n ot sf t--he ng l g thhe stsuld a wanthe act. f re nou heheas th a sccusded w of sulac harass nt nheer cvictedf a us seal hassm st. u don h e draetai s no c cted sein hsm k- >> yon kno hwhattill dn ai inhe rubli n po s,in k- be use y thenond oatthllay is iina g. rp. lipoprs,ar be e ffheer ot fr a general. i g. >> on: ll >>eryerorfr agi ng.gera jon we >>ve a: ake at. >>eak,yf i or ng one ae k,i rembs-- rst if y wanto checkut t i y than biatsobashndch clihest. ut xt are th tia mediaasndch. oving xt whatre impor mtantedo oving yoatu? ior nt econocaires iyonu?reec e and europecocau irecoecmic nd ur rmoilereendingheco mi maes sth a nd oil aeing meenng ss t a eadyma setr ssed o a a inamecans e theed t ady s coverage oelping mens
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or hu rtheing? ovand agene com telonghe orpolieshuerrt ag?ho a thed cm t o edia sllhe inlig fesor t a he psint's iaan? he in f tfiut nexon n s waph. 's an? wi diates,t's ughex nto kwap li balced. don alws ha tim toat lwie i iaoulds,s h kliald. onlwha thimt's y i toke lgluci na sldkes. ey ve owlyigesble rbsths i uc sto s.lp mimiz bld sur sp esy lyese s miz wh h cbl helsulowespa1c. [annouer ]lucea.wh c elwe opleith abet findalan. [ou ]ce heg leh et nd an [ le aounc ] fm thsoupyou ow a lov co sou thayou' lov ge ing [ kno a nc f thupu aov w slco ketoue sthae sou's ov om cgepbelg s. no slet exstaordsoary ste nsat cnsel afteexfromrdremiy e atingrient teommi ow kgrtle.nt w fr camell' it'smazi wha soup kan de. framl' 'szihaup d the ploy of e moh ss.. he n spa car om citalne. spa mile givoy mef thmomost ewar.. npaar cal. pail anyiv esmalthbusistss cardit rd. e spk ca eas do le mes..nyalsi ct . spca so wearealdo uour me. witspar the wossal earnhadoub u milr . itarn evhey shaseeverrnday.ubil tt's ttinthe r pret higevseery. ningy owtbusis ss ine s ne r beet morigrewaing. ngowsi comneg thbeugh!orwag. malennouer ] troding ark the all sine creomt
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caths h! fr capal o .leou ] get odre bg chookng un mitee doubl milnereca fr orap% ca o bac on e ry p chast eve b dayoo unteubil orcaac e p aswhatve in ayur wlet? atn wt?
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redent obama the gdentba summit in fraenhe trsy wher conce smmbo t fen trsy wh er glonalcesboconomy were t op gl sue f comyaders.eop d a o su fop iueorh ameran dpuobl. op ewh pew erpos, ariblcans. in test vewersu pewsou arins vera gein neaterl vwonou ten, ra saea repor anut t on tionte othe ecomy s ep eir p tsty. on o%thiteec newy sbo t he r 12sty. ca%iditesorews presidt, sangt's mor imp catant or toes em thesti morl mpreetnt torost s t he13l re0% s thest iscuionsn whingn s t ab t hoo dr thecunsw ng fera bget defici ab thoo drhe nio lfe debt. bgedeci so is the scnnelde bt ju i nso tms o ihaehe
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publ wouik e jure in inrmatn abt anwhathehe ess act llbl giv wgouthem in atabelanl, tathere oe ss sctee tivbe thonheco mi croelnt t arend sn th nmirontccupyalstetnfront th t nbe aup to ybe beroeved for ampl one f the be a mbero was tere beed s ter dpl nef e terest i ter fs erre decit. sted % th amoure of ime tt er wa defte t de t.. thouf t 2%. wa fthinwe're going to hear a lo. me ab ou in'rngs ghatre h hardo disss on lo mabsharetv lird d peci drygtvgh er 'sciryg at'shat the imfers bng at'st he asked tsissue,b it's like ke debtise, so countrs i cs ke s bto uns af sat. al o ts isoi to inre alerans, but i i thinthe dia oias toar d in ertiman b >>on: e gointhe newa obars nuer oimn frid>>ay: wgoenew ob extly nuover omiid w ex pped theovneloent te ppdropedped, b hhed loen igur out opd,8000 jo . urutentrom1%. and better thanronticatednd bter 1% aan worignall by tterughte an coulicbelled ach bebout i t
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wigingll 9 t%htnow t heulllchboai idt, g t icernoinw h tdedn aithe dght rectio, >> h yeadn bec se we n prt sidect bus waat r.5% ea an wpr de >>us y wakn ow. >>e did eaan >> old >> ykn. conse cu>>ve m dth aft m onth>> of d job growth i c se wasth o nfthe mthf ilrowt andh i n cys pesi snd 5heasn'toodil nd enou. n >>cyow d hleave thpe s 5 cottrooin what ki oouap e.>> d h le >>e oun't a wer coy w t eskion. o i dapn't a >>uesonn'. ar >> w it . d bt us ahast gooesdon weno >>he b bholhtftoo eigdht yea lef tno at uc>>h b morhehanftig ea ef5%.t anducimhor teonnc th, ut t%.s isheew no howshe eno w, hen t isbushheeft,ewownoasal.itow w ow eno w ithen aner my qu tshnt,as it as dy poied t, the itan m quediatouldct ll ys d p it,nto t the to h tiaics andctll fyd i ato hpene in gree ce andto t ic whs isnd fd appeng h inenn reeee a whd hosgree got there is peng nthsaoa ho >>ens gr m tyre ques ions. >>nd l mgooa to theth >> m de oquthe able jim,>> l t mgo ohe esident' job pla ogoe tle m, ved dn agn and h e' siden t'ob p amg rublins f v d, agnd but h tak democraic vo s. r>> ili d f and, also t ak doc jvoohs.n iboeh dr hndso sthouse, joh
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eh h puicans tve an e, tereing st of ans a bar re g to jsills thatassedhe hous j >>on: s thls get tng verase. he >>o, t onlpers 'mho ad g>>: bothet ra >> tnlrs jn eh adg puing itutnd nody in i se ierestingly en ou >> n date i a ceseng o compouteie d e n iate te mpteie e i ll seet url, ov ty s t rate s heisennd teseen7% increase itheoore 7% the, whaamer icancrs,ea ie famiesf fo ther taning ams ke o living under 1, o l in gd yet, those fndiges they we1, comet bur d iye t these fig es hequoy j wegrth ur >>he oer fires, are uo thos grth t ho>>w ohat p eople res,re w aosqu te, p in th ha p e cotry ve w'snd pn cor'sy anha's ndcars. thedon' have f w s an yohalookt aesrss. foo hen'av f w they'r n yook a eating f lley.'r >> eing wait a nu jllimob
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haaia nucr janorob >> alaot me anorthe. >> a[lauter] m >> r? the. i g oingau tr]o >> wch r?da y's ish gowngnmi tneo. whatbouthisda y'osgh alsoowmi the fin ancialattout iolvis ogh johnorzlse,o the einci hdfvi mf hnz he vestmes, hridsd off t predent, lo imemeri ds omocrfic gernoof n jers, di thatreetnt loim enti ed cr? g no >> nell,t's gti omrsediat atntioand e ne yorkti ti>>s, wl,ch bsthe way,om atiod ne enrkrs ti w be rzy,e, b the na and govennors yi wha b the t ed dnd wovr this na fday redegulator wre is f changes r cegziatushere bk, anes usmma,nd won a,thernda s wtory -- nd er sto every bo'soving --thattory a sckg sty,ve ovbut int nlet atusry nogst y, tk at bohe2 ilnolion doar t aevanheay2 w hisilon doanayis mpy ent bapt at hpene to mpy t t moy? h >>ne i guee's not tingmo y? that. >> >> ghee'y' n overing it, int ow n thaat jim i s>>ntin er in out. ,
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thant ipat n n ofha aim lotf nt folks out th mnthtate tf lf lktusretreasury seettoe t placegeithner andreasy ew york acgehnme- nd>> n aneworore.k >> tt'shat- t nanor administ tion ts >> a haven't hrd tmist on a ns. av>> a'tweake a ter break, youee omnething that ou a a hinershow eeade e of ed iaou eeomhi t as inow ee-deil uofst n iltc uh@xnewtcom. nup nt, a w finlyeeing the ugl yh@ sidewem. of nhe ainlyeeg eccupglyide o ccup pros? >> thero >> occupy protesthe owexnd s is o theupy m pediate s scovheag. m ia buis i too ? a a aiovdag bu ioo aai tai d rdiaarage get me tentn th he aragek e why ntth he detailsext on ws whlt.d. hy wdeatchil. st n wt.o f thmostmpornt e ergy curi wch o thstor e y rid ecomicrowt orthmeri actlly s ecicwt e ofhe lgestil rerve inhe wthld.ricty ofa largestart r thve iinoil wnds.. aget tths re urceias l s.e alityo crtetrece
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hun aeds ty thocrandsjo. at o kea proct icanauns hodsjo wel beablto pduc t ose oea sanro inawe belith pe sauc emi ionst oas anny oer os h samins as tha os a oge bakthugh. at'sood r cotry'ener secity ahaa bthh. 'sd coy' erandecur eynomy nd emy
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. >> >> iidnoidno soy. eryby hheame a so ey look enybca >> wan my a ld. k enca yea om>>etanng iy bet ou d. wotee o the eaetomet nng i et mswotcene fro the n ocpy all reetenmpceme in nheew york cy. ocpy thl et maitrme mia hav n y painted y.e p tethsts i mn a m h pad more st po itive lhtndore poveomhte even se sport the veme. are e amnicanbuyg se. s po >>he % omef. re amerimnsanuyayha t>> % o tv nmewos aayhat viding t musovage of th offving t ovag f o ocpy wl streersnd oc wstnd % st right and % eug h ig ndcovage. if t med went%way e wugouh th bovee. tere. t ed >entheyre tre bwase whiu is th beae mteme.en and > iey w t se hiout i s is fncis and em a oa ianou heer ut sdiffent tuisation,nd s
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dioaereneverhere hthe ffdiae io h toov diiten. erre th ea a ov10it th 10narchist and 7,0 movement nahi a00 people tne it nt7, ve vien tuatio n. eo jon tho arenehe image it vion the stuion. on >>hore i agebsoluty. ereforhe t sn.ia haveo >> coveol thiorsnd ppliae aave o gett invegir theerhimespl a f ptticg and min apishe spen$20000 over tifnd m for pice a en s$2 eve bo er wafirs ame ndmeor rig, a buwho goingve to p waorrsmemeig bu o em?oi t that becpin tssoruenow. >> j : a? theuestn at iecs t ss e ca of j ahestea hosa o resnsib forhehiea ey'rhoang sou >> tesre's tibhaoroverhie a al the'rovernge oouct tre t hawhatccuperwaall reeteople alheer eardoing. fo exatplupw danl etgaplerho rkin fhe edfoiaex rpleahan cehonter w m ention earheed inhhe ow hader m penceon e in f newowsadpion on fri pdaceyn wch hese dfews oriy wnor w hee nev ward.e evard. donan protester
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gdooo an the pteer oico er jon endis baebe j and n fks is wahi n ut gobend nd t p f and wan ut g hoasand al pk the am d spam themasan ad al so theond. s d i tf thier aeidely wn oron r epiorte tdnidhey ypce or oterha rfoepx,tedn iypce ben ot foinsx,nt shutdown. >>ven n b annd wha nssh ydo >> n t nd a i w t y w wst o f thted w wo ot,theate it and deco wo t, tt d a on a few sde tcoha re a o n oingew s>> ts is t anonmosre a this ng s-- t is >> and wont's e perceag a his the mem t-ha fal >> ws eer nt theheem taltery. >> ihinke big unk. >>ig governmryent has lt ink b ofhe unrrts a t>>he govnm ft tus t of arrest as, o tr aune dierenarres. ut ar ostf who om ae ople dien re >> sual ss lt a tol ohom insi theemonratiopsle n't sl tthe aolpolice si heso oneti media i 't ett ng a lilot of heeast oro yed i knng a hey,of ieaovest that knhe he mes coveringthishathi
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isob mea's bs corid-th- >> l's smear is obamait bh d- erythg, >> l's sarev oytbang!it >> he l eseththem sports evthytng! g hdeless empom.rts becse mt gle%, 99% m. ecain atuayave%, t behe ne tnaveometyngav t besiti toy. tytusavt wonom thetir tio ir styusonhe irvicty small ctor birank of aricaay ict's gyoing tmao ctkeor bkack ts aca i goi t rdacts deb ca.rd andondelraith ca .the >>nde ha to ke one more it eak hehene om>>bahack wo hy o m ar the ar sikshe alln oveer omba w thnews? he shldsillveca re >> ythesws ? sh yes
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malennoucer if 'rgonnbui a fu ficit ca . leour do f 'rnni fus m e a cir ca tha s wo h bldin do ma thha hawoall be luinury you' expt. thhal luy u' txpn yo put an-spe tramison tyout anperais thagets1 mis p galn. tha combaatiots mi pof lalury eiciecy hambio lry e ie onos m e plce ithe rld. ono m pl ie d.♪ ♪ ow lse e 20 chrler00 ♪♪ l 20 hr err $ 9 a nth r we-quifielesses. $a h wequiess. i'mhil ckeln, p golr. if u ha paiul swoln jots'ml el polf ha ai've en iyourolhoesjo o day'm op theorld. e iures o ayth onext 'm sing.held i ave this txtng sg.lledsoriic t edri ait i d so intse pn. proi essisoly gnt wor p. my reumalogi to me out brel rosi gor m suri how ricklma gimy ymtos hae beet manaeld. sumalennouw er ]kl mycausenbrha supeeessena yourmmunsyst leou ] mayusowerbrour upilitse to furht iunectists. ayerr it s ious f isomtiimesatalvent nclung iectis, tusrculusis omesalnt luymph ia,
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