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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  November 5, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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es andss cry ed ancs w inis itimeo shthe mnd off the an i mecamshas? o t nd amas? kimardasian mes heli wheim sheil farsi diherclie, wut dyou here? theanel thi we wri tedie, d au fox? n cohentelbu tr, judyri allerox n nco yor dai nsudy cumst er ordrais tantumarstim prt ntrntutinimdirmecan nsertiveagaze an rinrmecaos t ofhe aernveazanolmesho on f os net of adinlnolme slm f'm ne n dit. l lmfox ws watch'm on r ht x at ow. onht . no >> . jam: a od eson no . am a though- es>> wonn you w -- ho >>h- w ysi wr, r. >> euse si euse me! eus stand ck sta me anba > sba > . >>on tt's rubcan .
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>>esidenal t ct'diste herma n idin tgdite his bt g erma past m be tg h of tt gss and st past p sual harasssenndt ch ges ichonsu std med h cov agche als lh we. m>> the sry which broovkeal lat . tast nht s ryashi srokenphe l .o. camptaign s can isphe nown ullmp damcaage s nntronull modend cli de t ro witod he cli >> hman in ion t of t the p it hut facinhe hn ir i tf creis hisutac campg. >> stcrda his gcampgn's st da nage mark lo ss he's ca oneith thess ge >>arhis k theass himth at eth ssll b >>s heasddss timtht issue b tha h srlddss washingnp tss then ti thi ha hweek whi anpou ow enhi mr.inwe i a a difrent kinf a cdites anwe'vrun a d fent k inifrentin fof cpaigdiand te're n an'v n infeo plnt ky t r ul cigd re th the i edteaspl t rtablhed. jon whathabouhethatjim, as eedstablishedhe bld. onles haat touy saatm, the y' re edst li noedoi t s tsa playhe no withla p
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b thedo establi twim nd la yocane nb he eabconvenmon yo caaignf yoeantcoentobut yo u cave tgnyo you tbi by di andbi b wha ts gng do doha itfng seone asim torrowr i tes mneutes frosm tw,rowre te m clames upro and getw, ampndobetre >> j: the stoom outre j ndheight with omund o urces a nd ls anht wh ccr deta ls. ce a wh do u ma ofanhe whole cr thg th staedhi ta. avwhancho ma f>> wl, yle i thtathrttaithih avch w y annymououes init potico ou sincouthenese' i h number po ofomencogrow. ncen nbenor ouav eofengron. oman alleng souometavngeikthatom at'sn a egatio alndle y souet haveikhreeth women w 'saatnd y ve ee s wpoensedlreceed payment ow fm the smrdlce p fmero c f t causmre oth fnd that' a pa er usn.e he mt dend whait . can prete ndpaer itn.oe't mde wit ist. an p te ooe'te n good
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t. ou a s r.ece cols hlf ood a more ound w aesav't sn ls mrcain . a rend e tre a ules o hmrow this in handlednd tt coruesp hhi as wehaled co ha a l wrn i alwsor orha u lsurnlyorse than t as or cre. andne csuompelytior osenhahn caaignrail ccrlee.this nd cwipeh hunt o. h is ts? ca gn ilno ais ol ic wiidhu w trert omet ng that's acallyolappeiced w th didt et ahausse him o aclype th aidthin i ais wust h happened. >> h ain a us set whi hngpe a hus s fiethi ty d cplete eniaunyig and thefin t itaset it h ap peneiad i yig a ndhenn't ow athing a utit i pa hennehed ah k nowt a inpaym aen a ion't k nopa hen he much kno wthen knoh mucymndne a ion kno psona ch he it wen twonopeophuc ne 'sotally pna sh an edhe wwoop thisal >>nd nowsh spoankeedsp sonark ock thay iev er>> goingnd t po sotalkboutar this ag n.k iev oiwee een t tim lknduts n. agai getn frt o a n tcriis t and n deny i a ndai netotfr o say i'mri notndoi talenky a abo it agn, vesary tim'me ne t keaksor e qu estioont tha agn,ve im aneers ee r seksorquti >>hall othesdeveloped oans a cpledays >> o es >>ev aopt least did add re csse
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itullydat >> aleir.iddd >> ake aitly ltkomefheir. numbrsak how itdevelokpe e m mb resowou ie deloceer the m wat d gup tha w r e meioneheooat oratng dndha w even newnesc o abc,atorngnbc,nd enew cbs wt tc, fnd inc,he ys sce bst tf inhe olico bke t stores, orcain aic tot of t 50 stori in t forst, torhreeca a days. 50to afte the p tla fst thr gers ys anda terohekela presint er clinn in da94re whoinpping one tory >>an iddre thhoat--g o >> tre's ry rson >> f ireth--is t 's>> a wenwoul t havis en a thr storiules aft kaleen wil ahrcced sri ahe pr sideka olef ha wng gped r ain prde1997ha. gd andhr stori aer19 anit adhr broadecton februar of99 5 it to sroay t fru m r. of cl99in5n harap toherm sen andr. m>> ecause tclinlihantp rm mpai tolthe ediadr and ecse the medlint o ig his taiol e ia wasnd pva mathttered his dtracon wasthouvamaerhe was d saconouhe
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s emploe a ended p pinher$8mp a eed pinher$8,000 me anhe cai ttme. 00 m bel vean tt t che c ttme. camp ig el bunvegl t thisnd c some who wmpordnun issnd sndals, heyme d s wew i wt updn rom estt. sal s, i ylleway i up is m theerereo i l ay deilset a biselve ihef poloico d t details,nd dels ey w bouel h ien po lo t lacitas, ts,y wod hnde used hem. w n it'sel ng ci twoh mitsn't a edigm. al a nd's nber of the mitsn a settments ve sm al a nagabe, th a opthenetithn ttntve sm onous urce o gathwednpenesy,ith is not goo jrns cem dnhe, ju qotill o fs othoo anon ou heju till ohurs. >> the r eaonou the numbe a >>he ea dfere. he n h unlik b l dinre w as in front of t mnled doiin w f ntinrviewer m ieroiew an thew stories aumrew oftihe. s ri ersint cntonwast ou talkg out it. si con shermou caicread a edia tafirestormg btcaut.f ay rm aieaa ia acte rem au jonf anda h a gayre qu on in hacerte columnhi
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onndh a we ji qu i h er aoler wchingeoe l we ji a wing e thy wner a jn edwas i a elo a jn wa if accusatis in t vein h cocuultid ts cain cam tignak eve h eul tmi cakne.amn ak>> fethwashington post" emi ak said i ft's ath cwapainigonn rt"eady f id is pme c patiigmen rdy d oufmeti d houe --e thats wh-- lo is hoatrribs to ay thathe isre rulib toinicksay ahat btw ulic a inser tes ifouon't playy thrul y don ns ma t it ou on t's aytrthul ts dison maretality. >sjon: there we t rs ctns ofre ritce iolve nt>n: t andree rct ns ter id tofhe medol ve wonddnave r he storyr if m cawo we wavhite r ithheat toue jy. ca>> t wt's j wtet not ueat ue hndwar i jmean t list j n of p iticns ow aar iant'sist becaus oitficllns who howav ae c t' befo himhat he i uecaf ll wxual h havaraseent is now foimt i onf al tablastow
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olanck are bl bterhan la urs, a i dn'know--ha is is >> ts,s ot a high-techow islyhing nd>> the cservive a h h- chvent is sitown the ngnd crve ntmidse, sit karowl nheved ro inidar satisfyi sayi satiying sayi andet'set t fac ou >> ithe'sot hiting tngre yind 's teyachoul aan t the fouts ie ouott. t was cculed a oanftexheal haouss ment everasonvi of cc edxual oarasfent.l we d'tav ehaetssls sntoer ivif thalast.- >> dou kw wh stie on ettop so theepubcan ll caus>>at t k endwhf thtien day this s a heo.p.ubn primy, usdiff tndent thomaynel. is a p. jon allprrigh verff ft givi.nel. >> j : w haveon takll agh breaer if gi. j wveak a eaf remembers-- firsfou w trembcks-- o rsf we bs bh a wat listck ne a t bhesiabhlist cer wh a's tmptaia to whmp ta >>o enomi failuresn g e a eope enoai cauresesdn enoec a eop eturm herau sdi thec rkts outhnd rmerddg mor di hestressolr ea trsessethdutnd agrica m. is t medssiaea ctrersed hpi
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aca tined c anerwhen itoespi the poci here aint ho mere taneno hemed still c erpogeror ahohe t resident ed splll gor find out nt on ews tch.sint fi ut[ tis nown on s amh.ica facg so to h chleng rig now [ s n amtwo a f thacmostsompor nt toche engrgy igcuriow o thstor e y rid ecomicrowt orthmeri actlly s ecicwt e ofhe lgestil rerve inhe wthld.ricty ofa largestart r thve iinoil wnds.. aget tths re urceias l s.e alityo crtetrece hun aeds ty thocrandsjo. at o kea proct icanauns hodsjo wel beablto pduc t ose oea sanro inawe belith pe sauc emi ionst oas anny oer os h samins as tha os a oge bakthugh. at'sood r cotry'ener secity ahaa bthh. 'sd coy' erandecur eynomy nd e my [ ma annncer how e weoingo ma thi sean beter han e lt? howmaboutnnakinerit igh r.w wengmahi aber n l ?morcolo ul. wutin gh ♪ ♪ r lod l ouhelps wor ♪♪ so we cpu buig ou lpon r fa riteorradions so cui fatedi s byaddi a f newnes. 'vell g garnds andudgeby to diretc fews. ve gars ndge ano thistcear,e ca keephem th ergre. anisr,ca epm e rere vingmoreoing th's t pow
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of te homng re' a brthght tea.ow ade t anyomighteptrin e'br t . anget p toe 5 bunys oht in the teschrimas d's. anttobuo e sris s. i te myultiitam ut wted do methg mo or mnutrion. tmy tithame's muc infoatio w d ouo therthmo mtrn. wh's g d fothyou s day,uc isfoad fio you wh gfou y,is fou orhad idewhato chse. unt i fd nd deatonuchient.-- aew le o supemennt fom c ntrununta l oupen wh ci torully ust. oma-3 ppor noonlyy het,whtoy 3 butory br in noandlyy ehees to. robiics lps th distivutbalabre nd e t bis s di ivandlay imne fctio andruit vege ha anioxint pperts. ndim fionditegha anxi p rtnepronrien frocentm hes ma nuttion ossinee.onenront he mautonsi [ deist peop ref to ll a"tha womawithhe gat sle." refeto hde as t hat man opefth to gre a gumha" math g s." fe hs t n treum jils deist, i kn thaher ms a a undaon oa hethy ile. ildet, knhar a a jida kno o thahe tooy -e. sohe us crt prheal clical m precti toojipastno haoo so u crprallil pr ti heloo elistnate laqu athe g lin elheliing teevenqugingitisat gin it'sven inicly pven he revse iin jt 4 eks. heg enngis 'sn ic pn anheit pevtect ithes jothe4
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s. areadentts cck mt. an pcteshe eaest nto-he cth m inic gumroteion. t he caus healicy smumes ate buin. onealt gum usalsm auion ltlium ope up en y do. li pep yo.
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>> presi oma at t re g20 oma suit inranc o thuda g e c rnsu aitut the inra cobal t eno w the t al iseor nolead wers. t an als thee t issue for teads. amican apuic i ueaor new amanpo lls,pumeca restersusew news c ldpos, ca cove ge nrlstyer twosu iews n, ve ge sa nyrl rorwots abouthe conditin,f e onomis sa r orthei atop utor onti 14 cee noms about the eip 2012 ndidatese f n boprident, the 12 saying that'e i ortaid es pridt,them. sa ng t t'anti-wal istetta protesem got t13ti%, 10%etayrohes t disssio13 in ashiton0% he out w tad esiss tion hin deraludt fit a nd tt he t atio na ra. t fi ts ther a disc onneioct .
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dy terms ofs whatht t scne puicld lik e more tms o formhaion out d wh the presis a uallpuy ging ike reem? rm>>n wt l,whhehe doe ses aeellm t go beg oem the econo c fl, ahendoesee o tbe eohecoc o accnd wall street fnt if the numrsrecc tbeal stet flievnt. foexame, o o tth n numb ts wabeintest ev tafoam oth intestn tmbhe fwaedteal fici 10% e amtent osttimehat t f s deeated to ciit. % am ome t 2% dei thtek we teoing to. ea r a 2%tore ou tth twehinge toitng a toea r ha a tois cuss on e oungt lihakeoisss on speal din righlits 'spe d th wha tgh imf i's eing ha t asd timof su ngt'li a asd t desu scotrie ct'anlitay de scotr c afloat. l of thiss gng afat . terest am oics,ut t i ss thk thmedihas a hd re te.s,ut i jon we tht ththe ndias jsd mber stn fr ayone erenth't n sactly ererwhnelmingfrayen tl ysuosly ter unemimpymt rate drpe but h tard tonet fige o te drpe80 b,000 hd jobs ig>>o went fm 8000 jo9.nd et en t thm antipat andetter thannde orinayethoug we
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th contd beaty ande ateutr an orbeinna 9y% iuge k hecoybe ae sut 8% in 9but %t's ctainlyeadehe i thrighdireion? >>t eallycin >> >> bausethhen ghesirent bioh s at >>al5% y d. bsen si bou atow 5% heidgreat. d. hol onowon cu tivee monid ea aer on ooljob g oncuve m wa o a ton ojob h gl a anwa olosiaid% wasn' gd a engh. howide av th esi d as n'untry ind hand enf .sh ow av youth didt nswe my trin haquestion >> iidn'hear ouquti.twe y >>5%it heson in'usar wasn' gu. >> eitugh. theusus policasy aer g eht yrs l e at m he mol than e ht y l 5 at >> a te m toha connvince this but5his t n rm a t on>> hnc is the cothmy ut s bu lef how wrm how w as hshe swery esbuionef.ow >> ajudyowoi wntedou ifhe ery med wounld aua a ddyigoiednt he the ugh edopould ain dout ntwhat apped igrcethnde h at i a hapatni ipe i gregrecece nd and iw greceotheap i three saeme rd. d gre answerotyhe estion. th andsaete t t oth er nsr y sidef thestabon. ji nd the t tth press j sladen gothtab ji otedown tain a e' ses j lablamgointg epubcans or thedatn n a buit te'essemra tic te amg >>ubtnsoes a albu temraic n
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>> boneras aal a secre housn bor repu sblichaven hous intestinlis of puicve bn ipartisa n tein spro oobsf bilhat pasd t bar use. o s jon is ilat gtinghat ascovege.d no,he oy peon i'm us re in on abos ut gng ve i.s o, ope j'mohn boehner bo puttgt out j andn eh nobody pugtut elsend nody ntertily en segh. >>ow d a ceramtily out encolely burdve>>n dn t ahe c o cod t walltreejournal, pov ertyllee ra huravl, ris andovty ra his6.nd insen th poorest of ose, we have am icins,sethoo re filie of four e, whaam ticryins,g to fief foekeut aiv tin uger $100 0keiv ant,ho uerur t re completely bie d in tt,heho t qte j ob ow c.omet b thether i tfihegu aq the jhat sho whe terteofipl a ho athre quote,oor ihothweteo pl untr have atv aque, ith vcr' trve d ve ca >> ty dot heoodher'n u lo at ccescas toood tdo he the n ot lotessatoo weth. n >>at wt miteim. nod
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y>> has a wt vcr imyme. halan gotecr er la[lghteot e vc 'moi[lte watch to shoi on ne. w chwh abo thi thu ashn ne. th f an alwh stobory ihinvolng jo cor aine, t th fanaleato i oolmf joore, t investnts, fen themf pside, ng tveest s, demoatic toverr ofew jeey, d thp getde , e menoned mo?ic er of wel it' getting sjee, thet tentn an the w yoen ed? mes,elhicht'y th gwatie ntan e yodorsed s,chthcorzwaine,othhe senate a g ernors is sayingrz e, wht thehe m ia dnaoe as gitnohs thyi onwh tridahey asul dors pss th n da y chg corziulneor phed back, chg czi commhe aon. bk, mm the's aonryto >> and tha eryrybody's cerg th sto a s hockinnd or e rybo's bunot gonly, let's thjustot a s ckt alk bubot utnl tet 1us m li llar kbo severce p when hli arev w h coanwenbankrupt. whatapped to enba tpthe ne at pe iuess h tsoot takg t th. iue they'sreotcovg titbut g knowot ttht. j i s poiinhegy' ov
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g t.itt e aicip ionow o t a j iots oin fo t hat. he maightip bn ohe aot fofuture tursecret marhty to reple iter. ture >> a theur nse yet to pleittimeers- a >>ot ym ye. >>hat' whatme the >> e. adni rati>>--t' ha >>tnd i t hen heard adhanit ti >> ews. h >>ens we h takrdenoth brk, if y s s ets.nghat you>> weake thk sh sbrvik,nce med ia y etngha tbiasou hshe-mae sed aia ews ase- upext,re we fal sin th u tcy sxncof up thet, w fin th o uyy sf hey p tests? as tps? ccrost ts grow expando i tccedrost owexnd i c tere. ed t ist tmuch? nd a fcle. is t? fai ary tale kardasian mries mor aiatte tion an t rdiaweekeen m w? ten ♪ ♪ ♪ ek w ♪♪♪ ♪ wheyourhainf suly ♪ ♪oes herto sngha th '♪s lohesticur ♪in su ♪s er sha t'loic♪ ♪ cps fm he ardsrom ere ♪ ♪ tra it l thugh ce ai f heth 's lodssticm ♪e
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♪rat thh ai t'loic♪ ♪learg cuoms ke tt ♪ ♪ hry uno t♪e flar cuths ' ts lo♪stic ♪ h u tfl t'loic♪ ♪ll n tecolog upbrin to , ♪ ♪ necog upino ♪ ♪ tt's lostic ♪ 'loic♪
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. >> >> iidnoidno soy. eryby hheame a so ey look enybca >> wan my a ld. k enca yea om>>etanng iy bet ou d. wotee o the eaetomet nng i et mswotcene fro the n ocpy all reetenmpceme in nheew york cy. ocpy thl et maitrme mia hav n y painted y.e p tethsts i mn a m h pad more st po itive lhtndore poveomhte even se sport the veme. are e amnicanbuyg se. s po >>he % omef. re amerimnsanuyayha t>> % o tv nmewos aayhat viding t musovage of th offving t ovag f o ocpy wl streersnd oc wstnd % st right and % eug h ig ndcovage. if t med went%way e wugouh th bovee. tere. t ed >entheyre tre bwase whiu is th beae mteme.en and > iey w t se hiout i s is fncis and em a oa ianou heer ut sdiffent tuisation,nd s
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dioaereneverhere hthe ffdiae io h toov diiten. erre th ea a ov10it th 10narchist and 7,0 movement nahi a00 people tne it nt7, ve vien tuatio n. eo jon tho arenehe image it vion the stuion. on >>hore i agebsoluty. ereforhe t sn.ia haveo >> coveol thiorsnd ppliae aave o gett invegir theerhimespl a f ptticg and min apishe spen$20000 over tifnd m for pice a en s$2 eve bo er wafirs ame ndmeor rig, a buwho goingve to p waorrsmemeig bu o em?oi t that becpin tssoruenow. >> j : a? theuestn at iecs t ss e ca of j ahestea hosa o resnsib forhehiea ey'rhoang sou >> tesre's tibhaoroverhie a al the'rovernge oouct tre t hawhatccuperwaall reeteople alheer eardoing. fo exatplupw danl etgaplerho rkin fhe edfoiaex rpleahan cehonter w m ention earheed inhhe ow hader m penceon e in f newowsadpion on fri pdaceyn wch hese dfews oriy wnor w hee nev ward.e evard. donan protester gdooo an
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the pteer oico er jon endis baebe j and n fks is wahi n ut gobend nd t p f and wan ut g hoasand al pk the am d spam themasan ad al so theond. s d i tf thier aeidely wn oron r epiorte tdnidhey ypce or oterha rfoepx,tedn iypce ben ot foinsx,nt shutdown. >>ven n b annd wha nssh ydo >> n t nd a i w t y w wst o f thted w wo ot,theate it and deco wo t, tt d a on a few sde tcoha re a o n oingew s>> ts is t anonmosre a this ng s-- t is >> and wont's e perceag a his the mem t-ha fal >> ws eer nt theheem taltery. >> ihinke big unk. >>ig governmryent has lt ink b ofhe unrrts a t>>he govnm ft tus t of arrest as, o tr aune dierenarres. ut ar ostf who om ae ople dien re >> sual ss lt a tol ohom insi theemonratiopsle n't sl tthe aolpolice si heso oneti media i 't ett ng a lilot of heeast oro yed i knng a hey,of ieaovest that knhe he mes coveringthishathi isob
11:54 pm
mea's bs corid-th- >> l's smear is obamait bh d- erythg, >> l's sarev oytbang!it >> he l eseththem sports evthytng! g hdeless empom.rts becse mt gle%, 99% m. ecain atuayave%, t behe ne tnaveometyngav t besiti toy. tytusavt wonom thetir tio ir styusonhe irvicty small ctor birank of aricaay ict's gyoing tmao ctkeor bkack ts aca i goi t rdacts deb ca.rd andondelraith ca .the >>nde ha to ke one more it eak hehene om>>bahack wo hy o m ar the ar sikshe alln oveeomba w [ tis own am ica facheg so toh chsileng rig nowllve [ s n amtwo a f thacmostsompor nt toche engrgy igcuriow o thstor e y rid ecomicrowt orthmeri actlly s ecicwt e ofhe lgestil rerve inhe wthld.ricty ofa largestart r thve iinoil wnds.. aget tths re urceias l s.e alityo crtetrece hun aeds ty thocrandsjo. at o kea proct icanauns hodsjo wel beablto pduc t ose oea sanro inawe belith pe sauc emi ionst oas anny oer os h samins as tha os a oge bakthugh. at'sood r cotry'ener secity ahaa bthh. 'sd coy' erandecur eynomy
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nd emy welce iho ere ey gw amera's vori toes eryo kno idalc pot ioes ste e eat. g ers ri es yonodaots e t.t diyou ow ty'red foyou o? di u t re th're fogh iu vitans a potaium. th e id idtao po atoes re n ta m.certied car idpo esthe nart eckm k frrt thed ar eric hea asstion e t km fr her fos lo in sicuratea fatss onand olesrol. folo satat d esso tl.y'reood r myamil anfor urs. tred myil anr s. arah taalwa. loofor e grn in idahseal waoor grinahal [ me anunce] inis es.. rac needno nisline mance ins ♪ ed♪ sne in h eye.. thworlis ner t big hye thrl n tig inis..he wther ouldevereep u inde. in.. wer lderp in. ♪ ♪ caustheyee nlimi the'sukaba nriti usey nmi th'sa nti degnedo he the bodgo asar atheimindantso. deedheheod as aeindts eunuba exaordary tritn foextrrdiny begs. euba exrdy it sefothetrdiffinrencbein 2.days yo mon bac seheffnc 2ys
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