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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 7, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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ntenng pse wlnotdi ppen ad forsix eit en p wt en eeks rx eishepd: wwillgo asey asks new ep wllreak aneynow fasew ns legak a lystw f thurdol wt n ontheg lt and ast rand liurl on whetn rght. l an nw,nd whthe ndgal eams n argoin rt.hrou .an nwh arthe, th l prmsecutn, arin whou e ey doin ththprut >>arur:whid i do in at? does ar i: a i atdo queion? did m?tion es t aat? u uen? d moneco-gue t? rip gss co uethe ol tialp sateg g be use,e ndhis tl i notorma s bueg in w bee, yk,is iot t laisma abun y trdicisla aead a itis ic poibled a waititg twhourfromhen yo he the vdict unt tpole verditt istwuromnyo hehe vctnt t adrdsis horble. r yo rves. usuay yohearore.theris yo veict d th ve ictes mes ua inyoarer shep d: scevet i lo s anous ineyave en dog ep th s and . wilfind i olo sooans e enou. do anthethefennd ilnd o ray?oo ou>>ra y: y andaneen hve be ra erend ahur s bee ra ynd hhere e wh you eind out ar hateeverdt isre whoudut iat th wrdt isartular
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whenhey me back ithquicy a w i tnk bthrt ofar ureny nsac is beuse eyicame aecom t q bckly of anddid nis and bee orme anomhingit qly is pdbabldy nndguil. anung say p --bl >>shard:ril un imouuynoty-- guil. rash rand:ot hvingunouskedt f th il eradencan and hng thjudged sa f ev ifyou fi enchand heth gavdge .a >>eveparf riguffi t b ht, avthe ry . c do athin>>arig tthey b e c wao ainey the wa frema canayheet' ge a teot fmaan gilty t' whlookge at gtynyth g?whok amust sayghat th ssibity ay g>>rat y: geral thiing, ick rdicibnoty . askg or ra gal evencendhiithg, e juk ictsk ev ce char, th judth ju carge th se rht out fromarthud uer the c gefensbyh sying you ruton'tom uavehe tons sngouind't wther ther. crae mu ayto gav hithend werhe p cpofo if itmu wasvaiavble tmichhile ckso --. pfoif itas >>aiepare thawa t chur pot so-. n retnnd now>>arha it ispo out the net warow it iarth: iut gw ear utthi g separ
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in tms ofthe ryot fiing s ar m n glty tfe t inermsoffig n yes, gtheyy doeot skin forms iden , bus, befeyeoe tey seor a docten tobu jaefe tore kilng somedy, n'tou a thi ctheyoa wod ilnt to h r somethin, tin hi orheey wo to arge hsoin or or . ge >>shard:nlestheyeel li thave h shd:eseyelll tliyh neeve hear. meti ts the ingsee d en o wr. de a tith gs pernal, dow gued da the nds,erl, of t ed e ju foren.f t sotime >>ndy:su he sa itre solou,me >>y: hsa ink u, ould be acquted. k venhe sp d tldbe verctame backthey ave haqud. e we endn sp an t thwereer note sckuesteyede and e fwetd theanhavere botnold ov and sverst d gain fin anheout e the b cdrtro youovndron'tinhave an ttoind . cohead mury croou in'tndedo ki micelve ja son d coe fturhat t ju inedhargki ic was badja n f tms oat y t ju don'averg t os fi be gaveim t o th y n've tiropoavl it is ey to thme ba andpoit csnvic eo >>thur eyband wer n c ic seested >>nlikure t ersey n
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co coouh yo aould ll foem lp co yoand llld fo 91- ande dsot do d hat,evid 9cend df g t,>>ray: hiding sa tt he not g. crged wit ra mply hgsa tbeing e a badot ced doitor. s wily ainused oaado. miniwierina spific amouned o ofropo lniinatspic aun of scifipotime e hothe sfihen, lesyou me eeho whoe to mitn, ioree anu jst hho mdidn calre 9 -1 j rht h th t 9 ju r crgy. rth t iu righit r clong mtersh i arthgh: ng mrs b th add u >>epar d b dotddhink a u jury t>>esar ex nsdonk a ryncidts a t x mas sothinhapp ehey ok aallid e a evence nd ma thsoin saypp esy he guil al orotevce th ay guty? h u ca have ail yoor spific youant andgu?hat caav not a hyo tpic u triesndt alws,ot h th ts notes how lwthe jieh alyswork andoutow e jal rkow ind rand but heisuil o i wh? ing nd badute dtor?l o shepd: t t desionwhs
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out g youad dr?hand s upepo tdeon the t jouy, th. anndthejury llup dede wt ithe will j fin th thatanery ide witt. ll in arth : yo uatentned o i frid the llon of thyontd ppofo o idhe >>onepar fou gflons of p foopof, a juenot >>sed arou gnsof the hom ofaju t ev. d th druissed e thom spitev. ththe warutempaturfromothd siths tyad n erit heathwaf mpur thomh dr beisi t ued for nhesea thrpos.rei u>>arur:ouores os ar: id "th side" thdefe e pert hid "and pa for t re esendethe thfe dendan onrthid the sndpaor sai t ireene woddeanotdmister tis ihe sai the wome a thearemi fouer t i llons in mhaelhe aheeou on jason' s h me.el arth: buboth sisjan' h nced tha neier thbuthsiide c ldedha eisa thamichl ckso cou node c have ivenhach i to soou mselnof an av with a prener ijuryo tri , drel anconr mur y shthldbe arryridr nrur sh quitd. >>shard:uchheadn the . coad mra cas a it t e sh mid:aelhacksadhe triaco m weasave aot en theury t andmilks w do nia knowwe teame ofhe theynd w rors ut n weknowow t a loeofhe
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tereing form ionrsboute ow wh th alo reg rmnut who. h oki goo y lossomeeigh yonotid! thesclotkis arootoo g, yos i'mmeonatghg th.yoti howes youoto itar o atin righ who'm graat.thw ouit [ maleinnnougher ]hoeoplra who ooseore ole ain te to igh ss [ thle thoou who ]on'tpl o see e n ltigin cteerioo ..h thhoho't ive ole ains 110aloes. ig cio e e ns 10lo.
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nor nd e' som ahingf allwn se cr promor sugrstinhaom tngs is a ere om autugin tes polical shownshi a tha abtolal mplat on belf f owhi aha womb o sa somhing haplanedonoe ma yrs a omo. th saomngsomeing,apd o ma y cou e,thhat th conmeing, cam oign th>>shonard:ndamovinnto theen ca aignshgoved:or rominyas he no camigne tt muc ncagnve ioom t wno hamisne tieduc f theleado ther and des thugge ed h f ihead a ut toernd dgoh lge n? h carl a weltoeaiti o n an rl el enti o hre henasbeen trelin a hundhe iwaen and hoing venttr ain a nod snt a ind ee aount of thoegnt c ampaiing no sin wa bu antof tithnly eit cai g we s of b dget firbuaucuhy ei ere notwemuchof tim befetircu e otchim and ere a sggeson the nd geing e ses mon ah seous with geg cas maon ase tosth pele. ca iacceorati a wi herm cen. on d ense i itis ce ti aportity ri omne rm a con wor d se not thae is rty ne a tieorgain noha mr. in a allhe pos ie
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ggesitin istill v. y alltigho t, thises ntrosrsy erll t v ghleged issexu roy tarasent o ge 1 ars xuo ha dogdimas tw o for 1 eette rt s ha og eek.or d te owin witho sgn it wik. ubsi . in so n oppthtuni for s ii rney, rhap si soppnior ry, ap iowa shepd: a w "whingnwa ep a post "wng a po st suestshe mecan te f aeso ary anduts ustred men fote. a 74an pernt sveye tr no s the te untris 74erserisly sye ofno sherack trriyof ckd w, aepor r who cors potics fr th"wasngtoorn postand wrohoo out poolitcss fthasto r "t hilst"d ro whe t ait "tweil"ere wh >>re arterwe atre a resteaer a do tic eapti sm. do icfora loimewe veeen ti .ople hink herlo cntry ismeoff on n t wrlegnk cryisf t ck. on at w trewreein mornd mo t pek.le do w thinket wll getin beterornd t eymo thipetheir nktire wnt iat r k andtethey t
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doot tnkhi theian ctinu rethei iway r ofndlife teyy ave do t rithow c anu th eiyf leafe te rito a ath ea ve ve vatil ectote. shepd: w v doilthey thi n fi xto the.robms ep wfo anyeye?hi fi>>rerterhethe divedob elecratee venyeen rec tlyreer e eleionsivs ectilltee tre.n d tecy ieres ng tlengnsere isll thathe t. t pridensarty ies tre geneislly haysepr bigenerricety en t eco my i ney inig acead t pocotion i righnnow,bout 4 poon per nt ofgh peop bla replicaw,ndut 4er opla percept ofca peolelam mocrsso its h rd to rcofeo loam cr tts htolectat alo say teop ll amenect aside orheay op her. don kno e >>eparde wr kno ly on ti on ano enty>> ars theno pridenon eentin re- aectewithnt th appr al ratprgen bnowe- 5te0th pe atth ts priden bs appval 5 rang a pet. p cent t thasren isppl gher ra a an aot of pnthas peoe hoer do the a th ogsugge cou benderhiseo rt ofdonthe ecomyh ge is oinou w l wibeercongss s in heofcy duer. sin w i>>rerterngthat s riintthis is whu.we haeen
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reeratriis ayin petrwheumaenin trenumelyike esidt oba. evenif thon' gownu wiyise id ob poli es. en r a hng te hn' g fvoraie tingas bn m chli thana t h hi arova fra rangng. b mat tt shisisan ople arhi ava genelly llintora. gi im t s the nefi lear of ney inhe diubt an e sfi th ecomyofas ge dtan dow eth co ha gow avo ha aidedvoottoen o becae pe aleeddo likimasto a o caperspe and thiik heas ei inrestat h art.rsndhi >>epar hopeyou wi com inst ht. >> baar.opuiom we, "ry, t hea steer" s notba maged to bng dowwe"r t eaete" alia primno mister medoet b ow but t uroan bt criaisimmaymier do actlbu t roat. xt, rwy the dorobls in gretle e. , hebl ire ifectg oer ountes d siio blusci is ict ont reated assi b iscis thatsto moveo thunit at iths vetateth itte
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if iuran wersold in t grory sre - wha, wt. oa, oa. ianerld wai ta mirote. s wh -? wh w , just.ike at? aiid ymi eve.seewh thallste?ste ? yve etht's lste.? whats it s . gat iuran. yoget atcideit forvene deduibleewar sag-dri ing banus ccks, plus freyolifet me mdebersorpne dulear sari b cs,usrefe mrs goohandroadde assianceust r caing. oondad sicet cag. sd. iny w trk -- woss ev.y ti. y tr--woev tihop ss. t mo. ke o cal ton altate gentp . mo oal toaltent ♪♪ i'makinmy mey
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dmore♪♪'min m dre i conlidang masse. i notayinhidd feei on daor mhigsecommsion iotinddee igmmon i'makinthe st omy mey. andevenollatrad a justhe art. 'mine o m.ndenla adi' withacottusde.e t. i'withcottde. i'thtt. i'withcottde. ai' i'mthovintt .evry mute it.i'thtt. a'min [ roevger minee ] t. scorade we ge yo coissi-freetfs ror e code
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s 20th s nylistblinthow t th prossornt rker st ofarvd's keedy tschoroor erf rv svernnt.keyho w dotant eope arn. me. we won'tant io ant eesse f a rict ecomemi we'tt reons. a but s f soon't wnt it nctco a ss fes. po tica t rsons't w thit ithe f coinenpo thaca gve r ns us t worth wers andoen thha g holo ust the tor spe of w nd eas d ifthyou inklot hespof that s ifhindhem u k trm at ndm dangs t of ntionism thkacko eng baofan nonmwarshck jonaan: say tis i a bars na: ay t i-ala fire aver sgle couny lair anclung te uned er st ses ie g ng un thave toendlu t un ever first i gtruck ianveo d econical sakin to erirhelpuc i out. >> eparonal sino tereinglp t. anogy.>> ar e avage arica reg atome, any. av e awhatcaoes athise,ean for at ths amicanisnor >>jothaneurohis theam an itedtate bgest jotradangro paner d the edtexpos bst euadpe par h te bepo g odeu hefbe t econy colpsesn g eure, t t
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exrts onoldryesp,ur t afexctinsy coanieere, ore j loaf in dnempymenhere wicoiee, go eup j ano t mpenreigo 401),anach t teher isoncebout01h ttheer eopeaisce onom theutarks hree tan e ea d th afomctsheall rrk han th af401(s's.l useto b aidhat wen 1(. se bid eric sneates wuropatch a coldnd n thicne enomi sayopch a th ld n revseth emi ay ueth it i tev menstanng a all i roo tothenan sn zingat teh ot r anld evyoneoohsnng teotan isevne isepincold >>shard:s i meione urt sinld inrmed us sh d:at ihe jue nes rt acheaverdt inned e deh omichl jacon iju therial rhegainrdin hisde ochac i hen . eal coad inrray throhouthe tsal w ner haveeenn t menndco wen whoay ro utll d tid w the nfate micveeln ten who jason, ctua dy whhete ic alady ve ja den,deduahewh fte ofaly ther. coad mraydeutd w f af gttin newhe co d mtaily w a gin of who w e dil jurs are. is i"stufoo ju e." ituo om fox
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ox i thght 'd bon latio fo3 datht bit ls beion 3 eks.foda ised citsimp cityit becar3 to ps.k up fewhing id itmptyar pupewng d i n't ve tworr out lateee. i t trr t te. whh isood. no! ggerbigg!whisd. [ mica ..beuse don'thin ! 're ering ggywhe foa bee n'in malannocer we te yg r sthey fo wh wi theew ci simicitcard al nono r te es. wo pe yaltystate. wores.wihe ciimitrd get arte at c. isimpeicittycom.e. or. t te cimit m. to bmore enronmtallawar arnow inti thbackidesf us pap breennmllar arw ti th ckd wesswitused tapfede use lotf thr paagin coains wrecyited m teriade. seotthpain cotens thewhatcylse m iafededoes wel wee nousin re ectrte truhesatedees andowermissn lanewewenoin e trru ev off reuble velo.d ernow,ssan' we leane pri thbacsideof ed per? evff eue lo w,n'e ea riwha s ththexeccivede f com pnsatr?n li...?athecematli.? [ le nouer ] staableoluons feex. olutns t[ t m terou ] aleus fe. ut t mr
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3:30 pm
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3:31 pm
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3:32 pm
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3:33 pm
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3:34 pm
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3:35 pm
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3:36 pm
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3:37 pm
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3:38 pm
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3:39 pm
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3:40 pm
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3:42 pm
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3:43 pm
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3:47 pm
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3:48 pm
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3:53 pm
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3:54 pm
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3:56 pm
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