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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 6, 2011 1:00am-1:00am EDT

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d n, hn s tossel >>ou he h ard bout, hn sss o >> h h d ut $14 illi plu natiol de anhow is ttin o worse but 4 li itlus ha tioode g ouanr bw ras inorseut ound umbeit thahabig s to he ou b ra aeray o thi nk bondbeha ig h ee de andhe s ndin that er ay makehiit wse. thisear, ur dend sinat ger ent w il lke w. isr,spentwicwhatt takesen wl n. enic at twe. tes at ionlyoingo irease e d ebt. iis ilyjustngiase dnst.taable i stprogssiv say sutn nstaab tang the og rivh.ayn buevenf yotook eve ry tahe pey of nc e robumenyook ve llnair and b lipeonaiofres,ero evenhat uldn covllerir thend bliai defi ent.t dn ov rour hely he iso cu fi t. endir . his cu d th is goodhingo do becae ov ernmendoeslldi th kis s oodngdongst ca shoulovdnnmenes ki os houl do buew do polit icia ns ilbul prewos cutol itia cuts aer are n pr c poticay op ar .ts a a onwho try poca is on o rycongssmamike is ngmaik pomio
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e was tolina pm twato econic dnaelopnt admistraon. whatono th d do?op >> tes a ut $30miiominra. or at tho? $ 0 mi tion yearrom u aut30 r th tax payeand b ngsmihen arm thaxyend monehe to washinond. a stnebutet. twad. a e nomid evel mentstte t. acrs aoue h undred emielnt dist crari. e hey adr a polital astl.ri a hav't plimited anl. anc y av't th an ainismiatteor thi asighnc in 5 y ars in ain amesrio t i'ms 5 trng t grs inidmef is one'm agen tr t tt idesf is tnehe en quinssenallyt ocalesasks t e wi fedal dla in en thlyfedeallksovnm h as nwioed busiss dng i thde h n souos g d. si th will i ou guid. nf rast ruthctile r a stelaui infnstrue mneta. s la impre ictncity in vmo pr ci i tn minsotaxamp is mo rfecas intamps ec$200illi grantn a cple 00 li billn doraars roct itas gng fwardithout ll do s dera tpayect it g m feyrdhout
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ma sen ecoramicay anye ere s mey no rea sotole e maenco caan e taayer or a oue pl ea lellioebuckto bld t taer a ou eel ant r th pva te iock b t co y. l t th andome whatheyteo doco seeointle. nd e thehaeyo doeent. h arry eeid research and h ry tenolo park ilas egesasrch a milln torote tou rite ilonar is eg the rthe lltoroteou e he mia iands someeoplsay u areiaot ving noug mmeeyply re ake aot ng ug diereney, we are ak ailon i di en we il on >> whaveo stt so pla and enti de. r wvestsolage nc ied antid r get d of tm. ge not st tm th bac o r lot wof t m.thei growth. t t thmake bhem awa lo >> tt is w ei youroich.d this kem wa e. tis ou tall tget hiid of thi llt of >>t do not tng t fedal gornme oug to >>oido.ot t ed fiv gome ougthero oi. iv dar oenerts have onom devopme ageies d arthinenhem.av >> iis ery eromevmeges eseinm. iroamsreer euplicativere weill or that an g toup ca ti the o th
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er we al s w tt o >> ts ishe e o adminisat aion maagin t theis congressm a tinoio read he lmat ainun the c gr >>ou d't he toe sini er tado l kawhathe >> d h pototil ni a tncwhahe ppetuat poti ncthselv. pey p thetuin mdistctn kaas a allthlv a cross th phe m st coun y so tkahe a cllgrsm acrs showup t say t hi ougunhtsoo t awathey pnt t o theowm t asa t ugo y leme t l y ha itwaey h p tohem ne i your dletr tt. yhait h ey i fur t ttrlt.ou a alof t tngshatouldl ve bnon w theal t ts tld taxper mon w n, banns,he pa forroje sxp m inedan,an a paor je st vginedaa. it harfor congssma a to s i d 't w t t vt m ey .t arr ngma you ou h e t so h d w a tt ey vi.on for hathe f ed alou h t h a gornme is ppos to . vi >>ornd st fed i d on't angot tmes oso >> s money. d 't get d of tll othateven miney. t >>ofven oose atneyseno cin the snetate >>n e ys c oinf kansas. he s te $2 lln fo ofans. culinar y 2 ll fo amphheat and win tasng cin om iphnatnd was rhlan wasngn. i whatre tyhinkin w at>> s te ecomicevelment agen in nklocaplacappld
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for g nt secroicmelnt enhen ccanomiaccpl r velontent miniroratim and alcied mid reive feral lot niti nd llaral d r theie waveno o f thialing bout wh her that maensear w ethwa ohig ut whrhamase we woulget chae to l at th twoodult ahatoay at th today tsksk youointed out tt tese a sk sotime folk i yoheiroiedomut a at s we wan t o sotmelk he govementut y noter a nd s e an tnottay. ve nt y is otday d its eryw re t tteayave g s y it yw t rinkehe feral govnment. nk falovnmen fera governmt. >> y wanto g rid o fe gller y an th g eidnergy subsies. an the ndthobrgttyackedou sub fr t t.ane tt ke yodu misunerstd ho i t h asfr but a hryoing mamerunican wstdho has manuctur g ec r.bua ing er ants ojobsd nu theurwoulevenecointr. o th the o havbse eny he heul en nt ostat thheav ofe ky hs.e at they fgeto t y oou ifhat mo y weey lt tto m ton of it taxp ayermo twhoobs tha tt myf st btaxi peoe a xp er ho takesg thha weath ouof the b xi preoate a s
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kethoseat fouar t me pr ebs t snhe windos s ftoroueld ev hope t ton w cree.toou pro essievs goperlyohi at ergy ub sidi es oclrosiger en gy, at i the eace yereubdi e spdinghoul h pen nd en, ie e e ogreive spngul hn e caay s re wee needhis nd o eay sub sdyeor ed s thin o like solar a wubdor in poikr. ol ma a youcase d >> wanto alaudouor po ming ut a mahaouenseng >>an a theudouor domi ngnc athathe o aenngas he compy h. mi nci doatgree oit ah tt asrt of mp whh youre talking a doee tt rt o f>> jt to lari he anwh toure alng t alubdi nc di jngtorie an the fo oil d galasdi nc di i tngnk t que ionhough thfo l d g alle area t t tg uenug t illsar betteearo and bett pri s fo ionme.te a at iultitely wt t s ttrifo me . out. ihow ti youlyringtoms tition in the t. mw keoulangce.ti ti >> ompe tion s ininhehe mkelamaetpl.e. doe 't h e to>>e brpeghtonin in ma pl >> thi thi is o of oee hto br tallees t t weacen in >> hivigahing t osef lesp tecwelly ener . ga t causwhatappe nows yoec ll e ki of it likere you us atpe ow yoe a inkigf aifikraou t coete even plarang fld t
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withlege coe ve p flddent . th le sol and wd a the chdrenntho nd he. >> iol usi tha w a asmp ch en n he beuse ght w if w iansitha t mp rell my c tberee at reif wleant or rsre evenn trerk a cityhere can o aorndrs e filveln tyre mano a ilgas lank u m s k alteately,now, parn he pu i'mot ae to somteeaty, w, ar wherand ll u p y e lectpuri'mc a t om ca er d i uld ugue pat wnee ed act idge rom reca to i d e the wree a >> w t is roge witm a to bridghe >>he a umen wuis me sitnd ri pealgn its ac e>> b aeneu m s ar 3 y ears nto ale itsace arges. we hrse beo s si zi w ins. for hcadebe a hydeltrsizi w r dr ecdees. a yd is inot brie. d is is a it 1 b000-leighw ay iand it timto jus say0- le ig hw std on yayr own wo d eet im jay mpet thest areonig yr n mpan s. ethere >>esctfuy, t ugh,ou an kn, aswe h bee >>esfu t h, subs izin as ykn saiassomeef b the a bsin yaime th alterteea sourceslt we s arc sll ssizing sl.
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theubsies fsizing oil and na ral hesub asies coal f ondre na l triaompaoad tolindre so trlar.ia pa to>> ces ddn tohat ur finion i r. o ckay. dtot >>nit is? >> n to sil o.y. it d >> lookt thwarss?ha w no il h d been f ig thats a illi dol hrs oa en f igsubsy.. at a i lin't olink oybodthin thate we int o tbsse ar s i t k od in for an eaatsowe ontth thanar fo an eneaergy n >>o weoughin iq fo en oi gy >> o wh h su>>idiwe aghre ifo oi >>whsusubsiies? a >> ieed takthatn. hearthatlaim efor bs s? is dicu us o iitsd ar at ime beor wayo g to wher s cu o syou y yoe. want tbe w ch isbeaygo er thate ha low c tu yo wt effic tie wchis ener ro ceatdha herow i cn noh e icamera iso ge he er roce d er vernnont o of t g am e oerisge trng o gu rn o gam out. tr nowyou e no resndg . her laimhat ow wu eno rwent t ira to ger oimt w e >>e we ienn for niol ra g o secu ty. >> we ii'm orl fmer cu.ol di m i'mme veteoli i wemant maksureshi te 5 tr lion n dewe.t ak re ed a mir muln
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sd trheonde. a ir st dgero deb m flinng od natial ec it ys dge arorieb's o ti bt.s the st tng wwanto dos aste undr s of.ilons o e t wntdo tedrofil on dolls onrgy sdies at gllto non good.y avdiseeshat h pe g n w gitoo. lyndse.t h pe theext we mit behe od o . nd >> entua y ty g ethe at oomidbe o on e. e ua ttheyill gentuly pk aoo winn bon wwie. h eeyl tu pa wted nn wi d sandeed thabily wted sdethil o th ctiveketplace t solvthe oble hathwe wanveke ce so lve. e le ha youwegoal ws andmirle e. so thinwe a agr we an toualan ir the st p ris f a meinca angrean e p s cons aers d have sure ener src e. nss av thequeson i show urngave er s rc we thes iw ssize somofho haful to us and to shasi s ho greere t rihas lbuilt u a t o into whee you took airollurions ilt for amplif ou look atto wh ou k irtes lu cld re n'r plsta ou lk th cost w ars ll cldfrehea di erenthstms wrear nllfhe rreny ri di ienntre n oil en>> ce onri i
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hoabouthe rds lled oy e wi c milon going aund nd ho oue s ed e pele k led kinghe wi iloi nd milnd >>his a k eco mipe kd ng cotr t. mil eve body>>n ams ica kewco what nco vedyama xtnaty was hen at ink we wlde betterxtnaffty. w n >> t ol ic nske wldane tt aprtiothis rope trl ic ns evewithheub apioispe veth you prope yti yillaven eragop famy ofour paygn ip forag e fleamrityf p g ve fwardn th ro cess ipouor ef pr os f rd th inrohe ssste okans we ve rewabl an tepros thisins an sxtra odinsnarye cost re bl th youre ptecing o the is an ra diamerryanos ctsumer. th ou p ng o youhe will jt le t eneerrgy csume mpetwe il l finoud w theil blestle eney ergy etillind heec bologt and y leenegyy comte olg yo mndlene ged p crivate yo gprodeders ing p try t thinhe b s. ods g ryw do itor in thais a boluty thcase do wiltfindorra a nd ha a ut thindisedualthat ill se he ilnd ra n enomic elf-tere to dial atl findhat eat n t er emic f- re o tenogy. ndit ht hapatned nr neraons. te. h ap d andf th cr uras. >> ty wiay t p ri ce andndth u le bkruptc y nd twin t pri cend
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amera -- >> i bon'tave up payor i >>eron't--ost e i'te ay >>'t tt axyer a nick on tt no tnk y u. ck n t cong uno t tnk geren wan co u t regatyo geran iphonepp an it wants yu toayor hph stud t lann. i w ts ti st stoayor ht. ud l n. whare u t li stto what t wh e doha t do dietesesti? 's althe me.
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noing angedi esti'al e .en t thi frstyllite® ood noucosg gete str. thi fryl te re, t itd'osnot nna-te tr [bee wo , itp, 't't s a- e panted frstyl zieeik™ deswon. ' d itpaust-ed fryl [bzih] t™get ese bl d? yeahdrewitt rit-t in [b t t the blst s rts st. you ed jt a ahirdew rithe inood oneouch® e ss .u ja de d thatnes dicheren® soreesle le attedi strens ma tesng.. soes l sy? tetrma grea cal orlick we'? senyou stri and a mer, f.e. eaal or ckee i goodwe 'enu rifrndstyllitemeest frips iod ca or ick day. fryltet ps ca r k m a and cent, i oode exa se m. d nt i dem? hs heing get ck tnorm. ex m hhe heg i d't ent tlirm in floolain he dbu ei'veot f od iliurann oo inso 'm cered buve f ian how' thatso ced nice flooinsunce,t he s maw'at yourome homegain ce oosue,hemaure mein oryoure a aga. or ura h, cgack i out ed w fodati. c it foti goany tho in msize
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[ fegole ay ouncho ] oy m zefloo insunce verslood fe anc o r a ee boochursue rscallodhe n ber youscre. a bur ll nr oure
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>>occu wal st. occu >> cu evealbodyas aighto a frcu education. vehighdy ahtaca on. fr ducolltie edatio ma ers,ghou neca. illedio >> i mys, p nsonaopion i i uld ike ll t>>ha iyo napi i d e llvoke t >>evokall udendebt that s ondema fro theke >>ok l enotesbtrs w g s m atonmaroe es w g m attentn. d pridenobamhas cide toevokthei d te o ant pr en amass tdeo f orgi tookllei dtu adent debt tfter0 fgi yeall tu nted t be 25 bter y yrs. t b hee lso has ten ste t yrs.
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lowehethels s htuntntes s wee s te.nt es coue, seonelse s to y fothat nd a u al t.t ou s ne e meontoelses yo fo at i s a that istro. on sebutyoews ay ol sha i. tsololumnist alec saysolhatumsstight a wh yst issig that wh ishat rht >>e sa get colge htedatio wh you et o >>saetol of schoolou ed io wi be ff awhouave o a sidf ho caer e e ywiou te g ae a stard as s aid ault ca e y t g a ar as ltdeedto p offse lns. ed pffse . >>ohn: didt th wil teerate th. ese re p liicnsnd>>n:idthil tellegat lyith to em. e >> ty dia lns ondft. eg yi o our. ctu i tdi g leneral st at m sage orou people i g alr ger is nd morge tou pple ge netionit w trui nd orit inot ue a more. ge me onethoson kid wsrure sayin g it a me. wait h d on osaid secsondf s iay ve ts ba nce ndit cin hn ec f ibt ome iil nev er e a tbae in toet my a lthood o i sta nrt. a is i a rtoblem mnd a we nhoeeta.
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f e iat.remnd w n >> jn: w wou i ln if e t. knewha govementightome j w ouin a l sayife arare gng t o ewha ve nt htchane theulesf th d l? aayare g t lisn, cheerly anheesthnd didl? re onsi lityiss anheortaly nd id lue re ikidsnd y uil lresity an tanoti i'm n omine g i ods yoil ti fo irge ev ny sgleicing ofo uden oa ns forg ev s i thek weeed tak oa nfew ok aenhioasns t th wed ak n joh i ppose he o osit e a of that oh p ase o nitewe look. t hoabousayi we ve bn new ooloang alof tse k s hoouyi e b mone my suldn veannal b te k colge b ause e loneed m dnis mey cvelegen cts are waolup. bselo in act, me ha cge g craphts ore wa p. at beinuse t, allhaheseover genpht handts a e as oa be te hellseer st o f c ol legendas a gon up tt ur o tf c t rge of g up t inflion. we cplaiabou rhealcare o fl n. co s. cai ou aley hree go up ice e ratef i nfla ti onco h gollegp is ue fourim. te i lae cles haveec om eg uur .couny clubs hav bececau of t unluec t ans. >>hey ill ke t kid stud i op s. >>listy jl oh tid do we r lludy wop th c onstqu jces o well w llow g --hat all c gds o
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colles bome ly a lace ow -- t erelld t upller bweale th ay cce s e eir ds? weill ve dupber kals c r r ? pele il wel ds r p ripeet a ya and hvard and mid dl yand cls ki depding o hnvahesend m loanmayb we il lcl juskitep hng oense to t anadyb colillege iusst ly f the r ho tad cges fhe rics? joh i d't tnk tt wi hapn. ic s?ere e arstil pnt of oh d t t lo s ou twireap. e ar il p thentank ys tfs i a lo ou smt kireand wilhave hejobk a tnd iay thi s smkid il bve b thnd uaymp tenhi r for coege ads en r the ar fmanyar co ne dis 5 pe letharny hoabouuglyeopland dior pe pele. hotheyouake d do wneedo forgive t irpe. loeys,e .oo? w ed f gi lifis tgh a lover,ooo if t a dor,ubo >>ohn:nd ls toh th it used o be do >> thi thawe oubht t be >> n:le t lfindtoometht edbe >>hiha oid tdl tnde grou. so wheid beten jt foive evouybodand matr ho so he reetonsi je yofoaree no mat ter ev od d how atrd yho wk, re tsiyoread nat wer w e ne yr comink, for y ad areartley respoib or necinor y es>> jn: b aret weor
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respsiblfor yingeep ur pmise.s,hi s j a brewe spblr ngp psentra? ameanome the kidthe loan wereo e as theyra onane heide an reev e knowhathey te ar evnoaty ar payi. atirgia te theadvti yiningallve s l obstatergi andtehedv ng l veondo brost. nd arina ste theyrag do ro ab ou t ir ri s twohe 20,y000-otrag mmunaby ceouer two with0, a m unce eateitr ah pools. colles h e beme c ntry te a ooubs caus. w a too ll h be ge crousryith tpa s uson w. a t >> w l, ogey, fusr ehug tpa but . don wanthe ther w oside fo ha een, ght t onwe dan't we t iternly de bhae, hthe d wity be sur afuentidsffding ose suafntsffdi schoo ls .e wo har payou dts soo woaray re dtssibl >>ohn:ay yr des sponbly. re >> a may we blll r ar >> yn: yde byivinongy. a lit tl e aelayale r y the ait al joh theewarcomeat e exense . ohpaheyearme and exe banks. pawanto meion ndat lt ti youppead on he shonkw nte otmer gn st laser n
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ca intioueaon heho w o isow l dingn e otol glser n rhe is lngn repolublican preside nt l rhe nomionndhislipepli yrede with y ou miuths wp o hy be thir ylang onh t sws h and llbe oirvelarngn t i nt net.d o >> ia won isapedhe t i touldt.ot b aowo en i wo is eherean cy ? ld bow o thais h choe. th is tcy ha hho goverens ths chce. i suort f fovs conpt n. ch . so ortisu shot d beegal c >>o, artiosho ul n eo tihobe al lega i >>liev aioho in the ga i evanity in ofhe fe. i'motannditerystandi. .shou it 'mnd leralan?. it' sout er cic that ea is leg al. t's c ic t>> nt >> i till on'tsealleg undetandhat ppen. n but the amer a h iapllpene'tdll o dend t en cuto y rig a the m ent theer h ne en y hha t lcuoo ykig onhe mouenrt ha o ou fa. >> jn.ornot vitee on yourhow you o no wantfa m jnestort teoneaio t our thiw ngounohantt hea r,stowio a tuthinghahat ea john: appciatyour a ut honeeactions. ohthanyou.n: pp at ur wh we turn gov nmneteactns was to et anu. ns whe rnovt you
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>>ohn:eaves ale foa chge. the litians d >>n: rveulalfo ch. al ys we t totio ms e. rent the hav been al w toorta ms ofome dgs. renthe av enu mahaveeard bout hat. ta of ncer pntsan 'tet maverdut erey nd.ntsanet wellruhy? one ason ns thd. a b ll? e on th b ugmar sdo forbo yearma in part,do f tmebo f ar inar f the a iso tou it mes i ru exp en ve te misak teou d it mes th oen dru g cpaxpen s t wean'tffor to m eth o enhat.rug s doe the a twen 'tsaory m t.or we'l acoe oe tn sa y , theegats almost n er 'l o dohat. th inact,egowat ts he fmodaants tdoot.
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doinort, t f theyant eg tulate w ouor doeyort egulatw doses his smartho th wanthe oure coneterse is ma appveobeedal thane reoner ppapicatns le tesed oalne tha le oc at l mson oorit legns erho. m heres ththe ctorho velos d itxplaingho it. re th evee thouor i'm away f mlo aitlag i hoital canook he ve rouea'mway m meave for dat a jhotalan ik r i s at hemee p fie'satat i atie's bedside docts cat be athe bsiedsi ct a havto fedd wasi to ing the 24ta tthe e moil av f wa o physgianny time anywh er e e d te mo we he do tha oysn thneime awherd ip ne. hdo ha o >>thakeseocto mor ip .ficit. >>es to ort thfda ys n no,o, ci u j can't put thoma hi n oo, yo pho if it j c'tutedicalhi yo ho f tvice wh if doe't wedk alight we h e to ppro it.ce wh f oed mo wsht ppe's f ir st htoro i stin is o ay mop yeah, fir i ins oay dotea wan someter do w om ettinrichteff osomeevic th dsn w rht i wtinch o me ic theda o akth whtur werythitng
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e dal safandurerhi ff ti .l afd thats thfda'mantend ffthinting t.t wais attha'n in t iwauive. bu lyer jonatha say ihauive lye jat s in taivesrong. iy? n theegulaiionsere cstly andur n s and heulns cy pve d snd sentl micalpsve ro in intnto t mhealps mar tpce . nt t >> jn: imighkille i artheytpre nce mad. r ight j i gh ll >> ihey e bng ey nadevophted by >>y ng doors devop by eer. do s therare over miller. mobi med alereve alls t bimarkedple toy an n a s sing t comaint that s omeorknepltoan ngomnt hat shaeodreenerly jured b ad singleeene. ly whais t harin re b aineetng ha t arthe vernnt me sets safand e rn m s effeectve?s >>afheredhy iso mh ffcorrtiont thfoodnd dg adnist>>tionrend s i m much rronthod d ad st on stimpetucive has whin t tiete wn agency joh buyorruio you
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1:27 am
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1:28 am
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1:29 am
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1:30 am
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1:31 am
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1:32 am
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1:33 am
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1:34 am
side consing p atch of n aohe c nding z esde.onng ch n >> t instutes in liesrtarn l fir tha s ue tnste govementthat im liar lirha s ventat enepreurs onom freom and ey he goen r o ws tre maks eom iret d hxpgosi r t geak it taxi dvericse and ge tlaws that pvent miconksse fndm llincas ts juswsthat pve m wksoom insx. ust ws tt prent ungomenoo from sta rting ha ir ra tinprt gen bu ness andomo on. stainha eliz eth ley buuedsshendity n. hle a izh y rgds tit its stre venng l as tts reen l unnstition. ul mtinewas e mar of un ti onth townhe t m lawneass ma ossedfnday s h ec thwnawo,his ed h isn'o,his uonitional. n' >> wt ishe pperonitroioeml. >> m wes iist prroem vir mtu ilymfobe anffecve seet ndor cairn't mfobe anec w shit nor00 feet f t hi00 ffny bi and mortar orehat sls nd m ta thsameha silar
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1:36 am
l everody theiddlof t ou 't treets wiout me st of er y recrhetingdlakes t theity iaetleahwi wt sofre cr nges t veheegy ulatiniagah ebodyre th is e ofhose awsu sve egul in gthateopldecid th wandy th s of seto ssu andhey ll dthat and at is playci bthant iot sndy dat d s reyricte. ot madit vy accmmoti rect lo bef e h r cladnt a v a mothe iti eve cam e loheefh cl a tye ofti eam iale ah trustfe. >>ohn:e sa he uld heiale ru ndore.allr he id ewks>>n:sa e ld e anpeop wou n't able torlhe ewwalkksy. an>> topre iounotht g wrblg tith lky. letima law tha tt ithtewrit blicealt and saf ety. lema aw ha t th is tet w these ls a iclt ndaf y. doin th s w thonly teasosefor actis a the o rd an i toin thlysor ti th o toquch mpetion tweechbricand morttore nd tr etn eeicd ve ors. rt tothats no arin. ve s. >>ohn:ayor atno martinez?n. let m an er.>>n: or >>ou he to understanardnehere t an . are it >> mou hnttonndusstinesdshe ea mitatouinesinesseshatay a m prertyaxeshat ve a in serighsto sviveecsehey pr alty cesreatt e a js. gh s ve ec didack yen i got a ll t al cat e j s. grps tethe and c idk i wit ah
1:37 am
an oince hat grs the nd c sasfacitry thall the anparts at tt te. >>saohn:acait tl secheon y rtat t t dn get all o>>hen:t gec y to ther ecau no dne ketws all o al t gups toerau ao . k al th t mightup be n. pplwho th m igght nt tensu n teitors wh you t thestaishe guy t t su te toortherth si . do ou h e fau lyth mtabehersy i thetowerer b us esdos? hfa mbe >> n ion 't .er b ne r h e. n on joh't juswant to k at. ne h why uld ever pen a bohrickusnto and mor tato. a nd py d ern b ck prerty tax fan ior cldtoave a prney,ty t maybef3,00 i a year a st he y,be m00 yea a har m becse tsere dfent aripesf ecus tinessfent floestffers special s.rang entsnd d iver andloest ff has aec batnghroots derd a st et vhadorompete o atooicand nvennce ec se st v r peu cadrivup a g yr icnow d es aen go e meec ui lyca.iv a the isothi wro ng ww h ao e haviui t o thishiro w viwofent bunessodel cpe nea ea oth er.bu ss el >> ape we . n it ot ea oegim. for ae got vemento u itsegim or
1:38 am
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1:39 am
ne prosrityhrea spes ostyeas yonamet. ve ted i but thinhelp me at bacpain yo methen tri sal tpas. it inlpe acinenrials. it'sowerreli tha wor athe se ofain d las up t12 hrs. 'serlihaor atlonp s.ofn la t h.
1:40 am
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1:43 am
ays sehi'sai gwing ay proshirity's g twieansheay of lifeosty he aym skefptcal as it fe mkeal e anost johnyry he sse shonodste g china hn ry is oi w el sse d what gs th t ceana >>is toi thr wt iselhe ft th reaturceths areea n thris fth rece anfitely abunnt. reurceareelasal s ca rceun. re ce eand livin aorldn whh l realurce scae d iv ald awh rece dennt all u need l uee ids o srce sour andverying se i s bemes arce s rc e weocusn oi and i urndry g back g s bee.s ce we us cooierd ck s becomg scacorce. ldma sac t oerecgay.cae. ma ac >> jn: ter nework mes saidayn 19. expts s the rld wilha ir jtu tlyew rk uns id 19 xpt of she o il by d ilheirtuly r ofwor o byhe 20. peop arelwaysayirhi 20. e scce a wit opreayyihi sc ait h i genuy we find new tng nu w in >>ne copwr is50 aound.
1:44 am
mp ed t m >>beopis0,ou0,nd. a dompar a t p mnd inhe0,0,99 e podoint a is peyre ioi gohe 99 up lot or po ts oithes gthreos th youeard abupt inot 197elhat w es re th ouen trd or ld 'sabin populatn yha w ve teen orld o pul 2ilon. i do t kn whait weeas. 2 ilnow,ont is. 7ili . do kn haina gro wng ft. whathey vew,is7 recogzed nd a ro f letat mey just qecte fgoman, t saes thotheust d orgetgoma abou sa mthe,heolan sachs ge prouty m credie shs prdi bkeg fir >>ohn: setim. g f r>> tes. but t trng tover exc e >> s im pe le. here as t t wor. thathey t trused tn deerribixc c pe pe. they aidre thisor thrhaeeey yrs eddebi pe coer cld b eeydis uhrmanabl at i s tcoir word b h uma na d itakes a the sen ise i t wor d e wod, john. it beesuse a youheenook i grades wo j copr, bee ouk g gdedes of zin op grad of viral aet oalin ey a g oingadf dn. et >> yr a r gpongnse? dn. the predictns h ye en r po e?cong d n thpike or a he pdi 20yeare en it s no gointo hcope dthke a wh e no20miares grow peo e itno in beco morcreave a wh no mi g suwliesroeo
1:45 am
it appecod inorhe peat. a no easo to tsunk ieswon' it pehappin in pe fure. chin is f l ofno lotsof t in' cr eati pp pn plfu. in f ofif tott ecomy ow and ti comes wpllt as it i s t decoingy nd he emext wtlt ahes adopt fse dng mark cheapit ealismthich they a pt e armovi towd hehe w lrk cit is m tfindays re atare mviorowhe w l reurce arou get or onds re atof e mstin r oureesce.ouet have o do t t ehain resource es . ppli in e ec ularvedotesrcreend lill bn upwaverecarhe nret bwwaveecadentries. i tnk y areettiad aenri. t ytechrenolotiod. a itay he h apne d ch tloheod past it h h joh tecologgod. t i li tha >>st'm btingn hun ohecogd. liha >> bnghu genuy. >> wre tt's en t las 12ears yonuare yinghere s grth. w t s wh te isashe g wth in he yo e ng re ecgronom.whene whis gavh ein u.1 ec omen emplment av >>ehis a r.1essi. >>his not recsion . pl nt give>>e ans othe r cassi in >>s otec on sty ther tha he veanheasn preson wn m sterha income es whave ge down 10nc%r % a th g is t dn 10 p%opulatio a th fothosin ts bm 90% pat
1:46 am
%. fo os t>> ware bm i--0% >> wre re you? w e iyo--have ne ten ur w y >> w are t igyostvee en re jssio.sincthereat we st deessi. ree doiotownncn theeconaty ha thin to dodesi downth witonhha r inrc deo scaritty. >> ocour, itas erythgrc too w ar. ourit eth res outoe w src u gond snd $0 a wkeserc fi inggop sou $0 c.k trand t cornnd foo o n fig ou c .yourablehen u ha rec trd cn oo o pres f corn. ur le n ha>> gec rid the ear thprnt fil cn. gid subsies.hear >> iil notven lkinabou hanobss. i>> iotm.n inou talng a ut f d inno nera i nely a -tim hig . al a fin >> wilmake ou a bra y ne a imig . n pkiv c>>ommoildikees a a y in atio pk ausivd pri ccemo ofhe a mark bas t ofinio thoseus fiverihe rkasofho ive mmoditiewillall or the ne tenears willodake ieulll o t neenrs a $5,00 0 lle b. >> ocour, i ll m ae yo5, a0 ourt. i m yo joh do havthiset here youan pk an commity oh o avu wais. re >> w l, y pic fiv ou pan mmy mm itie wa >> woppe yiciv mmie >>peorn.
1:47 am
zi. onorre zi >> john:conosts de ts t yes g and the jn:nos os tt. ye g >>o, won. nd he >>eopllikee loos butt. >> wopleike on. >ndplou cketinuloto lutef yo belilee te t. > bause chinanu lef wit yo li tt. 1.bill n pe le m be thse na thworlhad wen thereviou 1.llpe mth thrl d tbetrevi wasade ex--- t >> wohn:o yowanto do abouit? e -- go or th e and b >>n:yont tdohem? ou? o i tthl yo awhatd wan bto d out t. i n't nt t l t t d t joh how re y goii tot t op ht?pe >> ou cate pol icieoh towt yoio crea gt?roh. >> ce ol ieal gwth t this earoh.oury g>> jh n: which a wha > cnaoury ove r j t w aexhative c arsla oo sivpe 2 t s o 3 trlliowith tol sla on t w tr eiothrgy. o ey he taken or ey. t hten o solar. t joh liksolydr >>hey e threas sol sdraar. isuste oh ik thly arenderdrttin us i n >>y thasola eviseryte w chthre i >> jn: t e a ok a thisev y charhere yosay is eir j ta ais pnn arre yoy s r yea >>ohn: looat ts, ts -- is ieconic gh ea
1:48 am
>> n: ooin t t c na - ion g h fomost ofna t t fo hstdlany oowthf th hadll tslainan 10th ofhe e nomy asthad t lain anne on whe they10ecogfnizedmy prneate p pe on ahendey indogividl itia ve d tprheepe c anend l onom b oo ia d t its no pnng. itomsreomhael t heitnog. itom.omhael t . >>es, igr fr>>dom , d hehem boom. aee iffrou lm k athehe crt fmrom ooa sligly ffert s le y if l at c wi f finm thataheere ig owin prier s y t 99 0. wiin at e not ar e ly a inriast. 99 0. no rgent t re .t ely as esn' w or o ttheyresed say jan c tr lag n' w anni. ey andd donay wan c ttro iv eni nd on anke cnese ke t chise. don'likehem. cnee at thi why. i s n'kearm.. i nort amerihyca i. ar .>> jn: lt wo . areboutrt autri. oim j l wo the wreut'sutopat has hegrowsubsntiay. w's whop hatped to hhe policf ow bs ia recose pces ey whiltoic f ntin to ll a econo pess il ke hi b m orino a enoes bprodtive
1:49 am
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1:50 am
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1:53 am
ea t pan. n a but ey a notloseo o be g a tean.tohe ni dt aotse o stat. betodaapeop t saye should fheeanir at cha'econic power and daopay sh ou f thrrcomy i g ro wi fchtea'on pernd an o s. thr comy g ftewh oear t hat? ecomicomtion ia gd t t? thinec ic its notilike iar.g d war win orin itosnoke. r in but enoc compertitis tno wi ti if tsy innt super io wiann.s, tin say, sere aangains, fit. y, a wae ain f make freshw fm wa sawatethats go forhe ak frole rld. f th the eco my gsaws btegeatrgoor e ld th ourthat s ka thhe co g b itust th murnsat trekare m it us ch ppleha we an slre uff tha m es ari pnse w n cherl d a owinf chiha won't arialns america's js. a inis tiy mi wt taal ay se ama' j if the y c tan mmieta iphonynde if ty mph asti t moreplyut thats ok oo tiecse t ifore y ose ings are atheok tecse i f al ws u to re e othgserre js t focing w haalt w ueo areth s mang ocin w we a cing ma uithindeit
1:54 am
focell pnes a g wi ngfoll eat. a the ney gwi s bing t. ch esee olary panel ls ss b dinog mo of that. chearelss do un ss, coumoe oufha vernnt sews up d ou un , litiouous do h e a rn ss p houtory of dtioingdohat aypasng htory cr plin d regngulio. as ng crplinbusissesith a crin eg .llio r es crinsiesith iois 8000-ges r juswhat the ds dd ast 80-eas usat e w toddastea thi s itoust dth bay ousa cuts.hi everpage dth b a list of os asandut er gedon' tt l ovefry busosnes asut fo ow o rn' t in bigve bes troubu. foese orul i billelp chinaro. e suass uel c na les gerid the su s u eaieronht, s howe dleouged he hohardt as o ea groneg, swed peissi to enhoyrdtoeg pesio simplye busiss itook week sf laplerineand ye i oped t s itsietass it k ek la inin ddelar the s teyeheopre t itit e isuppodly he asinie d toe s tehe re tstar a b in s.ispoy by contr tt ihong k arinncs.e ct petrrmisstn t openg a
1:55 am
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