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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 5, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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hassme algatis ainst rgcainerrom heeua90shat hs beenealiha witmealti ast hisinm s wtk. h en lirickit ric mol henbergns w ck icwasholgtonen rg nthan. >> ahel:earltwo zen opleakeno t shon h pitaan af arl:ettirl sico kn a leen a tigh hoolootbl ga hta aftiicn a ahoust. ol emtbgencgamedil cews rusng tost emncdil csus the to scefter0 mbersf onhechoosce bder mrsnd dce teoos ben votingn t b fid. d pa of e st iumtebevong t was fi paf st mevacted,ut nody theas stds w acd, si n. y he itay he behemil rela d, b nost word onsi xacy it h whbemi caed he la bordprobnm. >>acick: ewwhaob >>k: deay ug violce iea mexo. nmen eninfiren ol g iup exofolleall en inlayere. ateast gightpeop wer lelye atstht oper kied. mecan lita rpondg. noki woron a move. men ta rnd no ort th a stao i.home to o of thta ime o xico o mospoweulofdrug coos we rtelug artl: t enomi turil r fr oven el e ope.rt t ewmiur prests nfrve ityalli fo the ee. r ignaon ofrtsty plime fohe r na
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miniofer blusci. ital pisheseco ni mos bsc indealedatioco iuropbehios grce w re g ece'de pmeio mister iophi gr w ge' p narmiwly errviv a confence ve. gr bur isollong alary ivhe nf lacest devopmes v grursloal la frevme re. >> i was vry imptantlastr nit th r gege i paasndre vmpnt gotst throhnith tate condencpaote,re tot ctain the ro troblonsnc ae, cinhe tbl ove ar grce n fo eupe. newtve day,gr a newfo eu. alle e fow the eek imey, miste geoe palendrefo, go g e k eo see m tteeo esidt ofpareecregoee tay tn an id efofrt tecwidehis govnmen the ea i t ton bing ef tdes iovaen e i obroar co bitiogthatould ke it easr i t ps he oaco toiohatld i cuas tha tre p pst ofheoh cu baouthaeal. 's pof uncar i pandre wilbatl. the pri minncte inpa thareil new herigovement probinly hwillot bsha he' w ttinsomevent ajorob hll be'pposion. insomemeeopltriasayi theor don'wanthat gernmost. n. th wan newmepliayihe n'ntt ele gionsnm now,threecaniswepenng on ale ns new stalw,ent ec funenrom
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the rope unin a w alndt theunm inteatiol e peni netaun ifhe itteioants t etta its bfls pd. it th's wts the tote lasts nht b waso p ithorta w. he th's weas the nomin dawa are i ta . th awhatreapped, g ece s to beor. atbleope sho gwe stabtoity. be no befe las nigeho aby. pandre wasnoefeasayi tt igperhs tss pareasheyi t rh csuntr ts lachanto g th cgs itr la anorde mewhil her ginth i i lyde lt meil wier oositn, the i docrac l pawiy, h tak o tithe etree d ra day apa hak maj t eeeemotratn y ainsth stingaj pmemoat minsster sngerluoni. p italis n bei mier thinte atio lal nei monary fond.ed at i s athteioiton oy a f emrras ent ir o a o othe a emeuroast o ze'siggee ecomy. ro berlconihower, ss zsgecotaly. isunda ntal inrl gnidwe s sha. andly fisallydaaln g d'snterting aha dlot fly imileritieng a t her beten grce ailie ily. er etey b h sgrnt aay t muc mone i mon. thedon' b s he. tuc thbig dieren, ofours
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thneonhen' ilys so h mucthgdienof bigrsr. iftther to isoail, theuc igoble if woule sool, mucmoreheraveor e re le ul ofsouropucreve re>> ahel:ou'rrigh fveryvery clolyop wchin the al: 'rgh neew ryrylo ds. gr bur rep wtinginivee nefrom d grur epng roe. anks om ric it'movi dayor thsandof ame cansrout. no ks e ki ict'viayf thnd mov tha reqmerens nos b u kihaul ousafs ofustors aovhaeq brnin utheibackul saof onto b a bas, ming thein ceihck to n b smler comniesba o mghe c chdito ionssm inread. omit'sesll oart ct nsind. the 'st niona nk tnsfeday cpaighe fosome peo ne,nait's sp in te rfehty cigirec on. fo melie ndereo livin n'sork s ciin areore r . at's te aeriv nrk cirere os. aut? 's a >> yh. nourpre hienees, a tha?s e st in e ight y noprdirehiion s, fohas stn htme 6,000eopl i wldren fo say. t prably a 600lotpl morat t ws pot thbail on y. tir prly a t nks.or t eir gpoth nks,akinil then t moy anutti is. sewhe r els,, liin thehe cret moannionti she likeel theliheremall counitbank youon m tion .kehe ll cothatitumbenk u toted 4 mon 1/2 llio d larsat. be wi it mak mhot 4f a/2ent o io d rsthe witak m at oitan
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esikehe jorga moans d wanlsse fgo? j ga prablyot. but t'smo as watioid foice? pr ly .bein loud heat. s th alltartio by wocen o inudea th llfaceok wrty alappewod toe o a ce wormel cusmerpetof aan meusr amera, frurate are the ndre of t usan er pple ruaftete b akfhe arica ref taninate pe ptemter d bidedheyere agoincato tte em d toedack ye in a tdoll debard f. o k theycanced tha a llebd f fter ey outre,nchaerisgr tled tr ctome blamg thfeeortgred rsonhat c thme deced ack offamthet r's antrawthat boketh thec kff cames ba f yo aawt wl, be thsayihe cdit umeonsbaar yo moren wline wit tyiir val c t ey'ldo a b uters job o re ne gettitg arica tal 'l wor ang brob o tt acagain sin theanksor ceiv bailtin inheks iv m ey ilhey ctinu t lay fmploes at mlarmyg cnu t tes. y dlotrm b s. pmoti browt ptin cal commitie cretwt ionsill l beirin mm addieionare nsl bein eloyeddena
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>> t bigank a k epingyeum on wther hey tve signnk a kng an w ery up sck iaccot cluresn rent wks a nn coenti up theovemt ainst icohemcl es bueachref w the b a nix bancoti haveheem astem buchancheed b aplandan debi ve cardees. nc ag an, nan kelyt'sbi goi trd makeuchs. o a agdent n hlyevers oi th tbi kehnt tin, her thuch aspmornti ase,hey hve 2smillorn ecki acc ntse,yroblyon't 2 sell tatuch arm.kiccsob hover,'t wit these tinanalhm. relati s th thehoanksr,reithe rcedo anyy tretith govhenmenks mostlike ed i yit's n t theoven st deket ca feeit w'sl be n methg elhe becse tank de cave tmakeeep wore th oneythelec tnk t kethatheyventll havhoey pay th gornme. aty ntck toavpa thome y t y >>ick:hank artl: eremeeath cent andou kw it cd >>k: nk wh the isrt e snometh ntnd in kit che swhth.hesnoin sena s. azonaetti ite se ghli 's rgeoti. the is fteli a. torm o eo th fday. lf as otfte owrm o fllin fy. i
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a st o nght f ainby i mony, oere uld nt a evmore onria e d mina,veteorelogi a li inheever ma,eath ceer, eo'sgi ggeou buts liner is a forthhado ng owhatce, g ou comutthissinteis ts. a or yeado oat om is teit'soing to eabe roh g 'sngo out ost.h g od ne foskiutesor. stl eay in t. sean a e we'ralreyfoior steainetti t signeaican asnowll o the . 'r norejustro thiweek buttihe gnpastaneverow ohe wee.nost hiwe'vseenek stouts staterave ee dued o r a fo'vento onow in mee spo . du othat a gooonewsor bu oness wnot nodifou'r dngpo travating ootwsere. ume ossth t asse do'r g d hitavg t withe.ever inc s of o do g havit o therncof . av stmyste o th dimovecros par tntan te andh ao pas odiveosar arina. an th alr dyd bro ahtpanow. o ere sti a fri. adv orieth lr andro wningw. iued e utti aoss f thisdvegioieandhe dcond wtormng syst th id as ill is iod impndtingrm sth lifoia rht nll alady, mp ngbrinng iain ong fohe r low nal y, elatio and alsino sw icrosn g gherow evatiels,iondls s wwl beos im ctinerthe gion orhe e neti few da. w be aheaof t stoimystine won oo
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neve wewdda. ea t atoisors. st wi ws guing tim w 20, 3 a or 40ileswiergug im ur. 0, theyould 3 rch 640mileesper ur a .ime that oneeyld conrn. u ca s r 6le thar f st a meorm at nesyst brioning . that ca s snha f om moana, mo cstoradrig ha a snalsoha newo sa,rm imctin c ad lifoia tt's a ging soto heaew seastund er tim nexint seral fo ts g g days but rthe offeao the std t easex sal eaernalf t ys t heffhe cntryas ean lof ing od, gh p tssurfrom e ntheall the w cryown lotog , purom lorie. n ea nerayhe w dn ndit ns f toda aheri next ra seval d it day f da a cuen temexratus ar vyev chly o wes wayhoth cuem oftuar v ese orm ch o sestems w somethf theempetureinf e 30 and e at'sm wat'seall sms meallothng tetpere 30d 's w p'secipllatio to ll a lo ttnow. far pipioo a t futew. ar rat t tfirsone theute eas wllead in cana aat tthen 'llrse aveheas w watd thi inecond stoan a enstemecau byl money, is at hi gog tobeon acrtos ctralarts emauy on of t i cntrynd goto guycr w cal tsuld lking at t cryuy d our lng nex t sere obreaintoonda and al for tsdayur thatex som hinge'llse oea to datchind ver alor tay atomngll hierlose. >> ahel:oo mh, toon. l al: m tn. anks ricig to e mile et no
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d iael ks ico mi eno enfcingts ocka of il gaz thisrai nanf going kaf o boa twazboatand wing thrathemnaoi to ooa po aft the vtwsselatd ngemo igned orrspoftheo tn vel arod. no o wgn or o wcuri offialsay t tiviurs on.he btsile riff ls tport to the he vion b untrs. the isrlis, rtohe p htecteg the pos, s it istr heirth rsrhts, to pcthe po stsir r o terct th bts. >> sho whi rcth b. a>>hohe nhiy ardethe o vselsnheir a n y dee vls ir reak thearite curi ockahiche ak imsedheit ri oka t gazcha sip. e'realki imd aouthe ry ear o taz s. c e ofeki aprovtatio bu r maiain r cofigh toefen ouroviobu bders ai n th's w we ghdoen to r stothese brs th w e vesss. >> rk: ttore wese 27ctis fromineiffent ss couries r t w 27is inudin the u.som.efe on boaou es those inine.sesse.n >>rthe fivchilen aoa os lledhenhei busollises with>> aheivilruck a in ed angenta. ei the uss wali carthingnckin ant elenta sch l soe erwa tmar tog gamhen eltahe cchlisiso t o ppen . am the adts iludin the bus csi drer
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en a othaddied. i di heliceus sayheruc sdrayed a f ede ed of e ce narayw rduc s anded hit fe edf ar rus hdnd on t ric a dturbg rept out hon in. goveicment dfficrblsep areou ryi i ventic conncere jaid paoryio rern tonslame aihe wpa rest aft he re tam w stft nvere d chrtiany. the's picte ofim othe er sc en. dhran ths ctacesof o t deae penty. sc. thountes's sreme teadeeais en .decing thhethnt s themeentedee sh ld bcicarrdut threqutht to go bkhe tote shslam brr y be athqutoo b lasditc effot tam be a avding exutinastcff tm. wel ke you pavtedngex onin wehat.keou pd on >>rthe crical markt. abou >>heril rk ahanian'soverent ou ca -- st agoop comnder a ni 'shiert tit. heas f edca- aftgo appomentler caiting fghahe feadehip,ft ote,pp itllate cagha frodep, re itye,n i te an iervi. thheadfro t.s. ercey isan invi thad affanisn sa t his.omme se d s noteprent t afissaismes u.s dafgh lati shiptsre thole llerad.s bghn tiip svingsle puty comnder erf b sng tyto'somfghaern taini mison anscheled be
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emov'sha fm tni duis anhed eovffec fve dummedtely ric it'the st dgero untrecin t wor foed mlying ic t'accie nts. d ro t afr spdinglmo tr t torfo mg ci das. afspngmounderoun t 45 nersn chinhavedaeen lleddeun5 rs on ve n ght ednersere lled ater o th sdaye. cavin t parerslye caused by aallr earquak ethayav re usy neby. lher nersarakad toig a ne. r rs neaoy a 000-ot tnel low e suace st t rea tm. ea ijin 0- u tngl hew inc ent asue tea a t in remier f unc vigtant a a worlace mi fig t saty. >>rthe arina cgresomanor ce briee gfordnow bac nsa . hoton r>>heri cesan ie new grdwac ound ofhon tense terap she ewst cpletwo wksndff trtmen ns t ap nor e cet w carina. gifftrds ienecoving f m aorar a. ain juryffhe iov sugered f a nely t mons ago wen n ry nmansu opeedd firne tonagutsi w a an csonpe supmarkhileir giordsassi m aetin wit se onconsuptuenrk the.le sigids peoe minereit kild s andns3enhe siwereeoe woued deingheildndhootg re rampe. >> rouk: c ding g, new otemplgment umbe mp t r cg ne plhowint lesshan ellabeumbe . w aricaconocwi r cove ss n islabe. teate d peaps by a tcano me r we've see g
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overn ttepesy t rope me arte'l: aeeerobbe ne very pe wron forrt abe hap nles ry on crinalor whatthettemed cok sapuldes ve kwn befe cral tak g oate hisem c sd k efe taet.ak ois hell ta . tolthe y,ey thissn't lldeci on y wan toole me. les ma the righi't dec ionci yanto m le mafromhe herig he'ecnlike show om mer e'your nds, hadiskeow m han uurhe clerreac d ins, puladd t gan u eracinul t g out. wi diates,t's ugh to kp li balced. t. don alws ha tim toat lwie i iaoulds,s h kliald. onlwha thimt's y i toke lgluci na sldkes. ey ve owlyigesble rbsths i uc sto s.lp mimiz bld sur sp esy lyese s miz wh h cbl helsulowespa1c. [annouer ]lucea.wh c elwe opleith abet findalan. [ou ]ce heg leh et nd an man i ot ts ci tha youard d srtedarni
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adsf pots. an i tcihaoud sedni ds poyou.ot aeath balon witpoins?u a thyeal, i d.itin man pots iouluse fojustboutnythg. yei anpo iulsefostutth ♪ ♪ keeon g ng ithisireion. takthibrie ov her e g iis three itn.s.k iriman ovso iersed ne get who newersptivethit n id ethoewsp ve♪♪ [ ♪le a♪ounc ] ite ur sry withhe ci tnky pre ier ard,[ anc th ne poin scaps and ints hat n't thpire ctky rer d, nt sinrtedps thd kyoutsrd.ct i.cot re sed thou.cco
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temp 9entepp but er t s rtlovery is t min 9 at t t ail' pac r er relyis m t ttin a denin t nks l'ac t lynempyed. topinf aen tis s tmpd. ophe cris in eecehreans t dradown r ecomy hererio brinkt ceea t dowrawn co atri arebr well foderndowria eo oll o rpowe fincialroup than for o weinalupomin anor i >> tnks. >>inick:hy an't i me t s. comp ie>>k: athiri? m >>t's slow mpcono. 's anri amicecov y>> fros ow ts opoinnof n vie a cwhenovou dyll dron anstar o inlookg athe numrs, uie en dan dan ar se some ok patatrnsum, tohem. r inance en tseughmeat thes ooverl ram. ince t ihhe erra%, tt's inly 1 per tntagse pnt bte tha it w two yrsly ago erag p bha n oc ber wwo yof 29,gohen you dll do a oc rlookt it 2 yun finou t datdo a ok thoit peop y whoutin hi t soo ho dipla a op wuthi s at 18%whers thple pe aleith a clegeat 1 er greethpeth ty're.4%. cge and eehe estis, whe t yre %.start loodngat how d tihe t yse ar oooplehoroppow out d of gh
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hoolver t g oodlepputf job theyolan'tr g i ty're no gng d to d sethi abtob ey't i treno g the ski s d shi ab letlin thecono. he >>kiick:ertaly tre a a loleof qlifi peoeheno o >>ere k:thta d trees a lo a qfieoe edution o wh e are desstil als a hingduon a hrd wh reme. iljustls hndergbout the h coanie . st erut outth hereco ie telle th don havthe ut sh. ey he llwe'vthtalkonave aut cpora pr.its, hmo you a i'v alk acomp cies rave t prash.s, theyoue ju a not s andin it on mps t ople h. why ey notjuot sin t on >>hat u do wen y hav le yot certnty youoardour >>t do w yav rtresoy ces.ourdr th's jt gica ecosomis. surval t'sthow j the g throh caco rvshe ghis. ro at cpanyurvis isnd whs. cnyviis coanies dn't is wh who cut theoneco andie ho ddedtheiris ho resoces. ut hav so mhehend uncotaind air so my sos. av mbstaesncin a m cingn. >> rk: inow,ut tista is amera, ng pat rcia. i w, tat auts the ermerin wayata. a thhee cpani -- ri ha aay hiory, lon hthstor of cni - mpanhas wtingo hiy,eon the horf best an wyou ngn't test ieouhe
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n't vest i st u t a tstork iu for at st i get opleakin the a uff uk wantoor a t slel. in he>> i on'tf d sagrnt wit you but he s i a l'tk lusr dgr it recory goung t h on. l us and hav a roupco of g pple inn. d avupof p ewashgtonin tt v illa shon beeen terfencendust t ouight vlabstaes for bbeinesn rfce fost ou hirhtg. ke in ndhattaor besusinses foveir ken tin gesrated 2 milon js. 's n te 2ereil jere 8 miion n eh.obs e lt inhe ctracone minut 3 miion res l in cac creednt min prate sine. sohen u stretnooki at somef thpre easone for tson st certkinty,ou c loo aat methsoor t obamare,ou c loo atrty, t coo costnd tes tt ar ame, coo t comg st tin t t pcearbecae of om obamare. tu pcaf can lk at e ame. actist depamentf laanr. l iatan't ct itgine ny m ufacparernt ansid ing eniniup't a n pl it whneisot macrooki at id theg in n bong disio andplwhayin wha kiouldtehe reaybo diod do?inha ld ead be allyonceed aut o? mang cmitmts wn th partnt olaboca com inbe anlyce say a nma c notmyou w cth'tut art o bo antom he . an yove gay t nputtno our cher anyou' gottheto hiryo g u tiont o er
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6:24 pm
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6:25 pm
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6:26 pm
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6:27 pm
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6:28 pm
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6:31 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:36 pm
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6:37 pm
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6:38 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:45 pm
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6:47 pm
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6:48 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:55 pm
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