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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 8, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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afteomhisoman cme forrd sterteys syingan tha ctorhe m cain ner t s 19ng'sha m inwhil t an9 e naonal resuran asciatn an aimsil heade na anales appanpria asatan mssexuhe vanc afteeshe askanfor lpppia ndin xu a nc jobtee skshe ysr tat in h a triob to g b e ther nera d htail auotrio g r ra fromer d dilotriedo p h om her headoed h croh. psheer i th ad fst of hhero eaccurs to ith f gf puic acu to gpuhis amorng sh saishe ons wts himorn cosh aiean.en >> i wa wim com ton. anowlge i a th at int sime into awlhis tht t fe hehas be ipproiate sthomen i dot kn wh hsthebe otr irote algatisenre, do iknwh kw whet ne a nd ial amtie, speing ie kwh trh. th i wha a i iantamimpe g o t trsay th mhae intsome t mis kes.y m meshepd: he lls tsiss. faicat ep h s tsnd l tfaat nign la nit comy le sid he ig ans n laniomight s ts.e
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s ht >> melf t feaid i wodn't anying as lly msf d iwhato'tthe nyg las tlked yabout ls nat ane nce la tru i ted theou n accutionn thats wh ie aru wiingheo d a ess co erencuonomo ow atwhto a seti g e rerd dtrait.a so en shepmod: h wilold aetews confreencenai phoix at ep 5: hild as sternfcenhoat t:e,nd cl ca roer islive i t i cwa tisca afrnoo thve mpaitryi io t dcred thfoo lestth aiyi auser o ho d doed yo lt deribe ? aer hooyo >>ca: th areebe r isin seris queions aut cathreher rin riuens a cribily. eay todrhe camig cril ea reodases nseleaam king e esti, wh re ies n se? ea an itng detled tiwh at i th sy is s an et da hiory of thnanc sl anis lal oblehi incyding ncan a lumbof lewsui agastncng h f a "bbach uiga of h fbhontct," uggeofinghe led eb a codot kntep," ge gher rd a q stiod ng h a ocredilit and t key put our a a q iostat hent th edsaiditnd induote t ut he h ha a lo atndt trothled id istortefromhe h couhas aoo persroald f
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anceorom whimayou hlp expln wh rs fcehehiyhas hmeorwa pl 14whears aer an alleds inwadent 14 peredrs a byn lebrlly atto eyinnt anlong pedy br to rman ng demoatic don gloa moic ared, and cntins thon iloervis thisorni talng ad, bout d cerinth i vi ex rien wiisnial m cai anutshe doesot sm toexenihink tat m heai an eike tes ma sany opefnk te adssioke tay or adio acowlein inpropratebehaor. >>hatacle h iin goopgeto sayhas. athe h is sti gng i togoay dny it. my h e oisti all go hop is d ttt. h o hellop n' tcausti thk he isheeing t. misg ded usth hhe pelerights no ng theyre giv g sgd hpe mgh reay adno eyiv ea advi. >>rl: the mpai sa vithey wi con nue>>:o hefend aimr. insa aney criwicizeonend ague andnd ock . wn wt t yan sarerize aendhe fa ek w talletion sa they wlocu most faleon ey wcu en relyst hernd tereillot be dinussilys weare tol er teabou ll thothe tbeee disiweeccusolsou idthtifihe t lst weand .us
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cainis gog oid tfi to led adhe in to hiso a th teo trygto get heck oto meisage abut hs ryg t o meendie onlt to ersoda t othe thr dinloa tcuse he twohrf wh reiveettlents fm sewo the wh r nveiona resurantl ts fassoatioin t990' s th will notna so io tshepd: tre a0' thr ll herdis. ep t accuss ahr ne'sr famy has ted heus as tis's peamonyan ha s subdttedheher itick t copele o nspaphas anubedr i oneck co o line napan taetagaze fm thnee pant cpanyf is netaetwk. az wi he f tath pa ab ctny tat? tw wieta b >>rl: t? y are >>: talng y areut eommucatis dictoral fr th a ipectmutidior f th gen ial'sct offeen's ofhe us. dartmtf theff trsuryndas a of u dtmournist hed lab trry a arnt ab sokesn a and commicat for ses we as tmmator t iigraonr.nd wes na tral ving i serraceand serv und thenal ngbamer clion d
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d bu rvndhemli bu aminiratis. he ani brotier-i lawhero-iw idtifi toidfi on line pubcati andoshe did ot wnt tonecome rwarubtinde dnd w heoattoeymedid not ar dyhat, cing he ishetodot dyt, nghes clnt.l. t shhas en ideifieby sh as milydeie memr tod, to e a melya.emodto >>epar howoes th me fecterma >>arows cah's cpaig ming p inctma few mutes weca wi talwith cig a guy ngin invvedew mes iwe wipresalentith pitic a foruythrenvd cade reesntlytin pic tor busre adnisttion and at derelys tus jus on but owd t mstus ctrovsialh asurt on any t llot anhere m cov aalrica tod y. urn itsny otanre acaod i it thetate o ssisppi d wh hapns uld heangete the o orti is di atewh acro ourap tionor d ge yeaheif noti de caderour t oncomeea no de
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ghtow ty areme ging the t tre pos tovote gg thee pernhoo po toamenent, teitiave 2 ahe erntrooorsy allot m sure ent, iaat 2 fine a roy lo mre frtiled egg asne aers wth gal filightgg if i bacomers waw, l abtionnht ssis ippi uld bme akiow, abmurdon and the wou b noisi d excekiion r cas ofrdndheouape, b nno ceptcen fon r cses ofas ine,st n xcepon fptfo cscaseof ere the in moth's l e isep in fse th ac lrdinisto lalinchors i coul alsng lmit a cessacin lhoto i b rth ul lscont llt a assinfeilit treaents bndh nt menoned a is inofeit st eaabouts mienissiedi, sup rter i say coulset eoustag formi asiup er ayalle eto ult agr oveurn e vs le wa tecisn atve man vs aboron lalin awaeric tis >>ma misssip has t or l oppounitto ad t aic ntion and tisipirstas t t en d poit t abtion non d tst ten >>abon ihas be ababy and here i iss eeaso to killanbynd inrent allis so cr ticsayil peoeho arein l pr lifcrsan seoll venore onpr ifitiave26 s >> v6 wld mak seon foias o >> w
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ntraakptio sourestfo orate agait raiortaboronin te ai iegalorin nthin shodcaus ieal u t beeve atod is go nginhoous u me io thbee bth and io soike dwn if ithe bte anderta s e wa d f>> th pernhood vota wappea to av thdeeped terividooinvo theea retogiousommuty.ep t id doorscann egrereouithemu . d t dosissiippinn vern saysreeoted forhehe t amementsi pi evrn aft ysed heormentxpreed wpons out evefthere wns t e the- aft he exprsed conrn aut thehefthe endm t bu now prdon the ahe catal. is iclosfromall thedmbuw plls he iave cal. se iosomlhe p4s perct toee5 peent.rc to the aupdad pet. t ly?he >> a ada rar tn ma tin.? e se sta ara ta of. setaissiippi sa he dsn't knhic fy itillo buitsipi wi bsae ve d'tn icclos he aito slduhatihe b hase os a st as dected a slping ndeed suort,lng d tsu got,rnor presd hi concns aout it tuto tor esdhi
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nc atit ople t ouppo w areot le iverg, t twopo seeng wre toer two ee reple th gernor aoth tingoor th plth gno ah andme. ngh >>'motin f it ame becse >> iin f tbelieechatuman ieing li bomes a hun bng aatanng cncepon. b>>es hu b a beev chatep. cild ha bakebeat cdha ke bic humight >>oth banditesum s thaif ht th is >>h pasd itilldis be sp toha the gislureth to wsite theas itll la arnd tbeisto onst utioel sleto w eendmhet. sheplad: iar t pear thestio ar a umbedm dfere epvenu i arhe ar ponesbe drenuresing neto swa ople in >>rerter: wll, eywa a le okint the reer w, a abiguy o t in lawthe andthat sexpr asedgu o t ba our wdnd eat u ntend prnseqdnces f it parculabayr r omen alth uen ssueq.esit arwhatla bouten th mcarrges? su tha a atsusputt? orn mrrs? ha asp v roor v? lcal ispeclistayhat is ll ving aga istecstat
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iss vg >>ur bigst art we thinmee. ig tthis rreses aweinewevel ofis rgovesement anvolment in meelcal desion king thatvent olnt haveinevereen me belre. jusde hadonngat b veebaternbe. out us advernnt fi bncin of hlthat care thiss w t rniinf hh re b ond is what repoer: theray it go it wl b bd biatews. i po: er p ise ito ould w gto b tbie sueme urt.s. if it p fas petle lduld g t sk,su e t. ho aifroa pefe adendmtgale k,in a steho this t st adm rit-toleife a any sinth ameca t d th is ritoe brinng ony opleme as th welisthe cretiny of otat sale the havelseen rerde etof tuatout sa terhe ofav ensente tut erf ntllotsor aot gernarial elecon 4000 gnailedalhis ec morng. >>sh 4ard:0ndnoweds thrn shd:w vern, gornorarbrth i inin rnrogoor trbapit. i od t see in touitove or. t eee wo is yohave youve. wos yo veconcns bou you ted fot. whatre yr nc bou cdcernfo gues i atvote y fort
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causi celirne fe es begnstetor cousepti. li myonceeg ishat is do mocoti my tcen tt.s at clong isdo llegmon t t mionissiisieg y thi iniati meions misi clingnd yhi inti alksmens abouclg iheks ou eqvale eqle fertizatn. i liev thhis wl t rtat i evh sprohit orti w to ve e li of e moer som hingoh tio y portli andf sommone mom hang ld y y tha i dothink rtnd thom's mhaigh i w yuld haha vot gaindo nk selfthf thaghere t wdhaotin calf.hae t hover,tisca aiguo hor, confing,nd axamp auof y someing ke ts houl nfveg, a gonempo the egisture it me g tshou havul b en nehe debed is re th ugh ou theav bebcomm tee s tem. thh latheheconfence cmittmms.e an sm. ottla tenfce wrile t ckentt careanf eopltt k tow wh ty riare totinng onre pl k wh>>sh tard:yf a ethinradeon go to shd:oxfo ade go witoer b fo sier a comit he tha bnigh
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ansiis aaped o theom h sideofhahegh roan dowownnded oetsheregnt an heridamil meroow ans decion eg is ttlean gieril caotarry m th a pgnanecn le tm,gi sheana rybe ctharge p witan the cge mrderit >>gut: wl, idon' ink thats mer ightgu w ithe n'st thkg you at sai mes it htffer t. e ifhereth u no paiblem wi mit er ifre no pemthewi moth's surval,ou wld bee ght. t if the thurl, waren blievbe th e mo ert. may ifotheene a beevh to mo ayrry chis aeenaro a it i ay isk hi thenar aothe en i u wldn'k be heght, bhe stil you wmainn'poine t, rit. b it pvide no ilou excintionin for pe ori it pdeoxcon incort. o >>shard:et yvote fnc it? sh >>d:est: yid bausete f lievit i co?ect, that>> lift: bse bens a ev icot,atif cbecept an. m n cpttheo gian nor psper deoan per -- iloshe buwhy know how w osanbu dcriby lino ginn g bu w at coepti wo d whib youiave two l esnnbu thtouoti whou
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earewo lonsiring thn thocto esing th to s toeci t tocictop t op egnay do o doeot fectthe fe ona thedo mo oer. oeyou as m cte oheo. u casncer m votg fot, i woy wat it cer ansot fo i for wo w vttro s ftilition ich s b n ar gre vo essi for f li onmany mah b amilire cludg insior nya ssisppi. li bu udg in do bieve at th isi. isbue i o ab btve th ateng thth liv ofis eothe ifab s gothenhrothh iv wif t eheregfncy s ioro wi tanare t of becse t liegy i heare ofec ti moer eigh ainsthe le of themogh unb an,st l the sofo, e the wodbenbno legheeaso yo woulnotthwo oose to ptect eg thlifesof th youltothe seto p ctshepd: ts is n thfeth ahe megrn iniativ bep t this n comefrom agrou out ofgrniiv b cohradond ey hameom usouut misssippinof t way hacodo hamisssipphas sensed r ss pp many tay d adessspps ed rey a ny vyro des go a aro v
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gun, ando p famy and ey know hey n,nnd pu phrouam t owitiave.y e yopuonceedou tt t gislion es t oughia.the yoatefce t ssis ppi day t tsln t gh low e e 13ear-dirl isi whoy t s be viw entl rap3r- durg l aomeo vasi andbevitl reqreserap tour cay ahate sitond tmeqs orf toayer tlife t iotrfn da er ofe be reatered wi imurd a uda o coernepeope wil mov at oued ofwi t stardr th agf o costatneinop ailov ouf t diftarent wy?th o >>gu t: i attonceed aboupeop movifg ont wfhe gu i stcee. but, ere ouopheov ointouade thisas pst uby t,e buh oft pelede i is p u coluadohfhat cpeul no i pa inolo corado. t th c deced ome tno mispan ts causodo thec e tis - - usmisssipp becae we a oneof th - stsspp ca we o li a stes nethe thited st es ahey camwith ali s s procs tomende heed bl fst a y righam ofth t a m siss pioc to ndconstuti and bt shldhave beenghonef t motss nstindegisshtureve enrouge the rularisre poces you ould otug hehe rarissiippi pth tes u dlds to g befe hesi thepi t d to elec gon, mingefto leahathe e ext ec, ngeaat wding i ecaexe
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the are ny my wngro lfeca peoptharn m ssisppi bese le op wh veome isuti ainstes th havwhe emeress asth eir c ncerav ess >>epar gre to s r cer yo >> ar regoveoor sarbr.o ve ad iseasuinrb misssipp be su inssrmedpp . ined [ le aounc ] inlindasteests evenagu s che pro. pr o?! t i'[ bee abuyinc ra forinearsnd tets enu chpr pr! i'eeyi raorrs [ inki ] iondewhatther qutionle cices've de? [ ki ideaterquon cese ? '80sanceusiclays sigh ] 0sceicys [ le aounc ] chse tte. ooserego gh [ anc ch t. sego wee amica'natul ga d he 's at wdid day: su ortewenearam 3 ma'liontu gastea job he wd y: sute ar mrossonur cntryea. ob ..scieiststechcian gines, mhini s... ss cry ..ietschan ne mni. nrly 0 biion doars ourcono... ad ny bindos urwenoe at.ork ovidg por almt a arte we atk ouridomespond b iness...lm
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a te . angivi us eaneride to ork d bes.. anvis neded to rrowto k wescould..o ev mor clear, desti abuant and eatito jobownow. weldevor ea dtibutd tiobw.'re erics naral s. the e arteicpowena todl . arn re aangas. e teweod n aga
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>hepa: sete rublins grled e atrney geral >pase r lioverfast and grd atey fuous,the gal botcd fe ral prerramsthatnd t fu s,ns ithe ha s oftcfelrmat d g i cahael. t poce fnd the d sa ca. aponpoat c fmehe sces a inudinthe muerof on a cce s. bordininatroemu ag at. nohe is fang rd qroestis he mag nosa qtieave mled conveessf en he arn abt th mdons saratn. annowo lo nabthngel an wiwiam,loello el >>rerter the senwie m, juciarcommtee slo artirener een an juarmme conttiou whatti anrustted publntanou at std atckinolde on "blst a at in fuous,de andon decrat " tning ath fus fus, ndrevuse gat tng
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f tivies u er psideev bus g so t attney vi u p gendealusaid i so ttt ways fwed theenid i ccept andwa fd ecutn ane bacally c bptmend cong ss fut nanassiall stri ber gaws d ng f c nared si when e rirst gs earn cedbout he en tcontversl opatioand sarnut d notntrsmislopdio condesssaack dotsl ons >> larne abo mhe lnebotacts of "stand fctiouss w "en i came ad fus w mter of me a blic mcontrvers of in m ic estntonyrs b fore e m hou mmite ist yd bre say a ewou wes, it an iiprobly sa aould he sawe coupan ofobld ha mupnthsf >> publans nted mhs bls ednow whtop jusceow oficiwhsp kne thathe gs we useinus t ocine atrder o a gordee ent set t holdid er oot. wasde t t ld headhen snato. as rnyneaen s askto hoer
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yn aout s intectiowithis famsky. >>o d at teiotham y>> polodze t the fami? y >> iaveloot thepolozed but i mi ie reet wt hapned. lo d havut youtalk tem? re>>gu wt: i havapd. not av ou >>ouldlkou ke t? togu iavpolozeot >> ld toda or ts prram ttlo wnt so w ng daat too trm tthe fe w o f a w un ed steoolawnfoemene o ent?un s >> cerinlywfoenegrewhat haened ot? >>erly ent try butreat haed canonly magithe t pnut tha samil has nadlygi t phadeal il >> t t attney geralal w .arifd heirst h ardabou ttt thy gal taics oifhest hd "stou th aas o fuous, wh "t bame pubc a d sa the depafuments,idh bteub sa inhentiolly lpant en itold coressinheioy lhistblows eret ld wrg al oughome coewss the agenst werowellire t trwrhalgh e d sdth t seener rponsleli wi t hrdh a ount sle wnhe tdepaments d rnens wiwi h ant wthen vestpaationt d i >>shard:hank urome ssanstioilli. shd: conkinui covagemon eleion y in th e uan witli vterscoui inovelen in th uio dideit on vrs masurn wi tion den iplicions m
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urthe ghtiver on hethare. i ic nsd t e ternion and e pehetate. abu t scaalon d pe at deens.bu e poseccaion ys ptern de s. not e pocusecn o anycrim palrn inveigat n mu so, t whusdid o ny heim ca ofveatmu to, newhd co erenheca tne o entoda da [ me anunce] tos dioverg th livg hethy n beun. see? m's taning ces vi minstodierthiv he y nebeone .day tacr es e?us oga-3 ha tg vins ne ie a coy letecrulti tami o -3for ults pluan eielleco soutee timi of mega dhar ts lu ele ioua gr t
3:22 pm
taing ofmmy.gaha o a d guies ir grgrn-uptag y. o d gus grup endls shmp ourost pulapromion ated lste. here so ny cicesdl. sh e ts lure itt laomn at l te [ le aounc ] is enreesso c esrimp odayt relobs[ anc i en sas mh as ou lmpe ayre anbsway u mas l al foran15.9y fer ds sn. alor.9 mynames anlapp r sd iea fd diereny.mymean i fdien
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>>spardvote in io a weigng ionwo ba ot>srdten a ig in iiatis, e aba refenduon in ti th he th ca ovhaulefdu deding wheerthe to and theavul deng he ohioonstotuti a the dee lega ionsheti tndivualandeee thlawha gaequis evy peon ivlnd by alththw inranc uithe her asurev npe y th theinnc e r urallo wod orturhe striloing wo coecti o barurinin ririts.g ancotiheardemoinatic conessmi . re esen ng tmo 1ich dirict nceonsm 199re7ennd t sion the 1iousct
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e coittethat99verss hlthsi anhe labus coteatssurs. h goh to see ab yocongssma wherissuhe vtegoo oneeheseo to? thngma er po vsndintesehe t thitiaveoul odi inroub. iaul gues llhen i yub es en tk y abt t ... ab t bilhat stris co..ecti tilat brigaing, coti thpeop o oio ae fe binp withop o a ooverent tat tes afeto ta awawihe baker bartinin tg t ritats waakarinhose oepren ri puic worsers a prubl workspu thselv. or a wh you nsidbl thfact rkathlv whou idlicendthct iren t thr fe onheir licend you re nsid thath thoho oirli teouh r idha chiren,howe oht t hor theieositn i nhin, siety. o th bil hl eiit i sty attksthilhem a vitalttm way. d aertaly ose wh taarey. ta ewhe pose to e posseion havo
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ta n, weosnillavreva ta wlloday va it wl be feat andsena bi 5will bay wbe atrepeedndna bi anll b th tighpetoan th tgh coecti rgaing a th rhtto costriti and t tre ai de antth r was wi rind tetr uplde >>sh ard:herewa arewiwo wys to lk up th. thshe ind:rere w l th thin
3:27 pm
>> h do u reore e ecomy askg fothemo ac pt aut i wage >>shard: hat h theo ointre e thetherecide.y sk fo embut t qutly acde p ant. i ge gues welshwhatd:boutt he hent rit to rganhee? ere. >>epar you an ct l itqun y p torga ze bes theeltherat ut de isayiri --.toan >guart: touy sh cld hite eat t ga brighhetoer trik i yiat-.houl b gu t sha b he ght gh affdedeverne ik inul a bemoc tic b s ietyt e ritffder in foccollctive sty ri baaini, a sic f ght.ll ve ese endertta baninda c te t. e e stere dmsta e bdefit or t stthes d bitr rhts shod e es nitod. th is not rtshodight
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3:29 pm
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3:30 pm
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3:31 pm
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3:32 pm
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3:33 pm
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3:34 pm
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3:35 pm
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3:36 pm
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3:37 pm
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3:38 pm
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3:39 pm
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3:40 pm
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3:41 pm
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3:42 pm
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3:43 pm
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3:44 pm
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3:45 pm
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3:46 pm
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3:47 pm
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3:48 pm
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3:50 pm
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3:51 pm
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3:52 pm
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3:53 pm
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3:54 pm
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3:55 pm
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