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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 7, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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nven scn a andeive wen of c delirate but n r nende w hos. inhe e the alieedtet ne unanousl withhe ho precutins wh esaidhe the a d ctor accanentlslkillth prutwh id michhel jason th a oreadl docc of tlell sativ chja pn pofo adl dof siv pfo [cers] [cs] sherd: at w thecene tsidthe crthoe as the he: wrdichecamene idown.e fansf th lat cho ahe sinr icmen. nsthat wavg signandin cntin glty. ny oavhem gnd cin gy. hugng a o myingverheews. >>'m so hapug for ahe ng jarsonamil hiss. chiren,o aptheor ente mic eljaacksnil fishin, e ntse. sticwas icrvedoks f micel. y di this .ve h eicos edic. happ? di hehis h ge. pp go g toheaveroken hrts g goto forer. e >> skepardmuch hf ths jackn veict han t here the srdchth v dictckvet an t michl'shehe broererma vcteld ch shis therromaands bo of em tdring up he s er veict at ce mods thanbof t twngp ears ve aftt cmo jhakson tw ath. e siweekrsrialasft jon sptacl fromh.he siekal begning prosutor portyedspclhimom asegng mone hungos doior whartver d
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mtooksoecur nengoi hha $15r 000 ok pemontur sary. harmistold how h150he pe nt door ord sedy. orerm ttndow fou do gaons rdropoel tn alledlyou ippeto t gas dtor'spollly girliend pe tthat onef thgirliend d r'who okhe sta . rlnd on of atnethhemrl tndtifi sheo was onheta pneonf withm tfi the docras on as pit micel jac tonaidoc dd bed e ju sawicictus frac thed d ed sing's juaw broomtufrhe cksos bed snd ooking moreike a bom p rmacsobe s e otrere p aerfu evince me f pm thaclate sger s. otr pfuvie hims f. fth prteecuts pl sed ar recding th sayr. m ray dems o prutpl a ec ngs thay ione. m y chaejack onound -- s well iyoue. aecknndecid- >> lluid didn hava dn chiavhood i had chihood ihiodeel eir iain. >> e d fac upohiod f ri yeal rn. >> bend bs anlossacfp f hisea medilbe banss licse. is sey egal di w inhe couroomic. ielf. y al he w outde w thenourtuse urm itodaf. the ry ad w somut worheodayrt e or no? da e no,hepaom. or
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it way auall the judo? o, jupae mhael asto w had all somheud pret strg worju, in meltoad facom etprestrng cgcernhatorin ac dr. rrayas a esligh crnt rk now . at iayhe a agh concted lon rd th is ww n i tho a on edhandffs me n th outs wand ey weho slaed o nds ut. muay a he d s w atla o muhat ae st defee tae hdsehin hist ck f the r aindfe of tae hinis preedis anthenere fhes r ndwhatf he prdianene judaid atext. >>ud dr.durras rkles condt.t in hisase>>r.raoses r aes ndins e demotrab risto tes fetyf th pub ab is tr. mray r ainstyutth ofub stodon bd and myve rns f oughr. m rayod is bdnd a medal gh door, en mys tughe ha aed do, t hha be praicinubli fety mand thate bebe remded.ra in li tyr. mra now eingndat hbed emwithd.t bai mowngegreted hom d th re of heth prinai pulaon breaused f t higthref riofilnatu ofhis ce, la bse tig sh .iltufs c >>hepa: okasey whatappe n t? sh >> wl, >>pa nexokis tey atpe n nten ng. d th w wilhapp at e d ofex t thi enonth. thilppt e
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of hivemb 29t ath:30 the morng toe mb e9tct. a and at wl be0 llhep to rn theto e. d we dge. toe ju is the invved th pross e. whaoeve ju s nonv wed shod te y thro tt therishave a noeossilityho otef y an t appe erere. a we usiersttyd tt ohatnould pe not ce.e unt aer u tst ttld t c ntsent acing his tfensteamotelea ng nt ngany rm os nsam an oicia statent daea fter y t o a verdt oia indatatint whetr or ert th wou, in t ft, rd gond in etat rorte i histhouin cas fo r is she as sherd: sey egalon ene. 'seporhed, d mur y he : y uld alce fou b indor dur ba. ho muchd ime ll hou y actlly bd serv ba that anohoerche hct myter. ju this wkend herv atno tuble mr. juhi acess wnd t linleocal acsindsin alloha wen t jlo serds ha heenpris t j sennce. e wa in aer outive heisours ene. th's b ausewa cnifor aa's ut jas ave s oversrowd andth b se cey hore sus a mjaey a s obleve wd whathis uld ndan f hsu m . muay a jushow ngle at s coud fctuayerve. at's cmuing ausw pnsid f ouua 's cgid f re. xews imeri's e
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ctios i headarte. anari eio fouh adte ana womou i now acsingomermaain o sex ilow harament she theirstacne tngman o ex tual go pub craithnt e hest t grapc detls. her aloubameh i apet.haro re iro vilk. e met hern cin wn she rkedor til ecatietaler cfoun wtionn thhe0's. ed du tng tt tim eti hern c n unon th ran es. du a tociaon. e laimr ender cp losg n tha b an aiasked. ermalaen cn foros helphaindi a new aned one ma shsays cheyador dinr i lpdi ew waingt in lyne shysy i and ewagtn pecics ktf cain asd rivi herci k bk to theotel cheg. in er hetopp oside bheto eel sociion' sheadarte he shpp odeays. ofred sho her cin'adte sh arod.s. ofd hoer rod the >>nste of goi int thehe of ces,etefoi sntdenlheeach of s,er a he put his snlands onch aeut is ldsn uer mkirt a ached f l m urt aenits. he he flso graed m myead a brgh iit tow ds hheorayd a crobrh.
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i i waow h ver vy surisedndro wa veer vhock.ured sai "wh reve youck. ai dng?wh you ouow iave a bfrie. d th? isn wha iu ie camere bie thsnhaam r." e mr. inaid,yo wana b, " rig. ?" askimd,oantop, ae d.ig sk i ked m toake bacp,o a hel whi heid rigi d toe ac away hhie >>hepa: shigsayshe d not le a ay cplai bac >>en, padsh sysely dne st a n c onaiac rerd. , e sad tha sbecaye sh was n lonnrorki for rehe. sa hastaucantshasssoction on buki hor lawr, auocon glo abu all hd, saaw s hloll sa swo s staments h fr aorme boyiendndwo ta otntr fr ndfr singheme tdoynd em aut t iiden at totfr s g time ttwo heromen did a t ien tile mexual haro smenrenomplntsid agait hean cnnde alaren plportsly g finaicialhe c settment fromrthe g asciatn. in toalght,ai camign ttntom spesmaassaysat tot,uoteallamn legaons harsmensp ma ysagait mrcainretel colete fal gas ar andenoes aito smrin mr.ain h nev coteal hassednds sr.n h aevone. carl ammehan,ed o cpaig guy, aive e. rlme dav oport ciowaig
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nigh y,i gue s yoare anventav rt wafor mtomne gh gu yoe bancallcainndnt r m romy ar ne bo tied tre iball iowin andomar ie t the a. i andownd f mit romyhis on .esen som hinghef a an d oprtuny sh fld hite dideom s toampa nenomngull tonin opheunsh h de to paadnffl o causes ren ia ti as he thr. caun.s i mrcain as sntis e c hmrin s unvoralityevelrise wi ameca h vers. the un latrat watyelse wime vs. eatwa seet,wall reet jrnal poleen svorat,lityll etoubl jal inol jus an ra motyh. toy mrblcains ouonn tus a westoastn lo he wtolmreinsou tppeang o ststlong the. w jimmyea o kiml livhe latmm nigim medyelevionivrograt. ig rlietodathe dyevnoman sd gr y sh dided oieda geublian sd'm sh ded comg gorwa t gili ace domg awa voi tgio tse won whe oi can tt or,wowh for atev rean, dot whan r,to ce fororrd. evea d w cor. >> n worfromhe rney caaignboutny o t s. norom rmr. ymneyas bn trng oca gn utstay obove theray oall
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. ey be istres lehis nd ayve frany ony lot ofl he aisual ls poli dates anon hiot psencheren iow al li gges is goi d to esmp ithi p uncre ow wi jus eht wee esefors eoio thfirsit u wiusaucus. e eetheomneor camign th wonrsay wh he ccuing ene bk toamn theon whwkeye cgtate th areooki btoareflyhet eyte thre ki . caef's penti vulnabily asn ca pporttiity r th govelnor ilas tonick theirst win rty th veshep tok he>> sstpardno qstiomittin roey h not ep gonhard s rd qtherio tt theyill romit hothat. the esti isonrd wtherill er he m e moey ofl t at. e ort e tisow? w er l sous li e mmofill. a >> e thet w't auall? oulie say l. unt >>he w mr.omne to all go rit upo tayleve of t r.neo pearog toork likriheup t ivef tryi to n the iow artokik i yio he caucowes whoutctuay reveing at h uc wpentutua ward veg f $1 hmilln fo yes agin ant ling e ortrd the ia$1llfo ye cagcuse a l spgtarel e at fraheion i th this te cse rounsp t anelis hin tead ran ied thhi t withermaun h td d . roey w ld th lovma ver mun. toinhe iow ro wov cercuse muif howereoin he inow iow d ne h cpshise. he houldree tgh h tonow bt fo netheomin hion.hi held ye t ty wonoommi t bfot,
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einn. reco izinit'syetill t aon tmigh t ll t cmbnd s ll coin 's llcleawith a tatio a ut t c s dided,bout eath0% o theio a fos satheyre wordied d, abutt ohehe chaes fo agasastey hean corn abnd 50%ha saygga th donhe see cts a b0% ay sue. thon ee sh? a >> spard bcarlthan. a cord umbee.of arica is f pshith srdrlllan t nga rdbe a ca wa ingt folitallyh spking taew svey wagtitly iicat 1%spng say ey a sy aryithhe iat dera gayernmt. a th's a aordih ton ara g"thenmashiton st"th adi pl. o e pol aters ay he thit's n " p all-meigh. ol anrswhenou a tns thoho just ayl- thereh. an densati aied ho with whing n, sthet's dtid th 80% e potway somhe all-me h0%h se bac inpoy the l- h1980seac an hashe mtere t pcess 80 ofuildg a asucle mre teapo pss th i of theld a omileus new rortpo th i omhentelgencin the mi itedewtate rt no irahaselncarni forhe ed anybtey whmigh b tnonkinras abnitor att king ybwhgh its b nucar tin prabram. d thwordtts songbodyts uc mit. a liv updpre jum. thrdsody ahe. usmihe fsary toivpdjuorcehe to cco mpans fo to putce too granhic ihoul say tut
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la lingn cigrrettc packto ulay shhe dgersf la sngkingcitt ck toght, shrand n drs rulg on s ng ethe the verntont ct, ndactuly noulon tha a he be yrn c new stu nign neha york a bewigne acr s rkmeri a y willear om tournists ofox ncrs on thi mdayri fox y ll r repo t.rnts of nonhi myox po
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frede uh. ed w t isi'our otan?la eduh wisr ? do iook ke i ve alan? ik i an? noreal. [ malennouer ]nly fld in rancnocoveal flo s. [ leou ]y flr a inee bncchurvelo callhe nber youscre. a bur ll nr oure
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sherd: nn ste ia unersi rocd bycand as f rep ts he: sonig i. und tsiocbynd fconiep fooall achig. t joater ss ifheniool h cusajoons e te,er s qifte wer a sas t fled. q re'shat er aapped. on s furdad. pice 's arrtted pennpe ontate forr sda perrdefenve nn orditorjerrteor sansky. is e gen cre teddi wrhrr t oughs d gense thre eardd whe choolo tgh i dse th liarback u nicame.oo at one i poi lianyck pn stersice. atconsneered hoiy p patno's srs nsed h kely sucssorat 's noore. beuse osecors y helyad aery duckor ide.e. th saybee eces he ay sex dlle. thaybuse8 dierenboysverex5-yese di en ysperir. so of e abuookyelace
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ey s a t penrin sof stabu'sk ceotbaacil ies s a andnen the ckertaoom sho ilhiss lawrndheays serduskm ho. de es i s allaws sskde ill >>erry i verery deesse>> ry iis hveryerpset.y ry dtraut abt th de searge the hryet all atio ab ththe kwled gehe reglldlesios o e kedeges o whetreuilt o i ocen et peop aoingo thk helt d ts o ien op ang stuth.he >> hepa t: hos ag thetu >>pahoag scol'sthlec dihector a gh ran ngsc adm'sistrleor odior a ch ges ey fled rept th aansedmndtr ohey ledchos f ad ep and ary iestitinghedy luse. a d iting e. >>his notasebout footll. 's n a c>>e abs tot teut otuniv.siti. n it c a cabe abt c tldre who ve ivti adit t cirab inn cencereho sten fm th in culre t nnce th didothi to st s fpthnul i or eventhitid frohi hopeni to sp othe. i >>rnd tn the is en jro hnio ternhe the>> tthis jinninessivisn on rn ast e na htoryni. ss isiseonot ilica d it n a of hry
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de p inylitutan or tchooto pe re irtarnyf for af cld inutoroo use. red toyor c e. toennsvanis atrneyener joeater dithe operhing bynsni ateyer oeer no fyinthe diminie ratier herengnd tyt was no tine pniperti courre of tctio you cas seeeas t pstifrd in he graur jfyio thatou h cee rorte ifinra j at h ts rteo divi tals the minirati, beg mrcurl vis he and nitibe mrr. srlultzs faas wtndccurd tha ght. s tz hasfaeen wur chaperave t. wit as n thinveigats inhis crait thve at inse.s is t rerdeds tget this . s reed pnt. t t >> verhi the weend patno psued. tate>>nt.r he saihe didee n uerstatd thfull ed eentfte. wt t kai id ple in nhe s ththstatllentays, etnd i w t rd partf itplin it sr. thatts, was obvus r thd the w nessrtasitt straht or wh he sasbv t atth nhe wss timdid rele torae owhe s t vaty n scifiimd el toactis t coninedn vyhe sfi gnd ry tiepor we conlded lrn mor fm g oeor c tern ltomoow worn is fe exctedo ho a ns rnnfermoce wis he nexedhoampu ns
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er h epar >> spardlee,puhe precuts sathe n ar s rde, ch gedprutsae ereanduy fou s viims roug chd echilen'sharidu.ou vis ug >> n ustil'sri any chaty n epar it wt theeconny meha undaon. wasar cha ty t t he whe on fo mded bk da. asha the fo ind b 197 l ofhe vtimsheyn say 97 ca of fm v thamsy chaty. let'aytalk erycapeci fcall haaboune o theha. v timst'lky at'scientilled i heourand o he ry vms rort. 's ctimtident iiedsnd v ti nuer rt. 4. im wasntakendos v a b lnu. asen gam and bam jry s duskd thrtene the cld a saiif j sskhrne hee c eve aai slos havgexual latis ortope tve sexl osav retionhe wuald te t tiorp boy me. t als gavex here boyon w t t y n.erou ls avftsoynclung $ reptedl nou tos blu $epdl mtoijua b. >>hepa: dad le a s mua >>pa da lenigh at a feral s staon. ank you ght falta . a la wk wld houe reqred garee com nies la w hoeqdrint re grhicarnis. om thes wer goi tnt grcni th probit er
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ojobs ourearlroje in nada drofus obs we'lbe le prouce theur oilrlandsjen da 'l we h throsameemissns heils mads oth oil wthmess andmahat'tha huil brethroh. th's gd fo oucouny's ergyecuryndt'hurero th gfo ouuns gynd our ecomy. oco. mineas rned or thsoutpacic i 1943 ne ed ovthtnamut196ac i43 iot m e iviraqam200396 i miaq 03 u. .a.aautonsurnce oftn haed dn fm geeratn to eneu.tion.a toure ftha d ecafe itgefferat to eon a upeor lel oproctio a it erand eca e u.a.a.a e l co oitmerot toioerve ndcau.a. thecoilitmey, vtoerave andheifamies eit va ndeimi s wiout ual n yor le. g an to surae que. wit l yole. gn ra qu . u.s.a. we kw wh it eanso see. s. kwht nsse [ g ] am aocksr. my ct? sid g d. [ ] aks inses? re p ctinu s g [ malennouer ] heahyns ? poutsnue st ts iide. [ leou ] eanew ms s ple natutslst i e.has icke asw ts n sber e e intuedie s ke and ro flers as n r worin insiee fo heal u casee theutsi . d frs ornsfoal ca[ e g ] hecan'sibe a ocksr onhe oside
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[ ] n' aks if i notonne o othe deside i ot o [ e maledennou er ] neiamsaturs. you' likwhat in em and [ ve wlet's out. ] nemsur u'ikatn [ g ] d am a wiamss og. [ rls he'so cu! [ ] ams. [ do] grpies [ s 'scu do gres
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7:25 pm
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7:26 pm
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7:27 pm
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7:28 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:41 pm
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7:42 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:51 pm
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7:52 pm
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7:53 pm
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7:56 pm
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