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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  November 5, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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ers. spec l e ti oifopu wl hinuc ubee th sci ecueesnd le h pe smanc. nd l til en fm thfox s tudi ospe ncin n yor c ity, l this fsthx mik sdi n orhu cy,isabees go nig m andodless. ptio d byhulosecaptning ee rvic , in goigndle. iobyseptng icin >> jge jninetonit on "jus ce." the by l a ce. j jnenion us ." ee l maneen rryinge.aby th nig l ann dryapared has be ithntigie l by ofapharas bewinttnieses. we he thfh s tory . tn s. pl -- hth sry pl- a vicio btingau iotingaun n ta. t ha the parts coittea c me?ta hahe ar d --co te a >> i tir of okin?at vi ims d sang -- iire'f in viors sa >> jge jninea shiff tellwomeget gun,or b on >> tortion j jneshf llmet n, pro tect onheorelons ttacks.roct u wi is ke mday us cettac. th winss r? my
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th r? plus- us >> hlo. >> jge jninekim mden yard h. j jnem en rd dashian. he72 d wdess sh ia s itll aoa he d comiw up tssht on it ajuice. mip >>htudgeeani: weome "jtice e. i'judgjeane >>geniwee p ro "jce i' dgw deanelopntsn t inveigatn nt ode babopyntsn l a' sveataby dippeance.a' markuhrm joi us. ing od rkrm oi s. >> ood g evening >udgedeani: th ewitnnis at whearabou jwho ys thate saa ma c ry>>ge anithtn war ou o by a ut 4at:0samaa.m.ryn th a moing s i ntied tut 4t:0anm. th in mog phooie tt linineup. p thatan leu f at the descrti of t nex dr feighr t d e irwins w ho n ow texr hghr iins ali wbi n h anhasliasdolygraph. at dyou ke tansatolra. du e at news my the is spre, ws realy hely.s e,i cat imine hathiwoul
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alve bn co.ecte wit h tcatime hi wo lae ti spa of tho wo bcote ith tffertroupo p pl elatipa t woeing t s oertup m. bung judge o you kw,bu jge i't it y kind of kw, inic't t itrybody nd ofnit ry dy rrouing is case t next door n boug he c net do tor ighb's orbhendo hbusnddera bdley broer jemndderwrain is m jerbsey,ey erory jdyrwin in lved ith hi h bnery,dy in ed h ctiv by paed bythe lice s th re otivpa bye sp ts.ce th theyotave en cleared. the ly pson. tha h n' teye beenlearle iars t mhe r, e t phenha t st p son enat saraw t it mabhey te ale. pn s t>> jge jnineand earl shis t oneho t d al u s tha t j j ne d rl sh fail tsh tne tolra uphha t est. sh il so mk, what yolraakof t t. th f ac t t a mhok,ugh tt here of re ind thatns f tact tt itugou tre ppen hi wndkr ttexteekou enthhie iso wrchulex vtisitee ak i cthonisrmedo thisul vis tig cn oed the lf broers oaby oisa
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e fornros ois ntrvi byhe inveigors ntr havi the b pantsgrd t a ves shaarhe pa sinteiew th the detctis. atoes at t l tew he dti at ys ou t? >> wl, i y think thettny >> w that ihi r tepses bonradley the at famil hev r you raey nt t phra it, he h shutam y ou do conctwit th t mraediat,. h st do on itobouslit dn' mtia.ork. the lice ave t ad esseobslor e cethate ad se we at wederahraey's statusdeh rect. ra ey 'sat ty ha s dontuis csared evythi thath defsect t ohaon ced ev hidebohah brley d thef famy s o ug up bo abrsy thamy ssilits. u a lt-ha aed w the a le ing conudessheit o bvious l ha w he an ielve tha theleseg onehe oio boys ill ver an ielerveewhahe in t sta sha tysl r picewe twoulliksha ey mht bin aranduricye or i a culoukrtroom b m n b andur t at i c ro bwa >>udgeeani: i ppeno t ree th y , ma on ttwa >> ge nie.i en by he we , it yas bman oinnd oft
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ietby i wnit bind kan sas tci i. ry qckly wha d y t ans . goi on w wi t qly w p.? oin wi >> ihinkhat hey wldike p .? to fd aod y. ink t y thik wou cerinlyikto f a nd aive odhildy. but hithnkouerlyik th has ee ane oplde thauttashi been alm t thas eraeesed.opha as i ink ey a trying p enlm ra se eicase et r,i opk in ary p th geto in rviethe eiseet boys.op and ey wthetld lineiee toy d l iniew borabradl one on o but don tnk it i in w ra sothinthatdls gneoing t o out on t nk itprent em fm min g soinat goi t orestn th cas e. pr t >> fud m jeane: g d ma, no stthas >>udea: mano just deborahuterem s well st d orone o. ank u veem mucfor ings ll with s the e k ve uc>> tr nk yg. >> jthge jthnine eone the worsfearfor st w en i ts y j be jgneexe uahey rsssarltr w i wh o p olic behiefexua ssrecoltendsas srked pub li wh ic ef outre. co i'mdsired sf loing p vict s an say e'retr 'medlo sg ry. ctan ay e'>>udgeeani: afr a s rtic.arlyiole assault i n >> ge ni afhis aunty licaslytlesslteend s tysherf chk wrht i lfed . e ofisndem citizens ierschwr id atta ed n of pk,em grabbitens
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om bin d, str ip dta a n p ra nely rap b.intrd monney, t sheff c ralls a. es con fere e. on saythe ffusti cal aysm is cre ayile gti theys m anissu a calto il arm t for ansu c o men. i d a't wt yoto gor for d w yo g thac forthe f conceed thac f weaphes permit.on >> jge jninehe ss won ed taparm emsees werht. gu , bi j j gnes, s two ro tctm se w gubi troct themsees anthe niesf pa anthrgsees an e uth esroli, gothei gs. pa an thrgcouy sa a big un h olingoei threarusa aer bmindun o puras >>arver e la 15-16miound iur have ad 1>> womr enla 1ha16 have i gnedp to ome hrouve the 1 omen ass aver te nextwo edtoeee .ouhe s texwo jud jeane: itic im.diaty coemnethe sher f buwe wte tud geaiv: eic im at com aneehae t oerbu w giv aha to ela. erifchucwrig joi us nola. go eve ng, erif if uc whigdid oius ay no goveha, if wh d >>ecau i mntay i >> au m nt >>ud igeeani: ok.
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d yobelie th if woma is>>bouto beapedhe hgeniok yo lith f mae r ig t isuthootbendedil hler r igra tpistotnd il >>f thstatyou ve i al ws yst t hava >>thatonu c ialed al y weonsav permit y shoced m y rs f wefshat pmi itshat s ho yo c ose d o. y rs ft i'm tired of l ki a peoyople d o. and okin at m victiedmsndki a eo tell g tm e d in had peoeicti in o cto vell20 teim h p eo and c 't d o a nyth oingbove20 opleho aack em l e an c d athing an s. lem ti ad ofk ur luseceyste an tibeinofus bcekeys jud jeane: w lo hav in yobeen shekeff? >> iave en aheri for udea : lo av ght yeayorsenhe? i >>e udge aeaniri: anoryou und li somtne wea has een i n>>genian u d fo 30 lirsom a w just plasain ha i t. fo ausplha t you re verressive abouthis nd s rkedyoubreer re iv deete ousis sed to wth oder n womesshld out t w tthre or n me ckinut isls, anni in lsan kinges. >> iant u toe trned d gohrou a set y ng.ourse. i t to petrle ad in m t se goou s ou e.estisha t bopeut a i mhe tyse ti s atta them qbout do ey have me tdo ts an t ha ta m
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cano w hhae f i a ll d tay tan tong. an we boom ne i is if we drm on g.r meand w omen a bo neif hrm the m me d w en t be tand tre l hki he mwideyed icti ms of mebend nd t fiting ack ayded ometi of ese opleill it fingk e attaing noce peo e. e lel >> jge jnineyou ll ts gu an a mal.tag ceeo j j ne u t arre ed 2 time in tgu aasl. 20 yrs. a faarure ret ju 2 ofme t the y . cour butt is aifalue ojuff t e stem a sur autis o u ave se en saitedm asha.t. av i tsenk iis aailu as ole.hat. havhad m 20 t es t a i h alus e.seen avd 20 crg a h w r n bere. so, wu kn, i'ted of lookbeg.t vic ti ., kni' it gs deer. whenok wom is rapedic. i'm gde . ll g yoenomts iaps notusthe'm man o go throuyogh it i ot its thushend the n go t ouildr i, t hi ld itn'sthnd t ildr, thpeop thashe drgoesto chch whih, t peoes she rksdritthh.ophae esi'mch t wed t oeof sayin e sit'm mor oay >>udgeeani: i t 30 ars . i tallge i>>ge ni i 30the pple ffect s s i ll noe ouleect s someho s that beou anoou me s abt dicang y aourespsibity d sang teverody i ca y
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ou spbi vi lantjus ce sa tim te,erouy a on yr own vinnntsim go aet your y wn gunn g o i'mot y advocg gu 'm dv gilaism g all. >>udge jnine you en t l la m th thein a >>ge jneu t un . thhe a 10un inun i enhe fan nya un inac i iheidn'anbrinthe anny ac pack th i wasn oprtunn'y, iinsede it fm thcame ma t asck thas op un id ther f th me >>udge teani: athe e of the y, sriff i th k wh er u ha v>>geanni jatusti ecef y e s ff th hawh to mak e ur ehahat wenan j ti detand re a haonlake wen certn ci umstces at t ydend a caus ho rtuncists t jud, thi s naho van ud t jusst ne. is iarmi youelf an not be vicm c mejuhat stis imi ou f ot l. be ic totay geit.meha t i ha a l y that wor ks tage. with ha a in lofthfic thator s ws n don'ofwantiche rhaponsilit ofakin sseone'sife b i don' nt rdonst hait a p ro blofinit sheo's b m ac doha pit orome ther form of m defen. or e juder jea fne: oren y o hav seennougefyou t t ud ea : so ytimeav the stem doe snenugu workhe w it ho ulsod.mehe s teoe d th guy rk w ptarticur holyul
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pi ed o th wuyomyouai pti mest vpi olen, s wexuau ai asult. >> h woul't bst on v bensua as 'ot. boy l e hysul bn b heouldick a woman . 'o oy l thisomanas wkierog he ldk w an a. s daisyanft wnoon aertoghe ft no on mitikenhe rearchark. it apriveacility. mi en theyhre gard to let a iv peopac go itt the anenjo ey gtheienfaci tty.let and madopo fthrienands wjoithhe ei ci . dog rst o sur hd ad fen w asn'oi t ge t g itt.ur jud jean'ne: at ioia predor fit y . udea : i >>hat'corrt. ed f > jue jeine:o yohave y. ug>>t'rrers? i ha twojuaughjer ine:aws yodve a s? gra nd ughaerwo.ghins do t asa that questioon tra plea . doas ha q do ey piok? >>ne iin the a ir f ceea o p ovseasnd t oth er o has>> i t a sign f up ceis wko et herovas tth oas co ealegnp wo wetpo hns. >>coudgeleeani: sayour presconfence shiff, tand by. >>ge ni sa myurext est w estsnfce s ot shf, nd b so hol in urrgen myt st th hothligs fro on htsooln rgen thdeba bet hen hhlmaign fht cain baetnd h ne gaigrnh. nd ne eness rimp is o mospopur protio redobsr.
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>>udgeeani: were jne byellyerik e cu ve>>geniwe j rect o f peobyelygaikst ecuve rape . ct o meeonieee doe't he t sh iff ve apeointhat men me ee oee on hheirtwn tshf antt nen d them onir sa becse t pice jtenhe can'be saec tvetrywhere? n' >>e hdoesave p witvewh th >> h es mye robl is u ma p w is snd likethicmsf they a remyotbls ma s carrng aunnd t y arkeicf ey a seally aau i w as therr and t ar ult. sely at iwher ii ha a l wtle t bit a p i ierha le >>udgeeani : wh do t u p em meany th? >>hat ppen iges --niwh wo ell, f anth >>t en inance i i--om weol, assaus a womawho s a on ceinedce iom eo ss sweap a s is cryg a un mao a on ce ed heries t s ault aper s ands sheg un heootsesim a kil himndslter nd s findout dsn have ts ailim we on t n isndhet oi t beave weged th t misroiecse s be n't ove n the l aw - - ed ye se s of t lawhat he wt e t l - - e xual tawhat aaulted al >> jge jninehow you respd tohat,heria?lt >> i on't jgree jith nehaw atou sp to t,l.ri? i n't ink u ha a t ie'teeh to i ervi a g uy tt
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i t k ha t llinou dem andi ng i yvia gt ta yinou couthesutemdi lay do or sti o i ta you cesillay sh tdo yr .ti o jud jeane: ilich wha th guy id. sh he m.ded r stp do inhe udea : h ha pa th. uy. we n wh m if d isst alldo dnhe long i die 't swh anyf ing out ll beinngnydy f au idif shenyyg t had winponrot f. he iimpl aid d'm tir ofheot. i im justeyste bei'm broken t a i'mir of wom enst flite bikei bke n theyave sta the amndir ofom takeikt. wanthem doeye ta tomething. want heke defntenm oomhi. thntemsees. ef it irealasy t toet ki edthse. woman us italony to attac k ki em. w an on exaly. a ac k thats tr. .>> jge jninewhat houla man xa in .at attr suati on j jne at ul >> w con an n n e sti wn n eocon d lf-denselassoc. it iabou dgettg aw sang no ineceouarilttstayawg aund sa to fht b getrsngf. anoceilaya d jud f jea bne: etu ha det i'sureith ousas rapvicts asav ud iea.: ha de si'etimre youh jsaus an't ap fcthtas
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ese des o , ths aimreou b j't gu . e s o , >>thut t a thi is body knowwhathey oul do tigul th are>>exua this dy aowatlty .lo ti you uld thve areua glt. >> jge u d jea ane: uldn you rath hava gun , wo ul j't ea: dn outhere a fend t thth aavunwo ctimera ndth >>bsolely u wod ra er imt be vicm. thinwhenou me a >>statolent y ke twot thra i beinkicha -- on ginen ma at t t th wrg, i a g ro komha wts g go t a get a wr i g ccealed wts weo an anet get aun i would cceed ppor a omwean inanet aun wld dng that. or i ve noom p iroblnem wh tt. dng t t. >> tt is hat was i n bl vocahng. t t is t s notve wom an wan t cat. or nds t t o rot flsve woman n co torta oe. jud jeane: t noever won th ks s wil becota raped. udea : no er why o youwoth b s ailire red. hy ou exnguier h aing ere ir ner a eor it ut y have exui h g e on h anne ja usin y case.ave thats wh y ou gn t h j coealeas weapons pert h in gatwh g anprayng y ever ucose ileeans p t in but youeed you anavaye i ytev u i ght ere th ou. t ou d >>ouhe oer tng t it i uld likit to e ing is hat this >> o til t thii daaultasor bl ekio g s t hi s ani aua lly hilt aaslaorudbl the an a uaerifforeing so proacvehe
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abouthis ase difinrallyei so ro ttinthis guy eh d ouise barinsally and h op ulin heis wuy stayd b s bend ar d h e mo wsstaauylts eot san be mossaus e san saul. jud jeane: it ss o a pe ia fa ly mber pes ul udea: t o a yo iu?fa mr s wh i'mayin i if you yo are whth'min seby that iou y tst or a an uatanceeb that t yhaou mtee r ou thats difanfentuata tnchaehat y m somee ouat cif you t behaindou me e on a bli c aacoueh d jud jea ne: obab a li woe ifou tst tm. ac lk aut a udea: ab woif b tra tyal of a tst a. the wnsi braol om'sst fendg hems ves e galsilyom 's unr th ecd nd andmsnts al e unth cstdutn?ndnt >> erta ly tir rht tdo ut n? i ho thawe cld lrn se >> ta t ot rr wa t to ndl t t.. ho ha c an ledu stions th ansr t ot wao dl allt. an tdut.onthns t >> j ge jnine of l coue. edutions nothe swer to a of >>at. j j ne fighng bk anoumaki sur duon noe er at p ple n't a thaf aga. gh b an thekinsweurt tt a ur pe t haa stic sys m b einghewerot andur n eeds t o b eici sedyscr boss ngth a co try, ot j nt idsn sout bhicrs roli . co y,m ti jd of iellin vicutmsh so y. li ti >>ofudgelieaniic: goto wp
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ha to usehysiigl inveunishmen as lo as ey d use ssio iaun hm onab ay.lo s d theris a iexceion,ou c hi your cabhildre. er a thece is n,nish cnt and hiur c ldtherisis en hes sh is c asses the in er isnotennly d h wp ces t her ty p fe hciouy a feouy hricay. lefand me bk t finish upy.he j. ef thd can b bt d fis.h th belt sup a j lso th an >> hd turd o t he l ht thlt thneig ors c n't hur. o t he knew. th ig s drshar whatis goingn ne wi thifamy? drar ha >> gt iserrie. yo can eewihiy mur eti onal >>isri actiyo tn hi isy ur eevtialng. therare tio ki ts whiatch iins ev ngthis so sayerhis e juskithat wch is soays usat reltin unaccptable expeenceo enre oput re inupon uour ild.tae pe ceotheen ot ind o f onr aay he u kn wha iin had ohis a growg aypnd it 'tkn ahas iadad ow itndt aee. >>udgeeani i: i tard th eedes. ppl c>>ingeg dnii nd ut sthe moipns ind cowin s dsn wasrain ase d.m i you suy tst? i bs thaind. shcan a v tim ou thi t
9:24 pm
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9:25 pm
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9:26 pm
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9:27 pm
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9:28 pm
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9:29 pm
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9:30 pm
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9:31 pm
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9:32 pm
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9:33 pm
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9:34 pm
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9:35 pm
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9:36 pm
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9:37 pm
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9:38 pm
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9:39 pm
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9:41 pm
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9:42 pm
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9:43 pm
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9:44 pm
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9:45 pm
ed how n you thinkhis is going to w ounkmpsthears dainshiagn to t hearempida? ian a nativway. this as pdi ted pi nivndy. fra ud is p did ur horndra oraou s. hor jud jeane: e isuing for ovorcra ou hodoeshat pt he udea: isng r rc vorcho es t >>thereas areupnual rc >>re aupal prenuptial agreent. nubut ia thel fra in e stan rerd st.e? t is hese yra cn srgue ts ssone r thh e, jud ge s y c ue es p lity e th h jto gud evebody t lk and ty make gveondy.k a jud jeane: the kee,on . krumri who udea: he w bnd kr umdedriy thohi can sor fraud yinghe nder tlly caredor fud . ng n hoydo y knoar-- sed never hoally ynooved s mever w doou kwif s eve ly edallyov do kw sveim ly do thimeethe sll test? remeer t sme t i ndoawhiet s es school me if tt smmels b t i pnrobabl sc ol is ifdo ysm rea by thk althis pba
9:46 pm
mo y, eishi ng ll y ieantthhalis nito ng i venmo eoullig inth u gotoo th i wedndihat doig you gothedt d u get. >>ny o whover dat etythi. shod ge i t bac k>> ohor dat hi hotoge bo,. >> jge jninebacko th. lk aut r urni theifts or t.k abt re rnin j jneckth aan rniheythits? t wheabi tare aboin dame contl th is how the y ahi he dotagboore ammage n th are ntth sow he cont allinthe sua on.doe ge thasrehe outra ntinexponlo this ut ek kimearae aouedlo hi s thathe w goi to donatra--aou t atet wn thoie w tdioif on bu on ate t$2,0et00th w aif ch itbu a onarie hatooks after ch a i ha t sadvtage peoplooe. aer now,o meha sdvougendeo greplat w, me but,f cose, is a soure t,co, s aax writoff d wh is e be at ttec a key pitarf whs be t >>oing t assey pa ax>>ng t s s writffakinghatablax contbuti s how haoutta ntti talhae$2e.ilion r ing. w t maybit w a fud on tion r kris. do he yby w i f oanty ringri bac do e ancane get iy rin b
9:47 pm
>> sur isin y he as bannang sint sce t dorad e urin he bws a thais rt o fsi s theorade a prhanus aeent as i unrsta tha bot h p prtieent a cat nessary mae ativ untahaot p coentsbouthe o . ca ne hearasn'ma seaiivheth h w ants cotsut o th g nt hen'azzler bknthis h wts thzl bknis hand of crse,ris nnerhe m as ty ca h er ndheom c e,s er m magerentn or tngca h martng levion and rosry vi a ros me ethnie ur. >> jge jthninewhatt wa dyn. sheaid e don't ik. j j ne inatan gwaers. dy hehelld dot mage ontr . in g s. magedama, dage. ll gting he rg b ac getr ge ma>> jday, s.y wi us. ng up rext, bheaga jve srwi js.ti up t, beeragver jti be bier and the womanholaims bi ernd t w fatheder cld.ho la sstinay p b t he at chetld coulbe v hig h fin per. b t ct ul vigh malannocer th is ach rker. ose n-st day star witbackain. alnor ths h er e stay arand itchoick.n. takadvino
9:48 pm
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9:49 pm
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9:52 pm
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9:53 pm
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9:54 pm
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9:55 pm
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9:56 pm
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9:57 pm
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9:58 pm
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9:59 pm
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