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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 6, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm EST

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and,evelguuasave ee rumbng tough t thd,eveua d e yeerdaand ok athe ss ey lt be ndmb tghth d yedad a e e l linbeln couy emeenc manament officeineporoung thamenc thernais sntnifint dage fce yocan ore,ha andheyay er sfi de highy yo62n ndasy aually cumbl gh 62 in allmeple. c thblques rattled tintudi ateast onepl ocathatelevedion tdi atio as eytstne werabouto ca on e aiwithevhe nns. ios erou n aith n >> ourightare akinquit a bi andt is calng dwnurshte init biotheeartnduakeisust dwn sill hr a f heightrtketatthing.. inur lstud h. a fhtt and, e inll . stiud hav our d, our lltiduavtranurs ur sti dushakang. herenti ak oahom rety. >>heouse oom. literal sho>>ndse ituddeald anho we cld ee de dant w flng fm thwall candrks ebvis dnow, fl fthlldr in u a uple i corrs oour ster bedrm.n a le or or er dr >>ric:hatattlrv don't
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>>c:ftertockseretl rv fe as rway a doennet eeerkse fes y a anwiscsin d thnek fuy, hav'teardf any injies butanscn thfu s y canav seerd frothenynjs t deo,here ys quane a eess t be croanedep. o,requa t ced . jam: an anoerfox ws alt," is a busy .morn g, amannox alisra" cous be yinglansu for rn ttac raoue ng uponsor. pridenacpo smon re waing pren stri isecomg sn ag incasiny ri lisly. as tomoies e grong tt nc in ir is li.uild g a t nucoar s g ro tapont th e isir i rort atsld a ucexpe ed to eek on fro ththis rt uni dpe t naons iraeksroucle prram d mni nas layra a very ble roleprm m lanyittesay b llowg itive f mle lte jerulem, ood rnin ow it whe do f i aelihaveo sa abouthisthis orniru? m,d in who ilivesa ouisisni >> rorte goomorng, jami the's lot rtesabroorattrnng goin onmi thhes t iael is ting brtt innce hen, il bsng t tg iran n nlearessueo th frt pa o bf t nspaps ar oundan narue ththe frpa ocntryahe nap or thindae e rert a alsoryincryhe to oethi aethe ternionacomm ityre a alino e rnnammy to,
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ce ain, ke, s ious a, he irian reat the s huse sken t abt irn atishe and hlso sadn llab plad lea a it has nndo co out atladea aast nth,as n whe co ute u. densseetarh, lnhe u. d ns nettwas her insear rusam l for meetings ttserneitr sahud rakr oretgs benminitr nanyad ouldk or enpromne to n sriran n ya thoutalldng t t omto uted n s riatesirstn that s ke oul t t u evd entl the wereesskest atke dire queions evtlhereke aut iael' re ueplannsand dn'tay mh abt em a whais neing a il' and id't mab ybe, ashampor nntng is wha iid be g sa ande,lear theors s disionha whin ihe besa indaeliar he fenscomm ity, ion wns to ili heth ns mm y,ey suld t iran bt thto risi oth sd thehetorac has p a bth lot si pssur arod t he to wohad, o pfolk aand, t rember purro doncehe t iae wo olkd,epor t creeserou ce out ir'sae nlearor camtionou u ar e gt ng tir hav lot nar amonf ar gople tavressingotor mor nctis agnst an a le ina d russia agor t ical tiagt the anes whoa ru a aregnsthose t al nctis an e ismay eenhorestos prtian iy ffenve tnry and
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y, doometng oen we t wil,nd heily,or a doeteace ole solion hethery,han araelctuay hang tcestri.oln ern el>> juaie:he ha tri isrlisre confent,ut a j: tsrys als canfble t, tak a dn an's t y nuear lswer,f i i cae ak not dn'sor nu r r,e i ientis iot in i i tiaimi? its a i i mi excllen quttion doessrael he theilitxcyen quon es aeerewhal hhe do ity andour ere a ewl ao ndr e a cplesf thgs at me finnghem cesth rd, th are w mleinm d, th pretect w andl hidd andre a lon way w pctnd dd ndfrom aonay w isrl anwill be om fing a lo way osrranlleosti tgrito d th othelothinay oactongti in the de tsionto ifhey ththouhet abintto riking, ihedeon wld iy lily spaourk aabegiol wa whik i iran witti bac and lisyripa aiowa w an timas,acnd hndboll all takrig m a isrl,ith thos,ands hfllllak mi iles af ther own.hho dsand at ctain islayi mieshe into isel'sn.hinkg in hed cins comiyi mons. tois'snkin
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mimie,onack you. >> jie: g desiono make. e,k u. j: deon. thks, gal than. >>ric:hat es i meantho , l usjohnolto a fmer n. an am ssad>> andc:t iox nans cousribuhnr jotos us fveryr sund athisime. od amadmornndg. n goo cobujousmorying, nd aise. rn goo oo to mog, he. >>ric:oo shin peo s sa an he >> c:tackn irshipesalosn and, h cksaysirquote,sore aos mor d, h like. ys doou tnk ie,t wile aor ke do tappe i il >>nlesiz re issraeisrepaped to >>esi reve wshran witnuclr ae paapon theowill att k, wheyhn in titclast att cked onhellttysyr's tt nuclttredeactn07rnd sadd hus in'scln ctn191. and t me ddy,us t'st s n har19 fo d me t nar rael t thfo tim knowherth facitie ar telthimrani noeracie ar tni conrsio facity and toniorani cind t enrinimentacily and, nanz bued ri andntil id,a nz nspe ors ve bn alveru ndit, th i is
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pewith s braelalr capathliti.s ceainl it th trueheel unitpa statis cod dot beer ce nl t d whtr is sorue is t moreitimetacodo tbet g s whons thees t regreaer the t lik gihoo inhe wl sperea aheikoo i w betr proct er a adtion dupcatefaciettiesro y, i my adonupopiteoncies isrlill iy needopi siksr soo al ed suld ve siktrucoo aon ago. sd >> e c: wt ifhe oba aducnisttions agast it? o. e w >>if it ll bebaoug ad fstonhega ? ama minirati. >> t raels noeug foing t askur a niti elpermnosionthe ftng t thask panea codn'tet a rmtraiont e an fer ino rpri iha h ne beco tru'ta lo atimeai an israe ri idn'tsk hermi ionbe inrulo septmeber ae 't20 bforeminn they pt str ck t nor korn rctor20 bre heinsya. st t orwe'lor kno r aboor ithen sy bmbs 'l no bo e fating nsespa n ndfag tanzis m pajudgnt. eri youon'think nz m je salem wledgp. thri..ou't nk absutely jet.le w thnow eth csequces ould bs elbe, derhis thw admistra con, qu s ld paicul i , rs wld splymira, givepaheulhite iouse w advce sy ve noce atese te todv ppareo
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no a impo t our t own sa ptionresse haveeenn ppoceur oaon ven p it t threeninthe -ism ich rein e imicit thrteni. >>ric:hat thouthe -m chania imit hrnirea ion,>>c:t would tey ia unash zbolh an has arn, w t pl vict. un >>h t isolanunrtaiabut iyou g pl throcth th v ious>>isunait iu poibilies e mo roth v lusely irann re onseposils mo ly presely anre tse veezboahnd ham ferely t ssil int bo iselam f tareting il cintlian patiois thiss aarng cianry veryio difcult is desionor iael to mak y and,veryifltery deon irily.o ak bu memb d, tryy altnatiri not bu lembs it tdaltti ote l altnatit is in witda nuear apon f yo d'tlt liktis i irait as nur on i is tayyo dik imine raw mu wor itould s i , on t im ie muortldets nlear weap s. on >>ric:peakg of an i let's s ok aeco n aar ap >>c: mahakud of e ahsdined, wn he at d n a co ath me la yr, ty'vahe ah nealwa w deheed d t y mla a y p tsuin'v
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cleaweaps an theywaay e ey a doi t it aor pin eaapan ey el tric y. a oi het's wt heaid,hen askehim. elic he whed,n kem. >> ec: wld y swe to alla thatou areot e w yweolanng laha tore bud anuclr nnbomb >> tnslaur: ithera l a cl th sayi mu swe to mbnvin oth s? tla i eri ha sai lnumers thaymuwe o oc sioninwe dth haaiot nt aner ocon d aticomb. >> enc: is alysounow, at o, usb. e the i youalgo. w, at ee doou nd o arus e fhetou i. hat the are edoa nar f it aspes ofhean'sre nucar ograthatimp peof'sann buc raat mpplaid. othethannny b tir effts t ai gainucle we ons.hean t fo ffexam te, the inlewe coms.puter fo amhe simutionofomte a nlear detomutiononhat e ia is aprent n prearred to ronvealt o iis tu day,aphentred nitestat has ral o own out at tuy,teatas f abo 7 ars,n ot o and ihe sor fbo o s,nd ior o actity ttrani citens n't eage in ti t o ofni acamicits t een cuosit thi ohas enf tcac reas forhe pgramndhe recuon fit hiirs 's baisti t asssilorprog pm fram the re firati
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ilogfrheget-go. eri thesay e rerts e on tuesd theto. iae r ort ri he y rells nclu comonuter tsdhe mdeae o rt pote ialluucleomerarhes mdend so typ oftelleehece wrehey ink soerypfouldee wxployons of nk learatteld andhat se ll bevead alos w t nar wilte oublndyou t muc a ut bhaea a the w iila ill bly? u uc>> a ewe illl th k, uer the japase rect-genthal o u he ia, wh has eenpa m horecten o iawhas reisti mucnmore meorthght th is re tiucedecresormohaedtht th ecorha -barei, o waesseiall polostor therani ar, wasell lohe prram,ni lotf th infoatio theaeaad prm,ot fth sofo timio andhewea a otrs havenown f soimnd aot vewn out,ou kw therthe ea gt,s a k lf ier infoeatio from fri gdlya l i vernfonts,iondom iriyot a s agcy a i'lleav it rn fros, i ther and ser ia ag a'lav ro sctinis it iernd as i conserab crescbilini to e it coerns ie ha hador aong ns abme are sholiwso w conshamahmadd ahgdined's aho d wiahm a jahusnes dia
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pu a jusfanty. eri as pu way u.nt ri bassor jn sln, tnks asay ualys me evi ncess c jin t kst th weerom eas al mvie c theem uted tion thk yo >>hankou. jam: a adlyxploon u d cks busy arkeonin bhdad th yoat lst 8 eopl>>arenk. amad, a lylo26 s syke bad othe l 8ple, woded. licere sayg t reehe sepate bombwereet d. nr he ceay te spa mambet, rendayorni . n and, thema, ayni. fir d, dhe oeid,neir d the od, he holie day ohe ol ie caayndar and e dth tol in oiger contcauingaro ri d f dlowi aoln serier oforric ntng attriacks fwi on rif ri iday the d crs isttowksn estatin at me th ay 00e cris peoe werstin ki ed, men mthbers ofeoer dica muslki sec, m carrsed o o vera a ackcainslec tar sep oarat citi ra incdingomic aeck bomb tgs andepatootis. ti st tnc lngteic mbndti t l atttek bthe grou ttpolik say bg the r atmptso imemena sri ou vlisionayf th at mutsim l allcrosnige a.imen sri v
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on♪ mu♪ lllosge ♪ >>ric:n thampan tai >>c:th now, replicapanresintia candw,ates hepmanca ca andsiia ndes knu hn faci offan andnu o-on- e ciff a dete, te oasn-genelly frndly de , affa unliketeinasney frlyfa n kecounr wi inports, soo afte o isunuewi rtoohe sextel o is ue algati conrninhim s oflims,ex pero yaltiasoninhem s of mtail pat g the mttent n. rep ter:ilhrinng t siz gof the fedal mgornment ep r:makiin sur t sizial curi t ed st sgome kiur sl solrint a mak g sust thgovementtays o ofol a ak amsuicanheal carthwhenvehey nt ys n an o seangf of amanalareny an seafhat, mr. irnmr mrcainantst rt,trucred . nmr byeoplwho ow hmrints to rucd restcturheal carbyeplo ho and sturalar kne beathndnewt ngri sd kn ibehhoulbe ey asrdengwt ri s iul eyrge as thdee iso frau at monalsge th yoissay f wanaut quaer mal pound
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withheesand ey gyoe yoy uan ua quter undewith cndhees thesd yo a yogivehem ney.qur deand they a hapes. yoare ppy. a yovem y. d aap yoe y. >> wust u w tmark-drin, u patit-ceeredpprohes. herkri tald ti toceed ros. ct hs, d, i'mureal newo tald tct ctor meew markal-cen tred,or paent-nter, maet-dven proaes. rkend, pat-erma-dn oa. >>eporr: s er tought is debate >>ou orn s see er the tgh iste two are e ph osop theee govementhes ju tooig. o e phophe ventjuoo .>> ec: a peter,t smed e afriely a thewere cvener, s d ye, ofurs b ie t aokhere cne sho at oer f ks oyeofrshe b stge dn'they,ho o f ost lasnigh 't y, repter: intestinasormegh eake of tepr:ous nt tein girichme harkeshe t worusere rerved nor gich preidenarheor ebama re edheresints autresen ndidndma si a acc ate beride maff iwhate tes th ameran pple.cce er ma iatteth er pe. repter:nd cn epr: wai cd
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unl afr thform debeai wrunped af to thm a rmporteb. rip port: wr d >>o tta neyrt fne f th ip wenrt: who le d>> they fexl hasent th w colain... o le don evehe go hastere. cansk co myin. onquesveon? o >>e. annoy be usees? - >>ay iskee g>>d iqution >> wres mhff gstff quon plea wends mim thehf joustalisffc co of hicsea d>> wl doheouis cof cs >> wepordor: n tho wom who id cn was ina ropr>>teor n ho the in e om199 o cwa reinnapr an ymouheand n rt o th9eode eths fr theocie ofanoud o pressial e thurnafrsts,heiecaf's campgn s t ouprlastsiight he talkna abs,ut scas mp soustournhtistse shld ilkntifbsours s wnev rn fetsibleecau theubli issh iifur wev entied tos fele mucauhe inlisfortion as psibl tion aourcos reabily.ucnoron pbl a errc? reil >>ric: and per, w 'llere >>c: discsinghe ce a tndpe wmainlreamedia covage scng c af t the issuin whamhia mr.ovcaine refus toalk out the e nextsuhhor.r,in thks fupetor.k t he xt ho mie. >> jthie: new peabc e. news jwash: gtonw ost"oll, showcg th a wsshont"l, rowcoth numr
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of amerans e do rig a rgrycoumrf er s withdohe figeral aoveryent. gry. whadoestay aut th f alshineron'st.bili to t y. haameresa's onom a bac k oin's lio k? how cou iters mpomtac ohe 20wout mp eltionn joings now, rl0 el on cajo stag writeavinodrker. od catarninte vi >> jae,drr.ood morng. in jam: i n't >>t ov d angr dow rigrn ami gry.t ov growig howiffenty. ihathan w fe itn dissisfi. >>eoplare ssatfiednd uld an ty ha fai tha thssgsfi >>ple ated d thaaiha th c be xed d ifhey t thrighpeop in ace, th the cou be tur c e aroud andifp why thgh peoopen e,are th heoue ur any, i is tound wheomeea thaan i t actl wt ty wt t f ha tl w t w t f thgsow ty mit gobout it athe llotox o th otrwis in trms mi whogoheyut ar agoine to sotport o in an eltion is ot mishn ores hoy arin srtnn elons mhe unedicble d anr in see eress aot o unice anin se ess o frusatio frusatioand th t sysm, itakes t haus forioitti poticis too anhing whe usyou iove ad ry v ters ys mke itesha or ti e p iticpon lcis litoly tannghe u
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atake v riss mke bause pic t lyli are t s ke is brriese an ang t votreill set maat ie tnmngor theotixomel ople ay tmay want t >> jie: d mahee e mo le t may nt th bec e j: maericmond iay pele a thecissasfietheyc idon' thi ope a a pticusarie ey caidat o sting n'hi pongrcus me er, can doatnd t o queion shavengs,gr me , do tuen 3 werve dnight angr a iyou der the dht grdiss aisfi, 8 iu ahe 74%f ss fifolk thell8 iorta a iss % thecono thi theount lkheerioly i offta sstrck henohihent iofftr giv the pamete whais t denitiiv of caidat fir predent obath opateha t somne de tise of the mocrcaic atirside and rentba oom on he oe cr o.p. thayou deinknd fitshe blohang the onp.hau kfolk min , iftshey ben slw upngt thpollhe lkinify s upthll we peoe wl swp and we h e se wn timeswereeo wl s pugh ndd tngs en't gng h se w tll pmeple ndo beor h tengags and ot't in g hi gher pe be numbs, p centgae wind and n thk uiimatery wh the wil do i in a mb pntsewie,nd bieve tth uatwhheil it, wt thn've alys sedone b ve ok a ea wthendidat thene wi aa at bothecompe thcandates
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wi tothernd e whane sotnmpthndes foand e otr stds toer for,ha sn an thewill lsofoaked otst choir, on aracrnd anhello one le ershoi andn thiac theest y,njaie lesh coundhi thenslat wh ang mns in aleionjaie is tt itous tla whng u iuall a tlenslans in ttersit justantill t la le ershin whi isrs stus ofti leshhis s o op-end undined - >> jie: at ds ilook op lind, dandd, fed p -side oba jto s: w d the iokle ershlida i f p de thbgs a not g sting psshe d whle doesh i th a iotlooklike g forng pss whoe poteial ont-nner.o.p iokke candorates >>ook,hat p tohe tel t- er vo.prs tdeci wha ndes >>k,t lderspto look vo tciha lrs lik ok and i tnk somody was thgs tikbe fed andnd t ereomys n wa easth t fswernd >> jie: en? how tiene ishe nas vot er j: ? w ens pulaoton? >> peoe, jie a not la? paent allutne tngeo j a ot ne to int t,here is n pat ll t a seet sa uce,neo t re at ise en nof e dayou ve vers r ta se creae,s orgainaxt en dau v s creatas, f ex ple. eaorin ea fexe. d, ty wi looat t caidat bas on at ty beeve d whtheyelie has twioo t exrien andcaroviatsasn t
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bee wh ey ieaderasip, d, exenndvieadehip don't cess ily ter, ow tdep do t ssy sues justhe - a qualityha mes pe le fesl sst - thohhe counuayty cou m pe f gelhohac o traunou -- >>amiegelet jumin o raey'vspok as f a-- >> ie t esidt obuma iscoinern, nd fo l'vdersokps f a andheth or t thideconoby isisack co n, n lack,rsven it , an whondthr cothd saonfor isrek i i not k,n t an ho mong ft en gh.cosar re sothe i i qstio ot for mo f enpres.ent ba so e% qio or arova est ba rati, is h aurabva enugh, ti iis thgs c htinu ab enh,as-is, i to t eth cnu the electi in s,? o t yoareate ebouthis l thel tin time yo e gie meuts hepricti. >> f thmeecony don'thang gi eand havprti igh>>thondotng uneloymt d avand opleheeneymike ed elen a cessn and dsn't ge a bett ssnd the d't rep glica win f th tt ninathesomee, sepcain th natme s unrthy oer ngun thehy o esidcy, ey sck wh he oba,ecau the fee the id , s ve n w oth chce. ob >>amieaudaviheeeheucke nthch tha.s >>ie viso kemuch >> ehac: lsenda colge
10:18 am
fo ballrogr is engfed ch e ldaol scan ll a grrmersoachngd a pn ste an acsed sexa lerch ase acres comi p up,ste'llavehe lacestd ex aon t crhockg ca , thmi is p, ll ellinthe mpust tckcaths ine us >>amieand ivinalon mindg yo own busess d >>ied in onout theblue som hingndyown asheuss toughou t heblueomng winhiel wait ntilheou hr wh it ts.ghin el itil hwht >> praon mway wor >>ra my or ouof the crner o my e i ou he sawhat cer o iy tught i was saatwren i thtas yoknow a umbes wrch.en yoow a bewr.
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thiss $1,000 we aed tal sange toatch t foisus.$1 00 a t sge tochfo .ank u souch, appciat , i' be ght ck. k soh,ppat i'e t . theyidn'take dim w muey in n'es dkes yoim ban ta to tch ur mey ? mun dyoan tao h m ? youbankakesore ney th a sange ounkese yth sge you ed aally u aly al ban noonsee. st pple nse. alan no se pe e. malennouer ] w ar we gng tmakehis asobetr tn th las? w aleut mouing ] brghte ar g tkes sottth as re lorf. a mg brte ♪♪ e anrfputtg alour lper toork?♪♪ so an canttuildal r er ou favotote tk?ditis anld ouvo tti by ding fewew os. weve a gotarlas nd b gets o stngtch.ew o we aotla b tsand stis yh.r, wcan ep tm bo evereen d y wn tbo ve moene sang. re dng. that theower mo thesaome. epot d. hee's briatt idhe. er tr
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e inheny leht soting hes i id and t utrto inbuck loff s g e last rists les. d u ckff lat stle remeer t daybefo cop my n ani nev misd oping y. me tayfoop y ban wi coev ismaoping g ha to eath bi icohoug maoseg ays aght o oveth soy door piscriugd sembics t.t ve soit dolps pgnifriantl e icmy ng fctiot s iftl s rtin with f 5 mioutes symbort esn'reple a reue ialer sinth mes mbt n' plfor ddenreympt ith mbict, day m brthinbettr enpt h ic y brintt d th mea... thgameean!. syicoris f copme cludg conicronctis and mphysyma.or fop ud c icnct shsld n be ndkenhy .morthanwice day syicor may creash nyoe risnof lg inrctioanceay syory ea steoyorosiis lanin somioeye oble. t l yo doceor si f yoanhaveom heae conletion or gh btod pyossuroc fortakiyo it.veeaonon [ whr tle b pur orkiith t.pd i tught mig misoutwhe h on t favhtite igaditisn.t nowymbirt snifintly impves lunfuncon n ave itowbi sfilymps unnc sttin witin mines. anthatakes difnce iny brthin stinit ns. day m ba anwiat my esvoriif teaeinbrin y ba wiy ri eask yr door abo symcort yi godomy f st bopresymiptrtn
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fr. ca or ick to lrn mgoe. f es pt malfrannocer if y can aord ur micatn, car k l m as azealcano r yy beanble o hap.d mat aszea bele h
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10:23 am
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10:24 am
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10:25 am
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10:26 am
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10:27 am
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10:28 am
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10:31 am
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10:32 am
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10:33 am
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10:34 am
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10:35 am
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10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
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10:40 am
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10:41 am
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10:44 am
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10:45 am
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10:46 am
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10:47 am
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10:52 am
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10:53 am
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10:54 am
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10:55 am
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10:56 am
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10:57 am
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10:58 am
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10:59 am
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11:00 am
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11:01 am
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11:02 am
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11:03 am
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11:04 am
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11:05 am
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11:06 am
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11:07 am
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11:08 am
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11:09 am
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11:10 am
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11:11 am
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11:12 am
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11:13 am
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11:14 am
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11:15 am
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11:16 am
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11:17 am
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11:18 am
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11:19 am
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11:20 am
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11:21 am
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11:22 am
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11:23 am
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11:24 am
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11:25 am
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11:26 am
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11:32 am
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11:33 am
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11:34 am
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11:35 am
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11:36 am
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11:37 am
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11:38 am
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11:39 am
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11:43 am
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11:44 am
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11:45 am
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11:46 am
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11:47 am
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11:48 am
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11:51 am
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11:52 am
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11:53 am
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11:54 am
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11:57 am
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11:58 am
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11:59 am
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