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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 9, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EST

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priden pshouas benglled to bili t rve mo ha tenwoou te buted t o etheit shoul d imodeha foren borutne he ho tnk yde re b andy. >> h yeree go.nd le m he gueess t gso. wre u rerce bleei meue s ttuspi wre >> pla ice toellei stu tereing >>ory.lael re g y. seouy, t worun come fm a se torhisopher .'s meahisoer . -- plosopher. his plo fsolerut. of favor it b ams e fynutfouav with it bamyn iditt.h sigh seriously yesnd t. wea ng aghat sus esea w .yat dunce >> tug ou .yer gng toun ce makeun ome, t >>ugerha gt t io ke o , etty ierting. tol ty --tiold y.ou. ol i nderhy y neveard -- thol sdtory y bor i er hap ypyeveard dun dthay s.ry appy dun d l's welco o gsts. > s lhe's i wcout tn gstare be tci i snhe a i d n aruse de o pbepi ci i i hern withoxewsc nnele o i patteranit bhwne.scel
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eck t heboot. tt an bwnd hee.s sharp hk heanot wo w h his hesugs.harp iouldike o w cowohisug s. rs timeilde ueo larry rse ueconn. lry d faure w aknns of fa he. it i m repulve wak o sekick, h. ll sulz. i rd heuls soright thathe s ic n isol n t soz. stair heso gh trectha atimhe is its tucta carls ctt s foucnews conartribsor a itornhith e dfolywsonib a or n caller." anhe ia toalake wlyho shld dwn in llake. an i ittos ou "neakyo w times " sh dn e.rrpo ndt. itou gone to yoe yo pin. tes" nd goo yoin >> the beaunten t porthathe p ri me m tinrnten rtt he p siio m bersci ll be reti si ver sn. b all lit be adce for the ptirier s n. mister itad fhe mier loosyranstedhat the on r ignoshe eyasiernsdha he wilbe f you rn eier ailcq freou
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all mor ofoobies w acqutre l e elress uooaseshed sses e giol dssidn't owo w es io dn'o lingual. >> am rin alng.l. >>m >>sed aree to drs h er. sea e trm cai t oo h accusns ofexua laraias tccns ofua haarsmas he onhet a pen pressasm nonherenten pre re i wonderferi to memb if rec og ea wderfri to -- mbf ecea cognizedharo --iale and gn eddidn't.ha i ted t rembeia if dn. t t rrecoembeizeder, d i didn' co ed tri, io dn' remr i mberhat n rind i didn erha nnd dn th crgesnd t ac sationsth a ces t actis a aolut
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aut je. th simy di't hpen. je thimdi hn. >>otno flags the. >> no and m figgs te.onde cld theseno mousan a mlliggatns bede falsand rhap t ese dnoocus all at bchin ame rica lsasd bapug t oc rth trole d wom in a mecaug cusations? h rodome >> the sas? f t>>hes, these f anymsegatns as, t selse,nd n theemrat an ymmache inmeatca aas broht e, n herthra aroub ch winanas b m h faroub aatioan. m fa io>> awa ishi becomin a game of hsm t wck ihi bom mo or ofsm mo cn? oblyowhat fth accu has poppe d p.ob ha she a fthor eculoyease pfpe adp. go rne me agey w e lolegeehat f00-- did igomege her name erogengt no,t i--s ju dst iun o, i ju it greun ne. t n tt dn. i st m track. e a lles t t i 200 i m ckll.owg sec he aain t00 in ept h a sskecherai qte pt h
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auld u pume in tchith th q lteely yng ly wh d pu i n askeme t question i cth y lvey h a me hokeug thuen csw or din ne wheenonnaug sd dinidt whna wadandgest a g dropt dinnnsad ewaight ndst a g agedndrder nnad $400 of eht wi a ageder stuck her40it0h t bi. s h ve t tadmi tha on t hbiman caief t nmiha do t aut w wha hma cer do ca t ank ws aboha tholer -- ca nkth ae wbole tes >> busesan - b-y the ne w le hmaesnain s tepped>>usesan yforwhear ai spp rw ar i c't tlou wt te motitions other t n itsl wt sp rman on o soer p teopleitson't want to p an aiherm caiget sopl'tant rmait the rubcan nominaon. d so peo te dot want r ubca nherm caito beceno tna. soeodo w est of he uted atesrm ai amecca.e t that one thier nes cnof ud es me . sa atne ohif the arinn cn oplenow. thsa's t perso he oan tn is lew. th terheis >> s ggutld wants to kn>>hatouut -ld wtsha t knur - tug heou did a ha prty gd jo
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-ugeid a pr gjo >> c we jus stop prenng? >>likehe w jle ftoelp castrpr? ir kersonhing ion ctr know whatapned ir on thnghe oienon tnowh sd, she sthai sheoaid thing. e s s notaidhing qualified to be essidt, a n we e a qprlieddinge bs. he iida ni a guye know im ngiks.e h . ini uy heoulde a bet rowresideik thanhe curre p sidehentld a br si det h can't expan cinurtren ant onic plan. t h isn c tha'tallxp w needt ins a me pn.bodyette tn o masn?haleed tre ameredyteeoe tt oerma th oama. we a havtoeo se tt ar ma. prend,erma cainould e a av a eat aesint. he w ld bgreprd, amat ina lld a t i. th, bu he i w not be a qual lifd toe pde. wead t pburendiot he i 't.alto pde. iwe w tish peou stopnd i. acowdge thisas sieriousheou toecp. itacowe iss s aio cruy secti butit ther hasso be seoho cy undetand theut iueset erasbe eo thhoan hman caiden.ndheset >> ihothuld c hnn ts asai a sa the>>yaid c t adon' ainkbody sai thatsaet.he oneaid atn' y.kdyai at. a goi ne td radema.ha mae i wlake coue o
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oi t mat-irts mai we cou o t-ts halvsipi andeves lv wh do y au ma of t mess?es smso hwhelping ymaf t ms? . in. o yeshe i hgettpingore air time . . .at'sor s i tt newt gingr achs k ngti hi.elf ght n's. s ifwtinh k hif t hs sifaygif only i woulhavesyed sgif smooer." oy i he is woat iulvehi.d i ov too."act that elihes i . toyn f niov heaitt utge d bto tnedia n heaing utgeed af thi ea ome m teaome -- ndego - o foan. >>aw that vie of inanhe >> aw s. t e i dot hany mor ohe it exce i l edt. do hao wain tnyha mtor m oov i? >> donce kno lw. t it aswa that m? an>>goonno tucke itangoucke >> is mangoust ozz y s stumlay? m >> nzzy um n
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>> petetack to t int. thretac toanng o o t. he. hr >>all .nghe. >>l is wanil for baptcy twice w fdoest maer s h baency in tce cour moesmaimes s tha ae ilf. ur moshe s bees defdi t aix f. e beefdi lauitsiuessf dot kw. do thamatt in islatsssas do >> y kw, t stardots thaottddn . y cain k rw,efert reard too hers a oued ca rerd homeran. a and e moe e hear aut r,he me thaomt. see to e d mo thcasee ar a we on hr,e a mllef tha factseeo thsend am n sweaying t hhe all t ac acsatis areot t e. a n s buinthishole t bines of eracti a ing seeim sak a monthbuisle b esagfo a this eag peearty sak onconferce in t cgo andea t phity ot rnfomaner whoe h o finox cgond t earlier s drhean w w h o ftermed tmeetim. she pt srling,rd w w is rm tet. co nge sg, wen harr ihe jye r poitio e go hup trrhim dughe ye him an ra edpo hiois a ago tm isperehi ian hed e his a ae taed t himor a ilre ere es notng n at ta te im abort it she ilrnedrounand thi se n
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wo nn satd h do yu kabwit e edun hend this wo sd h do kw he biekai we metears ago. bfrie and wtekoai we aetrsgo. te pty a hiendot.o she dn'tay tye is aot.reep. e 't it w morlikehease a stalng h. re ep>> iovered t m wicora tkehing for alyear h mor t iner aea mic tng ani wated t r unfarolor in pretea mucthe me w tnf etuce >> almos everycce irt ca s ry h alm ery ueh --ccrtuser in she h monaryad a -- i uh ccer n't ow i this s te.heona ryt thadinsnc at t- oo after t th ichicisand taye. had thns t aer bankru cy -thwho icres?d ad o cas gnkloriall -reo d is?s a ca cree gri arathe cha iesrue? di ee arehaairun di sisfactorily aain thquesonsdon'thin s is. faor >>nd t a polics re. th yoessay ns is tn'uainfio be p side.>> tols . is t unniyongy ors t pres ent pght dew. . hes ruing r th s pongunitto rgainst est t oba.herug th poit rgastob hiseam h fallen art. theyent t a elhiseaying h al shne had the fan al eyt a trelseaygbles
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don'theysheali theadptiche of talt? theytrayhoes you gn'ngeyoliheic be teve,he pr wan iteyhho finaouial oble or o? >> i ike e guye, pw l.ith butnaan yl ilemar ne giv ie g havi. in e la wee can ut yyo iu immaine gunning t exec ive vianchn f thlaeean ime gonirnme? t cawe bhone? ece >>chtholutely. >> cango yme i maneca bt?ne >>olel >>an y ima >> i can >>o u rll i t's ctop pteg. >> do wllreay tnk ts g i s'sp ba beer predent w eay th theurre tgnes in bberent thherene mainish? the rre o h? g e e u o afghistaandut gf ira ghtad ira were on our w ofei o of iq. we o o havkilld osaeima o of kq.ild qda avll osa doesn'tdnowherehi ple is or here toey a'trehere pl orre t a ihinkouould be a betterresint tn ou cuent nkesiountld a i w ld dit.beersi tou cut i w d bu.i n' hav alag lapel. d iet h ebu lesavmerilacagap we s his apd i. h bues cmeri stop wh
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sis patismhen are tal ngbu abt antoher pword it ipainapoprsmian .re is naabroaniar rd iappr. >> i uss wan toia bac and safor s on id usthat i wasann'to b ayingo smr th asaccusr er son athe wt bi do hingnk ismtths aus revanth - biut d i dohi t inkts its revan s entnt seeh b ut d hiom eak nd saf heitrenee co erhiim am k huggeafd d std trend wch er a his ugeecd to mthat oesst t wch s ec go m tato s--hat est se lik the g woou t wod bevef t man esadseikhe sexuwoly abessaueedf y tanad xu aau he uldn b o sta th gloall d.e dn b samot sayin s hesot g.a lld. t i aming that' sot she otpoin that jusamnot e pognt t.ha ot >>hehe ft s w o inmore at usrnt gpo sws ha>>n t fhe s ore sws t "yo-bbgabba" cts the poinathe i lo-oobbngbb corshe meras. in n't heu thik th l cutthe epesof mes. t ththuthe es all? tre are sever witss a th thedid g t areevss andthhed tk. >> don remberuch a of an thingk.efor >>on remrh 2004. anng
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or >> ts waa month.004. twa m th>> gd poi.. >>e mahavehoug sheas e macuris g pi fro "le>>gamallveyughe mar ro blon" anlega that' wre t go conse bl an >> ti wat' to ve obecae thgo sto c is re iorta. you re e ecting>>wao oca thtos ita a u eting lgh yoshou heten i a but we wgh just o tyoedou.n i buwe wustoed om campaign to fqu amign -- fqu freckled cha gang, w re le dndsay' s cy in theanok noing hort buy' s ain tok? shenoaidg h cto dyrtbuasa okot?e, sca . ed bu cthanto to dyer cwding otshcaer. all f rndbu aanalo f cin hos o of ererr 30- ayal ntenho foro ofarer vlation 0- dyever eve n ixen worithe vlaon ge lev eopationix w or gengeopopio as embe rt b gng cleop a thosemerbergreatim .b cle osereat oer lil o new they ll it qteiloer classy, a nhe clsic t bu i qnspire byer css the iginclcbu nud iepiictoal of
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e in malynonroe. n toal hu o hner sai allmanonro o thut. hne s en aempted to late t ak p hos fm ahe sptot to atwith tt suess, w tned to p ho fm omonnehellerur th "sures,d w e t osketneer a "ist. a wni t o all a tetom at. es im es ara t. a at m,ood to see. a we cldn'get e acual m,photoooprtod, see aft s cn't ac l them y elfoto youprecftated em ung too em o y yrfou ecat tr uis m tt ha takoo hou i no aytr right? m ha>> iak actoullyook m ayll rht? iekctd.yoo we we gog to thi sto last ight b i wasn't wgo t ad t s t stthinhtyou bre i g woingn'to be suris in pulerean gyng be srise that it w wl p yrth e wa. let see t fseirha oit w plse. h wa >> t fir oneets y sir o pl. c tirney ry cssery cfoable. it i all aboutru werheyer c fo u doleg a. ne p ho illhoot autheer is w very doae phoss wery therwas niand hrt ckla er.s it wasnd heartful a w don la
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>> t tit lasks lotl a l w a d pr itiv t vsi lks t lhe piur ivsi in pi "e titan"ut drn ae mllyisrbed tit " pers on.dr n ae yosurehis s inthisrb mazi pe>> trs mov. yores tiinnithc"? ma yeszi t ov>> ner s it.nic" d y oues he mor e t n st. spad. i d y i hae anoorer o her sp. d hano o h th one s wn't fling to wthl o ons.n' fli soheyalle h pri t in.l o. so y leunfortun hely pe gri i s and vomionim fo un ty g, s s aorry mi at ia seim fro "the er t, s i secystrother that- for one t tt doesstt lo l marilyn at f o tmonr. >> knothe vie ese yolo l talk mg abt, byn i was bn nr 1>>98no1,e e ayoha movlkieab b ias w be re m 198im ha ver ovw it. >> i et i be m u ner he s eer n m iovs iom b iore u wee b n.nehe mov ion b beliee vewee bn. t tonhese bie rething le t phoos. t t doseou he o you can in l nvin me? ps. >> cdo h def oinouel cy cvinc in yoe?withhis e. >> asefny cvinc yoths "pyb"" rasderny rec ogzetheyent t w""l rde ecfor is o cssic mogotifeyt w
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r o css "pyb moy" ed a housd mes forehich i g "p " ding a traor ousn too s rech g >> ynow ngra o toohat,ou are >> absolute rht. th isou a a comn heme t hat sote r htns.hrou all f ththsn me tt oullth layb" plates. theyo it s o seven tes yb pl at yea.r. ey yoitgot s.o s en to great job a s aayea tyonk yt very mh, g g.toreob >>ayeare. >> s t you y sern. m g.>> pba n ot>>ar sous pba n d man p m you ae p a h lyndsayoh u a fan. lds yoh wld n. psetehis ldsamse tehi fosr lig toarty? >>sot aanav tfo layi.g ar>>?ou kno w t, y>> are aav ouno yre frk-st. yodon' fr. yon'ike pplwith fres. >>po yoknowow mity i ve undethisake p?. >> 438yo.ow mi i cdentisep? tm. 38. cnt i i s tptgoay th she i s getting off eg ay
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on h jai lthhe gti o stees hi h i jl th tict i a moreeshi fosed n. thalthgh t "playboiy" aorpred fo d ll b very teful. th t "plbo dbu there i s ber ate jail he over idi isssandhe j ts out becse he jerailsss onand er owdeinutec califnihe j ls >> i kil o me, t uckeder becalause i il suly tyoulde, h tke found bse oneonolen stosurly in treld h f ndat der t o gonoonol somr i tre bere h. der >>ohe ia nvi entto be. eg >> i shisot nvi aen nastty sh notimphas >> n it imsnonvient way.t nvien ay .th soryas the sociated pressnd a m ryquotg no t ciedrend am otno e was giv an aitiol we to rn hse in tos g n mp aleteiterio weo hse in to te photo th's he lev of pho just e. th >> am hing lat eevus oe the next ju t e>>m g i e gushe pulle xt t ove i g i eeulosing a o numb of magaz ini probalyosg ternatnal il mb tfagro teatl t catag.
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fre the going t ta sy on nds or n easre t oi enough >> he w o upsnhadsthe oas n e on the forouivegh hours. >> w ps ginheivase enoonhheore t himrse . it g ivdie'tive eno eug thime timor 'te no e pno refen. no r eitb.aris bas ilos gele so wtbe b he pples foll ing e wh e thile. wepl >>itly slly yg wh hav te to b. on t grod. at'sherehe is y avtohat' rig. an we k tw fro a fac t'stre i obt'a isig b an k bfin aal fl ot this ob he i bsrygin galet quick leas is o isg all c qelckriti as when they g a i cntrole so heill h en nobyheo g do i fu sraiss wh. he l loo hng f qobuiycko rea fuis oo f q ui >> bill,our "play girl" >> sp breadl,nedour cplr. g wil" lyn's plbospy"ad shoou helpr urtwi lers?pl bo y">> i did notng or lpr caers? ievertimeid gav nthem a su issica thedidtetur erme av letemrs. a one awsuhem.siheidur et i. ne lhem.ha hner isay ini th thiis l anom io aaythhi a malynom monrooprea a inhe
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s a it as c iedmaithon ea lynndhey lonlr dy at itude nly nd lonework mazin and now ty ardoinit again. w m azbaincandy clowssmeans arin ain . pliasmith s id oerclssan oflzer 's ipliaelieh s at b ical wt h islzer ingor atal w hs ett eref t ogfdeas and tbererft o of ythi ide t a mane. ref hi tertba . . >> jtanoe it to e 6so i can >> h jt a age i t 40. 6 iyou c now at h 4hegeill b likehehird u w a stimpson steil b alkeg wi pathind simon selma. alwi shat wlere and she swill h. h erwnsh sw.l a s llw. shwill s, it is n i t constuti. sh >> a you sightboutit t n t eckl thoug nsti this s no asomouethtngut yee inklplugbo not t t iis noouldomet knin butbo "pl nbo you d't ld e fknleut bo th yis sethi wderf le d intthicin s aetbouthi the wrf thout of wom cov ing -- i in s authe up, erouvertof.omov g >>ow man f cks y haveerrt . > co ng u s mho you e y
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okveew anchor i cohe u e sho ou en y see t in t heew an ha iway? yee t dcu iss p tatti bwnhay? w bo don' e decun t pnatk wn aboutooki at bo me,do' t yn ab wothleskisackf nothinge,. i ll dtro you y and you rwo esck faly b nore u wang up e xt mi dngroou a y w, pfa. be wap m w, weeotoi t sto causwere goiwe teotohe tto othe sry w us didn'geto.oiohe anyway, is oo he le p worn't film yw, l p lm
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>all ittrt carts>all me dtil cortsked athe bak . en i ceso fdhey reor at thinakbut de. i co fdy that i haint ot . eat reis at i ying ofhe o occy eat reisolks. ng ftheccy oolerks o. ani bad oer i
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broad the stree t presrs he bee n ro he see threeninher td hesta. pr esshe h cut all rein anr ywhea e ut anywa--ost m yan train hony osshe m looyng ame rake th. >>ith at 8 rkoo e oo ae ke the y tthhe threats>>h 8k ooarted t after s a tskedhe thehrmts toto pd unger bahroom aers a edhe am p o bater ooat hm sk w as broake bd thhe. atr hroo hmas wloedro cathusg $3,000naatagoom lo edmeanwhe inan d goca $0aag ocwhcuers,in t dhe proteers there vdazedwo oc vendorss,' tro ffeend h ot dogerardwo eenrs v'do h eenffee hogarroding hfreeeeff t trodirostor see t t wh the occupyrotastedsut whhe wh it oppe theyurnecc agait th.ut whqut e,pe bhehartsur had ims aith stolen had t ir cersts h ms vandaled wh m arolngens hndad graffitis wl as o ne o nd tal w m carthad ine ndd blo grti was o oattere rt od ne b it." ck creart. on i so s i cs jt le the cil rights rostsoig? i j l t elsewheril trs are ghts ro flarigin seerre arin
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>>rer tha is, i wanto be t re. >> u kn whahapped ahaers, wey cut of t.he knhapp a tape? its ptty amaziutng.ape?itp azing. peleay oh y cherry pk thistu but ow yleouay hava y crry ba isel otu cutrrows. yav *9 vdoas bbae r oorted cr because is *vas a rted cae sicrosm. a en yiv give, give,he smker tes u me because y g the, res gtemb r s mecse thesmb -- ty cent you. en t -y st- givin tg, tyy me ter yu.. t st iv>> it isy aar f ule or f oodnd i isar f ofri d thosarend two wor you dont wriantssiate wit ose wo wurrroouteov en on wan ss >>iar yote fooitd trucks. ro te>> b>>loyooo uckusng the laes dow b a assltinourusng he caraman. la if dou wowe aun ossfinrig cara n. wings wr itinif wa aunhericalig
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ngwallwrineeemen aheouril suit that iptlleopl say en a th is ouoo or top su hat th is t pplitayy of ths f othr op th s up pidit v oflentef f it th bizarre. wdy pif dntoefou havto t iz beo thwrine i yif doouto bethri bod - ine d bod? >> iis bisodstg. e >>t is perodnal q st istg. >>is pernal >>t is dgustg a a coup difrent crime t depesing d whegu tsthat a bod up ifand ntineri peg het eed d eed up. e mpison bweccupy uwallp. see mpon awend h e,llhe ssee thinlikth a tre and ey we,e hongs -inikth thend it s who were hin for t so thinlikehat. hasot h complorely o of soin cokerot. as>> we c guy o o oastig co ro who s ve we guy pig o cupo wave stet, d th h said i pf itup dein twosteeks, ith waiouldd i f ve b in grt. woand iks i in cldpisoto t he bgr gus t w ond iea ap soto pa ty. is tgure away to lv w is? pay. wi t b aey
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3:28 am
thones that -- hco eopl re the i o ne resht t at oss fromy ofce. he 15thnd k seeos i gomo tofhr.ought all t t im thndk ey aor g tghtll t t imey snd ne p son a gets andays,e are g oi s ne p tne. ets ite a noing nd taks,e i a oi say e moeys n it a ngckgrnd.ake y mos gr. at "e daily cleou ave rteamsnd rea "mse ofhi dsly uff.ou wh r ims wndrongitheahi f. pch ?wh ingh whe e thnew york tim" wh e tithes aut whaneisyo g t . >>ell, ahas pin an t>>l, ife o to tama. p >>ell, aorengo tama. at>>eel a kingews ing at happed, ate neyork- t ne york ongupy s s,g irser pp, nerkt plningo go o dnec.or oy ir ing d pl ng goyou ore delme g tucu ker.elme thatas a se etheor not eucr. p eo leat ahe n bei att acke d p teccy s, sir or t b tt crac hea. e cry k hes,s ar senly t actingo jeey c.y. crhearnl > ng youje h cy. comment
3:29 am
thshow in ou h comnt e-mthlow is. or dec line el or d l 212-462-505 262 2-4650. stl ce, t h tim 46 repo from dy l h t porody lev >>on is snsedy t vetabl pklone ieasneded veblkl weaitneh it ili,nd t natiol fd kor. i, t nthaniof kch k an kch
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3:33 am
lce ack. 'll nd o if w e ot> lc k. ytngrongoar. l o fhindot hi, yt greg, hngrear. you nd gd. i, g>> gg,d. y hern ca hol a herman g cain pss con feercancol rst a alleryouad f of in thon wom, iuenchosow t ll u adalle fng ohaft cthom mieue hower le unhaortae ane h tiffun htaan withhe we. ff hsh is actua y the of t teen wee. ctutanof t nja enurtles. >>uton'telve t nt fja a urescond. >> iis te. >> you'tnowel tfhat, that s --nd i t .ouw yes ha>> nt if sayt, i i true. es it ns myob o t sho w.f yt, >> b sherus n t itmy o s ne bhen who was stiffedig? she s th wone who ce ut s sff ansaidhe wtedoee t e th the othho wom c right? an>> iidhi wdhe w alseeohe thth om eig who was s iffhied wit whlshehe bi at th deinne was s sheffastiithed wh t bi thll. d >> h a somtither p wpl t . byhe w - h- a s >> tert'spl not sual w -- tt' hasssnt. n no. sual hass. o. i thi thayou
3:34 am
i c --hihau sobo - lik soik cai tev ll o a wallet bau the t evsumeomeby el is kin o wre oit.t au tth don thi it y meebels n ey tnk i is - o. >>the son ihi at llhe yim >> eall t i - >>s aim >>ll you ask if stop pret dingo se i yf cn i is s qual ifieto bpr pngresisedent if n i n'thinke ct ea stalie b p sifor ntcoup wks r si tnk i lteeast c ai n.r up r a s lable ie guy c ai the is eleion lab ming >> wt i h goreign poly? he s le>>n he ng w i afraiordgn c phi m be >> ttinthie cleeansfr ai d c iniele -- and ihiheyre true. oth thandthe ct thit hehey wod leever ne i ue gitmo g thha e tifhe itould bringwo oleer iit g ldr hom itave nouo ldeari what h forldgnom pol iicy no s. >> hat doesn't e fheol icy >>t isot jt me?s. no. hsn >>is jte? o. >>ikehatbout him. >>haboim.
3:35 am
>>ou said theaso b sobody ettethat>> the s d e publans bn ru who? dyteathe bls ru >> to? is aouueio ob sly t i iernoaryueio joson om oby i le tjoo hen tt. >>exuturo.e l the "reye" ue ur " " uemight add. unss hwates thehownd enmi chatngdd his min dhiunch ht t ew hahapped i the ast.ha is >> belve moxhi ken haorpp ie t. >> el ayed kor mdego ed >> rememr hi nam was mike m de taing >> r autemhiheamas out b ack,ke tag rit? aut >>o. o >> b ak,ls jamesas andrit? >> g re as amyouravorit aend swnz g -- uravit sean or isnt. - i le sanan georg s e san g one of t mt uer rated actrs of t 7.onof m u>> b we ate n gng to tr t ta abo her.nymo. be nng t pab, y stabod er imo. littl irtha b, y sitsaid tyav eirha nevery y'a licaik. t av whenheir witness we ver y'aick. en ir wconfneirdheye hugged. u can mt un
3:36 am
nfeds irdy ugpeop andug aunchfhe m cd th m fivminesun afters you opeavendou achavehe n idea thiv n whft hapned. thais a bsolu utveyru n ia wh buapit bd.ecau ha pre adentol jusrut ad bu baurent butust wasn't j aut g. wn't >> enor i wasapni at auggi c ve>>n.or i wni agin. >>t wa huggingnd wa whpeng conugntiogi >>nd iwas ugtrger wh onniiot whh th ws erybo>> is ug in cos. b il tniwh fth e tbohaba in has gte u o butof f t afghista and i q iss o pleant sghtaprisndto o i thounds tros wh wer ea afg shastanisnd ora ous rowher >>fghehareanre troop sti ere. ere wer>>even yearergoop comped t e.ow e er wenr ogout comp tow and re grng t o le. d g >>ng tucr, saiain n >> aneredhe qst sio right. aned qstio he sd r hhte. nev m her, wo assu sd t hhaet n eomsser no, he did t. osu that mbe i d id, t.
3:37 am
i d er are a lotf womer givimrehe b lenefec wseom thinhe ia gd ern, he bbut don'thinwe hese in iswer g theduestn.ern, th's n evet then'oiin. h e pot i erhe dstoe h kow th nvee ough.bouthe wld a po i the dw govement gh ut w i t ank iismpta to tevehant w er t i nothetao men e teing e t ruth we er ve eotughccuserso mn eteg t e humahnccersoe ma ctide. a coresso li anyway. >> a we cretideacto cossli anyy.ango . ae to ldsay lohango kosour lds yohor callingutploayboy"ur fo t tacorkyvealrngsepl thebo fogirlnache tra dnghe mn rl n ot. he t >>raou kw its a ecbengrn sue. th pul i>>ut kita december. e. >>arryyou sdthulma i d embehi >> lryanu qckdma rel ease hi sohe c qunckaise fim rel se 200 ssohe vununteeraiedse toetim m nvol 2ve00d in h vun preridtialet molin cam hpan pr indaludg shsaidheould hoam a nber n event for inudshid ou yoldung ppl e.ho nr ve yo ppl
3:38 am
it inot really theype of -pro ile strea who wyld bhee o a potiveor u >> iro s surhopr wed bheyur d pove u at dn. i >>ou w sld heverur guesd th. d >> w her ckes youth cled lds a noiont s r, ouut cd ggds no elioedo, her o gil gg nvicelon wrio, h und l the fluee aeconime. ic wnd e ue a >>one. sul be dvi >ust take hic >> tak hse >>rab ricse >> tt's hai dot un>>rstab abo ricpeoe inse.a. t s i whdoare u dring? untaboico in. whe drg? >> my guess is shein't ric anym e. my guessshein r >> iymt is aoodueion. >>nd t wor drirs i n i is d l. aue tio o w ho a>>aid torri i tonrive. l. adon'knowf yo oeve w ad noticetori tha.t. n'owyo ve orrileriver. ticehat. >>ere riri getr.ting lrs >> d 't eryetng ey c l't dry c w. >> oupy tu. eg, i ca t >>remeer h o y badlyouutchered t ne , caof t ownermef h t dluch p tin and mpan ty.wnf >> tnk pinndou f
3:39 am
an pting i t the telent pror aouot f pti ing teltro aot g cy. anods ne wtarts wi a and z ouanod hsee wotalwi so bodypa andd go z w ieohel phoneticdy?nd w it onicctlly what t t oks ke. >> s doe lookikllhehatt natial touof rs k.f a s soe oo thgh.he >> fin d herti tuiou a atactive th. >>iner anatay nvedless toay you ou han pho n taues s tedo y ito th prompte r. h >> nau p shily dt. itth ro ite know. >>lyt. iw. >> sebody tk itut a upleimes we h e fulike shaod >> t tsit a neat. lees hfuabkeha y sai d tow>>gs n t.urinan b lo isisygust sin tg whe doou g off inanisst whdo gff >> auc a pde. ts not a ud aenuc sh. s weiscu the nssues.en i'morry sh yoare ight we cu hewasueveyenti o tha'mtry yoe.e ht >>s lryyentihatsahe differee beee tserostsas arehe the d fe onesen th60s hbeaveee bterrost resihec. es ths thprobm ishey ve bte tterusicow thobisy e
3:40 am
eric cros and nasi think. >> b ifou pla osnd n baickward titnk auay ss bf lamayor bloomrg ibas nrder aua s nd. yorlo ier . >>raas andav as crndos. >>t ishe ualusct cros >>is uusct >> neilou. he s tomuchla. ll>> leitlyououant.o k we toch . allfhi s dllisguingou an tsto iwsominfromhe pfurehi d gug ocpy y , si s or fromsheinom p homele. oc ysior roywaymhe ns mele 99% ay n s esut some lievin thcausan 9 some dot k w ut swhathey e e.ev thusom k wey the at 9y yan startay g he is usndhem. an ittas t 99% u he whem.did s that?it t 9% >>m hed hat? >> sinth c't. >> some of theinm htheeen sang tt an'tsomef the m se ohe h ven't. sa the tare ant thme98% r t the t. 97% ev nhe te heth% t 99%. % ev its a ofhe >> y annoy it a o mfehe 1%. ynn bactooure acre
3:41 am
cong > coach black isachla ad sgain hisew i mose. sinisew rst smohoule.d blint rn t saiuln fd presint? li not. ay fm ary ai fusndsi?? f m od ao rye yusnd? s.
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3:44 am
>ould th ry ce b>--ould t h uld c ticee nice?-- d presenlint woue beic allod toerve a es tenhi terntmou asloontogve a as the take timefferm ter thei econ a t makade tffomment whi sun r ei m om bantthin wg nu on e ho of came ba acinallyt wanun hof something me woe. ac lyit wwa cald moing e.ometng woe. walmog >>houldn'tredent be able ser two hodnreerdems bee le erme te owond t run eragaims hoital merins hav t o tt r choi ceai- houlho'talmeriricansav t ve tt chce? oi >>cees, oul 't
3:45 am
mei bcaelve tha sh tch? t>>, o b el le. t a le pical matter y cot aly it po yic mter coul't app icot t anybody se uled.pp i t gog fwa i a personadylly thin t t should.e t rgoulef.wa ier na look a p reinde tntt rldgan,e 7 t0 rle sld heok he a w pasn't.nt rga johe mccaineasow w on'hen he accnreside o andheen heclearl had a hre de paty.e earl h h l's dis sspa. in t -- l 's >> l dightng in light rooouuuuuun rooouuu ghtng round. tucr,hyo yo tnke tn saidouhis?nd. becau huc ishyyo iurable ids? bau is iurle it all aut him im actlly fen w ith t e a h y whasketheue ion,im ct buyimage then wuckh u whkeeuen, buagthnduc dotou think ifomody asnd twuoundzf ahi yfou shod be inomod as zf a of y.hob d th theoman whosext h thheanhoeadsex ight .im that such tugsul ht - -
3:46 am
atuch oughsul question. so tughtl. -- gh q >>st weren'the t rhtors about th during >>li wntonen radorsinisboatio thurglion isio >>bout mill b >>ut a mnd b mika. >> ao beaihe wik mors bout e>>very bonehe w rsut erynd b cln. >>abdoouhind b nl >> t democratshi a renlblans? knohe b ro dhtocts reg b h mreeantbls?nlnoy ht e ppl heg likes h m antndnl won't you y ppl h pfeikr the a presidentsonho yrey pfer -e-redes re>>o, i amotn deo, amn. >>ow dde y.ept tt? ep t >>ee blt in term limi>>.e eey a calltd el ition. t if ware t h wit hmi. so ameboal weeloteiohe. out. w e h seby isithoing bo eexceeptnalut j.ob you letisng themtay. ce ptl i jree th you let he em break .i e somodyta too lg bak . thre enc he s andta t cg constholideheir e powernc.nd
3:47 am
>> ty shldurn nside tirhe towm tsh to perm lit t yo cm sta so lg i f yer ha aer m.yo sta l i theha'm aer pra cssespi e la py. wo cdn'tss thi ter bepi esome? wo'thi er for b bines. hwo omd tnta lot o for s. n ser fun thi s. hwo d bil cliona wloas of p sisnterunhi afr heilli aonen wt of thep csint afphonrwhhehe a venideoof t cama. c onhe veo c fst ofllud o yll for ningudorning joeo r rengeoeorng t jhaae er enreeo meorni j. ta ait w sadr toee it. mor at ihink.ill cnt wad oeeld d io i r ce ink cnt heff on d ie "gis nt door" show. hefon " she c nsedoo mor d samhoe wa m d e >>illsn'the rwalru >> here'thes tl clinton i glutto fre fs td, womlienon i and powe and higls ito h way ff wnd sayi i evpoanndt tohi lea ivehay f theuffet? yi i it truan tea t will goefet? t a qt teru t t sdlo qte whtsid you have
3:48 am
arobl abo the clionwhidou h esent sidenc theroblsbohe cli prosri and the tsinche os pearicendhe and imalfea a spe." im the is rean because roovel spe." wasncacthatisedean bau fothe st oo monelths.asncacat re gfoote atlzim's vonerys. onfteris las tm. gim's vy er l >> no, heidt. ear0s. o,idt. ar not0s vyoo >> h would haveon e i n hisyoo irder h w ldtheravis aeeaso i wisdo hier >> y d 'teran atsoomebody sohi y enainehe wl doomod y s oythi the canota iennehe w o . hi>> iheis t ce toake aore but .wi be b ac i tittohe a me thinbutwi b ick bound mein k nd
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> welomeack. a f>nch wsite didtno wwme thk. hadhem t here f w butsi gooiddt fo y. thadm rethe porthaesidtut g oba an koe orhaid oban reicauot ons an mic. iidn' knothe id creedauy.on m. th wer e aitn'henohe g0id sum ced tathlkiner tera0 sboum bja in bo taahu. obamwas jaking t frenc esidt to top eu. am pas stinnn ef trt tgaire u idtop meerpaipinef w thei sarzy tolmeer w obama,zyuo nolya i
3:53 am
am rd metim.uo ta ahu, i an'tettaimim he lu,r i'timnd a lawr. herndr. d oma repli youre si of m, but i h d tma ep wooureh m evesif b h day woh vetuerho ces? d theig qutiho isill c? t aff urheelationshi ithqutislff taelatahuns >> ion'titnow. remberack ree ars o s wathe esidhut ho w as i'tw. re ering k raie thes stee of wa ame ica id theye wofas the g aihe woee orld d brg us ack oama he yeof ritful t wod brusk rilauls. d he hes ain embalarasss.g th cntry . hhes ain ba woussldth cakery.s. prent'side or a ou eher esint..s t' tridy.e a r si. tr >> per acceptif >>er a --t pceifive. you rk at fox.ceive. hathi e veu r aapned to y?ox hai erto y w ever i traed you ma sure w myicrophron wraed ou notn. ma s urisame muricinph t no t wileak t hing se ayinur the
3:54 am
ak t ng splomatandse wld tadersay lot tng at nd ne wtiveldbouthe oer w orld er y ot leers at a supposed beept hinneveut o wld cseles aupsed d in and en ty sayo i am wi you drs th guys a d k t a sheyo a ba andwi fouorth. thuy ak ahe yo omac i s und fy aoreo.ple sathesthin and ts ac sbestor uto austeo npl know saes abint itnd st u n no sti hiabnkit silcen part opr iden oma wouhildnk shaven b bette pa t onprhingen omaou ve bet pnilinhing o >> i'tinhat wha erydy does whe someby sa >> 't hasomethhag, yla along? eshe >> seporngeb isaou kno h th y la evloyb?o was g ivin>>or iou h kman caitevoas g caitoregoing on the , th sho go onoregngn th ho"gos gol. diyou e wh tiee i os wearl.g? th it ithe esiddit ofu whie we t th i e idunitof ss. at's t tngou d whe itu a polite.s. i dot al ttheimhe dnhe peop talaaboubill pit so metidoals i ey itoysel opaloullsoti i it h ds,el a t i aays on air. a ts a.
3:55 am
>>as therestio as>> t follostw-ioith wt tuck sai - - ol >>oitwthead . ck ai - thas. >> ao tsoint wheead ha amica low a rsinnt tha egypamt aght wow tn wn that yp t t evil grge nsh is pdentnha and t c anil g oe is billnt hulz 'sd >> a on tha nlzee wl cle. t ng as o up tithe w clndyit levy seeecent clind vyo eeen xns.corede. the isndy.o xncode thisy.
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wil seeouac at p.m. easte rn >> timilfor sthac a fi." p.asimr an hefi pit channel a 00anp.mheasrnit. cnn ming u extme, weasrn have len ng ut w ceert,usesavsenchor ri cerusesshor wman ndllen com.nden c. bac tandyevy r t post bame t
3:59 am
dy tucy ket are y srtina ste rap. ucre y s inshowt qhe dly ow dlyalr." dot mi it. >> w'tissr. domi it.t. >> 'tis lay,peal day >> i don knowhatou a talkg ablat. y,pe >> d p>>onno at a >> o hlkab >>ra it p >> annivers iy. hay aivsaryabrina an rs ank u fo rinhading me.ryri w diyo k w?k fo r in>> dng youarry mour cat? di kw? douryouat? s is a tnageit >>he is ot it sch i. ait >>heot it ch.he c peoe fdou onwitter? >> c lryeo oeonr withn oroner at the end .>> oon w hn >> o pab w t w toundr. son for hall>>own? >>atma wn. head ton moruscl st a t ha ow ca andhe>> mmak a ihe t m wasclt t orcandab. k >> axcel int. >>as nee that back,y t ab wa >>el. >>eeha ac >> theyuse t?wa >>av g et i>>heake t? bere nex yr? g be nexr? y. >>roudofouelfhe aren you >>ud ouel >>f bhek to you enou g >>t is


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