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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 8, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EST

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ed w ilhous twh pl whingon'sltime us inder d ormplupe wng'sim inr d loyistrm jacpebra lostacofraf is he with shkingof bo.s hhanny stts nth. h ngday ter re tn ao we o nn st anymou n alegaons, y wor n ta e ha oreveed hr idantityound agas, odeclned tha sheashave hexulydtyd cl hae hassedy pesidxutial candate rmanain. haed pid al now, nde ann.heet caiwhil woin w, at t eucatenal undaon oaiilo e niona re taura asciat en saatl da o ttain nnae ra oposioneasher atter sae c te nto h for caer os adnece.r r c h ornow, alga whd. herelebty attoey, ng t ew,l dmocr wichereb to , tdonoglor dcrlldescred noorn aphidcr de ilhihe evt at a ess nferce. insad oeceeing thevt helt she d ho ds er.or ns o m. caceghe inelead dededo e ho povid mcaer inded wi his iea p oid a simul wiis i s ulckag >> h sdden rehed ove a heag p h hisands senendve a he pyis ldsg,
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undemykirnd rachefor l deir getalsd al r gheabber my hd aels l gbroubet it m tardsi h cotch a wa ou itry vry tds srprid cch and a ry v s sriocke nd i sa wha aou d sng?ke you ow isaha hve a a d? borien u th i isn w ht i ceere aoenor. thsn wi c mrcainaid u ware a jo. mr inght?d wa o wan t? an yr. cn, toome y cln. ju c adm whayooid. me adt yowere iapprclriat judm thad. oplead yo re>> n iprathe cinamp tgn imdiaty reased le s atem t n sponng twhat c yoump jst hear im atit rreds ied part sem uoteon tatou j ar r itivi prt clebryte lawr goria allr is vi crinbrngaw gia foh mo lrs lse cusaon aginnsthe chacte oofo epube cansa g frttrunr hean caichte all o algatis ofubnara mentfrun he ains mai. callre al ctimpleoflyrant lse.ns mca mrcainas ne crle hasse de. anne.mrin so, day wee reived me hse ev encean. th , voyrs d not weeemed m be bying heseevce alegahons.o d ot w,emccoing ehe bngse agas. last co g sa tay" gaupurv hean cn is tia wth mt
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t "romn forhea.o. rv nonatihe. cis thitwo we m t ailemnoreo. bewt noti githricho ho btheay wi tle b b myuesttnhe scond gich beegme i ofhe b prram. joinmyg mestirstithe sndeacon me toodayofrm. e entsin thmeesth couthac to ay of t etshewoth chi ren' took dubs toeshin'okub oees to wshinon, cko mois. w in , >> eeryo is a codianheseo. days e yojoin ig us aoanesromanieg toni t is ys inickus t'someg stted niis sckrt wit t iss is5 t dyearago. e won di snot rk fit thes restrant arssoo.atio wo die cot s fo farde st atnt tissoio co fomomed. the rely i't at t me rrobatiothintoree i a sd, she said e oer ob wioento won com she foidard. mean what o a won peomle vfotersd. anat prary ters ao thk athise vrs po t? pr >>y ellrsth aishi is rdicuus. po >>eanllt's i a rcu. arrgean mad i's aven glor alldrr isnearcadh i of adlis, a thi en orll wsanrc inf sech o li ahi moy, w an th i're se o perftarroge. nis wan hhe bn
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nemrfoyedtrr . fo 13 w h bn yars, and thisemed is foappantly y ps,day.ndhis pa'sly riculo. py. shs notccusg himf ilo imshe'accufng hf asslt. ss . shod goo j le'fcu h h didss. thatho go >> w jl, hid ss -- at ook w. nobo can tll sut-his ok esn' seem boan l tke aull s saul i don't waem to t in the l a deniti oflhis. ulcert nly itdo waswao in truhe i uld detifs. iappr riat rty tas aled iru i sayg d he cld he so i thepr satry al s iayidn sl c th htor sohe s s allr is sodn sl -- th >>oreah but lrs - >> bah sheut wll. the's aways b ahe pssibity w. he ashe ysn'tue. i loo foard p toiby her s reade t e. in lay iy. oo witohatd sao der y thi s ad th is allyboutay itoneat a>> d yhi ths lyut sre i ine. e's ennemoyedor s i 13 i s ars. e's enuedemed a miion3ime of crse 'ss. aut s ed mney. byihe wn ime c e ink athaterman m cay. sho dbyut whis i tok resat bma cahos reasinthe osultes bf hereine lt restrantssoctionf instigion. t nk stntoc ifoneoes tt in ign.
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torrow i thkt w tl hlpf ell tes t torto bow ith mea wome h . t anybyho kws hmanor bea cn,e anody o now ybnyth kg hn c abo heanan cy n knsow th thithsg condt isbo he c notknh thehi kd ndis oothe k nduc >>is regiou uc co icti s, s peso ie hou syle, and oso itihe wato ope i h t ss, de,nd yothin th ither wmena wuld t d acc ing himyoinh oer wn wd ipproiate kesccg oim o inaroprte irote s o stur? itna hispr.o.hat ur hitis dn nea . rad somody,etould s h d eaat. wel i mearaaped iom ay,ld s hsh . te. el i dn'teaake at oe ofhat a sh h sa. tehink i 'te oft tha shea. made nk apprriatha -- verad inapoprie prat-dvaners, s - i d 't t nk haprieid. i tinkan s th -nly d t adv hce s . was is tkheck h>> hoesly sdv com st hatwa is >>ck t h osly advce se s was iomat casadvae. t >>his odv s aa i asougva >>s ilem fr anugpresenti candate hoemdoes f an soesbodytiombaante ts,hoes sumi onodyba term's
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hmiman'n sde and ve kwnrm hor h 10n' snd t k h yes. hodoes0 he coat th? t wh is te d ? ho es i thi h tere'os a repth t twhs d hi t she'sis aep in tcenc at ast e twther shs algatis. in ncis it t bvisl a tw chepyat at'slust tiying t ash ivin. a c hodid se 'sett ngho glia hod s allr? hodidhe cnnecwith tl lein emoclrtic ho oderat ce foecth t thisind ofleocc oatfo isdfit? meahis i- ts is w? ea tosishy i ti thkhey shldsell whe tohy staunt aocia on t theyhlle leashe eporau a autia t tse otr t asor a wen t otr t in whh w te ninveigatn exerat himh >> doeher com t a poi hereveatexatim hean soes aseerom dd thioi wereend a he a sas d hehiidoday hewed a swers noi aidn'do ie ani'm aynnina caaign ernoeren' i therans onm so innyaagn waynd re ma tim ian s o.eron o it'sp to tay pd ople tmaimecid s >> yh. t'snkto t tat's ple tid c mple ly y t t ac'srate ihin tat's c wleat h nes to ac te . the inason t cai's is woldi h ine to an doi wll i th f ld e on ai
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idespe thdin anoi w i ih f bec se spth he' o i a sstanveecrogm. the' o wa a sea bfore seanogo hdon'knowhat you tminga ea. bre i nt tenti thomorw n'ow istouruci tngay te sti es ttih or ofhio adisciirgia.y t we' beeolltwing i >>ofo a demracysrg.n tri e'ee in bllthng i st>>es, d iemcyriopeneop b ele st a, i reblic snatepe inopirgiale and ll theaaboreic stenrg nio sd heeffosoro ovturnhe seneio ll t tfovrn oeyen t wropod. o we yre o the lst wpo wk. e ne gin oich u nxt.he l 's u 1 w ointneininh the u tion n. pol. u 1 on iow plnt hhe himt onol 18 onow wh p do u me h oimist nuers? i tink h8s do gwho rea m thinhe'sus? inal tk fired houtea in ho'sto balidt sutante an sayho b it in 30 sends. i thk hsu prntlemanntilay nowt s he as 3es. th hrindmilow he ofuscleoun d heouldta his prfosalcl caustheyunere o comphecateldand o hrdois ral exain. w heuseye fi lly mpotteten id ho tother and iexn. hinkhehatiyte i gr hamstoerd nkt grmgingch is gog to gro ove thnextouplng weks.s
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thaso dicorove orrth xt plprecte w its. karlhaoves heic whrr h ect rlee 20 w h rounp. ne ginich nt hea t0 hea un ne inwithh ermacainhisea teekd. eaeorme spker of th tmainoussek heremeand re tporf ce,e's t ous of jil nd rredyd t to exp ces th o j r rrupono he eplaixph i st lupe e ai ruing r ipant n't tss ou ru igtervw wit rnt t u irvit [ ma annncer cranrry ice?ake ! ♪ ♪ manner any e?e ♪♪ th's gd moing, veie sle. th gmog,ve s .mm [ le aounc ] r ha thealors -- [ anc haus heggieorutri--on. oulve d a . s ieri. l a toe mo viroentay awe, we e noprinng on e ba sid of ed per tomo rotaaw noin baandide swf ched po fex cau a l of eir ckagg ntai dreswclededaterfels.
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u lf r ag aill t m whre elsed erfe.x do. ll 're w usg mor elecic t tckswhls fedo an low emiion pla s.l e us rec t swe en oer a rsablenvepe. anow nomi cant wat llast pnt on e bak sis ousedape o rblve.noa w l pwh t's e exbautivsi ocoedpenseion st.. whs exiv consn .. maleannncer sustinab soltion. dex solions stabolon ex olnstte phonringg ) ay..uhh. e banews iton prongbly )tale ..h. baws itroy le the od ns is
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u dot ha to y ur ducbl e nis wi vanhingeducble fromdoatiohaide o sura e, dbl wiannguceom ioyou e t $1ra off foeveryear ofafe ivin u $1ff soow yr dectib ofe in so ydeib iso. e otr go new? i he on ur c fee. otgoew wow. hen ce. ♪ natnwidis oyouride ♪ w. ♪atid oure laugng ) it actlly pret goo dawhen conder. th's gat. ug ) itcty etoo g . whatakeshe sep mbertoreiffent? yowalknto conv tion matatesses s erre fe?ore,t's ally not out you. lko nvonats theyay, e,ell,s f yoly wat a ft m be you n e onne othos if eyyou , nt al,oft yod yo wa fbeu on oosn lifon o of u ose. a t yo we pvidehe ect divializion at li of e. p deyo e bodneed viizn annow,elco to e slp nuer sre's yooded anw, cosemio nnuaslee salesl nu s's t ju ordary ds o salebut e be thatmian uaeele jurdy olet bechatge y r li on le. thsleenumb bed ch y liit cn ibra.s priselto ur by anyouromfo zon theembed craprel banurfo onno you n fe wha happs ase rae yo sleenonumbu setfeng aha alloppthe asd toraontoyo eembet a toour lodivie al oheah. tor 's rvilly s .apinto mbody n't ss iredi eoh h.00 singsn ry in mdy
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t idi ouclas c sp sial gsitio bed t - ile ppli las ouasspl iod - e lias u caadju it weve you nt syou n't ve wor aboca buyjugt vethwronmattu ss. s u t oncehey t ou bed, orboey'ruylike"why idn'th ontt. cey oud, 'rkehyn' i thisoon?" huy ino thseminnua sleesalef i hi onthe d th canhang hu inyourthife.mi uaeele e than ngthe eep mberured.e. onlyt onof o 400 eep mbertore whe e p er. lyon o00 p ereen rettrehees stt atust 99. n re statt .
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>> sn: wle bh me disaeed tim, we, the waone iss th s w bme sad emaimedweth waessh dispablethatresint oba muma be onterm sple at siesid t. ob limuen te whathe fmern rm eakehad id li tat fray. >> we aveke td ay a priden a coare my. t realdve teag wroen a to co thee t rd tuth,ag w gea bo onto ehe edatio th,fonal geagon and lssondio h leaed aal geneagl an lon hea gene lnelecic. he w abl t tkneto theec . am ican weoplbland ve t t t ople mvehehe aman cplgresd t is pside is lebout as me ces pdes ut sndid andccuresern id maff iwhatnde urlls t rn eric ma pe ile.ate s t >>ean: uch.ic cordg to newe. srvey >> gin:richh.onties ordtoew clb in s ey th gichti pos.l in cains on top wit0%, roeyo wi in5.onop it girich w%,tho wi2%. thegi waychis wrand nwook is. o hehe btleay o tnd nwk rateis
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out morr o ie boo b seores o ound the couryte t rr aazon iom.oo ses rmer ndoupear ofhe aonouse. newt eringrh. how e yu? >>ea'mofoingserea wt it'sgr i onicw y ca>>ngeaistt 's iic castmyifease nfeork be n seer cldresook.k i eink e's ingo wi th craser i crek.he i k s fgrth noli wethe wrraten iouthe cil f wah o lit's wewrn t cery, erywa 's itereiny,y i reok. >>ean:t's tereing causyou id iyou' the . >> n:nomis e, yregant usu eve iu'he linln do las miyle y detestrou tve in cotry,nd y had odo wits ee s ouherk t the coy, yadhing ohatittruce rks i e watcngd its te faatucs i thait tc it t wasoaivil itas aotfha iformion. u dowat ha 30 silcond toit a irm bzzergoin ofdoha 0 sif yndo hveine c didas onan btherinage inf fai yesso he the c dapeopon who puthemgen onaiousaveo he to opho ealizuem tn tie et thistoas e wizle dfere t i enronmt,t is ad w dre i tink tennm rkedery ll and evebody se s tmed k. >> ye. edy i veink dyere s a
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ene sld agre>>entehat w got a loti k me e nebstale in re t taltd a woot aboot socl m serity tain r formalnd a t portity boroc y ungese ty amicanto he thr rrm o t cial secrtityy avin yge acc nt.aman hth we t oked out o eral bigecyin ids, cc .w to f me care td howt o toig fd to f mediid. thinere peleowoeale tat f wen di. in yoalloe aultal t t atual w yo lo have a at t a calar cversion d not st ve a c 30 ceconrsanswn s to newst edia stf0onuesswons,to u ge wsia s veriffent rythm andes as, geery dfere aountferfft r rehmly d a gdry i deasre ant cofng ot reringhe crse n g is eenino o >>ean:ou k w, tngre ce are othe einolls >>n: k t e thire hat' prhety aazinls as w wat the pllshi thugho t' re suer annowin int w tatehe pshho su an fawnt evyone sor tof h fa theivneor mment h paent ei mnt congsswoannt bchma aso ngck pwory wne g bma i a no rmanain. p w we gon'now io ann. wt mpa awe o n'iswome w tpae aharg o tha have een de n forhe lame weekre toingeoaverg oha ven his nor poa numrs. farek hengve l ooks bis poum. hding
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ar mitteomnestay ls ven. b you em to go hngp ttwone oay tren. u tpoin eveollo u'reto o t 14% na onal .inve i alluall sretne4%oll, w waal this ut allut s bl, w i wn't istnow was b weksai ricatom. d yosee atollow yo wereasn wsa scaond. yoithe 8ll yo rercenwhicis t sdightht numb i'venseenicou tt,4gh tion ly.mb 'v enat dyou ke oour llin on>> t.t wa the i dau oroll >>kay >>irst f alin i hin k thewahe i tortse illsort fhe>> melay of>>st al r cinmpai. go orwart a irt ltle m bt evef cai da o're lkinwabout l vere bve da bsta ivee iinas. ou wee woering th yunge tae am iican.acro theountwe towo g velo the y riget toave am aanrohento lo hepersal sial icurito savegs acunt. 'reayiut a p gramrs s fl riav act. placegyi th enronm ptalam f prottion achnnmlenronm talp tectotn agoncy wh a w enronmtal lutis agcy. 're envelonmnglp actag w va y ennml ti ag. agessiro e obslo pogra v and wee wor ngithag thsi pplebs fr str pgrand we amoricaowh toh pe frtrpply modemaoechnueslyo go rnmede toavehns $50 blli ao yar.o me ihinto wn people50 bi eount y. iin w thatcale plefhang an ty ent
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vern nt d icitathow we web t por oufiaashgton rnnd dit w reinrce ee tpothoushmenonent. lotsnd ls o qinstioe tt tareent. p cticts l o qio t suttante, nde realan the pre nicearl aunt fainat with gos p al ashe nhe rl wa aingt pre cor faatitosses. >>ean:waet mgtask reuor tis. hd ka rve o. my>>n: m rk dio t . ogralasteek and h hka's r o cong uafteyou. ro rall ast himkhisnd h qesti. >>co uteu. o ay. a im s sea i s qdti >>whatbout o. n wt ea s gingch'sise at the pl.ut saithe nn thi i ng ke'se he p hearg on he gaiundehen i'mhi t speking to pe lear ison gd pple n sanewts'm spngealloe rllys pe smsat. wts doou tnk y've hll t ry alsmst p suaddo p tople ye h t tat al pad ple mae imesight o w tong out u wen yma werimeht s oeake w g thatou neded to t st of w y persh ske at n edasidopast sf p prcepons? are idu ast dffent prson th yowere phenepous? wer e a spe dere p theonh hoyoe?re wll ien tinker bthpe o these thogs a w tue. tk b t ihinth a i'm a m th.ore mture i in rson'm m 68ears m old ire mre a on gr dpar68t, yrs kno witld i ggiend r aer haing argrndar yno
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atit2 a 10 yea ie o rfag ar. at a i 0ve aea wnderl oelaonsh ath i c wistaer la youshnow'm vy cseo cbothtay dahter ou owi thk th's v c tr. theame me, membth whadaer me o thatthth imaryras. he e time, mb mhagazi had cov oatefoma mewornziadovfo i in ihichrn i i i wascroech hoing tny tis okenrutcwa ro thk abotg th. t if yu eveeti entc cy.thabh.. y >> sven: iave augrapd c py o. s ie it. uap o iidn' onl stlis. i utchi bren'nltt. as etitl h chbrean wil engritl be the h amnicanil rie he amecanman poor wheneoplwatcmee,n theee or a ffer tenmagepltc oheee. a >>ean:aybe f ther're ingge bri up oe pa mae.hey ca>>brinn:upbehethe g alanridp a abudgs, deaeyng witcainelinann, dg ea wear reitrmhe coract in wi aeric yohave newweeo ccttrac wi yo fai aic has groyoveootew oer th las fe cac as horohas faiot o mpathed yas ove thlast y. hosai dcade >>pa yv thell,sthin dde i tnknwol,
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ons vy tersolly. i th kffts. th on v texpesoencey. th i'vh d athe tasilapefce the 'vtion shre of at tilackhe onhrf tckmmacac macuteonctionas a k partnyecidg tt icuncon a had k be mert ctholy. id tseco, the isense ttad i'veadbetarngit col the cothisse t nih rcui courve eaar desion thahe toine uiuraatieonndeha gd out oto e pleeti ode gut o le algian tha l of osha he fai whataleran youha prticar of fah, all hf uai atou a peic reaya sandi lre a a u aea sdi a a crsroa whe amera wi connue be aroahe exptiol na on w reer fwithon e ereal mat ars o wllurn ex inio ana w f se laralat o erop wnrn tylein untre rerrkay dffert e p an t coury yleand i g wtr upn.e ka d boer th t poublic yresred ind g t up ivat expeenceboave coh p icgethes fore or t atpece teo thastor o niner tn yes. t >>t mrspear, ne t coneats. >>yourook in borea sres. for osehat loon ts. civ
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urk nr anowant to ss.ear r istey,t o it's t gativ rad. annt o thanar foreingithst u . 's >> g r. anorhanng.h >> uean: ominup, >>'ll che in wth rlove an 'll her >> wn:thin hi, lhe w predtionfor ective day l er w2012 i lar in cab edonr eticlusaye, for r12 la inpeab eusobbst jkor aramo wioinbbe j ikn amo stuo. wi youhink thinorrtion i in washtugtonndedith h ounk h convrrtiononyou' be ocketon ar wsht heoned syshs h stl oing nv on u'on te ay ike ou whe ssati's cpitotng wi you t mon i.u [ le aounr ]ti c tof y're nna ild wi oufuelonffient r, theirs[ thin ayou nt t]do ye a ld ielmakfia cat hat' wort buiheing,rs inu t iakca thatt'has rtl thuiluxg,y u'dxpec ats thx d theecyou ut i an 8peedransissi heu i 8ednssi at ts 3mile perallo hat mbint ion 3 le er luxlory a effien t inn ux aff n onlyome fm onpla in e wod. lyme fonan wo ♪♪ n lea th2012hryser 3 ♪♪ nea th12 ys fo 3$33 a moh fowellqualied sse. fo33mo follald e ♪♪ i'makinmy mey dmore♪♪'min m dre
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i conlidang masse. i notayinhidd feei on daor mhigsecommsion iotinddee igmmon i'makinthe st omy mey. andevenollatrad a justhe art. 'mine o m.ndenla adi' withacottusde.e t. i'withcottde. i'thtt. i'withcottde. ai' i'mthovintt .evry mute it.i'thtt. a'min [ roevger minee ] t. scorade we ge yo coissi-freetfs ror e code gyo co sio-fereirasfs andore. me sfe whyasore vestnds e.e sang.. shye st sai.. witscotade. i itote. thesdogsake tooarly yoknowhat se isarly esgse ooly medi re yoopow
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enrt lmen isly no di th ugh mbop 7thnren can sti wit o med are noan? thh mbth sune!ti it o fineda nee plan?ith bett covage,ess st su inneanh ttove,s or th. medare ans ve y fe caer seenis . edane wells ss v yits fca sandni0% o n brd-na preriptns anll vs nden y o're n brthna dourenut ptles 's pt of ye heethca law thout so 's te toook, mpa... pof hecaaw ttok, pad t rig pla foyou. lea morat 1 00-m icarch t igor ladica .govfou. eaor 1-mar caov cqhpbc cpbcúgúg
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12:25 am
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12:26 am
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12:27 am
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12:29 am
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12:31 am
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12:32 am
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12:33 am
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12:34 am
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12:36 am
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12:39 am
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12:41 am
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12:49 am
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12:50 am
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12:51 am
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12:52 am
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12:53 am
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12:56 am
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12:57 am
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12:58 am
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12:59 am
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