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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 9, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EST

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agnst her alacks s workavsfi d we lag int restr a tks sh bk and rk jo whatwenst po tici s th b wank tondjo ateateobs. i n't pocicarethan wto si of the tesle s.eyome i trchl itheyre w sint tfhe e reatehl iey tobsato p oh bac twork.s >> aepu picanarot ohac twalkg awrk fr apuan tonlkht'saw rtempthand by a lge maonin's th votptndnby farof lssue ma the, th alotwingfa vors to o ue ouof t thndivuallng mante ofvoheo o fordle ou t ca activlan of victy fo epubrdcans in thca senct. ctfoub nsbretin? then >> bt:ore onet tt tonht. ank u. boplefre ssisppi votnn ton . a asur thatk le cod co isiot fighover a borturnat bycoo clarg li gher ginsrtty fer arli ns saigamonseveltherer inittivetonit. igonve job btsern jckso od e ningitveniohn b s >> jood soenin it as eng a ght hnhe prem cou. >>d int t e emou undecertn ciumstces pearit's goi dertists noere. ar'soi sh6noe. sodly deated re iss sipp ialke toyhe cretey ofed
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stattoda hesssaidpp iheke tdetee edetof aatdarie id that suprttewa wang fore thnitiive. at inup the enthatwa ior how th turnti oute. inheenatow 59-4agait it rnut miissii -4overairit iley mi si baer yser ey teof tusan baof p lieopl ved teagait itbecae tan pli ofpluot v aiitca unfoseenonsofuenc autot colodo ppleut foen thionnsnc the utllot in miissi i.lo p weeouldhiavdone me hotn beer mi si tak weldt troughene m egislure. akr tugegisture sle. let us smthisre t wrkleset and thsm t wresnd pa edverelmily. t paermi. >>overr bber sa it aer ame oplero b orsidea brout ant itia ve toe le miissi oide tt ouan uldn pa iato oloro misi and t eed dnpa or linghisnd l eok es p li th it li.s is l tinthe ptage noi th t eadof p l bryst theege wno gove or o d msisspi ce p ry e irstf theve o yr mss c, were essthishe yw nitiiveo fr
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s he? trng t ge itn tti ellotfr he tr tget t 20. ot >>ret:hankou vy mu. th eecti b20ng >>t:nkecid vmu th tonit c eldti bforeadowid ni c esidtiallectn ow a ar fr idowalctye wi issa s and swir d cawiamen is listn deol moes cameisi iow gooddeveni. mo ow>> ty're jodtniow eht weekfromtonitn a tre j co e raineknighomonni the camign cotrai reinblicghsheam an ai eero ge treic derw wittheir a attpts e geust res entrwitei ottams th're stra ed btes talletionf o the ra b xual leon rassnt ainst heraln ca. ss aster e daafte we ca pblic datee pic mr. in tay hd nws coeren to . t h den nnce ynd coeno lene xual harsmenchars. al>>aren iarried t rem ber edi t recoizeder.em r d iidn' coed. the in' crgesnd the e ces
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a >>sehe dn ya aat. >> dya -- baten fi wee inowa.hankou.- te an e fiee henery linvea.nk a. an en adnistrytion l reaiono aresus an chges th ad st adonnisteationn goodveni .suanh s edth >> gd eving adston odniret nigh ed gevg lened bl day wi bet gh ving p ed se bdawie ngpespsibity s and at siificspt isbi at ty're sd ingt's oing beailyi theicis bi tre sgictusng ly cehebindtu rous ashief opering ficeus yoll rasembeefin juary erg ce terid ter yo rbe baiy jry broht r in a theerresintainveiyd him t groy th s ahesi gingei to orm t g othrighhehipand g gsteethehip he to mile. ogh e bupso fd the eeep i. dai bu pla f heok hee puinghe aiesidt onhe rad wela h afteweekug seing idonobs re bil teek andainieg litle gundbs oil capil hi as thepres endniit gd is o bk in pihihesattthes grnd toda pesylv ia oise bgaiinttr redaatinthe se matra.pelv oai reine smaa. >> conesstilneedto ac
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we'rhereo he. iitefoton weake oacte sts toeter 'rrehe enti the, to elp weop ie ctsttoer be re i happtis.hetop i gethe otecon y nee be ipp rit no gee ectry yfeloee risfree ri no foa fu 60 ys. y loisee >>foomeofu was0 on up conser aountndery >>eoasin oup ns acialntecurery nuer anlifeck ctact me, alurnu an we wane abfe to cop tctte, accot fr bei oped. an wabo t >>nnouer: whyet co fr lieilockpe yo re n>>rly ouur t: es mhye lick like to ve yr idtity yo ny t molenhan havyour homekeurglo ized yidty en atn ifelavk, wurbelie yohave megled the ght livatlifeelitho wliyove vingo thk twe evy ti e t ivfeho u fi out for maka ngthtwevti purcse, thr out fi ut orur makl. rc, hr utll tay a we' senyou m is fe, cprehsive t ae'enu identy tft ptectn ki f cehve withnrolent. en t pctki n't it uil y bece tholt. the xt vtim. t u yec felo youidenty tay e vm. r 60ays,isk- ee. loouen t 60 s,ordek-now .d al gethis domenthredr toeep ur dew alets domentout therong dontedtop nds-a $2valu fre dontt heng s-$2lure callr gonlinnow. llgoinw.
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we pked c sat p or p dven seat ssoe're n atheor n hiest publatan wat mare nt in viiniaisty. hit blata orin viia sea sost is ben gr t niort fo epubcansea ino is b grrginni. miissifoi haub ansn grt nit as wel inmisine oha thgrnias vernelship tang up o seatook lthke rnipa wiscsin.up at feeok l god bout o abilscyn. to vern a ee g tngsut o ranil t hetoin rn a tgs virnia. an bre he yurrufaatiira. is atre y 6faepenng oi ts pol at ye 6 rgin isen o tallol a ing yeate awill inontise tobell a ll t t hagin the a ll esidtialtilectton. wh is ur t takhaonth t e idalct wh sts e? ak whe it heed t i thi itst whitbeenhe snging ll thiards theit conenrvate s in use las ttdshe ree clesonat e won as 18e ints we es pcked on thre cgresonal tsatse la p yeaed rensin b cth hesseal nds snate la ea nigh the priden bs h u serwater an igh tnkwhat e wprreen ting too uwa in ani t vginiat w tng isin fcus vthinni peoe ca f
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s creang inobseocabocontllin endi and ea fobssing on brntin d dind bterongssunbr cme dwn e ro bryinr to getsu rsult cand di tink at i rowhin peole tet areore rlt d atis tedk wi i rgineo tha theare eeis thwi inrighhanow.he e thin replica candates ghw. in for esidept doca ll nxtndes ye. >>overr r iddo nur ye >> coereagu fr oioogu fr iour ongtheoss iss iur o theeeenss as ss bi winorthnsnion whats youak bi onn at ss?on whatt at mea peroupsn outs e of? att ohiea er >> i air ts tof govnor bhi >> a t honovt wir b t pelef ohio sang won'vwiot te rrib bu et aio saendi w poble to b ib bu a a sedito mahe s ptele mo b busess fridly and aa get s itmouss uerriynd ntroete it u ro ne te not veolltiveargningne in t blicsect t somhinglleve ve irgng v giniinawe'v icct benomng ra ed a i vnioup'vyear a b ro ra a piar dmirro toverr f
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dointhatir ttheerr uni fns snt innsat o e millns se on the oher balt llnigh tthern.was a ounonhe ral gh erpudason o oma carun by peop of io. da o i o thkar tbyt opbodef .ll for publan c nces ntht yar t inde ohi, or bl ces nell. y bt: en youhi, ranou' al. b : cialyo conrvateut rann u' a jo nd al ecomy.onat weaw tan in iatijo dn ico. we miissi ti. e llotinti d iniativ ion misi ot pershoodniale.iv howig dyou tnk ociarsode. sues wiw du plaextear tia >> ies tink treslanotar queson tt itointo b ith t tkitcn tlessue es t tt'sitin b will dom ate wentc tue y've t gs ll om e w ye g 9.1 nempymen raan.1 wee bre anclimng d mp reenly nagood weleadbrshipanut ofimhe resint re n o eodrgyndadip ofbsicreaon. ere oo e qgystio the ea. e onomo tche qioablh sues will doomm n. i he tnk a lotblf es us bieve lldo t nese i t aot tritiol va bes hvee be the tede rk of amecan ciettr fio a va hbehe ruplekundr yeare ofme stn let f
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impoant. fe te ledrea mriagtlnd pot. prot tionfe indidual mag libeies so yoth, tony'llendua impoant d the bes gy wi y tll hepot dhe best gisiowinn crting stobsio an conolli endi acrngbs creang a an unonli en gydi p aicy is gng to eain a thisn eltion py >> gretthantoyou for yr is ti on isleleconon etanightuor y>> tin ret, ecankou. wht we tur tet, chkrman.f th docracur vern ts asciatn.chan thmarynd dra gornor tharn asat you ry fo bing goreorhaou yoeard fogoveor bg mcd nell acro the yo ste urcdreacllon? rohe t >> l'm vry ac? ry eoura d>> by v e esul tonht e weraad by remeous raulonn we kentky. at wthemes sate t esidt di nont win. w but oure s t iddi cdidain tur cda theon th rac whverwlminhe numbs by focing th thace wh rw isines tt mter mbby t peocleg thnow. at is tt is mer te hatw. anedos geth at exnd portitie th x anhe
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as rtie dcipled throhouthe re. an th oth re was dn wepl rout r viinia thain, ath s rte wreas ewe viia presn,ent d s w n pvail in the las esesidt tialutur n pcandilate ner eas id alnotwhstaing r tremnddouse ountofoneydump twta hg emadus man ed tnttickey wimp the h jo ssag e anan t pvailnckwi he th rac en, jo ag inkanonigin piln oh whatth youacsa w, koteig w'sh voatd foou a chge i whete wgoveors vofo offeh ihoug ey'r vesotinff fugob 'r eati andin faer f recery at. ey g w tindfaec y erre hing . eolo g. w doinawaywith reng lounio b in ay dog aw witth coecti iorgaing a b vo rsdoawejecitd th ascoti no b ngai aelpfvo to theccaus tat shthldsno b b apfo of ourth conusrn twhihis b j a of r oneati.i >>n th iss jssu two ti >>vernthss saisuwo lien rn resptaili ver sp vsentints tonitbut asomepointis dget havenio b dtlt a th me causwe d't he anin mone etve b d us dthat hsan a ne conrn. it' a coern.
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at i aatoncesor aon. t'demoaticover ars as wcoll.n. i cet we beeve th moicer lea arshi w. invo es webee nhnlyea makhig rht vocutsut al nlyprotting riakt r ioritses.l kning ere neot ngri inst i t ings rilike. kn g ede atioe in vatiin i tgske edio frasuctuinti rebldin o couny. so aas of tu havad toebin o un dal af avto th psion d susinibity pon an epin psionusiby syem soent. an in pony er tt wvedone tt anwe waveneenou pro em witht tuinn oeou ero anoer th antu o unrming e sicno dign y ofan rk. n in wha is c you gnof take.n hahe otr ise?ou sue ree?ke whh lesotis o e e?anda onwh s th o esidt's alth cadanthaw? ids th ems ake awing s vote >> iidn' a y atngntio til nigh sing it te i yon' pro am thent iio l wegh sg ot ine and r dyo ro out . en i e d sa oe thnd wha r sa t in
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sa therthha san ernd tts whe pl t to aoweopltowh dorompl th apl iverlealt cendo om lo to o ofth erhelt c ear estloo obecafe we thkhat th wille an aanta forartus caweh foatr sllh busess llan c aatiotanor and fobrin sngownuss cos cfio d heth ce. >>o yo tininno heth he c >>careyo tll py asig iss here 20 ? pas >> ithin isss nd lar a 20 biof a iinistrtion i fm hear massu bi ichs jobtron fmcreaon. masu hob anjust aeaou. a mth ago inan st we a a vgini mthat wasgo we closg vniatasrgumtgaithe vern of st osg vrgin.umai rnf vin obamcarehis omaare that am re oucandate asis ab to o evaire at ounde bto ai i bieveecau i's the ise th is b mosvemporaunt ihe jobs. isth how s os brorg job twest bs w vi iniabrob tst kentky? vi iaand tnk nt? ste d t shirte ran
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peect mpai reay in iran many pe ret ectsai hetayeonea thin msagef ny ejobts creio heyetayeth on mge messe of opptuni zb mere verye vonry ssof lalppni man . er lo v the. iso lrogrsitht a.ob th. lo ishehat sisul gr conrnedth a out ght w. th ist s >>oned t t gornor omaey tnkyou for our tore. >> tnk y. >>henma w t retun r tcarl t ro y >> n d joe wet triy wegh irl ro resuoes an whatri thwe iossi y mean for suanhahsi anorúú(h cúcpbc(húcúg
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4:23 am
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4:24 am
anrlod len's sta th yo nt n. tereing ws o lta virgyoia.eust h the re g orgin govnor . hand u'rethhearg a inovr oup d rear a maeupreakg aw. >>he magoveoraid teyak ckedpw >>ne svetd g tingit ed s g21-1gspli inderandenat -1istrlit erd athe rublintrstone ead. fil rliallygiveeim an d. fi ly -voteve rginver tn incu ent.ot is t sin re tsena at cut. 2 t20 e na zepuicant lieenan 2goveorrepuican c trolzpuan th >> veret:puan how colig th aen dl is >> t: th asowirgia desibedt? dis th as sngrgtat foresed012? >> w l srepuatican porkeup i thi2? x o w sen sputsann p igenelhi assely ging th s s n rerd nber eatsne antheygi tkeh ov e sene. re nr ts an tthis.s not an aey tv en go me foanisot temocts ithiso cr icalfo baleroun t sate.oc iis noagood sigcral raun s e.publans. wnoapprohingod twoig hirr of the atebls. genal aembl androngwoirf n e een abl d tnight
4:25 am
ha nined contl of tgha the ed ste ntof snatehe >>bretwhats s yur tke? ste etats mber hol up y t? ina viiniahat erheolporstin ne for dem ratsviiat thk it stuld e ne firor meem ts reblics hath coitrolf erytd ng i the ate. ir don' k wreicowhaco llck ut ayt ie e. ng tn'e. >> k gerno l gllmo i a gus. >> y t. >> a gong nome. g mobut u kw igu i y atual ag .hin t k nighis i a aalautiin gh nry titail wher versaw eier n il sid er vrs ierreh orhat theid peeiveto reort he peveoverachi whher olleive rgaing in oioerhi whroterlee rejeaiedt. in oer anje ts i an ts i tw exemesr ovreacon t voexrsesrejeed i ovac t yoigve g to ake voa okje i ityo gs ano ovee each n halth careon it tsnmande.vech d v hersth in re t oond rej ted vs it.n ihink o thahat ejd . autnnk iry haleoingt io nexut
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year eleions y forng irepuicanexho's ill ve arlens notorhos puan the's l nmineyet. itt somneoswhhe nnet. may iom beay errehingnd peryoube re ngoweruo opsehe msisspip mss rsonod ve. , yo kno his ot on goi v yono hetoiominions how this ingtolayut ininns ohi w onis healg ca?ay hionalca this beggain is mantesbein doest hlpomneanseith. thi i es h avnedsth overachihi. i thparts vev goennto oubl er>> whit abt ohirt o it inrestog. ble w uniab did thi popleou it n st pos i hisniid olletiv ple barg ningoentheir i wonis th votle d yet rgngtir w tse thot ye pple v ted to tu dowthe pside's pe heth vo ca tuowe pde metd. he >> tat i becseet onout ttf iveecont rouly r ubli ns voteagait tou form r
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4:28 am
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4:35 am
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4:49 am
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