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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 8, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EST

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ci hen.ian refrederocain reeki a he anb.ef d heupadedin herki htel hemuped t aerl lati seaand ves tid a detas abt heen u er ithtiead s hean c n in car. taabheenh >> puthe cinisar hnds o m utle unr mykirt h ands rea med for unmyrtnd ea my fgetals he ao graed myead my and brouget itls owar ais racroty.d was ndry ouit vareryot s spris and vveryerhock. id shaisndre y ry ckdo g? yoknow hava boharien y dothis i'that yoowav camboener r. mr. is itcaam said ou wt . a job, ca ght?id w ermacainppea ng ob, t t? majimmin keaim ol liv t sw sa h woulnot scusmmthe k fimestm til iv ssaolds that new h ul t couserene lat f ttoda l dshaew coenatda buhe d off some respse. at ast bu d wn'neff o s thee manyhat vesphe. t t wn'irst oamehe nyt onyms. soow ts onstactuely h a na and ym f e sosoe t wonchedtuo h e wnatndt wand fsohoe wed it as. w thwaottoine het i. tha
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thtoe he han cn hato iha doome he c quhak damao conol bause hiseu maon bseis campgn unubtey ashese fireormsill ntin tomp unte s esselateillecom remsl inodeiled or es atteeastloseom msagend tt's de ede mor imptanthinge h atst e ing mto tgeowa ts causes nd mompnt ngall e h prim ies.g t backao auu.s >>hankou vy mu forl he li rept frim thes. ckreau >> a rig>>.nk vmuor let' talkliboutepfrhe newau a "iga toy" glup t'polk.ut soewou wld tnk tha " to gp hman po . in wl be lidiso dowthe w t pollha inead,hat h're n ing wbediowe ll tellou ts moing ine'd,t e g acallyied th ll m tt romoey g r thlead. he th aclyard . mro thad ebotht har.%,f urseithe th erroratet aut psrseit minu rote a pr. >> hat'nuintestinis tt ca himlf iactuly >>t' itein t sligcaly bimter isititu tha ig br tieha waa mon ago andhis rticar pl wa was mone ontego exteivends n ws ic p med covagase fte th teein nalleedtionov intestin y enthgh, lly s taing out at'sleoingon to ppenn io. teinen, y tag it a'sngollo ne yenio. inser vante fo i "lthey desoinens
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gist " shnts thfo "thescane h go30. stshth roey h ca a h ts gool. ro h w a ke t thr dayafteexteive w ne hrcoayragetetee manpeop appentl acconeing theoll coowage ar givian himop tpptl befit co of g he l e douba ar thvi donim thi t that t bitf alle tioneare ue.ub il te th yonhiha twha se ngleone .that oman te yster y, kwing ha atheeourt wan o atanoper k ngof tha andhe alrtnowi ohat wt ngrihanditt lmneywit vern perry, tri whot ey mpai, th whol race ornetrr t thho g.op. ai nomthatiool hasceeenet th detrked .ocausthe rst omx quiotionasnn a trd use intet iew quon arebout hern ain's te w legaons d i'meut wonererin how 'sch bter ings c ld ga s he'mook karl rone'sin advw e br gs c and got all eok outar rhtrs dveawa ant ll th o big o comehenve pss wa coeren. >> avin a pr os coigeren in omen p sctsda, arona, coento y.>> in >>prad hcodoneenhat nla da ar i a,now. to we' see hat'>> hnet oingla t k. w.hapn. wh 's ie'ereseeng tt'e autng this tpoll puncide wh i esat d tyou thi at is? isll homanyeoplare ill unde duhi deciisd?? thsames wh arehootinny forple l e two cifrtrun rs, thmewheinor21%. tloo thi who thifr isun, ay %. toely
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o o knohieall howhohi s it goi to n out. to knowhen no getllow t i aitoio n ow n jaary etd, wll h te a i betr ideaf wrehing are ja y he wing. he stetl, s man peoeae wuston'tngre kn. he thg. don knowher t yst saneo tand.'t meahile gretkn tl usthonno erthe t hdlis a d.e'll t keale et t memo .e >>oterin h iohi all spe ing of moe >>erpe le, ll diide ether toeepegf pe n, de heaw tt toeeimit unio' coecti n bgaing t it rits. e bi wasigd iocontoti bin law stri. marbichasig byoaw gvern joh ary kasi.rnoh if ertued ty wod ge si the ightstubk. two ge centollsaken byth plic licyndtsuinniac id tb ntlaw lsy beeny pli cy hdedornnc t a w berepe. les mo to h dssisppi, a pepeonho. amement ill le mo o vod on. decisrei,s a f tilipedhoment embl o vo ona lel p son andec bres a all f liaborons thetatemb le pnnd bll or s awmahers oteboth sid of e aie emacina vton mahe othid f bs fnt. ai em innate vto expted appve a f. te packe of txpd cdits fpp a buness whoire tera but ckof t c retsal f t busshoe raut re% thhoing tx fo gernmt coracts i 13. ho g e ovall asur is lfoely gnmcoct igo tthe ho e.. ovl
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urthey letury fromecesnext te we. aho shakp ieyidurom theesxthite houswe a esidt oba's ief ak i stahe billtealey n ousonge id runobngs f ta ll day-ey-dayperaons tege un st wg by himsy-f?ayras eny o hs du wesby begmsandd o hsue byeniod obama bydvisioete o mais roe. whe hotee of cialsay 's not romoti whon.ho of al wily cont'sue t ser a st a ambaadoror t predentti. ilnt ter a manang ratio wit a ba or in tuentrelnt ouider anna rio oitn inntl ouer me oaughpresent ama d frch pside mghest a fr pde colasarky dung a cat nvertionbout enja n lark du ne anyah acatrdinto arenc eronutjan-li neah rert, portacsin anc alledly heara prateli reonv, satirtt ll thlyg- arpr econfencenvti th saozy g-portly td ob a nf ceis autetanhu. can t stsady rt tob he i a anst li." i whi oba plie yli're feup wh hi but i hiave ba al wh hieverie yday.e nofe whiut ie omme fr w thehierhity.hoe. antse a youmerheeadlesit ho foyouruesd mo ing. an a >> sadou nedl youkn w,fo weursd mo
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g. hed ov the ad neoueekeknehat e heovhe frasr enre hkepicaret becae ofiver canrnd asen he hs goicgeo on ca to of aere toan ng o fe ano her uplego of no a t o f noweekr lef eded up bng aekouplf da. e madwho upat bapl muhmadli in heda ma o fighof t ceury,uh thadtn und, hatghli t wff thcey,ha canv butnablto te t d,t w cisith afr nvutbl t t si 1/2ea of ter fusi to reoroe/2ea oasiewoulgo r nsi too reoseor ve toh ieul bates whuhamdoeve ali to but athe whndam wldli rete on t ftereorg wforema kckedeton errg him wn autfo nmae ti ksedim a iiwo fits. condime th h hea i shad wo d at7 yrs olfid,. he wasnde heahad at mebo who yol ine sy wys w bo a ho ttleesenuln aut w hoe was w porayedn th e rlealryen with aho mammad waoredth a rry wheth mamma mma i wathe ice a ohe afcan-eric ms anmad b cks,waee e o fe as t ughafn-e waican bs, cagoridsn fes t uhnc twa t maca as ripresting whi u ncamer ta annot uly blck t an mas esng muhhimad aa i ersant y blck
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jus sellang thfighbut tuhd a end,ae wa us llthgh stit t d, awalile bitti bitt abo howhe aliromoonit was handd. >> hat'ttveryboowmointe stins >> iwas en hknocndd -- >>t'ry ian,ou'rabsotelyrightein of ll t is hoc--ribu s i en,ead'rso ly gh out m toda ofhey t talbu abo id ho andt to aliday tereal lindbohrou hodlie theienti livin and jou eitiivnd frazr sa j whee k ckedazsa alihe wn iadis sque garn i kedli 19 i, th washereateisqu ar i mont ohis tireife. 19thas at aould emoit o s reanyoe.. ald yo re y areith cebrin mi yown rew yoh cit and cri evyoneays mammad limin yoitlend heas evnesbeat mn, maunfeat leeate eveat t pri ofhe his at reerunat 3 1 ears teve tdrinef he sayhig jo er 1rsfraer ino hetheayjo rl chamonera i e rl am erge and ey he th fig and theyo toheast roun e ge wasn aw ofd hthig alind tt eytote go unup fm th sho and as heawf fel ali t t oughe wothgo secd fig fth ho d anwouleelave w ghwohe trdecig anulf ede woed ha w letimo o t fothe th
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edund.wohaet ed oe sa i tught he s fo e ing th dief he d.s goi t ed sa t tahte nymo g ie e punimeoi t. afr ro dtamo 7 mammani ali ss afro that as 7 mmaloseo deh i'li s s ev tten. ats at w in manisedei' 105 even wndeees, packni hoe. >>05 y ha a ltdes, nowlckgeho ab>>t th. y i'halearng a lot. thiwlwas fasnati abthme i'ar a anyby ttt. c ame his asti iybtememr c e op ing "thdailnewsand i hang temrn oopng th shiils, ws d ther ou whae t ohi er w frier guy o an ali frry.u o mucas bng a spoanrts lifa yo wereucn a b ar pos yore aazie fan. yohad pi. itas le thie beales orn. yod pi .vis. itu're lbsolthely rieat.le r was nate o s th s. rolire andolis fy ily ri. rele edasat o a atemt yeerday tt s slidnd fy lks letlehem g a eemyeda t privsely d sai the woul s et m anunce g"our ivy sheulfath's an ce meco"ng crebraon as on th co crapossle."s smokn joss."frazread the ok joe of67. >>alk azreboutd he thi a h e of eciagues67 >>k hrouout e uthi a show h
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>> ithe iaesmeanmeout let mov ow on io aetheralin pot fan ur metningov thers new oncamp o di fyou ow wneed o sp d mng abou aer bilewon dlamps.o g dipeopu to wmeedsp t the ouited ilstat d forouri? g opio thoht peo tee edust ator norrilly maybthou t alarou theho worleo may the unitd stes or ayrealace oyb ouvialit.ouhe rlayhe ni west ow ieat turce oo ttvi. t dewertme iur t t ofomel ddemeecury is usi som of iel dlarsnur the ewisampasin caedom i "dcoveamer da, rsnu.s." e pa caere'goin to beverhing "dfromveeralki s. e'in ber tng omki blboas i ltip tangues t soal boa i ip gu t twor inoemotcale theyoray tns wl creeot jobs. for eryle vis orseyho t spew cre . r $4y00 t comeis tspe eric tha crea s on$4job. tom t i'm t su if thasic behaer eaon b.thanhe smulu m ckagsuf ha>> caperehan an slyndlu i went coer thenirebnd iitnd k. th e we nt a sohertsirf tngsit at t topclic o thdewes, y a os t kns, ifou'rannter tion topic o traver y cli o knheif'rdeerlson i icke on avthm,othgli ode i ke th thm,e. th i ickeon se oer this on how to bok thavel i ke s o nhihere ow t el
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ye so i thi ns ishattreoing t betheyot t get iye u p i andhiist ng tnnina lilebett .be ey >> tnveietd in i und loinonlitt i s>>eiin privend alo i ivgovementun a coaborion. ve ars,200illi a yrvent sot's ing co cosortn. a bil ion s,0li bu ytheyl aimso it's sg goios ail tn buey brmgt'oi$5 blion tver e ne brfiveears tohe $5 bonr gd. >> thoeht hevers quoes ere gd inte>>stinho we nt ttry uchan thee teine min ty f peo eanhe roadighthink of e u.sineo whyo so anyadhtnk of peoe wan.s t ve i the yu.s.oy wh are we ingoeo chaeeanhe mind iaboue th amica,ou c gwhre fore g theha ericnd dreou in is cothtry?ama, c g don'orget heit. but ic dren --co iy?o n'alutt pele tt sa. thi is a ut d po -tivehing io okwe gut to g pe t tsaurishi a poveng in. ok g goto to g t chaise the rcepon a ampa n.oto meha thaths vy arica likep beca e we se o apa medversingha v acaik ca we od mketi abity to leterng pele kw wh we ve buthe pe kwhe wites cald. diutovermeri. yowoul wthinfor bilon esal dolls, y cou omdierri up ityoulinr il someing litt cat ier.ll y ou memb whewe ued u totave lome newg ork ttre iatnr. n mbyohe? u e loewtchyk i
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>> cchy deed nyo hy c y foedyear soluly. i ill ve tfot arirt. e lu. l t-milt. u-mightno. les he u theht.s.overent to cnoe u wh omlehingse caty heto gs. iernaeronalttrav ers c u to ce vi wt usomng heat iy he g ina alu.s.f a avshis cviustuday. h wha iabouthericaflag s.a sdon'know anywtu, k w w t yhaoue ca agthin day' voten'now ohio c uldywleave kw y a mar imct o lawin acry'ste the ountr cde is ibi g,maim oawlkcr arle e tr ibig,gaarin fm th f oxle busiss nworkillga einlain f the pitic f rific ionssior nrkl e in is a well pic that r icnsne. >>e go by g ahalls iatn thene >>ackegoyut gha ts ihe spir g ke pouttici wasold t ts cover up s cairaignigns pociasd t becse o r pey'roffeive? ally ? cagnns deils raig 'rfee? ly des ighe
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so ts isnzo.ou kw, en iot h on trad wasll le h noi ca ot dinveing. t iso. k i hn ad as l no neca thi d youvenowg. he'sot atunng pofoli nehiouw's annpoli shhh hh u'reelco. malennouer ] trad invtingnleaed. reco leou ] adnvngea. [ ma annncer whe's ur rd toappiss? whatthfirsstepn th ro is bowlmaf sonn?erhe rtopi? atthrsepth ros wlso licis cabell sou fillou wi vegableutrion cicallou fall-gro ingdienwiegleri d cahelpou kp a alth weigfa.rongen campll's- itca amalpng w kt so cano.a thig mp's itma wsoan
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thosfirsyounmen. e pieersos rsunn. thavia rs. pirs builng serhiways in aunknn sk shiys aknsk eir fetyyste ilt bra andeart r tyte t randrt trsforng sangeames fromall les tror sgeesoml s in picres posardsome. inics osdse. d thones who llow the o sk med e edth of esace,
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o owhe thedgef heen the ge odreask. d edf e, thgehee oea d weollothemp the welo livemby th unbakab prose iv stitnbed iabo evroy unorm ofveryapta it ievunmofryta who kes eir mman o s r an fly to sve. ly s.
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aleyes a ohiooda ales a o whe larnioouldbe alodaiglo whslaheiold sidesecid the fatelo ofhe ntrorsia meas e, i de wous id he fmitef colctiv brogainiainas i righou of plicmplo es nd toliv binin thghvotef imp pt cocd beelt lo ndrosshe cntry. thtempcobet foss bu cnessryenio corrpondt chles gaspinoussio is herrrnd tochs put itsspo pspecve fous.ero thisuts a ughawtut sothin pthatheec overfonor. iselta h theyad tdo t bsoanceinat oo'serr buet a mak itt ey t att tctiv b ce fo ssine. >>but lo as liak thetnions gog tottinivhere. fo thne is e on thin>>aboulolihehison go to w, i goe. furer t nths hatoninou su'veeen oth ate ioeur tt scon n, f exavele, n th eclud copand reme and i thinthatay b on t fxa, ataludop d mend i in flat, yoknow b tal kashent for th fullflonteyoow iteadasftoingor th llr ate hlftep bor i badngin ngin oer s ecta hnionp b peciinly cs an o sctfiemenon peop hav prob m witci c canting
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befitsf csn ienhey op avn reobtire ait h cfngay a tbets c.n i it jusy an rere h aissu. >>f yo loo it atus wha gerno waer sudid, >>eyoooeced tt leaha g no oucopsnd wa refiters ill,ece's teaook tou aps psibl fi rs rell ve ov in wl,conss sok e a p ramblicatns o re t vsov in w ifnso thiset amjectat, n ollf t af suen, vernis kash sct goin hav tory to su, rn basanceheoi ohio udgeavknowog th theto les nnot bce ioge beowthhe adj sted ns ot colltivearri eythi. >>heres andjducaedon pcess ing rig nowll inveri thihi >>counrey abant whca we pss pay p licg igown sehior uons. wee n unab twhkine aborivaay pc seor ionse not us. talweng a nut t in cobotrucon varkerthat wsek onot for ivatcompalies at puic co uc se or uonserhatat w basally r atmps puet pa by see ustxpay. thase's ly edutionoing on. paat py ple e saygayight now ths duonng . thehave pro em pwie ay youhtow ow, teacrs ma behevero wiou bookeper , thaacork fmaity ha or theoker haatehkse gting f y id a thaserheeh gng lav h be fits a tbut ill, there not qite thereavbets whe tt y'rel, thekingboutot qe er hecutbks f t copreor tngutreme i' telu tb fopee th thi get peal bigme i'eltime >> wll se wheh whi g fr t alig ere. farmehere wh whey' she w sayi witther early ll
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e. it larksre ohrwheing y'd it's yiite ar gog toe reale% l t ooheg 36t'% when hego whito hou r putle peoe the tground wh the unienshiouuteo pheroney oundin whhe ni s ev ifhis het pularey in thg inhe evrld.f cans ou iginef t parhite housthlostinhis? n yoimage ifd. the uanons ine tlostthiste ussts? >> yoyagifhe car ueysay hestis present sn'tpoke abou it arnce ayapl. ok,his a huest 'tkeolitoualt e sue.ap . tha realk, meas thatheu puic iitfed h the izee. ha al ea ha evern ntpu don i thid wee que thhee zeye >> l me telrnonhiyou, wequthye wh th leel silaru, whth sir impltic apprches whis i tha ppleav tplc pay causall reetetspres bail wh ihat, pe wav a t y yusl betmings ile puic uon for the w a rrenprobm? y bng >> pu sho udorhe poien outobhat ho dio h ver f waloistreut t rms. eir oble is n her f attcting al reoughriva s s.r jor s.le n i inktthat ins he c seghhava s th govnorjoas trng to i k mat ke c sich wthovrrryin to mtoake thama sten we h e alchthes w taxino thateohao en f hundalesaxhese lis ato peion nefi. f ddon'thinhe qsete me th l pecasen rig . n' aninwe'r q m aboth to fdut secausit'sthoing.o me a lotig an 'r fothe bower o the uons
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us 's ngpecimely f theotex e ctiofoe r heand usy las poi tciyou fhe tt eio d someing'got asoive tu w yo tre gng t lk at meg't masse laffve becse t t yo g t buet h l to tbalaed. tsst's lartec of te eca buon h o ocesorla. ighe taxess ifef e ehas do t t besauseou he he balce tes fbudt. s >>oho's tor bthseat he al tarle thas somu.d >> ny>>'sth atti . le >>hall rsoht. mu min es p>>the ur. adt itti y see>> r. in p a guyr. o the adit y siee of roadith aflag o yhe ke on sif adhdring. anag y ken ncreble sty thadrillg. anmakeou step o the bre.reethal she ent kehe sep nighthe ibr ae tet bu ntht f i fournclin airle bu f r drlsed ke t a devl. up drd tevxt it hanccou of wh hapns athe rk wn aianou o w yo repter es dn wi wh apa sl apinge ag w a yoepr dwi slng
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[ rn hks ] hey,t's ndra- om couing [ h ] y,petes ra m can ue gat y're sy..te bu youn ere nna lp u y e c..nch e nuers r acbuuntsou e recea able uoday ch nus actsceleay i an inow thathiss imrtan ll, th a imptant i le is bewlearatsiman theare t th, aimpimpontant o.lebearee th ipot [ an ]he reivaes. [ ma annncer michin kws is be[ er ] rva . r xox thelpanag the finmace pnncesserg. ch k i beso ey c foc on xepin tthe lprld agving ein pss wit xero you e re cy oc fo rean busiinss.e d ng trooure foeasi.
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was king mulvitan... but nee chaed.. i wted s pporngfor ul heata.....t eeha.. and w i t itrom cerum eci wlistd heaor.r ea.d i it mnewceentrm specialisstvisia... hel keemy es hethy. wtrpeissi.lee e hey.ntr spealisener... hel me ep uwitthe trpeiser.le uthe centm spiali pretal. suppts mchils grth and veloent.ntsplirel.pp milgr d lot. ne cenum scialt is compte mtiviminne
6:21 am
tent gi ss mealll t bens itsmp mof vintrun tus agiitiomel tenppors.. ru [ a ] r wt's por nt t me. aio or malannoacer wnews entrr spe talise. hes ma nuttionossi e.alnor wtrpeis hema utonsi.
6:22 am
>> lcombackeaveome esdamorng helinefor yo omcke guile as darnchheged.ner yow ja offialsre ilepin as cle eyon d ja fflsrray he onin s cldeey d watndco wl aystayhere ntilhe he'nente sed at on wl nembeth. ayreil e' hete fes fr y rson bind bar nbe for .e death o michhel jason. f f y bdar r de och ja tann.r tck cryin50 an galls t o cinasole rhthere exples a erll craing ool r intare plmini an onherag newerse tuntpike nion increwiblysenobo was serusly tuke hurt th crauselyboas aserlyacdent und rt inveigatsen. noneelesacntnd aig veat nees tiep inew jeey lt nit. aiein gr ch?je l ni itas a daring aignmt gr ?
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6:24 am
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6:25 am
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6:26 am
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6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:29 am
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6:31 am
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6:32 am
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6:33 am
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6:34 am
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6:35 am
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6:36 am
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6:39 am
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6:42 am
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6:43 am
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6:45 am
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6:46 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
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6:52 am
6:53 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
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6:58 am
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6:59 am
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7:00 am
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7:03 am
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7:04 am
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7:05 am
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
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7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
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7:12 am
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7:13 am
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7:14 am
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7:15 am
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7:16 am
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7:17 am
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7:18 am
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7:19 am
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7:20 am
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7:21 am
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7:22 am
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7:23 am
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7:24 am
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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8:11 am
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8:16 am
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8:19 am
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8:24 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:30 am
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8:31 am
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8:32 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:42 am
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8:43 am
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8:46 am
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
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8:49 am
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8:50 am
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8:51 am
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8:52 am
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8:54 am
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
y mo ocl a oblehanty oeople pho wntk mo thrgh o t le frt don or w kle w the withhr t frdo gor clesingands w k he bri: the doit golengds rithdo a? >>hesere. hava tinin a? proamhe clasis abo>>se. av tin sro w ks asnd bo'll s w evaate emnd get tm l rester as erap dogva e ich enge t alls em t vis reers apog anbe i uredh or amillnll tis dolls in abily. an i >>edteveif fks w lik atoll kn morabou it,llhey'in fin il ouin >>ve f wikinut knorou t,y' daind, sck a und. ou >>rianby t wayut iyou nt tknowda s ad. >>an tay iu towher there rered, the wor monyerhe red,nighheor >> gtcheon mor"fox fries" wn we getgh gheorox ie bk. wweet b ttingrimfromeep side grt tas thrightool in buimalsoom carp g todeh. grtathghol you arn get fee r thtroue spbus. soarto u n et knoeeits ous nesps. s drms. nos s. nedr. ♪ca 1-8-steer.♪ ca-8te.
8:57 am
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8:58 am
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8:59 am
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