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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 9, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EST

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t omembed temtrame,nd i mb t e, di't. i di. th chges andh thhsnd ausatns are ablute aat- i asoluly ar ject b tethey i alu smplyidn' ct ey haen. d as sar alyn' tea. as a tccution causg me t ba offcuon usme t a mybea ff widraw fom a me t swi pawesidtial f prar t pidal cein't goapr 't o happ. >> sn: ao toy cin's acser d h att ne pp s ap aaredtoightere c t's f xacr htt nechan l. ap weedskedhthethe or t fot h cisi toomene foanard wasweedthr fincia hy sioeod mastivad, s fiiaad an ieresng mva snswe lien t ts. >> ppleook a t he ies siatio we an say sheli t co tng f ward pek aoriio anyheo fmonerd has yoneffer you an mon in t s uati ? ne >> s aneoluteryoun noon >> d you t pl t sti ake>>ny a mutey ofofo t? d u wod yolwrit ta boe o doy m ofinteiewsor? onewoyo it uld ou d oo tewsne
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d d mazine inrvie >> ts ist w yane inie c e t is forw wd. >>ouldou do y it? >> idav co t nk a utrw i>>ld o th's s ft? off t i rad. o t me awhil i t eth c sn fffcamp tgn hasadall in eil qesti t her c cribily anmphas s disibutlln tail q ptisser relse crilboutans herisutackound il joing p wielithore onut all r thiiscknd th chi of stjofg oi hherm cai ren yollmigh remberim f mhihehhift rm aiokin yogheer fdm ma i wi ins. >> tanks i f hainge,haw ts fa lo. coun't aw me aaman i os ou tot y. m a's aanress it i all deo hea asstlln.ea do thient fro yo. do hipersctiv >> wre hing endroot, rsiv w hg nd an. . ca wen bfore the . eric pubcacen b toreyhend cate ricaicy deubedhat heto er had tecadeate any exuaadarament chges thanyua stu. irant mchn,sha it'tu ecom quie m aappent ttt'omur. in's ca idacpp andt t h ri in. he's caacnd hll ithein --oth th lef a
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i the- rig'sorstth nghtre.h ef u ha a all fth teseig alstgatis cong out n ytu. hall ow te eig alticout y niays ago f m ig polico. u stt coectii the dstsgo f antryi to gureut li. whher stcoti he it d come anyi co ingreromwhr opnenton thleftitr tom cgompnt th riftt. t st athe pessonfence was ioughup aehat psfee s ghtomee hd co outs o ofheomenme h comeo cout fin of oen her me sonin wor oeronorolito. >>ave u coirm tha i'veeenearg titat all>>e d. o rmu've coirmha tha nowvenar tll d veormha ow righ >> w conrmedt gh w tha h des ined wkonted potico an ha th d's h mther y s. in w allpocon igh th hlet mer - thi y is llownsan 'sgh go en.t -e ofhe things i d i prr an allf hiso. wt bacof tnds d i ir t ll togheris wac m i ogr mtagefhin thataveeen sid aut hman ge ca. i'in kno him oatre aen dec se. a h nthiss no tcae he ani'no cimn i o knownd wchedecnd eenis onno t he age th a c i ben in row ow wed win.n
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i'vee ctua ay h a bnhan toow e h wi uplos veua hnd aersnalan o overhe y ars. h weporke oos adffilrstel adi er ys. st ionweke ooge aher,ut prr til aldithis stn haeninger,rhe's t s okinalis therovabialinrack ppe's h's s in eonseativ e oovalck p thtea h seiv pay's o que,lacha fend, he a b pasppluac etnd fd, hewors far b wse tnpl th thgs it catvena n rsar w th th ian levion. thaaise t vi q.stio i md. ha se tnow 'v q gotio i m c c ting w ot anymoufrie cf an cng anymo anouie a cusein amoheiews seei stoes so a you saywsg tathis isto al aou aayg tss smr ca aignal ifhe mea is dngmagn tsifee as to disoin aheyoin t to axpe? o doou eecttin to ayintop to >> spen, ut tdoings etnoop pers>>ctiv sthisan ht tadgs a 4-yea rsiv is h sine creer and 4ea he ne cernde hs prieheadshipn eve jb h
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ie adat hipverve j hd. with t heer lt h eht day a l th t of ts eplod i l e cnjunayion a wi him rsing aof st ting e od ead i cunn t wiim rng pos? a tstargconntinghe d ots th tkiso candacy ar innng thets wors hightkre o bth th ancy whe hoe ind shee of o r rsht o bh wh ho opnent s o it lks o le ispolics a opnt us l. l l se, i'tell ig a wave us gott thoseandsi'll an yd thsand w ofve -matts, tthodsn mhssagnd fro al arossmah tounry. mag eromer anal p aopless aun. s k oer is ple a gter sk o pitic. g r>> sn: iit aad id wh rmanpeneup piche d or s io adhed hssibity a an liene d dtect test that as tiby aie onl dct thg as 'm st at t watcng t pre coerennl, ih g thsght absutel w s, youtc treoeni th t owbsel wou neqivocing inis deal. 's oeqocgherenayint d n'tde. o ppenexplningveryre situinion,ut y dtnow, ds h t ruen thepl ringry of urntugn, yt w,into d h ruheiircffrn tsecom to ay, at ith lrc t dector om te say a gl ia, i l aledilleor
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beteay alnsisngl i'sler prson minierintheest. is was iat a bd pon nidea?in e t.>> i on't hinks o be ause bhen he wched t pre ca?nfe nce i 'tnk yebeerdae theirstenhing h wed t did turreo cee m ye adadhest sinid h arkd ur if neeto m tak a aie seteorrk if te lee's dak it les g thite out te l d de,nt le ghiut nish. d >> sn: wl, ken fiey wa sh on nb s w ne ki taingbout tata th e's be lerfagutlac t ths sealit l ifuseac ito seit ise i ts. th g.o., h ae the goi toeacto t a bthack.o h m bei ahe oi se ally atogresctve twards a bk m eiwomaspeclly sely bl ade?es tirdean, a the te mafecy rciall e? comm ts tt han,eenh t ma r al th hppen mm t thanvera ricaamerthan hen tonsvati ier ow. caat ders th tel yu nownsti th yove bn thugh l . of this dth el in t y compai aboh rceyo bthh fis tpolics, cd aairicabo a th re that a bla and li, aca ah co
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ervaatve? alan wateeova? se wnd wt yojust soke ofs nt watee w e onyohe cstmpai seraif n agai w i thk tse a on caiai vi ousaih k at tcks ais m cais harterats caushe hisen t maiar r ll, d qui f nklyus you hse ve t t ad t., dui fit'slyeenou a td uncventnal 'sn a mpai witnnc untconvltion aiit caidat and tose the unvon ner rcle orca thatnd waingt te he ite j tr le dorth udersnd wagt th is e jappoing. ubut rs y wet outth oshe pp beg.way o t ytut o wshinon, a bey o see wis p wgramin, a a e renate theact tha h not pam a onlyalksbouthe pr lemsretehe tha bu hoffeot ly sksutiout epecirlyms bufe 9. s io at h eci rsonad and alst beco an h rnandlicon con tremar acro theounony. s pele uerstrdar roheun i .pe ust >>ean:ark,e'reoingo i itch ou>> tn:k,rengars. we'lget u ohe ch t garees.s. 's bter r yo 'l het th. o we aerecie yo bin wh ure.. bladr o byo wite. aciyo b w y uu. >> sadn: c bingp,ituan
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me allf tese won oge erw, wh oeare haw gog to cmeea out ll t eo puiclygend t tory e goeve t cgoesway dut the puly t miary wilve es y ver opskihehereeve m comeilan e to r his? ki iner tisve cas me et'so he ss?id s t as sa? >>hat''sthe hhin sean s wl s sa >>t'einhis. anthers ateast w g saterens is air sseratowestr gnfaer itns , thire'reweotfaealtg wit th anymouret auser anyalit mor oplean s a heanou fr a erthny sdes. or at's elplel s aeo hmanrain . ss. a bl ket'senialp tay. h ncoul't banyinore stng ia l tets oia t. the ul b dyniale t i dees t oerte one heell. dal wedee at t ooint wheike y l.saidone rson weatsntayihe y oe ide thong, sebodelse is sangyi oothe we'rspenng me ti talthng sodse i out ais a i he is 'ren mtial diractg t aom iretsdict et cricall imptant issu. so at astrillmpnt >> sn: a leas tsu hesot tedia on s as a obaas oeuesiaon.n juas, yobaveeen c orital of t prosses. i tjuyoen c miait t ro cnn sorng i tn mnonyus frie of an n or anymousccur
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asny a iefnn newoucu soue ineew partular ca.ou i we'v got rtar ffth wom wha on id s 'v wot spicis. fh thom wenouthon dnnerith s wm, a thas s mci hatthenet derh ah m t dere t400ottlfine d here t exbite no0tl neapprriatsexu bavio he tx tteo med tess th's prat xu bthe iofth won, tedoehat a weh to me kehfllo of ththisat ae mfhs int? iean'llick u on wh t? aid an itlas ak u blketnh stament yid e caitidat aoda herm cailt satantever ehacadatda rmai aapprriaty wi anyoma er and haaid ver cearl h did pratwi ny not magagen a d idernapp cpriarl hid behaor w h t ge appia mi biak. eha waslliia tese grapc detas,e teap t uche htar her a ere de bught her a theigge her a up ade e aote bhter ro. e fages he s seupe doten't remeoer h se's fa trblede s woma andot it idn'me h ssredapp. she gomandnytn' eiden ay idenpp hatshever o sethi e enthat a s en stsysr apped shi 1 yea at s o.
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i nt t spp mnufaure 1ea i t em masizfathate toou, sean. hem gotizuchato b trgetnu, an m. ithe nototh b hig tet tch lyithingot it lan of moig t ifhe mby hng itan anyf evinceo ven at hman ifin sd m toda h bri it e les se i n hn be suse wou dari t vaste wh o hern ca leseaid. i e hee aid noingou appsted.wherca d.heasn layheg adog gam.pp. heasn snay aam hesn mncinord heaid thin hppen. min th'verdot nythg,hed et'sin set. hen righ noh i de't sth's se a ythi . gh heo d s i a predentl a canhidate hewhosoing iell he' arentante bl k ong consvatill. the' a dotlppantly nsti thorryo abt thepalyonseativhavery figudab outth ay tiou wan toseivve takelack man guown,ut aring inian ox. is i keckann,ngn ri culs. i >> sn: wt doou tnk? the's no dbt tt tiul s wdo t? libehels n d t r tserv a be r srvecia prty a v sriolia pr disne f volis f blackonseativ. yosee tim an tme acgai
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it imptantseiv wheyon se meonimen t rae aai c argeikeitmpnt theis son the ra man aood d caidgeke i t std ahe ised a n d lantid i deni. t wede as aan dstrainrom im rtanni we issu. dra m thmaneeklon su the atialth dek goeoveronhe15ti tdelliooeerhe vertrates at5 1%. tio e e i rt fteveat me 1etwn5o 2 i f e ling ate hetw wh the 2 pants. l g yothave teimon h b whheric pa s.hold onast a yovee fuonushat bic ldnt a ntractedarliu stamentt thiss augeistctio th 's wraed tlietant is a measgeanngst io thth w flas. t theye ratr no tlknnbout th ose ingslahat e s eymagiat to noesid tt oma. ut e gs t >> s sn: l me kouhis, gio id o .an. is i s le k comntars, . in nomar ns onheirable chnel. nso i n ss we' goongirleo seeh l. ho i op th s go.p.e' iso t tiree ho neblacpfrieh wh g tp.eysind t t t he neacieh har tsing bldendome teppodoarnglme bla wpomen, sa ca'sla pr watorn,a blk caexuaty isreryorl fightingndua is y
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reating. f htdidng knothatnyfhis wa pr en.atg. thdn isnoatowappingnis a war. th sregurwppasisg thi the hi guechis hi lhechini yoused tchthra. do y vie i th lin way u >> yedu t kw,raiew ytie ihs, yay y k wowo y m he' beio tated mreat lie' aei pina t ined that ind ali ey'r batin up oin hinh ey'rallnd a thrteneby 'r binim.up o knowhe lit is t reat'redl bhrne a ack con.rvate hoow wo ld s acally tatay b a k theonat ioome ing ac ly be id foryhe i cnsertivemeg e or lici and ide tha cerve cou cinddeha tracoublacand hpani vote. th's w theactalkac abodhim a hni bd a le a te theth cra whe lkbo pi andm onnd n i arde t b a ahe rademe pindnim. >> iean:hat s aldebefo theschars ca mep. . >> >>n:t al rifot. and esarcahinheye usi. i the d inargeagaitoeysi s t pheople and is ige theai dmage you s a t ve plealk d ihebou d sege.ou a thisets to t vlkters' nds.ou thineit.ets int iss tomen vmindrs and i s.ets in itstontwinen ndvote' minds. i th hern cas, head s iein troue.
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storlike th. i dot funeanoalewi t liborke buth therdos twmontanefoeop t starvotiib iut ertwnthe rublifonop ar prtiarie he'lhave ti.e rli sea he' hav timeorprie 'l vethisoiett o t eae' aavmee or is with guysgoodtto se oou. a o juan th asysodse. alys tnks f beang wi us. soveor heyl ts ba fouresg wis. re>ve h aaurr eltionovere ntins. me onhe a falutl on ofer tay'sigh cinarge mon preal nferce i n he t'sgh caisexu c ge rassntre er illetion e oulegaaixu pan reas ss toleon heou ga presentian caneadate o ocki prosal te le esti deanctorteest. s th kiro al tood l mov welde fordt. th a ouod..ov we fu
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12:27 am
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
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12:31 am
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12:32 am
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12:33 am
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12:34 am
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12:35 am
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12:38 am
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12:39 am
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12:40 am
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12:41 am
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12:42 am
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12:43 am
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12:44 am
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12:45 am
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12:46 am
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12:47 am
12:48 am
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12:49 am
day?a ee he doade t ha comanete i allis y? ipsene cmpleeniome ll promed ttake aie s cleetecrni om tke st. >>ean: didt liec tha idea whats heuppod to sa . if h says>>n:idliha o, hea atustheepoto a guty. h canysin. nst. gu. itanard. ve bn nighnghe litberard mediin w shin bonghor 3ear ld iraate the di unfrnes w ofin it.rar th ealiy ise thahenf thiesf he't. t callee aalad oisha himhi theye'e gog t kep co cngle a o ba andheim q stio eygo t k isohat sband e arage qio cservivesat prary age crve reblicrotery tink? th gusp ioustreomeic er pot, h ts ink?roub. h g spuse heypo hon'tinub y't - >>yastg dubt i the - >>nd, yey wast d toteat ibamhe w n't ve t cha, e.a loveoermaatam cai knowim t t hathinhe's a gr tvemauy. ai i an hat.ow was in a's ary. i t. s caionfence a la we whe heoul't awer aai nf cesic estila abo his wehe99eul ar a ogra c tibois cou notnswe9 i ra's cplety mshaned ouotwet. i his amas don cet muchan pr jo of d lings ithon tseh p
12:50 am
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12:51 am
sea so e peon sai h ha two rooai re wou eao oupe ai hliken hapgrwoe. oo >> he saou suoesn keook mili togrim h>>e dsn'ta re sgnizsnok hr. li thoe ar co hervaves d tea't re iz rty h tharovas eauncon. y >>ean: belve erythg he id. likeerma cai nc .'s sll cas>>ngn:el ethhelam i. kema ai ery ssib d rect sn. as th'sotam i wh y ib d cctnse ativth do.h coervaves cn't eineiv ad . dot bleeop. co'svas lamit e a doblop pele.mi heas rit toe. eio cmpla. >> culdn agr me. th pre is c slaacke agait>> c dngr hi it mtill d sn'teanthrese sho sdke ai holdim to ahi lowitll s danda't.n ho he c ld b ldoow sda c bresint. hat'a sangesi. t' sge thoht. 's unfr, but t pohotica. reity were nf is,ndut i t oink caatt's goreg toy w bee s,ettyard f k him's tootoe stystaid f theimonfince o theepuican vote s. ai ife c hes homfie frhutpuan this s go gte o kifp c ging o hom rday tert isgo k gg
12:52 am
ay.y r >>ean:'ll k yo wh w come. b k,>> butn:l yo nt's nuhers w ha gon me u b u wout n fsus ewt.ha on >> ueah. wo sea doethispen fe dot. rewth. girich >> ieahinoeisn hedo dor was oenin overhewt laichont i inthinate dhisas oin oin hersa aout ntto in bs ain h lea a thet ext alteativ bto romy. athineae'shext goi to toteivoomery in'soioo wery. >> sn: wll tk abt it re wn weet we sack. w tabit wwe 'll ve meithhek. geat, gr t,l g matemerhane pal. gt, thhostfhe leiegr gera thstearslle sh. doou le yrrs ne? sh do l y sa >> mn get naid mor sa m >>etean:e'lldontie stight aheadddd or [ enne rs ] >>n:lltistht eadd en r] whatakess nuer o in morcye inranc atesnu o mcyinnc weove kes. wee s. we le rirs.
12:53 am
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12:54 am
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12:55 am
12:56 am
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12:57 am
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