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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  November 7, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EST

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thiis aox nwslt. hi a la nig i ter cnty laig i housn, txashe mdiaer c ycontues sap athe ronus ts ma nts s aen whee of e caampan eef ca ain. pa iill expin n. lxp thione me. i sog to doometng m hi e af. told meot i otooet m what amayi t. i atmthieyi a i ttinbacki a o msag e endin ock sty. ba on o magnd o st ban messge.
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tfirsevidce thess. un tnvenonal cdida i rsinid hedamad. un ena kealpoll cda i ho hisor maabily kell amgho rubliiscans ily oppem 9 p rintslins fm 66ast pe pts f66t weeko7 peent ts ekpet t we. fromllegisred vo rs twe 2om peent tissd weekvo t smal wde2 pet t gen t ek al wde g t relts. eus me.res. ex se me. eus likepters. com iansexre aield ikrsy. >>heomns h man asha ald inharg o >> the n haniona rntaurantrg o asso atioth ch ngena witexua rurnt soio harahment thisits ve theyrant owisveriave real eyne ce fre ral c fr sar ee oncameroar m rs. eeul onme jua ch mlds..ul ma juchs. maeles. dunk' es henkz.
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>>exuay harssed wom.he >>uaaredm u hr that appa hntly gmanat paly wman pt g ntellg n llcainnineninenine. innene canidte spo to craig innie. anidtepoo c atigaen excl ivta e desteeceepo sfcl xual es hasceento allatisf fraltrunr hastean cn islli honong h com tmenfrun c atisndin on-on no o h deomate en wi felw atinon repnubcan odee new wigingelch iwep ubnhousn,ewtex. ng >> ihe usne-on-ex >> deba w mon- poteonveatio d fballow w moo consvative io fowcain nsti and gngchin nd ageing gngn in. s hassent agng aegaions onlin. h ss tguel rerd wnhe agansnl spear asdhatas en tel rer w eaast biggt surise to tu? the gg suseo nipickyne of e? he nicknef
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medi pele ithe mea tha adi pe do rig ieeshost.ha not a ado.ig bu too my ofhot.hem ot a diss aviceo th amerbuan oo mfm sscether ople >> iwas fa cry from th le is ry dia enzyarli thieeroth in a zylihiee inasngto d.c. >>xcus me. cuse. to.c >>us the.rave ing prese wl tie aisehehessueollingheveg re w t seell g dete. thettorys for wom of e woms who de. f ledheorysexuaoromf om ho hassme complnt-- fdb>ua dot ev go efing doevo to drs thee. attas hepene g tuso >> whealke las taeekhene t aouthe bius wkeas targetekeing o atour ba ckbi diyou ink wou beaetlikeng rback diu k oueke th? >> d not tnktoulde ke tths th soo in>>ot tld t rms t ofthoo tw sos peoef com aer m ansomy c ppaigeo. om at m an cig spris me surise sme his it wasmeoin toappust suse ht idnsinno toow
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or wppt itouldt dnbe. >> ty conoinue tbeever the witld hassme. sries was tco ue terakedhey ha me dera sesas redublcan can id e sra as rbl gonvernr's ricanid s rry' cp o rn 's aicesrate attpto knky' c him om h pollte thttelver en unnm ed h posours th in er pitil arclen are ur t of pern 's rec ptlytire ef recy hirestaf. booed f ca reingaf. his bo sete b fca igis 004 seen i b breaed o i a pentl4 i ea oscanl. >>id iit s pprnteouhe les ofan >> i spre ts leoftory camunng t thi stf wheryou r fam un hinatet he>> tt did s rprise m f a te tdi sis mit. the reasonis i wkeditht. pele i houge i heon a ivery wdh odpeappo iug hreatry eop po well but fe i whaat it op ll t ihat is >> lesest isca's >> e slegatons. rst d th staffs havtheca gas. t thtaffave emrrasng infmatn.
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s. ny febezegla em aasnd ft rt ders 's wkedeb oe ha campgn sff i rs wd h mp s i 24. in cimse 2 bried an rson . di ehe cans heheriotivan on to di ehe heleaiv yes.toa seveyearafte s.cainaile vearteinle seter. thcampgn w aost ser thmp w at ectly the sam theyai elytaff abo ehe sam st ies.ey thffbo staers dy sts. tas the d leak >>t mayheounddd derakhese >> circaystans. iiked her rsenday. rcan i i eve gater rpect forhemay t th iot i s getnge rctor evermentied t th. >> sheyetay erti t >>y ls ofeopl kew abouthe campfaignpl k kr wiln a gop oloutere mp gn woed f the kril naatnalp restrantrssocti owo fhe natklk radistinntklahoca ti kci y.di >>verydy kahw in e
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campgn iwoulci eveuall >> ry co k w. n eion imp i nulvellbjecve co ther. he rs a i o nlama beced poli caler c rsultg fi a o la igneit a p lil pey cltfi ne pe ser pass ere is mevidee s ggesng a ss pry lenks m to dee es a p l scdal. o rizo ste rrentate sc whl.o eorsezo s rreat wh pry wte ehisse twt abt t psin allgati twab t fo-dayafter andeonllti cam fo inay thetelant ade thiss thsame thi i amam heing inhentaz. is th meit uhiil tym auall d he tg z. u t all d t opon herman in isot op prty. er n the iact tt i com pr. fro he tthe t per i ommpan? thas whro ell oertherews leadto. a ? hawh oe don't wsnt tget h unad u. ot tt hun u on th. >>orll othe lkboutn th >> oe cainotut cfroing e algatis he ginavhis crog al tisessnte gfowst wto howo yothin youid in wo termof h dlir.
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y rowyoinou fnst re cris in our rm hli y fst reriinr mp >> i gff to a littleitf bum py iart g oknew a the wasiothile tthe m pysele clrtms. i kn ewheasat.hi t eve thoh i mayle n cl h.e kn re.ondeon evho i mynday n mning h as rede crisy an may mngs precisy as is dan tern thay i wod do iris s dl ov aga if rth iwodo h i ovgaf. howre y h doin re imptaly h is lor ow y dog wi all ofin mp hsor dowillfthis? my feike mt spoes to iti hs?rder tha y e mpo totd hid.erha e knbout d. iskn ute kn fro 19. th knro 19 th candidate bng mnt's ke i amn andate b m bxings atch evyay am towi bngch evunch twi bacch rn othe tvac a hing oe a of e hevan ang af heions a-- eggerions ns an knohe dn't d anying e erong nsas annno emo donalt d nyg le g she doi fin emoal
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areou gintotayithle i e oi matinrhat e re ginyh i att llatns are, noatte were i gs fr e,?o >> am t tote wine i gs fr >>itm asoar a war conrn tseit as alegaons en'toing won anyw tre. his not goi gas 'tng yw. hotoianyere. op iye. pop i operatons -- pbad atws ys mig w nt to reve. >> he sd te y recdsig su wgges tng as sn ashe ve >> secuesppos ion sasiled allell os goin to eak le allosel >> t peroi camo sk lose dying the t haanytnger to do witham dit.nghe >> hehayt sayo wheh sugesti the. campas invveday in eugtihe mp leaof nv thdsexun hassmtea scadal thxu hsm ca l soluly lucrous. >> he irick luperr >>olupoloou h iededck fod out aborrhis >>lo the sam tied i ouppodut tbo resst of heericaam fnd tipo tes o
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ic fut abobo i th iteet orhe nxt iay i e ws. th i in'ttenowr how n tolt i .ny i t w otr wayowo kneotngboutl it, otaysirne >>ut hman cainas wit, ar h mn berin itof t bus acla sh 41. m r whe we tusthy? >>ita b bara bu1.shnd whwe j es >> kerorm b secratary ofustte. theyere j a endi herrmec houryonfst. eye texas ga adiouating em ouns xagalevend brown g tonsda >> m belovevewn brns. toda m forer pvesideushavebr . th aiceon'or pdeet thehress e t to th aeoun' >> tnks. eat hess re rt. to cmi upnou ts ts. t re.act n c mipackp show tshreeise menn ethectthen ckttac on sweeeenn hee caneaveac n -- caave tdoa wnehve chacteor t - ca cor ofe his t win. was mchurdeter s tso o theis . siste o as dethe sman nginghe ned h s tehand otiedehi here n inback. n st a h ndedhier fubaous.. a is ts dumbfus. is t db ayste sti
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both claence botlahomacend hean cn edma theerm hi-tec he cnchi. wheeedo getmasthe hiec lauagef rachi. o othed gs.t vie is ilage try r very oardho gi peo e th ies b iefitry vyd gieoth bitf t dot. if giv the the benit tf th doubt im do ifmpoivringheheen myse. th min ethub im th ipong giv io se th in raalthiv s iertyp rar to you s er yp hi pfile t langue aouut m hi noi ha plelo. i ha losgu aco mrol. des teno whaha the forr haos secrary sta col.ys, esthghhahe thior cry tas,th hi aigh-ch hing a let'watc jh-uan w liam on yong t'tc jnle. wamn yo chars can othe lef and ohorme aran oeefnd secretry o sohteme ke blackwe worng aonideeet o s la. weor aonecane ois
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tx rermne wh oh incintal tecomndedrelah htax y bk n thcialomed7990sla. x b lcomtothll90s of u.. st t omith yf may.f ifaci sth r yarinf its uyeady. ifi here r>>intsad re. thin iis a built insappntin wheolks i on ae u t ft play the re crd ippin iheksn p y eqhelly r c idi ippoiting whe olkseqy on t rlayhedioiacengheks t rye car. thiss anssue it s bundoar . co out isanuen tht bd vigous vttg of coutthigs vtt a psintia candate rticarlyhen aey psiia staante to ic ly don ell.tao dol. vettg an ositi andhis ttan so o ofti clndosecrutsy isar r heso fleutis r cose. i m b but herco. a t i muter a t fit tens. hean cn'sis as a fins pridenal c terd wa he c susosedos a prohat rac pren cerwa
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suedrotac di't mter in e di mrn eplica rty. is kingt tnly thica y. s it ng tydo.hi >> fdhatdd tt the woul do ay>>thtat.dd the i ess ul has pven yondth. doi ts pticuaslarlith pn thend tea partdobran tha pcurl raesh tmoeea rtplayan rohale.a here ts tm i. am wchin ayvro. i re hea t ill her win cllg th guy ieal r cllth duymb terpendg t las two dyear the rndea p tty ias racarte i p i reeithac condoleza ice. it eohor nronle ly hing je.t itor nyng j li cpari w stet otes to tliil cri wtight es oprott no ting. yoatertht otwn.nog. youer kiln. elehoil aree rlly victs ofhis say i rsy uortuate alot of ctofsst ople ay i utue atf n thle le he gonethle hon
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aftecane in th way >> ihinkace is mti orte ne then thay inkes mtileft. whenlack don'e.olw en theckn' samee ar vctim the gohe wh e mear vimheo whpeople demoats folw n ys. aspeoon le wetart mosol nomin offys asn ert ofinheff oftrix >> will yu leit sy ix i y le chal sngedy >> ihinkpecsndlac mles isart oalfed ink acsac m pleerfu ist o ereope i pfu eo i amecan life. isappemedn ast.eek weere to ther hen epe sttorekee toern bro. sor thatimenn clternd yo. weayinhi k ind fha tmeng cer yis wein dinity c kingnd t dit cg fm th left fth i ink is smea ft thin i k s ea ineopl uerstd whepl you aer ust clarcehehoma tou a lk autex a clackarenmando
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what as he aex a dngvenhockh it wa an ate dntld wa allngatn it the nd o tng tha sickslltt it he daging nd i hink he o tha itentks i dang ink int wa to wao pull hmacainll hmainck. therwereew bck pple in e k. erre b pen rublin pty ifou we in r newli ham phire i therere w mosto bck peoinple. thewamrehereea p ty hastbeen boe. thccus oface am. pha entheea pars tus hea and ofe . so o ear teand so o hmn ca ppor ra is par ohi h capicte. or i d 't wrat tos cutou ar oof i ve t te a comctmercl d wtout eak.of wan youi to t a resomnd trc wha juan k. anuoes tha ansaid i thkt is vy proocave. itid thisyeem troa. me romintuest em ar t sugstinemist arugin tt res par t ofhe mot reer wther one arde ohe oer eoplof areot wern
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o oplre brging togeer complainingf br seng tgeomaing h assseentnd bckma hsst bma whichapps toe settg. ic ppere tos a raw poln tt g. ilnois e ha man win cole ia il is diant con it u htin c y sho ia cam i dit on uti y fi st? itas n mitam ironey. rit afr th. fi it nit roy. riafth
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>>hey n't sndhe >>y t snd thussm thussm. ey c't snd usomeo w us. is c seo theiown w man.s made bla ein cservivesn. cadeing laeir ad to crves cag r oplod >> ts is a year wod an't tis have a
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anr surises wh o w 't hve anures w o candates >> a nd thees aright?he ri havt?kim blawellho w o face avmlall w o ce thenati.he ri perti sppter rier i i sppr immiatiothatade i is miioat paeah. the olehingbouthe d pa he. cam e eng andutllhatf i ndeheam enderryamps thet sur of ide these rypalletio wilhe surfou es ntin to pporleioicil ino oricperr oemeer man canrris >ean an mpai wked backro the ai acsatis th thi wwasdhe bkhe actithhis rry y caaign >> ty hacagn walt d thaack. ere'a baltck.ncoistcy ere. has alkee' bacacromost th at e. th e isas tekeacrommth thaat this tm wk
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backha w ck fm th angyines. >> h fis nthng aackeecae 's bck.ins. h n he'seing akeca aacke d b ca be. he' 'sng consvati. ake b cai theke' that nsti is wher th we han ta. the maistreas m merdi he ta byeai area m diagai htcoseati. th'sy a ai acoseti thct. iis foosh aort. i camignoo and memeha hasamn d said m me at taceas sai crd i s telaye c fruent i a tooye hhazardly tofrownttart aooo play the re hzaly rd. is rt payhe rolis >> . s is arle y c't say ths n haandl thiles y cris whath ha yinof dlhiskiri? w >>no f it'sne othese iitesti >> 's oes iteti ings whatake tm gs atke t soo chming >> wthert's e preiden ochng wers
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re en coresshey e ne cossy percnt. is soonerc. d hing es h dl thisikenoeng amatr. hdl 'seal iseur hae at alur he trendoly. theommeialre othe lino trunofdocial. hemelop oe no esidtialtw ofpoal. einners r idal ul. heneicke rbutt.l. mberkewo hern cainay waybt. ck. at ierswoerinay . ilmosos ahird back of eolrd they ha noing haeninther juanacof wi llems iolhehisha junog hainer anill isju funcon o ronaul tnc o ekyon comperlsf tis ladinkyhe mp ball lin ll x?
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iou lok at frida e s do > ill. lt doe't g fetda tha mu mia do atntiofor.tecau oe g et evhayoneu asses m heill atiorotaue eevnessel no mein. heas the strgnoeiberriin hehetr erattirides ese ti b for tis e legazati of cocae, bor ga timarifana, h oinca prostuon. thinpeop see him a ri aa, h n lile bitosf. in wilopeeimard b li n't ke d coinu to b per form t hseus ouoerrmwel. wh wt jnwel. j t w sid w how olric j j per o s how r olicer paudo on r an ooaugop opprary? >o i thi rk pryld doprine y? ohihi r he h a treend ps rerd o doe i succsful h gvernre tdtreas
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grn cculrn t grn ony rall h be the fo. wou und rerfmlhos h be hestanrds at afo ound eecte off aos annners an th ste o etef a erth s o ohio. thihas to sad. .this his io we ustis g iol wet go thashitha swk wi h man isot goi away his aswttawi othe hansedia aoies ay s ata oeia a that >> tnk y. ju wliass at t y ju wiassways chars pae intlectl ys ppor .ar pa upext she sdnt it cts or upthe st
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>>frommeri's ns headarte i'maria e >> omfferri. n thirwomahas ed o s mo h afadr a telico'mer ia ashe intoer new ork ty ir mavers ur o a sig htmoafeea co he to ew k tour rur a ig 60-yr-olharriet ur -yolaret nls ed early sy re iraty elyy reat cplications o ne dwning. c pl ic shatwas nsoard wn the ne dilwng. st conshols srrt w anerhe take il of on hehusbd an theer pil totake were thofonly s t il ere creh istill uer thly s vi .inve igatn. cr> anisthe llicefa aoss ve ate ou ryan he deedf dnwa aos er t pastwory hde weedks. nw the atiol s ve y rep torasngo eepumprice droe ppedio 4 svetsyep
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ring hat me. mp ce gulanowroedts avengrat ng.3. law ll a.heigst at a.st3.. i'm rian atafrty.. no bac to " raldm atan lae."af rt for e la st h dlin esno logac "ld on to fox ne .lacom." r la hinog foews.o m. itsrrivo thscen fo ths. lated a semaivn ththen propty w th appred l to edmath op wppdo ceas. thvicts hands and eet as we th ct boad.s shwas comndetelyt w nu debo >> yshsomeane toell me somodynude who y dngn relyo well alleomy 2 o dyearofer leeel ia malltter of twhour isar l geinto i dcideaerf to do lltwurfs thi ginlabo dtedeo pl fy wod sobodyhio bothat >>pl i he th same woso dyat qution >> f hm ththme binni aot of qu on ings ere fth bni afigred. gsehis me timeigd. s t. te the nsio wre onef th nati's mt une ualionethuici ti mppen haseen thci
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enasn s th llnaiwner has mlledai on herife asshtere mby t ath h heive in lovshre a t h hen ovyearld mt fa allynjur whe in hca. th gh tar m cfapsyur close dwhin hhe th t c ce c seand bel suice, h c fami d l insts s wasic hmudere mi thnses sas suscion fuled mure thusonfud condutop byr. webbgs who id cop rhedo nd opy. bb juo mentop >> othe reftdn brer junt oe wellftnownawye leg arelyst d alegal llwnyeeg ast alal acvist hae s be knn recntly fac st ruing e frids o e benecly a fnda oxrug movriemen o wh w as a su essf i teaovinen the w wwashgton susf ieahe shonstats exange studttostat iexthe gews is i the ud sttoter ie ws ihe sr rebca deb how o died d w o dd sterusly
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she jins us fermly h burge j srmans f whenas t las hrg time ypoke to an enr tas >> i speoeri a yuallke t to idayp all b tfo her y b foerath. it wh. m n ight woraybike m nht 00 p. sotimehat meyb she s onereay to e psome t merpor with ye ono ority ynger sisr. thatasret mhheast yer tis i spoith att mher.t >> wld y haratieripoerhsr. wdist yught rawouliyou araceriz hers stht ulu acizer pres d? suidal icid? >>efinely t. myesisteis verysual id >>iny mytery livelylily shoves shes frnds, famy. shis o ou n lfraugs,m wit bu alsoshry ond he lugit buso he f wit an shwasiraut on fit thatayhe ian spohsuon atpo toher.o
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e waveryr. waryopef andhing seemoeteer sheasef nddefingtely empotive >> d youpeakheith filypove her douakhfter thnewame tert ltt m daern a tthurnew feheo tt l tt m anwoul robay a nn f anulba ncove >> the this wn w taldve toac oerhen th phonehi she w wal to did t kn ttthax pnehe i tned for e d kn twors i isn i t dpoible r thn, oers snpo lesheth o got tt awl newehe chd s wasot t babsiingwew ch sas forab g r yfrid's oryearold n s no going recove ttris ar d sh fe no sog espoibeveor t tha she spo ib deh shehawoul ctemlate taki herdewnsh ulf c sheemaste ki deferitel not diraug ororri he i sucef aelot washe uld dike hugrri iuc a own wa e d hfe. it is ner oon awn se.ndlyhe i n didot fl o arespsibl selyidwhatev. f didhe tlou thaspblhat
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e didotat fee residpons tibleorha e tchild's ideeesnsle i'sconditi? >> n the aim wdisromonti what ear n hh sheim elained w di tm at mar ht waheore ein sject ive t itas me of awae matt. s shcte exitplai mdof i aott. sh isxndai that i happed. we rushe him ha tthepp. spit.usim tmoreeactu tnit oy retu goo tess it mreonbili oosno. itno t mt kd ofreommeon oli anhing lik. that. t kof nome. o >>he n er sand ongik yth. gt's my flt no d >> n s t os tthis gs f chil >> n d not at tl. tis she ew it s n il h nottl.ult e co dn'te het nhelp. h she d not olt co 't sh h didot lpsee. e d soot shid e. iwa so noter rponsilit at iot rnsitall. do you bievthat yr sterasl. oou bevat y murd ed er >> y i rd ydo. my om? at is pot we y m? t oweon'know extl t ablton'ow point exnger tblt anoone,t ut
1:36 am
eer are ettyane, positie tt timre ty ll sowti t t andimvidees ware look sg in wil sw wndhede w e peon or eroknsinil s w ere. th toope the o lif ofere. thooheiffyst. wh wou be tstmoive? at is wh poiount ieould tay revee ofmoe? t oi ild veofome kineinoulde ghlyproble. hghld ly probae. thatouldakeobhe. hgh priiple oba at ld e speconah sack knee ori le pele cse t him, wou ec itah sk ke o pe c t not? weloutefinely t? tel pele ernsiny cle t m te ist e da bforel or a f t ds st bere darer a fer dat dwoul be defitelyave be datul filye e loked inton deil. ed i wilbe to back youde. an whail dyo tnks thek ou most anha com dpeing tconhe gwity i st theompeg nffialersi o gtyhe i e
1:37 am
even thailsi oed enhao recca' deh. >> sti thirea' eral the de nner>>tihialhe oer th er dea hself o gaedthkedea hlfleadgown ga h gsedaing onadn bed wh h a g opertype knsed t w manner ing asf d s rten a taer sui de g wh we veeveeen a auiuici wh ofe wemann a lke ts inhiory. licegreci wh e oof wn t ihithiy.s. >> cere wh oameorensi >> pholgis me o dins t polis se co autdisy ss was t a rh toeco judutent s in as his rtoudt estened onionisnd the rush t te oonheus t jumentas t quic. i asd junt st tor theistericf th as ceas wh wotdeheheteth astivehnoomeo kiing veneo i>>g i tnkstons ectly ght. cou te ll baon veng ely it w ver t. viol t.ou b ng wer it w a vyol upsttin dplay toay w vpsin day
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1:40 am
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1:46 am
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e momrf caron cy w chow illd thent jge coun in whi iaisn c wcate he th is unn thi cou iyteexo ths dalgcoun tty.ou th rasonex lg fun. ts is thhey rreon sayi i's autime fomee ts y heed sd a spoyiig on ahise esue d called ohe t sapon dgerss for whae tt aised o t drs rhais .1 .1.2, usthis st wk in adtion to eoout we had, ts win adono ooe adan incidenwhe anoer er pullve anncen immherantno smgler llvenmmnt smer wleead anothe w incint fou in tnknhe ia c ciou n ing tom tas t i c g t t mexos d deexotl de alivl u thi ts isheit me?al iv crsehi tisnot. >> i ear?ou nera ce lemeeto th irra leth cngss jason cng j onafitwho' judciar
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mmite wlost theit ato'orneud argenel in ecem r ifithe wt he seatte gneso ne ginlleem himf se geimir. >> wh t >> doctic majity wl ha w a t bett doccajy whaett time >> he h de a azingtime eb. h d ahe st atrneyener ang hder a etteinb. juary sateyerhen met hr a te jpersryallyithh.n et theeason rsly thehttory geral h havg so many esoheorgel avso mny pblem is de tthettoryenal pem s whenid yirs t h rbout teor this i ki of hea abo it ien yshrut apisl. hekiersofllyea handedbo himt i ap hesoyaedim lett . wilbe t f custtn th il t fsth sete. we nt se. e t twout w hav tw t the forroish othe wav atf tees useorsh oe tnkstheolittfal
1:49 am
te us apint tsre cring t thekseit thin up apt t cng thet's ser inperio algati. th pmidn ts a sernterewio th wou getalo thti th boom pmid aerew thouettho o is o ndhey uld beeld accotabl he h beeless thay nded cobl heesshaandi hav clo todi,000 eapo avlo onear 200ead oplen mico00 po acrdin to e mica ar00 d le m ogovement yet u donac hine anyo canne m cadorromi frothe vent t onenyanne rrmiroe senr mt fromhe whi enuse >> iave pnt ut i omhi fanesso th busse ie admi pstrat on. i fassth bus mira. wt to thk wto you next h occy waoull sreet ex hcca set beco whaill reil chas it ocohabeme. thiwholl il movemehat h bee it be .jack by hiolonarmeist hee mmunts a ckyrst un arazy pele. ey dminate now. zyee.d sinre dnarosts a
1:50 am
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1:54 am
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1:55 am
voe ge blocd. >>hey irve t poce emsevoes dge't y oc >>y toink? i tsenk t dy ar yetti out ha.k? ag n i t r tllyarti a agi rly apecia. i nt a lder tha has aapiaech i ti. we wt to k lwr whahat isas a thech are saking boutti wha heirwe w to use ha aishe wet sheyin kneutha needirto b doe a. >> aee wyne ed b wh >> thinit isadn som w in idom wa the inge whhea e ge w vranc or vnc rerwo opy an coving o anovg the ing h ngave e g wa >> tre a n thoga whoere me of t leader getwa t aho aho be mer grip teeret tht.e g p en whaommity e etin th an tho and ople whamtyin anhod le arell
1:56 am
gogiffentre go dreionthen ourfecesn' dreheonard.en they etrhemn'd. eynidm sohey n be nioy he rd >> se aromin to y wit in aherd sferi and sar the in t yit a srindhe mplats. ioinget la. ng0,00e-ils nth. typallyski 00e-hals >> h. fypst olyalki envonntalha issu comto . i f onval su come wi wil bloers eopl c wirepoiling rk cp i ca tl you whas goi on po wig the cle ca touha wk foroin n thwiehe uned stes. w ortheyomeitth phaaceuca un ss. issu chi eyehaeuroteiv su prhilemsour adoionteiv ws. prmsr do n get a gat ofst.ff. but etassi a has beebouta f blicealtst. andt siaseesautty. this asticltr ihaveeennd endisa. a l ofishe ptple i vemingoneith di envinmealof pe ng issu andh nicinngvime or reportg disuasend nin clters onnde arrtnd di thee te
1:57 am
l havrs 160siteral youavete wttenhis av60te siallingy.nove l. ou ewhy wens nov? y no sing--vel. y it'v g eat no readt' why t wri a gt ad y ri anoirecon ok automef the thgs u ar talngnoec aethth out ar al>> t newsan bunng. n'tutou tewink? b metis yountur. tk? on e ns itti likyoi haur tou it f.n nif wcan itaveikha somohinghat if. enrtai wn ueutom yetngtalk away enai thinng i ucod getk iolve ay incoul imakeco aiffenc g tt's ive why.ul ke a youfade ncch ts fabous y. oue fferce. ab thas u. >>hankou fks f er. wat ingha at home. >> hank a f gre fek. see atyogyoyo he. hare . e yoyo
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