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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 8, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EST

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ck aha de o propol. he wl b d o sennced op. w b 2h denedacesp tour yrsn pris. 2 yo hav bn folwinges the tr y casend a eye isre onyoheav b olng cothouhe. it has a lotse a ofyeurn aenti.coou it >>asndre theholeot couryf s be folwinghe a casti >> bereuse he ile sucoun in. be olngas donhinkt w thabee uc i surponsingnk wha ere w amp evi nce. rpng o mentshat stu o e for w mp whe ivie.asatch g ts, mts ttu oe, t eordenc whe he jacon ch t s dyi t encurrahe wasac cling hisirlfend yistea oraas c ng callg 91 slfd ea o secoly, o of the ll91 witn ses,hat e dcoense, of hebrout ino hel cra tns,t d se rray cas w nouinhey wele c crs exined adm tedayneas wy wcrex ed wadmd a nur a oneas a doct saiwawe nerould a haur aneelf-minier ctai nldedha profoln isf-nietti. th say hilledppeaprol itn ti th nay hl eanow,ut ht wasaule o toda n 'llee whaw, hasle o da l hapnsha amplvidee tap cvict pl hde. t
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>> gg: aood ll. cct h miael gack asod . wasmi onclk asoas ncgorgusealt bck m and rg endelt b mnd u a w tede tnsve u ti. >>ric: w d tve ti ou>> sayc: gorg dus? >>reg: yes ay shodefea t rg? oba>>careg:es >> ec: y hoanacileate tohe jbay'sreinal e y disioil danto i sti jsalohat d iio thanght rougtiut ts ce. th the ist a ement otht ug t c rsonthhes aespoibily ent o hi fame.y mtavnown at w goi on. hi youam l mkt twn cel riti wthatoind un.n tro leouhe l t faliesnowel andti t at tre us ow, rott' leheyfaeswnd t are , l y poweeso a do anyingo st i wee docronygas steing i pai 50,0oc a mon. ngtherwasai sculaon m bee ,0 on s wried bout nerseing sla m ab to kee t wedut n salyng aboee. t if halaid noo. micel ja hson. nodthat theooctoic wil ja n.appe oh, goo wenoatanhe dotot ilain
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peh,ooeo n yeaea bobthisas man yea agout obisanlvisea psley ctoro was arge givgisim p tey or ma preript n pis iv it's amang t te h anymareptpi celeitie di'smaf tverdes h thy hav bee leie ainisred rd thav pheeicia. nody i goi to ais sd noo ph ia e cebrinoes ioiobvioly. s uoake a c gooriointio abo. e jksoneoo fily. nt kn heboas jon gtingtuff f y. diffknultyeleepg. ey ud g ang druff norllyot ffven ty aep hom b un aru ory spit . n somedy rusedom to btepnn o it di't w t to s pme redon.p o at i not o sdi wto s he'ot guil i.ot sthevidee aareny hes. e' t it amailng t ede me aenhe it hma te celeitieget hoctoet thistuff leiet >>ric:y th facto tt theocto isff >>c:thacrder t eourto galls oerropol, thar allle, y o apoha telng a dru useral y june, aeresel a eughru to kil youelf. er un>> b: fiet,hat a eunth isilouf. ncom ehen bble,fivent ator
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om.ene,n havseen lf dru avbefo. en bu lthat is thehing ion'tru fo get.buat s hoheyoung stopile tt kin't t. ofho-utole tin iss aof p erfu dg. >>reg: phe rful los i al df ts re p ple>> likg: ros i . al w am i t goi p toeik cvinc y. am ctorooiive mo cnc dgs >> ndreor youon'te m hav d50,0 a mth. >> re>> eouc: w't doouav rder,0 m. e wo iter fromt aospil isn t omne a orringpi- sn t it'a biness outhere orng of ording msive t' aunts b oes ut reis. righofnow,rdg mvehere ats o .s ghw,re a niona ban, proctio nna bann n,roioderol an anritan. it abud pele wan reatay nd i itbu cat ge it b.ecau it'oldpe wea n i docrs w havcage thetauight t' tod bt boc wheyav areheoing ht out t bacoor bnd by remaki monng utn t iacr gre peoe ting tokion buy i a ergyreedseo a tgo y phmaci. agys
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clarin, u ha toetph aci uponnd g u to arhe, hao pharcistnd hd it onen t gy a uoroy i. artheystype hheit i.dn tir t a lile m ihinend a m toeye.d t leavli b mausene aas mo shopftin av >>ob: u kn why ty bse d opat?in >>: kn hy t ey u dudaf ?o uake afmethphetine. you exact theuy tte cos in tthnkete.robay theu cthe tkindf g tha mhtcoinave t abahe coout omewre. nd g ha and ma: heoue evecotew. ma hom ade ank?nd h >>ob: . ve sn itve >> e c: h comma greome hk? >>: tose an sit.d. and et a e homre h week worto ofn.nd clatin. ekor >>fana:e haerrie allelaies.n. eri but>>eopla:ha areri lestocs.ilin riutallopl ofre prop ol. oc in >>ob: ok o thelo f inrnet not hatop. o er>> via: a b oheheinet casetbuttou can orderia any b of th stu. set ifouan hav aer dnytor' o linse,thhereture if dtorsavho d r' wholale . li the, havre theight touy ole sorrthavhehtanyo ear eceellut rr agaiy ar >> d a: tes iluilty rdicaiin ts ca. d t ife i has tolto j l ndic tca rve me iiftas a to derre j r otr e ioctot mbe lebry dreocto o ot n --to m
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>> a rea:br don knotof wil n s-veimeor ts. ar tha:onno maxum ofour ears il s e you l tk t t th supmeax o rurt lingrs get tou l thiater whe teup ta boutt lngdsay et thi loherhe b the tapremutourt l rayingn maaidoh cifor ba ne s to e emt keert rllg then prinersma in.d c orne th t risorsreee atherirsaximn. th so capaty. a imthataw w c atedpaor cas at w likeonra mury, cedhere he notas a mas kera mdereurree th is ot tasase wre the mre judgmighsay ou dth'ts he te wto sve thee. >>dgric:ghoes y botr d h yonehatne f s t he - >>c: s ot lessi'm istan nnet - ts ssmta ise. coad t mray, dtorisaid by co miael jacon d my,y the drdy mincerlac y comheny. doeshat b herernyon om. >> g g:es it doe't bher br on me i lk a the g i jaconoe bamilr me an the l a dtor.heac il reprensi eane dr. prsie ople theyreoing eac le oth's fars wh boteyrs mngreac t peoeth outse onfaonda af rnoowhot m holdg teo sn tsondaafoo s. ld th sca me sore thaccup walls.tree th
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pecale we aret aeha the up jo ll ee bu itead a pe s wndinreg i ahe ont jo any indbu o iad aourt sin i case t >> enyc: a youured the rt weret th se o eupy aouehe reth peoe? oy >>ana:heres arowd iettereooin . >>a: re>> gag: t oth thiwd that care ete ifn e g i tth hi guil , heat iresf a dtorho perfilmedhe ioorl as a dtor, dr whatbout eopl lik mrfdhorls a gi m dicalr, a iceatuthoplik mren' ctorgi m al >>ob: at i a rige. n' u gi me or m ical >>: iig aice. gi e in fridahey maludged a bu ah ofe. fdaoctoyge a ovpresibinmedi tion bu ofthats on way t g ato lot ovof tess sinff.dion at ontheay t oth g aot way t s. peoe cal lethayeo eal escrtionhop. to dfereocto. cron pip. it p o dre ove atoide rge pit ofharmies. isve getnge aer r hrmd.s. scertnet lisla ars a cuing wn a h thert l slauld. acug a >> ec: i't trehe sd. $ bilon e i tfedice fra outil the? the tdhaticera u touldhet we ohe t tought u tld we tghiscu tion? but the i so mh fud
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cuwastn?an the i aose m f st. a >>ndre we de ahird of t enomy tough ob>>acarree a rdgregroug it t e up,my tgh probly ob ar jes eg ug t gre i w dp,dly roy riou >> eesc: lk athe raudre w dy wi thetimu s.ou e and la: tatre wl beud a wihe muctorhorte wi nd t w e obam aare. meon likeor yrtwi who h bn editam ande.hief of onke ymen'sho h b itnd eff heal," i- n' >>ob: sll don be eve alat. i thi tt >>: sons bee . hi a tcam. thtrut isightow i am.ould thut save e bhtldin and in 1ld mites lk ae und boin pick upnd thenrugs 1ou miant.s adic u eri notropol. egs >> b:'m nt. s se. riot po >>ana: b: nedic s sarijna. >> a: butou won do tha ic >>ob: won'tutij. i c ld. ut on o ha gre youon't ave>> t: n' go i cutsi.? reou't e>> b t: oh, go yousiaveome? b >>ric:h,e taed aou dicaemarianane?rida >>c:ta a da 's cment ot scaria mucda actity o twidaer cnt s uc unliev le. ti ofanttic. wi dan theidn' l e munev. ntotbac. comntar an he >> ec: yn'r l medic barijuaom comarntar e>> a yrea:hey st wtoic
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juom ar see h aa:y walk. >> ec: cing a e hollk. t thi efter cong a h hernl cainhier her tie wit mtomne for in e g.o. ninatn. ie weaveit the m numrs aneor e-ml .o n usatt we tefiveheoxne.comum a we'lbe rht bk. -m ♪♪ us t ve♪ne♪om 'l r b ♪♪ ♪
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i wodn'to th. y thchec , i uldn use th sine mis crit cd. wo'tth thec i dnsethinmicr ch, ar't y... sh. m rearchg a le. har y. tods's s cial. reche caa tal .e veure rd.od sal youcaarn l ubleveilese .on ery pchas oun lees im eessi chk is losmedi. imsi if u'reot ening doub milch...isosdi you' seting for lf.f re engubil.u'etgr .was at allyecesry? [ le aounc ] gethe nturcards lyes? t ca[ anc ge e urnd erdn dole mes n evy pu edo mat's in yr waet? evpu secovry for.e. haven aution 's ywa? ovor veauon
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ >>ana:elco bacto "t fiv" othe accer ame o>>a:coac "t agnst rmanivain thi hecc e o afrnooand e saiagt ann caihi madedvan s tardaferood ainai 1997 de anthe in td camignssuea statent d sa 97 allatio e weam cnpletuey fae. soar theatt sallio all atio arewet cet fa doinseri s dageohe caill iore the pls. inrida one me o todaihat has he p . cainiedor e t ood ttpotas th mintdomne tt 2. tt it int esti tha the mollne s ten l 2t.eek wnll itnt tihahehis, alll ofhe t l k ac wsatis we comgs, ll fofard. he h don betrac iti wom fuforaisd. andette in h tonet i pollfuis nd te in anda: i thasn hur hi iaid tlls lasweek nd isn thur i a .o.phirima .id t asetheekyou ke i or otth if.p
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you maok bac heu irf istou call llaclinthangttiteto ll cultally boutex int ng polics bauseite td ltly evutyone it's rivali b sematt. t the g.p.,hereevnes asotva tt suscion ut the he bec gse.,re wha us honpened tohelareece thas w n thasehing come h inne ptoiticre onteth w t ng peomle g ahh -n t pnic the ste gliape a grednd gohh t a. he i s hav a harglime ado a bel vingiavar e isselngeall goi toamag him. >>sana:hat you tllnkoio ag of tress onfem.nce? >> >>a:reg:t out's t t glo a tss fee? aled >>g: eect.s t theyloendo sideith the al pers she est. attking oreydooid h lihe thi rshe ♪ la,a,ttngrli lahi la,♪ ♪a, becae shdriv youa nut sa,♪ it es pcasharmiiv thouut wan's s ca e to eavemitherhere w's >>caob: toee must ownre a n>>: us wnambunce ser ace. bue cainoeser.efy thesked th queion hein gs.p. y prary hetersnded l th ofuen g . peop jusdon' bieveprey rs di lthisf >>ndre 53%opus n' b ve bobthe herhing i diis >>re3% th k obe rng i tha teal iortath
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part ishaorge hman tl ita cai mirt i romgey h 2nai mi 2 od .%onth ago he cnot reak tough tth rrie go is t lsehe ain cthat takre tgh t a ie r tistaee at t t him mong imar rta votes. t may bimhe mngt arot e ctabay. b m bu ty aboeady toay eat.ab eribu he t notbohe mdyto . ect rie ot m able t wille ale g.o . il miomne isosin gund and rmanain.o is mi picng itnesin gd up d rry anmpinn ups aict cou eup notc s asy ell.inp th awhol fiesouveni out.tcasl. th tim lastholielectn,ni t. ye othim008asct eleion. ye o cain8 wnourt pce.len. he wt own toin wifth pcert p .befo hended u winni thenoth p nomition fo e daned pre udentbamatni hethe meas in thi pmice.on an re >>ntob: mat me poi oe hon hi is paini. gund apid>>? : me donoi o kno meonmadeis ani gd pdictn oid on thnoshow bout newonde ginich. pct o >>ana:lori thow alld.utew in h. n her >> a:ri >> b: no ll>> gg: i he ner tory bno
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abt wh mit g r iney hs gng t yto bheominab andwhithy r hys g is tost e ctab b. inend bin guy they. t t ebeinabbori is g d. buy th can taghe yith in ris anytng. g so y j t hanthanutag y inhhe baytgrou.. you' y oft j tan lastn g backedouecau u' eveftbody tlseas g disaeare azinedfactau ovedye o sarehe7 inct o priden of e uted oatese've7 pr henf ued o yesve remeer 4ofhem bause h e re o ohem we bormeg. 4m b se >>ana: re om we wanor o>>a: a aboan methgnegar t tha ame pple vebo c ticithd, a n t ofarha t pe candate fornd cci a of in tartilar anmneyteotoreing bo enoh. in onof thehing hetir idey ltng webo thano didt etonothe ofnge l atntiohe wto weha idshinon d.c f heet wit t houatio w g.o .in.c and he adoedit t tou.oaul yand pndo t rerdintheudgel n is pt th somhingha yourein e uldge gisthomngou d bind? g eri i c't getehin mitt bomned?y hgingut w h ri c johnet bhnerinnd n ttominne u hpng w wi any ing hnwhat i ber n in slkinghe s ue o winy gog rnme.t dan youon'tik theslng s oan pn? >>ric:gomeo, p tsanou'tf the
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an p pn. >>ic:ike p t the art phere t ehet re entlemt tefor int is oenem quily. imor atchg t t oui. i l-alachma t ga. multeouso th washe lla ga bate e heltanusthas cainewt ginich te dete. he w ftast. iaiwt heoinh pntnede.hing w fst outi h ever pqueson tt w hd,ng a tghut eres t wuestn hean h cai tsaid new ystheaio fir. id heewnded up yith aongir. planionheedphg- an n>> da: ntrief cn on the d nebatef c i wto a wha on didheouat ink out w wmart is a ithaid t k t rtt tsset curnt co tressnal publan bend y if tou areuromne coorssl perbl o be y ggricfrre ne sa orum thatou ger ond get gic themehin you? orsaumatachmn, f tettatte emin ou >>ndre ver smar hehm nee f tir t pporte wil be>>reer carpaigng i n ahe ee t lo oor the ile stes. cig i a lo o lookhe- ry pla is popar ss. ongs onseokativry.las opthats gs rney' achles el. seiv i tnk eat is theost ry' chs elec ble?. ere a t p il staheng ttt
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he s.ece? i te nke alip-ops pta t aboron a clite chenge te iuesha obap- is oing or a toliave ceield day wh. is ba ithe ftsng gng t usetoe tmlday w ains e im. g tse t indenden als don' ikens a. fliplope that de maken ilsn'e vnerae. ip itpe r inds eatfak ieagabush v rawhenheyere it runnids agast ch oer ihegashrima .en ye everne snidga oell, ima. ow, .er s 41 isl, t one tt, s me i presenti and thene one that m ould et t.estind itne tnedt out nce ld reanit t d sttedut cpaigng eew hampeaire caushe dn't mpaistd i c iowig peoe sd was mp te ous. dt ai he h iheowig ieoas. s as thatsecau t the oount h wa i. in atireauhetrai.nt >> da: d youwaavehein e gingaich pce? de of dou thee this tt new ng p? gingch s d dung t ofhe hi sbateas thatew heaid ng s dusica ty te psideted oma ca mpar him to pde bere madf o d sa ts arim posideereadis as sa tcand and pde accate os bnie nd mandff o wha hcce o t blsehe ma oericha peo he. neingrhs gd to get a ic eo headne bne dongrouh gdhink et it gs ad b tonnk g far tar
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bobnewt ginichs, re h ie i n obwtinholl. hetart to ov h u i i the i pos.l. e thghert aboo nt i i'mheot po impr sed th nev hadbo nn'm unspen t ughtn hi lifprd ev ad he sots spis t mhtthhiif off he 's aunny le b ss mt'sff a sothinnythat loesn go bith s auy thas tingo be asoinatsno h seris guin a daate.ha t g gree as a anxper t in rigu a de. analreiessn tersn doe't wk als beuse lea madf t reondeto toe wkbesubpe nas.eaad eri t d acrate >>reg:bphanks.ou. riyou erreod acte >> sg:prisnk. t. lauu ter eri new of sis t the ay. aur >> d a: riewery goofhe . gre d dyoo i reet d i a doge snk? >> da: wcan lkbout 2012 inog his bsnck o r d wn ut ul.12 n "fos new b suny" r yeerda i alogi i. d't kno ifoeweun ve iyeda a wegi he it dno i let'go aad and r tha i eand hveitob t' a rctnd rha if ey bieve nd exndin the rars, if hey f bve n't lievinookiex atinhe s,the deraf resveynd d't t ev beeve ki reatuts, if
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e trayes d dot beeve bee eas,f t degula ons. do beand e aette tax stem, tdelas. d uldteefyaxverying sm, liev n. d soyherere iryouldge ev rectan to jpren ioardld and tellll thereuppoaners jp thardnd llhavehe giv mpos tstha a mon ve th say aiv m we' de t aon i fthay ae' d naht. i f sona sup.rt abody >>ana:ignicant so atemt. up a >>dyob: ere fea h >>a:ni nt mit ru ashird artyem >>i d: 'te beleave t ht. hemi sruyss outrdty he has d ael t e co sitte7% o tut hoteras in thisount who bievecoim.te o t heer ssnn the isnt shoelin bve. they itn te she sin sidines ey >> e tc: ts is wha iides ong th r eaul t risht the.ha i everne ee in he f ldg rl r sa loo if ithon't w er e in fll sporthe replicasaoof 'tcons wvati or not j t s likrt epca i'lle o the instirt'sot j ik roey - ll >> oana:he hun iman ides wod. ro>> e -c: iaid onse>>ativa: unorn notwo replica ei id wldn'seiv haraerizotepca h wn' at -raiz >> da: fr po ht. >> ec: his ayin -g i it not d fpo ee, hin i f getit it.ot
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anda: ihe iot fing tt. suprt t nd i i publan te hiout of he g up publ tan date. he'bl thitoof aipar. bl d >>e.ric:reatoint e' dan moroto ce aar o>>c:at nt 12 llan work cong. comi o p, sah pal w.g. mie expinedhe difrenc s al tweetea p ty roteerxped andifnche ccup waleea ptreete otesdrs. yo wil heaupaleerom wt s es. sa momts fyomil nowea. m♪ w♪ s sa om♪ fow ♪ ♪
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♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ >>ob: lcombacko "e five th son is >>: omckedic "ed t ve greg th oni ds't thi sah pins aic t fa ofeg th o upy dall shieet s p a otesrs, r d ifath muc oy l s
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cat. steno wt hees, d i sucd. ca en >> wheytay waltree s fat catsot a >> ee noat iant ts a one tool- d thnot cnerectoo a werth is no cone ctntitdo a ar io ail-e itt. th amecal-ream our fodati is out thrkme eic anamur mpowmentfo tis t not e ntitanownt me >>meric:. anda: >> tc:t nd ennger spees tige t gre greenerpe j ket!ge >> b: sa h pa n isre bacre the j nt!s ecau she c b'tsa pa isstanacto b out f it. he n s >>ric: watauhe ct a an b ut ddent. by e ft she i >>c:at noin a theace rht now eny f hegive ithatomme rig no he the, wet sh r sdow rig veatmeig therth wsh s embiesig er erythg.mbs the aarty arebout eth smle g ernme t,a finghetyreut compy anthesm gnmount n fg abou eitle nt. mpan eat cts ment n and makou ele . gornme big cr an m bigr.nd iak tnkhe gomeigan wldig hd alli t gasone w hllo.p. so pol. >>ob: willp. car o tha
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olshe n rning >>: ll >>arana: outeha ee oura nd rng becae sh ist >>a:he e furarais to ow s wl ecash t the ary t helfuheiso s w publans tea p ty vot th a tel to bls ea pot coness. i asstoe s wil sportonhes. ss s ilmine >> sob: rt% nativ-- ne >>ric: lay ff>>: wha niv dana s d. >>c: y shwill sup rthoevha i na sis. dansh hasllhe supd thaev i no. .t i gssven an ifas sha it's o. ro ey, t i gnfonseativthet' washero, s, sheuppo seiv emney wa gree we ehe talpong eyout rah lin. ree wehoul bealki aboal what t h n. heweulekiboaid. at ththing ttsnterting i sdhisd. bore. th in tthe taerng sartiss be. e reakertis an occy watree a tars. er you an wilccwa fdee a oupyall sttaet. u aeeithil h ft is oy l oust takg. a th'reoth hs dagre ng. ak th are saygeah,the tt's whate w . when outh talreay th, harore ts at w actists ey went to takal tare ur tis wtoak weah. >> ndre you eardobnd s budeaes talbout wel>>reourd her gatis ar so lowudalut
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
>> b: the natnal orgazati of b womrehe at lreluant tal abogatif nonef he lut conalrvates abo talk tg abo h manne cai on upat a nt, gre w llk btpbo h onai ho ywooup cebries nre w w b havtp o daretohooo criritize b w oilav ian't wt re f thi btiy! bil ♪'t w fhi ♪♪ b ♪ ♪♪
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th stast 60. now ck t new orkthndta "th five 6 w t ew♪♪kth ve ♪ ♪♪ ♪ >> gg: wcomeack "the fe." so y g wme arek f lhehy r fh"r havet haait ynre yea? f r at do y veha d ea wh not d y oose d wh pipotine. o hee iipe. juluisry usfhe iulss dreuss posi a pelin
2:37 am
remreber sen oma s dsi le us b pin theatiohat e sem r o th s tyrlenys of b oilhe io tn, t et w gthat. yr but fustil cckednd r ht t w g .now gil is tillt t c pedtty r muchunni the how.w s ll an intnatial pelin p likye chis oni ishew. pert dirantlyntti p inik om y t pre dent o osfhe er unedir stays. ye co tandeinrent o un chi.ta code g chse >> gg: ihiearn souch ch st hen. g irn o d sh jush say bign. oil donsh tusnk she getay arodg onil sar on theet proered on wdmil s whe poedhey wilhinkwhtyomesnk om it wlo fmesanad o t w f gu coa andad pvidi fuel t d guoand pobs.di drfussueoesn car the ed tfeel imptant umpshe fs.dsfdrsssn oar e t eluntrmp nt wors her any ps fillisf aow o hetrendls trseerylio rd a kipehea andlectu t esidt ob ra lihe is peantu th idoblis exptht. yo kw she nerxp eardyo of k thhe p nelin untrd leof pinnt capr tweeoed abot. alit tak i one
2:38 am
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:49 am
es h wlltiooou te me ondve tern y te whe i h wo tomes upver and ornr?tehe i orheyes cld s eupr hasndeen o rougit oe. thy c bter sopasnt's ug o th nativ brs netive n iv >> b: i inkou buy aneve bdna i it tkuy cry a arod wh yo i ata nex to cro him w on yo afrin-am icanrienieximn riamanen -ex thi onfox a fends - and i thi san wha do yxo a f a fdsnd livi? samy dhaghteo lov y tt guy f a d th virodur sa tha dteovs t juinuy bier. ithaid whodu isa jushan bier? ju tie id aho iusie twa awa h was ne abo it. >> area:e diit h toasady nbo . ga. a a: >>dindre he o syinge ll s thega wom t . >>re e he sg has sheom t t asreve thatveanat saidiebeave ma my bab id bobbeyou t sdell tyab me b obu s yng t w en b eri i d't wto y ta any ste of w t ri d w segmtatnyte o b wha tbout jusn
2:50 am
bieb agagm?t b ha gre whautareus you ebga lkin abo? is i arehaeou hug inbo i atory ug stin bier d notave sex. ry he i ninngelie d ot se froe theeave to x. ch ige ts wond.el sero he hoveoch two choou bmirc t c perft crture buif it' brcrue ae h t se withrf thacrreoman allbu mt'e a h poers,ll ysethha posanrsll wl m congpoowns, abo m bin bos wl an i aco bningnhebo min b b beran a bng be br b bag bug ibeade t of cliings. >> b b:aguguppodlyne a of baliroomgsin a sta. b whdoespoyhat nymo?baom a ta >> gg: whes anyre?t mo >>ric:e shld s -- g >> area:ou heeverny ? done >>c:sh s tha- b ? a a: h e er gre movg o ne >> area:haovinon t b the next reov oegme ano er aa: in t helebry, o lo c nty,xt faritemefno br o you cy,fatefou -anotr cebri, lisay - han.ot anotr faritef you. c shrieliyas elead romn. jl ot fate afr aouew ourssh >> gg: teaym jeleader af acausrs overc wdinbut g teyet heata o f jaius o causrcinhet h
2:51 am
o d h pto o ai sht fo us h dplayy" mazin p thatshfo meanytie getay m arinstedhat'what y ato.eati et>> da: ihoug thaared t'at yimage th weend y a d iivinugdownha hhway youag gthee y a inwn hay puedou gver a y don kw pu wh too oro.r a y n't onve a k euse. wh obutr ht e a a p etoshe.t wi t "plaoy" magine. h anda: n p onesh wwil beeve u i ou s la"ag te.t. nd n ne w eri youanbee mag iines ho s aut thi t f i. riouages oto ahi f i sho inhe ailo cel gre i d't thiho sn wold goel reor dhi s wogo tha >>ana:he ner ho g ha toail. >> a>>rea:a:hat n hight g sa witto conl.d mur y, aa:t becae ofhthe supme crt saitonur desion is h gcangofoup c fe jailime? de onuld hu rher g he fharl il mae?on i jai rd l rdsayr h lon?rl n't nswe tmat. iai l bobayputt tlos ay.t we t lisay lan ha b nobt crged t any mber.fliimesy l ha b >>ndre loo cat ted r y er shft. wees havit. >> bobreshe oos g tten rut ofhis bauseshshe weav. asobe gn ofs bsee mey. wh the aoing i hting this wom. m. shwhhe a nngds det a hngut ay is
2:52 am
omr a yeash nveryoodet a aehab a eaybe ve h lif ryd l th sfffettiab her e t is h jift danr t th s her atier is j anybany ter a aroder. gre she riedyb toyetn ro . pty reheed pomier leo p pericapoeo thin >> area:oldap on. in he rap a shea: id upnd lger n.than b's. hep he iit iponge tn lr yrs. an b. >> b : no ithisgeoman t y y. sashou b wal ng. bnois an >> ec: c i p ynt sasomeouing t. al .it h othi to e c pith w meg shis. h >> bhi: wot? h w >> eshc: w. p nted his b w out forehe w e wonvied. p ed sa. cntyut jl as re s wo overowdevihe'd. cy jikel s n er pudetime'd theel n anyy. sign ipumendheetrelenyed. gn i >>ob: tss ale. sicoman >> wh:has addtion t proemssnd ic ngerans toerse and therwhsddonros pele. erto shseshound b per awa >>ndre no e aunderpe. sh toouelp p herwa >> bobretheyo re a ad in to nialper st o t peo e gobeey the an whever al ohey teo ghewher wan yevenallyt kledan er. enly >>ana: khed fends u. h
2:53 am
to g>>a:n t fds u pty h u weayin som ghing t abouthe par p? we gre sheinentomng oueoar a rehet -awaarty she was a sitng ntoe wa ty drineng. asitidn' n knoo who s w. >> ob: d ouin. tn' tonoho s w pk >>: heup? to p >>hereg:? n b. mayb i was a p fect entl>>an.g: n b >> b: yb denasl pcttl. b pluen >>reg:eniaat ts bob i ha no >> deng:lia t e. abou obhao it.en she edsoeocke up out. f e s lonkep piod f oonime. p d >> area:omedn o bile. aa:ed mar don'til lik tebow caushe i amadohristan.ik t ow riculo. owe n'tus bel ive w ateis s.d mentrilo e telway? w s ♪♪ nt ♪♪ y? ♪ ♪
2:54 am
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2:55 am
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2:58 am
in ristn. crv lieen. a >> ty shld jt go aad st and ninatlitim. tshebow j go a[ alaus d n atat'smight takeenveow aus bncos 's htarteack m keebowve the banos fth teristk now whohes h stnn or hihoheadn t ftbal fie d pu o h s ewhehihatad fan t fal ie farite chrtian pu in hver she t s hean are fatehranelcon.r e rubli nhe presideial race co eri sor. te w tu red tli pdelronc ce arnd b ngin a trimorack. te frtu the t bignc dicit ndar b in t nnink gfres.heig u mht dit onsir inooki g tim. m bothf youkiimiewe it boightr learaw. thi o th twoouwe t htdana ar hi dan i d't thiwo i wo d tena tim tow o an dastehi hiime owoteim tillte hi mahe's ohow.l he sulde gtingeadyah to wi w. i t ked o s myd gngdy sisr,ongie wi in enve andhe t ady b timis ie tebo invendan a th b are pulimngorim. bo >> gg: ion'tnowho tithreulebows.. i igine e g i p'tysw tiowome s it.nee p lle m s ah doe't bhere. eahoe aud bncerpplas whout
2:59 am
steng. theyeudela w brautead s ls.en heeyra swsdn s. obvusisli fohis aienc shen h bv apaudsli you e reafoys aaughncgtn h ap ds th u eaghoke? th >>ric:he bncose? we >>c: b 1-osbefo teb. w nohe 1- winfoeb noin o and turt o nd arou. ur eri i jt wh for thos ou o ri j wor s w osave toefend o thleft thaill weoen thfthaaherl shld st h mou. >> area:e he sd n thesh s hou comnts, t aa: ag th she teboms, t thebsuckoo f ristnity. koher f stty is. an athrst w dss. n hth w re? d dan if euartback h wasuslihe w ldn' alk? anout f m.rt ck >>ric: e'd sve hli. w n' kon'tnow. t bobi do t t>>nk hc:d s h at gd o'tfw. qrterck ob do t eri hantasic. he m ivat g the o tea qer rita . 2-he mat he >>eareg:hat llegdoes


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