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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  November 6, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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w t joinony alutingy ur tera.ut i ho you wil oin raus. hoouil untithen ts isn mike. hu abeetien tis gdi nhtnd gd bl s. huee n g cad ioneby, osedblaptiing rvic, in cane, edtig icin areetup in eric whent omes ore educion,pn ic enes ucn, mayb >> a sysm we ybe doi a are ys borur idshate are oire prod ing r thors st perarnt odg thernt cces >> ks ar not leaing b scolpe ing seshrou khear ot ro.ea g wh b's wro ?sc thgou burecra is ro wrwhg. o it'the thblb. u>> ireas. >>t's wrke t e t'eblforms i ar >> s up a tinst jarmheart. e a unistsre tape sherni >> l t's dtroyhe pesysm. od. er br g on lhat doy cretives . br on tstruion. o wod reve run. wodisree >> (chain tcherise nioha
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dis agre ter rermeriowhoare aut tes sre sc er o cite scheslsid errie becae of sc.nion s l eit chrie caofon leyo. >>ur tt scesre n wtyo we c>>ose tocuc n w. >>owo yokno w ce yrcu kids re >>yono y leningi >> inowy ks a larng wh iook i t irleng iw k a lar whok i tes >>ver eades >>yhey e goinr ady inthere. >> ty fi met fi.e tfiachs. m whafis wrg wi a >> a tachewan toch. hawrteawich. >>a ahean tocherneedeen a. your >> w t eleredn wououak ur (bep) welousala. ak most d(b't) avelaten e. m tthers de gdws. n sochoo w erer geachs c ws so oo werfid. kids ch c arn. giv usfi the dsorschool . iv s amica wilhe out pforthers otl rchoo i ama il fivutyear p or>> heood otre theoo iest scos iv chartear hdhescols?t the isn aco wor for hte it. scs? uni sheaysn shoror crts.
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avd thproemniki. >> crt avtho n ki >>w. n sad up adpntiowtidult ha run the sw aadeslt haupidn amunica.he s ae idama. schlpendg ha tpled ch overhe lt ndha tyeared spe mhor tha oer er l untrs whar d pe m we haget o fa iertrwh schls doree et aista farch prcipae buttudearng? ata no prpaimprutemende the iisook?t th ine. pren th i fo40 ykrs sthres ve bn e. flat muchoreoneo fo y simprs em bt. th i at cheawfune buthere ipr th iome gdfu tre iws. arnde ameca g somve cl. thgs a ar stmeartio omve cl th attihaen. butchooisring >> n is ha. utoong n inot. >> s, iis ient scoo >> s, i is gre scol w it ori sscoo w gr schigh wchoo and sori was pncen w exptor the ghoo pndarto asrt pcen
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4th ade ex yhe have t p lrtrn rt adinand h eitin th y'sav t lr. >> eadi iind inwok, but th isr ro>>ing di iesomwo >>ut cki i rog awese?om thes kid ski schoo ises esid soos n? e oo s. >>ow i sch l eon? >>heyeach us i a>> fu i chway. >> ou l>>kychs ifu fwardo ginto >> l hool >> ty atend fnerd othe gin ch te ol t ande chchoo. theyave uheoo.uaucry o ey oter uhoolcr o otol inudin teaer in inles.ea ey aabed at rk ofs. a failbee. t the stents klearf >> 100pernt il thst onts topfer ar me rht 00r >> gng t onop schls i r tiet tducaon g t och icces ti>> t ts woncaon rns seval arteeschoo t alloet rev outstendintestooscores. youo ts all with thetsin samst ney eo ps.lic souools t llitgehet? am we acty llyo p itc w sh ls ssget? ect y 4 andt w ,00lesper ild.
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4 nd how for0sr les d. moneow doheyor get tes kso ne doyet intested t >> y arenter kted . >>es. teed y rereing.erd >>. writg. >>eadi is reg. woritk. >> it din'ts mar. >>hechooday rerk.s t tma >>ooy long. ki oft sy unl 5:0 ki charreachft s cn b ake to:0. wo morthan tarch uni could bhave a thwooran t td usheyonni ld mived. >>utloou a th gng to b tnusy ou y amin'tou >> tked a g t bf. that's ou atotndptio for.f. hawe ksd of hav ourot eyeion thor .ize thhese k oavki.ur >> tyey uthll s rt e fseew kiachi >> t uteniqu. s rt metisew hieachsearte equ ti pies ding lass andchs trn e th are coac d pi t dirg ss nd t bo re whaarehey llingac tyou? ty ar boelli. m thi shae y in th i d'tsee.u? t ar ifli do mthihinkf th ire d se estin a ifdo mnkme myre prin pal ti iableao fd mmeyha mehr oughinhel ear ilepice. weewghar eachs as aletepi. inehelymps achheyaseed ate nstain suprt a cohingmp t a be aytheop od the
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g e.taup a ooongids tt th achooe ohe g cotant wav tooir hndss thoo arou. it cfud m cohennt theav t hs ou st udenits c exfuain mnedhe it' wt tytenal exn actiistengt' w isad o t tite is o terrtinglasso brt o cai g tthe rrngss bathr om o ica g t e ree withr o tha wha s eheit geure? ha whas thha symloragr? >>gee? hathymthis >> hh ttrcor >> meis i h tt s or polararen linup i hoping sto g the kid po reninadmiedo ng>> ts li goeshenidmi tlis andn fover. nd goearou thebloc >> sany for. oeou apphecant but not octhat any s nyspas.pp nt ut whadoot y do at whe yy hav a ha y o thsandheof p yple avd jusa w th hnddred p e sls? ey hld a us tter >> t hedsl w?ners a h a happ er dly the w arers man aor happ y lors. re theanthernd of arica in klanlo. cal for aheer atherf acan charr an chnalrets aer simar arresussingiffehnttsimmeths. >>ere' whatsungfe y, give me
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ththe rst >> sche'laty, gene oland e t ch ack, ond k,meican pok awe dot giveeheors soolme ianok amera weillot tak i ve ars we s l wi i out per rm terwelak ither a e scols wiuter ter fe years. sc s heatedaodel. a the e ericndied chaer sool ght el the ae hea o a icghdiha sl net hborheodea o a >> ne i ordon'give leep>> >> tse a har wk h n'eresve re.ep the t k as iar w h americaesndia . scho s nohe hav k som imeca otheia hight te hono savresomn oe calirnia gh>> yte canohat ss on e se ount he sliteia giv yan evet n s schont? s >>e geivle. ve get ess tn evether ho >>ge. scho . et >> hesids tnve ameercan ho >>ndias publ crtermen schls aia bl c er stinge ch a scong sar abov e avage forstg thee tateorco s publ sovool hild navhereeor he ist ev ate wor for bl sil ld thereuseiffe ntisev thniqorsor fromhe chaersn he efeharl. tiq he a aomricahas iianheyrl pay he a aca in me ks to tutoryther pkids we ire o kto tortentser ande
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pay dsthem e theyere o exted. ts ey a gndng take sy eem eyexd. a g te s mone >> iisolicllcorrt. wha are neu oin itoudy? rr t. hae scnce.n o a meca iny? ienc od fsc e. u, ehoney. n u wil be renc fbid. ho >>y.e habeen wibe rricid fbi >> ha enposi strt irule f >> y gotntroue, d dn't si tr yole yotboy. ou >> dhey't want u t yo sueed. bo y. a tea>>eryan uade t thi stunt dosud.shup in eeae halhiay tubecae th dn' do flowupn eal cadirethions d >> fou whav t t har wn you are rens he. v >> t t ihaar sat wdayou e scolhe >> y o>>er schl ihaaty wdidnt scol have s mu>> omewoch. had wdn ne pvee ofmu wo ad homerk. peof teaers weme a .lot ic andere ty ar aeaots w tmean. ic m anerd ande y tar a- an>> n m serdentnd h bnxpeed sie th sch nlann # snt h bed sithch20? y. i ve20?fools. loveheids w get i i oublfos. you uldake idvehoss wet i acti lik a f l obl u gds ie troue anuse thetiik as f an o g i
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ouaneheas n ampl it i-- iis crlour ctics pl sa i a ir6thr gade ctudecs as upsa in aass ill h st to gede sitspn s l i s toe flr inn h grait class >> i flin embrasrament kee pcopless in li wheer w wantombsdmint itee orlen linohet. w evean gm is mitst ort. >>e play g amesve atis evest >> bu py hereest'stitrve runngbuor 1 reminuss orunni arod thitun ock. youire 1oplet y r nuorniroth scho. >> hey ouldk.e oue le y fed. >> yho fir >>y ldeach afrne . y y?ir >>he w chfinmpett. >> y cou tel n >> w ne ayin et>> a >> you shelwas compet t. la yeaiayhoug i soin g sh s toet fed aetew laeaugs. ifn i ato not f aoing a godob if it ove a aotng c g hapn a the itve dr a of c.ap a >>hehat'not drf tet uon >> t't schos. th areaphey tan'te dden iredho but th treseyhart't ache can enedut tbe rt youan g hean cned in be ou g mont. es tt bothe c dyon >>f i mmo. not t b doihe my j pyor >> and was i firotor tht,oiy j pr
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s ndas nir thbe s it. i w if was docrasn' .od iould t hav w a jof soc non'ne w ld c e to ild tavme >> iope no w conot. youan'tme i maieain qlity unle yout. ou'tire ople sysainhis qty le chouter fndere le >> a sanys as ch wertnd a f er lile a we ayscae >> he yo a fed li aoree tn ?ca >> hyo f ine threscho s i 8 >>ars, yen. >>hileadeho tcher mig i8 gs, ye red od>>le ter tigcherare g gven d frdom. thecan thooere t girn tebookand fr he menthodoo as tlongs th veryteokduart eveeae odyearsakeure ngth stunt aryrt ve arni wha the areeeed learntu a thend othe da ha >>hed lrn he i ohare m >> 4percent 8t ader igetar psing 4rct 8t gades in er stte ma pngtest 10 gperesntn o st ma hetest kidpass0r o he ifuch crteridss wor w aren the morif oh cem?er beuser w unisnd enheor o m? s portbeseni o aditnal schls he srt oarte. th prost itlch hccurd oside f te throur ode e ofva's schos.
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>> hop it' n ofpers'salut ho >>maye. op >>hist' nrsnion bos do esn' wan aycharrs i what>> hesallisonoson'an arhool iat e>> or myeall bo theare ing com ol omyeaohee g omth. doe he g to spththem oe ieill g conto uni sns andemhat il cothestrate thgsni uni nd sses ts. herathni we s uldn jud eseachssow goodhey e dog on sdnud chst >> owodo yoy kdowonhey e arni anthing? i k>>w m kidyo arey lar ng ni when loo atan tinir? k midre lesar >> me enoo stpid tnmera whe me sidrhe etili waaway e-ade'tech-mag -- thks mtha trigred stolossrderil.. waayved e- a pe'tloach ag- th ma igd tosser d p oa[ cr ng ] ohreat ery me ily. cr ]ohat ear sw low!y i. malennouer ] gradarto f st cswss w! inveing chnogy.. le ouat e ]rade ad f c veg no.. ede
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diabes tting wh elsis n? u gethe ood, hopet's engh, 's-- ab tng whls n gee d,wh'pes t'? en, '-eeste li® bloogluce st sip. w'th stli® suoo, i'u'll ry i but s . [bp] w. suyei' thal' i utth pateed [b eest e pwik™ dign. yeh' thte i'liket-- st ik d[bn.h] tgetshe bod. it 'yeke, dr-s itightn. [b tts b. e te stas fa. yedru neit jushta th d e bld ofne tch.® tetafa neusth blokayoffree tyle .st s ips. i'llake'. ayeee ss. surecall or cck-- we''lli'endll e you'rips nd mete fre relln't i cst --ve tse? 'lldu ps tere f'styli lite est rips t ? callr clk toy. fryltet ps llclto [ ntis] pele rer tjills "tt wo n wi thereatmile i re r to[ er ais"thawoma pe rwith the gllat g"ts." wowiheatlereto ahamath g g" as jl's ntis i ow tt hegumsre fountionf a althsmil js is i thems unll konws ta t, tth --il sheses est o-heth cnica gum otec on tthpa ke. t t- hes t he ccam ecit h tps epamina plae theum le, h elpinnaprevlat giivit . he l it eveclinallyroveto lp rerset inust week inevgiit itveinlyve d it rroteses thine ott rek ars deistsheckost. ittethot arcresdepro-tsalthck t.clinal g proctio eso- thbeca e heinthy gilesrore biolt heahy gs.
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>> tse gdes hart schos wehoweou, iish t gs therrtwereoref howewethemu, i mesh ercompreitioebecae em m mpiocaompetion kes eryby beer. bu tre aetn s ybbe. bu t peo ae w don likeyeo w syingon thatke
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(cntin s>>ng tat teher' (cin uon tter' u milon mberstro. >>grouis m at. we e hileon er tro >>ou m dtandn e h apoly fm t dnd020 h osseol f >> iad de aothe0 shohse i caed d ahetupi in hoamera" and ca sa it smpospiblen t fir erbadnd sat techs.ose t thir dnion boste schd bcaus o th my pgram --on >>os s bus e ocato a my pam oethe untrfeel thehaveeen eto a kick in e eeeth. thetrwereelhe surveisedn wn ck in cah. hereutsi tured hr w casi t hem. jus tch f. us t f wee weave hh scol we e gotwee elemtary hscolehools. therowd loted emhery idea o tchinog. for hewdwek. i a oteach, hn, t inor tea. >> thiwe ik. acur ised tn,m agaiwheneaaid >>okhi il ed tteac but en taiyendhangok ac the t t ndng unn psidnt ndyhe wegarden unn't lk p toid m y a me b w ar n tw othe uniot o m bses a md boe
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twheio bs derass hea of n yor teacrs uon and desseaf nor ac u wahingn, nd d.wa' we verogrs as relt d.. e grase >> tee-ds bereei lon his prott t-dbe ls mch tom ainot aut m tn pls toay teaesas pl towell stueants do ases. wltuso >> ink i knowherehe uniodoest li i itestnoing. re you rults a th aremonghest ou rts aaw in e threng l naon. youakenn rgumthatt is t lwest na i.the nouatioe um batd u n t t lst tt ie nio ba t t sces. woulay o s can gsc . ul oantte g >> t precesss t unis ve bnayinte thafor t ress tyrs. i tnink t bnin unihasr ave. t t etty songistynife adcati hig qual yty sgst
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educion. notchieng adtiigalit uc >>n.ur t t otie scesreitot >> t wtt theyhoosto foccus . we cho weo eyosocus onoseachg ho us nds. howcho yoknowf ty ar leningnythg if you d 't. owtestyohem owd tar mparleng th>> iifnowou my ks dre lar ngstm ar when loo iin twiry k larye >> t enoo t prostor hadyeelebty t ppor mattro oraddamon.eb heas a ed bouor t rttul tha is me i hdadn. to f ehe aou a tnionha m i hteacr.o >> fn aon ac >> acng theisn'job serity why you tnkche itn'ob isnike sethattyor y ou tacers i >> ysne thi ats yhiob secity isn what keeps meecyactisn. >>ou takateehisps eba ste ti >> akthinng.s bus ess hoolbatid. >>well in.s. uss olid >>charr scweols vuche en ama' racearsc tsthe top a vhe e base on e ia tha a'ce t e opmpet aion goo se kidn are freha t t e tetirn o scol one idore areschol, t t sc mpetionne amonghochoo et nincling fng prot cin wil
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oorcell th schcllsg to f getro bett c or il e thchoet ttr ot ot sine. bene be cls soolsill nele >> tre iarofi motve c hindll o s tlssl le t ifiot nd o tteing. weeed ethepgss o of tteg. ed gs o thool >> iwoulurthmprool vh i ul the tchinth ro th tin eachs pd ough unit som teaerschs m ping overgh itom 10000 eas mdogars. r thearen makg 100enou. >>attdos. d amonheenak agrs wit th.ou hi>> nomtson unigrit >> a teaerants tniach. whelseouldteour. aake aeats t leepsalah. and whse realyldone ho s.ep la >>nd tcherea mak able) ho >>lary terak mae to matle daryn. todaameran matoat da t cherdaer mak moreer hr tn teracakuntas, re hrsesr t archec.
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>> canuaraaceetaou thises it notbouthe ch >>anra is itotutmone >>hen s cirmn on emone d cocil gnave thechool crmn yste d col gehe 0 miion oow doars.te ache got mor mey t min dos. he ot orucat m 1000 ewer tids a e tes sc esat wt0 erdosn. a wh tyes doc i w gtredoentr wh t fice d hador dep iies g to reetr asstant to e cead depy to epeso asan assio ant.ep th gretho ebure cracsit. ormthreistrtreac cha ello rm michtrle rd fod tiggehalo ch rburefocracdidn getchoo t sugelies reacdnetoo suesid >> walngnto sools t s theridare boo aln tho sls s libry ks derdne hooeth ppli and br k ddn hncil e flilowind we i vited til reho e t fthewiechooisictid wher ttherwere b xes ho t andeoooxest er erre bs bks andescisss and b aglue >> w didt ty gessnd to e scho?ue >> hat ws thid tgeestn. o whyidn' eho >> i>>was t thomplest. hyn' is pl and utter
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see of dfuncndon uerndacf seof dnc acuntality >> t rean thac actatyall it teathe hooluauccy t bllt it'sike ol aavauche t huthing 'se thatan'te a buaed. it iuttheng tcher at'tnion bu. i ejanir'snion teronhechoo board nis reauonatz. ifou t t me aoohangodhe au blobz. ys. if t t m a weon'tong tt re ob. weave e't reqsiti t doretown the depweye eq dtiecto ofdown eep currulumas t s it dto f okay it i rrum tazy. s bht uni eadeay iy. scap b th nirucrdey. >>ou wt papvate th scol? >> tt's r >> wt ptesc? ts corrt. >>t ma mee ieero rr pr ty g>>d ima t mt scheelr i else >> iill cprfron g the i t uchon sses w n wse il conhe u retn. y c 'testher w w peoe haveet t cer eo chce ty ha alavso? wh doe it tost ahird fch tha al? milln wh doarsoe tott ardf llos firo jus one unioteacr? wh is wirngithusn ioac whsh the he ople
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le [ ars brn ] amera isacinsome tougchalngesightow.arbr] ero oisthe inst imeorta ugaral eneesy sehtrity. oe ita arne seantyeconic gwth. nth aricactuay ha anon gh. onof t larst o resves in tn wor a.cauaha on ta large p ot ofesthats is tl saors. l p ofthiatresoce hs sath abity tcrea hiso h thundrbis of thouseads ojobs ourearlroje in nada drofus obs we'lbe le prouce theur oilrlandsjen da 'l we h throsameemissns heils mads oth oil wthmess andmahat'tha huil brethroh. th's gd fo oucouny's ergyecuryndt'hurero th gfo ouuns gynd our ecomy. oco.
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> lo whoent eir dso ivatscho. n na ylohoelt i.r ds athillhoylion . na i. loo whoentheir killolion priv e oohotiri ivscols. peopakin tulscs. e opreadhavein tul advestudts e po tigsesave udoice >> y pollho stheir kidigse to pceve s ool y opp se scolir id choe fo to pv slppsc r ularhofopepl >> rarpepl a tnk y for takg m queson. a i wder t yorou thiak you mr ughts wo deset. wr hiou htwohe sme goro edutionhan dc publ s scho s?ro du >>onf in wnt toci abl geatho >>i wnto blictchoo
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ic f them wcoul oo mauver to fhe witul >> h sen ma theero oit henheidwe frnds e seswe theice esidfrts s sen. thehe tuione id2,00ayer. ene uni th unader >> y00 wt toye prite enischo. >>hat'corerct. y i wtoriho >>t' graruate. aatho c hi scol. he hdfrate ahohi nerk's sc. e h teacr's unneion's thischoo bard acseetg uundon up isisoodpeaketgime h mched up o th frontake h singy med u on th f contract sagates u coctes 7more nute >> t rigityf 7re ts tetupi t igion yntrais t whe kpis n ra ffer yournionshe w kprlem. i tnk y kno er uronthat. h oprposem.s t l ytingnoids acapeis ose lng rless b pe aowi th tat rnds bhaer a schwils th th extin schl t >> ver th deaxodyn tchy ar gointold cs.e th e.>>r ea i amyoing tar o bein the and cth phical tryamong spbeem.he
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the arndcertn tngshat ph al doryt mis sil. and tharrt ts t dowar.s yo cannd emulfy yo>> tanre io room >>uln t i the's notalf empy om >> schos. he >>e saotlfmp harts favr ich ho >>sartsavh ki. >>owewk puic schls send ki >>ewpu 0,00per assrchm. sd e crter g 00r srle. >>ot t t mu clesser g >> ty g lele. >> it tmu hary t rhss v ses the g le itor. hapar for t rths. >> l tm inour . the>> l tmn dr't wt toe i our sc s.hool he >> y areot dappy w forto t im ur ol yrepyor t then >> i fnd cnnn th sam en i f buding cnn i dot thk thamo. c and buoxngan't doth banh theo. c mpetion. nd mpetion'ts angod.he coetit n is hy wethan. etfox,n go cnn d co itis wnbc.ha en yx, havahoi o what n anne you re gngoc. watch y av wtoi schlha neou gnga youch wttechl mpetion kes ingsoutebett. >> elletn s gsrasso undrstds at aut h own tt >>lssedation.nd t >> m a m hherwnd for medio
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to >> m r. or it mind madeo it feel ietterd doad prty goo i ttchool o fl ite el .do >>roo i toundtlikeoo y o are argng el ag>>nst e uniizenddke pu yblicrerg agt schos. ni >>e am tuic auinggain thho. >ostm ndende angin schls a stil lth chol >>te schdels doi ch gr at jo or l sil tha c holf o ch e moy yooi end.grjo r >> wou ln't sayha h o moyod. >>outthayt. 17,0 vees th000t. >> tl the to 7,vevenoth bio ga andet00 it ver theo thwih. >>atli bigachoond firet br teacwirs b >> gernmentooun fe b scolsely c 'tac b bause gnmt teherset scs cte whyave ters tene? mote. d 'thye hav tenuenre. mo wheyou nt d intav rgazed crimyou to benu. heu ntad imu be madad rson >> y kinof le oaned ime. u ar inon yin l f oer uaness e. arnou e orre f uskill. >> orll >> tre is thats perpecve oft .
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>>erot ecry tcher isf go. me a rea y >> e tersousy >> igois imp asiblea t fe sy the t iured mpblople >> twh f?e theth are ted aleilli wh here aliste. >> the isy one.e >> t's >>t allhetepsst's all thes eps. >> s thiis all lt ofepsll es ste. hi a l o te reired is isomeing st pr ciplre doned eve imeg try. pr pl thon is velisthat ts on justivesp.ty. theyth ps shst tt wrst ton tstcheresp. to ey t wt trsfero anher terhoolo th's a commo w tvoi tr er aneser rulol th a cmo w t the's owni ev a nee ulr it tance ofhehelewnn. ev n wou b it tunnycefxcept the rus lave omeouidstuckny wh epterrlehe ru leeadsers >> tcks is w rrcraz >> ts fmer psice tisaz t f rvestatorays akee yrs toire enn stbusiors ke teactohee e >> lssi opele sde tsache l kids >> ls of pople ope s sdd h h ds anothe lof p tealeers sai s hit. h ok m anheeas faiour . myes, 2,000 f ur llarye 200 1,000oll s in
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9:30 pm
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9:31 pm
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9:32 pm
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9:33 pm
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9:34 pm
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9:35 pm
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9:36 pm
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9:37 pm
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9:38 pm
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9:39 pm
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9:40 pm
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9:41 pm
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9:42 pm
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9:43 pm
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9:44 pm
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9:45 pm
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9:46 pm
s h ho ademy tt rults. arow smo the bt amy t in e cy rts evenmohe tho bh tt schn l f clro st a en buhf ho tchfro auh ar. >>foua into t schl th firt thinghey >>ellfou are nmpla tts aut tch thirt ngfaciytiess nolt fused oe thela a t rit ciesnoth f.ed >> oow de sh ri academyo th >> d s h>>camyeach s ha p perrm caustherinpal can fir ch ha wierl. >> e haus ate wlnalonantracirts withhe scowi >> s>>ron haart wl runsnothac th newsc o orans schn ter. r se, thtoewires torsch tehers es>> iall t brigingea up pers's tersfure. i l thering cprter l a lso rs fu. all s he c errentto fe aoscol. ey d'tll lkehischoo nt t fya casendheirsc. k do lothekesoo shar nee t ca tndworkir kar becae shhe woarieee abo trkosi ca sh he oboart. >>very y, si he sr. >>oodt m ning>>ry cassy, o >>2013d m>> gngd cs ornin >> tt cpettion13 g dinvers tt ceton schos tory dieren d thirss ke ts moing' hoituato atien sighhi ac g' uat ghacy.
9:47 pm
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9:48 pm
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9:49 pm
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9:50 pm
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9:53 pm
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9:54 pm
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9:55 pm
th cou havhapped wh educion atr. thouavpp w ucn befo. >>ut i ha't.> evfo wit >> i ltipcati i tughthahey .> uldveit ungideo ip ti tgahts.y whd ut eo>> the's wh a he bu reauracyhe mostanto cnge h t uaucy stnt cestem >> iishe tbl . >>t . at i tnkem i i frobl o >>. po t of iiew t ie reble ro reh o stuents oside poofw e retuts odef thth bl. >>heytart usika's bl >>yrt u si ka deos theyere eptil bu now imessewhatt h don fos eye e tibuow imidseat h>> tony ar f hapo wlkin ey aid xcit tarboutap >>h aity guth whave math in the >>morng. g w >>vee pa seat mosn e pplern i >>on pa eir en doost wa t lenr n't nt tget pe i e aged nr dowa te t tt eed maemats. >>hey erusttedostf them re imaat >>y cstssrodst tha are emnot iaterg t crotheham. re at t ft th woreried the on-leem. ins
9:56 pm
ucti ctld f thplacordth. -l >>ns itihink ct's o ac wrong if myth >> tehers iouldnkells y wngfy the haveaugh mor te matrshldl tha yhey ve er taht he or >>owatehaachey can eta tutor ks >>hean tor k e-onne. i nice u we havg is es wonh. ne weavg is wfctios. youan g atour ownpa. >>ioecau kid can goou gt arwn the p a owpace - >>auidn >> i he a sdeshe owce >> wor hng o sdes ltipcati and hav oths woingor onighchoo iptindmathavth >> se enjwog ghookahn'sth snjessoo muchhey e udyigt's. >>soome are choingy yi 2 hos at nigh>>tereomenghe iamskg 2hot r 15ghmites. >> wn i e atheome iskg logn 15 mi's ws. mor f wi t tdo e ima. >> fter wllorhese fea t o ids ing bor ima choo>> anderseotea o s arni mat that gorover oo>> indhinktight niatat er be ink ht hop o. if i hpen i wll b thabeks op thoo. onine i claes hen i w bha othe charhorn schelsrla oth o eexpementthatreak utarf ch thuonth pe dontminaatdak th gernmt mopolyonad gnm moly
9:57 pm
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9:58 pm
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9:59 pm
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