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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 5, 2011 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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suiahuthayl st :t0gers. >> on ol ok likeers.e d te r somhing wh's ul?k isdtis woe's bmangk tba? wh u >>h, mg od, h iam ofwhe centy. b >>he game >>t mg cd,etry nt rlly>> ge gst orc crimnr lyti d? >>suoris nubr nrem i >>inurn >> ggg:ell i'm gregg g: jarret.ll >>'meathre: and i'm h err. chi>>ers.thnd i lcomto arandew hour.e >top pihi news. eromus andew hr. ccerns >ppiew ferus crn amesrinecurit. we'me tell yecur who senio re'l militarho lear is sin aen gger thr eamilar teaher i sin z aa er solhra t scdala tant s dumtsaor scl e sa of t tan star comumanyts. >> re saf ces sar cny t bde . re whyoveirds m bavdee. tay m ehyusovetdso down toav t m aeise
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ando dn s, aie do. ano. >> hth: b we beg wh a big>>ve in t bhe raceo teghe h ite ause. comiig two mveon inths tforehece t he io e e. miwoau mcuse rs ubrelin ioresidentl cteers makinaugcu eir se a a d nesihontrinteer thakat e r a p ade raldhori rea n. iowaas n the r ldac t be for ea verye. wa nhe two cacandidate be leadi f inhe rylls ey spp the wo cvediteeadin eirs sleavppg thhepoightve and e sge f eivavethpothig d s olitical raliv moll hthbergs live iitnal al waingt w it ll dai.rg le in h wagt w.ol > yet ai n gavepe y her n whingbut theyai didave notpe ng t aheendyidnowaastanru mad pan ggchru bhm padgch pry addhmress the kng us pgoer add andsspo t on meic ssueers a andpo vario pd o ic t o ue and viod t re reiin geren
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endi. >>hat re reederen sdi >>t someoneeeho wilta usp and seon say switolp u mon m a ay >>e nd s atose for eion pocy. >> n n noreed to behe po. pomen n the t w borldhe we ot t opo b nn athenildildng. w nd ae stng tatnal nn dingnse .din dw o odwn a st bunessatnd tnahel war nd e ind tart brinbungss o turhear tps hom e. rt in ng> m ool: separately te econoomc spches rom ne mndol sar y ai laid o omenospes o rhe liti cal goaails?dom he tiloa? cnge phosohyhe peace thou sengt and colari. pwece mus th crify sgt c wriur f ends m ar a clarify whour oursne ar ar aland s wto giving mur t a for s eivh m p grem ts.t weav e or hehoverent i'v beegrt loingavt t m onby o, i'ovmert iinvto b ask thilosgtm onue oioi' in thsk so crihiticasl sess ti s c tt wecaluld borross money t fwe ul ch bro to pay for ? >> mollyononight caichnndo par gi>>lych wil foneht oai in t
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rsonw debat ien o i tex. oneb onopic t of-.lits aording to onic oaners aordi sual toarssm aegatnsgainst cn a tatgast 90thaheha beenli wi this 90ha wk. b ee >neath: tnk ouwier tysuch llyk. > hetherg. t >> gggh: tho se fe candahe erput.nghe gestho cooantda f wautrnghe vyg forupt. ere awa brd-new vyr rasmu ene a b por tonehow yo rhemuop hofuls tpoido notyo opten h lasotigteaiddig n t pack nast caiigneag 2 ck rney closeain behd 23%lo forr hehsespeaker 2ingr coorng irn whea 14er%. thigrss rcoic ikn w14anru has hi r site allanas 99 cnts si the stte a 9ins ich t is gstning stm.ic e we lking i as gni pos iblste io wa weur lng a pbl io chrlie htois. chiets.
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rmain may ot to for no wld m yt e txpect f t w bl to y eect startli o t blo se ftaairly so? o t i d't kw if tom fwillrlall f thsorose becse d k ofif this bllarl th natseurecse oof t this whol sndatal has uolhideds ol sutndal hed out-ow t o conin surpri-se becseeavseen aonousuple riof ec ee bav froen runrsoue in and e fcraro.un mhinkg o if nchendachmann ra. andick ernk of ch onopacfann ndhaer hiopackf nthussm facmik romfn i n hu f imia aomn i eewre a mongia epblicsverywhere.ewre ang ic ivet'serolutelynydy ge. iuty hrow tohe ge. mixhehole sca al owheixndhis sheorhoe cafndhi s toy nat of thisorermatoy hisoreruy n.ike gingrhuy andanru
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wouldinhotut i psedru tm. ou >> isot not the pse s ua il nhe hastllaim agast aihns ut a aimain seed aain suniormed aut crical ises. nid aut cl is. hee to be unawa re thhee chna n blear weapo and uwa d tn'ht smchnd nerstleanarpond a dn' et s gmnd stdefsetem and a eade g consing ef ssetemntsboutndade aboxer onngtesut h ty stroxugglero h ttrglxpn tho99xp taxnla th harl he i99s a tla lik able rluyut asotget me sikiole wllut hey egasot to turn tetoomeebod sio w o is mor k noeyedegabornomebnd is m kabnd ea? >> ihinkhat poi. inkt sooiy. ppleike rm cin obecae hye i psplerm coutsern a ca h i hetser emon ates i he
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ons er t he gets shing ong. 've d th exp ts. t h ge've enrehiyingng on seg. e thexxppert. f 25ea rs e nowreyin o rt 2ngeandt'sotow working out. let'sry a nons-eott.orki o i thi thalet sis pt aonlt thiha at ealt a yreig thateaill wea raighat in over ti.ear ihinkhat will ea orr thin ihink wll icker t tnhe s icfrizren aim at whee son't kwfhatre ey m wre.onw e oth oi nt isre.rual c o oi ntals i hsas not done c a whe l ls h n d gani in whe iowa. t nin mwa iornt tla inhe m enrelectionorlarg ianizin is in reowleaconecse the nrgatane in s t n au se th coulde t bst hope th c ou hee wno thoof bstho t e iowa ho ofepubcan pty dwainer ubn pty perrpa dr bhmantor erpa b hmgingri allf them weheor
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in f hereis inhanerillhewe girierch saihane te l istegin.richai >> m ytlgu thi is l gtert > mylgu t sou. grt a ple a we wpl they we her w w toght ey i w hs to shtaidice tngs a bouti s thm. s iomices aerute wh th ver i kerh v cpetivensut nppone ntcseten oyveppnents ne oy opponen thatne ibara ob oon he mingp in tol i rabu t ohirdb place at e gin4% rdce f hean4% cnas histo pr lemhes tyayna actislly pe prm in tomyrito the fmer actlly speaek h q unto te ea h amid qu s very mimbardssin pblem s v heoes up i theol arwillin pem h emeo u i undheerol ineasingll h sutinndy? n>>si sure. siny? ur ngch hee put tou th ringer. it'sotut li there
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thinge s 'saybe li t trehes bcksterhiay t tts w d bocktstnowbohiut but t thits we d ow d areon'ttoi twbebo b t hiddenywe fro dnt poagereewoi tbe they will enyro p geteew retilreledhret t front peset tap. tro ihi teo are. iessizedeore ecau we' hea ze th wle tactic o f hausboe'eat. beiorof th tacic of thebo ei goodorof nice he une a bei f genod wit eicereybod un bei f gngit aac kieodnlback gobam and the mkiiaasnlback am wndorn t vyell for hi w i a mvel f soiur prise ad s tur he is a smat gu t a h heeffs a lot t a a guthe ot e ioi smuch beer rheht f. no e than i wld smuch haveeve no t pricdix h monthsve a. ggg :prf hedix the n minths a. hf wahes t to crgback ohbama torgback oma l co-douglas dates
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hichnveshe qstcon-dgl whicne dats ch dashe? qst ic good t d sasou. > tnk you od hth: t shewhitou.e hou tnk fir yg ba o rnth tit hou uirregcede beda spona in teu solyderaoan spo sinnde, it lya all butt resi turnll o m ut docusints turnowanupt do sols cpa. ty iueanupt t spoa in a ol pa otef l t p iartyue lina iwhiteou i e leson pty t hi commte is miva on.on eteroocy is mmfoing mheva. atest er dooevelops nts.he >> rorte the hite ousees ys t subena su d bel. hou r lica r ttehihe wteeekses a tuba b signict ou inuscan onhiks ecut ivesirancic irests.inusn in o lter r epub liutnsests. o ite hou rseubouil sayhe com tt it sld b h thrilledil sy ca ty havur om ove s b tild 85 es t oavveoldr a85es relat writg. drrlierhiseekmadeel a goo it fth offer ier work withk tde g oo commite to f occommodateor twi co it ovtsit conces.ccmo teyouejected o ovsitce offeritut uejected
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exaing o i ca only ccl tha your aicisngnoss aca oubnlycl tou r ahoze by s paroinsseotae wa ariv p m b paotisanol fithar aiv mpaanol lefihama a efft thaleomaonduct rponsible et invetigatn. o th calond itct fisng rpoible ve exatpeti thalitisnd ex speubti commindtteen s orsig c cmiirmatn disaged ough he hinkosig e cverma dumen is rel ant gh cae henkser dum thinks whelet eouse g preference to ts inestorwhen it seame t l pre r taymes. in ordingenhatteim t l mph yrmeais.d t ngst imeareroday m>> tph whi hou is ying t rowar u oayff thious ng i t w u iskay i, tow u in recds. ey are eecag. n re chicago stylpollix eaghigo goin ylllft pple tory to in thr pple f tfterack t>> ithe tterhey cclud hr p bye sayinge tyck ie emerhe w clicl t sworink wig theyommiee but the say e coitt eordswi theo knowommi b t e sc ope y cottocumeentshey k ownt. ite use
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sce asically socits y f th w. t e te dumentsboasiclyi th so wndthey nee dumts tboak sond wishylist n th cansk for e ryshinst >> eathaner: tha fks. > oein biden arni cerongres t b de agtarailining c tgro ke actn agling o an president obama's jpridill ba s'sin ifon jgress dsotak s ti i ton westessotou t w will. ifou the republiconessil won't in us f we're g toiep toiconess on t ctsnure' o gwn to ke t hang we an tto burng ownliefke t ng middlclan filies and bng ef tse asp ir inid f geilt iinto a the tiddlsp t's mpgeet rtoefushee ak dl for as nmpnsr.e rus w knohe or stepsns tr.enlone wno ar not gng to sve s opsur t en obms bhe w illarakote t sve o dieren in e li s of illionhe wlake o arica dienn amliilieofs litruging ol on. a ri amie hsth: ugg oln. n r uban hsenar sct br:nespoed to thatayubg the nascbr pposi tntsill at aydoest ha ahe chae cong pss bsint urginsg es lhamakeha to ng b uin
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gac o a diffent b that he ys wffouenld b cathaehe job > thjo bl om es w catob a a th rig b te foomr ese rht reasons nd aesves a igrofor vrote htoneans e a senaro f vloore witho e aena for itgimmks s t president a signig l r igmmt s t pwasiy.nt > hgneaer: l r htwao-ca ll> h steth aac b has pasdo- e hse, d he steal on asthe p majdity ea h h, arryhedsal on to low hehe menate doea t hryd ame. o >> ggg:enatengoonsume rs e. g: diting bksng inonrome it i eingro dub b ngraub d urgg custorso d m their ne toreni s.rgcutoo mhe ora oparked bniy of a ricao decisn trko crge b o fi dolla aca dis mnthl c f debfiitol ards fhl the have siebit ccell. dslie nder is liv t hnew sirk cy cll wh e ersivw m c. h jul: gr mor m tn jgr m50,0n bankusme have ,0ank bailme tingave $ billion in il ting
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os ban d bosliit we're tod many b ie bithat w re ns ood tanusyds of cuomers whal fotow t o a ofodds o cuers whatfoank trans ofefr dod in fac tk tns festarrd rng people ay f fm than ardng ppl ae s f ely this a sweek. thiwheng sta ted.hi s itas a ekov.ent thateginn hi he int snetta. on it f aebk.ov t haittasinta ed b iyt a feb oook u rtaed bynd fok f meubank ofmecand cusme f tmetba oinviftedme 500ca fridso oiusn htprotevi.ted00 hes now ris hoasoi ovehrrote.heow h0, o000 people n heracebook page00 peple hoperacoopa is s e hillmpym is portitie thelail dlebit car f eertie he ancelain dit lateep cer as f thstra that eanheceate camel a bacthrayinghahe credithe union am e moren l withache valngueshe cdi t ud wion do a b et tem je on lthheals getng awimeca a b worki etgaor >he bks lay o e
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lo> bksay t a oing rat. a gby local comni y critre uonwill b lalxpdin meecrt t uon dwiand. ey wl bexp hdiinng ee danddional wbe hing eloye. >>ulieddthe iog baasre keep g eumye w he>>therie te hebayaver eenn ep uptick w ihenerccav clonres.npt icwhen ask iedcc, nklofs. a mheericask decinedto cmentutf a a ic poespers d telec uedshis cnt toyegarding t eb delhi toy di we lten toee our ctomsnd w l ecid t 9ur com cetoms ptiv ond io in ide mar 9ketpla c we wld not pc d wid tn ar tplannee. wit'sot lelyot tcwi tccnt nn csure.e gog t av'se l t muchnt efct ncregohe tsugeanksuch efcthes csideng eacanhaveut $ cdeng b elionveut in $ank boepits buhe ssa ians bng hepeas ou and cle ara. is hea man a pple lear tniherac mosany opln bank of ari wac is w it sta rtosed wyh t onk five a w dla ds e itartad e. wt ivite h sin
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deard canceed . h awayillee wt oeeeran hden f saysilheee controvertsy oer connu es.f s s gre:rehe ra ctrerorank on t. bac kreowren rera pressure, tss atmaaczik memerre aurn t vent s awsem the power o f nt socia etwo trki.we ulie b siaras,hankvery i bs,nkry . eather: foxew weather al ar eahe winte fr wthlast al ting wter mayst surpris teinn a cifnia. sprnifni. ingveseeg several incs gvee gof sw. ser is bla i cat g dving a ightma digngig dve ht> itma tarly fig dvee. itar >> this we. very unexpted. his >> i onl he w vyne 2200 i ole ps and madet up22ut00 i cgh a fs nd ickdeuppogh >> is n foo muc h f .kpo >> c ior ski resortsuc f t. arsayor allki ror ts tnow wl aray helllp get t skisnoweasol offn
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he g e rht foot. sean earia rhtol fint. w thatold tr aiol g s wkihateasoorol lirnia a g i rlly si ea nust r ciaifnia b ut r py tsif the nust ckie ifni b lodo hheeady se ie igni fint swfalalreyea dythiseasosendust continu g nifi sthalre the seisso tustro cti sgte th are t impheacting wes tt ro weave a number othremp adsongries wes we d nin sadsoarrinings. ou cansee l thin wa uarp inis. an nta e'rethking w at i owfall. areng a t fst snotorm occ urfangll in artsfon naf downi sonoto cc colodo. hav thets seconondna dn s rm lo. cuaventle s ionmpacdtiarof s rmcalorniwherwe hav ecu wtlter iac torm wniofsn e ecalt.nier itav aeoughr go i f rmw e yecout.o itough iav y ny dorivi i t hher elevatio. dvi hher ev io're.alki abo ovea fo. ane higkiherbovefo elevatis metimigr abe evas 8,0 fetm abtha iso o the worst s 8ff. adia dn toso othehealley wst colenc
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he sdi but dtoonlethe it sti eno t ausenche utseriusrolebls wit ditvitino outhere ri ro ws als wo menon oulaerce with w glstyo m winlaceit agroug wonditions for fks o the.ugonti a f ohee aduto the eas a gh preurad sysuto th iseas kein condion vea gh n p upys she keoutheast andonoreat. np th iwayheou seaet aps gorngea o be heth n 48wahe hrs sps beice 4 out tohe et. as f asmperatures g, i's t everchily ou t fheres aoerheates iocki cr eriltempouerates treo onhe in e 3 0ski briindormp thsnow on n do wt tooint 3 o0sut b awe head nthowmoay and tuesd wetont o awe lo inadatmondsd at ainat n t srm a batches of searm r as bothof a the stobarmhesyst r aeas e t.thheto thatill a b conrns ea e headhr ghatl b c e w adkweek.hrgh >> h her: thank you ry wucee gre>>: ar: tnk m yajoro p assirengo a rert yor sind rooney re the ydgime cont ribneut tohe0 ines has
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di. he w ntut yeaors d.ines has i. he s s heea die das nig a a spal i n neyork s ci weit dhdig omp tionsp foal iowin wit one ws k wmpn fonisoinur eays haet r as the ewnd o ff tishe ews agazi r. ahe o t is somntziar toued on polics to om ontbser tti onhe licso o abrd ithe ofvryday le. aabourdnc l iasttonhatevdal ul aou ncasont aeae ve yon week.ea or his finalsse ee sai i h fish alss coue tai forever. h i c c't thoug fev s away cat'theho a92 headay u a thk out t d mad th t m lau. l. i metim 3iet yrsn frncis on a yerrs bn oat. ion't think h fr pisarcunrlyer bt. iared'ttohi prl recnized b ed was e ouging and v reryecnized ne eoungndy an.
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neaer:ood news t hous ng m.arket. ea:d ewrecetrop i fecsu reus mt. uld a sn ofore cerotemspecsu but e' bre d sownofse nbe. t gre: a nmanre picngnse t nbe rong. mo lrea o an p turns t o somef t ng guests lweo he rnr a o mti mef t gst a a maturel ayrts ournentnd t wle heiat elis yughtn tart. rnt t w h s htta t smt abt yo weit. sm abi yoriedeieighlosslans. butheirhakearen alws i de fed peoghe wiss dianstes.tirkeenlw feowiias. at'shy tre'sew ucer hunr smt shes. 's t's thy haer carunsteasm cbs tt dist swly thhaarea c tdi sy tohelpinime ood gar ikesto lpandimhey ve 6ramsd f sur withd5 gry s of 6rotems su hel.mana hunr... thgrofte elna lounk wh..s geing art abt heweig.lowhgeg tab he igmalannocer new ucer hunr smt. sma wayalo heno manr e huw er aer maayhean hu a ias. loo eve daye'resing morand re ergy. ooveay rethengorldeedsor md e en egy.y. whe's igointo ce fr?helddsmen.he i
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in♪ c♪fr thas wh♪righ♪here inaustlia, chevn isuildgha whone gh thereigge natinal gst a,prectsn thworlevis eldugh wer r a ty t size heofgeingatore gor 5 yearpr.tsthrleh r a tiz ofnge 5ar wt's t gong tdo thplan? turagas thelean t ws nvengoonal tuel ere .than ras hean en alwel e goe to bsmar abt th. t's smarway go. wego bar abth ♪ ♪ s ary o.♪♪ the do wakup t ear! u kn whaelse ear? thdoak tar mecare knen ehaollmset. ar w me reroug deer 7 e.lm ca i sck wh ld m icarplan ug 7 care! s w or f md a arw plan wit beer cerag lescost e! fa plit be cages st orboth micarplangiveou ree ncercreengs orth mard weannessveisit e er aee 50%sff on and-me pscriion wessit awhen0%ou'r in n d-e d pghnuriholen it'sart enthe 'ralthnre l . dnu le soit'sime loo comre..
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'st e th l so'se oo mand ..oosehe rht pn r yo lrn me at-800 edicd e se r or pmedi re.g .yo l mat00ic ordi.g
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timet tises comete tun o whe meecsu processomete n ara it' owwhsu p aceut arat'36 days autnlltimeig36 ay expert say thatns bae t nks ave xphelmrteday tt b a e's taking onsr toilveelm and tingr to arke a areaur ed ke wit a foclodaurroedrts. >> wen y hava ru lafolodro rtsupy b>ecau> s yeavheea iu noemand up tyt he b kaueysereeea tod. noem d thissu ishe ker csumer codfince is vthy lsuow. is theev cmer demandnc is down. vl. so e whateve dlyanoudut i on ow th mart o wn wte i lyutn inc rectthar pceitotn goingoet ncct aitotbed ing. >repoer:he folks a at. real>typo:ks a accoit'sifculal t pinpin just wh tacco's hsing maet wilnpin bout theus wtoodsh hsi etiilly bt he>> h wtherdsthiss go ns fo the e herisgoonsr. fo rep tter:oo ns f at i eh inepd or:n theirs f morage paynts eec llmeyfe i iney o l te inir t oreays e soechwllt ywhfer th lrateinare eigs. so hwsot iwh pple l
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th itene norsk new jse lrlodaor ih sehree j atloda orec losuisusth gseo rougee the coectssusgingt t go pugcessown t ev mor cong tthe aveesgeow ev fo mclorosure tes e a movege t 900foayclsure t toescomplete mo n ne 9w jseyay a new yormpte morthan ne j 7 iynhe n y sunshine ateoran 7at i ihes b sinshgeopl mo ree time bing toatmo upim oeaynt if behi. ontohe oer ns ths u ipsot fgoodfor t finhici on o nth i sinstion odor th are tin losingasve aunts ns on mey i nth therese loain tgha a ats bei dey iltehe ooa ta a ei lltnshey re havingeryhe tougime wring o ff h oaheerougoo. wrin >> oea: cay stealhelive frooo. lan sl tha onk l>> ggg: anbberleettg me han thnk h e g: er bttargained m f n while h treng t boga sedtick a f l aes wle mote tr ng e host cckgh o a surilncees came tur oteut. cgh o s two g ca wmehouralutd in ar g w ixedd iaralrtists edor a bar
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al rturtsme on they rlidor goinon y rs omefn ty inseldefn o trningickein. >>ea head ael gfnd he trngke. jus rbe>>d.ea h >>e wen a oro hunim us rabbed >>en o hro a bb then locked h a romehd hheisn han lke adnd h piehtided h h him a d n.itiim e hisands up b iad to c seeut h.isan up >> d ge crseev cedmy m d.>ev c wed sulhave j md. knocked him wout.ulha >> rber k sckd h reall y dt.idt >> want r rob t meld.eal d jttan nt out o rf optionse j aian he neede odhe moneyor oioe h ise ndedhe mon daht. h heaer:is lucky da d ea >>:reis:uc sd >>toryre >> hather:dra nucle ary prram fheger:s aad.rauca pram a .is islamic r imse i ramlaci aqaeda. r grela: two 1 yea-oa. b oy sre wo acse ofroppin b a
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ac ohofing ro ppart on this motr. at kdfin ounishmensotho key nowf face?unhm y ur nowe fre?anelil wei gh in.we >>vedysan rllilyein. >feringsll i hopehefeakesngt. ho congtulaesons. nglas. coralaons. toy, t citof crlot cause rizotechlogy colas. to tit cto iotpire inescas e zo conchrve gyergy ianremoniesr co s. one gy mang cmunies gener. congtulaons. annico ..and ildimas as caluanie ger the ottonglinela. s.oa ! ..d diasua hetone !. ashe pple sidehem. congtulaons. as pe dem.causwhenou a veron to yr coany, nglas. usen aeru do t ju y addco y,yomultly. do♪ djucoveddsome ing♪. d g ..♪ ven.
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allyhead shoders isor me th danuff? yh, doesevegrea thin lyad holikrsviis me mhealthy scanp f?and eat okinhairy oeveeain ikyouvihoule makeal scthat ightd hingt inirouulke athtng du, whdon'you st u thstuf duwhn'u u thuf [ le aounc ] he & sulde: sen befitseverbott .[ anc he sde sebetsertt
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4:32 pm
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4:33 pm
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4:34 pm
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4:35 pm
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4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
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4:38 pm
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4:39 pm
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4:40 pm
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4:41 pm
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4:42 pm
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4:43 pm
4:44 pm
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4:45 pm
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4:46 pm
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4:47 pm
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4:48 pm
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4:49 pm
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4:50 pm
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4:53 pm
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4:54 pm
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4:55 pm
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4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
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4:58 pm
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4:59 pm
5:00 pm
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5:01 pm
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5:02 pm
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5:03 pm
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5:04 pm
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5:05 pm
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5:06 pm
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5:07 pm
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5:08 pm
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5:09 pm
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5:10 pm
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5:11 pm
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5:12 pm
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5:13 pm
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5:14 pm
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5:15 pm
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5:16 pm
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5:17 pm
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5:18 pm
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5:19 pm
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5:20 pm
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5:22 pm
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5:23 pm
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5:24 pm
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5:25 pm
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5:26 pm
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5:27 pm
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5:32 pm
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5:33 pm
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5:34 pm
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5:35 pm
ag sle. ank u fojoingotazi u thaou. s. k >> hfotherinso tls, has u ha . ndlethisorre fom he h er t ve begning or das h ma leis are f mistvee ofegthengor d hmaop? no,e's han edst iofeiserly p? fr the o,san ier binnifr. he heasn'een oganid. he bni asn'hen'enee prared o ni what appe in casen' kehispred atpen se s isouay mrchaian, atis happed? t's ad t, t's gpp?ur s t tcr. sta-by tatesnt g rey s thataheny thite thire s hi, werehanhirepad. hi's de it hiwepaiserly. d it butntertingeath er. t yterderng he bantho trn y rd the co ber. >>eath: asf yterd. t th ano how. >>thas yrd s an becowse yterd evebody excted s that t oman ec yrdne ofvehe wdyenn exedheha oth t sean wa sof w gng t gublith and shis wa g t man o wlind deced ssas gog toefr nn wromec s gng publ s go hertofrnawyemame ou g bld sa s ateryeain ieou lyi sa
5:36 pm
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5:37 pm
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5:38 pm
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5:43 pm
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5:44 pm
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5:45 pm
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5:46 pm
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5:47 pm
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5:48 pm
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5:53 pm
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5:54 pm
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5:55 pm
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5:56 pm
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5:58 pm
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5:59 pm
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