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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 5, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> a gunanrmed wit a a asultifleuned mites i wayon a astle e colge m iayon cams. teifie stuts roluns fam thr les. te ie antu rs f box ngthedge l. e anightg fohis le.oxge hilove eneht askg fos f l ayer hive i anesk hris faulkr. er is i athox hislk rept. i >> busessn hepmanain form ouseuss spe hern ntin rm gingch, seo tpeop n conends for ng, tond t fo nomati. dhey hav t a aomicipiated de te a oey tpicav t ats aip ed f li a o tc tt li. pl, eupe oheinanal brk an
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pl teu ol outan hting bran yo bot tm lil. d if hng yoot you tinki tt if gree yo ha t hkuge de ttnd plitalre ju wit. pit blx rert ju w. re ohe the oer cotry tt o is a bhe thrt. coy t >>ajos mix bhr >> tjot mix smed o go to rue >> t s wasd relgoasedo fromue jai andas thohtel whed fmai d i wenho wit whh the w whhe >>inizg desion s tt made t >>izdeonas t o de t fedom bier o fom bi s. xews, aric's s, eleion hequarrs, e a cicunown ilen on. hear l, s tn c anunwn hr from n.w. l two ten wn want h t bero n o wan te priden debang nt ggric d bo menpren ba ngicrom boeorgen fang onexasm tt. is t homrg tur fa o oas gerno t. tom tur
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ck o gno pry. tepay hoinghe p.rogr nighpa ocaingndgr gngrixpecd t gh ta ainut tuturriec t o cialtaecury. t the wil beur no o ast palaceur th elikee hilee seeon tt pe keevio h t tonit's bate omi aioftereb. bmpyeek nis ortemie armanerain. hisyekampgnealgann.ith s xualpal hassmth c paalns. hsmt gingch clled cn a fie cpans ng edand c offerin f himiedviang he eedd tffin slim downvi and take ed t breh.l dn ndlly,neak tope ow ire of y, liopmi i the txa i bate whaof can youi tmilhe txa us? tehaan >>ou t seal harassment legaons at y are>> jusearsmt abgat.s or yniers rey tt iusfff e table and ab not ors e tpe ied o be mtt o taend dcussnot e penighd . be eyay mtt the o two dssers dbate gh will enhewors dte thr llart forhr entleme.rt d mecare r andntmeocial serity.
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an mere cdidandsillo bacia in sety an a c rdaspecfull bacn w. a cain andecul ggrh w explaed yin thendhoul g ggr t gxpla minayon. he i aul g the t o gy can id ena.n a is reheho a o aanideiona r a vel lanche budt founa l nc nsecudtivetearsnd loun efrt aoss t stem ec fvers l e fit ef t as tut i sm f i t aut i s. usin sman i a caus y see theinan poli cianus wl y wteehe t lian wprope stf w tt t opst wl t get u --ave hanc w ofet u --e beincf ssed ei bunessnilrose edlutis tha wilbussixnhe tihail >> t d ateblonighis a t d00eergh tketventnd moded aft ttnt t deft858 steve t dougs dates.58 rris s ve>> treas ug des big is rep lin t ga i iowasig nightepnd ga i p iow tieas candatehtdidot
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ie atte whyanteot?d mittomne tendhy? hman in ttne gavepeecs. th wer h nn i veec thheer n i iwa ga t ri i gan tum rind chel bacann t andick perr a ronelacn pau facnd thek rr aonauache cauc gers. >> caxes uc g o t >> loo c hoess. o t t th loo fedalo spendalan thed th bgetyndan th 20 b0 at a balaed0 a a la budtudmenent . >> for eac pngramnt we ave in>>heor gernm eent, i pameave en eokinat in gnmt,hem one be ts prramne b so. cri tcal,pr eenalhatoeril, shld borr een mont fro cna h p rr onfor it?ro roey ca p a cai s okr to i a ro grou aaiallok ameorins aith ou
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prosrityllmeri hais? h ostye ha? nea theirstrimas angoodeoee yeahendha you stryma anodouch. y leads u in washingnh. ta ingad out getn arica bkasngo tarkg tet a aca vic bpresent joeo bin a fing icest wit present ama yingbioo f manyg ameitcans atruging dest ta ing t eny tomensick a uugg d i the t pacek and u itizhe go cendhese a iz all pgramo hat serepu aicanin t pasll p hame suorteantnce pugaan tasver h su te reblic votega n anderut re theic footsack n i d wo. hethoyok iumptn wo theare voti noyo becse ofheptay weheaye for tio tseec o yobs. weor t ssacsettosena.r sct brn sang it is ime actt fornasc bractisandts ergior tigienatat marity lader har ma rety. ler >> tsareill t wldepeahel ma wea dat
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ma n't x small biness dat and t coract ss illn bes013 nd bro coct tal id aut a3ill ro at wal a approld overelmily. esid t ob wa sa he wuldro suort at erill.mi. >> idobsae w edope' suinant all. csi uld cae a e newe'an te csi daaew o t oble forhe glol o econy ndleore moylo trblesere onome weoave wched trese me iesto ookwe athee wedhaos andhe itok d ra os ndightedn treec dra primminier ht tec simvivinihe nfidce vethat svie ope id vat tohepe c ke he greek ckerk fmoing barcng rt. focu fsnghiftg to i aly.rc r cu rope tftrd t iy. lgest onom thounds o pe t pele lst ral ingom in rouoms o an aalyset wninghat aleg rom fate of an eroys dends wngt on wh hertef ita can ero ddset itsn whrtaanctts tother gregurk h toer egrkhe h detls
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>> thi i not overet y. hi iot geor pveareo sored or paeo a simpoedant ctor a ther pot or reer delica negoatio goi on ght now eca go iortaioiy gon g ot thrgh t w week and rkets aigo o wl bhr t ek wchg d et eeceloly. w b today wch ce.apdreo m tingda wit th gek peoesent m ng e goalereit to thorm g pesnt oae aom brdcoation gernment. papareouryg to broaon bri gnmt. t paouryto soalispart allnrihe t intesostisrtll oreec aeeing t te a oailo pacecge s ain tt wl lonot acfall s o i w deb. t mayll not o be sy. ieb ay e ofheot mne . oppsitn gureof ms siingpptn ectis an re tha s sigould tow tian hatheountld tn rmoi e we he seent pnty hat eroi t las y hr andeealf. py et pri tsas ynd cmitmtf. o thris pt ofhe ctmreek o
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th vernnt t c pofubl ek spdingnd rn t c tha mesbl jo sp ng cu a cuthaejo in cu aensisutnndsi befits that pple hav growud tobetsha p ae reltantav to veowp.o a proteltorsntrom to dem rat ftp.nd opposiion, totyrsm teem tin t sreetpsin, t toy,nd t settoll dendin tterluon sp wn. dein the suaon i t ita mluon s . b ttere sua b ita m b extermely b seriou rrowg ras forhextly ecounouy shotin tough owra theor roofndtaly unshin tgh ishe mo nitoofed blys thoto b interntion monary nd t th makur inrnon caronesy t t theakecearyemai. i lotar o heery peoaie cll g ot f o berlconioesigeo c ll ey faveon t trl fni a igwhil see toeon t be f getng a il ee loto clere t becminget aot r alcly. andec harngs, wit ral the d ppodarit referend. itashe all ppo aut g ecefendnd whit thall mea aor ge eope.
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wh anha eveboea wil beatc enge. aneecevend tyilil beec g wahing taly sce t well. b rris wangly >>e.reg bue n is >>guome. jonali andme roney died in jolind e neyork cit r hoseytal d d la nig.n he wasnerkit besoslnown laig for b luntas andeswn opinioorated bnt cmeary d mines opioedbs cmey inarly eeryuay f obs year lyy f oney badcast ithe ar hos ofey bca ieiionso w ns amecans. w raingro serus wrlmens sues ragoer wrl es dsignogn jeans j nschri wrilace saredis mery. he had wce sed sweness me . i can tel youadow mawess mes hian cledlyou fatr anda fam y s h c ad watnd am just calng a w anwhen lot of jtal other pple an enuldnot orf dn't,ust t oer
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of pre wor dnr dt,tf sppor ofr ator riou diforcultes.t dlso, i sup seouiflthis.s noo, iups surpriss pele no who are fnyuris pe o t re ai somimesren' ohe had treat see aiofomesn' hum.adatee ndum roo y, ddt 9 >> h wked onoo t d 9 tampu >>with h w andn ass tlt w tpon. andpu thhe uversy thanss wn.ent d in loc do ursndha the manhuntt in octhatollood. loo likheanntll atlof th t k ooik abou sppingebitth cd fs ou uld st sinit c the d he bgest ban. b sta grgrowgumbefan me pehourareown sgrzingow agbe me peuren sng a taki tira a oviki it somwhe els t a u aratchvighe itomeosls powe ul nare ich ns, x. we n n, [ ma annncer oh,eah. yu at'smaood.nn erh,h. u'velwaylove the steyu
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claic cpbels sos. 'sd. veayvee e la celso we, gus wh? 're st gtingarmeup. weguwh e g ng meintr.ucin campll's slowettlstylsoup trinmp's owtlylup traoinartastsensions craf d fr delaoiousar st nsmbinnsions affrelus in prensum iredits. yoll sor evy la spoful. re idi. yo s evlapo l. en iyou n't e a oon. inew u ow kt tle a upsn. fromampbl's it ama ng ww t so k cane o.s ompbs itma wso an coratution cotuon ngralatis. rati conglatis. toda theity cha otte can e vezon chnogy ngti dahe y ha instere bessen veton onsenoe en gy nsand bnitosecost toseen maki comniti greer.. ngralatis. d tost ... d budingkias vomuablti reto..he b tom rane..ti wh ! . bung vbl to bm .. wh t peoe inde tm. ngralatis. .. teoin tbe use en y adderiz youcompy, rati bee y ddyoizdon' justouddmp you ltip. yo♪n' disstver methg neu .. ip♪ ♪ isverir n. thne ri i te myultiitam ut wted do methg mo or m nutrion. tmy tithame's muc infoatio w d ouo therthmo mtrn. wh's g d
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fothyou s day,uc isfoad fio you wh gfou y,is fou orhad idewhato chse. unt i fd nd deatonuchient.-- aew le o supemennt fom c ntrununta l oupen wh ci torully ust. oma-3 ppor noonlyy het,whtoy 3 butory br in noandlyy ehees to. robiics lps th distivutbalabre nd e t bis s di ivandlay imne fctio andruit vege ha anioxint pperts. ndim fionditegha anxi p rtnepronrien frocentm hes ma nuttion ossinee.onenront he mautonsi
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>> aorriing cene >> a suthrig ne o thorde sh guen oningire on thde a lley llgu viims eyncludo vis pyersnd peckatorlu itapped onhe he prs tf ck ofor itpeneon h o ofexin dr caels. poli havxinotr sa icas. th 'rliav dg relat.a i >> th dat bakin >> new clleg mpusn bin nrth cewolahut c egwn wle p olic usre nh arch cg fool aat w man c pryicg a as ult chfle fo thanuspe c wasry a as fort re portpeityas a a ezabth cyor aten er ity.rty a eab cunivsityolicaw ey. stu ntivtyic nninfromn ard man andtu the was a inom cfronr autannnd anthe the susasctas h a conut itane didn endushere h ahoeantn the dnnd wsre sllar de and ahean wne snitar cald d to a ack imown. t word oalo h k n. m icalor o coitio h th put mal o coio th admistriveut lo with oay whi thedmtre
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incint lo iitnvesgatehihe >> o aci ioad thieste witccu >> od hi dc pittests, auanroveis dccar therowd pst and htingve the pele. r ohewd o tm hng thpe. ooita tzed wh nlif threateni injies. ead wrivh was ifenhrteninjs. cita on aetiv gas ndref peoe taut aownet g th retreeeo andn theend tir denstrionad t t coervaves. detrn t nd a covas. wa v eran hurin e of ahoswa vanur o cupyf gathingsos a sdie opy gotaugh thgs and a sie cupyotghnd oland ropystor s frids syi tha otnd heor w notri syihaparte par w o thet mitrion de wasrtar o sohe trn sevolyasean heo need rgervofoeae ae l erat er spen. >> h c lldat com bacspk f.ghti h fo yr cntry com aac fti treat fo c liry ts b aatheuthoties
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li t he i bines owrhoes nd he besw wasne sn hmingnybo. was juspeakg his hngboi. >>he 32 asus yorak old warisiet >> is recoringorldar a ltednair i cong condion. a ld oaandolicer chi ass nedndn. tw inv tigaoarsdoic lontohiss dwhatappened. la twnvgars wok'so v lentat cpackeow la ft w this rac varnt ck v ten seousl hurhiwithac vte sefracslred urull th >>reakgps i ardacod l donles >>akou iremg td hu redsdofes tusds ofg t custers d hu uds wit tusig fbankandow tstys do u sineit. the i ankdhol to ne dot th i iol th senmentot a iampan brthghtennt on b ank ofpa aricartn decion bonk arge the o acaoneyitecn e degethe oey carees. no bdeefo peoearooks.ctio no b fo deoeumpg th forkio pro fit basmpthor androt jy baandera wh ndthe sto, jue. jra w >>ore t netoju e t 65000igank
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stoms ma the me a50k turng ommahe me the aacksn rnhe nks ahe totksing s.5 a blliootg inank renue i st btedio hein k mo rmentuey fmertduster mont ofank ameca a fr srt on tt f ebooofk ageme. a >> srt tn tas foogenspidy >> tpid incil b thind theew ban cifees bndhatheurtan est tt poveshednd wk cls. t itas veed m wcl fmerigank, it chgeod a m fiv frk, ollch aiv monty detard feell wit ntanydedee cardoer whit yares w tn t 20 00. 000. hat 0 numr 0. eeps truming. pse customsg. sd uomt was s flemtedn stemernd sas t tr emd sm tr tha bro the
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cames ba. >>harohe had a b meba imprta e>> witad a bank bf amica. mp tha didtreatit heirnkama. thidatir stomsthicly. ailom theic. outnd the alheut dog noing tht.he a >> i ddoidn'nog don want too wi i dn' theon foetant o banks wihe fo are b keing mumks i whher there keg haveum s innwhrhe vepdat s atommuni bchingsreot ni sh navy bin fdera uni saw newsh vy accots g fupraniaw prcen tews wk. co it gs not lkelyen t whathe it acuntotlosis lly wil makt actsi deilakn nk omeri and de lls rgo o andrind j. s mooan-cse csindri the ha jundd mo-c bil consinriheank ha fonds. ba toou.iln k>> jiehank you fo verbao >> jienkou her gt a g m. ut h of g jal g freear but i w af
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stak >> i eeouut i w w aeet o akf t i wammemontes o tadf ment scdule >>hisap kne h scle wld gs kne ba h w g ba triso youere t tsoxot ue amals tot a relsasedy theuicil reed ner.he thecil anils r.oamnd eni terrizedamany ppleefo ey werrredyestyed p e foe so der ot theedunsh s e aso poli resnded oo thheshall s ofhe wd. liesedthl of w
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artibrow] ericis fing me ugh allees rht n. tiow twicof fe mog imp tant h arelenerg rsecu ntytwf mompnterg cuand onom groh. nor ameca auallhasd omro one thearge oilesers theororldme alls e he large parilof erat s oihesandld arar his sour hasoi ndthebili to eate s uras hedredliof to usante obs. atur krl pjectn cada hed tan. 'll abe torode athese kil s pdsctca l abwittothe dme e ssio sea smanytherilsite eio and tnyt's erhugesreakroug that goofor ouuntrs engy surit ts geakugatoortren a s ouritcono. aurno the do wakup t ear! u kn whaelse ear? thdoak tar mecare knen ehaollmset. ar w me reroug deer 7 e.lm ca i sck wh ld m icarplan ug 7 care! s w or f md a arw plan wit beer cerag lescost e!
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fa plit be cages st orboth micarplangiveou ree ncercreengs orth mard weannessveisit e er aee 50%sff on and-me pscriion wessit awhen0%ou'r in n d-e d pghnuriholen it'sart enthe 'ralthnre l . dnu le soit'sime loo comre.. 'st e th l so'se oo mand ..oosehe rht pn r yo lrn me at-800 edicd e se r or pmedi re.g .yo l mat00ic ordi.g
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offirs ted t st hernd itas too fi t tate.ter ait dooadly wng way .aly ay portpoli . disatch four sqrtdli c to inistercchtheou vecle. sq it colled whohenrc ald w on duty arred. a on the ong dyrray. drive the 44 ar e g oonnd dvehe44he er a 43 oear old fatr o thr ose feaidrld he wat o hadin hrto wk .e d fici h in w hin flo da w . accicintaln relsing an inlotee monthsearl .cialelng hen w in stend toervhserl a he year wend s bens tnd arv aew ar e ys bate grds sho d te u gtas sllho andold him u t gs nd d swimt fedom ddn t gast sw fom ddnt lo. trac expins. dot kow lo i ac flxp fs.ny rght noow.kow >> 7i f rt yrld nw. les >>opez h beenn y the jailesez and h arreste den inuguhe forai a sendndrrte d
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ingu andor aiverwithe d susndnded liernseth and fling t scene heused liasendenteled tgs we tscne to a yr i jaite t fsloweeby ao yea y if paibati . fwe a>> i ye was pti rel .ased fro ail. as foome rean, ieledrol. thght fo y? e buea i wt whht wha bu i w whahey sai is ht breinghaty iai ve t g bac s h andregeavt i m t g acrlfrnd.ndav m fr. >>os follod heir as d waed o ool jailo >> iir aould wa have b on b otter ai hey kep i hi in tldreav b bernd y ktep himhino t hisime itead im o islettimg hi i comad toupl o tt dayhi aomet spl b hpy. ay a b h. loui he cle h p blicuiefeer he c wasle hn oder. pic ehe had n iastion or.f gting tublead n d the ion lawr goldng hi t badle he wsaw tha adiigadista w
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ha de. a hetaecid tourn wimse in . bereice he camideo andotnsen him. be thieamnd sul nev h em. hippen. bulike sev sai i h jt anten bu kefogo in andai g i thi j ove witt gon andiveyndi g. hi >> tvetit i d anemazi sto .>> t inzito at w trayut of oando w ra rertin af new odo vwf reinne f tew odde this t in ohio the havedehiver sen. i oohe ld ver sen ani lsamgniamg sma town ths smaas camwn video i th whic theasamio wer sotg. i ic youheer sotan't see u thenims . but't laseeheonthm .an tithasth rita proems and dee ih de taro temrewnd oeen i the ca ges ded tlledwimelf.heas cent el easeed repts f. owed ty h ntoseiceutep toedhoot t hheenima.
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toot lis an tirs a onema dety sho li aani ane de blaho bea bla tt ea oped whinaew t ft of ed hi wina he h pla sying ff y hi hla sng y will knowil owtappene and cos ane d kosle bh. a k b foulall outft the ullutft amat cra.he stayith . atra ayh . [ tis scechi ] tischi
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7:28 pm
etht yheep [honeuzze][neze oh. chules. ye. he [ le aouncu ] es doyet beheeft hind get fasr wi 4g. [ anc dobet nd t aswig. at&t ♪♪ &t endls sh♪mp ♪ ourost pulapromion ated lste. here so ny cicesdl. sh e ts lure itt laomn at l te [ le aounc ] is enreesso c esrimp odayt relobs[ anc i en sas mh as ou lmpe ayre anbsway u mas l al foran15.9y fer ds sn. alor.9 mynames anlapp r sd iea fd diereny.mymean i fdien confencewith dend icolo nfcethde ilo now ailae inray. lookand ts le unrwea w lainy. samereatroteokion.d lunea pend megoat morteng.n. greaday. nd goor.eay. when insct hes i cat ben anller fog so iet criticlea enns h for rongcanon-beowsyan reeref oogall alles i ctiea r ngn-syre ol ll ke dt mold d pe
7:29 pm
d polden. lopes go . anks po. i clatin ear. logo ks i lan r. abet tesng? whatlse new yoget e bld, pe 'enou, i' - etes?ate ew yot bl wha' ithi' ouit 'fr styllite® ood ucos te str. a'is frylte sured i'osll t it,teut--tr [bee wo reyep'hat' 'st, --the tent ee frwostyl ziik™ desn. p,t'se nt it's ke i- fryl zi™ es[bot tarts t blo. ' s yeah idraw it rht i otar tlo thtesttartfast ahyoawneed rust ithir thblooof o tou.® thstrtst yoedt ir thooay. oeestoue te® str s. i'll te 'em . sttetr re. ll cli-- 'll 'd t'u stemps a a ter,ree. . ca'i juli ha the ? ' s st a a r,e. cafre'yle jute t t sthaps.he ll oclictoda eee tst. oicda
7:30 pm
>>m hri faknernd th >>ishe h foxrifaerepor th timeor t tf toxor ns. meth t grek pme m tiste t n suivinrep mte onfince te. many p plesuin a calng ffie . nyne p eectionsnd aal feor eio pandou tglin to p geth aor g. nd tinoeaid p thabily.s necsaryod il sewer llio iecry inrnatnal rese se for ow-uio and i in inatles chia,45 fo-und i coinerhi rcuedfter co36er r hoedser traed uergr nd d it hoappraed ugr thusday a er t anarthue hitpdhuay a nrby .
7:31 pm
an athoutuit 3 mut. ny . two at 3 predentlandi mteut seto fe offonrentdite se fexasffn hean cn datinewtas girich one ing he c din thetill n gich e diguss ihel s nual hassmt dis i s allgatis agnst rman hsm cain. >> n falal outtiagt an now in i the >> n lynd scaalal aut towt is ihe th sndarca a eney c tpanyhat i go th $53ne cnyition go ineder an grant53sn aner wen gnt nkrund aen lef taxyersn ru the ok. housefaxrs e .epublinspprod us the bpoe andn an eflirtroheo oe findnuthaff any efiol hae whe house planydol inhe wh de ey cledlan hedee. reqst c d ovbroa and upreseeq ovoand unnessar u prestye coos doe wh mre near >>prhe cosoe w m >>ubpoa issdy whe hoe iposs a snifint whho i trusn onxecuve b anch. sfi th usncu w bteh.ouse
7:32 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:49 pm
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7:53 pm
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7:54 pm
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7:55 pm
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7:57 pm
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