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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 8, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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co atft wn o and lvio bersconi is o tling pat.iame he wid ioeron rign, the s ime nist of tng e eir ionomis rn,inhe e stfhe iy. tankr om i'shepdmith d beme nk dot fohe foxeporat i' 7:epth be ster dodfooxor:00 p.: in er oxrd. "yr00 pworl"n stas ox. "yrl rghtta nw. >>ne: thk rtou. o houherm n in ill ne:thk finay ha. h oourm l y. naha bu h watwhat wat wl h sa bu wwelce,at w w hverye, w ha hsard from helc acuse annow try wha h omaccud. hean c anse helanngow tut curest he cediel fitionhat has doed t st cpaigdi forfitheont as tterart of do t nth. cig orande ertof -igned h. d alover tod gnen aourt man wa mingal theerod a meart rounswa mg e cludgme tha ou chanit o udthwn an port. >> o p mysf in ur rt sh s >> wod i poys tin vis th mash woay i i a t holisvernht wldth iahave ock iilsith himno e rn bby wd go out forveckshim dinr, n
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y do tor noi wouend in lter n and y y metno withouou d your l oerfice d or mbe mitlump but cocurails oce d innor m sm astranmp wayut hav aocls etin n to s me.sanay i am avglad youbrout inat to e.up. rst all ou haamadoouout ders.nd i t ll hha appornity alg wh rs i myhen h byfrid toorty al w me herny cn dugn bheri o coenti andwe ent lmeter n ctimeithug coim.tind tad l nmehingh bu most. admi tionor h. n ng bu>> whst he upg dedmiouron rm h. and u toughwhe tpgtd wasr r o d and t ghat's t yasur oepo, he d 'supgred yr ro ypoheaybe y gruld yy iantro tmake se we bee o yhe d iament pa s guese no, o no, ea. eso,agaio, he ithout heasai bei nd. >>heepar hern caou heet toespoei to a .f is bu>>ar er cae ampan to harpolyoet a t bu plod pa theormear bunessn ttill holdg pod q iteeme webu inssll pol ck ldp qe aneneckolith mneyan bu reblicckh fun aisiey saybu c inre ic isnot ding sell wunhsi thay c rty ney
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t tes d sogithe hl w hth hi itut y yhe prk t atohehe h hi tp ofhe ho r pthe cn ofo ai stsat c theop of thetshe o hour goodo she yu. it tha m hurn eod l se, ght? y >> est: witl, liha mh ld e l yo houl t? h ve>> cot: wiut wi yo hisul damge hontr ao lo wi eaier,iso,am wevertrs alodvisg hi di otea gir,im wtheer beis hidii e adsee neil: soe had tout is ilinso pspecve ho o ious thi mans pec ous nothimong ose whn enred tere legot ngreem ts wehwh theend srenteg asciatn, sa b em of w a diffeent se b s the areas at sthos b othof aases fft all bedhee ses,osth an nowes he hll to s, an raigen intitow oue h o do itmattat th igoint iit i u s doidotell tt thehnt i pol at oies he rl sk bhe sayg,ol is is nohe r te,ovin nday th wino say twhat tyillin say th i aniwill sayayat t whll yay. an >>llest:ayell,h pay th no e ely. ces forrd>>t:an the l, n p p ithtoo el bd. c
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whor i hetice wh h i p thotht s b wh ce namiwhi lkingho at rman mi in's lngt an brd ihink 's h hasbr i a flon bra.nk hhaveouas tice tha ahe sti on ra up ve theceha ptils. is ip ghe al. p. i this s a .doinin th isrmor a anjohn eward hadinhe sme thingnd hesor anhn t lke b sl ge clione. l be is tefl. headliis fl to he ofomeno neil wat dothat fy en abt hean cn? ilgues woat he iys sti in theabhe c es ruing. tooaite an i htinheeepsn goin ru g.what hav ooa nicedan h theigps moy in ty s, atav nedothe o peo emoy ha ole, geobundrs andave pac' the aha, notnndndveoard c'hehe a ot ca tin.rd >>il: e heyca t. n>> : ard thy tt tran? gues more dth a mre.ra >>nees: asor mre a me forrd m. din supnertas m fancily oor up fci mney oincehisxplod?
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>>est: n thias n eyces loused anyo>>t: neap ohi nwhetr th wre ed weiing,yo ouldp o suprt hman etthcain w o ei g,maybgo ldo miup hnin oomne ybespeop aremilrea cong foh c thene waed opore seapporco fo c heromn. i n't waink meon wao sor thinng abou mn i sut ortik onwaain an thinearousutin anh thear allatio he iad dier wh adonoll io lastveni ai w w a weno ta ing st nid he a is lik w wella tg hern he is inhingik i wa thiing llout ter wring m a chengnd ithiswa is hi gt th igt o a wrg deaahe i keis s the th 9- o9olic ea bsinei pe on.e i9- tolicim b abnethat spe. said iolbat a sut him id pttin hihand up herskir a dim pinulli thehi nd ad t uper hir cro hnd his elishe got big ts h scersroh andis id e t igll, didn knos tha s irsnd thght the , dnno weha so thth eexchges. , itsoid mke a chs. difitrenc m neilut tse arenlyifnc il t realletion ly you ink th t algatis andhe nleseon
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u k tltis ough to e d a n ain, >>est:he ouldaves gh coto o a l gn,>>t: te ldve acoo. >>ne o: but l is tot a hurneng?bu sgues not hurng tur? es otndraing ght w ornur the pollut lg ra teg t orpeop are gointo be ll lteop quretiong wh in herme cai is abt. doueoneall kn twht mu rmai is abt heanb caie ll we akneady t dlt wuh abhe pridenwithairesi nt o ma ady wh d w idn' kw mu pr si ot wh comring he n'ut kwmu sang aey d.n't ve omng aa polical d t storon hma >>oril: h t moy buners uln. r her>>: to fohatunshey rer oat ypercve he sre thg? >>rcest:ouote th sthour >>t:te ad aairi uuromne agnst bama a itsrihowi u ne mney andagtmaromnt swistay eystead. hetayemn teaay. heas not gain ea d nheye mch. eane upheotuch in he i d m. eady pand ople flch i le the kw mi dy rd ney.le f has a lheolital k andmi ry. as bsineit d reco. >>ne: tha bneou.
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cain isco dog ustne fne a last hawithhe ltleu. guysinoaisgst f a $2 l t llio sinc theth le scdalys bro. is anthat i2 aioutncidhe thisc ofl whatero raidanatin alofhe a thd qhirterf at comgainl th qer$5 om $1 or $ so mpre ive ass$1r ros $ agorsorepoin three s ro uptigopoth and tiow my gut jos ndhehone mgu u hardo why gueaid abounehe b mon hd guyhandou ue ard sing a ouiffent b senmenton uyexprdsed by arhe s sglloneyfeennt prdby sey go. (iudib) >>gut: hman not ruing gor mor t th(iib gu hn otru pgsidey. m an wh heth h pde panposeh orold h soluon replse t pe taser ld de. lu you nderandhat,pl tta y hav . toou graleitherd tt, faho y av mabill ns ra cthrrupon i ta emdded imathataxll c upde. i ere emedat vted tere. pe.le wen te to te ved re peen hma outo t d hre tey goito d hou h t it?oi peop are d sengbeyohat, anwehavet? se opreseickyot,n oanve e
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pele, k o ype, goheres a y ttleedgoreirc on e we le te, nd i12 horcsn hatwe oplerom all, icro tho trld, fankl th lemavell beero t d, vising t f sitklh andve sigeengup an wting to g si tit inlvedndnd ig we or t wngto pas gt yr, whiin hased o beenind t oas yhiasn ennderndrren we o ve hadver 3000erene ppleadr sig troug theite 3d00 ge p e iniglvedn theughete ge biliinnged o the.o.p li o e opetive.p (inaible the eragranknd flepeve pele. uck naleriv s. e yoagnamenk f it neilpeis koreivf thyo me th areit ciling t bodresincth thre e cg lletionbo notncdespe em? >>est:leon shootly. hassp ti ed? u>>t: hav alys hho a. asti u stdy avreamutal h sinhis cmest o am --in is >>ne c: bu if, o i --if ny ne bu of ef,lles a iroven te woul it ofke ale di aeren tove t ul pporrs? i itenoain' en hiory? wate undor? t it bdge?n' hiy?
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tend t b e?at? >>gut: fnkly thereas th ? gu fly didtheomeas outh hav own rman foridlmo ae dcadeou d thav is m nn an thaorsmo a dde thdeces, i ve mtoodnha wth m in th arkceti odour. w in >>il: th dotutrk aot tr. >>: dot algatis arprio tto te 10 ars u havaltihoneario t10 hi woul thiss suriseou av th ne wei ulisuse trth? we gues it uld be vryr es t armid becse yoube von' chge miec yooun' prsonity ch a fewo pony a ewor s ca eingho his, sd i cainke areoing tng se h tng, i kgore alngg tand se ink is wl t put o bal dd the k wre ut ot br potical ope tiveouthe the trng otpoca peripve ht out thndtr wh l th dst setespthat h isuthat y wh th detat at wi yee,peop haveonend wiiffente,op vee caaign replica and fft mocrs, a thewant to tp cathegnepcand cr ahent goto t ep. uanngo de thempac tis
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man nns he he theac t n h eectote. he>>ne: no dnying th. weill e eto wh.he neno ss. din ve gooh o ywell h ve.ewh ank sou. u veeoo gog ydo h .arrom rman cai kin .ss th ango hou m but atan waill be thnou theast tme t whe rbesed caibecae hillhet t a peci g rstdaica honl friy on "youci wor," ge wll gothroh riall o isouor an t oth wo ro is es t t al soear aan tth dar tois tim a dhetho aar ahis d cod ha eraid o th alow ths conin cohaai oow thon -- ca-- tin. theca metime t.ay theemeain' son' svio. s o. pluvegg nuttion coud'vehad v8. ugguton ouved . ♪ ♪ i makg myoneyo mo. ♪♪
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iakmyeymo 'm csolitingy asts. 'm n payg hi en fs cli orng hash co.issis. nayhi f orhcosi i makg thmostf myoney a sev-dolr tres re jt thstariakthstmyey aevol tr m wi sco jradethar m wi scorade wicode m wi scorade nd iwi lovcog deeryinutof i wicode iov [ dgeryrinuty ] i at sttra weive u mmison-fe et[ gein] sra wee isno--fe iret a mor comeo-ee wir mor inveaorsor are worves e ng'm wh sctrad wscad th mfries, we'ldo aost ythi. oufor inkseats m iei ve 'l ary wt l fihiing ntur. our ksts i li to t a t of ruiti lo the g ur li o a e seof i git wilo theheuperl.olig p fr se g wieps hee seers igfrom g tingp unrnea. evens ell-settin dentes gngt inunood eartic s. enl-innt supepoliinip id zincicree. th jt a w dape li inc clicallprov toeal t mo foopartles ja da itli llso yov're re ctofortl le moood cortidenswhilyou t.
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ye crt co enillot u this ing in lif d th lasthingt hii wa to thig ing n outif th stis mngdentes.wa o hig tchare ] try nc fe sur pogrip mnt. ar]y fsu poip abet tesng? it's l thsame thin chans. etes?'s th methen ry ts. eeste li® blooglucine an st sip. en t stli ®surebut oo'ucs no gonn- s. [bp] w. re t yep'hat'n'snn the tent eeste [bpwik ™ dign. p,t's did e jusnt- st oth]ikarge dthe n.ood? ye, drd it usght . h] gethe testd?tartfast yoneed ust yethirdr t tht bloo of o tou.® thstrtst yoedt ir th ooth o is ouffer®t. fretyleite ths st serips
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ke tting. relee easy ss t ngeasy grt. cl cli-- 'syll s d yo stps a a ter,syree. gr c lifree s go. ' syo st aeest e lia tesr,strie.. eego ll oclictoda stliesri oicda >>ne: siio blusci is avinand in stor arnesi bscis in cedbratg. aiort at aick tinor ceat ai met ball a k but ere t a meod t e me lldnes t e and mme t repter i chico es mtoepr xpln. i
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ic pl>>gut:arke gu bnced bake aftesilv berscon sai b heda woulte reslvn aerter onai h 2 2uludges a r vos appved 2 widghe wvoppdi enng u 102oint enain. l al uakin acue,02 andnttn. subjalted theinews e,ttinnd bjd hes $987 a in rrel a fsh $9 a ree-nth eligh. fd al ees areon e-h thh. al eur ere zo whe eyaceth t sturthe btriszohhrea ninge tste seang ialy, thehird larstecony. i y, rlus nierd realed ar uld on resi aft the p sageus of rle d sift 20he budt de p geterf lening 20euddemajoty ruppo dhenleng hope werejo raidhis uldpo leadnthe w pere trefosai nesssar to kdp ad theeebt w fm tfo near khebt f spalinout of corolut evenith espint resnatiof t o lcouny stl is enh aci a toeshti t tuat n acununt steldisn the ci be ahmaro atact d tenheear beotear spi
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oveen 6.8repierce e afres.8 eurce a gh a ould ndes aur a ld n ascue need s ue reeced and s anasts y th browiostecndna as th bwi "carlyst a u ustaable"c ly >>ne:hankou. and ursttale nenkolynau. d t an nowyn ne callfor vestatiointo $70anowe m lion ll govr nmenstlistioto gog 0ichin pn mon nedov en st go aussihi p conany,two d nato puingor tatsicoy,o pro to publanug t frro bl indnarenarndnar ats. setor, hats.s t dealser,t >> wl, he is t e of tse altuatnsthat es w his not of t pas at theatnif ot tt. toom aas i are yingeoif ge the om a expeore ng ge pe -nspeor dofull iestition is toan pe doll the itipon a t up n he a p
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eded? don thi it edis.? >>ne: th onhi rusansre tit last. th netheeduss t speal reatstntth ed mang meyand opeerat ma fst and md o ey cld aostuy andsell fuswhnd uld c atndlle d anying atd w duldnygven ve aax adntag wd fn hem? >>est:ell, n'tadag unde ftand thaemithe >>and t:e ftl,ha t ts is dendha a he ssia cod any,t f is tis lated in chig, th ia selco thy,s ar l ed prod ing a ig spethal strenh h stl thar is odg ape pduce aten .s.stth isprively ld d pcets. pblic ivy eld p ic busissessteemaki falitild sowe n't undesitandeshy teeeyki ne the fa tiloanon t t fir dend pl te.e eneil i an am tir sur t admistraon il auing il w m ve t heurd t th mi jobra ire ang jo heh surinob moin chig jois wl wth it. what soino y igay? w wt. at >>gut: y wl,y? there pt ofhe fas e gu wnt to w h dersnd. p thi itofough tao woto rs. anhitgh t ericorpatio the her esti is,anf w have a ic sulusrpio
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te rer ti whydos, th w nee a ve aus thy an whthee canahe eney,hy c n't wewhan jusprove is stene tt cis ateady vail le iheusov testocile ttherhan ive a tdyem il i aoan s th ca prooccee erteeln ve wh th is vailalean s elwher htherisro a coel issuewhisil heeler eralso aco su ane ankl itso snfs fan poticalavorism. klen giternmt isinn t sine ofpocaickior wm.ners an gnmis t lors uneuallf thki wrsan loxpays ull arthth ay lsersar we sawhat wth s lyndrrs we aw >>neat: an w uck scher i a s dr lor in hene saner k comtteech i ing,ndloin theare s toin tomee comeo an g, agheemen e wh do uin ma o t hat meo a >>est:hopeg hen swh do adma o at wrg. wead a>>t:peengy mein d out at twray and iwe a amnng t wayme ather t on t nd iwe ndm ad tessthisay p aobleern e n uperads cmittis m pstle rept t wh i he iser ctt vry mep wh h isedib, sutantl plon v hoto g . ib su>>nent: whpl ifhey ho gon' whatif nov ber newhfy'3rd o rat ov rnoveer 24ord o ve aeeme 4andutomic cts ki in, amean
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you ivd womh c tat?ki n,gues i d't w t tou l we withhat caushey t a? es d w l tht usey a unfaly biasto ts in fa naonalefen and iacuri n d, s onnaalen it dond nddre ri th rea sundentatdoprob nm are pusthngea i dohe adikendta th areob aoing i us irope o we he a ke serus pthblemre reng i we he peddr s a h fa aur noter p anem h dr a fation ot >>nean: go see onu. ne go whsayseeeas t aitto see wh ysat hppenin tt 2ee12 whif saidy 8: hentonit yill ve 2 ah see of wheidwe are:ni yll seofhere ing. e whe hseants t chf sg.ff t whkiss h a makts tp h busi sss. d hoss dep a sayak itp akes si. hore anepaytes tal al howbout pla wh myame it? can ow staut witla aliswc gomys, pe ase?t? n tait isgo pe? shw meow tkeepore retimentoneyn mypock.shme tepetinteymyck now d do theoad. thosare ter.w dohed.
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thethiss yo pla. td aritrose, e erhermillns invtors heisyola atr rlls nvrs plafor tirent thr tes. malennouer ]atrar re comssiothfreeteor 6day leou ] aus g up $60m io eewhen 6ou oyn anccou. gp 60 en oanou
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>>ne: toirgia whe ecti day pls cse in lessneto giwh th the h urs tiday dem prats c nareitsiss othth hs demconttsl lf of e si stats lislare ant reblicsofryi tat tke lla ablute pow. a in reic 08 psideyi oba w t t abvirgteia b ifow he g.inp. pdeba w nsrg b if big day. and tns all brches the g yvernndnt ov tollres repu ican taye rn ov the esidtn bi puanroub t in he idt bi 20? ub mynuest this s orme20 my stvirghiia govnor,orme s senar, a nowmeandat f rg theovsenar,me ain na aownd f ena012 n , grge aln. 2 go toave u.g e gues fol firal goo i'veeen the pls esol inrincir wiiam p.d ven he pairxn cotiesandnc iwim aptisticir tatcoesepubcansd wi geti a jori intiicth t ate ubt ans win awiet l of lrialn e ras, a ain a wel lof l ra a el>>ne: h man seaoul itake? >>neest: hwooanea tiul ithreeketo takeut>>t:righti ctrol whatee am ke hringghrom peo ce, ol th areatamrusated hng anmeo pset thre anworrdbou tused futeannd thet an srr thoudmintrat tnutin th
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shinon, d pr sidenobam thand sinatn alies are in, pr pentingamur d cotry he wng di actioes reand day in png coy virnia, whereiio d y in virgians iaveira, hrdre rgnserom h t coal fies,he eneymo t po r al amica,resiient oma sdne no, oirgia i ama,housiing o s wn o , eagiern ieabrdoug an o r castan fabm pduci saan l an natal cast a f pcia anathat a whher isoal,at whr il,l,natul s, tse agoodayinobsl, anwe kptu ourone a t aod rin counsy annd kheur sane aes the unate owdil comnyofa azilndheendg em eow$2om biion r ilhem tond expre ff eirbi cn ast.em t >>nexp: doou thkthat i r ct. resotingith nedo virniaandhk at th i song tihedof irdafd t th elecon we hdoday h icoulnot t e trgin? ecgues w tha h iay h ult t m in v ha its no jusner. is m thecono vc d ectiit ofno us rer iheno dtif courry. younpeop lkeou our. daug erun op wh l gduat la ar coeg urstudtsugre wh gata avinco a hec
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udof a stiftime fing woand in ther a are yecng andiddl if ame f g wopeophod a erre ynddl undempled aot opingheir atales a amicanwantndplto sve ourgir untrle aand the amppoanunitnt t s urhievthe amican trdreahe poit >> til: talk evtoeaman aea >>: lk litil sttegi a you aow h it go a lotf ti tstgi a ou ys gt h wtng bugo aot t iear g th and wheirburediions d ar one sothinthikendir th ysdins like e ouoinketh c ld sceed at ke geing elted theena c anthe s isedt gegeld godhe shna thean hes sete tnsrepuicans t gstto keehhate b ance ofse t powepuinan che , th eeesidtat bce keofs thwhit h se we s thehe th natend t houidtre kethit hrepuican and shethe it te ho teou puannde ho sts demratsand noing gs st ne. >>est:hat emsay,tsd oghat g . >>t: t haens,y,nd i hot a eleed be vceha fos, itheo pelend ale luesf e vfoe vieinia esoeviia hav present ama here w canav es t de-fa drebamare. w woulanlike tehe -f decing am e.te t ulke trepe d reaceecg ob tacarbutepeould dund it e
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ed sp f ndinob forartheld ddt s finorzar c putforwrd a c posutive ergyolic ueashgrwd o a os esours so wegyico hve u mosh o jobs in o urso euntr an hmoremo bs afrdabin o riablener atrdan re epinthe mon in ourafabount rbler a dand,y th y, he fineraleon urgovement gntts d,th even fsal fom vent g r reurce wituten raing f tas. soi'meceunnitg o whaai cl rta somnnluepgnt o fha arica com c ck a ifeep f a alcaomun a of posive ias themerinal peop will wt to o us et si ihetri do opil a wtoshopell oeve wet nomite ado apresentpe vewe wil lmi a ha esualltcomplingiladea ll >>mpil:ngoverr, mbe natoear aga god to >>see: yoer m >>est:reatto toga g heroe yoneil >>et:at id ller ilhe oppont a is r, no spon , bu poelp as spr gstno onbuppr techlogy if y wer lking for ch gyrist , is itt yower i he lsngor stist i he cmpaiing r cthaig
4:25 pm
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4:26 pm
leme tl yoaboua ve portt phe ca i me. le tyo ou vewhen gotrty ph came mcareard, i re ized neeend ot an red, medire sreplemedt ee sura e caan, top. di s meemcare s on of tra greca to th gs aut tning5, mereon tre th a tng t itoesn cov everhing fac it ly ps upo 80of yr pa b eitensesn ov erng act pup 80 ypa ese ifou'ralrey on elible r mecare if'rreon li e mell nre to nd o how aar.. n o medi ore s plem t w arsura e pl sureby utedh lthc e di s inemranc comp y, rapl re udh hehcs co r so ofin ncthe
4:27 pm
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4:28 pm
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4:29 pm
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4:30 pm
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4:31 pm
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4:32 pm
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4:33 pm
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4:34 pm
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4:35 pm
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4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
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4:40 pm
th vvie busess guy d, of ow. th at wld ieussuyroni . >> est: wore han jt th ni rket whatbout he>>t:eeoploutn o jth wo ?et atd nout theplt o wo 9 pernontut hee 9 prcener ot 16erce 17 prcenenor 1 pernt o16fce rk. 7 >>ne: if tens 1er o ntins, the gume. is cneldif be the w ndin he atis me bs k c ande w cod impreat bnd prpect >>coest: thi thepr sue in prct relati theast>>t:hiheuhreein yea re ti hest draticly cngedee theea sric c ed heundeying strtureof b eati in a eric deng lo at trllre stet. at t tin ban as.ic lot stey. a tlayi feftan ayi aft righ ofitare y a dn. goman ach sgh lt moy itlaste d gonch lmost quarr. neilif youguys ul doar toy wh youil dou wi heys pot eno you gottowh itu ging,wi and h ur t outtbudd gg,nd beresaid you ould no ddd it. whatser diiderenou ld >> est:enoelie dvery pet.on t t woatedithdien us no >> ont:eiework rry upe tt thothere ous
4:41 pm
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4:42 pm
ulalob th he wuced t dion keepn mie th-. w >>ne: wh des th esiddit ha doepmio? ne whtwo d hings he idhahas todo doigh o gs nohes o >>gut:do gh nds no a guenten trspla n go f am loontng btrsinela as go f too cts and bnes sayi, th i wh croug nd amica t p rty.yi th wi iellhug yoama r tht nw, py. the ill ggesthre to rur n demheracy in m es minreoemcy is m uneloymint. pele w hav a jos wneym edpeated wheiravkids andoing djo w a mieho aededirdsnd pangngoff d a m ho ppleho a e bng apa f car,he a e in ho pehe ame. b ey a in the r,ame in ane.they arenheappme but u ta ppleho aneyre o pp of wot tand pe a tey se ois ofwo spaiand a tse tas abo heaid deni gapetwetheta chbo and e pr. th reasni isapwe notthate we d p thorkeas s hardot orat smterand madore ke mo y, trd rearn smrd wead ae not ingimo edu ttioneanto t we a wer lotal. imhere igidumono t tay beusey r l. i rerentwere idama teboute m
4:43 pm
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4:44 pm
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4:45 pm
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4:46 pm
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4:47 pm
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4:50 pm
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4:51 pm
teiterat es a he anyeylde t tellmg the t tth. teat ae >>il: t tat llth t. cls i to>>: t esti t c i eaof ti co tidenal aeemes. >>dge polino: ds, it esco iten d aesme beuse>>e heli : laer f dr on th wmenit d ie e e of thela fon c es isth wn ncin i arou o the agrthmentnd c teangis e in diaouithhegrnt beats o it and bia ofhhat a he b caotetit nd the h rtbi offtt o a hehewilla t olat hishe hf ohe pallf atthesa nfidtialy.e neil whidal theoesn evyonegno ilwhhesn i >>juevene napitannoits vae i i onljuapans as vatroas i who handnlitsit roeldho nd andho beev it.dnd bet. if pson sear doz pon s remrnoz em sint sithat i ons od as e ornizaonat i hindn . s >>neor: soza h do nd
4:52 pm
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4:53 pm
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4:54 pm
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4:55 pm
accent esn' ve tslowou dn. cct n' tow d th bter r reacemt lablonlyith bert tualuto sura e, br reem bllyh rt alo ra if yr cas toled, weive u thmone for car e mol ye new. ycatod, wee thne r r mo leaye morew vis us day. easponorbiliis. s y. at's yo licy onli 'syo cy ♪♪ >> nl: tre a tho in fe w areorev dined ♪ n t by aheho cnpany hey w kepre iev d ed life alsone alfby cny oyep i a fe sof spli oableold. evenftert aplit wis d liled. en bottnd s al and fra thlastos oneo. no m h aalndra .
4:56 pm
arin as athoxstne s. n mor i a thi cas in a s ber ihias s. b haly cse. moreike sarded ha c. cbatas. ree de charmatimuhaad a cta veus t qui ar pticherha a ty ve tui lled per smon'oe. t onaarli f snce edmo . ouide e v tnamonutsili f thring se thothea notou soe m viaamsi da ing causth heng thheot preorred m ng a of hisdag talusng ieide ere redg. t it a wasfisutsial s iffe tha yo r cld el itas jsit sha yo c mak j jt st fro thensidak j al sstffroheidbout al s j. >>hy d youutayhat? j. >> d ou calng m--t? nei razi al s medsnd ali eizioar ss i.r til a fhtnadis l a uare f gdenhen fraer dis methg to re ali gn nn onera d h thtoli nne hne. heaweig cha io o . the rld! ea igha >> t ot fit bo conderehe onofhe
4:57 pm
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4:58 pm
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