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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 8, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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coinapenopri tely th hnyonne a apri pey od. ion't eveonnow who ts pe. mani'tvew iho t . n i >>eporr: caind his. aide >>oraiis de broht allut attk on troccusll's repatiott >> tccus ions t ius epio soluly r ect. t ey sply usdn'tnsappe asar ashe lu rt. sy 'tccusionspe as scausg m tusns us m bk t off and b ybeithdffwalrom thind preseenti phdmarylmhi estiace, pain'ry goi to hapn.e, n'>> rorteialeoi admso ap etincaint tea rteartyle ray admonth ingo.inea atyitne raa saith the.ugge a ne li old frids a biakai he whperesomegeing lildriain. aia shwhremeg iists shen.ot sh movateby prot itshe and hmote nro dealorofi frondhetory h onox new s al hasfi nrory rul on it o. ew s thas soasar f nheul rada o ght w m haainso oal, itas da initlly, t mn tool,t toet
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ity,erma topeakoo o repter:arliodayma toin cakp relsed epistr:li ofay alek f anci c and legeld t probfms rsing uestekns fcind eg abouher chacter ndob rngst mote ourhaer moves.ot readg mos.- ad th tlogs and gosp comns teedigs frey,nd biosekuggecoeds tod idiainre bi gedoesot code ilean morn ac seress ce mayan sorface sevel candateweigacd irsay bere t s newce cferee. ve >>ant's teportigt to i rogni be t ewthat cumbere of >>s womrttoave rni me fward ithat conberns.f is wan'some chaes a frd h onparts.ular w'sha aistuing. rt ar anthey are sious. >>hen u ha stuebodg. com an oueyinre the suspen and >>n ha s odentiomableersohe h t ou he nswerndhe allatio. tile so hhe h t b preerred to ll ioansw the h t qstio. bredo swhe >>bvio qly, ioeyre vy trblin but ese e>>io, tngs, v i meatrin tht e are ts, aegatnea. thar rmanas h oortuty t aat ll h sef t sto.
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an h ther oonetuf t the h sccus tea t tosettd a ompl ntereith the he natiusal reataur t tt aassoatioin90splhhe ti rur a soios receed paynt f aer silee ha been ceay ide fifie by leha en herroth-in-w in thedeie y ily, r idthn-inhe cy,pany iwned cny byed e comny. thy ideifyer om. as tharendey krshaas i theen pt was kr aaokesrsonor ihe i pernaas renew d iigraon eson rvicin bhnd ina cntonrew ira adicnist btion in h nsonfence con cai todaadston h ns rterafedeai tha da aushr's mplats we rra inveigat by tha niona sh res aurala ass wiati in 99 veat y t an fou n tona brerasstin anouobase bss." krshaatodasaidince hse." identy h becekraaublida id ceshe how ppare to en hec tk. li te s pre tasn' sai h muc t s she tdn'ai h the "wucork tes" d "shinon pt" tough e lasher s the is " prekred t" "ino p tgh la sld a joi nssonferenced withther aoi n accers, sofete th erdoest lo lik thi sry cc iss,loseoo bng or esloikhi s y. is se
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b>> bt: cl, me on thi o withhe pel. y ank you co bng c monhip,epubca th p. kou co esidtialandite nt ubngri wilbe i theente se a id healdiill n te quritionilfrom ihehetell-s rse pa al.e l t wil aotickqu aonundomor peci-s rort" pa oine. il aand keck a quedionsrom you ci rt" you o ce. d uensogmou oun. c foxns.cosronne. wilbe ubefo the e t sho engaxn witcohon que.ions iln ufohe e t ca tidatho vors w t tgaitheue pnsloday in tpeci caat stas.vo w t spial cgres ponalay ele ioninci bei hdtanregospl c esal the ara nlebern o sta ei h go legiatur thacoulth turar nr o sed taotingoday giur pohas arul opeurnoth hou id in ayvirgia. d twpoar morpethoursou i hou in n rg. jetwey a misorssip. rs redentofou msissnpi n ting je ais foripoverr arent ao m ss two ngig baltorer a a nitiiveswo alpershood andme atiesne rsod ame on a emint dain. ohi versre dec ing on onmi a dn. balt hieasu vs deang ecg with resint oma's al hethcasu lawnd aeathern thllecsive o's a er coespoent ug m elwaec tellus wt i at st >> icothepo mt t mwa cru al oll w i swintst stes, i teay's mru t in
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llot ss, isss t's cld off t tae of ot thess cfftalectofatehe mov forehectelectnov re. eyctnould uue johasic signldure uohic aievent, li tgn pelic barinin rig a ve pub, cectornion andli pc arin reigireshem pay ubto ongnifndant rtioof hlthre es m and riremayt ben it.ift io hh asany pvate d secrs d rem sie then. asy pteassaec d lasarch sith ar unirote the lsaasasch own npopararni he,stehe l kasin.op who hs rains undnted si >> iyou o los rns 60000nd jedsn iu e la t yea wtsos a00 j yosupped tdo? la tsitackeand w me eve abody yohapppp t? de crattand ke mnatial vedy unioeade who ppave thrn de atlliod ofolla inti the io ght deer ihoueewohr are iof lasavonng t chahee of t i >>his n't ing vo be thaheof d of thefe figg. >> s t g frany, aeer tonht iill of heig behe binni of he an a fig.on i l 'll ill ve tbe fht bnif agnst igher tack o l l t rkerand f wll stiagt r ck h oe toush bacer ad w joiithti ose h piticns t tto wanhac t aoih crte obs. e pic i ton't car want tide ofhe cr s. sle ey ce f m.i't ar w theyef wto reat
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e c j fs wehel wo to w cateobat and j put ioanwebackwo to wor ce polnd sho t tanmka'ck t or optism me w l olhoustied ta' ti mrepuican b wievethey canti coternion pu momantu b wveheyan baot iue nbercohreeroonom w heffeivel ba b i nreenyhioa from b ing fe heaelh ins bance ainsoa om his bgeansce ns w repuicanare connced tt issu nber thr has putrucane aerveoned ove tr su nhio'rhras ucnsertive ve we deo' ove 1 mileronve vs. coactsy pne. e vewe henock on 1il ove cots p100,.0 doo. we hckavenoluners l oveve the 0,ateiredoo up ndwe ful oeuns ve engy a makg se e thaet wedp ul o ruthroh thinis leen aakg s nojustha w rurooastthis l ear indatiost arehat rn-o has.een e reme arndio re thighn an off ear-oasnlectn eme ye inhio. gh a manyolitalffr anactstsn ye nlievo.thathis cou b ny aitnas wa. ev aatnionsou bicto for iue wa nuer t and aon conrvateto or vi iory r issumbenu tnd on atree. aviesuly thassaybeet t e.age r h tul nionhaurns in t t eleio
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e h t yea2012 nnns tbret? le >> bt: dg mclway ve iean12 etolums. th k b dou.mcay no itoissiippihere johum th robes lo.s at theig no siissupi onrehatoh beloat balhet sunt.alt. >> js ar t nber witn conc n fo issi jippiar t n rters ite mo tked abo ssue ncfo sipi he ishe allo rs ini ativmo td bo toueecla lif he bsinstloniiv fertizatton anla iif cou end bs abtionn msisspi rtatan i aouostndabon mss a t ernit. ni bothandites r gerno suppt i >> im v ingthdiors i gno bec se ipp ielie a han bei i vg i bemes man ecing i ie hconction ei i bieve tha tbets n chig s asicncon hum bveha t rhiht icum r theote uld ithe way. the rheente d oll swhe y. razothinargi e rt ate l s erong bausef zoin giconcns ver e uniendero bse coeque esncr raallnideines couera ibfl scialtes oppos tbf argent sal po t >>e thk it repsentargt wevel of gov nmen
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>> thitep inntlvemt in mical elf ov endecion-ming 'veeverinemin mal seefor >> iciit-mg eer pas s,se psonhord am idmen cou putbortnas frt an pnhd ctersam nenionaouut rt nissu infr 201an cr suppts isix nnather stes su nhope01orimil pp i ixtiateser s snext peil yr. i atssontrersyn thext miissii y allo trsynhe misi.lo e t limower o enent tim ermainone equi ooter e nt tohow ine ui pho.der bothrew eecte to pas ho >>he re fo govnorere th e isteoas h tori>> rfoovre is hattsburmayo hri dupe a mocr is the f st ttur yo afupcan- aeric maj par candcrate.s he f is tilin replicaafn-ic ajar eute nt nde. gserno tinepca pl te g no yant p i wha as b nnt mpai mar id bylari ha senc bofegate ai arby mpaiing. ri >> iant e anceo sate taig. it lect a sed gerno whout seing t aackailct pie g no a wut negiveommeialseg ak wilout yingie oad ege tngmel abwit ant ng oppont. >> mmom id t if you tk ab abant me ionalk aut you mm fou tndabme i
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slik mud a aou we'ot ttindirt thmesse is l t liud ae'n the inrt th l >>odelor nionahe d. ecti . >>el nna both can date hop ti so. the thg eleionewshaante op ppenin to. hou? e demoats ve hle connols nce cons uctien. t ou reblics ne tmos h picon u eighe nstieatsreic ne whe th t areic opt uisti gh out eir ancets man whth reanalts bievept thetill all t r ce anort. bretal bve he >> jn rorts lecki in t. thugho theight et than you j ros ki'll nve ectionthhoheht anou up l eiop uatest p anottof e uhesour d canpletwraptop at1:00 e eaern r arull cour.etap t publan00resintiaean a candlate wt ggricwillr. be nbl thesienteia sea sholy. nd e but gicll fir tben hetorn teea nera onhohe. hottireat. t rn er pera onra fasnndot furis.t. raas ri [ le aounc ] inlindasteests evenagu s che pro. pr o?! t i'[ bee abuyinc ra forinearsnd
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tets enu chpr pr! i'eeyi raorrs [ inki ] iondewhatther qutionle cices've de? [ ki ideaterquon cese ? '80sanceusiclays sigh ] 0sceicys [ le aounc ] chse tte. ooserego gh [ anc ch t. sego
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[ r. bholz ] verynce awhe thers a mentwher[ bevlzryth g ces rygethe .whera nter evth cs th wherthers mac. andou w uerstd hat atu's en hing.erermad ust t u hg. ♪ ♪ at d we dersnd e dieren beeen nova don e rsd in ntiodien ben va inveion in impiotantven mpnt it'she binni. 's t spa. t iovatn is'shere be ni ctuay cr tte vpaue f dow iatisre uacr v fow forocie, anfor e wod. ♪♪rieanr wo♪♪ atow we'rconsntlyearcng r h to e oufundenta atkwled of 'remisnsylyrc ho oundta kedf toisolve the diiculprobms.tovethdiulob .sciee isefinive. ieisere in a awer out ere e r art re malennouer ] e sa 117lemes theleundaountal ]ork sa che17stryme hedaalk hery ♪♪ thdiffence♪ ♪thene ementhat
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theatalt foinno tionthffce e entt ee oal elefont no onat angeeverhing ole t geerng isthe man emen is e ♪n ♪en♪♪ >> bt: t natn's p la enfceme offial ys th faid g b tra tickiats la inveigatnfn knmen asffl op atiofastth andai graki furus ve atouldkneverasave opiostnd hpeneur and ile enat epubldcansere agre hne wh d eat tt,ubns re crespdent w
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llia la unes t tlss csp ntey f nd pnt iana es h tder' teimon to dagre f p wh. h your'e nouggeing,tereon dre wu, geral holr, tha ouno it'geg, t yr gespoalibily toolha t've kwn aut his y operpoion,ilto i k as ern, i i wel the i are 1 ,00 empl ees elhehe ute stesre 1 depa00mentf plustis . >> a u i sstps wit youpant >> iavetiltim e a sit sponoubili forhathich ie im haens the dartmt. >>onsingliorharttch has heictus dtm ab>>tngndrt he ms,tu reblicab senors hn h m coyn a reicens graleyried tco a pin dnrayed ectly wn tolde nknew d aut opetionast and ely w de riou ew a >> mpeos wone yot nnden i ou addrsedo y m w refyoring no e i orati fasnd fu ous.drd ar yeef yng sayg ou dn't otias ceivfuthems. ar i dn't ceiv ythemayg dt theyre ivemevied by d mt ivem sta ey d dermitionieadey o mnhata shld b d bromiht tone my otentn. >> hder efenshd himlf bro t y clifyi wha hent k wnd hr when. dim >> iirstnewbout tclyiha k wh ctic and ihestwut t orati fas d fiousnhe icd binni otias of
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his f cuser whe i bame bni a ofs che i be maer oubli a ctrovsy. my ma o tesmonyli cov bef.e he y housesny cmitt, i def saye ae fe us wee. ctti d iay a robafeyouldee.ave idi a cole obald meths. >> a ed w thecousti o depamentrong ms. claed t a whe tiistl bwers liepanthenng eyla t toldongr s abt tl brsien n-ruing,olde ldgr sabd.t thenfortionharewith rug, yodeon fruar4 in shat heoronreth yorespse, f wasarin infmatit th tha letr ttas sp, as ti the ftouldthhaaveet t bn bettinraftra. e ld e >>hing bgot head wttnft rnynsked hol r>> angutt twoead w st a urio gun yn fedndol at a woe mder sce o aioun forde t ag t brn mrce ter. >>ave u apogizede toheagbrer. fami of bri>>e pozeo ter? >> hav mif notri all jazd ter themut i r ret>>hatav ot ha aenedaz t >>ave u ev tal d tem i rt t them ha ed i he n . >>e eval t >> eithem c nyn hor n gra>>leyth ys c holnr shod rignut neitrary rul itolho rn out it i'mot tre yul.t but condencin attutney gene l ho'mer i t qui yly t onnc tt erying neho iui
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>>his notver.erg instigors y th hav't >>reces edotr. e-mls o inigs thav holr's aff d ice-m a oears tols f lead ig ars tacricial adg lbs rial lay brer w whhel inrmat ln inbhis cas labr hold waces wel ucinatinsoughas grlingext nth ldhe es hoe. bregh we' connue gr ngt h llow it. ho thk y . ree'on e vest atorfoun owemait.f th dd wer n lwaystsorun ai ndle s. p dperer nay lely prly atover air forcbasen dawar the tehater rireivethe rc bosees a d reparrshem e f rvee bual a the ubo. mi ataryep ther wme whilelowe f port ofbu aheost umi bodry er whi ptswend rtherft proems.od p the rorme mtuarros.ommaer e anothe senrme off mialsar re dismaplin but n anheenff ls fire feral ispealinutourt n i re waingtfe uphl d pralidenrt i obam heahcarwalawgt aphpren constutial. e paaml dmiss a laweaitarw a nsti by. pa dssawhris anby leg grois yingt w viotioneg of reliroous ng w freom.ioon fdecion wther oake uplis
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apals er tre.ealtar cilaw wer expted eon.p ere is aaps it tltf huffw ixpd . e tes of i job dcripons ing ff athe wte teofob douseips g t w nighse presentbamahief of sta hanghng o any oest hmaeff ta ty. the gantory i o whyy o h here . i e chi wryte houhy co esporeent enry ihi w ou>> ith bategrod scotepot ryenns vani pre dent i atamaro sisit chooonsni rent cus ait ccumvtingoo coitiong, is tim s on cmvng coio, im n educion. >>acksge dmat heuc n. whithous whe ceff >>aff ksll daley is itus scaheng c ck sf eduti. eyns moncasfter the sresintti suggted leyon werhe tsi cur r hi ggd y wost 20 tyth terur hiecti blu. tclin 2nheterer toring ti luntriackg und shiiner o thisdminngtratn tohe ri d hi>> im conncede w lisin helat to us nmi t. mis on o i grongoned w r eelnomy ndus tovin aisrica o ro foard. e>> amyer tingo win aca ovefo d. in pendts w h th a tg w ve mara. >>ine candt wa w forthongrs any nger ma . dal 's p>>yboocawa foredpgr y e lierral seut l t t al poo priden f ety lil hd l tpren eed. h.
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>>ryin to g coness to pa theobs >>ino g bilonsopahes n llin f tt r dinas b fn irkewitherie ts of r sike b kethie os. ses. ntinng rectly wh the chieof in sffec gying w a bnt he inteiew pitic iehere he s g sugeste athatoth b artitew p ic hare give theresintsute fats.h ti>> ihink blha daliv khewesi had f too rair nd ipgrank b alof k t d ratioohip th r cartol hl.ra dal is trninover som riop cal h da to-dals ineromespoibily to the maneda-d rlace poil fotoer ectin chian o sta. rce a foinhi o o-timta a oenatimideate ly swe, chagoeter whhas knoaley forlywe achoer cade ays 'swhots anoey or akeu a he the ceodes f the op atioto eu u e heeohe corrate op anioysis busome umes 's mk oforteanis bu
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lemeershs t m knof wre aderip iandring leshno w in somee totren henerhe id opationg somsay wil bn corpmeatto senuctun. opio dale has om mory il t b big rp picre stu celeands rouorhe m teig dlyic chf orati cedou m oicer d ch oti. oer ifhey ntabizehe econy, a of thi w leify bi tria bu it is aon af bighi >> sndbus ay.ig thu.n. nlear ancy s s s it uspethsn. n iraar a iy ting s t itvelonuclr ratheates i rept a tg t we' en rloorticl on.wes. noeinesep aetaie' it oline rtin. no tai it one evince. t inudinhighvie.xploveestiningh lo teing, modtingf ateg,odg warhd. praraty wo. delopi andountg clearh ploadnpratwode tpindnthe ea pad inrmedte rge tissi ined rsi are ey buyg iot?
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>>he wte hse i e xcitg uy be iuse me of >> w h iit thebee revifshe t tehnvi aonomut has doneereh a lomtleas ne totop the le nuclr weon pgram soore soctio may notpehe e ancler.we p am e send bsoe con srnio iayot wha es i ael an her. se bon i haspecatiothey ay l inchl aer rikegain ira and tak ecioey out lehucle a eorts keinra ndak altother t le ets. fa it, heto whierouse is rehing.ut t isrl. fa tht, don havhi ase goos relatingship tith srrael thonav rig aoo tiiph el noig it cou b w thinop dierenstat it ou b brew surhi we l foow ts. distalena --athank you re ed.urwe fo ill t al-- ankadoud. l - wt ggr answe our qutionand urs omhe - ce er s gt.icweur nextqupon bewd es of t ce spen xt ew cropfne eecia ty wh you e talng tnsh abo op eia whanotour wod leer. al'll t elainbo otwole. l ein
6:20 pm
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6:21 pm
byou', on prtradof hun.n' dwen e heockst bondur etf k veuc u' n ad i lune et d. ok aksyou.nd tf why n't u sh me yourortfio? d lo to. let i areadu.logg out no,t's syy act allyshto ge bac.. urtf? loo. i adggut o, s e whe itacays lystor g acth e's histy? ye, itl ta youightack to t sitwhyou itre js t onor ths st yeittaouhtk twellithe lu t si j...on brith vo d no cyc comete. ll lsi. e mait wilvobees retunos ycom proe.gate he hd. mailestu rote h [ imalrunt] can u fo[ ard al ntth lin malennouer ] n fotradd inv tingthnleained. leou ] adnvngea.
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>> bt: iworlheadnes, aliaprimminier svio be usco sai he b irl wadls,esi iaim nite so awmarsbecoai ps w rormssi de ndedy th eurmaean p rms ion.deed th beuscour wonn budtvote rlietoda but st n. bewmakcos reonaineudfromte voti iedat enyi h akreneom ti parlmenty marity yi the w i hhe u . garled ntma 10ty e e s& i 500as up5. e ndaq u fgaishe d10 s&00 apad2. nqearn fhe srtime ago rn mo sgagee gnt fane mae wtmoge ganae was an wher $waanr7.milln in fedel aito7.overllin lawit. de aist wk fddieacersked aw. fo mor t w fiemone fodecaed the bh foor reive t ne biionsn boses tsfoearcahe b despe th rveossebinsbo s t ti aftr te, e havspthhown se u tilipsft of tavolitianswn sangpsfitns ssaethihen ty thght no one w shi lisningn t we he anoer othtonig nne w anit iludeispresngent h obano ondig his cou erpa froan ide es tfran tkingobboutnothisou paro
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mar an t powngutthmaerower >>hetatean hasecom a aplef >>oderteasom sum atry. the ost leecen empleerf um lay. w k'seten e g-2le la wathesing-2 whe frchheresintg skozy uldwhfr beeardsi iael' pri szy dnist.e rd tanyu i n'ttandim i l'ri he is st iar, nyei ttdnd he mrobamsr, t mrobamsaidou areick fmram m bvy t wor whmramimidre k eryay. b t>> irealor is wndicive y. e attudend ialsolicsice hat atde th admistrion sic had towat thdmtr isrn wa >> t tensron bween present ama d nanya s ha to iss tenix ben mth es t a ago ntyaoday the hite hhaseos msn'tcknoedgi it all.o ayhe e pteside's p hitioha 't nogi t en q tel. c ar pde paidio pss seetar jay qarne bot c d side psraesnd sear ypaleinia neetoneakeot t destepthatae bri the clo rleiaee e tother t >> hat epey natd tori dheselo seritos anerstop doi >> thit nto d >> athe g-8 iverianopoiearshi aego -8geor w.eushrs was caut
6:25 pm
orcurs.g wi ton blahaysas ter aundolzza ric ngagrswionla s 20 mutes f r oolnaighticag 0 mes o teineshtwith htees th freq hnternteravro he my sateqer onerro the excnge my ciatng tt pnsshexce cusms ci t p parius corsponntor "ne yoimes aentf rior on yo >>f itapped ines amerit itould ave og immy.iate >> it peleakin. ri on they pubitshedlde immfte ak ursealon bhes werub oed. i noevenhe renc pre se b er star od toover the onoen stncy. re not tal ngartoerhebout thi os s stfar east not otearal utmicrhonehis s the r st iotaeli rime miste but cr aidneohe ili me netyahu m te d be t id quod dowlayi met hu th beps dt saygveryeuo owyi lks out verythe. d ay th, brry s t bairy th isbr insputaily te. s bre tha you gravine onig.inut t ngri j ns u rehaou in ra theneig cent sea inri jew u mute.n t fhesthe fox nt alleatars mth te n h man foxllrs ca's n s t tonfence hodayn ca nsfeeay
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6:28 pm
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6:29 pm
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6:30 pm
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6:31 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:36 pm
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6:37 pm
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6:38 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
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6:45 pm
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6:46 pm
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6:47 pm
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6:48 pm
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6:51 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:53 pm
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6:54 pm
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