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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 7, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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herm cn i es stondam whn 1/rm s cing ihe w sldd b th w pay's 1/ sg wstro bhest paandiste rolectilit oughostdi push ro ey t ect it mina ongh shro t ? cris na stewal jos menow. cs thkingstboutalhe jo elmetabiw.ty bngint backthome ngre.ut theel wbi bin pulary cke .contt amgst euys he w fo i p miart cside u the ntam t stys fo eltablmi c bude he t t doestecesrilyleanblu nt y t r t e pce es t yoes klyow wnt m an yhris r p le s tayo a k l wtle bit m out isordis leta l eletabiitty. it ought d >> he'sthe proem andelbi. th kt ghouor >>he thero hfd th mplint i suld y.h t t hrobm wth li i s d eltabity ihat tobt w ofteel timbi i dtsn'to hnd in hd wth e d't h oftetime h wepubcans esi demoats ink epers teme who theubns mo el tablmoiss k rse peon w io he sto modetelblurt rest apeay w i om t ir be. indeomnes cartst awhat t b reblics thk in thanea makat mi rom yreicth ectab isha tak ct tt he is i miomotas eabis tnsertives so of theheis i folkhoreunni
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an er vesof lldo bter lkppeang t nithe lks an th iddl is b rrd toea t c binee s thdl eltabi ty w hs ehusiom fothe c veneeaso at el bi wkes m esi e ctabfoeve maso ma s nsertivease v etersab fema likhe ia not tue to er ve ther vcausrs feik ijennotoes to nthuthasmrus chan nnepeinghates elhutionmear u'ren anris? per exgple,eat lot elonr re thussm, ans? lo exte, o 08. eow pusside, had aoto of . enusia fm p mdeltipadt side forofniais f mip deor esidtial ign. atbout012? idal nthu asm asut imrtan2? l's sayhums emth oman nestor sef l tay oer mingshat seone ould st s t oing he gst sominetionld >>el g ctaine'rmion hear g re>>rtshat the pr cidenin we' see'rg rsonarre andstheeari prene'ee port onthatresindnt oma dsn't ve tri sampep in his st rtid atsi o dn't tamp st andhatreflts inthe 2 enth iasmdfatoter fl he int up forehe se thsm anderoesn e eem up beor s joyit idsn rder form thembeo g here utyi t i poinabou eror entsias em g t if inoupresentntas oba
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ttle btry dorevidce th ir 's le gting b clore toid nucthar wrpon gdng tlo esti comtot whuc wointn ed t w too tiom neruswh abont th tooojustereepbo thono withst ourhad warpnd ned t ve aoreit ative rwar?dar njenn wha is th ae shaw a ve r?r? wh 'snnhaappisingehinh the scenha tha mae we n't wh reppize g ainhe daenyhaaasise 't ree dais? >>hereisrobayoing to bnoth >>recomper visbayng. bth mp0. thie ha.been thha deeeeen tec uns. prlemeeec s.antucle prm ientt shed uin t shinon a rlelly stud move nntsh uis pt in to a rturn rytu ven po r rn asssinionsfy rael of k clea asinns ientts i ira el thfe ha k been a lot oea santtage i ratherhas bee thhaee aot oknowdgemt byheu.s. sage gove mentert hsee bn inlved i owembys. sotagg ve ntuipm ht. bus tre i inedot i of sfortago sto pm ir f m t i geingfey rtompoontsto at r nee f forhe ge gclea ograpo s nna: it s und eeorasciting to h r thea. ra are a: wiing s deci shangw
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11:27 am
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11:30 am
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11:36 am
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11:56 am
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11:57 am
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11:58 am
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12:00 pm
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12:01 pm
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12:02 pm
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12:03 pm
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12:04 pm
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12:05 pm
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12:06 pm
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12:07 pm
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12:08 pm
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12:09 pm
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12:10 pm
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12:11 pm
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12:12 pm
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12:13 pm
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12:14 pm
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12:15 pm
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12:16 pm
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12:17 pm
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12:18 pm
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12:19 pm
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12:20 pm
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12:21 pm
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12:22 pm
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12:23 pm
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12:24 pm
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12:25 pm
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12:26 pm
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12:27 pm
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12:28 pm
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12:29 pm
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12:30 pm
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12:33 pm
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12:34 pm
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12:35 pm
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12:36 pm
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12:37 pm
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12:38 pm
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12:39 pm
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12:40 pm
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12:41 pm
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12:42 pm
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12:43 pm
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12:44 pm
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12:45 pm
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12:46 pm
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12:47 pm
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12:48 pm
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12:52 pm
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12:53 pm
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12:54 pm
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12:55 pm
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12:56 pm
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12:57 pm
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12:58 pm
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12:59 pm
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