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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 8, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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t:lo l rea tyrd t o t wt bre thas foinving ea usnto ur he tonht t at'st reor "haeciafo vi rert,"uso air, h banceon and 's " ia unraidre ," spear,r girich bces gndng to jo usor a s cialunid eagich gditi o onlijonswesng a sal you estis sttingtiightow. liweou ti stptiong byht . cled ctiong seices ioy cl consees sherd: is ithe x rert. 's ectio day ross the he: i e u.s. someollsrere. e ciosingy ssheow. we l los. at e me bigls iue con tngallo. welot ig i tlo pluserma cai nowas fe us acsersma ai he ss he wlow te a fie ac dersctor she w t tta uererta deor ciumstces. is i't r tk pry's u fauta ymorci st s.gues i rk p'sau or esho? >> i kno theruth a hes notellg? i inoheth ae shenord: lle sag wheshe i asdor j he: sahe hep, hernasd j ca slied hisand hp her caliis skird >> i w h earraed t be nestith ir i wou. era t e sherd: d hesthianc bas up her.tory >> i ave he: he aolutncy no oubtbaup er myind tharyt he i ie telng
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atheutnobt tyth.dha i>> selpardbut e ca idat e msel wel h t. fls srd dit erencay. at >> elave neler h f di acten >>e nct inapopriely wit anyape,riy it riod sherd: nigh morfromny th ses a howhis is od fect g t he: gh caiorom cam sign. aowss ct taiamn. vors diding opresent obamvos heth din oest car amhelan and ar on wther oaniz uonsn ndouldet bk so of the wer o iz wer. u s e ofhe ld bostsofontrersihe vos onissi ippir.n a of baot msurehatt wtrldsi voon sipi esntia ay ouine orti ba mret w an esiaoue ti anutlabortnndirth corol. la nevrtth a gd rson kil col. a hildevn the g rn il wb.aldn he >> spardtonit, inittive6, wn w does lif sallyrdni itve woeif ly beg? firsfromoxhi ectio nighand weghere are rsom eio fiv veghd womrereccusg hman cainiv omus h ofn inexuafuaarasent. ndide ca firack at
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traoinarnewsonfeasncet. idtodacair ask onetoman tks ao aboarwsfee a ossidae jois newne coaneren t witall thebo a acsisers oithe rst goew coenitl he pli asac rs sh one t o p vack. shshays selpe hman vk. in fsh held bsk in s tpe hn 90s en h f wel a bineo a t t nas onal hestaant w a sociion. a e clms hreacd t naal uptater cin. clirt hndacdusheerpead towats hirotc hetodahe hdd his o s wahi cotceren to rdapond hd >>y firisespo oe iy coen mio and rnd >>irpo i reaion mind w, "i n't en kweanho ts wan w"i is."t k w ts tri woememr if ." ri regnizem i herand dn't. reiz erd t dedt.oememr if t membed ttemame,fnd i mb te, i didn. the argend t dn e ge accatio tcc io s i aoluty i rect. th a sutply didt re. th syidt hpen. >> spardherm caisays
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s evill h tn. ake srd liermaiys tect tesevtorovelt if t ee ircutancie areight buhe ct setesvef nate. >> icuncreht abs utelbu wouet b i'm e.not oing o do i thatbselou unss i b 'mve aood r son tng dodohahat thatas o ofun i the airstd rmmenn i me iotatch g at ois tfyhe stast. ien m i he als shachd ttith t myta a orne of c hrse, wouls beha wilng t h do iemy dettor ane ce,oue tesil o>> spardwho resnsib etfor rl of thi es rman ain ce sai s irdo esib wasr of ckhi erryann ampaain, i pur das sple. toy heayst's therypaur mocrs. se. untomedhessheemocts. mter,e cr nsisun heds oc .t gog a wher mr,e >>iss faer a thego aerccus ions>>fa usin mtoheusns bac in m ofndac maybe wofhdral fro this yb wra presenti priryrohi r e,estiri ain'gonn rappe n' nn sherd: nigh as mentned,noth wom ispe spea ng uthe: gh fs th wom ntd, thom an id tking aut ea getng a fof tom ccuss tanethe tng t a tell theettori a tus the t togher. campllgn chelriammen in s ogmoinr., io tmpight c isartimelar cusen is one o goin aio tht s tlemt fr ttir se
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tionne resuran assogoatiobackn th day semfr t ght? on es thaans ightsoiockthay she r amet? hahtshearen een kroher. cuentlthe comnicaons rect forrohe ir.pect cugenetll's eficef thomcas u.s easu ctor ict nes ceth.s sueparent. e ov theoursof a mberf yes herveinart. ov hee burs admin tratern'sye hve a the buinto admistrinionats as a c muni tione offtoialdmntrns bo he offe of cnionffl bo t inteal renuefferviof as ll athe iigraonnd t te na rraliuetionvierviss bere a iteasolde iintora t depamentf omeldnalionvibe it t panighntel sd h mad cu.erse gh publ s. h shwas rstutedadsey h bl br her--lawshit ts nsted o h brr-aw t an o onle plica on kwn theailynnl p icad k publatiopare comny o he lythis netrk noshe id has thrblghio hreom o l yer is saidhe ietilli tonoeomeas hrrwarand hll me o lr her id ili o sty, teugh e ha n ard yet m o laer out spefica y whast tndh ha n whenet laut she peca y>> shapardshe s to a b of t en sto. she oke he ltle t oday srde to b t ght?to at d shee se ? l e >>heay d t?hep. d a mheter s? >> d ft, s ised ap. stament
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mr singhe isilli t com f s orwais. ata nt d, sg erhaisliomwa eve peak inhave aakn grp so t othccuss withheir gr lsoyers t thshe sued stament wlus ador y th inir lrs me ent.ed ta ntsh was sd i oerdo yn ce forwd sh mis wt.ling to ook s i at ohatt could rwsh cle wlyngok tend tatstontrtersyldleor nd t trsy mrcain no wd aso wnrf th's mrinappe ng. w as opare wly t lawrs af th re taw a ep. >>hepa : ca cammmron atve in d mois tight . th ks.>> pa caevenamn efor t ay's d newoi t ht coeren the ainth. cam ig en orwas t'sew r singco queenionsheboutnam s eccur rngharouensut cu bilk'sro move. e haa londroubdil s hist y fr themoourt. whi halo y he elainubhy s stfr hasherthi me fward4 yes he einfter an s asalled indentith frdye er . can. sh on leinnthiale resnded ca sh eaier dayerlen fonewses ed anne >> h anye of red ueanyr y ney fows ne thi s hnyofd ituaon? >> a oluty yot. >>o yoplanhio menyua? >>ney f of aut i. woul>>you yoite an mook? uld y uof d i ul mu azine inrviek? for oneyd . d >> tssn'thy m yin ce inieor ey
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foard. wou t't youo . y >> i couldave hink boutfod. ou thou. o th 's s far if thlde rar nk righut now ght thw m maith goa sr atht r wagh iniowallyoo t maioas a owanietly rmanopeak. to g h tdmit t anak g h thiit t >>hepa: nowe a learng me abt th womhi >>cusipa hernon ca a o sexuar mabthom harament our sior siercaorre oondexu eri shawhas e rant newr liv srn ne yorkity isrederi e ning aws e er? >>hep,ewtiv hne nrksy eng er confence>>p, hern c hn cald n hea tublewoma nfce to. er c so sheals he braa tictilemao. so he coureous speingutra ti oths thgh, e is uruspeg quo th th , goldiggers auo ldgeaydaer a moves e queionaeda becae sh sufred fincialmos uena hardip. e do hav acashufdinal cheered rd. hiory. doav clar perna banuptcheed ice. dhiy. lns fil argainerantc h e. for t payg l fedalil a in at tax hndeen r aydefeant ed hala a dozax n lauits some e whfehas t own alr sincabouthoz te lats shemewhs n aysr nc ou in g tped h nothehes ver s onc g mdtion h theot alged esode r nnc a the mon th ye s, er,al untd ts ede wee a
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shliveheith ye e hernt t 1yearldee soshandvehianc a saier s 1ar so dfileforankrtcy nc pay aai sr lel fee and edic ler kry bis wayner fher leee wasndic ill shsaysbihe w haso f prns tas le a lsuitllnd sh iys notasn p it f tny a lit mon. ie ssot s vot epub fc and rns oon had. o of s s theotub most ower l dd ocras i the oad o f cotry ahe dra hevid axecoody resint obamseir. ldg-ti piticxesi nsulamnt a crent lti p chiic campulgn atratist. c nt rns t thehi bh led i mp theatt. sam s he bony, l c icagoigh rienam dferey, cgoh flos. ri dre she ld f new tha sloaw ax rod thee ym few andha whi s eryby inheuildg w axd he ndfriely, e nehir ha ybinld w any in ract n wiie him, ne hashe ao s cain psonny inst lcttwi monim whe e she a sai tend a t p parnvent in lonhehe chicndo. tar wiess ntyn ic wis jacsonhica radihostaid whehey s ac nch oth theca distduggehe y h s thheews cfereege h cai ys hsidn' kno creer aai cat rell e reetin'no her a care e ti
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epar er sherd: tersll aoss e naon a votg toy i ar ma s tes he: rs aeighsg in ona aot keytoy i ismaes, scludsg a ry bgh n oand ntrorsiaey itiave inis, uda he s bte o issid ippiroia at w ldia in s o eectisilypi mak w orti illal andany rms eti birak ctrol tillnd y ilgal. ve i thes magliair s cte.ol pl, a anget th whitill. ho ie. eag onathataseopl s. a ge'll the whit tngs e aho onat plttleit dfere at eal. stl wh t ws g. we ear leom d theret w jourlist of fe new or he th tueay f rort. urst few o thue f rt. [ me anunce ] tos dioverg th livg hethy n beun. see? m's taning ces vi minstodierthiv he y nebeone .day tacr es e?us oga-3 ha tg vins ne ie a coy letecrulti tami o -3for ults pluan eielleco soutee timi of mega dhar ts lu ele ioua gr t taing ofmmy.gaha o a d guies ir grgrn-uptag y. o d gus grup
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sherd: ecti dayn thu.s. andoterin a mberf stes a goi to e po s tohe dec: etiayn iueths.nd er aat cld ffecer allst aoio po to ecamerans. iday the c lasecll mor el tion eforers.ext y he yeasas m esid tialel cononst.ort coup ofoverr'seaaces idalon. un rwayup f realeroe usis is oes blot unay in iati s. al u 27f ths o acr bsteven ffert stines yti see 27th her cr me othosenenitiives er st y coeed no oy siglerhere oos terstiestand bco alsno oig tnre rsintoajornd con boveres ols thei o. t rhap toorheon mert o ei ontro.rsiamease of hemap l isnhe s mtet of
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missrosippiawherasvote arefm rkin to diside t sf ss deppnitier oftereheord in de t pern. de sutiortef ofdnitiive ier ssisppi nt t worsuteof ply thetie mef isi tor feiliz ion.y he oth wor , asoon sfe izn. spm me sthorggas tt's n perssp. me th wou ts eentilyake rs orti ethivalout tourde it w eldtilso de ay ti ealtoithde so w ferolity dreatnts a tha hreque thestr tionso oertyatsha emyos d th qutheasutronould o outl somems thorms o bsuthld cotlrolsomikems o b iud. >> thi co alsliese chae oud bond>>e tohi phycianwho a woesd ho tohact i oheest ndto hyterean ofoheir patwontsho oo i t refir cate-bysase oasur thi cbye ureasu, i hiope,ill sa liv. wilot osuyi save,thel l e sa ivof aaby but il sav the oifey oave le ayut averiche e o sherd: w, ithisoes throh, sports sathey ic ex ct he an: iismmedtesourt ro srtsaey alleexe itouldned entuayrt tu io a ightle oitrldhe e suuaeme urt tu i rht o vs. we su e t desionhat veomenhe r ght havs. abo wionse in ohi weredeont en wating t t av majobor bnslot inhinitiives one atat attgpts t
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r douot jus cst. >>ndis l if cservive oterus urn c. >>fut, crve couer n tentlly ll t eect a vy, welou orgizednd very nty t ellt f ance v uniyel eortrg oned er anotr baotssue . fthece othni k et blotn iuen otba ue io hat etheing k blot bsuet i too, t she ng b shet rd: eat aut t vote n un nso, tthe heover: r a t teun kasi is p thinghrou ther er r>> tt's llotssue siwos p ng ouionsreery onfiernt t thas ot thue areoingo s d dnsn toy strifi attneha ftthreng gornor s dnoasics rittignare f piecof goegisortion thiss seicte bl 5hichna ecreigd inheison col ctiv isse b 5rgaichng per o uniigsin ol ivquir, unn meers w ai p oare blic serniceorke to pairaun abomeion s w heir ealte icerke o ca pandbon retemen irsincltit pasd lt caarch at bl heten ecom ncas ltch incr sing b unplar h asom has goveor kas h.crng np rt hesemaias undnted o ve thfacef thiassindf he aicritism. ndre ied k ce if hiud itose m.0,00jobs i koverh.he ast f ears wt are y supe sed 00bs ero?t sitrsack w ndar m yeupd evebody t haky? >> m welvedyfssue toes ha go >> doeloue def tt, uonso do ganirs a veronfint itefill u pvideug
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moth m. d a e cticsrt say tto s t wor lngof isn' real thhereo y ccs ay ca tt beor sur hn r erts n'alre y is livin cahebeur ate rtsapitsiv jacon ssispp tight e 45itinuteft,ac rig isohn? tht >>5 miutteseft,t,hep.ig th in? gng t e>>mist,p. ath g r tl il ber. nody kws whi w r it' ing go. b. no k marghis w weaiset' thi g beuse conrn t trg wse vernhialey bee t bbour raiond t laeek. rn theyanditesor buroverrai arela suprtinthisk. dis iniatier. i lked o reeblic phiupinis yantnd aed h wther inti i ed hadrenyichi nt a h wer ad ccern i d't. crn uerstdnd i d. symphetito p uplesthodo. i th's w i sf w mp havti peo have dditnal thgisl wion s that wav mht give ve theitl somsln at comft lel inheutur m ivwe'r ctain wilheng tom lo at tha mflein ur >> 'r cin nowil t brylot'sthappont in >> thowrysubertoriaceonin mocric jnn dre herrie verynter tingcr jrogr dsive h thi he mriedis we as ryteenerer anger h gotgr hve hi megnaed wndas tir enrand an hot h was na nceid tnd
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s via einvit fertizatn. henowsiaboutll oheit esti s surtoundatg th he ws utissu oyet sll vedor it t .tisu nd th i ans red thesut queion s v base dnit t my elignsusdhe biefsuen d ased nse theacty tt ig haa ch bcefs to kes dedhet tt a ahacho s a teener. choi to keith m en. andcoild.o i hheonce ms autt a dc. hce a a iave vced. >>oth hesei canedate sait'srobay gng t vbed. >>h se up tthan lteislare t sa'sba g t gureut h t cra t the lla t la surundi rehis h trahe cotituonal mendntla ur diep, ouldt pss coonigtu.alnd , sheldrd: vern bar pur onis w out becseigf he ter: rnar onlimb wut what thaac lkinger l e.mb j goi ntat thaay's lelecngon sh i l didt oi apar a thoh i t'sas muc ec ofsh iid onteap. a ho iil bant s fuc ofhead thtereal pol bicalt f qstio whatappe in e ste ad hoe heth inalol malsisspi. q iomocr s ha conatollepedn st th hohe litnally mss.ince crhaonle renstrthtion repuiticanlyare yingo ta contcel. weave t to picretronp puightane ng ta seat theyntre wee qtoteicht cautatuslyey optisti abo q eihanchoug my ut polyticaptti abolystbelie thnc wil comuge mlose po butca astlie
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thilomse ut ultitelyall srt. we wl fd out soo tilyl s .>> s pard john wthan fyou. utch me onhe eleion oorougut ts hr nd s thrdughohn theanightu.or tt monlen ug ma ter. h r r an btht bhoer whel beht t ba wit updes a mahe. pol b b w beose ross ba theount anditpd a enonigol a 1 00e sshentndeastn, ig 100 p. a 1 cenal tenst hourong10 cp.tral bre aen t h l-st urg c palel. re ave t rests a h bak them dowfor yst. of p. coue, get tes a res bts a emowr y of ti atouet a cprehsive n rort tit suggoxts.c ttra c musehve n rte trng t aembl gg t nucarus apon why istr t tha abl 'll ucll y whaweave leonned out owy s tranha i l y haparelye aemptg t builed t th tnomb. plusre a tpt uni tduitate attothey geralb. ec holr us stif tng aniutte to g alcontvers elolun sng tha tif a le wpons ntrs fl in s theha nds le dg wnsarte. f indhe thettory geral s dg answing estis abtet ho. muheorgel he kne swg tiabho mue >>neanno b expted t >>ow t dailsno oxpd ery t operion ats t dngoils in o the stic edepamentn aern oin day--day be is.ic pa ntd i t kno autastnd y-ay b.
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fui ous. no a the wertmemowith you me oitddreed tofus.ou heermo th ouferrg tohe ft an o re fuouso orati. aryou st s ing rruto did ftan re the fu s i dn't oeceiti aru sg idt tm. re he sherd: nigh the d.g.tei onperaon ft a t urio. he: ghhe . on ra f aio
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couier the azinstor ofheth bove hert tsue camaket fr ausalia to a.s. oubr e inor ofthovhe te a tien cainketimefror susgeryia a. may em le a a umpeenup inollymeod p smisery y l♪ a ♪pe ly pset ifyou ke ay e dmatiscor.. ifu a dtior ke ay thdizzng 360-greeamermove. athzz 0-eeerve [ irescree ] ...d ta awa th ovethe-p stt,[ esee .tawa thveu'ree-tillsteft th a prty rarkae ta. ret, llay, t ybe ep tpr rikaulgeta supmodecame.. , , e t igeupdeme thnk y. [ ale nounr ] nnovive dicasoluons th y dex. luti[ s the matunr.] ove caluns x. tithat [ m ] gothis ti tnk y car andtart earng loa of intsm ots t yardrtar a f yots got weaer bloon wh pots? yoot ea bs, ondid.wpos? [ m ] ints cod u r ju abo anying. , d.m tsou jubonyg. ♪♪ kep on♪oing♪n
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>> spardit ner suld ve hpene it mt ner haen ain. at f mhe a orne srd n gen sald the hnitenestat t ay o mneha a .e f gov anmennes faen and heteat t o furis gu n traovingenfarogr ndthatidn' worut s rigurag wgrl. atwmakn'sorrill s t attney geral ic hder w tay o aks thell bched ttty ope tionaskige l h whr h kne tand o whe he new e bed it.peonki wh hned he e wwl,here itre 1 ,000 wre ploys inhe utedtate depa 1ment00fusti. oyin u dtherare >> -teand e uckpanttopsithti u. >>er have - ud imate k reonsilitypsor tht wch >>av ppenin t uat re depsitmenty t t, i w cant b eecte en t toepen i knan the b e dteailsfveryo operion at i ngoikn inhe dlsf
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7:24 pm
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7:25 pm
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7:26 pm
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7:27 pm
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7:28 pm
7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:40 pm
7:41 pm
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7:42 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
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7:48 pm
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