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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 7, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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♪ stht >> bl: citalm atts west theyre n sel ng bff calatohn st ey nel n nin n by par ♪ive pea a bar ♪eea cnce c e bil cauon, u ar abouto eer t no in zone ilthe auctor, eginarright ou e n t.o ne cae ionsory in gh clos caponinserves n cans osapinrv >> ill: i, i b l reil. thks f wating >>l: i b toniilt. cotholee fa riat comg g up ortl firs t tniking ointscoeeriomup tl memo rs the cupis t fall tngnt i mo die avorpi overalhe wkendhe oupy i ll seet veme tri to dior erinte were ndth t defding oy st thmeamerriano dam smit ite e twashefgtonng .c ther th is d steacel i sh meeonng tendth bys concervates aee me t par pndple.y but eonat p atests ma it tar p t pstmat ta [shoing] hog]
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>> h. h >> ma' a youkay? >> [ba'ep] a ou exce m y?are u [b] xce m e oka leep >>ill:hat otesgotka ant diaovere becepse >>l: ist estmbarssintohe t aer ec cupyall trees movent. ar thine wano rean w tho pyl ee peop werovt. thwaeahere w buhoeven w se, opmeer ofhesere buen irreonsie w pro, ster efn brght tseir ochilen. resiroer e brt t oil. [shoing] ho>> wg] are you pting chilen'sn hm's way wre ou >>hey e m png chi 's h whysouldo yay tha pol>>e ary the mnly ohisn. hy ldthat yarmehahem. >> wol doarouey do o tha atme >>olicarehem. onl woneso who rmedhem. ha you ut the>> inicenl harss wayo .ed m. wh wouloudo yhen tt? ar >>ill:hey uld ay tha whul be yuse eyre o t of >>l:y d ha be e contl. o inf olandthes koore nt in oevenndesoo ptestg buer kg chn th enrovisow cos pst bu k fo to e ch folth.
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theris nvio queionos t fo o cupis arnow ol a er nunatuen t inge piarw aat ge eleionso puthetamp lens litimy onuthe cmes d thmp hrors limon that cs ameca th mmitarou the hrshame a it touhe millnsf pplehose a t les ll pese lrush and gras a murds. th's wt thshndra i a no grdd ca comthe wfth ihis. gnothcagom pitiv you ow, m s.ommu st. th u kn piv u , m looothi sitimu can. kn comboutnlesoo hi yoget tianomutes rid fyotid ameca - bil alle alin agemenhere tccupwallme - illlal streagenrerote haseen tup ll hickedy oons re tenewasnasmuen plhied ss3%ns of w kelymu p u.s vots no soldf a farabl viewlyf the.sotnod otes. fablew he%nfavable fos kn hat'es gngn. t thaavoesnle foknt' gtop thahe lesn-winmedifrom contuingpo suort e leoccuiners.di om satday e "n yorntk ngsu tit s" cuditos.aliz at qy te"nor ti the numrs gwtoiz t q
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heprottersum emed go be t incr singot welrsmed a ede ast tol atedcrbyngelheird a llowt cizenol unqedte. ir coue, tt's t truow c enl thpollsa t anqrica. ou t s opletaveurne ainstruhe th ll oc tpy memen aca l thleene ast oc men pls. thth wle expitio i a p. im rtanlessth in wmerixpnio i diss at. inhe begimninganssn somri ss in prottersegoicengom litime be. thote isrsoo mceh coupti on w ll stimet. e maets are bei be this ma mpulacod anti h es peo west. ma arsgettgreeiurt. th 's ama trulaan h eo soon t looarttegin tt.o ethde aru on tyooegitinacy. t e e scere ptestsid otit y. eak t abet t sreiolee pst andrime k ab tle d mefinay, eve obsveriber mar of nave vcouvbsanadr iser macallofg vuvads for ll ptestto b shutownnoris cntry pcausstof b he utn rpant crugry e ki edus t rntg proster wit ki t ovdose maybthero meriait suld t e ov nosece o the al sybrye mnd s dportt t accnoatel o e s th's t mo. rtbernt golergill hcceel m eth t thicomi uas m welrnol g lw fo the hop m sry tonhihtmi u el acti.
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fo joheing s fmonaghtmary kath ine tim ajog jn fm lliaht botryfox ws the a alys j. juanyou id lt we ia theotx protystersquot hav anu l thewe he wer chaeheatiol ot rs otnarravive andhe ele n r ha onl iopresent ama t t rr eectnd mocrles inhis n courynl e est a t equot now, hilecreins allouake e ot stakw,le evelle me,ll rht? atak wave oious ae, miske. r mea? basa ous on aevenisays. of eaas repoagenhowi jusensfnsane ings appepong ae ove twius counany. gspe so ayove t wan i un retsocted do y wanto mifyan it? wh do u wa toeted o? y an i my wilodif it bec sewho wao yoin t talng pnt ilemoif t taed aecut ts yo tal p lunoic ta a t ingeecomssocted witun occu wal seet. ge om i age wi youocd iteseeopl recual st. anaaghistwi outhe a ricaepl peoe wou naoccust walstre wit thee ws o aacaeo daiou bis havcualre aite oilya rindeof aaier b atav ll see a y exc rsde is abeinommiedt b swall a xc sreet ithe o b to inailmi pe ble wll are n makg oreete b moneothanl eve peand wre nakge nean tyve ad rindeha repuicanareost ty a oft in r de e potionf beg the
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pu anrty ethe rh wh the ft npublans e lpoelyonbeth t y nonate rwhhe blormes lyedge fun t noteme ge unnagemittomne >>ill:ait minu thoh. nuer oo ogettas tnee >>l: t numindho if ey anu oo o tincely any ab t sondthinf abou a ce thei aer. an thab knoso theinreou ang. ei mber a two. hat thesenoheeopl veng d.e, my erathawonet e pl memb in e d myha begning mbn presenbama symegthetng. nothe onl esmane spathic ym iset nouan.enl if pside oba com out d sa sth i isiken. tho pdebaomut sa otesrs, droenoth ho10 pois. wn to es, 9%ro appvalth ow.oi goesowno to if h sppsl . th. i thiesno i h the sheir uthfuln s i ahi pitic anasheir ge. am uln p wroic, ma aathane? g i'mot same is geroma ha en?rely 'mlet telyou. s is t num irs g thawere enseeily abo the right el nu. tare umout e shae as theea paeiybohe in ghrch n e t f s010.s nohe theea ptypan h thi was0. ham rednohe p unfrly he hi mea an me to e s wtam ad t of wnft wey re see gnmean m toe the w veotas, of wwe ankl aee abt tth e vlodetantoiolee kld al a ts sor ab of tnfai edeo verale for lonime al t befoor y gotf thoaiumbe.
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t thraor ponnteeing t t thefo yot ho webe th aowed p- th wnge t ablhe toctua y cngwe t crse a ed th an wlectnbl intoua c 201 t fm ce nct rchon01 f novber. theyave angetheours h of a eleion. ov ther. olkseye cangee havrs aower bulein. tnk ty ar heecomksganav r, f morer danburous t t toar mocroms th t teaarty s to foranuso crth teatyepubcans to >> bl: danytng vlent thiis whai aubns bayin d yt v thnt wercoved a ifhiheyha a wein vlentthhichersvehy a yf yw thnumbs we we dow v nt chese ys wer y bng ctheredmb asfhe wreow e benern. b an ci haed tri to nic outen his.anhari o ic bil thedidn. ritt nowe have a sittions. wh e,ilhedn riuan,noou kwaviton ts, wh amerans,heyn, k honisse t drote . er >>s, yyh. >> bon tsey dot wt this ki ofte stu. >> y th don b tdo wanthiittl kif tu ch drenn ththmidd ofon thist tl idt paentsring thechenthddf ki to t t isoeaso id forpatsnghe the kio t ocpy wl stsoetroteors to be trehe away. th gro thaoc wstteto had t the a coy.enti in wthhingron hha nothg too wiad walhe stcoet.ti n wen tngy ar h att king urgeth to wikingal and st a.acki the tar coptt ng gether is ngrugndverdes a ikihe opvancver d cr e aler oveg rde i pce.
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ncr cralve ean, p. ts movent i woul't s i haso behutn, t wn, vet hink t cop s ul s as beve rllyt golamp it, rnk top sobody isoing o ry g dies impt id lt weesody o ieiook,ou owhat lee j y? can'k,blan t at ente veme by lkinabou y peop who ren'an a crant meunaty .in ou can say hat heopho craes ra ve ten orat theanaytsighra t orhegh asyl. ha youver ard at stemen of crse ey he. thyl dom ateheha newousr d ycle sten cnow.e h t ththome proewsterho'savele a w.gitite beeth royouner h'sr frehem. a youave ople hoti doee craz unhing hfr rem.mberbillitood ou wite le o you en y werazayinngthat ereerllodainsiteam dia s u yer in atfair etheyant sayhe t parnsm a ract ecauir s ebod eyt ay tnt aar rist e ilacnd a ofau sod a th. itas wng. r t e's wng t say af tha bause theristh it s we. w tay anahistoutha binse o lander or som sude peoe nain wsthingtn ond o aome aeo wngn consvati conntiothat a the eire movent. >>nsill:tiheonio matemen is e e eivinthe traov nowt. jua >> l: >> don m thieno. ine ra bil youowon'tuahink >>do yon thihi the picres e ma up? ilou >>'tf you fnkus o yhiheheics maextre, y getp? t>>ou f oxtre.
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tr y>> betl: tt's at's toing jn. the n't anyingre.lse bgoin ts 'sngn. j th i it. th >>t mosny agricae in taythodayt. os bi aca oeill mo tmerinsay 55% s thebi oll mo isoori5% she mucncom isnequity. e ri shod be teduc th's wt thequy.eople s ndrihobe t m for. th >> will:tht's t thepl s pele. thinmostf th gd r.peop hav >>l:s th pe lef. iney ast soth g opav aalle ef maryatha ne g ae yoothe st wd. >> aleoth ryillha and gyoeave w ipul>>ed trere h ievaes tlt arnd rle ul wi tin ts cwd. we don va dis tuntar r tt wi t c. sy emat allyn olandonheist enre g tup of rotesyersatly oas nd plning aen gf conontaon whtes poce. pl wasngot - it w t aonta w if itpoas. asringe g -upt w i a f chactezed eovemitt. ougho yng hav g g -- thechy ted ha gotemhese gh yav aernave real gy go-g onnhe hesehaot rts seereheyave a gna al artgoon se d s eye g ppet trirt cmitts, h many po yotneedori me u thatoueed ctt h ny rapyoeed m eprevtion uommi ee i youratd pa? i'm serapus, is isctua y ev on migoin i our and at sepa p?nt i mer yo, aresuagnorg it uin orendt s etual p not ielpi wit thayoeort oble >> tse a aalotpiitunchha of colle ki a the le are t a ing actchf
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llki ahe up,aryre g ctkathine. somof tm ar buthere is ap,yrobl the. her om t ar>> bl: hd dout witre abl rler hardore b hdoit crinal the ttomine o thi r rdecr ial e ome the o hi violt pele alws,lway i ergeheecau thether ol pepeop are alwaid ayhem. thatge whaaus hhepeneer opre ad he. m.thesviol t atha hneooks- h -- thehoul beesol no sagrmentn th panks- -heul e abt n i grntthan archts a v lenceabnd i crimals t th outf herech a v nc tea par ims raithng tutir re voic is eeaealarai t proem. bil nex on tic runs l dn, cooleea ribjecrong t. e irilex tun pulutnd wt d abcot theeriec t dirkheneuldona w msfe ritiabsmsthf d h? nethe nacrety wi fetis beere i ju a f h mom ts.e etwi ee i ju fom. takmy mti-vamin b wand too sothinmore f my tritn. ak m -vtherins souch formbionan toout soere.inrefy it what goofor eru tosoy, h is brm fornou torrot e.atoor to bor t roi d nodea at tchoo. ntili founo a pr tnutroonts a n lin of upplentsil frou ce rumprtrs ninfplts frwho etotamy trt. omeg3 suorts not ly mhear o tatr egsuut mtsbra t nd m m eyar to pbiots hes
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sh rardsard. [ a nche c td foewpeop wta wane 50% rre cdsh.d. cfoop wan% c wh's iyouralle wo !wh iurle [ ggles wo ges >> bl: cdoleza re ha a nebookut cled bo cle r ha gher onorneok c memdr o m yearinashiton. er or suprt s isem o on ediaarhi n. blit and upaq i ss an fquen ia esti. >>e ne to nd a itd way io fen he ti the>>neo aay irausta he thselvhe thrgh ts peod antoealra whta thlvhr theirpe anl mewh wh malsoir neibor i wh mso ir. i'real rhereir i ructa ir t oi'al critiz rregottion thai rta dn'tartipate tn but i it wootd haonhalear bee'tti bettern ut hav ia riduawohaareeorceet av>> bl: heow rua i so, bck heheney wldn't iome on tsr.e.rogr. he ould, tne wn'e s in the t chagr inhehichldou a sting s evenheha thou he d ain booch a and eeaso sngve he woun't be use oue a kneooi was oingd sooe ou
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task m boutbee ts souneasng be. o roll he t e.k ut t ou b ll t tnkhinghaveotte t soad insengveteraq bief so nsis wwille geted asq bf wll ged lirato. s>> bl: b we wen't doeshat cat you by lito rpri b. be >>hat wer't w't estatou greyed as ri >>t er lirato? >>res ilito kw>> irasre tgh peop and kidn' muc likras treig ierve ion. op ndi thn'ght wouuc bik welmed ig byome ioven. had tht sfereou bnder ddamusseel butd fnklybye ad didn exp stre fwerso beer amseut f lyfelo 00 reet, dnxpt frsbe lo0 t,- to be thro a oeet. to e>> tre ro liey ot. p tblem iieeliey dichenewhene id pem tha i ieicneen belved lin wellhenha h saield n weans ll n thmass desucti. i de m hai eeatori decio thss bad onhates thoti i mwo eenriec id a whabaon itho rd in the ew yk tis" oll ahai plas the rinronthe pe hat yti o coirmethataddalahussn haheweapsnt of passt de ructn. come i atld tda peosse wh o wathaap f th proam ws hav got to godect i t eowh
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inhereat a yth knoro che wy avot isighto thago oe inree a y no heerth wishtaddaha ira oill coeratwith us,e wilthtry da t ral dem racypcondatths,ily runng. em i cys wro. i srong anthat nn i hurro mei ng not nly an atwithheudieeur beoty thie persally becau iq didt eet asrslyau i liderats anyou say u t ads se latisgianngs.u nev y ueard tse s gi s.miivin . ev >>o.rd lo. so t iqisid miinreet us>> lo so as isets libetors s bil notany. l's riew y w be wrst n iloty. ir. l did rw tnk w w tough tir inteidigen bri ting w wer tgh t teen geriingg w aerntelgence brfing thrgh gegheongr asel nc he hbrng vlatehr tgr h ologal. v te >>ill: tou bieve >> aoluty anso did olinog. >>l: b vepowe . a weuthougan he ght be asidin litt as ear fro we awe ug e nucltreeapos membtts rroill,addahussn an w ponscl o mspo dembructn wanotl,dass an wns o m th retil pdeposicton.wa t hadse wponsfass thti psi . de ructadn. w>> bnsl: ndoubif hhad ats stu it clddect h be w nndub h d any p ce. >> hhad ud itut c h bef we. ny p
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.>> b l: i turn h outdo be u i lse. ef und o n b to iernut tbee it >> t nede. outhat nd he o h. no t nohave it tock les t wdponsutt h mas h no desveucti. ck >>s ill: we dins't he any as live sysm at allesti wha he w>>l: thedi hanacket throvehysatciensts,llhrou ha whenke infrtruc re rondens,ou i'm reay gl todfr we uceotalki abt an'mea arm gl racod bete enki ab aniranrmacet ahminejorucle an weon a sadm hseinhmej aq fukele aeady we aad hineapo >> b fl: t bloe and a dy easu weavepo eende b tlo and illisu dolersend a the pele kled daime edde o ar thlie, iol see to ahe hatpe kd met wa o't w th iinth t ieeo t sin wa w i t th o mitary pformin roicthly b oight n mar ira prm cod diend intic b cosht n ara earlas nt coear,didnt c eily. a sadm hu ein therl n r,midd of t mdle ey. easadhu wasn he sec ity ddf treat me we he be tasoas war agast ec ym a catple we hbe times ar stilshoogang a o a air cafte evy daas aes rest of iloo a o thiirt bil couev havdahand ad es hiof dferelyhi ilou thoavh. nd stnglehiim. we diedre to strg gho gel st ouleof. him e d he wotr breing gt of thoel ouim nstr nts. w trireg toofho asssina grg
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trs. ri h.o bh. weriedssna t g sangl him ah. b we connueded t sgl toim thrten a waiton ed yes wishe heentohrnight it the s intshligee ag hciesn had en right abo thetatehentge ag esof h intd ligeeigbohete proam. cha e at hntge moremoctic mile et isro. haatuc bterorocc mi eis plac b bilr whaare u gog to y tohe ms a dsnd ac ilhusbhads ae go wtoes whoto m a led d sb a ones wreeadho or l maid i is timesdext yrr iraai id i in a vil warimwhicst yra i n ablute a l posble,aric bause esidt obaba isteos we,hdrang althe eric bse tros idobisow and wra the t'sale ic jst aroass d chhetics suati? j wh areou gng tsay ts ch thc? >> sell,ti'm n goiwhre go ty d tl with nth >>l, h notheoical caus dght w we he nth nraq tt hhel us t we h. >>ill:haky q >> i ts skyut all oung >>l:ky de icrac ssre skyll bngl. >> ill:his de a cacilar s th hapned erhere b we hav n>>l:s ira c b l,thap td tre eavra isn' b i t ctraistitiono th n' iraans,or i itanc c aekinweapstifon m sthra s, de iructncn. weave ira thatin iapf abo m bedect t we ne thraat iargebo
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pu haseofemeri tn mitar n geequient the puseorld urthri m lararst ithe r ion.ui t he weavenldraq tha th hasar a ie r n. chce twestane u tqhaas ira ch tan u beuse. t >>ill:hat'whatou wldra sayven itoes bee. sou. >>l:t' at w younow wel yn as tdo s th irasou hehe ouw el inians at wthl be ara hooduffe agnst ian wbe a iniandowerfe whi is e re proagemt i hi s bil hav arerohiite prencehatod. doe't h e il av ahdined an theit prullacet and oeat han ahneanhe spe d exil inyria becae he c.ated the pe irailansn soia caheed muche bil do rau unsrsta or so acowlee -- hav'tuc nishil youo bookuntarntir y ac thle the--avraq shouok dirl thheuine presqent buss d psidey? ne th ame can esoplet tnednus hi p dein f t, whethme on male td aounc th hehi f ihe-- ion't ohinke ha aanync choe the bause i i't thenk hay ho uldn indnifymeri bnse troo fro prohecuti ove the an y dn cndldn'fyt lverin amer an tooopsrorontivehereith ththean y iqis cn' lre gngo t er tsre h em. e at w i thes tipng g t pnt but you.nderand y whe mosip ople wan pou o i q t ouerd andos y busle gan o hur ioadnd whe
8:19 pm
thus w gturouth >>ertalyhe undetandthwhy wtth eric>>s wa wartotanddendy memb, pridenbush wicwaar elecd aln 20 aftmbprensh w e ir wad becnal20ft pros utedir wbecae i ink e a brican pele d undstan tha os wheedn caere i ak aca surit pe t deat, u nend tan dhalheith i e n sit t t,as tth ne t dmmunyh clae, we n ac ally id m tage tun netiatanla w iunit cacusely m ewithhe t neat iqso ihatit our ce th rcesould i sty.ur >>ill:hey uldn iveesld ama t s se -- was>> hl:y dne lyg. >>a hav tnodea. s-- i assn't hnsid the ly >>av netiatns, a. resuali 'torce id woulhe hav beeneat, esl pferacee. >>ulill:o dot buheavaiee he cldn'do i p ra >> or a>> of l:e redoonsbuha we nde n cn' ira i tt w >> af nres go ng toe saamra h tsein w n iraq an i q th cango statosap t hin an a ira tha aq can ithantaight t ba a ainstlraaedahaan htterrists but, wbal te y astda so thin therrottots t, wine,te y i'mery, so vinyhetoegree,ul f m althe fe tty,as v lt. yore f al cane tel b b a l pt yo thaan p b bil if had b p a - i wh hawe h one it il anof eraday. - >> i w als ot h regetfultnohat ddam.usse is ilseg gule. t
8:20 pm
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8:21 pm
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8:22 pm
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8:23 pm
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8:24 pm
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8:25 pm
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8:26 pm
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8:27 pm
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8:28 pm
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8:29 pm
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8:30 pm
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8:31 pm
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8:32 pm
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8:33 pm
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8:34 pm
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8:35 pm
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8:36 pm
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8:37 pm
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8:38 pm
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8:40 pm
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8:41 pm
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8:42 pm
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8:43 pm
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8:44 pm
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8:45 pm
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8:46 pm
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8:47 pm
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8:50 pm
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8:51 pm
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8:52 pm
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8:53 pm
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8:54 pm
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8:55 pm
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8:56 pm
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8:58 pm
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