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tv   Stossel  FOX News  November 6, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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anow, john s ss . an >> y havh hed autowjo. our y avhe a 4 trlionlusionadebt and w its geingurorseut tr onit ishard tnabtet y oud bitraingeg ar nd n bers ihat rdig hereet y in isnother way thi a utar nrst er thdebtnd t speing at is noth w t kes wor a.ut is y r, o thbt tpeg ovnm en w ls or y oend ice at i tesovnm i d e i ic th is ly gng tincase i th d t. ic th ths is gst tnc th unsustainab. th s ogreivesay aolion is uusin. taxi he reices aoliois but en iyou ok ve xiic pennof iom e f rot iu millioiresnd bil linnai iom f en t t wo dn'tmiovioresheil fici tt. wo't r on hopis tcut ci sp dingon op t t anthats a od tng tdo caus g ovnment es aspng an atkinda of t t this i usho gul'tt a ndf thi i 't do. but, few .olitia w t, fprope cs. w ts aft all a ot ope s. policall pul ft ll a otone o isrying lill i psul e is ingngreman ik ren pmpa.
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hwantto eminatepa. hehnt eonommi devteopme heminirati. at domtheyevo? me tak abo ut300 llniti r d ey 40 millakn a ar fm yobo0 ll theax yer nd ri 40 tllhea fyo er ri tney twagt, d.c. and di striytes, c. nd >> eco mic elopdint.ris i >>crosa cple h dr >>coc op. st>>osrict c pl th are pic nimal.ct th wereaven'tic eminateni amagenc we en wi a adm einstrna ts hge 50 wiears indmmetrca s'm h 0tryi toeaet rid of thcais sne ency yioetha rt do oesth tese cy inteentihaly ldoal tks se withederolrs. te tithe ldera t ger ent h nthoer olrs . sine oi it. e ra ger en t >>ound goo d. ne theyoiilt. >>nd boouild inf st rueyure fo sel p blantld i inurinso foel p nt prov elerici ininsoermont. ov e le ri >>heinneta emples a ernt . peect ce. >>hene elea pe t00 mlion ce.ra iou m on lliodolls pje ict. it w goiou forrd whout io ll fepraljeaxyer.
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woi monorey. w made ensefeconolcallandaxr the waon.ea n fleec e deseno ll d th taxp er f a cthouwae n f miecion cks bui that thxp f c stel plt fothat ri temin s uihat comp anst pl fo at >>nd se ofrihat ey do doesmpee pntssan. >> s ofet d es pss h ry resrch a tech rlogyar in s veg. a llioto promote ou smchgyn v. e no hern a io pmosm nornarianasl. me pple y yoarrena notsl. sang e ugh on peye tyoo mak n any sa e hdiffonencewe toremny billionn ff ce debt. bli we nve tstarsomelace d idtify bt real e tarmece age s idfy ea l t riof them. a s t ju trithem b k s lori he eirroh. ju ri emke tm gokway. s thais hyrou pke thi tgo y. on ha hy p tokelly t r of t s. on toy r >> idoesothi thes.eder govementughto be d ioinges.hihe er >> ive vent ohterbe dng >>e departmenav ecomicevelmentgencs ep witmin tm. it vewhecere.icelntnc thwie t t pgr averewhe. th d pupgrcati a we wl wk on tt doo d
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e o s w awk oelnl.d o thi is t ainstrioell. massing thihe t cgrentr sp ad t loossarogd. >> y donen havto b nistsp t toonorow tha thed. y on avpoli btica stgenciesno t t pertue lica geiethemslves ther puthem my estri i kans andllemes a cr s ethutm y ri i untr so w he n tnsndonesan e ows to sa t sugtr t wohen on es an goway ey poi t o hes mo nds t salet tel you w hat goity hasoi nd do in ur saist tricelt.ou wt as th don orgetoiselicl ybo ut th all the this tt corldgetoel y bo ut ha been d eit h hel hehi t c xpay mey hehan, keeansa deith paid or p ject ayeyn nevadahe ksa and id p ct we virn vani >>t isard r a ngremannd say don wanwe thairtni on ey>>.isd a re n >>ou y hav tay havonean aha on visior wt t f eder>> yav av e govements suosedo do si >> a w say ter d't w ve thanttsueddo a ay y. wt riof aha of tat, en ne. ri>> e an thf e mo, ys g coming to he s.te ethmo gom ogfan s. to >>2 milliofor a cin >>mi ior a phitaternd a weasti ro iiter aetiicd, whito ro at a theic td,nkg?hito a somheeconic delopnt
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tencyn a cal g?ace plie r a ra ntom fonro dmop tcy ea col mie ie a deralopmt ad fnisttionnd t qu ealifod an received fedal depmad st on doquars.if an ectherwas d oneedhinkg aut whet r hamade sse odors. w eers nenka etde s or would t ahanctoook at that todayd andnc sayook ataynd s t tsk. yo poieduthath are t . somemes lks n the p hehath re th say ean t t cumets sn t hvernnt be youot he thay ttcu today rn b itous to hy aneit i evywhe tha t wode h got t oittoan i evhe ha sh wnk t h fedal gotovernm teno sh ted ger fedel geren youant getid f del aen ou t theetrgyf subdi a and e wi leby attked ydi from ha d wi lby a yo y mundstanhow h asomha buila t iving erandinandw nufaurin s ecto tiv lo of inbs. >>fahey inuld sen ptont out thatloheyf i m y hom e >>y d p utate aty oon i mansaom eeyort to tell i tantsa mone werefinor thet meleylf t xp ersneerhose jefsinhahet theey co by xing eopl and s se jkeinthatealt tout he t
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co y ngprivplend sector in catoslt ft ore ivjo thaecn ttor w cecto corou ever opjohao tatec c >> rogr siveergeneral tnk at th eney sub di r >>eagrnveenal t nk ener, th i s the plnee whe s r eathnspenng suld hapn a erths pl wh prress e then sdapa eri p ayne sayprssse ed ts ki ofri pneubaysis for t kiingsfikol andindsi f gspowe makeour >> iant appud you for we cong o and ckellr it pphe y f minaco once ndat t c oilll andgi gas mpanhas na e do a tee wilnd tha gt part of anwhatasou are alngbo ut . a wha pa justo c rify e w ants ato a bo cuutall. ssidies i nclu diusng cfy w ts o thosfor l an d cu gl. ssi es i lu >> thi theuest n t ug osr an isll w.are r eally >>hiryheintost t ge a tis i weter r pllduycts aryinto tter ricegefor at csumers.r pdu ct s th is timaly hathi s is ercer csu rs ab t. th s w domaou bngha chipeistiti intoheab mardoketp bla. cpe >> cpeti on i in tto artpmarkplac it oesn havto b cbroutit i t in. rk ac>> i hink his oneitf thsn av b ou chleng tha we f i . i nankgatis theneth ch enghaecia fll i ergy na ti he beuse at hpensow iyou eia arkind f -- i s ikgy ou bee h ns i aru skarnd-- i fsth grader to ar sk
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compe onve fth p gyider fieldo th a colle mponyiie stu nt a c ol >>olar win are s tuchilen w neehelp >> i'marsinghatinre an example il wee lp beca e rit no if i w'manngtto an exa le refi ar thecareri ano i pntyo of c orne rsfi even inearw heyo p nty ty w re i an gofo c aneill inew yo w i my g s tkp.y t ternativy, kw,p.ardot pun,'m n abl t g o omrniv k do tere d fi up m e ctn, nbl g o car. e fii wod are th m we e a brge fm he r. to woarthhee . wha is wbrng fith herie? . >> t arg ent yohau w makngsouh s e? apalin o its f ac e tutrg wt yoak ou s are now0 rs iapo thin o fut w br eid ns. ow0 hav ibeenthubsidi zing wbrdid r deavdesen andydroecicubdingd fo ddeads nd thro is ect aic bdg fo ad th i ths a0,dg0-mile highw ay th d itt isime jtay0,mi h stanon you r n t fitt,ise t co ete, heseanre bou t ft, coanie coe,se b >> respefull tho h, y coie knowas eave bn rpell ho y bsiding youowaid me oave n thesil idg oud o esilltna srch src na s
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rc hretiubsidizingoi >>he sreubtisidiesub fordi ooind natu>>l ga snddioalor are tu ga trivndial cpareto wd and a ivr. l c re w com dow ato wndt yo deniti is, oomy.ow wyo de>> iti ds,oes? noto beilly does. i d oe ok athe rs t t e otbely have oes. en f ight ae . tt eat ia trlionollaav of e htbsid i tri doont thlak anf ody inks at wwent nt thoid war dothany ks foany r ea wnnterho tn w y rennergy. t >> swe fght irafor oil? . >> s whic subs sies f at rar l? sicbsbsidess? i nd toake at o i ard at cim bore. id its ri culo on ns ftoace e. o i d c th bbeste.ay tgeto ere it rilo n fu saacyou wt to whi chthisst tet e at w haveow cos sau eico nthi ergy p rodu ce wdveereosnort ericntis tget t gy p du e gornmert out he g am ofic tt t tryi tfi re gomeuthef o. yi t fi >>reow, u arnot rpoin o toer c im t t >>, waret enpoino raq to get c oil t. >> wwent iooratna l q etil . curi . w nt m aatnaor me ri sol ier a im aor tera sern. we w at toake re i ts. ra n. $1tril
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on i debt w. toe i a airal ts. m llen aid t$1il ibt a al mo dangerousebtacle ourai t tion s ur mo isanmeuscatacur on s ur de. i me ca e la thi we nt tdo i w te h dreddeof million f lahie t i w hed m li fllaron eneyubsidies th go ar no g eoone. weub hsie seen wt hapthpeneo do wh we h soe ndraen w ap >>nehe ndt onmighhbe t go one so ra eveuall the g>> n gonoogh t gone on e. ve ll heey wl evtual pic ga nner ute will av e wevalic wasted erut e ll ansquavderethe ilitas anquree itf theompetive markeceo f lve e prlem t hat ewe wtompeti mar o so lve pr m t >>t our al ian atirab on i ink lv all gree e w an>>r i aab e be ponces or ai rik llee w be ce or nsums anriave a secur ergy sourc uman the aesti is ecw lo h gy ou e tis lo h subsidid se t hose harml u a to wubtdid e t se deee a the p ricerms ilt wt to. dewhen aou lhek atir p plutice r ex ple y ou lk . en l at ra ps ofti child re sex ae hm ya and the st o f wraarof allhi of theses ahmand diff ente i otef are not a o tse cu entl p rice dff ito ite aot o.
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cu tl com pon.cedo how out e bis kied b. thwindomills.oiro and w t bi ki b thpeop kild mang t thnd ls ro wi m aill. >> ts is key conothcopilma t cons ucwi l. if very dy i tamerisa kneynoc at a nsuc ifry ier eknxternality w t n i a thke would be tt eer oli t i the p it iciathnsou c b o appo ion is p pe hey? p it ia >>ven th t c ssidy pon py? >>n t y ssidy oposou sll w h an av ageos familou sll f w pin hg a tr ipleavore ectilci if you fin mo forrd ithe p ro sstr ylectci iyou prop moose.or i e pin t sta of ynsase ha rene ble m da tes.op e. is i tan etaraorf diasryhaost ne ethat mou ada plas.ngonhe i e oreric consume at a la ifnou will us le eneicyon co ete wil lifindhe bust en gycoe w thnolgy. >> nd b let ennerg cpetethny. you >>ea bnt rg greedy ppete u ea n reoducs goyg toryteo wiin t bid uc go to hodoest wok? wi t>>hat absidutelthe se. ho weesill wndk? cporation s >> t bs el e divi.als at w l u t irwel c po ti on owsecomic sf-inrest o vi s wu t irnd tt grat nex en gyowco s in st tech lo. t hasgrapped foexen gy geratis. chlo aspe fo >>nd i they s ew ge utip? thewill p the p ri ce>>nd iey sew
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p? fi ban up a ihell phe eric-- fi i wan't he toay f a it. >> wic't c t th w hto ft. w cthpa pa ckn thanote thankou yo comiha up,te thehaou governmtants yo to mip,heule urovnmtphts a to and iul we tsuro t pay for his a uden loadn. o stay ptop fis i en oa why e yo el ng uaysp iha to y yo doelng uso wel tha youoth foromin h, tnk y so ch. i lo thelvermhar coouectih.orin t yo . veeer?lo thrmcoti dch pnter onve pair?ed, ke 34aintgs? d per
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on whaaian o, nam34nt? y've t li fivof tm n yo halay. tse whae ac oallyamn thatti wn weovedyn.e liiv t yoal .weust th rtlly wve aclye cothr yetiow. wweed wet ry coye. ... host yoguysre aot ofun. . st yoys a on. eah. malannocer the di a ned bt lae lury san. h. alnor e a n blalu s. necar? prty cl. ner?pr c ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪ fema annncer who'havehoug th♪ the♪erso you'growp toe -- manner o'veug th hehow soeati oru'onfiownt otokind--- w ti orfi ond s shed bore u lo yourirstooth sh be lo urstth ♪ ♪ the rst ve yrs arforer. ♪♪ e t y arre ♪ ♪ hat'why c isevotg 50 llioand n mo yea t'y isot 0 iod moea to hlpinfamies dcove learng oortuties all ound hem. hinmi dve ar otues l ndm. p. gr up eat. pgr p t.
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congtulaons. nglas. coratution cotuon ngration day,he cy ofharl te n usverin tenolo raon y, c oftorlnspi binsesus rito cteservloener topid mointor ssts. crver kingommutiesreen... coratution mor s. . an builngs ng valmublees ento t. botcom litu...on whoa anils ale totli.oa ... theeoplinsi the coratution . heplsi hebeca e wh youdd vizon toour mpan cotuon cawhou vyou onn't tost ar an u muiply u ♪t isco ar so ♪ly ♪ corizoso inw.♪ zo
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> ocpy wl street. ocpy ut. oc>> e wrybo s has rigt. to ocee ecaon. e hiboerasig eo duti on e cocaege onucat.n. ma sterhi youameon coe man mer poueersol onion woullik a o f hat m to pbesooon ul ik revod. ha o reve alstudt de. th is e de nd f m thvo ev al udprotdetershoet so uc hths de fth otrs s ation. and esidt oba hadecid rev e th r ebatt orn.t d id obleashatcio or veev ath o sde as de afto 20orears. deusedo25 deft0eaea ed a25oas takenteps to
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lo r thotuasdent t'sen iertte t loth tu nt rate of crse,omeo elshas pay r th ands usual tteha ce, eo lssomes e el is u. y thso inday t utals t wrong me el bus new day c i ttsro bueway cnilec sa tha ini rht. le c y sahaht t t rig? we id g a clege rucatn. en y get ut e g cge oscol you at ll b off nd y havetol oscolou reer na ble ou boffetav stted an adu ereou a nd st d a a uinde, toay o the loans a deto o lns joh i dn't ey wl mperure at. thes were p oli ticia aoh dt w colleres le ng t.them es re p >>lihey icd aot of it. ll l t ouem cultu re n>>y aen oerf sentt. that essa toou y cngtueo en erfor st generatons a at fsa tohoseeo rratis itas t ge.ers it ts notruenyor somef thtie kit t are in g itnoueor wa oldme otha k sonred iing have his lanc andwa cha odfa s ond debtn me wil lev er b evebls encnd c getydultod btmeil srtevedere
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thiss p oblet ayelteeodd srt to f acis ibl e ee >>ohn:hy wld ioan i f kn t t gornme mig com >> n: w in ind sn we e aroingo kn go me ig chomge t rul of is eain se arng o >> lten, c er ch tulf iivual spon bili l is n, i cmporernt valuheren ki and ou w l onli s or noce'm ot c omlure okiutnd tul no 'mive eryingl nicomkel o studt l . e y i glink ic neeto te aew lookudt this thi ng . i k ee t a ew>> jn: iropo thepp os okhis t ofhat j i apos heaos lk. of ha tw abt sang whave aeen l l ofheseids absa w ve mony,any shoul 't elog bofeses in c lege ecau we moanedy s ul thisoneyolle bose a cy ugeaue ed facis we eyvele ara of a u that. causacof ae the govnmenrat o haouts nd e asaty loa ns ushe aheoven t cost ol leha hasts easoaone ahe fourst times tolheleatasef on inatio ur t weompl tn abt hethcaf inio sts. we pl ab hetheycaave ne utwicthe ra of nfti on .s. ey e coll ue isicp foe times ra f nfthe tiolleongese b ome llisfo im cotry e clebsse bauomse ofhese coybs bau o f loan thestilmakehe ks sty, i he. an liheenilohke kn, do r easty iant the onlisequenceohf do ry
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folling th whaif a gonooquce coegesecomonly pla ll g hawher a g the scoesweomthlyylaan send er theikids t wilhaveumb kweidthy o sfich eids ople fil li ngilveb k p ri ncetleon ailnd le aar prdri aet aid dle a ass ds dendi therd aiddl los ma e we w l js d hdiavehe v. t say oo lo bmaweollel i j he onlyor t ich tolle i ly th rhy >> jn: ion'thinkhat ll hpen. therare e stlle y o j i 'tnk t ans t t he h.n. er e st if t ban osayshiss a s tart d an.he wl ha a t joan ayss p as t an w bhaack. jo ae unemploymtsateor b lleggradis %. ump ere e maor far negeeader%. ople e ma. ar w abt ug peo ne anshort leople thab makuglesseo an or doe ne toorve the ir le thans,akss t ? done o or>> lvee is toughllir s, ove? n lisgh vet. joh andess ugh an i us to . i tnk tt weught o be ohablendo fis somh i uso t twe mhtdlbee lefiom grnd. me wre bdlweenust rgiv greryb.y anno mter w w bsponenble t u aivo m te yb an ho mhardr ou wor tonooe a bo m wte hoare rdver womg fou. t we a par wy rpo nsible f e r om f
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athisar y r >>poohn:ibut an't reonsie fosayi kee yourromiiss, thi s i>>sn: at resifoyi ee urmiconts,ct?hi s i me somof tse ks th los we so asyheynt? donme'tom t kth lo weoen kasw wh theare heeyon kwhhe e pang. virnia ch ty aertise padini. hal ser s l ob erir aa tati ni al lonsn b a at azonatate t b on b .t heir ana tte t 2000-foot comm ity nterir t w 200 a0-ot movie mmy er thea wrnd a p mls coegesave come ount ear pclublsbecaeereoo coes e meneront witax yer ubca moneyoo >> ell, kay,roairitnough. on buwe d't wt thoth >> l, siy, to rppenugrig. bu d we won'tthant th onlto sio eng the we'tt nlhe per flue kid aorng thos r ueidngch ls .os rk hd, p yourebchls. h pou sponsiy. joh payour bts resp sibl >>nd mbe wsiwill eward ohouayr s sp givgbl l tl e>> hel mp wonllgar th w ayivg ltleel >> jn: t rewd cos at the thpensof w t jax tyeewrsco aat e ns bas. i waye to ntio athatast me y app red
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t sbas. wathe o heriouestat wast h maca in yppd s who now eadi i the e prlsstas ca in fo t o owdie rublscan psintia l nonation and thi cli of rub caoun psint l wi ou r nomoutonndhi wliide open as en wi ccuouti out tv shows w o an all ver o t swshe n erneanll ve >>rf a man raped s nshoune note alled ten d >> a n ap edthe pregnan ? ouot a en>> tt iser cice. e at irenotan? tis c ge.ernmen t' it oice i pporlife f groermenoncept ion. ce >> s abori on soruld f leg f? on pt n. no,bortn suld n ot be sor sd eg lel. belio,ertsul ne t le li sct of t life >> i not ustdi ongf fe shld ibe iot legalst?di it i sh i herhoehameans lal ? it i lal. i er >>hao.ea >> sti don i rea ly al. unrsta wha happed. >> bu if t cam a>>aptipeondea t o untaha pp .t toou rht a t t ombu tamaap pe d wheno you h ad tt l ootok r an t yr en y ht look n rce. >>ohn.g noinvi me yo sho if y do t wa m.y >>honen.novie rea ct ns oyo tho yso twa m i h r,ne howeaboo t that. h>> jr,ow i arecie yo host rhaio. j thk yo aci yo en w retu , g ernmhoenio .
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joh lea us one r a ange thpolicianand oh reaeguls ate oras ge waysthant li doanore.d rul cely tre h e be ys t shoroges e. some drugs. t h beyou y ha hea abo tha or s om e canc d c 't g u haeabo dhags ncthey pee't we w dhygs oneyreas is at aig wehy onass a drugker shut wnor aut a yeugr p st,or to etda ye p t, les. t thfda soghak it s. so e sivetho ma akoe a drug i atft d c eompaniesveay make d can affd to ake tha d cpa so ds th fda heanfftoeha sorry we l bac dkthffa? no, eor ruloralst n ever weac tha , e fac nowhealdast ner wants oha
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3:26 pm
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3:27 pm
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3:28 pm
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3:29 pm
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3:33 pm
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3:34 pm
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3:36 pm
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3:37 pm
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3:38 pm
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3:39 pm
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3:40 pm
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3:41 pm
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3:43 pm
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3:44 pm
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3:45 pm
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3:46 pm
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3:47 pm
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3:48 pm
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3:49 pm
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3:50 pm
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