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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 8, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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enega zedthoue izfeorboron. 'llpos hagad aizor. lomptea wrupf allhe eltion reststmp 11 r m. etern ime. l e'll lar fonm these hdsft t1 publ ean arn dmocre.ic l f thvern hsf as tciatns abo whbl a donicrt'sesul meaor rn sat thbo 20whnisulearace, an ath0 alltar pal. e,n it timfor the rcord whllr pa iteta.imr he rrd >> g wta: nighmr. rman in a. a g: gh. an damtly a deesam y inpropate xualeehavr d hs p acinblamin ope >>alheactavs th e h aonyms pinam >>ct algatishre aymalse a al tti mocric mhine hsesrout a foh a t toubl wan t cr m mnee h falsou foa tbl w me ls accatio stemes, manyfhic excd cmonccio sme nyicxc cn nse. eyertalyxcehe e. stdardftaecey ce strdce arica >>retawe'lhaveuch re ofr. hman in in a ainuca but irst>>ta i'ltveh s eloftion hn nigh a nu anjust motntsstgo iotenl on ohiootegh wn an lawstoshatouldte have ever yiote imitaw cllecveatld veer rgaing foit cec tousas o
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healon care b lotisfenheee a coecti barheinin alar bot actllyhinkt coti harsin naonal appectynk bcaus haalhe pe thrt buss allegovementnd curhr taing t leventuright i n't taing i t's sothin th's sh aht li calt ed ioin th s is ae. >>i gue ieg lloiff. i msan >>hink whueou tk abt colctivff birgai mng whnk youh tabout t ab toseol isives b thai are wh uouqueaut t toes lo lnitthre uof geernmto andoit how a gnmtats findncinwork anowowheyeat aredeven fiorksinrk in a ey paicul sta , whed taten ksmean to i lal gornme uns pa uld potacewhnd tire a ano l oacheme, i tnnk it'po prere a helocai - t- pettyt're lcalid. i n't ink ere' s a ca - ntion pty colltive larglining i t k ie'sue a nthe onllot th llve wrglng plan ie e 20ot, bui thhk the wssuela o 20buh k spenheng oma caue t oe esidt. yoknowhat ta oen o ofa thi t elecidon? yo's towt alt ofa o o the,hi wethe ec ?demoats ve v ttorial orf repuicanhhaveictoes whe tonit, t re's mos one vrir puan veto coenomatorn al of ni this'sne an cohisomoral isishat an dismocrs,
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ethethesoverr ientkyt sta dcr snato in hee vergini i nt o ar ta sto dnocrac, vnithey numarr e didt d wara to beeen wheyum r e pesidt. theyan ainstid t praidenoeen w tive pid thrgh eyheir ast t ren adrtisg. th camup wh th veluhr air tr el cflicad wheis thheam wth esidt roed io a own,trnd ciche i st hpen idroo ihin th'sn, realhe i suei t hatn cosinh o al ofonig iehich tso tss o s tofigch t of s andoish apoachhat o decrats a avidohowapsch thisatresent. ideat a tnk itvi prtywa ob ous. is es t. gre : inhe clecte t it rgaing irue tatb dis.'t rein cct fficnt ai i trvivini oh t ic dmocrsiv wereble h t ama trendou amous of dcr ree onemareou thouofhow a temenusne th thussm, owion moy,hich t en maben idicar of us, nhat o yochll fe in ma i 201caof ere'stilat tt myoment finum 01 an e' enilusia, at teast i mnthio anat lst fr than isne.iaat st i nothels, y musio hav y ran l fdar r oh thas one no>>el yusureav y th samthin r h oppen inha ne wi onsi you red 30thamillinn i henn de crat andwisi som u uni monll i mingnto at ndthat theomiffencenietweon
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ng o soy. m neyathefeeweace ad har m eyso my ras. wiout ttincein t aear we ms on campgn fraance aws thwi yot in t thdiffencenesnresenti mp el ftioncess o thffce thardesti elon moy, candhated moy,ommiee moy,o rnc ndeo dc,miard mo mney beconcs ki i a pr dideial rd eltion m ytheyave coki iendey athe a erde l of t elonampa n, h deyeoney candeat e ueez out so toneypa in h aey pranidenal yclezt o at'seyhyn risin mon bh opren thcl cdida l'sel rin anon th b o mmite lethl iso cda l iportt. ni'm ettyh condentf youit lleok iso athe dectif t isrt counm y, ityyou looonnt atfou l w tat d tierics arlook tg f a un i youuooookt tt w pllin heicarok f a st iorta pol ou ook t t prein gret is is i ptal.ol odoou beeve ame tca'sn t et s rightracor p th ron e teack, meand 'ser t 7 % ofghac ahmeroncans say thek, rong d 7f aerns tra . y ng >> gta: ich st rlly ratt the predentrahatof urse and ghe: h act r iy ottiohere nt eyertaly dat'tike sed thet i alth oare ma ate. ta d it aeargyheymb ic vthtorye ae. fo thosithorg oose natmbnal v ry alth c re.foos noneeles the are o letatfl th c .rt - a neesothere lf syolic - a stur towd th priden thateopl dy'ticike. th're raid
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furowthr ten heth re lat. pl d >>hee.res entth wase nid the t ellotn thsens e l t at>> hestas he rquiegis tionotthasnsn t t h ball andheoter nuiison oo t rectedt. ll nd poftererollhey oe als re ed ject the p isono er he ulsideown ieyls oio. at dcts itheean p fon chellecve udewn i bargning ooing.orwa? d it nat it feans cec i it' ste brgngng wa ate ise. tns it a it' s b es lgislive it isuey l sl egislive dy isue. ivotee loo at difrent slne ie. dieren teoo sta as. thkorifnt di ten mtta prtthk amicanwantovement t t met it pct amanogenter wvenntt t com toit spdingnd dts adge wtom to png decits d a >>retaone sue t onhe baot ide ohtss t >> ta e uneme oymeon ratof ba ih 91% i t emptemmer, satll a ver 9 i s unniem s mber regdleserf the tw baot sni isss, thaeregesertnly he stw ba senss so ihaon'trty kno so rileffe aten t whio i't hoe. >>noell,t soioes. fet amican tknowhi it. amhoican needo>>l,et bck ts. woam, anan wow havt. a am pansideed bwho t woan c weav pde oo o -- c o cuntr as f a o can-date o mpaiing c thetract at f he goi to the grtante
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ai g unithe, ant nohe he'oio heoingr out itan orossmerie' as thng geatut divi r,ssrisittiverhne g t ainseach otvir,epuican ti verser dmocr ichns vechust or.pu an let' srset d evcryonehe wking agait ea oth. bt't tow v neeverhingut athe w fanng tt ai ea thwe c and s wha b tapp s. er ngat's aheean p tside's str cegy.nd s ha>> aighpp an as's i p aldeyso,try. a agh an il ngremanyan a paers >>ell 9-0 t isrenanars wellend. gre: th-0 was t aazin anksor jinined. rethas us >>hankou ain ks jinret gre: dosou t nk pside>> nk obamis wchin theleconet sult redooni tt, a pde am s wouldin hheec lt be? ni ton aht's sldesul ? a onint's oful whato atf eect. at br hun et. hne jo sbrus.n at d y thk aut hohe resu s? d y >> wouhk sy th astab shes su >>t thou shaboran rse mney abes buthey th can gor pplenut t r my th bu peylls than wasn isue g tat w pte to ththe artf p whs lthorasare ie t wo e t sth abt. l threaw waraw i schbay that iwaffeedaw i n sust ife
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teacrs a oer n pubc ploys butlso plice a ac a oub reme andoyomenbu whio p madce it a mo vuerab to meden ahitack fadomt mo lar. uab anoso lbor a wincks f bi o tat and la sh s ttan lrinabori o t sll d h thasusclorn mny s s remeer gre mhe poiade la earlr by me thehairren abt oi e vot one t rlbyheirnbamab ca otn tmande. whe it maymaaot te nd efwhctitay beuse deralaw is su teme, th is e saf gro bee rawsfue, versths sa thro bacd t uonaw v s repe thac t u rit? d th relt pe isihat thoue get th sam poples esstial t vong ainstubamaet c retham th ple sscameal touvo astma cuh meo suortouabor the ite use uldave u bt or ncerd to ght ate e oue tdne althese ppleut b to thertot t pos an the y males v pee t o pporhabosause po butanhe m th v're so t ving aorinstboseut obam the ca. v g >>reta awoulst't y hav oughama t t>>ithtaul y tavere'sort of spl he gh inhe snse t at yth wou hav b tne'nrt offavoplof hn th se co yectiouav b vo bargningaw.h youould tnkotihat. >>reta what yourgng . ex anatounld tor tet.
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>>taatou spl? exat threpuicanarty ir t gess,pl lostthn thpuanty coecti bargningut w gn os, stth th heothti rg ng re? w wha oioulday, thh ihe ? ha someldingy,h i thaives me rgublins a reon tha tak hrt. esck ithe rli re80s takhey wrked h. i hae toet pple t the0sey p wlsed in onshautivo pe thelecons. p a linnsivf blu coecars. vo rs l brght theollsluo vedo br fort he rona ragan ls thdemoat do vtantoor see na r anat hpen mo tho's antossle te ay feem this hnesulg alough thths a anss t aimpoant n f f isulabol mghkeh nsn pot f miakebo a mout nt. >> gta: theresint wamihinget? of at curs . i dot kn ife's gitt: ghesi uwang ? t f cs doknfstt u bvisly h --ook w'veviy be loo hng a- pos.ok the are vot w.e th mabeersoo ao th mare.ot >> gthta: m cuaous soutour thght r. rman m g: cuain's t rpresconf ence th t >> hdi. anbout theest h n' cod wi eshenf hance e's henuthe t det. h 's ncowi onan's c nfroedy de thre wome n whon nmes are cro begiin to su ace, tre lemetho e of nsrehom amegio srfacue,e
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day,ofenow oom teho sac fed y, xualw h orassnt c tplais bu byhe wan who f al hss c caaibu o tby w hostery anescbed a o infu nderanscrapd cetai a utfu at hpenetoapc h. th is ai a h tnegh t hngor a thcamps gn toear the'sinay t go a mp la terar 'snna paroa wi gloara aled. he ws sma t gi a wiloal. wma ti a blaet absote dial at a ofhisla happed. ce y getrawn nto theso dl af is deils,t's a bo pphat. ard yetwn o heto g out des,s a ofoat rdlook i'm t sa gng huts tein the trfh. i'not ying hatok m tsae heheccurs areellitr the i' tt at i ink d t aut asellcus eli hehe cld. th. i vek d un artunesl he crcu ctanc. goito e wenun cu >ncgret so witito forehe ne coue dys. at's>ow weto w sor oor meure? neoue d. we t 's wrobl wittheor o polleise?hat t ey alys se e t toe aouplblite of day ll bendat t the lentsne th toaseaplnd yufaye e ts ow, hwouse kwd yhathe seco , ameu kas tme oe w was co acally guehee frst wmans o whmade was ac thlysexuue harsmen fst wn legawhon wdele h waat thehxu aren
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reaurassoatio shcame ga o w. h a ramehe reraurfedsoio tday.shme o .e's epar and antse toold rfa jnt n twsy.confence iths tarnd othets alogedld viims jere. n thoesnfceh t heldi srwar te.en hs prumab mr.ain ll he t ar spon tto tt, a of prabr.n h couone, t a fevernewsycle th gsyn ouich 's frced t o taerwslehbout g th i steah of fed t the cantdzute thwant --inds i oeafhin hhe cdz was to ta aout i nt-- hdsrmfu o in hto h c mpan.wato a a tht's t i trdmil hfu h hs ca on, th td it notril heful f hrsisn, itote l caaign f >> gta: eakegingcachgn gaing me momtumhese g: keng ys? gag ommsehers anow ? addierlemt ow th has ptche itsdi tt.emt itasth wh bamannasor a phets t whe, m rateso w peyann and a now wh m itte witain.e asnd rest,ow i ititn. ightyases grt towa i -ht miate tr wa - spkerie t seakepr girich he's eerge as ske st on gich 's eges st o avunlar feow wh
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creang oa sav ig he in the ste. stlyeaon t otavtherhenhe isue gett g sost atent n,ly ter isue i enumb 3 wttchso a isnt a ie mb weferdum on psides abams heth ce w, tterm ass pdeverelmiamly.he c i oke th tsshettorerymi. i nerae herend sd watre the lgalor imicatns o rare s whis st e o e l ohl ormat ois ostoans oeinh comprled ave to prcha onsin insu nce?mp d seido ptha h sue?mpl catis s statwideutltitely i h wi bepltiecid by atde te suemetily i courwie eta? id y grf, tsue thk urou. a?>> gta: lead ofrheh. g : usadadf agast thaw, ad vern tedga stcklah. go evengw, sr. rn theedneand ytulaot agove victy onhe s he coectind y tbargningn iue nber 2cton o itiueumb rgng you i g ntr 2he sl sid of imbheou goin tell e, rst slidfll. m cuous thein c lect ell, t bal.aini. wh is eoveuor ns toheo c ct soreof mage he budbatnif whs ve nthe oate orahioeud f hean't do t e e vio th cuinghe 't d ofhe colctiv baaini vhug ofghts >> woll,ivani geta, ts snate
10:21 pm
illts w5 h vry g lita,e to to ste witll h oh's v fialittoit ccumsnces ohi hadverhingo do c wimses t adtemperngdoi to tonsidatpolical powemp i thkohat'nsathylilepu ican we as ellths decratt'pu andan asl depeentsaveeat ctnd the petse cizenseto c becse tyhe recoize is w an unciirns o piecofec t leglati coe w andn pelen ec caeg outti aross ohiond iearg mber tday.caut ass i'hivery irourgf er ty.hio s ai'ry thou peoe haio a sken, theoa ad i younow s then, gornor ha a t udeciowheha hisoesporses,a but am v y ciroudisfsput oioan vud tonit. gre: ar oyou anry pud o th ohi ns hatnihey st re armessu e th p th oon'tike thhi t is heylth sare b sine ?ss th he yoprou'tfke tmn tha a hhe bne yoou t ll? ha aell, qite ? fl,ankl qesas cent sai o ts fklrogr wh hapns w hntai o the halthgr wh ap wcareegiatio hth wil b term ed b there feral cots, d sgi thiioil vot bn
10:22 pm
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10:23 pm
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10:24 pm
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10:25 pm
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10:26 pm
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10:27 pm
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10:28 pm
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10:29 pm
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10:30 pm
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10:31 pm
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10:32 pm
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10:33 pm
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10:34 pm
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10:35 pm
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10:36 pm
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10:37 pm
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10:38 pm
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10:39 pm
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10:40 pm
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10:42 pm
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10:43 pm
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10:44 pm
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10:45 pm
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10:46 pm
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10:47 pm
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10:53 pm
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10:54 pm
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