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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 6, 2011 4:00am-6:00am EST

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ers. spec l e ti oifopu wl hinuc ubee th sci ecueesnd le h pe smanc. nd l til en fm thfox s tudi ospe ncin n yor c ity, l this fsthx mik sdi n orhu cy,isabees go nig m andodless. ptio d byhulosecaptning ee rvic , in goigndle. iobyseptng icin >>udgeeani: toght "j tice thbaby isa cas>>genitot "jce thethby ma seecaring c a baby e nht isea mee drisinpeged haby en i denifd by one d o teed h wi iesse b y we oave at to .wi se us - wee to. - >> a vicus bea cght a vic b o pe. but ve tse pents mmitd c rime . t t p ts and it >>'m t ced omelookg at ctimand ying d >> t we' oreokat simryd .ng udgeeanie': a erif tes won gea gu a big e ttigenia if tewogegu b p te the tmseltives in aks pte he elyou th ismakey da jus ticeks e u ans iwekedausce ns
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pl -- pl - >>ello >>udgeeani: kicamd ya s, >>lo >>genikimd yakar dan. r 72ay edded bli. da n.was all hoax? 72 co ng ude tonig on s ll "juoastic" co u t jud o jeanne: lcomto ustiju." ic m jue jeine udea: om p irro. ti junew jeveleme i the p ro instigion int ow bel t l is sinignnto b sapp lranc s ma fuhan jns u ingood pp eveningnc m k. mauh j u goo inodvengveniudge. judoo jeane: e wiveessng thate hed abt whudsays. th he w a n c ar inudgea: wis at he ab wh ysbaby a bo the a c0 a. in e rninhas i dentbyif adha mana. n a inshoto intdan inp. ho o th s thanheescription ofhe nt doo neiboofhe es crthetirw ho ow of n deias an erw abihoow d ha a pasbised a pygph whato yo mak of t heha lasesdtygph atyok t ne? >> m-- tre ino surpris ne re m tly i s pr i n't aginthat ts uld
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rehaveeen lynnec d w ti hat inhat ul rge me s n ofhose t ven ec w t diffen gros o f peopl e e sof ho seei t hi sffneroo pple man. eitud tsou m. no ud isntou ki iro ic that evebo ki ic t bo surrndinthisashe next do n eighrrorin tis asext or nex t neig or's do n t or ig's husba, boh radl's bthereremusy i this m an jsedl e bveryerboem vo lv witisthi ms haseen jse ery lv itefhi hfectely nssed th poli as ey are ncty edth susp ectsli s re th havbeen ced. sp thonlyersots t t h asn' thav en be cle cedsed .he ot r, thlyhso t h n' last ersobethatleawhes babyr,h ive. stso at aw >>udgeeani: ancleay aby e ishe o who old e.s t t >>ge nian ea e faed t heis ohod pygphs tt es fa t soar whado you makphe es et ha asolthoh whahe yak were i icationsha i atho whldhe happ tres ieekatns o n it w pp ere nk schededit and i oe firm thischit a tionightormf this thhalf btherf t babigy la
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th folf an berabya ifoernewy the instigatornor ve ty he rent agreedo a inigor sr epar tate nt ingrrviewithd t aetecves. sar wh doe that ell iniethetcs. oeouat?l ell, tounk?he attorey l, th tnkepheresents debottrahy bdl or t th fily, howeverepses bo dl want o phse i tashu fil hev wn ctact wh the ntphed ihu c ct wthviouy it didn'ted wk. thpoli havnot dres douit dn'tk. th li thav.t es b th bora bdltara direly. whathey ve dtae islear eryt ng tt th e densere. aty f disar yt de trah thadleand de filse has broughtp deh sled f posibilies. ug pin aeft-ndedsay ty are ttinus cclud tils.bvus a t-ed t ad i bie t t t sein t cwoud bv us bo wilneve be i intervied t tse inhe sta tu ttboil tvehe i perol in wod li se.tat theyighte in gra p jy or n awooulirtomut ey nhtotinray tha ora ou rtomy. n jud jeane: happ to t a agre withou, rk tha ud eaone.: pp o thereay, th has, een kof t e.
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quie hen, asnof k saiecityn veryuickhat do you think k sa ci is gng onow th t he ryckha d y t.d g ow t >> thi thathe would le toind b >>hiha he w ld ey weld ctain l e to tod find livchi b i t nk w cinto at h bndniv hhie t bt hnk be aost h end.e t t thintheyre ting t o utbe at e d.thr ca tog her, hinineyg ting ey g to tervw th ca br, anthey w gouldo ikervth to bs. aney w ld e terviedeboh b traey o onne b i d'thi i s iebo b methg thra is o ng on b d ieventhemromakin an thths ng arre in is ce. en em jmge jinnineand rk, t ren ce. jned , juebah but jery awe ju eb onahonutne thaneryou ry mh fobeinwe wi us onisvening. an u m >>fohankinou. >>wiudges eani: onveof tni . wot fes fo most omen >>snk. >> geingni son tlly wo afeaufoedst.ens at o ne pol e chigy remmen hasparkedub lic o p ol hi ouage. re>> ien tiras of rkokinedatubli vi ims d s in g wreoue. iirf inorry vis s re jud jeane: ter partryular viont aau i n ud ea : hir coun rtasartio aau i weenke hi un shiff uck ights feasup.t one ee his fale ciz ishsf k htfe. atcked ie aisark, gbbed ciz i
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s fromehd, s ip peat aedndk, gbb arly omapedd, sip a m day,ly the sheriapls presson fe nce.m y, t she shes thjuscels ste is esonfee. sfathingushem. is d ises aall t grmshe f is a al t women. >> ion'trmant u to fo or men. i't t to e me, goor tor ccealed or wetons pmi cceed >>udgeeani: heays men needweo arsthemlves pithmi ns, >>gge gniuns,hes on pedtearemesh , gs, emlv. d thanni of s rt buem thsoutnicarofna, t thr guns. e conty wig r utron, th gs. firecomsy perigts an pchases. re ovethe ster5- hours pas ha had 6 wvee tha5-t hou sign up com thrhagh tad w haclas hoverhe nt t gnp weeomkshr t aser nt>> jge jninecrits ee mediely ndemd th sh iff t weanted to j jneeit di y him em cth nce shf wete te m e expin sherf chk wrht jns u w. e od eningsher f. er ch wry di jyou u s e thangt?er di u becse ieat.ha ec i jud jeane: ay.
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and u beeve at ia won aboud to rap sheasea: . d be e i wothe ht o bo shoo aap khel her e rapi?ho l er if e ste yoliven lowsraoupi to he a f st conyoveeal ws t apon haer i say youonulald arm ou elf ion thaer is what y u choosto m f ha i' i tsirha otf loong t ppl ceos anlookg at i' v tirms o andf l p pl teinghem w hanavokeatadple vms nd inur custo dy oter gm timesad e d an't onyin c abotout im peop whottac themik d'tony bo imals. opi'm hored ac ourem jti stem s. m bed gur bron.te >> jge jninehow ng h e be u be b a sriff >> havbeen sheff f j j new h eigh y rsbe. sff >> av juden jeahene: fd yosoun ke sgheone yhors h been n udea: yo un r 30 y ears snend jt hain deenn t. 30rs jt ain but u at. vy aggss abt th and parkt au public v ss bate ab athndrkubohe er teot won should go oo there wosh ld packg o tpisreto, nie ckis, ni oakilies >> wanyou be aineand thrgh aafet y kies crs >> an u e opleneskindg ehe hr aety rsqueson wha t a le iinf they es atck thahet qui ick dtheyheavy timeo dohis d ha the q
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we c d eyhaavt if t a llmeaydos lha c the hattomli ifs w aell aay our n anom a nd e om is wavee t r an om not astainghere looking t wi eyevicms c rimet andtare lki ghti bac maywibeye somic omsfmend thespeop wilquit tiacay om atckininnont p ple. esop il it >>udgeeani: yocallhis y an nimaatinno pe. >>ge ni yo ll s sted0 ti s in hean lasmat 20ears a ilurnot edst otiinashe 20 rs cots b it a fa urret f ohe theys co a bt wholef you he en e said a w t u >> ie hinkent is faiaire ada whol we he hahim t imes inkndisaie a olhas bee hham c thargesedit h r ap esee c rgfore soyou ow, m t rired of lo ingre at v ti mssou , ted o f itoes eper whlo a wgan it red vti i its er tell ing whu w i i rsed n just t i woma who esllhrg ght. s n is uset husbahe ma o hrchilghen, he cld ren's us he chilen, e pe le tt sh il go, to urchith,ldhe pplen' sh workil w, tsh goi'o tchiredh, pfe sing shrk i'mh. i' ted sorryf. sin jud jeane: 'mgot yearin. or tota y ge t i t. ud ea : t thripp eff ar i. tage i ethrmpps.ff so whoay thamaybe youre so ho t abhaditingbeour reonsility and yingo evybod it is
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abding resi tygilae ju tice d tnge,ev youodre i onour o alaiejuce te,ou getour on r o n. >> i notetour aocatin iot a ocvigintisasll. judeani: yoeven ell gi is em t kindll. o fudniyoenl g. tin .410 g.t. even t f any 10 pk. >>en did ft brg thnyfan any pa. at w an portidity,br useth an ny itrom e caraman ha t waspa w n rty,se th e. itm ca ma jud jeane: theasnd o th day,heri , i ink en th you ve v igudileate: ushece o y ou th y,ri i k ve t m sur eu that vomus ce y unrsta t here re o tnly mur e hat ceain rcumance that heytare nl cn use tse ce gunn s.umceat y >> jge, hi s i cotus vigilteun j , hiice. thiss ar vng yrselto n a vtim of c ri tise. isar yel n all. v m i tolly ct it is i ve ad y atl. w ks toy itith i me i my y fate tt wks sayit ih i t waf the tespoibilty tak sgomne lifeut i wa hepon't ilve a ro bl emak whneife i ac et arobl h somothmfac dense om>> jthge jninewhenmou hfe se eno dh yoen realize that j j ne enmeti hs tys m d snse'tnoyo r li t wot theay i s d.ti t m d sn and is g in wohe iarcular onlyd.
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cked nd gomen, yo sd.arcur ly dome ic ioedlce, exomlyo saul >> e wodn'tmeig oaigl, ex ulle b ike >> myswoel'tf. o wou picon aom b e thys wom wasalking h d ou ic a omon a s undathyom aaserki a t a sday a llik researc p its prate fil y. ik r ea thrc areood ougho it pr e pele gilout y.ere d eny th re thd r faghlityo an he mpee gt rie dsenith the thfa ty dofirs to ma ke s e hane m ri ds itwashthe gng to ge tdo brs.o s h >> j ge jasninethats a t ge prtatoror. ou j jne at a thas co ect. pr or >> dge anin do u ha daug hacohtert. i ve t> daue ter in lawo andha uger g nd daugi hter t.aur awd n't k ttuestn on tv, gnduger. pl se. t t t>> duetheystack?on t ones inhe ir orpl. d ey k?erse and he oer ne h nein he ir sied uthiseek t g ersend oer h nceasid uisk weaponser. judea jeane: w yo pr ws copoerenns. . erif stay. ud ea : yo nex gue w prantsco teno s ho if ta y. me hes i your a um t. exe w ts en sightsro m ton ig 's h iur dete bweenermansroon c de b aenman wt g cingrich. ggrh.
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>>udgeeani: were jne byellyerik e cu ve>>geniwe j rect o f peobyelygaikst ecuve rape . ct o meeonieee doe't he t sh iff ve apeointhat men me ee oee on hheirtwn tshf antt nen d them onir sa becse t pice jtenhe can'be saec tvetrywhere? n' >>e hdoesave p witvewh th >> h es mye robl is u ma p w is snd likethicmsf they a remyotbls ma s carrng aunnd t y arkeicf ey a seally aau i w as therr and t ar ult. sely at iwher ii ha a l wtle t bit a p i ierha le >>udgeeani : wh do t u p em meany th? >>hat ppen iges --niwh wo ell, f anth >>t en inance i i--om weol, assaus a womawho s a on ceinedce iom eo ss sweap a s is cryg a un mao a on ce ed heries t s ault aper s ands sheg un heootsesim a kil himndslter nd s findout dsn have ts ailim we on t n isndhet oi t beave weged th t misroiecse s be n't ove n the l aw - - ed ye se s of t lawhat he wt e t l - - e xual tawhat aaulted al >> jge jninehow you respd tohat,heria?lt >> i on't jgree jith nehaw atou sp to t,l.ri? i n't ink u ha a t ie'teeh to i ervi a g uy tt
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i t k ha t llinou dem andi ng i yvia gt ta yinou couthesutemdi lay do or sti o i ta you cesillay sh tdo yr .ti o jud jeane: ilich wha th guy id. sh he m.ded r stp do inhe udea : h ha pa th. uy. we n wh m if d isst alldo dnhe long i die 't swh anyf ing out ll beinngnydy f au idif shenyyg t had winponrot f. he iimpl aid d'm tir ofheot. i im justeyste bei'm broken t a i'mir of wom enst flite bikei bke n theyave sta the amndir ofom takeikt. wanthem doeye ta tomething. want heke defntenm oomhi. thntemsees. ef it irealasy t toet ki edthse. woman us italony to attac k ki em. w an on exaly. a ac k thats tr. .>> jge jninewhat houla man xa in .at attr suati on j jne at ul >> w con an n n e sti wn n eocon d lf-denselassoc. it iabou dgettg aw sang no ineceouarilttstayawg aund sa to fht b getrsngf. anoceilaya d jud f jea bne: etu ha det i'sureith ousas rapvicts asav ud iea.: ha de si'etimre youh jsaus an't ap fcthtas ese des o
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, ths aimreou b j't gu . e s o , >>thut t a thi is body knowwhathey oul do tigul th are>>exua this dy aowatlty .lo ti you uld thve areua glt. >> jge u d jea ane: uldn you rath hava gun , wo ul j't ea: dn outhere a fend t thth aavunwo ctimera ndth >>bsolely u wod ra er imt be vicm. thinwhenou me a >>statolent y ke twot thra i beinkicha -- on ginen ma at t t th wrg, i a g ro komha wts g go t a get a wr i g ccealed wts weo an anet get aun i would cceed ppor a omwean inanet aun wld dng that. or i ve noom p iroblnem wh tt. dng t t. >> tt is hat was i n bl vocahng. t t is t s notve wom an wan t cat. or nds t t o rot flsve woman n co torta oe. jud jeane: t noever won th ks s wil becota raped. udea : no er why o youwoth b s ailire red. hy ou exnguier h aing ere ir ner a eor it ut y have exui h g e on h anne ja usin y case.ave thats wh y ou gn t h j coealeas weapons pert h in gatwh g anprayng y ever ucose ileeans p t in but youeed you anavaye i ytev u i ght ere th ou. t ou d >>ouhe oer tng t it i uld likit to e ing is hat this >> o til t thii daaultasor bl ekio g s t hi s ani aua lly hilt aaslaorudbl the an a uaerifforeing so proacvehe
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abouthis ase difinrallyei so ro ttinthis guy eh d ouise barinsally and h op ulin heis wuy stayd b s bend ar d h e mo wsstaauylts eot san be mossaus e san saul. jud jeane: it ss o a pe ia fa ly mber pes ul udea: t o a yo iu?fa mr s wh i'mayin i if you yo are whth'min seby that iou y tst or a an uatanceeb that t yhaou mtee r ou thats difanfentuata tnchaehat y m somee ouat cif you t behaindou me e on a bli c aacoueh d jud jea ne: obab a li woe ifou tst tm. ac lk aut a udea: ab woif b tra tyal of a tst a. the wnsi braol om'sst fendg hems ves e galsilyom 's unr th ecd nd andmsnts al e unth cstdutn?ndnt >> erta ly tir rht tdo ut n? i ho thawe cld lrn se >> ta t ot rr wa t to ndl t t.. ho ha c an ledu stions th ansr t ot wao dl allt. an tdut.onthns t >> j ge jnine of l coue. edutions nothe swer to a of >>at. j j ne fighng bk anoumaki sur duon noe er at p ple n't a thaf aga. gh b an thekinsweurt tt a ur pe t haa stic sys m b einghewerot andur n eeds t o b eici sedyscr boss ngth a co try, ot j nt idsn sout bhicrs roli . co y,m ti jd of iellin vicutmsh so y. li ti >>ofudgelieaniic: goto wp
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ght w. soerifwrig and >>geni mgoel wanie t than you if mucignd arou theisgu ming elieeo of an u a juuce whpingis douauheghtegur.g f the a r oujurswh fngors h dau te d fo t peoheple w a f roud f emsees i n hfois t pou wro an then the seghl ihtn h f ro th psi dentl dat eanenete enlht f publ ans erth csiaint detennd blnewtsingrh. er cnd wtgr
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>> jge jnineit ia vio at bngs me t horr of j jtrne - i- thvitrue hro r o bs tor of chil ase.thue hror il in004, hilla ams is 00 a il 16-yr-ol girling in rock a -y ol irportl texin inasoc k suerinfrom rareorm o rt as rebrsuin pomalarsy sheoreeks br soce i pnalsy compuhersndus.ks e nisot iom after she icahtus.
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byni h heratherft s dhtnlng h hilleerl he >> go get mng lemu gelet >> mlaryets a hden meran her bedro b au mrys de sh e sraays, h sheednew wauhaas sh comi sngs, he >>end er whe bed mi ng be o ver>> thed ed! b berhe thteen captures thicenusapres minu whiing yus h fatnuhehig with belt. hat th bt. hitser 20im it atsne 2 poi0nt h momim eers at thnepicte aoind laysown a li t lingthct aays a h la ry li t ng >> y turover a hla 16-yr-oland ke i yurer a -y ol d >> h ilaryays is beati common inouse nd hick ryofs ea th abusshe nts romm i send k at i thus he pets >> i'm gng i take you in a >> g we i t y your blp ]hi s we bt.oup >>o o wit s ]hi tshe tap til st>>ee oit yea srs aer t th inc en t he l eeeailry
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thnc en heuplos thideory ytube lo th publ outge i iedteot y tuonlyecau of e abse ut bl ut i beuseed hteillaotry lyauf ab adamsut' fat he bee hla william dam i ams'at llm daam isam law udge idaex i e sce isiffilt t w ge wah. but wha judg scisfi t ams did a t ha dg crim d id anwhy d hla ai im arsany t relse hhela vaieo. s ey jackson r crinalefse. torn and jksonr.ohnharpefse ps hiatst rnndohithah the eeme at harvd medical schitth e e th wasrimil, oe. rv medal s thas mi absoluty. is ioutreousehior and bsshou noteut tol er ed indtr iusehio nd y th f ouot tndri inal th defee alternati. he i u kyfeltna i tushe statutef litati ts jusassed.ta te f is ati h child nd litiju as d. rsg atis c ld s i h c he suld be mb ar rassrsedatc and sul d hameandmb rarigssndis me d dgespmmediately >> aoss is cntry parentsesmmte ha t he ig a is n c everyryarts ste
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ha to usehysiigl inveunishmen as lo as ey d use ssio iaun hm onab ay.lo s d theris a iexceion,ou c hi your cabhildre. er a thece is n,nish cnt and hiur c ldtherisis en hes sh is c asses the in er isnotennly d h wp ces t her ty p fe hciouy a feouy hricay. lefand me bk t finish upy.he j. ef thd can b bt d fis.h th belt sup a j lso th an >> hd turd o t he l ht thlt thneig ors c n't hur. o t he knew. th ig s drshar whatis goingn ne wi thifamy? drar ha >> gt iserrie. yo can eewihiy mur eti onal >>isri actiyo tn hi isy ur eevtialng. therare tio ki ts whiatch iins ev ngthis so sayerhis e juskithat wch is soays usat reltin unaccptable expeenceo enre oput re inupon uour ild.tae pe ceotheen ot ind o f onr aay he u kn wha iin had ohis a growg aypnd it 'tkn ahas iadad ow itndt aee. >>udgeeani i: i tard th eedes. ppl c>>ingeg dnii nd ut sthe moipns ind cowin s dsn wasrain ase d.m i you suy tst? i bs thaind. shcan a v tim ou thi t
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to and ha ma byha explain w shn vm hi hi ary ad tondait enfinm co d gehito aylace onfm safet co ge aforecehe couldetaf fwa. re he c>> hld do u exai the fac th hillary iv hito h texhe f ther ter he c ou thivilery it t withhe mher? >> ierelie tha sr d cn'out el s e ttho m tr?e thi b ol irieha s d n' t stepnd i on'telie tha s t tshe tuld ve d betrn ep i 'tshe ied thhakindf urag a e d d et fetynd sce t b bl e e thndurag a to. ty s t >>bludgeeani: jo, doou t age wi the oc to?ge nijo do e wai evag ywiearshe to to release t e an by twev yayrs to ler e 10-y tr-ol sany is in ay thjoincusty o f h -yol s iiner. if i is d geroth shoindnst o h she ve s d sothin. i d rorliehodn >> erha shee s pr sectisoin him a rieest. >> shhaprohectprti h byis it toom r not elea ng isho if s riseliteaoodt e lier ot ea i remberthe statu te f s relea t e li mitaons fivyear reer e s tu ere fll n be ste tas iv arosecutn as rest of he e n e stute. the ds h e deecinedutasesof t e. e h prdeecutedd theforin t t evt s r sed tpr eutarlierthor t wou be boievngt s earlierd eli remeer this, he otouhee toies e li thbeltrom e me fathir.he es d e tthaklt them elit f
4:25 am
coulbe wse. e t goeakand hets ather bt ul wd go. andonties t oed aer beat g. gond ti t jud jeane: e faer doct, sa tha ilatry ud eabein: fa spiteful causct hesaha ry reated ttake a in h stel use meedesnd in atal s tpoke causshe oppeout f me es co sege.po by t way she s ause pet coe. taye a piano prigy. es ts chge yr opiaion of wt hemotitio repry. t ch t yopn d woesnhe'ttio ielie tha she h to mak d sn nse how o de witt.ieha s tprobly h m conflicte e owdeit fe elinob. h c fl teif s lov in her d a sov d er thiso herheearnd that opleho l ov m e istoe.heea d ha t she p ro y adle tho wrele th t t in rder o ge hhe p had t w ad o sai gh t td sainyouerge knowhat,his o s iaist saou owt,s i unceptle. >> jge jninewille be remod fr theench un pt. if doe j't t j peoneplll getbe mo fr he tolectim a vote fohim f oe t eo inethreeears wou e xpec t toct a ot thfo thewillmhrowim o i inee rs ou e thec sttate udthiahelllommissowio o i th do sn't ta the jobndakeudia om ss acon t dot he remoboveim ac t >> jge jninetheyave em takehim f the chimd ase
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4:28 am
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4:29 am
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4:30 am
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4:31 am
ild le to insead i don'edare started iad in 1n'965.edar srt our goverentol u that 1t96 s rov goi tolo t ct $6 billion g to ll i ctt bli out. we w it olsuto. td ha t wed by 90ha it w goingy woi cost $12illi becse of os popution gwt h, 12liec o ec pu oonf gwt inatio but i1990 they o miss t tingeiotut i19hey ss of tge $12 llio itasn't of 1 itasn't2 2io itn' t wast 50. itn' 2 as 5 was $biion. >> wt doe doboutasisin hethcabiio cts w do do ut >>ine ha the hecats bt >> hhaltheare bt h lt ar eheorld. [ alaus] or. a us hav hlt are avos obleltar you eosbsut rig ht.le
4:32 am
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4:33 am
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4:34 am
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4:35 am
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4:36 am
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4:37 am
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4:38 am
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4:39 am
4:40 am
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4:41 am
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4:42 am
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4:43 am
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4:44 am
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4:45 am
to w ounkmpsthears dainshiagn to t hearempida? ian a nativway. this as pdi ted pi nivndy. fra ud is p did ur horndra oraou s. hor jud jeane: e isuing for ovorcra ou hodoeshat pt he udea: isng r rc vorcho es t >>thereas areupnual rc >>re aupal prenuptial agreent. nubut ia thel fra in e stan rerd st.e? t is hese yra cn srgue ts ssone r thh e, jud ge s y c ue es p lity e th h jto gud evebody t lk and ty make gveondy.k a jud jeane: the kee,on . krumri who udea: he w bnd kr umdedriy thohi can sor fraud yinghe nder tlly caredor fud . ng n hoydo y knoar-- sed never hoally ynooved s mever w doou kwif s eve ly edallyov do kw sveim ly do thimeethe sll test? remeer t sme t i ndoawhiet s es school me if tt smmels b t i pnrobabl sc ol is ifdo ysm rea by thk althis pba mo y, eishi ng ll y ieantthhalis
4:46 am
nito ng i venmo eoullig inth u gotoo th i wedndihat doig you gothedt d u get. >>ny o whover dat etythi. shod ge i t bac k>> ohor dat hi hotoge bo,. >> jge jninebacko th. lk aut r urni theifts or t.k abt re rnin j jneckth aan rniheythits? t wheabi tare aboin dame contl th is how the y ahi he dotagboore ammage n th are ntth sow he cont allinthe sua on.doe ge thasrehe outra ntinexponlo this ut ek kimearae aouedlo hi s thathe w goi to donatra--aou t atet wn thoie w tdioif on bu on ate t$2,0et00th w aif ch itbu a onarie hatooks after ch a i ha t sadvtage peoplooe. aer now,o meha sdvougendeo greplat w, me but,f cose, is a soure t,co, s aax writoff d wh is e be at ttec a key pitarf whs be t >>oing t assey pa ax>>ng t s s writffakinghatablax contbuti s how haoutta ntti talhae$2e.ilion r ing. w t maybit w a fud on tion r kris. do he yby w i f oanty ringri bac do e ancane get iy rin b >> sur isin y he as bannang
4:47 am
sint sce t dorad e urin he bws a thais rt o fsi s theorade a prhanus aeent as i unrsta tha bot h p prtieent a cat nessary mae ativ untahaot p coentsbouthe o . ca ne hearasn'ma seaiivheth h w ants cotsut o th g nt hen'azzler bknthis h wts thzl bknis hand of crse,ris nnerhe m as ty ca h er ndheom c e,s er m magerentn or tngca h martng levion and rosry vi a ros me ethnie ur. >> jge jthninewhatt wa dyn. sheaid e don't ik. j j ne inatan gwaers. dy hehelld dot mage ontr . in g s. magedama, dage. ll gting he rg b ac getr ge ma>> jday, s.y wi us. ng up rext, bheaga jve srwi js.ti up t, beeragver jti be bier and the womanholaims bi ernd t w fatheder cld.ho la sstinay p b t he at chetld coulbe v hig h fin per. b t ct ul vigh
4:48 am
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4:52 am
he o.j.reimnton inhe past along w.jith .arldimon scarze gger nd tin latast lo maon b wh o. rem ns tsczeer tat b e se enma h boor isem t bser what what bier is going to do. at sayha he t er ioi neret d aye mari. the isnly e wato coriirm e whher is, th inised, y e fawaer o h er 4 co m whmontr olds, bab y t ri anin a, ndfa tha ot h 4 is t tak e nteldna b t tesrian a ha t hasee n il take on t t as il aim. o jud jeane: hasired this igh ofil atto ney.m. atudeaac: tsas doeeds sish iltoy.avto actsoe avalleto in he pitn t get thcourto s you av to len p it ttakeetatni ty es thur s ouavto >> he ishe rl a wer. ke the tyalesnswe is erehey o n his r ar. e ste at t se amensime.s y o d henvit h he st heithe bk. d ey he thoppounitto be d to er. h th po it>> j bge jnineshe ys i had protted x wi h justotin. j bi jer fnelowie the i d conotced wi us n and ll t is ne bi e fewihe onatld p siblbe t d t s therf myeaby d we w ptobl t ermyy w w bathroomtall
4:53 am
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4:54 am
gifrie la salinshitis cre giie gomez. al she 17om. e 7 i19 a hes 1 >> jge jninewhat ho we sknowbouthis man o is suin j jus jneatwe bieowber?uts n is sh oinnocia sviceiendr? sh gettgooia svi smps and h ttg aoo fronrow seat ausnd h a biebercert onat iowt us t t?bier rt >> here re c itain qstns over his>> wreoman cin cdibilistty.ns alreery weaw ahiast b wfranie cdi li .me o anday tt srehewe adt ie m th he c ond tt q ste well bed th fathth oe her c. qteel be spo to at b 's thth h gr.dmotr yte ay a she po o tell bus tt itshy cagrotyte a he imssib, th time ramell t it hyst dca't mch u in f t, s wimibthmeme a ea d m u egna at i f s sohileherere credi li na t i sues so olerere es mia oh's cim >> wt isoingap t mtias stan is at e is s in w is ngther tistnlywo p eopl ans is in poiblynd cce ablyer whotwo ppl ul b e. poly ce myoyfrlynd who sthe arohe d b out andmyefren w i s or a he stin bie r an if out lnden
4:55 am
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4:56 am
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4:57 am
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4:58 am
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4:59 am
5:00 am
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5:01 am
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5:02 am
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5:03 am
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5:04 am
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5:05 am
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5:06 am
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5:07 am
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5:08 am
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5:09 am
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5:10 am
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5:11 am
eric-- fi i wan't he toay f a it. >> wic't c t th w hto ft. w cthpa pa ckn thanote thankou yo comiha up,te thehaou governmtants yo to mip,heule urovnmtphts a to and iul we tsuro t pay for his a uden loadn. o stay ptop fis i en oa why e yo el ng uaysp iha to y yo doelng uso yobook ouroom righ yookt yeur thams foremighing me. waitwhat yehafomig. i ve t hots.coitappat soe caget greadealven at t lasminu .i totcop ah, ll pyed r.socat eaaln tasnu, p d get e ap t apotco
5:12 am
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5:14 am
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5:15 am
wee s te.nt es coue, seonelse s to y fothat nd a u al t.t ou s ne e meontoelses yo fo at i s a that istro. on sebutyoews ay ol sha i. tsololumnist alec saysolhatumsstight a wh yst issig that wh ishat rht >>e sa get colge htedatio wh you et o >>saetol of schoolou ed io wi be ff awhouave o a sidf ho caer e e ywiou te g ae a stard as s aid ault ca e y t g a ar as ltdeedto p offse lns. ed pffse . >>ohn: didt th wil teerate th. ese re p liicnsnd>>n:idthil tellegat lyith to em. e >> ty dia lns ondft. eg yi o our. ctu i tdi g leneral st at m sage orou people i g alr ger is nd morge tou pple ge netionit w trui nd orit inot ue a more. ge me onethoson kid wsrure sayin g it a me. wait h d on osaid secsondf s iay ve ts ba nce ndit cin hn ec f ibt ome iil nev er e a tbae in toet my a lthood o i sta nrt. a is i a rtoblem mnd a we nhoeeta.
5:16 am
f e iat.remnd w n >> jn: w wou i ln if e t. knewha govementightome j w ouin a l sayife arare gng t o ewha ve nt htchane theulesf th d l? aayare g t lisn, cheerly anheesthnd didl? re onsi lityiss anheortaly nd id lue re ikidsnd y uil lresity an tanoti i'm n omine g i ods yoil ti fo irge ev ny sgleicing ofo uden oa ns forg ev s i thek weeed tak oa nfew ok aenhioasns t th wed ak n joh i ppose he o osit e a of that oh p ase o nitewe look. t hoabousayi we ve bn new ooloang alof tse k s hoouyi e b mone my suldn veannal b te k colge b ause e loneed m dnis mey cvelegen cts are waolup. bselo in act, me ha cge g craphts ore wa p. at beinuse t, allhaheseover genpht handts a e as oa be te hellseer st o f c ol legendas a gon up tt ur o tf c t rge of g up t inflion. we cplaiabou rhealcare o fl n. co s. cai ou aley hree go up ice e ratef i nfla ti onco h gollegp is ue fourim. te i lae cles haveec om eg uur .couny clubs hav bececau of t unluec t ans. >>hey ill ke t kid stud i op s. >>listy jl oh tid do we r lludy wop th c onstqu jces o well w llow g --hat all c gds o colles bome ly a lace
5:17 am
ow -- t erelld t upller bweale th ay cce s e eir ds? weill ve dupber kals c r r ? pele il wel ds r p ripeet a ya and hvard and mid dl yand cls ki depding o hnvahesend m loanmayb we il lcl juskitep hng oense to t anadyb colillege iusst ly f the r ho tad cges fhe rics? joh i d't tnk tt wi hapn. ic s?ere e arstil pnt of oh d t t lo s ou twireap. e ar il p thentank ys tfs i a lo ou smt kireand wilhave hejobk a tnd iay thi s smkid il bve b thnd uaymp tenhi r for coege ads en r the ar fmanyar co ne dis 5 pe letharny hoabouuglyeopland dior pe pele. hotheyouake d do wneedo forgive t irpe. loeys,e .oo? w ed f gi lifis tgh a lover,ooo if t a dor,ubo >>ohn:nd ls toh th it used o be do >> thi thawe oubht t be >> n:le t lfindtoometht edbe >>hiha oid tdl tnde grou. so wheid beten jt foive evouybodand matr ho so he reetonsi je yofoaree no mat ter ev od d how atrd yho wk, re tsiyoread nat wer w e ne yr comink, for y ad areartley respoib or necinor y es>> jn: b aret weor respsiblfor yingeep
5:18 am
ur pmise.s,hi s j a brewe spblr ngp psentra? ameanome the kidthe loan wereo e as theyra onane heide an reev e knowhathey te ar evnoaty ar payi. atirgia te theadvti yiningallve s l obstatergi andtehedv ng l veondo brost. nd arina ste theyrag do ro ab ou t ir ri s twohe 20,y000-otrag mmunaby ceouer two with0, a m unce eateitr ah pools. colles h e beme c ntry te a ooubs caus. w a too ll h be ge crousryith tpa s uson w. a t >> w l, ogey, fusr ehug tpa but . don wanthe ther w oside fo ha een, ght t onwe dan't we t iternly de bhae, hthe d wity be sur afuentidsffding ose suafntsffdi schoo ls .e wo har payou dts soo woaray re dtssibl >>ohn:ay yr des sponbly. re >> a may we blll r ar >> yn: yde byivinongy. a lit tl e aelayale r y the ait al joh theewarcomeat e exense . ohpaheyearme and exe banks. pawanto meion ndat lt ti youppead on he shonkw nte otmer gn st laser n ca intioueaon heho
5:19 am
w o isow l dingn e otol glser n rhe is lngn repolublican preside nt l rhe nomionndhislipepli yrede with y ou miuths wp o hy be thir ylang onh t sws h and llbe oirvelarngn t i nt net.d o >> ia won isapedhe t i touldt.ot b aowo en i wo is eherean cy ? ld bow o thais h choe. th is tcy ha hho goverens ths chce. i suort f fovs conpt n. ch . so ortisu shot d beegal c >>o, artiosho ul n eo tihobe al lega i >>liev aioho in the ga i evanity in ofhe fe. i'motannditerystandi. .shou it 'mnd leralan?. it' sout er cic that ea is leg al. t's c ic t>> nt >> i till on'tsealleg undetandhat ppen. n but the amer a h iapllpene'tdll o dend t en cuto y rig a the m ent theer h ne en y hha t lcuoo ykig onhe mouenrt ha o ou fa. >> jn.ornot vitee on yourhow you o no wantfa m jnestort teoneaio t our thiw ngounohantt hea r,stowio a tuthinghahat ea john: appciatyour a ut honeeactions. ohthanyou.n: pp at ur wh we turn gov nmneteactns was to et anu. ns whe rnovt you
5:20 am
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5:21 am
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5:22 am
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5:23 am
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5:24 am
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5:25 am
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5:26 am
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5:27 am
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5:28 am
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5:29 am
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5:30 am
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5:31 am
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5:32 am
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5:33 am
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5:34 am
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5:35 am
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5:36 am
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5:37 am
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5:38 am
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5:39 am
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5:40 am
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5:43 am
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5:44 am
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5:45 am
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5:47 am
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5:48 am
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5:49 am
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5:53 am
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5:54 am
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