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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 9, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EST

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e e'ni misssipp lifan doe not gin fsstilipptionifoe accot ing n hose voers. fli on ho dcoidg those votevo ins. ho201 hoimpa 2012? te n fu rec saigh 1ahea pa >>?i h opfuec i savegh as ch toea ad ayou and >> opetch. ies firsofrede, now aund the rtga gia ask g yorsedoow ilnn the out e gaagiain.skyo dot rryit's oyheorut ag. do ry $7 bilson. o spen tha lasweekd. $7 "fil & f.ends star rigen ha as noek "f fdsarig no >>liveroew yrkhere w the >>ve crewrode th ye show nd pres th w sing on o yo w itdth sw pth s "ngx & niend" >>7.8 yo itbiion. " & i ndink had hat>>et8 lt ek a in.s i k ad i tst wt l a,000 i th w's . >>hat s whe ishetatue00 th libty? >>t whis in n yortuor newjersy? an theib? bgest s ory nor thi ew wers altoughhe ane b styman in hi uff wesltghig a the eleionn s fs rtaiy sethi to ahe foslen o
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is aiy s gethio chso llac os waet. is memb whaheetromidh n acwa. iday mb>> hacan' wai fmi thatn >> allight ay in tn' ai fmeanme tdayat >>ll iht t t an tst-gye sh for eleion 11. t -gshorlen . itas fin b a numr of baot itiaitves. t's nart a b a y canum sofee barighther coluusias. s t a in yan s eethe gher buc yeluaten eucte e bione s ise 2, pasd morthan0t bie is2,asd reporledan at o.p.acked lawepdhat rerict colctiv arga for awblicwoters. >> redctolivga itni aso r icwoarres.d t a stresre itiay. andtr alled over ent ia enties anll impe coractin a impaere.tnts mpcoct a pa vern rnkash tok a sndnd tookt as ttep rthe s he iludepoli and ok a fireghteep andhat ul havhe been ide whaliendend upavin hisrete nd t ingavepea denesteayecauhade p soin peoe aresaysg, d i gea te gooo au soeoaryfa d well ithe ters go oke. yea b wfat lle rsrepeede.
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ea b w etch?pe sp-5 wen dchwn -38.-5en d th's 8.gnifant. vern th kaifcht. sa rn hear y oplelistka. >>afranly, iespt hhatar y ople ave saylest >>an, pt lee ay i anffor li thi and i as aor rultf lihi thatit reqre meondes a rt ep ateath youeqend to endthouo som tim defleing on at hpenehereom im>> m queion fleg eve kinn law hne tret m puesesn n f ave inate, doaw the pubc tave the rig ps e,ome doheubutendheig replvery paicul law e>> ye>>ep iry mean pahat'ulaw reyely >>inrestg. >>anerta amot oft' siatur re belie, i cinldstar tate>>tamoof to ate. exsitly,ur if li i c y canet itten ee. bexloty, anf in yhisantn part ular law with b ttsan npartularsudgeitiave rtarith t i thintheyot rtargeia15,0 i si aturin to eyt it on. w, we,0ust hrd f msiuro giterno on wt h kasi f andou kw, gno h di si nd k ngralateabor hut athe sa timeie d srand ateittlor ae
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defit. hesaoldtihe c diesnd s c antietl fi ofhed csoh >>hey ve eugh opleno of >> a he cupards oh >>y eh lenore. a youe exctinaup dilo fromhe gernoof. io 'mouexina o rry,e'reut o fom gnomoy. >>'mhe me tng tt gornor y, re cu oo sa in n yormo >>ah t tuniogos,or y can get y rcusan nown y burthen i l hav toio cu yanet y n bun iavoen of tusan of y s you therave com togheen fd theanf w y he s d i may u er bee omupog for dete wute i b dieve i andaye ma expts b ievere i suld bve nd y, tt maxp bve sdhi p s tresint ama ck i pssi laa i inhiith bor. la thins pshier stashn noti how ar t y wer. oing hi to g pif tyhoug tta ti owscon tn anwe ohing lan g t willhise a on wanrninhi sthe an th thewo. on'tll asempt ait? inere se toe ofolit althhe't aptit rami cati s bye his tote f it stery. mitibys at he sere ti in oh tre s difrentvote athat stiasn heal carand oheth tou oulde abif tont opt o ot thas indialdualard ndath te the ndatldab oamen o o di alatee at appved ingenblet.o o t.ppd g 34eweregainst bei abl oo opout thi sor 34reiteibl
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opt hiorfs t revee ofhathe pple we sang i t oo witvehofegart to pe we sa i poli ocal nes. itarexactlo reblics goone featlindl s. e wi as exwetlll. wh thewant -reicgo we tat hey wintedo. whhent wy r e ied ohi w ihi w simp youannot hav the ste mande yoon mpouuff.tavhe s th didt wa hapned ndyo maachutts ppenn thf. bucke wa ap letd go issiippi maherehu s en's vthy odck wn ye. seteeo a si pi t ore v od w y sro le pe rson ho o is t fothisersoood l e onendmt, y hav ts onde fo iissod the toit? dm y isavt t tde comicat andoo th toch hked ?to ts is t ominitattivend the ople f hd tsissiippi ave saides. itve ese ntialey onhesurfsie, ipie id. ba abo ion es thaiastatonrf i babon haat but furer viewit gs rthethanhat. thet illuras s vagu tha'sew g he paant.f th prheleml s guopleon'teallhaknoe pa th is apr meaem pple wh ale'tll gokng thughoe in tr o aea pewh a fe ilizgoion th tryho beme n tr pregnt, ts o peoe d ngfeiz n ry beat now, ty ouldegot b, oeo alwed do d hat. w,that toulde thniclyld b
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ilgal tha ald ostt.e. at itldlso tic ill haaisequesons out est ito rapf youseess t hildn ap causou in tt ldsenhey us obab wou notave en n tle tget abtion the wey a l of abouote ttabunanonered thwe l f qution theyaid was oingo be clos anit eeded upot bei cloquont eyd asngbe osl. >> eere'jennper monfeilo rsonod u.a. d s >>e'nn m on u. s plai theurpo of e ai lawhepof wn tre i missawsipp >> ts isbout proctinall t ihumalifend ion'telie ss pp th wom who tis aruteroinl sking ma fe fe iilit'ttreaieents as thom ihoaver in t s pasng are loo kife toiteats kilsl ithee cldre tha tasre areookio cceiv il thugh ose eoced cesrehare i ink civhat wome whthoh ree ed nginfor chil wili lktillt me h o abl to reiv tho inr ilil l llrtily tr tmen , itbloimp rivho wi be legatoav a iltren itaboron okillp chi wie cregaed a thugh e ibf or >>y thy thh ib govnoroc h aley>>th baour meovr hey bar ut whosveryro li andaidut heho wn' sory sur li abndt th bil th ppleide w ofo s colado ve abhethil th th pefinittive ol>> go ernobouroted
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forth iitve g notoda >> hurwas edor hanit lt nit and iid iaveom queions da h s out anitit. i an way,d t w ie uensfeat. t . anmorey,lect wn rults comg uat throhouthe mning in t metime rect hea rinestsor om u ro utyou. m ng her n ca t ref ing drmeme eat ofeshe r e f predent su. erhe fcaesefg r a egatofns r f ofrent f inpropate sual aehavatr fr foudifffent men now. 'll ininope mic salnoniavt f fr ou ffet n replica pl sidenial icni f bate epca cainenie palldel accatio and te says e'd inenieakel aiecciond nnecr te on e ysfad .ke a i bsol ely uld ectte in fa nogoin to d iha unls i ol y d ve aood asono do th atnoin d thatas onl of e fit ad on ommenth that iade nat of fi waingt to sta anden'veha i ad shed tt wit my wagttorno .tand e coue i uld wilshng to it y a l dettor st.rn oui d il letr . the's newept thi morng abt th latest ths ew accer toomehi forwrnd.abthast socied pss rortscc tt e thrwe yes afr sh stle ci p rts tt th hayessmeaf comshaintgain sle cain sheha fimeledomntin anoer compintt h nxt injobheidno shclaid mp manter wast h nb circatina shaiexuaanyas chaed mailut rcinua entuay drhape that
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ilcompai. e nouashe'drtryi to t atmpaicain the ot r acnoserse'yio ogeer foa gro prein nferthce.otacrse nn staforotudesreallyger. behi hea ta ftball cdeach ely hipateeao afr rortshat fal ch ys athe hooloulde te nuafered rtst ae olld nued >>he thaed the aringrowd >> tsidhis ho. therwere shaanyhest aentsngwd i was idposss le tsee erhimre. >>yard r mesttsoel i y s ss t he mu thiim m ans>>d me tyou,el y h amu hi ms ght? t u,u gu havliveorhis a plac i'v liv t? or guavve peoe lis youuys d gis. ac'viveo lious gi >> riti s the -yeaolti s ternhedidn do ough abo form coaea rndno ghboerry andurmoa cuentlchard wi sexllyry abusg atdueastight yng cu tlboysarverwiexy 15year riod .usatstht y ternyswasrepordly ld 15out are of thood rnsory nci nts t of ho pate o di not ll inead,e to tethledict li dictorim ind,tocury whalec happed. dior rha pp
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. cuey a vic pside hultare argewith pjur and ing cu a aic pde gra lte geryth pur d g fit,redd macra a nry fann maefiddac askg f a n mor of your nnae taxyersk f dou torf bl uraxrhemou t t. asng f b $7.lbilln.m fr theeder govasnmen f7.ll it's l of frheerovdougen the rtga gia's l repted f ird arte losest thug same e timegaf ia$5epd d tebiosion.tham th me ces jt af r a ekbin. whe thredd macskedor c j af a anher bilwhon femddac yed. anr il f exutiv at th cpani y wi reptedlmake exivt cni3 miion wi ep bondleske nyw th ymiarn a on thw bot recved h y a70 blion th otin becloutd money. hardo d tt wit a s baighon but ne face >>rdd ts wheit a predent sgh cled a ceessonfe nce cdemn rethosnt narr c vicdryorhe g.o .sfe ine cmn os rr icrgin la.oin nhtould ina c nt decratldcontl ofhe ste nate c deatnt ofif s teyeerdaslectn rests stanyeda t sencte wld b sples 200 be een ane paies t en itouldive w rep blicapl a rkin20maberityn paes vi iniaits cldsideed aepca
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ttleinoundmatatetyof viia cursedea for e lend te eltion present ama sede aistoc r witherin on208. est a a tothis wier 20 meishe ves coun't ve anotr st leang t danou t flr. h nay antrisn. otstea tan fl naanis >>ancyrace a the dce paner re bted >> frocyce ahe d "d cingpaith r e st bs" ldt nirot ju oneeek shy of e "d shng'sh st l k e tw sf weren lsht pla wh se na tw pois ouerof 6 l pla w she' prouof all o h oiou 6 accolishnts the how.e' ou e dilla hrtwhl. coshs hethatw. di whimprsive >> yr at serpr rvein yade >>let'talkboutr de >>t'lkut somody who doi somcat dancg on capioml hiy. we e tao ing oiout omet attney agenencl ofonhe uted piatehi we taic hg dert pttturey right ne of th ue.d heot a gelli fro a hr preumbeht of p pleth and onehe a of ge fistrobe th pgs hesaidndsneegdingf as f anfuris is ah, y kw th hid at? ngat lter at w entanoriis h, ch yles wgrasey, e ? e eeme l r w natotfromhe gat ste ch os as, eiowame toom g s oacn wafebrryt waac
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wrg an aid t ubrs.wa gornme hadot wr aanowedd t u go me ad aponto aeder on meco. itas b proamndt wou ner haen meaga. it b he rosat.ou >>enat joh neha acoin ie ofsa >> atthosohwho estied h who i o arteosy.o ti he's pt of hhatxchahoe fromstery. >> ca ot btexpe ed the poftnohae omer the tail>>of ecave be tperaon thats ongoin t juse ceil eve dertmera on atoiday--day tus sis. dedid met knn aboasty-ay & s. d kn bo riout >> mos wh yo namon it dresd toou r erriou to m wyo am i e fast & f ious es otorati or rri o e youst a ng ou dast & re f theus oti r i idn' rece e yotem. d havyou rehe apogize to the in'ce famif. b an avupozeohe rry?mif b>> haveot apogizeto thy? but ertavely regt wtpoze thut haened >> htae yoevenalketo eg wth? >> hav haedt. h >>youch!enke th he d, av hower, fer>> th! fami hishe ow, r tondoncesut mi isnethess,e hanot oken to th. do >>ese fe s th s,hat en reonsie. th a ick >>fe add.resi youa poink crs graseyadd. heaid stenyou d
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ouin cette thatasou kw wa hed enu iccure st witn ougrastep aat kwa you saidasccure iorur stitouas a aearou beidre your y kno awhatr be i yn't ink is ireal yrrecno the wasuch ing at gu w kingi t k cr iss tal h g gu wxacngy trigh >> t senor wbol ber.oini usnhec 8:gh a . tenaste w tbeeni us nur. we ll, cose hav8:eots ate t ofuestnsbou as.t a de , coriou andav oers thingsor t ofst ou enat. a inhe meoutimnd oer n yorh citgs t ma r mathael in blmbertellmegim n or itshinon piticns to s kma m el it bl anderll ust ise inxes p ic t ev sybod itnd shld wal bt eae s he evodrden chars sh w beagaarinfrom the fen bu nessar nwor isgainomhe u f buss nneor.s >>nd rk st geimms i u re andne >> rstme ihas n nd ieresng s edicon owho ll b present. xt yr. ies ic oo b est. y
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>> st aow t busta cts expet th end o 2012 a tus c nojust f xpithndnco 12woers nosthe f pside hascowopropsed. but r a pde taxas brketsop. >> t w, a a taxax ts buis rsing axes aonax bsay ck e mibule cassea rllynghates on is cntry eedsightayn ow mi >> i cssy antne c rystendsg tohtayorn bloo erg i bausne icentoor fobusi ssoog cor bsponusden chars ic fosiorongaenarin joi ar. ur te onhe coent ofhatgainoi
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eech t on>> h jusproped tco lartstf at taincrse er. i mean ch husop tar ta crstor eallyver. i an is i--hioulde orly r.espeallyow d in i- yould kn, sl ecomic tis, thi pe ly duld you ne oknthe slre acourc tihi d thin i'vever oe hear a 's jt noproping hier in 'v erxes amilsar of e jnoopgi s il inf stat isld, tt coined maken atsl tcoed$200 whike i tnk i anabomatio $2he's00hi tki t ibout mdle cla an ompeopio und tha 's itefiea tkiertaut melaic tha op nd ha mes thax itieatarefo. whenou tk abhat t s refm, u ta abofo cle t en tab t ophos beuse fu ra onaltae thbotaxl sysm t and you n't hovor bertaie instri and ou lrawealth txys ratend becse y wan peo eu ot r ai speninmonerind lthisoes ains tat. teec y an eoarli thi fli nen tne is s ns ce o. wha he as sailiouhili ow, tlot o milhaonaies ani bi, ionat es he le neyorkilaian bina hle e berkuse the puniveax stemere d he sai urinbee he recunsione is emt the timeheo ai goinaad and ecaconpaxes o s thme go a anody.nd ac we' notven lkinaboues llioiresnd anbilly.nair . e' otone n theinouhinbout hat ioes esidt oblla waired tdo e th rhesingaxesnnut that ppeidobwa t rate s it rngesha wldpeitamils ofteit
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fourr fe osi wx, comned il comeff250, ur tha fs n oich si inom newdor mecity.0,ha n th is ht ri in inew calirni th is cit any thf ths rin colits.i at'sthnsans rh nandnyeciathy now wn ew ycok. 's cian sd sufiaerinno wn fro y an ci onomuf proinem. rojor onom probms n un ploy ro .y tapeop tha arer tillomob spding un>> oyu. t nk ta tops wahaell his fr tratspnng in g e l t twaisith e ecomic fratcenano g rig nh o ecic hena doenoteliehat the ig nper mmit oe isoingo end heoe tup dieng anyttng?he i ink 's hr wayit ofisngnd gettg in here d yt? it mor poi ticak h ay fs waof tryg t tt getinnre t itor po ca ecomic ebat andwary dert et tentn ofhat' toing ec onic iatd dt ntoft' downwnngn i mhatt wh wnuccoi pa. m mattr bl wmberhas soany co prlemsn neyorkcity pae ma habl riserg crse a ayn prmsne rkeductyion obleand ese ha isotescrrs w ach h aucurdln led ekeep d endi es o wfirs h endm at grdlnds. o arep ddiiola ong trs fir amen ent ghtsdmnd tgr civs. ar rits othe oplelaho l te inir thatneigorho , thent ts t iv buness ri oe nle tha l in neiatghigrhoohoth and oplere g tingbuickssf hait. letihagheoo t d le gngkf . etsuect.e t t's lk aut ting a t's lk aut mingsu t. ev ythis fai a t gi wi a
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s aa mhis,gt's so evhiai wi hypoitic foras, bils onai to btellg a ddle lasspo ic or rsonhate has toilayai higr blla less ta s.on t its juas oabrd. h ig ght. ta and so oitju anoerab. nt.ote wth d o s spch snod hey, youknow youake ne wth sp soneyhe on ouowocks ou exe se m if y'reunni aeyn hedgksfd, y shod p mexuch mf ye hierni taxes aybedgf yho p mhqual with hithe comeax sle.x be yoknowi alnderit ihe e me s .onomwoulsurv e th .yoow er thin abouomwhatule'srvthdoin he'saisi axesinouatsincrss t 'ssi boares somee shld rlly d th t . th's wt parbab me havsh to ry th do toay. add his oth w reay p gbav theo to. ds ea ygure gbecae th is he recaths gargtuanax thry. x for rgan is aut otetngth. or prriti, leing e sysem a rk, et tionizin pr tinot leeatig sy fa rs. , 's bical jus raingon in t ti taxefa. >> a rig , br bk oualtheus ai lculor, arli y'll xe a buig tobry.oue th ks foini s ul thi, li yl >>ll r f givniyou hand whhi that surn. >> r .stra ht ivahu d,ndhey' w hdi at su ra pin sahht. y' hrioudicrimals ros ng t meca p bor sr. so ouheyiman lses t
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ee a cle andhe me ordepamentfoy lusteeust let a le nd at haen. pa ntthe fport tha expsedt tttet stor comi up ha. nee .rt ha >>xpomindup t theorhrismias tpe ta ne >>in heit jist g the tagornme's stp of arovandait j g untilgome yosthearofhat aey'rva goit t do wh thmone uil yoart 'roi t wthne >> , hoold ! hod
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alas right ew.pirme indestowctivn wave a as hrica i t foe wis ar stivexpeed.ave a h somecaartsf th statfowi carld and mebliztsrd thnditatn c emerncy ficipes saceyvyhis nd cod be lizfe it t eateerng y ci saorm alasa. cobe a l wha a cos tte m calal! a chhak a out t cos ca 10 ft chut t astoid th road 1 f pt eth lt std nit. na tothoa tse p e imas of nie nao t aircftma carerf sie rk th rc ca witn ar0,00 miesfur rth ca itanetn la timan00 ast moi cehis cle to theet la earim wasstack i cne s clto he 19. i ar belve basce wliskas i scraled fixt. 19 i el b ws an may rad not.ix all ght. >> eve, gandayobt.sing yl t. ll pne e, cama g footageng ppickg th upam lasoogeght. instig ion ck tth chipgo as ibunblowgt. tid inign off thi unow t dangous ws iff o jtice ngs i syem. o o rerteridenfy den of jce cr inalsywho .mmit d cr es re er enre ithe ds. aen then fle toexic andcraltho itcr tion ie a nele repters wt toicnd dwn to on xicoeprs w ipartularnd t traed codowninef tho i rtarfugives.ra
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6:25 am
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6:26 am
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6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:29 am
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6:32 am
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6:37 am
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6:38 am
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6:39 am
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6:40 am
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6:41 am
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6:42 am
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6:43 am
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6:44 am
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6:46 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
6:52 am
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6:53 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
6:58 am
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6:59 am
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7:00 am
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7:01 am
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7:02 am
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7:03 am
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7:04 am
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7:05 am
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
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7:08 am
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7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
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7:20 am
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7:22 am
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7:23 am
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7:24 am
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7:25 am
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7:29 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:34 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
commity nk su'll hin isr soulnd sll sillll s a tk mmto yy snows h who ioue. ul s it'slike siend a there yverywseho ows ur ame. sa's thie isndruerewithourry s e. lol counit sahisuenk. thr t.dbanklway say locoit hlo . me en ialk ..dnkay ay th don my me. th hav a pe on j t toe ay ik thon y llo.. the theythave ave chpege j to untethat ntasc. >>o.hich he k s caheey ge ch teatto. we veas >>ch kca g eailorou ts . e morng. ma froidahwrit, dave elor w t are yingo ge aortg ern ma rorougahitda w e ngbankge tg were dt fr and ugthefor dot havnkuch o we dfrredind th orhisty. we leardo quaavfy fchhe o loan.di you st t nkweart'sua f wor.whil t outry cdit tunsnn ou orhomeilwn itead y ctunou me iad >>well ablute. or ain yrmall o>>ll commity nk. ab teur orin y regnalankllecauo mmy . they e gog toctuay lkeg lat ykau notust a numeyrgoto ua ca led af ico y oreott ty ca dum ca wh a's cled nualfore tca d underiti. whif t cy chd se tal kphe tch t th's cleortfiointhe an th can, ey c wrihe lntfine hover ey wt toritet. the, re g cng trisel litn they ave ho wrir w itto tte theose g tel unrwring gdeli seye ri regatless tf thsizef th te nk.
7:46 am
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7:47 am
>> t76, ir oisn the , mberne sg "iand rl" elt johe er s "iat'sd hen " worltbigoh asse and d hiold ir. 'sn orig se d hi d . [ le aounc ] crberrjuic wakup! ♪ ♪ [ anc crrricak! at'sood rnin ggietyle 'sd in ie lehmmm malennouer ] for lf t calies mm leou ] r plu tveggal nuts tion coud'vehad v8. ugguton ouved .
7:48 am
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7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
nd sahed th bil ons dia dlars o buat tk endhe of e y sath it il s s my drsut a bu tnd oigatn tof inrm tmt examyly wreut a t moy wa ogoinatto gto in txa w an ulti ttely whe 's tmowain g ney day? i ga abo an80%tif thly monhe i t de y way? to ga cboritynd tthon wa ommun effts. c ty, unfounaty, ion' thave aot of iunffysel. o r arfoat in'dlanyve it. atf iel o youdlknowy was -t. i did a t ofood forouowas tid a c ents ndof od fortatelor wou up crosing t so li cs.ts >>hen see srtndalelou lpikerong soat sms tbe ali scaal >>n leee sale s t a solyra wcare sebodhas le incriblenfluce ly w sods and crlelu incriblemounof mey and th go barupt w did w crleun m give ahe mey t bgin thith?o ba pti th wghtidt wa wan emeency ve m t stulusnill at w suph?sed th heltourwaount getacmecyn stusl w upits det si e elhenrntreeteacentu s sintu catalis catalis? ishat sympm ofhat u ca li wre abt? >>everstimus bl stcaulatli lobists nd cisatest mp ofre ot ortuties or lwrbyisab and >>en terre'simoney bhere st attheyobo fotsthe coneyesnd i oidtues lis as w l whd i w t a's eyreloyist ey whfo theepoey of mon o wwh w of e amstican blicwh pheket i fon o avlablf peoe argoin to am an mpeticfor p andthat' i t
7:54 am
probm. av >>blare eooplearin setllr nndt'he t stem odayobhat u be eve>>e leare rrup s s. >> ho a the emayt bee e up >> ahe >> have lis veis noi thk th proem i ths, thers illal noth cthruptnro i nd th en tre'segalorru ion.erll cpt mostf thcorrtions no t'salru n. ilgal. mo of e ti p plestth donrronno crosthos line ilthe l.oble mof ti is peon thait's os losalne to oe le ctainhin tsrehatha's it s luldn beegal oto do! cinn t ti sdnealmean onedo i! bical abl to mecontanlne i bal conblessial oiceso thro h thnte vaous bbyi chnionessi oes and it rothvas yihoul't b ni ndt alwed. e iso lee puulic s bvice ancashn an bece a ald. is lelobbpust. s ce l of hat anrversh theanecastem >> in thebb.ig oft er hepicte, i lemok nhet a gucthere i who l hlionand millns odolls gu andre gho h toond any l an sket ll glle oll arou thendorld gndoostf th opleroun they an orldet g re ou he ldllinyou r adce.tth leuneld an the inxtu ad youkn threyeara goan ae pron tooroukn clos behd yo and reu'rear a one r a cl.r osehyod re a at e cas tt li bei you at thatoint >> horrle. tlieiou hotible when neatsntaken aw ayrr y. los
7:55 am
hourle en freenomou leaw you y os mily yo lere l ou lyerytng. 's linscrible h terrie its. i lk aytut i. i the inbori.e her ri thexpe enceitf gog i oi ae ihe pron, rst boesti. theask thpe ce go iu iso whe ould yo loo yr pr, t boti shiheed ik y die n heis?he ld you knoort's a bohi i snn yien g mohent? in ne's's >>wow. smo in'se. >>and w.ckt wat poi iour pris stad didou sayt woi rve icrew istadp ani waay to fiwhe sys m nd w iteewy an stway.o >> t stfited allyt thys w ginng. asoon i rlizethat ist >>std ly th crsed line nn s soas asn he rze 2 at 4 - >> bcrore d e ju veneict?so s >>sue. fore - i be juve t? >>su edrebefo i w prob ly uer -befo i en we tfo w the sen e ob u -fo earin asoon i s dweow t ahe i wen ouof t business d i laskedn s d ow aty l aife w and sai whaou tasus is i ld do g?at l i ed thoppondunittoai sta hathe procs. t in do i thpoitta e oc inison i w aeoon w findut a w wh wayso refo theyste puttndgyself w win tay shofo of heosetehottgel uld t perhs, oose ithof e>> rht no yould unftunaly rh oaree it r com rtabno in yingou thernfs nonaolitian at's e
7:56 am
munerom omabn ng loeryistnoit n >> t'sre a a f. therneare m felost but tst o athe f litierans,e st otheeople infe p itict oe tiforts,atel it' part f th oepln p icstem the tire ystertjusteleedst'rt thsomehangg. em e so tret th ametecansteoplds com meng firsand t tpeci tthmen pl inrestom >> a wherswilld hat tppenci how youn to mke thainst a heppenll?t en >> i notw goungoo m platoha en ot g maket hlapen i'm ne bng alobyt. ke yohwanteno fixhe m bstem alo by>> y iwa to edu teyont peoe whix's g ng em. y iwao yo cadut chge eomethg wh g uil yoknowhat'actuly th d th's t pur use o my yoow t' tu ok i to enell peoe wt's rethly g tng ourin oy iolleo wsshinon. re g tha os extly wt y d "cinital. ha exy w ypunime dnt". ck a amofin t"calstud ankso me".whil at 4 min aes boffore t e toudof t ho t ksmuas me &il 4in bre furi s sctodal tndinho e tricas &ldern thhoteat risc l yestinday. ed hecuck e qution the nato who ers asthngt theat or o sty. o he k thqum,onenat johe too ashe or o coin o otexa wilthbem, he at oh ve athe p othe hound thencoepor o thaxathe esidilt h was ae o cauetou on ope mienorhae id sau o mbli abopei raelrime mini er, uld atliboost m el yo suprt?me ni, d we'lrepo, yot deci. youp? 'lpoyoci
7:57 am
loong gd! ou lt so weit. you tice ese oothe gare o bi lsoso'm deiatinthem u ce w'de ou dheit?e ebiing ght,sohole draininem 'd d ?[ feele ag ounct, ] pleplein o chse me whe grn tendo weh le fethan ahosencho d p't.e ch mwhgr mu igra chendios.wele anse d . fe whe grns 10 clori .murahes. fwhgr cri
7:58 am
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7:59 am
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8:00 am
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8:01 am
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8:05 am
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8:07 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:15 am
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8:17 am
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8:19 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
8:30 am
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8:31 am
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8:32 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:41 am
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8:42 am
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8:45 am
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8:46 am
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
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8:49 am
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8:50 am
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8:54 am
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8:56 am
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8:59 am
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