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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 6, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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ra>> wshod be dryoi w evythi we n toring i a. do wndho nbeeverake lita ev fohie offtong tbl dond n >erpeoeree ta nxfoio tffose bl violce ainst >orehenxio to anolns thihe it uld undermine oanns cur y. hi it d i thdek itinouldee ve o r stive tthheitld -ve- to ste t -srae t o>> hris:ox rortsrom rusam wi the aetest hs: r ts m lso, asawiheecd sti rthquake i o o,tated sti damaging bui ldhqgskendroads.te dagiui ven s.aoc n a newscasterght ffar nscte r>> i s a few lhts iarn the i ew udio lhtshe and ts sha king io>> hris:herehe afershndksould c stinuha fng honths: re andramic afshewld cnuid a th anam hst id the robers tught was h thoolproofrs, bu t sugeoneaiti w ouide locd, lpof lbuoa sdene ati ouree oc to loa rere weeginonig witisrael. andarreng ha twe ainigitra. attack i nd iarsng ghangcler a. ack a t is is theseek n g formatiocliserxpte to a ts t come n o ut rm ioir'ste t nuclear me o
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rogr . ir 's e unted ons c nar le tch g agcy s to h gr re as euntsd epors c h tagsd so wedsdep.or and rlyndicationssd hiligh at my pe le ed ound.he wld d avyendatnsar high tha mpe d pi nd wldteavan pmises thathe hapi an p nucmileses pgr is at peefuliranuc isgr i making peulan pr iogress a delopg a ming nuclbomb pr relel ad vitrtopaith the cl l est el o vitjesahem. hars u al m. aralovh, iz isrl'sovh,resident sayinghe rs clocrek isntinghe ticking unthe oc ktesrnatnalomniicty hngas t at l haveomr init hakeso ee p iak siranorom amb israee is yingo p i anro aback onhe fntge . ra s ngo it's a i impornt ckon notent ge . at ist'el a p imemp minister otand efensminier an't at ying when the pymeinte mret wit d nsni a t s. d efen ng senrery lheeo m w pan t s.enrery lefed an t laut ra'strated dein gla w ra otrat befor deg
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b tiinu.s.or aosle rik ice ti insts. a iael ik e h i aebolmbeducle proams ts nghborsonen iqndedlero s mtectly in ria. nrsenqnd intna llm ttre'sy g ireri detebout pos entll tre's stike, bute rent eadekste ut p omehe pme mister ste,ut inr cile sugeast h tr tmeomi garneerr uprtro in ci s a h pen talarner aackro andlso a thhe p ienalnational aac nd mmuny tooncree sanc ons ir. naon a heunre'sto nre ra ncees nir . atta ckal ahend'srae nir's ta faciliti arehe aize moun inand well fa hlidetinre a unindel lsucc hsfuldexper say at wi lay e program b ysuwouleray wi ears y pgr he ini hrsave promised a crhi espoe wchni cou h e p se clud aa rcreghiionalpo w wa includinghas, rnal hez boclg ahas,ez yr a per arsenal per aent he ste. and th atot mic s. d energy w th reltoeasec repnd ifre's a ergy smokinelg guhe
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re wepl be i f care for a new ansmioinnsg tha t he w betypically causor aew chi anio votehaagtains pi tllrey chi thght t srteael aghreanst m reangehat te th thars,sr bl k teao tyo >> h ris:geelant thak u. dealarg wi ir b top hs: an amha our naon eaalwirs arnd xper rht amur ea d v a different o ni onser ht abt wh nee ds t hap pe v dfent s abnextwh ee fapst replica presintia candate n paxtayg f earlr toy,careansiioians nd e aipa iou orltoy p ans ph to wa ou o hey tas p congressman p t auiwa ngan'ss nuclear pgramasui beenlownut of ' lepr pamoron end wawning ugh osanfctions wod on hur theprr i ni anwa g h anio wopeoone. ur the here ini e wh chri s wa aceo onox ns renday. e >> wsoh ch what'swae h on a n wse ndgo.g to p >>adsoe hwh's noto pursue aucar go pweapadon?e ot mobeff ingpu a fendsarhip ap him? and dn'tbe wffalgk tohe fen p so et sim a t d 'tchines t he theha ousas of these t weans andine washed ay heasa ofthroh thhecoldar. eawas anndhe w mitdy durin g the 0'ros athld. sn mit din i waes dang as en. t weidn'thinwellwe i wave tda attackhe . so et wen'in ll ron pa t's aack posheiopu insoet
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him odd on wpaithhe p obamain m administrati wch is w shingoroughba sanctions mitost trytio i c nc e inehoughanoio ando n theryo aminccprogram. o doorme tr amicreprra o f state, condmeoleea ri on c'shisre ost e, ek,ay all o ionduseerin c'bevahiablesea ng w itk,hay aus eleea wiraith i tnk is ti to nfro therani a t iretimeo . rohe niit' the p childreme. for t'he ste pldor soripf testrrorm anit'sepreed its own people andoriphef or an's rreeg ietswnas no op ahe leticy l refe and whod be dting eve lrythge n tndo tad d ow n dnd eevth take n litary f orceff ta t d ble.ak e > sreta ric elirys itce she.ld be co ider> as sta ic ab ilute last resort sh bincoerokslama ab tteas strongeso eahqua eve rordeok i thatt ste'trsonhistory.eauave rtheor 5.6 m agat f de' qkestausing hea higay t5. m d qbukele. ausi nd higay t rocking a colbugele football sdium50 moces ang fromge f thtbe epicente sum m a irowa flowey tht asict 10 afr scks m akini u fploey l t as 1of0 le af i snclusdi m ain
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tevion n ls an tor w lelu te was vi t nanirrurin an s ur afternk. >> o shang qte a b and calerngown as oha a qth a b nd rthquake h jt hit,alow as ath st hq hr h aewt lhtt,s rangere our ssttudio h d whtwill ye ra sllere ur sdio wll yeveou c sllee r- ou i dot kn if u casee behi usr- doknf ticae hishin us he i oahom ty. >> ftunely,oeports o fhe ahom tyev funinjuries epts of seis logisevinri saying that trem s iswillogis sinth lely emll continue fo ser ldaely possibly c ti monts. >> foxxtre weaer adartsi ynow mos whe ok hom>>aoxre tearyingo art clea up fowm th eahquake wh okheom sere t weainthgsov ea fth eainhqto okeur naon id sereasectiosov pot al f otron stormsid lesshan4ct hoursway f ot f noonw an forther eassstnou a v fy dianenttherprob le ea nd vreying tazdoob co nditions and mro gicost itnsnd marimoli in e fo weatr ceer wh th.rogi >> tt's ght, wha veri anlin fo ateace wthf. l pre ssur tes ot,ff w thehan oastf-- preur e o o thehe colina cst
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l inst d o t tt's bngg iin cst l gty inds. gfor iach ers,t's a g rghty ds. the. r h s,s a andghhe's rouh uflong thoa o fnde r florihndu 2f0lo to 30 m ilthes peroaour nd n o aflo l 2 o moistur wh he 3 mil er r ste n a bause aot is l stoiayurin offhho ndte bigse sh ersstas fayars rffainfl ho goe n a big rain shs far rnf oe nak a, ig r but e gty wds wl peist we ad io akmo, ow a keethat i n mt g wif y w'r heapet de ith ere. mo aeeat i m otrw ise, ys w'r hdea d thstbe.ndkingbout l otrw te, of w snodwcr t he rtbkingut l a theystem t st wefekend,cr tandtilladohem t onewe iens fd,al t hea ddll out to ne fal cadaead andightutnowcrs rt of nor dcaotdaandndht cr thsecd sys m urntly f n pactin the snd o thc dcalifoiandur tnt stem i sinhe going t oodasou nd alind fo th s's tte oneme ihas t in t o watch veasoulo aly he vethr tnee ha th n 2 4 twatc 48ve hrsly h ecause ir'soio th 2 tadg ea8, pling ius ae lo gul moistadeea apad of i a l brulging mstownprscr oosf oklom ksas aow nbr intngonprs crtexas andeee kl theom r kai aow ntere,o wre iexn aeee ahe r evere,e drou ightn and don'tant o
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e sterms eeptm t heoutnd onyste't anthe b acst s e tf the coo l te anr waes boced aos the th oo rolckieand otrwise, was tomoro aos we'll b e w chrogied e, for sevmoerero wth wll be w pochiblend t mai co er fev elarghail cose pole tai we nn rgule ilt co ised w damagin ge ind us is ed rnados. dam inhow gch rn wee gog to g . rn weouldoo. w a rtwegoto logli d weld oofloing,cros a ption of dokhonto log,osis purtiiit ohf ho nto heier bchit rain and sw, g enheallyie 3r to 6chaiesn and notug snow s genlyr, ha 6rrisch t r oughotugno gwo o tr,here hafis an odis rgh o tre tvefin anod justo tnk aut oodi andnow klahoma in they us sta trted a o di witndhw klom eyta ed n-wea oth eveith andow weatr afr aneahqke n eathanthyou ery mveh. nd et's movn t oat afeeance ahq unanu m str gl g'soov t a art a un trmplete fanal oltwn and p ot enleal fan dera a an hope on ec pomicotrecovery. ra urs om noe willho see ec hoicw t pveme nist 's s no e nollceme to ep dow ho t pday mell pniyst out onno wmel o dow ree y th decyio endin o a on liti al stedff
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thecio einn greece ti thattallst a cdti baoutpackage,n aee new atnillty c ti gove me in crgeck oe, n puing niat dl forward to ve nkeep cherg centro m puing d fwa fating oepntsntdebtro o ng b ondadettne oenior corresndenandnchor o ttne ll andar aenio esendeehoce o nd relatily a sllconoc eece cotry at at p t ofhe la a wor s. llno whyit wcony t reec peof roblorems, w fl tyer we ece bl w t e e d fes it. thas a eatueion. u th k ofeecefe. haa tueio thofeece a slluntr a withdp ohode isld a tued ttrhe wldup sith oownho i dd y a h to tu thi tnk w ldup eurowpe a a set o h donooeshi greece esr i aly a sgoesdono ee irel ilygogoes, ande ve el sgo manh ad take i europe amnd a a ake hu tdieutnroer we a axp hu moretn we europe tnxp ochin op e .sn f irms invest ain tllion dolls the eams iye. a t ioanksae ll3.thea . illion d ol laksa
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sta there. so,li d t's taeaerll aot to, we veea tot whave at t rk we herve >>arri younow,e whave a t en t rio inhe stree ts er thlas >> fri dousw,ndeo pl e tion s ee llg fo theths orsnd oeohiplse pri m inisllrfohernde ys his toy heill signrind tis un govere nmyst s o ta tohe l gner t torro and i wld un thk th g mayernmom se ofo thitas has tenro pndce i into the thth ay rketoms a of himes w has tlnthe hae henet a mke ts open, w botht ha heren thennitestat andpe ot alhady jus a le bit re t abrnid?te at>> yndh, is h dal ty o kus it ough. br b ause y ishe h t k bee so g any esti mar arobdse hat. band is s has bn s ay ti farluidrod itua ti. ove t hed weend,n d weon'tidnow uative t or se we 't th they won dissoe itset thoint thhey w yeonisee thave seennt yee hae will senee the resigtindt'se ll h sard he tonowes exalyhendrealt'sl st het wld g i ink ere toght no a wxa flight t quaretyal and that st w g pe lei wk l ge ot t ndig g tua ttyond t the do llpearle w g cae, g it' no e do actlcande, a iwayrom to because etlnd auswat hyme too mantoy esbetiusonearksestl.
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d'endlads ourost pulapromion ated lste. here so ny cicesdl. sh e ts lure itt laomn at l te [ le aounc ] is enreesso c esrimp odayt relobs[ anc i en sas mh as ou lmpe ayre anbsway u mas l al foran15.9y fer ds sn. alor.9 mynames anlapp r sd iea fd diereny.mymean i fdien .wast sothinbig? assoing? ...osomeing all? .o ..meometg ng ol?? .....oetsome oing w?
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...or mamee, jg t mae... it somhingou hen'teen t. jma..itomng h'tn the d gerati of tel coreroceors. e getif l re ces. st ningisua, inlligt peormae. ts isisib smar stnguainig pema tisib ar ngralatis. rati congtulaons. nglas. coralaons. toy, t citof crlot cause rizotechlogy colas. to tit cto iotpire inescas e zo conchrve gyergy ianremoniesr co s. one gy mang cmunies gener. congtulaons. annico ..and ildimas as caluanie ger the ottonglinela. s.oa ! ..d diasua hetone !. ashe pple sidehem. congtulaons. as pe dem.causwhenou a veron to yr coany, nglas. usen aeru do t ju y addco y,yomultly. do♪ djucoveddsome ing♪. d g ..♪ ven. the do wakup t ear! u kn whaelse ear? thdoak tar mecare knen ehaollmset. ar w me reroug deer 7 e.lm ca i sck wh ld m icarplan ug 7 care! s w or f md a arw plan wit beer cerag lescost e! fa plit be cages st orboth micarplangiveou ree ncercreengs orth mard weannessveisit
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e er aee 50%sff on and-me pscriion wessit awhen0%ou'r in n d-e d pghnuriholen it'sart enthe 'ralthnre l . dnu le soit'sime loo comre.. 'st e th l so'se oo mand ..oosehe rht pn r yo lrn me at-800 edicd e se r or pmedi re.g .yo l mat00ic ordi.g >>fox ws amerca's >>tionx headarrsam
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rseis to the to cludg miele chma ckis tthto ud pmirye ndmaow herma cain ropaulho h nevryndower bee a in ro ulont hevunnesayse'llet a bot when boters ea torneeysll a ab t her n caboint .en >> thioterse'een s abt hsurger of candite and t he>>hi eyall sffag ain. rg f ihinkhennd t pple et tloff n. no wha nkann snd for,pl i ink at hps heme oha an be susendfo ty're fot g k t h h me ay webese h tsy' n fotot rlly f any ut andwes n h re'llsy for ny ddin a this h nnal f salesdd tax. is >>resint omanal s wt tax. golfi tod> ande's siepin o s e o w fiodnd ms aiinnamign e ise fhe m electionn ar, bs a theisoomy. f hee aleio, a shepoersoony.nue mm inareblics in scongposs fer faisng to p in areicin ng f ai450 billi dolar pob bill. a ihink what' bec in g0il la clr ovob lltime ihist' tin esidenclovuts fwames t pr opos ales aenccepd ithut p by docra andepublins pros likeep iths th p we ve a by drandli kethe a very he very obsvetrrytiist w of ter pyty sceful obs
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wepinthe oesidft fr t p ty accerati had jobec er yine id fr asuicks hwo celi.tiad j >> i termean tiasck t ds wo d latns o f i t t an esid tenti d d at f ex t d ns oarave alreabeen idtiset,ex d he yaravin octobereaen t,rd dhe nvein cter hais. rd hars: a rig, thtime is m ov g foeard qukl ha . ar ateveig. th me than you mrymuchov.fod >>kl you be ve> harrisa se an abuu se ch >>ou cand, alleg ed haissevebu roing en nnd sta, te aeg nirsveit an it wnien footatblnirs itteam. an niorme flooinator eram. me oo insanorsky, alledlyer sexuall an aby,ing eilyt dera soysua anhe's out oabninei s an's$1 o00 bond o night aneadcoach, joe00 ond pat no says hghan shocked acoh, j sadden at tay sho a l gatidds. t an thers mo toomenltis. this an stoerrymoo nrrow. two say they'll is ttour thrrem. lvesn on p erouryay t ll ars t f fling to tthles o p ry po ce hast f the fyli tkno. l pohahey sadusk. y, a l te defense coacat pn sask ste who heldefse ac ea p the sl w l hd ereahe u l
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malennouer ] you e a sine pro ecut of fficncy. leou ] u a ne ro ou c spo an autteurf ic aile ay.. cpo aur ile aing e oele.. and tal-ee isecos. e g le d l- ico d fronatial. yoreroti . causonlyatiol letyou oony c inhe ale..nd g uslyio etu c in ayou ..n ev g taka fu-siz or ave u ev aknd sfull piz the ad-si pri. s p ow t s...e ll wsik.ri [ ale nounr ] st l e yo bus tess ..o. w [ e un ]juslike ou. lyous s gonatial. lika pr ske. goti. ikpr
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maathn. at thin fisng t mah 26 thin mi run in 2 t ur26 5 miun i mnutes, 6cos. tt by the yrues t mes 6prio mar bye ttn t bth y ineses. t m heymese tnnert . fm s er etopi tiled in th re th several mes tgo aetpi til won n t ae s sevtunnalin mg acoback n fo her fst marat shonnit coanba docto say rni ng l hike mthisatan bgoodor t he hrt to ayd in rnihingsaseet'se erisy b od t he go f h rt in ohiew ase er yk's econ y. go h rtulie banderaews leor i nys ecnew nyork citith or oien theanras meeyor in w rkitashctor o t mli >>eporr: yh, yas couct ay tt t aratho>> or y youut al tt.2 t milaresat o f ias p edal ingo. il t rv ouef cing putedfhis n. t cing f mathohi a recoreake ma ho0 mlionorolla inact keexpeed tbe me o of th m monarlahonnndt 47,0 pe t moof runrs ath rea myrignday, 47 20 00nore iunn f at rhayastda yr nd00norugee fcomitc winall or n yyorkr ndci ug ee lmist sport ginvel n yk everctually f teci l. s sorgofike an a uaerlctllyci.
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orolyoficik ayonu will. anat tis pnt itee ly st hyoe cru sed wihe f. is an li t p anthot teeherere hcr std wing fletrshe li aho tre so familstyngemet m be he a spding se money in frestilrantyas rners m f bm sp ng s 5 m0eyntate a st35nt rrs f mcounieses nd n 5ew yota and eec35d t giv heun cs esnd nth e ar e economi tooiv from a spoing e h eelno re aor ng tom a tew yk s e h oadr unners aon torngf thatewy k brght in drrs torthf at brgh in 10 illior dolthlarsn cas reiptsair 1 s f liolrs ca imreulustsa fig dgets. f >>his a wiimn,usdgwin,s. w >>s fwi new n, wyooth in w economotichs, in ecom inemotnaou rism and it i aemreayou frior a all o i the all forllorou ogh tte heun ll hrouor touyshint quens ouookn, t brx,y stain isand, d whe pple k brom aund se wotadnd is d,ound dhe cntryheet t s athosd e pwots of the cy ndt cry s os p matsy othbee sy at maten. s
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7:26 pm
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7:27 pm
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7:28 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:47 pm
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7:48 pm
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7:52 pm
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7:53 pm
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7:54 pm
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7:55 pm
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7:56 pm
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7:57 pm
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7:58 pm
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7:59 pm
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