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tv   Stossel  FOX News  November 5, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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itas s impnt thtt rl. >> d't k if i m o >>'t but tediaves the tkahian andiahehe karadaannsndhe ve t med. they areoakgar mon. ted >> e eyre lovoe you.ak m th.nk to j e judovyou.nd and th t jala j seyou xt wk. a la seu w >> eloeeron it :0 i nnw it 100 pm. inibw ukssis.y is s "t fiv 1 p i'iour tnbus "tfv i'r talkr, t>> glg:ello utfd. th ow's gakedlo mf th 'sed
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mric arete 9%!mic r >>se% o a s thi s shwo review? a no ttihat fhnwny idreew no tf nntery tainn wek" ken ucke erin trslat wionk k niol augh enke ittraatrnees ag en wi hm itef awrieg assptio.w no th us assiocharm of hs portr. >>renno tyoupar oa trofhs rt >>n oar o 1% >>ido vrwl. >>ow re y o heipdg them? >> walt tx>>soraised ony peo hle
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p th dot ewe?ll in>>cwudin in ed o hwpe aretho el yoininh liin eple a ethyu ohli $p5e mi ion >> idon'hae $5 milli$.mion in' yore pn ei$iils liall. u ar. youlie.n takaiboti ll ar h nskinl e.whic ha acanohtpewhenit's redin hc nhen'srd sowo cold opthat ow buso colaupnionta thg aking au foi rne tio >>y're dtngrgha.kng fou rhe to o>>y eod mnoret.han occyi ak. om reougtttaoc u c. b ridg ute u nks, plcesthmsels. b iis ignst >> son s,suldes umyel that i brnn. s >>ssud ot' br gttt poe'tttpoe oo essentllyclingoro re oluon ntlycngpusreupu hat gngo? th uulsspe s rt gfngdno?th lsse i revan. th eplo classev. ey sraan the lthovelo pssoes wn
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ev .ey rll she yoheu folrvnt n vin rhem. h at hopensifof yutdon'tby th pnoy. hnsi batonbey, yyo u'rthoythe proem ttbnaee , to 'e ixed t ane h meroa t winle be th rei wedithan h eawi pohomsowcter them n an, gpo tsyouerfor neo parncula n, reasonyorn risla esej cess oniht abot sing is ss milear tthe s civiirighh b mvmst?g l tte vighyeahm vhmn?you tinkyahn yhur's nocate inikhe outrwhout r a ain hstuge. w hdr. utng ed to akabu t creive . g srtgglka hat ou e e uld r atesglituatns with ht drotes soameimess trateakin twhet tesomeesrain e w. yothn autte vitamwar . yontear moemento get the emoiennist g votteihite coentri is >>voitehse cpertrso ll uhteeprollmore -- inte'0ouwoulm rave -- nidttea ig wasawue igs gtor.
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her wa noere he violnce 're eein gow,t.and er theaa yo trehe v iolle ce inw, a esdcala ng, ahelandya t ecoev f es lag, tesluatin dowo prs. ook at thes p ituretunow r reakk g wtidewspresry-pating ak w walls,ccupng bisi new york polir hapangngo cmiwa.s, c upthissbia sciaewy rkmenlit,aad geiing.sarie is a>> iscwouay enarguae -d- may gegie u n iou yoiaree, rtu -ayte cil n righ movent yohad ase,eci ct ait ec iwhent was ghovt a ahievacile. aithers no r eaenlwa spcifiieva. err aimfcrfi th ierct hey want thmr. ey nt miha ooe.c t y it'wn ofsing.m r theye n s cifi min tmsha fo . at t y wat'nt. o ftheng em eyang srfi t ey'robousl vi tlwat hether s be over00r i'ridenobassslailtsl erabepeves thefcr ims, ioperenss as destctio ho isa eha b efitefgranmyon er en you 'rstio ho detroingbit ofnon lvs y uofrpdolero ag p ofert ringv tos make ivi gogptoa ork,rt r gto ov e keo ithii rgo famiies. iock,ung h polivifamis. ic u off ers.h i itink thatthe is a ak fofs. t iokerthencto thee i svarl ak mesge.
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thinthatwhe no co seevrhlose es. in atw vieos ehse tlookvis ie-- ht's not rtlok thee 's o ricmg e shege i inealiti c mlet g finh myposn en iloo tt neit i dt s,in mysn i o arct and i n't ink i danybs,y wols prove i . rc ad i it hk >> ybwoecilly wh o u ret clr inhe goalsh. fos ciin h ook a, iclin t honk lshey foave n pschologil, other ai obltmsbek yse hat'n te pabouthe horgige, r subthctrhr . bl the agt' bje souoe erae bod hr .mbe of emeransag e mace,oea ic h be fsersteeme, stee tremends inco rmnd coinequatyandeguy on wl strit ekeua ygdting the gbig yonusea f wtl atrl onge ith ng hneconomi cg sorucsetureaf alng hith pu shenteeon mior aucretedle cla. t >>youpuhe conraacte ytuesel le ou lac mpa>>du ttcntete civiel righcmmvadt adthn ootkedcv ghmv n atedtat tap and satda haey're nuts. i d't hin theyead hyre . d iney
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relecte ofocuy ll stre movents rssthe contrrey.ct f y u regys p icves ourt nehe cpcric plac with neuspecifis -p c >>u o no.p c >> aciitbherl tackfi -b t rape on.a d >> d ibbrlhtvr. >>bjrupen, i nt dmakinbghiv u>>. j >>ute smdainthe giulthat as>> rap. >>ome . >> juat hhol gdonat ap e>>oe . >> u h thed'soo. inequey arund e wod. amica ppen to e bnouquinard wo am a een o erybuinmidlof th e incme ey inealimof hpecium.c m you k ow etheliarica e p c. gr uoupo he i caam eeica ha as gr at uh op wh it m mtoca bili hae incoempbwhlityt mov pt lica leta eroiisec yourbidsty wil gov atae beetr urs wilatio, gveaa igb ho s iou ha.a at'i gn lonerthu >> i h i.agree '>> i want al ouf th si peopli ethat r i pntrte ingl ht adhes pe pppornity we aat rekp frng h wht aoh orjtyswe akr whad o i tink th a do taad i tk th a notthdr oudesoyin ipitaism, but h uot roweuringes in thcoorattax rae talom,wburin h anuflatwenginogt e tthcoxataxs e
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o thatin yo u anofat g t t-- at hehay yoo' -u drd. t >>e educig' reulion. tre'sdtwor ay o>> ged acitg thransr fn.r hat ttry'se wo ayllin foo.g a anone tthemnsis to tratytoye in str.y tane system.t r like the intr gy ctalng sos em cupyth keprt gho occuintge clng bk. aypy realy wtg thcu bank b ebnk tler what thagoint achev >> ink outthe erot r atniohansin >> aolely. a do hu thk t he ipk lcee ution ions is g aatey.l oo hthate tphatfruoi n anher ioneadg?a e >hna. t a's canur tnerpdductve. ey'rne.not on ese ut whpsoectr. . i ess at's he m'rso on appaeings ingabotiswh ies i ths so'sunds mlse c pauntngry inhtbo ti d'tircgne,ththatso tdshly'r c caing ntr t ih rdst bdion c eataltth,'r ca g oiism. d whaten ae d etlyh,ngt ma beoeriform.yr selatgoin a out ere awtri amarde or inead yreelpinng a t henaout oriom eboadto ouin d knoweppr facytpor aror mubot i frn nofw urfa houors? u t kingbouthn 1% hu milonaies atngutblionares, they%on'tevenh e t hliai f aat b rit.nas, eyn'venh f1%tri $344,00ayaes a$ 4,0
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siifintamot o oney, but nevehess ty're niry mot o o eopley,thatbtt ied veowsrktre hr t and le atbetter,t ied aw suce ? >> etr,se >>te' sing to ogee ' sden o ss.i g o next ear ther oogde as en rillon dsllar studext ans,he uoand. e th say llt dleart t emt gde. thats,s xauctlyn wh at ithay ies it'. ncome atrdi tributlyion.wh i you'eigi gt ot'o riveme a i tloan. m eo hysu to pickpi g tthato a that te poao lmo hwtoo cka tax ta. at >o let eak y oua uaxss. someing.> so iotheewordayou kysy usay yoknow a t whmetg.s en ighe rd u in hay c ntryiyoow a finetasd in h da dy.ry darfgnt ys w ed t o daha. cagesdagt dan e dat her ha on sese of ana he preriptons.n migh ifagreebu she a poli rerptscr.ipti. ig if foia eeayb t's avehe cha ge li weecriredtif h biifgfo gs who se contchol e weedh oiciag cownorol want stre t,eloing t f o ia coemslvesol watrt,og fad sr ewi mserybesy lse, yugu say d d't rrisewia yb l e,u ssdgnt a innveencd ruesa dont blok u s trafic - t >> t tea partve cid uado blheyodkd it
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af - pe ac tulealy pawrtt a yrmitd.d t nody g eculy arste nobodygo it ped ornoa gsauld. >>harcemebdyo . edor tha'ssul a>> icdimculs coparino tha ii ul s theyco ria issend folled throug go p ople eeyeeda is s>> ye knowhatfotllese g ysug th releasoeou u y noareattees th e asoaidoucu wallrestre s beauseheyave he poar do o chae tllhre beseeyee o o a tihaa tharti. aiti. ite t love ta sut oe pk," byheu y. >>ou can say y at cabyge,e n t>>ou cn a y aitlism be,t tnot what? whi ssmtem t wok het?t thanwh sm capitasm? 'm wa i getha capitalis yureca ta m? a i lism di hoe folakialis u ut h er e aaies captaldt e>> ol hyre hor capl the're o at-captalism. lete t lheeousometn thers ex ses evyap li. st cturet andthenyusmt na e erexs v urndn hee banrsadwl teet
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andwlet u the rugu lkgreedye igs- >> gedthe ot is >> grey,te coomtuni. >>p etyour e y,latt 20 oni >> lls. et iturooksike esidt ob alist t 20 dog awsome. just s. kiitdiksng.e id ob mays w atdoaws met st ehknkhs. gam em yw pl. so, m reearin mhnsextm vacplion. ybodo,has rarnxt idea scn. odmsil s i wadasmepleh wheetey dot chks wa idspl h i'mhoy 1 doch d mo 1 ngralatis. rati congtulaons. nglas. coralaons. toy, t citof crlot cause rizotechlogy colas. to tit cto iotpire inescas e zo conchrve gyergy ianremoniesr co s. one gy mang cmunies gener. congtulaons. annico ..and ildimas as caluanie ger the
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ottonglinela. s.oa ! ..d diasua hetone !. ashe pple sidehem. congtulaons. as pe dem.causwhenou a veron to yr coany, nglas. usen aeru do t ju y addco y,yomultly. do♪ djucoveddsome ing♪. d g ..♪ ven. so w orredhe ceal thacan lp ler oletero nd w or red w tr yumed cer cl?lan lyummr le[ roman lor chestel. woredtumermm [ n [ mlo 2 ]chummyte m ]i gmy th wro di't malannocer wantreat stend wle gin os gthrodit al tnot car helpnt at wer holeteerol w g o h ey n chetios.calp erleol h nhes.
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♪ wk, ltle lk ♪ ♪mallalk,ig tught goa te theall ♪ w le [ ma♪ annllncerk, t htthe st hgodrooteper hellarl of may cannin aerrica e hoor ar fro $10, 0.f ca aca the l-neniss ver sed. ro0, iovatn upzed. e nnovneion ssr alered iatupd. ovn al ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ wk, lttlwalk♪ ♪ sma tal bighougs,
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nna ll tm al♪ w lllk ♪ [ le a♪ouncma ] alig thugmost egro pera olla tal♪ [ of a a carncn am ica.thstroerla fro $10, 0. aarama. thell-n nisn vea sen. ro0, iovatn upzed. hennov-nion is iatupd. ovn a ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪ ♪ >> wecmebk "thfiv." we'r going tt>>lw 12 now.bthi 'rgo n t inmtlpe sonanlw.iion present ama sa n vry wsana roneleion testt y,a btn y matta whapolrs slewnt's t tgointo be a vr ttghtha race.l s thse wa a nineo e pllr htrc. th waoutanb "u toda alu onef e utthingshey ib a dato mathu p pnet n alhngs y epub licaan nomee witthhresiuen tobnama. d seub ifc yomu wpiuhsi entogethe obbamaa s andif ony ipnu oet heoaaanonyim atch47
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to ch bama anper wst49% o%. ma5a. oma 4% caion, 4 8o ctoi, e64 actllyci it oul o 6 roney cteyrc icatin,ui uo'reroyer a a n,we nuow' leooi houldd th be nt.w l in aitioito hhaol httthhey eloed at in a iohh hotl,t ebecause lo a havine th hetoral colle o heesauwiseng tavtes hstatestlatle siges sa en o iher way. ifbob wner eoheei ih'r ur he auld .ive s fbbettwerr hexplatioofie hat d teatmeabnstt r and plwoioud htasmaas bd u hog. h. that oney bet u am 1ta outne ybba wouud ba perrand atn b a mo oeasa e rrd coloradanmoeae nd ooad ry lorida iw michan nevaa, n lr daampishiwe, n mxiconor ichranlina va n ohi oaphi n p nsyaniacoor naoipsyviarni
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wcons e'lle him virit osetatw ans l e ii o yo thseinkathe'sln he e.right tck? all th e nyouhbnks y's j th ih t ? ead,lltwto th nnbs yuj tt. nuer d,wthonen souaa dten't g t nu ov 0n aoney o tdee. >>ood nt . ov >>0umbenra to h>>eoerd i u>>pm e agaittou aiobama te widemri is3. oa ait' s an oie'seri is3. 'as race. itpoesit's anyne's al gama e. righ now. t i d't tnkais'rtegys n the's ighta olname. gh w.whver dis t scarllgytem generht on. rwhr s al enrrpblirn, you'reli yuoreny at n% - hs tella e e % - tl vulnabl you ave per evulnbl o nu ep ain. >> nd inngrh is aon. h rnie. bsl ely,igr hes sn the h. up ing. ly, roey i leokinthn het but all eup wigth roth ieinmrgin oet
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b troron l ewiht ih.em in rtsbsicly ocls. to makeoos mbushcoflyi at is s pot expt f wha oou sa id ke oout mbama ici t s n tpoexo feha 50%adsil . t b >>ma aic susrpristd to eaoetoday % som imebo thai>>trsa-- u >>pisto e t>>da o twabonhats >> nt you. at pside obam culd ytualu se nth cali na p vidergin , bandnaoiuod an d al nlori , aali natll vi ini, ndbcoaui anof ria eetorcolge, mbaceuu >> i s ad it h ad or i lenm tn euo ' iad c ount ngito ha d t md te eo s'tates reay cu tickng i h tidesaes r easye iall ckng th ndushial i iwt. ll thtingth hus lsruck e u this iww s--th welngl, rst h alck u w t tr k ise tiwksayw l, t statayl co fro witr kaay satwinyco ro e. mus aa yousilhave o us ose-lor alses foro h hv r eplica her >> e-orl oshor hrepcaer pefoct. nn of h eulicps get. 50eter. of h cdyg tha s 505e%t . >> but there's igh of te. a >>'m sayng% btt eree'd to-hhd, of bodye s >>50 %a whayo ge eei-hs d,a u
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iondy wher0 th oun y hhaas goneeei u n though aerthtne hrribl ocenic thstreghfulasttearibl, h icgn u mplmen reevlas w've aseehni unploynt omeduwn,pl nn vost s 'peope thsk ehe c ntrun ioy e heed n,thnwoont d recoptihn. h copletr r anrhey d ohw i es. ecti so he' sleeri cumnth'i s. gog tosoght'beat up. i icamcampgn wagodo ts git tcbmae up ow ti?a ave mpegna repbcan s t's t moe presi thath mrebn is comnt. i wantresitha ask oge c mrep.lica ho ntthitk skamai o tstge ae peprocab blyh hlke tahise t ao eoog yhat lie to houls ver etthe onnign htlto' 6l >> r eeh .o n lens ace t the slutio6n >> fo obemhato galei er ut hea ansut io reublins hfoe hsa tto faous oua ke dmregliphic h ts o cafl s upida p ep e,hvednom gideica at beea gn on oid phe h vst teeode eaeers.gono h t if can enos.r e stid eopl get tm outf to a voot t 'l in by plaet ltnslte. to gettem o uo tn vobyte ginn yome anet. tem >>e doingi tlevody,e focu ng opeyoleenhat er>> e ted inforelople y,ha t wecun't od eeoug tt vote d f treheylplw rhat vowett ngeauge t tv t year ld het ehas thrstt iog
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inheebag. arld astsi in>>g. ifhe soeowgt the nty oir thes 15 mglliot ho 2 milon ill egos. t eha'1s io oneesti2illtlsg u.s th' stupi peleemtieare. tu kns wuha fh o thpiepe smart peomeato. o eknwaf h oco egehducad arsmcanteo his ouldne evebe a cotest . >>cohoseerca ahrnsoe dnheve's a cst >>osinse in fct thedpede nt sees in of ft i ghs, i hdp soemre ing of i attedi go p int ou i myru lngk at i omed of ph d iffrens, y u'll ave dlela o eiofh which df hesen num rs e i mpol ante todih hc se um em,i poitspatoni aio unmploent pannictob o207, ai soamosunlo fontur nyeaobsa now2 0 was asfor ea.%s a no o i 's% no 11.4. afcan eran unploynt fr 85% 1u. tafn e uoy1 % u .the% are othefaors nthat. itou t tho ehetworew ete fas ineresnngt ae.cau oftt ho ingswohey erewecu g inoes in eau e mofeot oiicalgsy remmcuthe y in rotee lym n so tiealmcatgee teel iste demraphcsg orthehispnic pulaon. rig.
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>> n am lphot ofsaeh spwec t la. lked aigbo utthat>>illa eto s akeey e f tor ed>> ias aonut atpllp tunie forhe re blices the. >>ut o thoeor n i ih aclunbs pnior reicth >> oo leino nn huose nmers, lanos anb as elo strnngl yh se th the s,esid t. >>laasdan hae r epeulistansave gleny tsmae, nid e>> wding h rpse st ata epla s wwhnre hehae ndide tt re uitnt, heyah wvee hee sidoe strg hispreanit, yh r i poniernor lie susaatiz ndb ianorl andol, o usin h d ustoa saa thdencrat payi do in h oos te thlyatansawr. i tink that's alhye ho it'ly rnsw but ' tenking h 's youaf o as khot' r utlati's edg ou ablsks rht no awi-his n r n 90% w-n % the blck r residen obam >> iyou loo ttleatnbo varues, sen am mil iu o olstrvatne relviios,. oh yeah weil k ur jsoatslio ooh. yeh >>we kt hueyj >> tah'y stand epubcan etg po a' i igratts.n th ubnant lkt thpa so my hai lras. heir houdkr th pressoent bma hahopenir ocageu d one oeset poibabou t pea ee inthbusium.
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♪ wlcomba o "tfie." theconyadde 8om00 aos "t laste "o tthon aacdrding to h os de artmt of stabort on nougtdi mte theh dentmeofle bo righ yonugtfommete 91% tgh9m unplod, nd %certnly not o9h tosni a eatunlo rty o o ectoonoms bu acordgotfor merecom bard o speer th ose fncyrer pelo te er 1 t4 milono ameiyns shld t nk rlo andeo1a ail ambecaee ih ingsouldshave ten wore. >>nd'll ll yaa cagslde wo >>l y his if esidt obama ante house, con essihals i id omaant eooe,ts, d not onsi aed wwou eeo t, ot 5a w ou empeymen tge? 5i's mpuent im presse t hat ? e ca say at iwi'tt mrss tt ca y t raiht ce. >> tawhoa >>ythe we.a m senwfovore >>wordyintteew langgem f oemn r sp ker hrdhousenny a gge fpeli. m >> hewantsptor bh theh upeaer ofyhe hus l >> ntgin te
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3:28 pm
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3:29 pm
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3:30 pm
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3:31 pm
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3:32 pm
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3:33 pm
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3:34 pm
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3:35 pm
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3:36 pm
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3:37 pm
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3:38 pm
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3:39 pm
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3:40 pm
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3:41 pm
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3:42 pm
bein>> arod rtnks. r lemafskoe aoutn a n tinerro r caforns. thi. e >>es.m a k eatg inhe uoet wh do u thk abcatrnthhiat ? >> >>. knatowinaazi.e who th ab tss t he >>ice rnaw. zi .yeh, no i n' hnk ' ts ceaa . gd iyeeni h ' iaminut g ie ' not haing dinner ? mnetactl. n aidner ? bakin-bbie. atl >> akin-robns, hat w bauln-bi >>ltewoehng?inobs,tw e o geohngng? to oa kn-roins with ou i he o ned khat'ro cszy. th i n >> m ovt'c. mv n- >> he wheelsjs caoff en - bus okh.we ls hese' cwhaat haf peene usso in sok rancco, pele heere' a a gognerod u di a snd ornnc , e intoretau rantgotgotrollyud a dinapropate,n atond auantitt y dinne the's fanamiopes ie,nada i thre di ne thhsyfa'remi ianingmaewtootth re rethinnk thiy, reial tgmabwc tao odrein sigtlha tte' reibgcng od spgotresaivebehaor.' r oeseba. so i'mlad the'retkgthis all ep ith sorght 'm lrecdon bheeeuse don'kknow t iso thght is wl a igo dhea ecbe n'ow
3:43 pm
ethgit n woda ei wt. ericoesn'tlii. da oesn'tike it. . >> i sictert't inlihesume da o skedteit r ot iests. iney we, lim w sould ed hae t or test .clot h w? l i ey wwe ingldo estrantha t the wnereof t l rttaants are wt iging, we l otlntd ate er tlea purt ttss neert- ig, >>w oylk s eaputt er >>hey a ve yoa esr hliky aeyayu'e a letsl ikppy y>> yuure aa txparp yn y o yr a ci couiljut atxa on d yeoa e ci whouher notttere saold ked i indin y u whir yot er>> csiomak a d io n thi ya l s c undmrk ona th uaric ca lned th nudist oemen uwi ha is thnothg buand stscam .o een the'rwihi p everthtebu cm he xhibionis p oerliketepeop t ok xibiis tkeop t hem who tey'r tuee y'relwh r ights nteto'rsee youuein y eurl ugl iessht n>> tty sstaeyoousida d d or tuls ty ta id tooadd ru h crl h ing i oo e csr u slw dhw hnt ik i
3:44 pm
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3:45 pm
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3:49 pm
athi thedmicl orso gt ottthe amdr hetha a tcome with beegc doctorthe a mmich lh me ijhcbeon o i y'veto i cheaotc o fi yeoi e rlfrndso this uyhos a in fr scott, is. usa in co murray, five ex-rlfrnds an heure rall i ereal at tx-afriveds a he o n hpens alf you're chae jacton'sdoacveor they ooth benehfnsed f ryuire. ae >>acit's'o o f hieykh beibgne yu frr asistan. >ytes. o i geieatgy upoin aasoant t e dyasin life of at odnr murr.tte d da? >>fee afllnow thar micaer . ja son s ofd >>eefactlly soundw hic maed, s terejan oofe. >>efl o m sreoe >>ther-- >> ys. >> i' kidderg. yve .one ack d >>rth ' thi my ct i t he dk otorh was wr .hi wasmycuarlyh mistael i t jadson s oro s r. blaselyi lt jan taoeay morel eicine a n h was t prablygoi o re e eovaerdos c aprylyithi not ot iv ros in the roncga. >>hi o tto t>> y hin tat inth ctor onsg >> o ong? y a . y in>> igte or ith g? aya.a . si e w ihenaneyogoto ath oct ad siwen yoatju give te adll
3:50 pm
the ugs want? by t waivy imali njct ge unstowa ? tveain omng thaitj woud no nmall kno e o utenfor o m tsurgay, twohautdswhani llwanon seo t orgiveit tom .rgawa ifa e s ve doe.hs ong any wyif u sli it >>ds iet whrn obecgaauseny he s liit doctor>>--i'm wntnp iecnti se you. she pointi torm-. i'm iotide ring about u.l t hheoi ti in'm ofessingal but spor. th don' the stdoictor aslso ug tn in si trblspor for pn'rhev ingor it?o in srtr. >> enfrif ptev pnglayeir? sy w t eteaesy witt. >>it'illeal. uaniil. toyiu'i nlo.. hers unil tthenq e ior wheer not shld g hs ltieenseeioher t h g l sevod. shld ibe a rmalmtr? is voitsh ib aanmitse of eitl lpcticao ris to th leve o of manslgihterl >> i hin ici's r iastolau tter. ev wh 's anler iin int reaing,s thauer. defenwhse thicases mangth nargent g,hth mieael jecksoen se ghthi hseamaetij eed rgnt hhmmiel . so >> trihgt. >> o mjicheel ackson ntedme thes>>drgs ain .h t h oem sichmly ks d aed docto esercausofathet--h si thk te daoct orowastopidus 150 taeth e
3:51 pm
dmocth --or tasa pte d c1or0 imp comied th tmo --aiant wies. i pthattills nt inomd t liewnttwi . the ipatll carattiinlw tah whih eips adueat tio hamah h hi il aueh an. >> h h u geht hsl ai.ense hhu e reked, iseusepend. thre's ud,tos thnde meica oardth u d ha mnslaucatedosn't he toaveoar imil n eant,saute uth attoyeua iiet,tyu i anat tht use -- a noa'ret beitkitnd becaue e se - inteed t gvereeidbeaue e p oteo tl. >>haif it an't ropol?o >>whath ti'si iaodinnt orpl? her tesn's mter htheyin us i rtn.i nk ou'rn' sir breyeakinu e law r edtcik oh'r. i k mrrlain w ht ilas th ejrcoh dekdingm >> twejtriy iths on o d cde de ngwhet r or ot te jrr. muriayi o e et or ilty r uroivlty anslghte >> wt tydoesothal ean sl >>te wdd hd eproidemiael e nckso ihte drugd p orol,de mil nd soultmatehtwht ruthey llego , at' tlelyteintt ehe
3:52 pm
medilel gxaminer's rpt't, thatt lychaejackn dd tfre a di am or'sse oporofolp that t defeaee cksdt rryi o m udo o e ateol a ayt lfeok, sotr i cat my furd rtain hat te a awas st t propofk, toht ca t killfrh mrbincaust e here ar s tro otofr drs f tndhit is boll m bd thce usse aren otdrf ao notof th aonf rofol rol dmmimu theyhadco commeu eyhi i dod oe an exemenit wit propfol, id dn't ki ll exme.n withe's ap ouestil,i fd'tweihl h 's a haesotihdruf nhh h sysem ha o hondruh cos-e aminyiothe was a prosecionwitnesth t did-ein headwits ah. maece ton jurw tlesl id sa yade h .a ve maasontle durbt a tol lhwh a ed. we ace't aon d fo aro crain ht .what dre . rry wasfo h f iain h lthal at r aybe fheyi aan ag lhleir ha n lat.w. 's lbekingy at oaryehi habehi ba. >> hen.icha jksond e ld, ng twas srprreto me hibat >>tneha on autoey, s o d hes waspra r te healy gute toorheigwht?s didt't av eal agu reat ilnss r gt?n'to id aa atlegi
3:53 pm
rug'ts o so think ybet elagumet is- r >>g we l trnkpofoe asg me-- is if>>h'wsl replfoy wha tsd- at makfeh m'e , myeolodneswh >> upe r hmant . ak >> knom. >>hat bmyuot dthese sic cuempan anthatas t ing >>kenoep i>>t bu ingh dng cllc han co naterts t g ed hip on tha r ngulodngl h ots hi o thscdule r >> lo ae a ra problem ugin em aled a ej ud nt erobemin do tor. a et's be hndstnti ectdr. 'sab "thefitei s dstina hefo in geld pecial. fpecily yu, aa i kep georldry gpcabalu you. ci y i akaeedoin i hiskec ommuyg thue's ing u.o be arqkeed in for isprocpofm. u >> ths g e oheje z. r p>> ouoft ki>>din o e'll ejpeo.u h er ehtpk nin hlthy in e wll yor. po youwant troape then ecordh hy compn nye buyot yonttthee re gdettng mp sud, toeg tbecuse th'reso e theeh e westund h stndns tahd edctrcmeon soar. >>ahd edorcmo ar bla>>e eveybody. guesswha wel be lrghe ba. vy. guswha webea
3:54 pm
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3:55 pm
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3:56 pm
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3:58 pm
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3:59 pm
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