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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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. did u gs hr at f d iseaviea?ab .. 7 so 3secds a. d gnois haker blow fbothis we'viisyou! 3ec a iserow thohe'faceiske!u! the's se ftor ca. [ maoh anncencer! the w htvivi e s toca ay a tep maeadnn er th a t 4ge tehtvi ap d wit aspee4g up 10xaste thn 3g teep 0xte th3g♪ ♪ >> ec: ts isox new e tis ert. chaeew jacon's t. docr ae conr mray fouac's gltyoc o nr voluary m myslauouter. g y it 5:0 i o new yk cit luy m i'auericr. it:0 i blingew y witit da i'ic peri, anea b tanngros,obit d beel, egutfe. "t ri fivantartan rs,ht, fe "t ♪ivrt r n ♪♪ ♪>> ec: t bigtory rig now cingrom los ngel e twherigry tig jur hno jus cg m osache ael g lty vererct i tur h us thcase a inst he a g dr.yonraer i muay. thse ast e jur.raelibatedor lsmu. th nin juib houed. l cksonthin famy w alst tou urthse. so
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>>reg: goocallvi .chae >> jacg:oonll w oaeeac a w o goeous hea ahylackan agous endeack ap ahiteenransst te. a eriteidns . you sri goeous gre y. ou swe suld deftgous o macare. y >>ric: ou s cand vaceflatet the oury'ca fin >>c:anecisn.acte >> d a: ihe scky'in to wha iis dough ithro shouthisase.o at tre iha in leme fghrouts e. persal t i resnsibityme rses heriby s ferilyust have kno whatas gng o if y fyookt atavheno cebries at th g end op in t uble y thekt mili kno c ari heth tndndsn know tbutlehe it's ike the lino are ts owtt' ehe porless to d athin to opt. potheeso dtor d ain waso bei pd e $150 d00 ar ei the wa ppecution aybe he 50 a m .wasorri abothotwa beicu onbe ele t kphe sribo saryei t k ife s saiy n to mhael ifckso aiw th t n docro m well
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so apal o gd, w th can t doc it wagaiin ap o g w aan dt ai yr. y >> b: th was my yrs ag but bthas m elv yresl's doctagut wachard ginglv himslooct ny pscriion gg it azingimo meow man prin s. ce brits diite ang of oveosese anat he bn ceitdidminterefbyvees h bysicns. bodys gng tinreay n to ic . theeleb tiesdy g t obvusly you no mak a e gebdes poibv alyut theuacksak a gamil oi ew h a was eksetti stu. il di icul has sleing. theysedti dgtu nmall not digiveulin aleg. he eyutd i d a nll othosp al. ve a sobodyefus h t ste inr sp .dn'tant tepsodyus t in.ten thats n to ay'tt p hsn. not guatty. n o th evinceppartly is. h otbut 's aguzing. othvi meary s. t ow ang m cebrits ge docrs get th stu.ceitge eri by e focthatet th docrthtu riy f ordedt th fouoc gaonsfrd profol, ttou gaone,sourorel, t tling dg us e, jkie, her is tngnoug d to kl yrsel us j >>e,ob: errst, thasmounug
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isto k yel inc preh>>sibl: evet,haun foris ncme.ehblve i he se aot ofor . dgs h t th if t thi i don d be. ge th i tw yohi sckpi ihat kond ge --yo spit kthis is a -owerisls arug. gre theereal lern l ofg.his are eopl lreehel l me how f i gsngre tpl lonvie my w idoct to g give tvirugsy? andcta: yo doniv he $150gs00 aonth nd >> yric:onho d you h ord50 ath >>c: dou ird fr? i hostal i'thefr one derios -- l i ne>> is ausins o the ri - oerin assi iamouninfs o hethis ri t no oinsi theun is isrinohe aatiol s ba pductn aio b on ba pct adel b d rinlin. 's asedadlydel ople ho rrillyn.eed t a d n't t ily becse i s sol le r ytod dtors ho h et t iec rig i tool uy it dutrs the h a t doi ig it o heto bk doo andthe a mang moiey o on bt.oond >> gg: pple ryin tma mn bu ller g med p aetin t bu
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armaes.ered a clitinyou ve t get ama. coup ando p tcl theinu t et a phmaci andand . upthenndheysk for the my.d. ph thci typnd thed i. inheir eny or ttleyachi. andske tthyphe in ir lee leecauhi ind was t shliftg. le bobyou ow wheyauaso shthatft obu w ytheyse suded at to ey mak ud meamphamin yoare exaly to guyhatak mes imehinkphin pro bly tyoexa t uy kit ofuy tt ight s hav ankroy t okou somherekif t >> area:htave youav a er ouomre de hemad cran a a: e ou bobno. i'veeen . e >> ric:ow c e g hgadanas ob . use aven i.d a get a >>c: c g we's w thse o a.d aet a criti we w o dan he s terble al crgieti >> e c: b peoanee aere al stiekpilg e b galeons o a pr ofol st il boblookn tal o tern. no thapr iol rder vobgraoky t the rn cano, buha you cer ord v aahef is sff. cabu ou you c he ard aoctosf cens the s are. ouocto h who a to whesalit. nsey hhee tre rig t buy it.toho whal . soy h tig man t euyt.piec fel out so e >>ana:echisels a guiyut verdagt inhis se. >>a: s he ho gouiy t ail andrdins . servtime se i h aoeterntl ndfor her
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rvme docrs aaybe celeityer docrs to r rot -oc be >> ndrele i dy't kwoc ifo he wl -erve tim forhis. >>for ree d k mimumff fou yea . w ve imif yorooks. at her sreme mumf oucourruli.ea we g yo tks latt wn we s me lk abourliinds g t latan wute th suprebo coudsulin i y sai lalifnia edso th prnot koup allin t psone iai ifa seo pritners are kllt t pne maxum i rirs carecity.t ax th lawasreatcaty for. cesthaw li cond mray,at whe hor is n c a mslionurde mr.y,he h is i n ahe m cashere tde jue mit sa you on't iaveas toreerve time. ju erimi doesait bouher'te anyo tha one oftovee. the- ri oe b runle, i' misken inyohanefhehis lei'is nn sue. nradsurra octo e. pai b ad chae jksonandra b ttoai b concaet jond c tpany do tha othenc anye? cny >>reg:dohat dsn'tothehe ny . iook t t>>g: jkson d't famhey d thikocto t jon am reehen bl thto reenpeop. th are doi ehop oer's vors. at bthhersreeoi are ehe pple o's ouide monrsy ternn brs re hoing peignoue on rnhog
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at sre mn mor tn occy wa strt. sople mho an'tort t tircc b.wa tr tnste re letand agtn t fron of a kin ofte coundg ca. on >> aric:re y surin ty o ou wen't eca >>ccupc: yur t wet pple?up dan the is cro. i betr pe? joiit. an he >>s reg:he oer trong th scadi meetr ioi. he >> ig:s o t guty, thcase i aeocto who i peguorme, poosy a aoctotoho wh abo peoe lepeeme whooo a veedicto dvicwhbo whoeo l aretho doct s? ic bobthats richt.ho re you ve m ctedic obat r.dvic u m inlori theic budted nch ic inri docrsheud d erprcribg me cati. h th is e woetoc l ofprhisibtuffmeti ths th w oer l wofsff ppl clth o w p c lpresipti sho go tiffent docrs. esti hock i up tfe or aoc wid.ange i ofp phaacie it i o a gtingidfterge i ceain gngegistorserre ttindownndd. tceynishoulrs in wn >>ric:sn'there tul $ $5 blion >>c:'tre of medar fud $ ou b tonre? if tfyied thaed fp, ou wou tn't? go tdhrouhaheout oou disssio
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bu tres suchraud is waioe an dbu t sbusehud anda: wmade thi ofheconohrou amacnde. w dehi gr bro ht iof unoou pbabl acin jt. gr ro i >> gg: ias ueadl pbl seris. >> jric:ook the fra g idl th t sti lus.ri > ac:rea:k hereillhe bra t tidocts. shoage th aa:rel b obacar some e licthooue waseen edobor aar chi o meli "mes wn ed a hi o heth," --me s bobitill d't lievhethat,"- i tnkhat obll d is evat tt sca e trh is rig nowca cou tr ileavtheiguildgow a i5ou nute walkavroune told pkp a th dru you wantelkuno p kp >> ec: n pro fol. thru >>ob i'mouotanoure. e n rol. dan >>'m medale. maruana an>> b you w't d tt. ed bobi wot butarna ould bou w d t>> g g: y don hav obowotut outldde? g yon av >>ob: o yut? hav som >> : eri o we lkednd y mediavl majuan onom friy. rie ed na'somme gotdiomaann mhri acvityn t tter'smeot m beliable acty faasti t>> dera: ty didtikey lile fafoottill c menty. d t
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>>ric:idoure medal otmariana c cntmenty. >> >>c:ndrer thejustant toed ria c nt se er>>rehestt talo >>ric:ominup se polal out t s>> aftc:nooninas hmanol cat tfton h tnd whitt romy fca the g.p.ominion. t hav w tt nbersomnd f e eail g. in atn. avhefi t@foxws.c n. rs wel beightack. e l♪ t fi ♪ox♪.c webehtk. ♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ >>ana:elco bacto "t fiv" othe accer ame o>>a:coac "t agnst rmanivain thi hecc e o afrnooand e saiagt ann caihi madedvan s tardaferood ainai 1997 de anthe in td camignssuea statent d sa 97 allatio e weam cnpletuey fae. soar theatt sallio all atio arewet cet fa doinseri s dageohe caill iore the pls. inrida one me o todaihat has he p . cainiedor e t ood ttpotas th mintdomne tt 2. tt it int esti tha the mollne s ten l 2t.eek wnll itnt tihahehis, alll ofhe t l k ac wsatis we comgs, ll fofard. he h don betrac iti wom fuforaisd. andette in h tonet i pollfuis nd te in anda: i thasn hur hi iaid tlls lasweek nd isn thur i a .o.phirima .id t asetheekyou ke i or otth if.p
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you maok bac heu irf istou call llaclinthangttiteto ll cultally boutex int ng polics bauseite td ltly evutyone it's rivali b sematt. t the g.p.,hereevnes asotva tt suscion ut the he bec gse.,re wha us honpened tohelareece thas w n thasehing come h inne ptoiticre onteth w t ng peomle g ahh -n t pnic the ste gliape a grednd gohh t a. he i s hav a harglime ado a bel vingiavar e isselngeall goi toamag him. >>sana:hat you tllnkoio ag of tress onfem.nce? >> >>a:reg:t out's t t glo a tss fee? aled >>g: eect.s t theyloendo sideith the al pers she est. attking oreydooid h lihe thi rshe ♪ la,a,ttngrli lahi la,♪ ♪a, becae shdriv youa nut sa,♪ it es pcasharmiiv thouut wan's s ca e to eavemitherhere w's >>caob: toee must ownre a n>>: us wnambunce ser ace. bue cainoeser.efy thesked th queion hein gs.p. y prary hetersnded l th ofuen g . peop jusdon' bieveprey rs di lthisf >>ndre 53%opus n' b ve bobthe herhing i diis >>re3% th k obe rng i tha teal iortath
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part ishaorge hman tl ita cai mirt i romgey h 2nai mi 2 od .%onth ago he cnot reak tough tth rrie go is t lsehe ain cthat takre tgh t a ie r tistaee at t t him mong imar rta votes. t may bimhe mngt arot e ctabay. b m bu ty aboeady toay eat.ab eribu he t notbohe mdyto . ect rie ot m able t wille ale g.o . il miomne isosin gund and rmanain.o is mi picng itnesin gd up d rry anmpinn ups aict cou eup notc s asy ell.inp th awhol fiesouveni out.tcasl. th tim lastholielectn,ni t. ye othim008asct eleion. ye o cain8 wnourt pce.len. he wt own toin wifth pcert p .befo hended u winni thenoth p nomition fo e daned pre udentbamatni hethe meas in thi pmice.on an re >>ntob: mat me poi oe hon hi is paini. gund apid>>? : me donoi o kno meonmadeis ani gd pdictn oid on thnoshow bout newonde ginich. pct o >>ana:lori thow alld.utew in h. n her >> a:ri >> b: no ll>> gg: i he ner tory bno
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abt wh mit g r iney hs gng t yto bheominab andwhithy r hys g is tost e ctab b. inend bin guy they. t t ebeinabbori is g d. buy th can taghe yith in ris anytng. g so y j t hanthanutag y inhhe baytgrou.. you' y oft j tan lastn g backedouecau u' eveftbody tlseas g disaeare azinedfactau ovedye o sarehe7 inct o priden of e uted oatese've7 pr henf ued o yesve remeer 4ofhem bause h e re o ohem we bormeg. 4m b se >>ana: re om we wanor o>>a: a aboan methgnegar t tha ame pple vebo c ticithd, a n t ofarha t pe candate fornd cci a of in tartilar anmneyteotoreing bo enoh. in onof thehing hetir idey ltng webo thano didt etonothe ofnge l atntiohe wto weha idshinon d.c f heet wit t houatio w g.o .in.c and he adoedit t tou.oaul yand pndo t rerdintheudgel n is pt th somhingha yourein e uldge gisthomngou d bind? g eri i c't getehin mitt bomned?y hgingut w h ri c johnet bhnerinnd n ttominne u hpng w wi any ing hnwhat i ber n in slkinghe s ue o winy gog rnme.t dan youon'tik theslng s oan pn? >>ric:gomeo, p tsanou'tf the
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an p pn. >>ic:ike p t the art phere t ehet re entlemt tefor int is oenem quily. imor atchg t t oui. i l-alachma t ga. multeouso th washe lla ga bate e heltanusthas cainewt ginich te dete. he w ftast. iaiwt heoinh pntnede.hing w fst outi h ever pqueson tt w hd,ng a tghut eres t wuestn hean h cai tsaid new ystheaio fir. id heewnded up yith aongir. planionheedphg- an n>> da: ntrief cn on the d nebatef c i wto a wha on didheouat ink out w wmart is a ithaid t k t rtt tsset curnt co tressnal publan bend y if tou areuromne coorssl perbl o be y ggricfrre ne sa orum thatou ger ond get gic themehin you? orsaumatachmn, f tettatte emin ou >>ndre ver smar hehm nee f tir t pporte wil be>>reer carpaigng i n ahe ee t lo oor the ile stes. cig i a lo o lookhe- ry pla is popar ss. ongs onseokativry.las opthats gs rney' achles el. seiv i tnk eat is theost ry' chs elec ble?. ere a t p il staheng ttt
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he s.ece? i te nke alip-ops pta t aboron a clite chenge te iuesha obap- is oing or a toliave ceield day wh. is ba ithe ftsng gng t usetoe tmlday w ains e im. g tse t indenden als don' ikens a. fliplope that de maken ilsn'e vnerae. ip itpe r inds eatfak ieagabush v rawhenheyere it runnids agast ch oer ihegashrima .en ye everne snidga oell, ima. ow, .er s 41 isl, t one tt, s me i presenti and thene one that m ould et t.estind itne tnedt out nce ld reanit t d sttedut cpaigng eew hampeaire caushe dn't mpaistd i c iowig peoe sd was mp te ous. dt ai he h iheowig ieoas. s as thatsecau t the oount h wa i. in atireauhetrai.nt >> da: d youwaavehein e gingaich pce? de of dou thee this tt new ng p? gingch s d dung t ofhe hi sbateas thatew heaid ng s dusica ty te psideted oma ca mpar him to pde bere madf o d sa ts arim posideereadis as sa tcand and pde accate os bnie nd mandff o wha hcce o t blsehe ma oericha peo he. neingrhs gd to get a ic eo headne bne dongrouh gdhink et it gs ad b tonnk
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g far tar bobnewt ginichs, re h ie i n obwtinholl. hetart to ov h u i i the i pos.l. e thghert aboo nt i i'mheot po impr sed th nev hadbo nn'm unspen t ughtn hi lifprd ev ad he sots spis t mhtthhiif off he 's aunny le b ss mt'sff a sothinnythat loesn go bith s auy thas tingo be asoinatsno h seris guin a daate.ha t g gree as a anxper t in rigu a de. analreiessn tersn doe't wk als beuse lea madf t reondeto toe wkbesubpe nas.eaad eri t d acrate >>reg:bphanks.ou. riyou erreod acte >> sg:prisnk. t. lauu ter eri new of sis t the ay. aur >> d a: riewery goofhe . gre d dyoo i reet d i a doge snk? >> da: wcan lkbout 2012 inog his bsnck o r d wn ut ul.12 n "fos new b suny" r yeerda i alogi i. d't kno ifoeweun ve iyeda a wegi he it dno i let'go aad and r tha i eand hveitob t' a rctnd rha if ey bieve nd exndin the rars, if hey f bve n't lievinookiex atinhe s,the deraf resveynd d't t ev beeve ki reatuts, if
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e trayes d dot beeve bee eas,f t degula ons. do beand e aette tax stem, tdelas. d uldteefyaxverying sm, liev n. d soyherere iryouldge ev rectan to jpren ioardld and tellll thereuppoaners jp thardnd llhavehe giv mpos tstha a mon ve th say aiv m we' de t aon i fthay ae' d naht. i f sona sup.rt abody >>ana:ignicant so atemt. up a >>dyob: ere fea h >>a:ni nt mit ru ashird artyem >>i d: 'te beleave t ht. hemi sruyss outrdty he has d ael t e co sitte7% o tut hoteras in thisount who bievecoim.te o t heer ssnn the isnt shoelin bve. they itn te she sin sidines ey >> e tc: ts is wha iides ong th r eaul t risht the.ha i everne ee in he f ldg rl r sa loo if ithon't w er e in fll sporthe replicasaoof 'tcons wvati or not j t s likrt epca i'lle o the instirt'sot j ik roey - ll >> oana:he hun iman ides wod. ro>> e -c: iaid onse>>ativa: unorn notwo replica ei id wldn'seiv haraerizotepca h wn' at -raiz >> da: fr po ht. >> ec: his ayin -g i it not d fpo ee, hin i f getit it.ot
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anda: ihe iot fing tt. suprt t nd i i publan te hiout of he g up publ tan date. he'bl thitoof aipar. bl d >>e.ric:reatoint e' dan moroto ce aar o>>c:at nt 12 llan work cong. comi o p, sah pal w.g. mie expinedhe difrenc s al tweetea p ty roteerxped andifnche ccup waleea ptreete otesdrs. yo wil heaupaleerom wt s es. sa momts fyomil nowea. m♪ w♪ s sa om♪ fow ♪ ♪
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eere. list toha sheotrsr maid. . st o thehe say wl strt fd. ca got he baiout.ay w tr fw i wan caot o t.ait. and e ian oorre t nswed s n onreis entled to awes n baionntdout.o a e aricanai dre ot. unda on iabou work acathic red o emperme. da iou norkic ent lempmentnont eri >> area:is rihat aa: danged scies? tir?t >> gg: gat ng ses acketi >>ob: rah lin g b gk in tkeew becse s >>an't: h n st bd toe o of i t eri i wchec s it't ndstto o fsadd ied btheact s s ri w tt in t racight n. dd be t s gin th comnt rht in t ere,achat ehtaid n rht githom r the e,t d eodie r thverying. eie thte pars a aboryg. alle roverthent,ixin thear abo co any d th leert, couryotinhe abtntitmentco y ththatostsoreou a mabesitnt vern nt batger tsde bger. a mhink she rn br ould br.ead a nk he galineldd ag.o.gane pls. bobi wio. cryn tt p
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5:28 pm
li wen t wha hegas she s i l sayi --li tha >>ob: highe i >>ndre exce me yi - hi. >> :joriig of eount >>re xcethemetheyike arah palhi notri orf nt vot heeye forahal h for ot r pridenwoulagreotwithhe orstatent. h or do y aee witheprenulreth stat ent? att. >> b: y >>ndre whyot? at t?[ lghte ] b >>ob: e te par pple you >>lkrehy? abo i lte >>: tear wder powe u ny obof tmave te wnr h e o te t rtga dedntion o haken pegran for the kid gaedon o gornmeen peanorntitheid goment. it m susciouthatea par . opleretrait on a usouatarf leaion a this is gre y cou b spicus b youould re youe b ic bould wron >> b: yo d'thinkhey on ke byo d ducti?nk eri it'y tre. one yr lib dalti hoes rit' t .late, waen bfett e y ibdoese hights forower tax te wa b thett es cporahton?or er crsax he d s. he figh cra? or ce d ght. >> b: fo stas ar ther ghey are ot a bingfoorta barl
5:29 pm
er ou. >>gndrey newrethatame ag b t, n yortate is nowou >> refaciew aatudgee norte ssrtfaow .cige y? sfa all eall seet llioiresnd illiaire lost heirl ob hl sthe ioes sariesli slareed a w canstir h suppt thsaesla aelfa wan ppthtate thwallfa strt gsome i handsometemes. th lltr g>> b: 40eome itatere nd mes. efic b40ete wall siceeturt yr welre ate. ll bobwalltree sis ntt yr el hurtg. theye.ave d the igge obllee n ofitthey ave rtver eye hhege th ast ear.iteye grer thas to h th omatr. rehato. >>ric: oight than to oma. unde >> oc:maht his ian o co oenie.. yosaidhis stde yea o unrs i bama walcoietree yoid bans ea and llun strtademaalee an 7 biion d trne 29/ bin 210. unr bu, th me $.unbuth m 5 biion. $ >>ob: ankso t bi . >> : t goksg bk to btut -o orge ush t hego bk bl-ou bof bk beg wh ge geoh e bu. bou dan witsupp t of beg weo sebutor anitppof obaserba --
5:30 pm
bobthe ll o-- dan yes- b predent obsh ge the oeal donecau an essenar b obarent a ghelonau t na timrba and a theyameogetr t timuppond eyeet t po it >>itob:auls solush n >>:lsolh it it unr10 blion overa. unr obuna wer a bon tking ora unouobwe a tng bilon. bobthin bkshoul haveeenil.aile out obin b >> eulc: n ve dann youould tak ale ut podown the a t l e nhe anould ak oc apy wl st et pplepownhe a t gus wh get t mo oc wst p e contbuti froguwhallet s teet?mo esidt oba. why?ntti ro beluse s ist? i idba ow y?bee s. i >>ob: ll seet ves ney pplenower >> a>>rea:: hat s not bs y pe er dealrigh a a: t bobo b l's cnge >>ana: yeaalgh cha e obthe l c e subj t. >> a: ea anda: n heantsohae bj chge nd nets ich i
5:31 pm
>>ob: t niona ornizaon o >> w:en are t nna rectanto t k aorutza ohis. wre no of therean c tservivesre a taings. a utermanof chen. c rvesext, ggilltagea u aman c llywd elebtiest, glho he dad to ywebes cricizeig o h. i canaitdatoor tsriaby!ze o i♪an♪t t ♪y! ♪ ♪
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5:36 pm
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5:37 pm
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5:38 pm
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5:39 pm
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5:40 pm
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5:41 pm
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5:42 pm
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5:43 pm
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5:44 pm
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5:45 pm
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5:49 pm
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5:50 pm
eber gainenut t >>reg: ahat etiou erin taingbout th is>> ag:t uge tagut ths sry. e juiniebe didot he x. s . is ajun ael.beid sent hromhe hvens o chans thi aworl a. ntm hhowns anhirl can w y besrch thean y rfeccreare. but t'ses the and h hadhe sex thechatea w.anll t mys tnd h ad posts, a m x t woste willy comi dstn a mbove myink bedteil and ammi bur dng tveyked bier d mur t beanie bagaggy uggy mane ouoflippgs bobaggy sgyposey i m ou bathppom, atall ob who sesse i tt amore th, ll gre o nymo? t a re>> ec: hshou say- re anda: y have ner mo ne e houayhat, bob nd yav n >>reg: ovin on. anda: mt,ing toobhe xt >>g:inn. smentnoth nd mg o cebrit ons w cou y, favo ste ontfth ceitnsourswou vo ors --othe celritylindy - lon.he othefavote oours elshtynd w r ease flom jai hevo oaftea frs h rs. w gre r these fai rease h te be fuse h. of orcroing t re thhe l r herse s hy out obeaile f beuse oro sg had tth do a ler s
5:51 pm
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5:52 pm
foanaear. e eery gdoxnd pwa rab. fo mar.e sa herife. g althis stu o l ma ousaiser juse.ange toalistuer o and lng ou us ybodgeyondroun h. >> reg:he t edodo g i un h a par >>g: t preer g ieo aarre dapri ing. anda: hd dri n. g. her pndheet h isp a lonr an bob. r et s is lger a thaon you . ob bob now sis l wranha youou say oulde alki .obw w eri can poiou y methldg oue ki has n hing orian dooi wh who th oushe . as n bobng whado who erie we poied t sobhaut bere s was rie cvict.oi t l. couy jai wbe s sas ercr cded ct'd l.ouai lely w not crput d mehere lyotnywa gn in t are g leaswa. n a >> b g: thi is asick wan bwho sddiconhirobl is a k da werouto hselfnd oer o icbl a peop.da ou hshe lfoulde o putway. >> area:o on arod h op e told heputer.y. >> aob: a:ey aon allro hn de hal.. mo of the eopl>> giv: ahemll what erde. mo tfyheplivm atant. t entuly i kildt. h. tu i
5:53 pm
>> da: til frids use h her get d i to a trise yowere sing ometetng io a out eartyar. yo >>rereg: she wgtet t tty a >>g: w goway t pty. easitti nex to mgoy p . inki. i dtin'texnow tho m she was >> b: di y ki i try dtowheas pic b diher y?ryic >> gr g: no, bob ybe. as perct g tlem g.o, ob bob e. eniaer gem oblus.ia >> gg: dial thi tae.s. >>ob: haveo genia dl hi ta out >>: vet.ia e nes t b l kedp t for ne t b a longd perdor a ofg anda: cediafill t nd cia mahedoestlike tim tow be use is ahe cesisti.eim t ridilous e wobete elies wha h cti sai mo nts dius wo aiey?ha hai ♪mos ♪ a ♪ ♪ dietesesti? at ee isew?
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5:57 pm
're nturink 're mmitd tomprong live e and urnkinkamerans wha tter moste ittoro ve d withinoneserperss al shavice erst 5 ar pce lk guante constant fas speethesrs sce5 p lgute nsntasee and re ws toustose yr techlogy d wtoto y chgy ♪ ♪ >> ec: wcomeack "the fi." bill e mah wmek oesn carhe ffi ll consvatis orah chrtiansn ar f heaseen o nstiorhranissi to he trnh den or broossi o quterbtrk tien tow forro bequgrbti tonseativornd a be
5:58 pm
gchriian. se ivsten >>hey ouldust head rin. an omin e tien >>y tebld. t [adpplae ] an inthatti rig. ta denebr [laronc' at igquarrbactimta teben t fannc fiftarchriaciameb w tan is ftri inver ws he onheootbl flds nand trim omewre thahen ftb f vori cisti sd i oveew ha his fad a ri cti wel theepub cans aresintia ra. el>> e.c: sry bow ernedubhensiia broosra oundring g a eeam s bac w om ted broefics and ndng a mwinnacg ames t b youighticnd conder nn boong tes uht tew fo your shoonr bo of yoor t vier ite migfo ou len aho tng orbo tf. yie i ig da? lea t>> da: i oon't t tnk i uld dall tebow to d i was't t i s tim n d tow biloas mimer's shoil hehoul beetti rea m t's n. ho i alke tohe muletiea ster, t ang denr, ai shekeo mig t sr,ng tew en a fan.he ey a p tling for him te >>reg: don knoan who m a p tebng is.orim imagi h>>g:onlaysnoho eb soms. iort.giys billom mt. ller dsn'tothe m me. the d't aienche appudsithoe.
5:59 pm
e listing. th're ancpps bhoin dea ealsstg. hethe bhowsea anls oious diskehe r hiudieewsn whee ous plauis. yoare r llyhi lauieing athe au atyoe ryaugt jok eri theroncokere rihe nc4 bere tow. e w he wbes t. he wne a tns it a arnd. t >> ec: iustisht f the ar. f e ith f ushoth hav t defd e le tt bilsav tefd le t mahil ouldhutis mth. >>ndre we ree.ah heaid in t ldt m c.ment oo >>re e e. at hedn t tow cnt t is cucsoor chriiani. ucmaheo rini i. as a aheeisthyoes i ae ast care s >> da: ithe quaerba wa musm heouldt talre dabou ihim.eua ba eri he'waloveusim.held ali don kno ou m. >> b: i n't hinkriee' ive. thatoodonfno auart back. bi t>> enkc: fanstic otivates td tfm.rtck ean ic 1. iv t t gre whacolle do he


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