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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  November 6, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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ugas real. i don know if i r one d k bu the if i med loves m t o bu k trdashis aed tves t kkdashhiians a lovehe mia. th a bth ming kdansoney ve m . >> wth a le gon >> le >>udgeeani: toght "j tice thbaby isa cas>>genitot "jce thethby ma seecaring c a baby e nht isea mee drisinpeged haby en i denifd by one d o teed h wi iesse b y we oave at to .wi se us - wee to. - >> a vicus bea cght a vic b o pe. but ve tse pents mmitd c rime . t t p ts and it >>'m t ced omelookg at ctimand ying d >> t we' oreokat simryd .ng udgeeanie': a erif tes won gea gu a big e ttigenia if tewogegu b p te the tmseltives in aks pte he elyou th ismakey da jus ticeks e u ans iwekedausce ns
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pl -- pl - >>ello >>udgeeani: kicamd ya s, >>lo >>genikimd yakar dan. r 72ay edded bli. da n.was all hoax? 72 co ng ude tonig on s ll "juoastic" co u t jud o jeanne: lcomto ustiju." ic m jue jeine udea: om p irro. ti junew jeveleme i the p ro instigion int ow bel t l is sinignnto b sapp lranc s ma fuhan jns u ingood pp eveningnc m k. mauh j u goo inodvengveniudge. judoo jeane: e wiveessng thate hed abt whudsays. th he w a n c ar inudgea: wis at he ab wh ysbaby a bo the a c0 a. in e rninhas i dentbyif adha mana. n a inshoto intdan inp. ho o th s thanheescription ofhe nt doo neiboofhe es crthetirw ho ow of n deias an erw abihoow d ha a pasbised a pygph whato yo mak of t heha lasesdtygph atyok t ne? >> m-- tre ino surpris ne re m tly i s pr i n't aginthat ts uld
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rehaveeen lynnec d w ti hat inhat ul rge me s n ofhose t ven ec w t diffen gros o f peopl e e sof ho seei t hi sffneroo pple man. eitud tsou m. no ud isntou ki iro ic that evebo ki ic t bo surrndinthisashe next do n eighrrorin tis asext or nex t neig or's do n t or ig's husba, boh radl's bthereremusy i this m an jsedl e bveryerboem vo lv witisthi ms haseen jse ery lv itefhi hfectely nssed th poli as ey are ncty edth susp ectsli s re th havbeen ced. sp thonlyersots t t h asn' thav en be cle cedsed .he ot r, thlyhso t h n' last ersobethatleawhes babyr,h ive. stso at aw >>udgeeani: ancleay aby e ishe o who old e.s t t >>ge nian ea e faed t heis ohod pygphs tt es fa t soar whado you makphe es et ha asolthoh whahe yak were i icationsha i atho whldhe happ tres ieekatns o n it w pp ere nk schededit and i oe firm thischit a tionightormf this thhalf btherf t babigy la
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th folf an berabya ifoernewy the instigatornor ve ty he rent agreedo a inigor sr epar tate nt ingrrviewithd t aeteves. sar wh doe that ell iniethetcs. oeouat?l ell, tounk?he attorey l, th tnkepheresents debottrahy bdl or t th fily, howeverepses bo dl want o phse i tashu fil hev wn ctact wh the ntphed ihu c ct wthviouy it didn'ted wk. thpoli havnot dres douit dn'tk. th li thav.t es b th bora bdltara direly. whathey ve dtae islear eryt ng tt th e densere. aty f disar yt de trah thadleand de filse has broughtp deh sled f posibilies. ug pin aeft-ndedsay ty are ttinus cclud tils.bvus a t-ed t ad i bie t t t sein t cwoud bv us bo wilneve be i intervied t tse inhe sta tu ttboil tvehe i perol in wod li se.tat theyighte in gra p jy or n awooulirtomut ey nhtotinray tha ora ou rtomy. n jud jeane: happ to t a agre withou, rk tha ud eaone.: pp o thereay, th has, een kof t e.
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quie hen, asnof k saiecityn veryuickhat do you think k sa ci is gng onow th t he ryckha d y t.d g ow t >> thi thathe would le toind b >>hiha he w ld ey weld ctain l e to tod find livchi b i t nk w cinto at h bndniv hhie t bt hnk be aost h end.e t t thintheyre ting t o utbe at e d.thr ca tog her, hinineyg ting ey g to tervw th ca br, anthey w gouldo ikervth to bs. aney w ld e terviedeboh b traey o onne b i d'thi i s iebo b methg thra is o ng on b d ieventhemromakin an thths ng arre in is ce. en em jmge jinnineand rk, t ren ce. jned , juebah but jery awe ju eb onahonutne thaneryou ry mh fobeinwe wi us onisvening. an u m >>fohankinou. >>wiudges eani: onveof tni . wot fes fo most omen >>snk. >> geingni son tlly wo afeaufoedst.ens at o ne pol e chigy remmen hasparkedub lic o p ol hi ouage. re>> ien tiras of rkokinedatubli vi ims d s in g wreoue. iirf inorry vis s re jud jeane: ter partryular viont aau i n ud ea : hir coun rtasartio aau i weenke hi un shiff uck ights feasup.t one ee his fale ciz ishsf k htfe. atcked ie aisark, gbbed ciz i
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s fromehd, s ip peat aedndk, gbb arly omapedd, sip a m day,ly the sheriapls presson fe nce.m y, t she shes thjuscels ste is esonfee. sfathingushem. is d ises aall t grmshe f is a al t women. >> ion'trmant u to fo or men. i't t to e me, goor tor ccealed or wetons pmi cceed >>udgeeani: heays men needweo arsthemlves pithmi ns, >>gge gniuns,hes on pedtearemesh , gs, emlv. d thanni of s rt buem thsoutnicarofna, t thr guns. e conty wig r utron, th gs. firecomsy perigts an pchases. re ovethe ster5- hours pas ha had 6 wvee tha5-t hou sign up com thrhagh tad w haclas hoverhe nt t gnp weeomkshr t aser nt>> jge jninecrits ee mediely ndemd th sh iff t weanted to j jneeit di y him em cth nce shf wete te m e expin sherf chk wrht jns u w. e od eningsher f. er ch wry di jyou u s e thangt?er di u becse ieat.ha ec i jud jeane: ay.
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and u beeve at ia won aboud to rap sheasea: . d be e i wothe ht o bo shoo aap khel her e rapi?ho l er if e ste yoliven lowsraoupi to he a f st conyoveeal ws t apon haer i say youonulald arm ou elf ion thaer is what y u choosto m f ha i' i tsirha otf loong t ppl ceos anlookg at i' v tirms o andf l p pl teinghem w hanavokeatadple vms nd inur custo dy oter gm timesad e d an't onyin c abotout im peop whottac themik d'tony bo imals. opi'm hored ac ourem jti stem s. m bed gur bron.te >> jge jninehow ng h e be u be b a sriff >> havbeen sheff f j j new h eigh y rsbe. sff >> av juden jeahene: fd yosoun ke sgheone yhors h been n udea: yo un r 30 y ears snend jt hain deenn t. 30rs jt ain but u at. vy aggss abt th and parkt au public v ss bate ab athndrkubohe er teot won should go oo there wosh ld packg o tpisreto, nie ckis, ni oakilies >> wanyou be aineand thrgh aafet y kies crs >> an u e opleneskindg ehe hr aety rsqueson wha t a le iinf they es atck thahet qui ick dtheyheavy timeo dohis d
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ha the q we c d eyhaavt if t a llmeaydos lha c the hattomli ifs w aell aay our n anom a nd e om is wavee t r an om not astainghere looking t wi eyevicms c rimet andtare lki ghti bac maywibeye somic omsfmend thespeop wilquit tiacay om atckininnont p ple. esop il it >>udgeeani: yocallhis y an nimaatinno pe. >>ge ni yo ll s sted0 ti s in hean lasmat 20ears a ilurnot edst otiinashe 20 rs cots b it a fa urret f ohe theys co a bt wholef you he en e said a w t u >> ie hinkent is faiaire ada whol we he hahim t imes inkndisaie a olhas bee hham c thargesedit h r ap esee c rgfore soyou ow, m t rired of lo ingre at v ti mssou , ted o f itoes eper whlo a wgan it red vti i its er tell ing whu w i i rsed n just t i woma who esllhrg ght. s n is uset husbahe ma o hrchilghen, he cld ren's us he chilen, e pe le tt sh il go, to urchith,ldhe pplen' sh workil w, tsh goi'o tchiredh, pfe sing shrk i'mh. i' ted sorryf. sin jud jeane: 'mgot yearin. or tota y ge t i t. ud ea : t thripp eff ar i. tage i ethrmpps.ff so whoay thamaybe youre so ho t abhaditingbeour reonsility and yingo evybod it is
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abding resi tygilae ju tice d tnge,ev youodre i onour o alaiejuce te,ou getour on r o n. >> i notetour aocatin iot a ocvigintisasll. judeani: yoeven ell gi is em t kindll. o fudniyoenl g. tin .410 g.t. even t f any 10 pk. >>en did ft brg thnyfan any pa. at w an portidity,br useth an ny itrom e caraman ha t waspa w n rty,se th e. itm ca ma jud jeane: theasnd o th day,heri , i ink en th you ve v igudileate: ushece o y ou th y,ri i k ve t m sur eu that vomus ce y unrsta t here re o tnly mur e hat ceain rcumance that heytare nl cn use tse ce gunn s.umceat y >> jge, hi s i cotus vigilteun j , hiice. thiss ar vng yrselto n a vtim of c ri tise. isar yel n all. v m i tolly ct it is i ve ad y atl. w ks toy itith i me i my y fate tt wks sayit ih i t waf the tespoibilty tak sgomne lifeut i wa hepon't ilve a ro bl emak whneife i ac et arobl h somothmfac dense om>> jthge jninewhenmou hfe se eno dh yoen realize that j j ne enmeti hs tys m d snse'tnoyo r li t wot theay i s d.ti t m d sn and is g in wohe iarcular onlyd.
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cked nd gomen, yo sd.arcur ly dome ic ioedlce, exomlyo saul >> e wodn'tmeig oaigl, ex ulle b ike >> myswoel'tf. o wou picon aom b e thys wom wasalking h d ou ic a omon a s undathyom aaserki a t a sday a llik researc p its prate fil y. ik r ea thrc areood ougho it pr e pele gilout y.ere d eny th re thd r faghlityo an he mpee gt rie dsenith the thfa ty dofirs to ma ke s e hane m ri ds itwashthe gng to ge tdo brs.o s h >> j ge jasninethats a t ge prtatoror. ou j jne at a thas co ect. pr or >> dge anin do u ha daug hacohtert. i ve t> daue ter in lawo andha uger g nd daugi hter t.aur awd n't k ttuestn on tv, gnduger. pl se. t t t>> duetheystack?on t ones inhe ir orpl. d ey k?erse and he oer ne h nein he ir sied uthiseek t g ersend oer h nceasid uisk weaponser. judea jeane: w yo pr ws copoerenns. . erif stay. ud ea : yo nex gue w prantsco teno s ho if ta y. me hes i your a um t. exe w ts en sightsro m ton ig 's h iur dete bweenermansroon c de b aenman wt g cingrich. ggrh.
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♪♪ coury ] man ♪ g♪e, loue my ]ast yche ♪ n g lmy t ♪heone,♪one ay ♪ ♪ gone, e like y la lord smi ♪ ♪on kelardmi♪ ♪one,one ay ♪ ♪e,e ♪ my by'sone ay ♪ ♪y 'se ♪ th dicat aimspeciists. d ar nd-t d-cloat ser cems cits travers n he makthin tteruick. ar-tloer willour au and ome avsures .. heakin erck be tre whenou nd th mos llr aur anndgente r quree, call00-mcovege.. t en nthos an nt visqu tra lersllom.-m ve.. isrars.
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>> jge jninewe a joid by mly mik exe cuti ve j jne a oi didctor o eopl me a minxeti pe di or melapleers aoesnin havthe sher f ha a pnt tt won la rs arsnon tavir ohe oerha p two defen he ar t o salsecau theoolus dtef n't e lsauheol eusvewh t >> he es he a point wh e that . e hmy pablems yomakeointh sou ke vaticti i.f ey a n pemyoke ou rryi a g and the are vti i nsexulysslted it w tiryi g ahe e fat. xu ss thlt is edere havet liteir t of profaem wh ths t.e veit j ge jnine what o yoof ro w h an bthat t.>> wt haens j i j--neat wyol, or bat whas instce if someonessorlts a man o haa c on cealstedf s ne lt apon shesarin g g un n ha c al he teso a sslt honerhend sarin g sh tts h andoillsim a as h nds t heoe't av e a sh hndls a weap the is ss gheoingoeo't be a ch ard wiapheur sde g bngauseo she cat pre i t l -ch-ar ewisurde b au he the aw tha t s caaspr i s seally he t sasasslt. se ly jud jeane: w doou sponto tt, sriffss?. i d 't audee weah t: t do on t al sff i dot thk yo have tim d a wt t int view a galhat is
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doth yo ve im teing you em di ntouew thaois takete ygour y cloes o andayou t o downr betill or kerlo w oil and shoo wnoube.llr >>udgeeani w: whh ishat thisuy d . oo ou maid hestridown n t he >>geni wh is t rkis d >> e ca whataif thherillwnay t ng. rk >>didnca sayatnyththg abt itay ing. abo's f lt dn tayhethabit d a eag o abo's t i s imy s a i'mea t oed t n s ystic s stem b ieing bkennded t m tired of om icee sngm likeng nd ey he totand t re ted ee ng lke ie i nt t m to o htond somrehi. i nt t m i t o i ef tdto s i th tm toselv. d is al ey noto g kill lv wan j s d eon'tno g aac k ll th. j d 't >>xact. at itrue th jud jeane: at s uld wo>>n doctn th iue sit ti ? udea: s d we n dowon --do wtheit? e do-- w doc done se-defse c dsses is out onttineaway savi seouefrsel not s cesst ily inayinayarod vi fig butouettiel wat y.ssy in ro >> udgeigeaniut: yotihave deali'm re wwah thy.sand ofape ctimas h e >>geniyove alsomm imes wouth jndt c 't ofe igim he
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the du s off, theyom aesigt c ig guys thdu ff >> bey thehings noigdy ows at t y wld o un tiys they re s buallheyngno sss au tltedw.dun u co d haey a sllyun.ssaued jud cohaeani: wodn'tou un . therave un wo dnud you ni wo 't ra er ba de ndan thanere dn you viraim? bdeanan >> aoluty yowoulrath vi no?be aicti i ink en y maka aatemutt liyo thaulthenth no th ak ttiha t d 'ti getk m yeak em li ha enwron if g wnth w tan want ts d'tet m e too ouandet onfwn con wceanedan toweapouondandet a gun wldon suort w omap iond g doing tt. su ti ha n wblith thaoi thais w t i s ha aditcati.ha ha w i >>ot every wom ants adhati nee tha o >>ee erytsha eecomfhatabl ee >>udgeeani: bunot ery womethin she ill mfbl red. >>geni bu t y >>hy d oumeinuyhe al fir >> d extiuishuy hopg th fe is nevea us f b you av e tishop th is it n h dve just fbouas at i why it gethed t concledeans pmi top in iy et he and ayi you n ev unc idtmi op t ifou nd it ou hd i iou n t rit the wi y if n it >> t oth h thi thai wod rikingtho brwig up ys tthis t th whhiehahiswo sslt w as horri bl ngbrupt and actua whes ss wpp hrihe d ct shiff r bei sopproti
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out is c e ansh ff inal bly getiing isuy bin d t can b fs d h efgelyg e will btainy behi bs. ef ly mostil alssaus are n strange hi bs. st aar ntrge asults >>udgeeani: ist le of a ra if fami mem r ra sasts >>geniislef rayof miemra what'm sings i y a wiat sgsomebod that yrur an awicquaintancomeodhat y m ytru out at i if arecqin tan t meone t i comingreouehnd y on alitzominttgack. y >>ud geeani : pr ably tzworsif y tru thett k. ta abo a >>geniprly rs y betrurahel taborust e doside tet women'sru de ndint msel s ledoalde t wen undethe s ond deinmetndmeelnt tleo th dee sononstitution?meme to >> c tainth the rig to thon. itio hopehat cou lea som c in heotheigwayso o ha dle hatht. pet ouand eaducaomon ithenswe to he ysha e lha of d haca ie weo >> jud jeane: ooursf >>ducaon inot hae aner all f th. udea : ghti bacand rsking ure >>ca i t an th peo e do t dollhat thain ti ac isd he angwer eohatnd o ur theododo t in juice s yste bisng ar bokehan and o it nds bju feix atecrs e bken coun y, nit jus in uth fx ae calina un i' ntireusof tlingicti sorr cana i' re>> j tge jngninetigot wra
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rit no shrriff ightnd j jne mt elraie ri no ank shu sof oundhe dgustg vidf k sojudgh.whipng hs dndau dtestvid ishere any rec oudgeip f her? anfor the pisre whonyineceer? thselv i nan hrhe crthoroomin? and en, the hilvlights from c rt om ?theresi ntia deb d b, etwehienigsro m reblics h ermaenre cniaeb bwe and re icwt ggric h mann a gic thmarks ner op ming. f cose, ithedo i tholutrkn?n m g.tamer radecoobil, tradhe. i ut i n enr tr es otthe ern.deilad evefutes a 4x. i entr oe cplexptio, do.veut ax. he mket ifts i et aaler cex iodo celhoneings tnk y. mt ts i aer li strelmingneudiogs t y advced arts litrngio ok advthatd ts l rit he. hereer ere hapns t ribileheradi fr td eap t. lenumbdi one infrnlind equiit tra.s. malannocer mbtradne in incomuissiorafreeor 6days alno r adplu get to om00 ioee w 6n yoysopenn acunt. lut o wyoenact.
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>>udgeeani: its a deo thatringhomehe h ror >> ge trniue -it- a e troor oatfngme h r chd atrbuse -.- tr o ch ase. in 24, hlary adams i s in4, h la 16ear-d g ams liv igs r 16 r- g po texg r. fferg fr a re fm of po tex cere alerfr re sm o see re lacen cpu sters and meeic
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one ghtcen cpursnd aerhe is caug bye t fr aerhe ica downloadi by ilgal sic. r >>o d gnl my ill c. >> belot. g m >>illa setup a hidn cameel iner bro om b ec>>selaet a hn e meayn ser b knerow bhat was e coay. s ne w benoverhaas theed . co nd o ve tener bed!heed ove ted! e te ctu a victeio ctu 7-mite wppinbyic er fmiher winy wi ael fhe wiel he h her tes. h oer pnt her mom enters e piure pndnt l h dow mnom eers ckel li piend lown ilry . li >>ou tn ov like ry 16ear-d antaket! >> tov 16 r- an >>keilla saythis bting is coonn her hou a s>>iclaofayis bti e abe sh wan procoofon onfou icwhatofs ab hshappennirong. at i'moingtakeou in hpe and 'm ngarakeou yr i[ blnee a t belt. yr bl none whees the bt.ape unti last wok, w 7 yrs after the ap e i idt w ntist yrs aer hilla
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i t upads e video toiloube . up s id pueoic orages immia n onbe becse othe use b pu oge icausilry onec oe seda f her, usilry wiiaas ds isda fhe wiia d ams is a family lajud in texass. am the ene difculto la ud i watch.ex buis w t ju ee e iflt adams a wah. bu wju acrmse? a d whdidilry w t 7cr year wh tdoelease the video ar joey tac celriseminahel den veo attoeyey aac c dr.ri jnanl srp ps ychirist to ar.n wh rp estemed ps hi st haardicchooh l. e meis w crinal, joe. hadicch wri l, oe>> a.olely. thiss ouageo bavr a a shld n beoly.ol er atedis aoueor a say is f ro msh n aeolered criminal y de fnse aertive.rinal hes l ckydee aerti. hehiky the stu o mitaons st phese s tu he ibeatngishild and tas se cuing his hild . iat hi ld hendho be e raedg is ld a he b e ashad an resigraedn a his ha an r ig judghip iedialy. is >>crosthisount pendgpedia ly ve t he r>>htosis entry pen state
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to the phycal ery pisent a sste ng a theytoo shyoln a isen a sreasonle way a ey th se ison exptioa youan t yoonhiren.ay th is>> texre iiopunioumentnd yo hi three is punhmt. t ini nt thisrossndhe lin e.this no onldid he whi isssheerin nonld h w rociersl and ci h aorrificall he lt ancameack oin hri ca theob. l anat cme't bk e onine. e be is ahe l.esson. c b >> e tned.ut he light s sobes a l so e nehbor c ou ldn'>> s tee.dhe l ht he kw. ne or c. shp, wn't is.oing on he k ts faily? sh w is it oi terngble.n u ca see t bfayoy? moon t ere. reac oncaees rolonti. th e aractwo ndsating th.. me sth thiaris jo t thsatin th a shi jth voltgnaccepbl exrien to durer pu lt up younachilccpbl ex en oto rsrepu kd f upou silhrugnd s ot you ow wt, hdf this s hr gring up a i i sn'tu ws h badhis as grg p i'ts smsad jud jeane: hearboth side eopl e omudgea: owarth but de thmo joi nspln and nowgay iut wa bra wasthheoins nd owdo y buyhat? >> iwauy e ca be a icti yof tuys,t?
12:24 am
o, a tha t ma iy txpla w hy ca ati t llar had t aoha waimatyxp ilaor wshe uld t toar plaadait of sety d tobefola sou get o set forward. fo >>ouow detyou plain tact fwa . at hla liv ed>> w dhu heai t acfathafte she ld giv helaiv h wi theothe >>th belve ttteheheidive feel afewioheheake hi s ol>>deel t st and don bel ve t tel e o shecoulhihaveonol i until st nd on shelhad te ki of co e ndshulve n safe andpaceo be a e shd kif o. fend ce b >>e jud jeane: ey, you o. ree th t doc >>r?udea : , oushe ai ts s ene ea t oc ? reasaape d b te heai wea reher as10ear-de is bte trs e jot cuody fer r 10 r- fas ther ift is ange us sjoulcu'tyf sh have aid methger if is geearl sr? per ps ssh is veotecd ngth hi as a rlesult. ere pr stects edec him by v thi aes t. of n rel sing t.prct h b ifyhe tsed iarer n elng memb, thta te oif d erlimitionis fe ye s. mbth ta tetherwillot ba s tate mi on f yeprosion a rult the er ll b st steatut th feds ave osclinn rt he o stut th ds e osecine and erefe inhe enhe r elease it ecarerd efin he wld b in b ling rarerse.tar er rember ts, the mot w br t bakng arer e be fro the reerat ther.s,heot t had sh n ot been troe belt itat r.
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12:26 am
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12:27 am
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12:28 am
12:29 am
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12:30 am
ve mar eralio." " is mous or ve bngheero fit ma t o s usefortuhmadng i ifinmahet97uh1maig of t i centy. m marian nt rfey. now,ack "ju ste" w acmatoan jue jeani. w,k just wac jue jnige nz ts is foxews t isthoxgs jst wleppin uin the rman th j winin t cn n t ng ch an prary bate he is ncli ch oini us is eningpry wote hes i ndides rom the snis eng o geor a.idesmhe s rmanain or andan ntninicndtinic [ apau ] apau >> athis pticur jcture, i'supped thav ais p minutcue je, to dag e witi' somppet tav t m ut e heaid to dag butitom hed don.ut so wouik d
12:31 am
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12:32 am
r ht.ob yo e ordbso solve t rht. alth rerdo lve cos th croem we mt e mket-edrivenatntt nter mkeiv aronthe i haer tald to dto s. haal to i'm reewt h tke td m t hdoct market cenre -- ct pie maceetnted mket driren--ie apoach es. herentgain mout i ap cchno.t rein miomaneealtare s ouof whingn, d. mi ianslte s i mpos sibl ou wng d everprogm thaweave ihaostbl has en aerdmognis trdutavha s aisrf ut waingtn,.c. d a buaucr tri to ke a deci on twat isgtoingn,mpac. aa pati t r buoscrpirilo or a d r ci tis ngac s ftid.ros pi r d theess r theea lth d. he s syheems ea eveltrythg sy s veprobthm. is fedel gornme prlem. it astatgovementroblob. its s andensurgoce cmepany prm. aobleatve nt bl it i a ho ital ur c ny as dletor p bl i andho ialtbls s patien dto pbl nd t alsof uhave han in ming ti
12:33 am
th thi a tal ales uvean i n thk abt g oingthhi t to monalds . thab weave gnongatiol tearings m on ds .frau at wee noiolri mcdal. au athinabout it. myou ow hup. a say i would inou i ke auart pnd itu h h a s w chee th giv ayou rtquarr pndndith th c ese ee th ivyou u ve tarm mopey. th are c hepy. you u e tmo. threap u ifou on up yourag and theriso arr p nderif a ou ur a wi chee yo errer pernhpy wihe yo d yogo bk ansay wre my art pounder wh yo bany w re ch ee ? y t ere p a dndect rhelationsp. ch howo yogeteeeo up a e dt rat owyot a titmentoles itnts urn is iur a n e at n id say you are t gog to makt e an tayou 65, e u mgohtt hav mtot a6.t 5, wou likto h e mavou tak ou ik h yoeah souet tyanagem t yo haccot anwho ll iintoetan em lifeaf coano c iuntto. why s it ofe harafdhecnt me hyitoardcongreing to dide efe umpe ang t pal desidee a es
12:34 am
host pple uuitaying croo . ho p e >> dinedenef plaayinrg pr emiuoo dedeflar upiuport?uprt? >> defined- yo goirst >> newt. edyo g lauter st wt aur >> tnk everybody- as c. e. wha>>your tdvicves tdy a othe c. ce..ohaurics t andow the he thinabou thi a my owvic the is in ou methghat rea lize y icheheis thteaze ihe firsecamere a i rsec re of aodth's.e n 86of thaf i dthn't'setn 86 t iolve i tse dt issuetes ty we going iool collap su twe gngo ocoapnte f mket o steme f so m madvike isuite s pl yemo mvis e.o. don't plaoytsaf o. onget pnvveyant be part oaf t tan be rt sotion yohaveot se ofs ou ere atre fhtsoon b w eyove s ofou ne hel in ene fht
12:35 am
neelenremt. onof t thr biggesthis rthatou ht.e co to r ze on thr ig st by being outde t at b hubblcoe ze ringhis riod f bng o te? bbl e setery ng bs odf g lset wyit b tit gls w deadlin. ti lega like crazy.eadl . don' let y e xp tsgaik tra. om. n't ets t >> w are gng t o y t . tale t pbl o f wocreia g ty se rityta t pntblitlement.oc ifou he yo own se ptyersonalntit me . soci secity s in aifcc hountyown p so anyou nt t rir e arci oecyin a nt a mall amo t o maneyu t ar ocausyou a willi oa hll amo re a us freue aimil whyo h would he cgrestell a y nreoteimo? w wld d on he oer canesd,ll y y nou o? ar le ndyon rney w jd, you pa ed arwaeavgy worke w j til as pa1, aouavorecide u lol whayouas are d1,ng andou idu wanto ay a ctloe,hahyu a ould he c ess el wt you yohy can't? and ld i t cs thiselet'sou get yo an ?potici s ou of td t t t 's cisi po pciceou. t re rn i tsimeca and let amerreans intro thewnca and et lives. i be me ers rohewn speak
12:36 am
er iven s. be becae iold t trutho t sak i housrepuicanarty or a ca i ddeca t andheyru t uspuanty a candy falide it w a to bome alaid majo ty. w he b tame lead at jo. be adt dfather'siz becse he had at iak t o ak atr'heec h mpany d i successfuak rold r gan les ns h an leucned ss genal e ri ro rn es hcompeegan's abi li tleod en tkri rempcte to ane arica a kpeop, ma sen andave he ctamero an p aple cave t opngrema witenthe ndure rent er p e t pr esent. re itwithe resint intabouas nd and ccprateest. a th bsi iou ma ff andnd whatat tls the - ma a inthate tells t arican t intpeopel. a jud jeacane: n nexfrom poli cs t pateity op ud diearc: exome. liand ten mtey ti d m onim rdasuman ati thes faas at w as ahefa w -nd t fae t was heredndng t. fae t w h
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12:41 am
isod ohef.j. simpn laer rer kardhian ond fend .j par. mpla r lton rd than she fhootd to fare a of a thionng s,ta rr gthnheot fe a sex ahi tnge.s,tarrg una utserid video oim te. d h enari veoim tertner yriay. but en t broom rtr ay rp t t bro reased dsn'te. e ca es reed in.'t e. sh uecas vividn. nt tashnt ue s thvideo vid dtrornt evenally sthetidtlin f aor porten $5 f a and ores reaty showor rt 5 her d hmin. d esameail s keeorpi up r h withhe karian,amhichilee llowthe ackyives th k ofn,ch owe kyeshe o kaashilan. >> eher ey wt toe a partf thfami or e y ckahin. e r wlatetoo saeone n th famirtthmi r c d i ink ttes hasnethmi jus ton e i k ll bausee havt bn s j t reon. b se h av>> hlo. s re jud jeane: e incr ibly opul h sho.n tn udea: hecrs kily buiulldhonnnmp he kicluiing aermen lin othi s to s ag veern a l line of t hi sto pduvects. a le
12:42 am
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all rht. n, wt i youe? al rht . s th tru w i you love? th ru >> thinkeray ov jue, n ot >>ng cld bnktrueer love ju inact, nthats wh the c bru iticare sge st in ttve im int,at wh he di 't e n giic thie i ssgest t ance sh di egi rhiordldidn't even s ce marshrie counseloror.dldi'tn inead,he brndridederouel . sbanand ind,deeril f or and divce m ha f biv conspuo in her ha b c ier siledo aence sin retuing om sido aentr sia. tu g r havi r vi eatic e didn't telle dn'rites she was liris s. w en aer 2hou i straa sa she ou ald 2n'ui dealith e hy andews rarrsandinhetheou dorcend al h rehyrnedndome.s she sn'teen rrenin sein dce. sh has ne ireoed a e 't n en s w the arrepos hat she shs i a tryg to a ttempt n ot ttharposha s ve t his b ryome tort othe a em n reity ow a t oy b reas i te l yo othate judge
12:44 am
rey a thyonlyeasoshe ntsha t as tyo at udis oge thlysoe imse reason. o ey a under dagcoroe r athe ment the are a u er ingorero dagehan eyre ae nt he recoroll g the s gtieinen wel you now, a tcorell ithsti in ta of no elunoungw, ahe t wredi ings antamore onf e unng haveheydingulledha tne anre also? >>veell,yheyle hden. a anlsthe et m >>l,yen. li ing tsane lips bec mause for th , e n tlig ts dmaipsecse f or surrndin the ar shthianse t mes moy f trrheinm,e morareshns memo f views. t he atorhe see ti, thgh, f th very irewstim t at stithh, kard hianrandthsryirstim rdannduffering credilitat anufrill-t low ed it a retati .cosaidore-t l pele n disli k thanreticoid e th evehave nd t t i pe n li k t n coerni forhe kdash ns th ve vebeca te th i bui an emp e coni or kf thshback of, cathell,uine nothing. thac k >> jge jf,nineso tspel,. n hi ngey, .ing o j joune thepey . bu d, ng ompethhey t i bu nt hured mp of mileons o llar b ed ohund thefil oex t e. ar
12:45 am
b ow doou thenk tss exing t e. to do t i tact the kardaian iac t kpire in negive y. is w predica d re ineg ae ndra wre ca yo honor a outrageou yo on >>udgeeani: shis sng r how es tt imact t >>genish s di e. di rce?w t im ac>> t tre w a pup ial die? t w p i nuial reemt. t ishereraudn th s taem sens iniss care youud canth auehis ta waen dse fothe hyp j ud incaouan a thhiub ci ty. wa d foe yp getverydyoook a tthoubci . ke et to >>udge eani: so hen h mey kris humphries ho>>genisonasli h is hsiphd bes ts cue fasorli fud sa ng ssi nev b reays marriedue f me sa s ev r eahow you mnow ri sheever me rew ly louw edhee. hodo y know sheve r re l relye. led ho yno her h. re led doeshis et t smees h . memb themell tes t i n less tme scol. mbif ihesmelll bades itt p lbay .is. i youelealladthin iall tisy mone e. sni a llou illntinhl
12:46 am
motori i e nne y sni a right yomogo trithe eedng wt d y r ht u yo teng w et. >> a oneho er donated anhinghoulget b ane eoned an ng ult. jud jeane: ck tthat ta abo ret ning he gts tal abouretu ing udea: tat ta boetng ghing >>alhen outalktuboutgamag ntrothis sow he areng >> n doinlk mute daagge t ha they re rois ntroreing e itti on in m da t ha ey tut ge rog it etilodedhi s t wege apprancannounc ede d at s wasoing to we aonppe ncnnnc no t r seturasthng wedng gifts e but d onnoe r00ur toedng gts char y.t da chity t00hat to loo aer ary. chty t didvangedeo lpl w, tme tt di sanoudsre t t tt, ocour, its as ourit t ite-f anwhats thbet th tha b tomes a ey pe-t.anattht th ha>> d bngom teshis ast. t ax d hi a iteo min charitae t ntri tion all eoe t me. cw abrite rion tl t t milon r ab ybe was fra ot mlri does e sae asra w my rin bk es saand an hgt? w m k
12:47 am
urpringl he h beed h t?sile sin theivorce mad e pr gl h neee andhat s pa lein theivce m ne ndpre-t ppagreement a t undetandhatot p are-espgrme can'necearilmake neg ive dendt ar escommts aut t other n' cehe hiln'tk ndeg wether he wts mm a tth er thatia d htzl bdac wk in herise atia dac i h nds. coue, ks jeer t mom thecall h s. t m ou kje t ommanar w t o m nihengll t m na w o mni tevisi a rosst tesistade anthcad an sl. jud jeane: cat iwas, dylo >>he s d sh doest lsle ud ea : indi i givs,s. lo >> sllo.shes l e dage ctrol di iv dage, magedama. o. >>etng t rin b k.da col da , ge joema stawiths. >> et tup nint, t ooevetarth justin n tbeav s ousn av biebernd t w who clas eb heathere hhild w c juin m pay but t he creos hthi uld very ig hjuor m hay utos d eryor h
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jud jeane: d juin eberathea ch d whne ofud hea: ju erhechwneans? of th sord deils an an alled quick a i d o thoreadens an le qquiccken dean a bat hr m ice ter e ofis ccertwith a 19ear-atd raes qstions r of cabrttth 19r-ra qio ab culbabili and c ba crndinaly. e lel dra i s sur e to lcrtal le dr mo a ihasnurto t sex act mo algedl dha. t exlon, awhats the al latdles n,>> jatthge,ktellou at clusely nigh thatusti j bi,ker alloint aatrn to presust h y m inghatti tbis ant mterrn t anesnoth jinust nyldttsne e h iganht nyldne profile hol lyod h pro le ol atrney howareima w i ateyar wh theollyodepterma coidera ser wyer . wh hely te has r
12:52 am
ep secoedererwy as o sps the p ang oitarnold hwarnegg and he lhee p a ngrlonraitndo.arld it r ains oarggnd l e en honaboobeo. is rnse en hoo iswh w biebs gng too. whhe s ws hha sbis gng t noever meto. s h ma nah.eret ere onlone y to manfir.are ethehe i e deednlthe e thertofer ir e moheh o iab y st ednde ter er iso t e motho dnaabyest.nd t he h bee n s enist te nanes tha t heen clai n >> jge jninehe h t hir th higprof e at rneai what j j fne h dirs sthheigofatne he at ds s alge itheetiono g e cot toay y he al i he n ta a g paterni t t. coto y >>ere theeal nswe ta at ni threal awer i were the n>>e he l we the age t he sthamale twee. ierehe n did inv e h r e e ac t samee. d nvh id theyave e oprtuny toe ge therey e op un >>toudgeeeani: shsays haunprecte sex th j tier >> geeberniolloshng tys ha cprcetertx h j ti anwillhy ino one eerlslo t cthatce couldossiy be he anll i ne fath e of babande ent at ldintosi abe thf abde
12:53 am
to bhr sllnd bsexhr for fst time.ll >>oes e ju e bexeve ore f riesfcc tnte.s. >> s judepebes upe wha he f tsesfccnt e. ere an sy wpe andup harhats way. e n wnd ar th wayf heanto et ut y. thay he tluntr to a ut per ty ntto test. he esn'toltaesrily he e sn suitheudge canomoltaly h i >> h e is hesu c ifhe s is h for hi his qstn. if s susort d anisor sing i had seith thi ssut ans k isn't s hhea se itmatihng thiotato rape knder i s a the ws f litirn tiainceto e er shwas ande w e 16?rniain she cershtas inlynd ie 1 re iwhatsodg ll heer ly r fav . iatsg ll f . nelly ey are not oseced bausef th y a oxim nyfhe cas . ec bseth uallimin aaseik ts c. ere s a roll aeiks disri. e s >judgjeanroe: iis othe bookisri. st to r>ate.dgan i oe >>okppartl sheantetot r e. keha risas a esul of >>ar he te oeon . is a so,uloo, theac t onstin. bbers i o,, he inr i
12:54 am
retionip wh hurnt rlfrnd re sinona w hnt fr gez s in shis 1 gez sh 1 is 19 ande i 17. i19 >>udgeeani a: wh do e kn abo thiwoma 1who su g j>>usgetininwho bknbebohimao e i s osun j socuslerces b andbe gein o fndoccend stamps a as ge frt r sea sat amp jstin a eb conce. frwhatrs sea a t hat? eb ce the areaterta queio tt? ov tsheomreta'sre qbity alovady saw pass boyfromnd bi tycomeut a say ha alhey tawolas bfr him at h c oumeld aayuihe wl e fam er o hfer c child w l we ske tthat oy's fa o er c andmher esrdaynd s s t teats us'shat is p sill y dmr ay s poss le, e ti fratesus t s juston'tatchp. in act,he w asss, tira a lready st't ch preg nt a int.t, w whi a theea are cdi bility eg a issu hiveherre cdili suarh' claims. >>hat goi naphah' inst cce iimthatshe sayg >> t oi thape is only t eo est iat e s ssib and c on iv abth wisnl iyeo coulde. ib nd c boyabiend whohe pproac d ule. abou it a heoy dndied itherro d
12:55 am
just bber d i you aooek i at tr te f me somstet bhing isr i amis t t om ng nis mth is >>udgeeani: i s counning a evebodylse wi be >>untige.nii un ave dy eankso m uch. wi e ti jud jea ne: d no for ks my t mughth. ev y gi dres ofhe wk udea : nodownrhe a le theht bea ut iful evgire of w k go, th ai rl ywnalleheeauledng gothairl y ki 4 mli peoe witnessedng you lk dhe a isle aki meo wne yo p mi tu o l dov andhe h aorle your yousnd.mi t l 72ayors ler urus andfter. care 72ay cosiderion u wa l tond a erur m criag so thi s jt dcooner wn ork waot as p mnnedag. sohi j tally don k wk t nk pouedr p was ly k t p illit. ll, re r graed a maeted o ma you li il s. , rra a some maayed $ma moulion fm tvs. almee. $ m on fand ten yv hig tai it to al d yig t austtlia sel purse u se you otsthea maelger ur outo s y m lessesouhemagerha ou s y m$70000 aes yousill ve t ney chaty and 00he anou sl t y haadds i af y hbandantshe s the ds mil hon rbag ba he nts tdianiv . il rba e nthats, any t
12:56 am
ayathatou llyn t ethniaycluhaou ev mostoas rs h n a e0nic y wa h rerts e ar0thatou didt wa revenave e coage tel yore h hs bandarou aat fil did fo ene divcoorcee .el yo h nd i at yoilspe moreime or fo iv ceur itti f ori yo youerorhreeeor ti fou r ee vera wg gos anyour lawys prarinfor vorc ra wan tgo manarriure f wy prin r whrce iome om p ple e t arrijudge byf their whi we pde nd ar dg yeirow. tir i han't eard wouerdand rvict ofowomescio nc e ohart rd a frau oth y cctarflyc o bld sied hba w auav yar aff r. bl si h frbands wy h not wavki ff boered frs h n realbo? ed ve y hea thes n al y eackouhe shld wen wseusbas loseouhirob jus dum sh w t whem?usa s didt n d a seh bodob lusagume tm? expert o te me id nis w a ageateand theay y ou a pert te e no wiz ay r,ted he y yan a no sin r, yact,r dance. u ar sfamo forou sex t, . pe armo or exyourwe a pogy t our we ousas ofoungirlsho pogy lo t up you. sau diof't mngry flsor lve, lo p ou . in ead r fa and mdioney m f ae,nd
12:57 am
even hat an'tin bd yfand mey ent 't yppins. at iit f usonight anks or in i fsigt oi ng kss. e-il u yrs.ommes. se you xt we-ee u ptiod bys.losecaptning rvic, inseu w let seef we an g oneio bypastsehe dptenseng ict! gin he it mes!teewe gne ghtstn th dnumbses! om! t it gspin het s! htthmb oh! ice itnds!in chst bp. ugh!e s! jobman. nice ch b h! obn. okce halime. nowthiss favite ay.ale. wis ave . oh! m we op. ohfumb. mble! wop don'wantoho fumble any thele. [ ale nounr ] are at y lov n'ntfu y he [ wite who unu lo]. e y ov llogs frted akes t o it'slop... ogfrd es an's it'..good od? ey'rgrrrt! ant'od d? 'rrr
12:58 am
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