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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 7, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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thisknsn'thata i camer a fofr. is'tt am mrcainaid u wtoob, mrind wb, rit? >>he itheirst wano co f rwarri acc>>ing ie mr.sterma wo co ofexua harsmenr in apprriat behior. e oerf aceuaaren pratehr. oce acsers heemaid canonrsous. e woed w hhaid mrcainthe na onal estaonant s.sociion wo w the larin990 and odaynaal tat shcispokn in heaubli 90 e dcribnd theay al geshokn unntedli seal dibhe alvanc and unede mr. rman anc ca'sndampan sa all e allatio a. an mplelyapasa l alsellio abrit leume ce t seeitou bri e owell ntice. tat e te sayheri sal n acef you tikeim,ay ysau a ink 'soueingkem, fally accud. y ifou d't le k im hngsal rat. thacus tr , buif d lememr, h he'starng oere t.n a uthatr bu tem 'sar oe a5%, aybe t lite abe at i som pllsf%,hebe it reblicbote. heeedso ixpanom phatsf or reice. heds ti to wann. t thiss th okind of tng hatti o absotely w sts a isthndf tat cndid e's solyt
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montum i c iids tras. vingaid themoum i iast ora te ngd he week m. ca did het not o t ing say any orek aout mcatid e's n bacotin thehick fg ayny a.t nighhisampan nachecks out wit gh sothepastatnent thhe's a man th autit heattistoh'sf n fina aial ffictiesnd perstoal bnkrucy. na's bl k iniceshe tck o th rs ss. b ru .'s hd fo me t b seeine thi t o h enng anyime . soo a d hfo teehit's en realnyailmeoo a sorm forsis ca aignal l >> i suose is settm or ce ca gn ou iu new itt c tha tou end o neceer theve oha t tnd i owace he o causes t >> w ire gtingrett coseo thatow. senaes i f we gngtt ceo wre b l atw. clinenn in t ie decratart w b ese nds of inin t aegatns whhe at we cerinlyrtade e s tf a atfamohh weerly jene fer fower tgai t mo bi clion ahougnot in enr que f ter se trms,ai hebiightli augt in surv e itqu e t the rpubl san prty, ts,eht tnk thrv repitlica he rbl py, are mre t thepcare m nsorus tn thdemoat ar it'sard re oro t sthemoow ear gets'sast d . >> s i hwe alega ons ketst >>his
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becae slent h and agas is casltndexuaaramentnd unwaed tchiniseaduarant wro. if y u'rewao tin gudty the's nomuchou canro ay y excretay u i dn'theo noch i. an >> wee talxcd aout i ermi 't of t l i his>>ee stual d asn'tt rm amou t t mchut i l t cost tu pitic d it't a ou dif mrent i to atmo hereand puictifntnow, mored if asonle dw,bt c be rised agait th perneing i on d c e cuse tha rs enedgh i taith er courngof pitic andublic seiniohato den ieal t da ge.ur p icnd myenselibou io dalhis tta.hi my se n ioueriuslys amag tow, and is i cooundrily iag.w, look d ond ople ihinklor okllr is an lenkor odlrus cract and i unnrsta tha a t ofeopho uld eod cct nd syatheunc totaainha wou hina of op at, t yoo stild hav thasy heto wonn anouin ytill , yoavil the av wos thha y juswoan pyedn y thellh ai wo thyou ytrinus tse the pd setenci geth a uin tht's prty snc damng. >> thmag ae wllearsr lot mn mo abo>>er,ag w thear gooheot d, a the imoiffebont ir, thehe neoo coue of day ahend i ife i he as me tt -neiouofayean,no i shs ha a peasonal t -ankrtcy.n,
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don't an hshha ae canal hrasskr y. her. do'll t ar se h tngs, andan h ssain,o ac tor. pel le s t s,kingndidesn n,oe tis. anng ifeshe t. anf hsenouagga rsel unr hatedohisou tha gaat el winredomeiswha i iure tme nefihim. ithoulberrevantbut ie t t stufdoes attefi m. >> itit aulorent rtises the t ufes qutetio t a gret even rfesouhe dbt theuio alletionan ouet t inkenf d hetheye noensend le aon tk polical eynose coolpiraal agast h thas beenount ufair, yo he co ra gato a hha yoself f enou'rnt a uir yo po hntiarepuicanoter a oat ilfis ts a'r per anho is posubjiat topu tanserind o t ing i t aderhandnss bjto ttnd as tg colbuslnds clolsyslil asl silampan hanedds it. padonanedt wto s t himdo inthe ena th pside w oma? >> i s yoimon'tnt kw whot i sa p de d aot o of? hese iore't kho i anonous,ltho h iafuesse polico splie a ons,ho n ie. hees kw li s abiethe aettment nthatere de. e k hebnewteastttnt ab t on
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ofate . thhe. yohearwhate sd.ew heasasayibonow you th knoyoarat s ey he kw weeyi ahdou onofime k eeat ts styh w bingorke odme t onst w a si batiog likke tt, ay on sensle piiticion siikow t withis a adesnd aidnsll picsi ri t, t s cothd be a csing, wh's t wdrst tatid can ri tppencohobe do w cg, pla orwh t wt i tan wh do s y,en howo w dolae hale i is.wh o ere ss lile eowdencthat o y ofehaa hppen. that the.ign ae li encat of hen.ewc er at tohen a esidtialolits. >>hat uldorewco idalit easod>> t dlitian sa re >> wel teirsthin youoso ti geta yr>> sryel t stightrsin andouo u et y -- sou delopt whtteve thend fact wre tho you -an rellep wand veose heu c fict w out bhoou tueing therd ane d couetiut b thetory sraigtu, ang ern th yu ery sig deanlop methg totay h the's yry ltl evince thatde tp thtoaiayampgnrie to ths do lny ovie at t th. impie mea i ddo't o tnkhey- h i g th e snsha teay d ddn't t eyink- gh tha sit w a t ral d't clm k a ralha w sab at rl the cam aign. rdon'thinthey s a reized tehe siamificn.ce oit. n' in meaey th'sust myeedues t haveo siic o. iea.
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ea h>>ty thaess ve te. i . tha d finilyasothasood t dgme. ha ho ddo wniortf jge wheerod me ho w rt thisady j iheshink inhe ar r? isy weave e po i tdayutnkn tha doest ta intonsi rati ar thevenwee pof tytodayha m sesetaherntwillesiti ollthnen thay nex s fewerll da. ll shld w thexeehosew pls asa sh w inructe aso whher not is is aos p blshatointo inctaswhr ot have ome i pn f a hl? at in ihink the's be vee p f rtai hallng aun him innk hs th eare pos he. ai thlle ma a baimittn of that thar oyet ho coth bma bttf thiha in t e to co bthiss -hi ts wln trodeis isppor t w unqdestiobly. so ny pple on'tor li glia anqlredioy. s t'so pe li't ipeop tak sidegln a thed s 's l ofi su en loriopakde aledh s peop are of seing meuri-mas l colaing a ut opre georiag e>> tma c menthcoin a men the gia ne t conrenctoda abo h cnt head mivenheer hi ersine oonncdabo h the imul pheckag ienean howisihee i e ul pag anowhat? ee i's rellan andetat i tin e anit'sndamang. t lor h nev i bn t acsed 'sma. or of heingev b flcd of gd tte. of shngs a tou f laer ifill gay t. sha
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ou thatbutalhe h att -- shs h ceainla-rie oanyh anay cenlie oritthannyou. tha anou an now it'ime. for ouha toet t yo g wa.lets owt'me or memboann myo wts fnie e mb ann fre mredd f mae you iled ahem t tore theune dd140 ma b lion .u edm thto lashe wenesked f b t40 mo. b on ey antthase $6ed f bllio b mo m re.t that not6 b aiol. ey'raski yo m. fr a atittot a preh'ridaykipiri o thexec fivesareskitt fehrayri theceski f3 miiononusot f te famiie mn or eddiusact the f want th t forfa m ther elvedi aryou theheood t paynthorheve aru heod tay i. setor hn i.hunes ser noinhe od tpayun i whe isourolido ty c ieer? >>whis mrid hlida che isn i c r?supp t of m h 12da milheonsn i doar inppof busesor 2eddiilmaco in and b faesie m eecutes. r dic aparely y'reot tnd lyfa m eutne. tt wrohe a lretter ye t it qui a hey lt tro o ler
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seittorsuinhap aboe thi l >>t is o we h se 6rsapbo senhiors gn a let>>rt s thexecu vetwe hhe fdera 6en s ahousetg fince ency hecu a ba fcallrasayihat tey n edusfie cy a ba rllexamyietheir teder n o reirammpliree cmpentioner pack oe toakt mor r pl caccuentelyoneflt cktohe blic ormissn ofhe age y as ell culy fl the f scalic ssofgeasealil es wre th cing f talday. thes bose sholi w a rl t ng t y. ear es who's hpeni inhohe real ecomy o r t thr e,h hnindne vingalco o 14illi amicanwhoh ared unploy. >> ou kngw,he4ettlimano i rea e nsignoy by >> khe 60ttenats is suea a gny ni0atisenar-li su ltter a woulhaveritti itorhena li firslineoulde lerre yoout ulvettt you mnd? rsean,neldot rally ou it w act mlly? n, asundi beus rly wct noty onleres thdi askibe for youotnle kowh 1 or kior 13ou or 1milln d kllar 1nr rson3onus orut 1hey'll dar so aing r onillns muse i d. y' it not a lig hey'll m i comg and sang litkot howiy' scessleom g e anndwhat grtsa l thkgse'veow do s, thss'relookie fr an atother haout. h i'mve nt dothe pkirtilarl f imesse heat. m nth wt theve de. p i therlmseett was
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whe dash he d -ttash oviou dy gettg aett - tgeth th oou tt a peoettill tth sgn wodh ha witte it l tleol s rshewo ha wte tself l theyalleit wily he irude. tald ablft omi eyleil bay a ide. crea ng aal cmpentionbmi stcturthata a is rll morea a cenon co iste witstthe urblicats ror micoion.tereddit mace ic ad faie e, ahoug thmi'ren.ddac afaot aug offiallyebt theederhe gornme, th're f banc fi shlytt ebt,he aerd of cougoe, wmevethe en taaxp ers vesh ht, aoof ou pa w theoutto he txps tef h over pa140hetilln soar. this tso er m0ll itso i. i hinkis mo peoe wo md fnd it i ink mo eo outroeousdnd i fhink it's sothinthateedso treus addrsed d denktsith an so iinat ds thk it somhinghat t drd de th npresent,rank nds tothit getomng atinvo ted wh asell beesuset, nk nis isomeoing tat'set ppen on vos was wch.ll e we imeg t's ret enn w. v ry w cricalef fddie macnd f vnieae wnr healas runng fo ofce a fie the c tes fe wof padee ts som ofnnfof aheirhe t seor o icia . p >>e tomfhe m wir s oke lasset oia wek>> m wstifd, eard se dasmarc te w
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n wh i min the eciifons, e d i drc thi t ie's orthwh not ig mhe tha ci s,the xec iveshohi ar i i linethotha eecesr iinethis $13 illntnisonus 13e beg pidll salniesfus be p$90000. 's nal liks thedon'ave sutant l 00. sarie to negiikhe n' th. e saiwhen suestinting some sing ie theogi e.fect t taien tiey ngd to meayg offheonus e tct t at act, nouto knff godus t att,ale n thgood galen wotome le ound unthss yodenay.o hougme t nd mselfn y thy. he goo talugt, why t do mtheylfeednotr h heoo balilou h mae weoould pay eyustdoto gt b ou riof tmam sweoldeay d'tstave g t pari tothe s6 dillive nt t arte >> tse gpas erehe bough in t li nean the ms. te t far g tey'rre as bngghn for t othen he $ m b lionar t'r thsaveor rduce w athee tnk $ isoing bo beonhe the labily of rce w th t isngbe txpays fo lrilof ththfrede mac ad faie m tayfo ilouhed c afa m siifictly er t cose o ou thlastear th bei sd, tey'rsi aickingy t o o fo an adthtionstar6 bithionein s t'r ang tafoayerndon6 asstan at itimen wh there min taerhese bsant me nus pwhymenhe. m itse jus so bds --
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s pen i loo us teoiblynconsten- and is i anoo otrag i th k yovetelyotonennd io show oag lile b m rethyof aowar foli b mwhat goi onn tisount ri at norndo h im rtan tatoitn t isent gt our rino fial housemnan orde howismpornt i g i turat wei get pesele i t re deow or iecony ba t to wo . et th juse d iesn' s tuare wie on thba. o >>o tak it thus dn' srei tha th w>> dakn'tt t thha you und w dt t ha cuffthouhem u add dr the io theaff $9,000em a jobsdr he itheyoamehe vluntily. 's n900 li the were f ced bs takeythee v jntb.y. wh n the got theiheer j fbsd di ak we j prome th whheothe $13 ji milon t b w om th vi13divvdil t bpn vi boses? >> ion'tvvnow e aner t at fertao.s? i't w anat i tnos the f fderata ho iing agcy inhe c fnsulration th treasy se hogg tns. cul thone t pridens czasse sor ofet te pa f th a lot trseenczorf thgs paong fime ag ao te buses arehrobly someing gat'se vyg besreob scremeonarg 's vyou uld ink t's rear u d k diretiary u wosdn'tant makhoseayos n. the diusetify wo't reptsentives sakse rkinonyoegilati no e efepnt refesm
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frdie c in ad fagiietiae i aef fr e way at w ald cfaat i ne a ruck y w cstrturee th's ckrreore expthonsetent xp thwith wtnsnt oherth pele ma. eas wo sendthereopl osre a moy, i 't itas >>y sd gshhee toughpl wead to mo i get t the >> rcord g tgh e frany, toy outo ancet he r anrdrescd the an tou bnuse ce >> enaanr joscthcca wasn thfloor b abset 5 mnutenajoca undias the thoob podm. m heteasurio hdiheas sod he enrad. io h >>ohn ss,sre a lt f ra >>n pele. at'shy iwass s l esy to getpe. 's is s signures en th tet ltterhen gnesth w l er stteden wircatin it. st d th's teacon tt th rcericin peoet. thave t ac tit'sompohanthat the ic beeo me aionove cor ct o 'spo at rehify the. a n yocann deornd o reyh tis. ere e goyog tonne b efort t .made e >> egoortsto b mad e rt thatott de st . e >>tse wi d eerytng we cad at to ptt prsurent th euys>> toi d tr eandyt w get chis thin prre h cancysled.o trd setor,ethank ysinir.
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tanks ncd. gr a. er,nk y oay. do y. knowhat omor twkss?r it eleio day o. yno at ore elwtion?lon itle wlay ti us ofelwhetonr the rpublanon w iendass ofethe r dabllinghe nio or da adedor titc a ng's or nrhio ed ttcew oio clecte rrinnyon ccte inonrgaingighgag it'sor fareachg tn t le pssed and 's hotar prcheste t t thetate of w psconedn.nd etotrteead toherrowtes thf w don a o tel usadore tosow tthme d aelagane's usdepure t waingt bea chi ga 'schae puagtrowy. b >> tnk fhir hang ae me ow >> h tmpor fnt iaomoow? ve ua sige o hwhic wor the i winds bling. mo ? i hin uig it' prty oic w impoheant. u thndk ofblt lg.e in simmaet'r war p poort. thof 201 le io iuch sman iportt ar sate 01in ery ih pesidtial ilectrtn se wada. it onti ees tbe rlly pid al ctportt. th wilbe a r alda it testi t of ry i rtthin kthil a rundaesntalfowoweul isinlabo idaal oo?we present isama ointobo iav o re est a inrobms winngver re paicullyob i thiiner worng pa ul
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ass wite vors i inhiorhat s wate,eut io hen cn get a bg at pu e, i i h c fetom a la br, h anpuurn i fr his fowolla n h teren and pufr --isumbs thell an null te e stnde ut.pu-mb hohewnl pwerf wi lstor st.ow it lf thoend p canrfi l the s bacall u o thiit t lmitaon d on canllecvehe brgaibangll uhi lta tat on cec th rpublan gerno bai psed. is a t th rbl gno rerend pd. on s a vern ksichndendn t re blicrn par acrs the kch couny. ot tr stasreic acarsscrheth c untrun otr gornorcottalketa insc wiscsin,e ha te sa ctr sogoorttke n of sc sn,tureha not teuita aso tense as hio of is i sre aotits nsasioefer dum ishe s i a thatf tomrowhey donin, erm th isomeinghat o ht oat omw scye thon ren,blics a ttle th sbitmeoinggtnto o 012sc th >> ihinkeic soa le i m n,t ingohink tre'some12 i nkevidce ttso m i reblicnks in t'smehe last ouplidof t yrs thght theyeeallicin cou gstpl yardht ains publ ey ellploy unnsou d th ghey relyd nsadbl tm eoyn othneye thdefeive d t thaubli o opinn ha trnedthfee ha'softed toli the p nt in whare tyouedanav
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teto rormndhe phans w d pu u litatns i f r m dcolltiveanargning i thpuk what w lat may i feeomoow ll isvergngepu lica maythavekha w ay ovreacd amoit. is vernpu kcasichayameve i ndovacat.he rn kch me iat aerydeuccsful a ry demoatic incbent tha wod hocc himul ff. moicnc nt haere s ao l ofhoimxciment f. abt ke ich.a l hi afprovaticis ant pabetty kh. smalhiavinto d a wovhhisti a meure. pty cide allyali think dhere w as od argmeente. tdetlyth okore a relyrgt terrehed,ent o lo farer e th theiscoin bilred,t oio carersops and thheco fifighrs, blicafetyil c s semplndees. e wionsifingh bi, didicotet do pls. that wi sithe refiitersidnionnohio e bi ws w're atoing oe firson ovelhiio bill bi w b wkeownng -- sh e thel biil b banown- shkasith'si troat thatas fm th farefiterswn ion. at's si tou tat ene to havate f th fwhenfiours hveops n.nd 's fireoughte goi aftne yo.av enhe m hav hverrsched >> i aw areteoloift y tha mav sarred i sothinlike 57% whareppod a it lke i the so lasinkeew7%ays w pohat desn' btde l iheellasor goveysorasic nt d tn'is b unssl thin tur aveound buicthat t wasn no tinurarti alarlnduncoatagin foras m. >> hereave noentiouplrl co
10:16 pm
inlls keor t at.>> re e loo lke iplwill s be udon. >> tn. oo l t s itell ofe wsconn un. pr iden obam in08 t sonyf 1 won prpoinen. am whn waso etraoinarn i two 1 ars ter inhey wh eleased eao aar i wo publan s r gyvernle an a s bl evyonehoug grn oay, nesidt oba is goi to aveevnerouuge in012 o, idher ob is buoinowoeith gouvern alk12 havier a ltle oubl buw whh grn thisyoulk vi k lw,e bl w it tatisu at'seallup f k gra. >>tat 'sll fra finily.>> 's dinity a ate up fr grs. it verni. ditmpoa antep f to esidt oba algrough eiter cpont wino id obalgh witht cnin th oo. theepubcansadhe upr handn o tis essueubitnsasp ft, nd t th'reightg tac aue tryi toake an f exale of th reeblichts th they t ain yio pueed tnxa fr.f theye fireng uicth theease tlong thepuay t fhavi you aseeyfi u m tivate andseng e citeand vioueeeli matndikeore ted nninliictriri is verkeo valu inctvalurileser gog inn eleluion. >> canresintlu obaino 212nlen. hanoessitbet ono and 2
10:17 pm
wiscsin? at's gooeshun ot ond sc nn?bers 's>> ioos ha forun m to dohe n carsulat n in spl iha sendor m ino my h dd, b i t nk hca catn.inpl e you ve tn r embe h b i heon re tn t h c 300 u tlecral rbe he n t vons i00 208. ec lhe c afrd vo t i 2.ose it's curpfsinghen y g tthroh thseath 'srpngn y it' g ro th surisi howany thatese ca affd toset' atil susiowy es n, p ticurly caff tese ail cain pflorcua.y e canaos oh. he hor a lotf brthin ranm. h vi inia nort hcarona, ot h rin caholdnto rome o tse vi iastatrt he roole, he h lst t ecaldo e ooundhe's tot ate arge f l t err. itnd not'so or dien oo forrg f hi but er itotorie crtai oy aor hiut presenti candateas g cai a to win >> estiante g if tin lec on was torrowf tit'sidec trm it'as noven moow 'stermwhater w tet' a. >>on we' m almt rmatxean w a >>e' exlmtlyan exaly xy yea ayxaromhe pridenal eleion. ea in a sta a lye ohom wn tings pr ata lh flo wda b tgs eing atesppg n erybo's ilo b inte retig eveesthinthat n ppenin tse s eatesbo no is a
10:18 pm
lo l st y bute ativein aat na onalen t sory esdo wt iloplicstionsbuoes a it he foaalhe cndid es iy w 20. i >>icnss ho cid iichl, tnk 20 y u.>> grifjenks is on t gundch t oh. yhe'lbe the toifrrownk assn t vo grs hdd to the h pol'l. h whicver oy thow eleions goevo h to 's gheng t send aol ess eic r thloudlend cnear theoe re of g ttheenatio a u wnt tss be r htudere cr he etomofow nht a t 1 eio p. w te eaern. r re> anstraht a ead,mof n a 1 p you' ookeag fon. janra and ad, nderg wh s nu'okfo o jndirin erwh n o u'reotin ane. theecor re h terou o a ecia a. ivest atiohe or you' see h ttou n oxt onla ightia ist io re. u' ee> aso, nesidt oba nl puhting a ft . o . y di a a, idob vy iportputg cisi f jst ge o pu on th di ba v irt brner si j'll ll ye the fuctsn andh thba you dcid by dierthe priden dol yhe ft.s nd th 's cingthp.ou d d pludi ie'srenot ustth cg. > thluat, i's re. he isoresteali. th're , nninout e he timsre an ion t vlirge oe inuildt g im nuclr weons d t ere' i t new veld clevidweces t tone'htew. idon bass.or jn ss j bton ges o the cord b n g o
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10:20 pm
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10:21 pm
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10:22 pm
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10:23 pm
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10:24 pm
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10:25 pm
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10:26 pm
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10:27 pm
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10:28 pm
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10:29 pm
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10:30 pm
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10:31 pm
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10:32 pm
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10:33 pm
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10:34 pm
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10:35 pm
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10:36 pm
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10:37 pm
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10:38 pm
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10:39 pm
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10:40 pm
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10:41 pm
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10:42 pm
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10:43 pm
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10:44 pm
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10:45 pm
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10:46 pm
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10:49 pm
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10:50 pm
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10:55 pm
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10:56 pm
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10:58 pm
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