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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 9, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EST

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mplatthye l crgi s ufairfi eatmt beusehewasn la permted c worgi ufromir ho tmbe afer aarsn acide rmnd sd orom o so cimedhat afa servi arde s hasentroun cedt a svir haxualnt-chauned eailhat she und alha elat objhetionle. d sh eveuallbjon.ropdthat shve ll colain bi? billopmoll whaat es cai aycoin abouherbi? chllges?llha >>aiain,ho hel a ou press ch s?nferce yterd to>>ddren,el thes a ps er yrd alogatis frre estwoal ti frmen,escredhat o n,crast toldet t clan motn. remberthat the ld c taim laat wasot seted. re erat heheaidone da che wm sandi s in tet off.e ne to hhednde a w was sdi ges ring tha tff yne'reo h abouwathe me heitesngha a ye m fe hat'ouwhatee ei std. a m saithatashe onet' gatture sat hrepemem redai andat tnet th gere w a hsecrarypittiemdnd arbynd t tt wa thethend w e sty,crytind theby twaetimearend dinot em tstbjeo hehat.meen cain as siddi t tjeas nt. ainted s inapopriely n pe nod yo ad hapardriy n thapeound yo hdhandite
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kareha sa the wer muiple intedent bire: oay,heerolly mulennt heeber bithan oou r rthabefo herhen caer anstepsu t to t mrophe,is ha newfoerca ep atrneylynn ood, t d mpha fe ew rds say ateynnd, u mit ha seefe se of s ay th intduci mi mr.haainee s of ere. youon'tth ntcogncie thr.n ma mae.e yowillhen ou't gntrigthr ayouremorwith ma thyoe.llen he hadig able urforthth head hgh pr ilele clates he rpres hted hnpre andleshe lahe resd nd tsaramslso char jel wh wredmsedforo arje s ingwh wedr oplet sg e leatlaa ompic also obe o icbillso i a mosonte we'roing. toet ll theig i qstionmoe'ngbout to whhe hern ca doe qext,io hut fendwhercaoet, himse. ka re on hat nd aouplse kaminus he r in onrt sdio if new so tay nuewndhen r srthao anf i 's b ngwoalle a soy nd gicto ha foran i bbigle lbor. to or % ofowag ltersr. repled of alaw atsevely w ld hrse
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curbepd rou w onrgaingve w h rb righ.ou n aiat l aecti gh 3,000 l ati ache 3 00refiterspoli fice and he firsli otr s atecend ploys. e goternor sreene lit t loy ck gnoenit m t l bunow ayshe opleave mpokebuw >>ys if y don leein ake th peop spe inf a yon aloudthoic oppen a yo you pattenudon that ic eyave ay a yo yououhinkpaen tt oute it. aounk and so pple tsk,hat.will yo dodfso ts p eesn' fak,?tll i yon teou, owdo it' a t n' fachan for i teatchu,t'my a beath and tror t gath mych ough b th geth as ttr u tth whamy w do gh ne. ths t u willha tll w youo ne thamy pr rityll t ou fr theimeha irtybegato rn fofrhee isoffiga r anfromfohe mont i s filectanom wasoonly ab ti o thg, act thaisascrealyngb jo. o th ahaea and,jo fnklywere binni win d, fly b ni maha: we in atillould have de ma: awawe w h autllaticld
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pa yve dwa wutic isespaase witfutu ge es inseeaseon meritt,tu so woul ha chgedin tsenhole er stemoor ulachd tle h t seemmploes e h t pai lo heays wouave cosed thai buet g whi nowhes ouands ate ced th bilon bu ghiow r dstnextearand il poticawatcrs s ing is xt islso ar dgin r thwhitpocatc s g houswhoas vy muis agao st n e chges ihithese nion uso v lamuga anthe ite chuse s iakinaseon ctorlalap th ane e rnine jayin caey sing orp thith uoteinay ca sghi te maha: at fm jacarn. bi: inhe manti we ema: f ja biin stahous mti btleswe i missoksipp analso targinus. mi bissiesi hagone ss reppblican so for e in misihane fitreic tr ee n gog ba recfistruion,t ha tto bin nthego ba 187ec ru n,repuhaican be loong87 to te
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19 a ammocrrth wrs the ttatece 19 cr of whe viteiniacoundf3-4 viiaoverun johnccai wah thbatt-4 inirgia aer we l k ahnai b llweerswaighthtt nngi a r wh hapns i n l a our bpcomwegsgh n elecon wh inap i 3urom darom ecow?n giver ta a 3aew.m here mar?a. vetaw. rear maha: we waed ttalk abtma:we tha tlkab hoifyi cld ex athse alletionthatre roingoyi c pe sta andeal a thalewholonato g commity is mningpe andtahendl restf th couryha iols atc ngmmy m ngnd clely wel st nethrepoous toy th i ttc iver ty iplanclngy el fornepototh t gendy f otbaer ianoac eor tern snd e ac st n ht hdredofeop rallrndouts ee. o n hedp terns ll ts hoe. owatcthis rn ho tcis joe patno! oe joat! perno jo pno heerand plau] maha: 's bn a legd at th scherl, od courau ad inma: ba foegballcrosatthecouny, b th hech ours i a ain lo folloseroue whune b he l ofhis i aloonceed.
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hehankouwhis ofs uppoers,e ce .saidhat sho dllhenk saypos, ayeror t idt ho viims oay is er t rrifvi cris and o se es o crimif.rind sel of o th beg wh tire im densiv ofh cegrditor,his wh man re youee himdeiv bing cdir,s tak of by tn offouialsve tim b g weend hisakame i sof tfferryls t saweuskyd is ehes acsed iofrymoleing eit saky younboysacoverd 1leyeargeriei in ust unyser rriforric 1ari int sty. sand ky rifirednrr 19 t st t wa nd s rilled9 fture wa ar sndl at fre prram,ven enonarampu prcentm, n las we. pu he fes nt as0e cheunts of f allged xualbuse ctsinclofing raoflld ildr .al se heet mtclg oahes boyunde dr a chityhe m h oaunedesoydefor achy un hrprilege chp.un one the leger unri witgessesch was e witne sed ge a gaduastudt itin 2es2 inas t tn d cker roo guaud shows, a tha 2 min t wt to eroo joe tern owd to a himha m wt wto he e rn sa toim parno'testied what washe ld sa sndus pao'stdt behedas inprop atel but aso susays
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he dieh't kw thfullc t tinop elut of ahose alysgati s, sdi khethll t stat poliof csemissneral ti quesons sheth patrno had atli cssr moraesrespssibity tth do mate,oad to masure rasp thbi tdo m oplenew to aaboutheserelaimh dad le le milewr'sive i n outatees im coege,enns vanidaleilse i dated, wt i coe,ns patnino's atus thda w i moratng?'s us >>t beth jateoor fac? >>tne un jrtaifutu ineac rpecto his b asunaitun heacoac rct he. his te i s noasin eae haacsfhe this choo s bos d i ofno haruses. late ast eninisooboheyof ised a usatem.t sang ty ar goin tet in toppoiy ais a spial emsa tarin tooi comttee sp lidayhen e bod of trteesillomeemeet ay n at sbocialof mmittre isesl goetg sal it disterme wh was rosponble d wh meares st b tken drm wh asto me su r thioneype h ofeas b t inndentoes t haen a ain. msuhipe t f rea a in pornton os theha an. statent: ea or oe att:
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>>eporr: mtha,t wod nobe sprisg >>or ul mmatea, twos osno sis j ternis b asellulte tven, j possly, e pridenof is rns asl hool n, ma ha? ss , rthapren aul. olso ma whe?'s anduhayat th int? al. hedu h st?ndus wa sposeto be in crt tay f sus awa pelimary ssebe hear cg. t f th was caneled pimy areste aythas foraned wh theare deribi a scdule tokgte orsues helwhheedebi a be iscle cookt th ecemesr. he nthvictas i nowothsurfedem dhct owndus alhasrf an addionalrobl pare lyus l his famy han ge to dial coblt. judgreha owhi amledha gto ttco dgsandky cnot dave t un stri ed vndits ctht h ove granhild n, hmustune inrihe vs h mpan oof seone els an ldso t hre istmorein andore an sne ls essu munti t a iinstrendre ndus. he s nsu fre mti on ast us $1,000he nailreon d tout tatn100contt,il tomart the oadmistrantrs for is rt cams who a mira aused r erju andam nwh aeporng wh aed hpene toauthjuitie arend n ee oor $75,wh0 hne il.thiere
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soelately o s5,akin . sandsoky'satail y a lst smparin to t nd'sl l ar o tadmistrars -is coiderly all. bamira - coertoll y .ba mart:rage. ybill.theyave gohree rtaysge tofigu t islley ouetgo boreeeenns st e tas thfielgu tagaitou b enebrka ts weend,nnde'll st ta thseeelai wh tra s resbr twed,ll or 72 e h raurs. s es ose e ju somof t o72 oriewe'rwatcng s fars. e juom t i "arica ewsriem."'r tc serar i new falut or in "aca srmigr"ion w in he i sewate al o nabam ha you atchgr thin in sto? se whthe ard edatio iam ha ouch fihitingtoback whwe're goind toed tiolk t i th fi ngattoey geralckown in a'rbamina t t thin a mentto galn n maha? aam maha: me a ntery ma? xplovema: testony om ecy hder. lo isefen ng hesty e haning fastnd hr. fiousisen ansred estians og who as st re fonsiuse fothisotch ns d opertiion oat whotso horbly re sifo er n you we noor syggesng wr ar ouyou,noener holr, shates is art u, erurolespoibilaty to i hav knn aut thipoilperatoon av ?kn a hi >>ra we, th e ar 11>>000
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emplees theeniteth staares dertme of110 pls jheticete ta ther are-demef >>he bk sts wi y. jce erre [ >>male bnnouster ]wi vest yg foyourlf n't me oionapurst. [ le oua pr ]ileg stfor foe ulura-wethy. t onars pr iteg a n essi .r ulwey. i nd iestmts wi e-tde'sitop 5 nistssi i itm wi-t's 5ts quicy. eily. use e-dened reens anicinsi etfuly.radi ide e ded en ansiuldide toig dper. wo smaer. t haer. to dr. woma . hadepe. on self e onpers i dtrus pen lf to tone chrsge d us my nancl fure. tch y ncfu. [ ll dging [ dng
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lk, ery d we' usi me anmorenerg l e d e'tsi wor neem anore reergyrg wre'st gog toome om? toree e gy w's go♪to e ♪? t t's ♪y rit he aurali chron buiing t s onriof the big st nuralauas liojecn e wod. chn uinouggpowefor city he sone tig si naporalfor 0 yes.ecn wo ugwer ty s iororye .hat'it ingo do to plet? natul gais t cle est t'convt tionng fuedotheris. pl?tuga tletnv onue've ert to.e smt out is. it'a smt wato g e tosm t . ♪ ♪ t'smwa g
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billherm caidefeing s chacteandhootg wn the clms tt llrmaife heg chtedot s xual thrasscl w ten ithee st. re i sal ca fro yestssday. w ie . i >>hecarosty. crgesnd t >> ces t accution cu aonsoluly rejt. aluej ey sply dn't hppen sy 't h en d asar athesccusions causg e tas aesus nsck usff t anaybe widrawan fryb ts psidewiialawr t prary pdelace,in't gna happ. prye,'t g pp beuse i' dogbee' ts fo t ameraneoplo t fobill tand wenon to s h 'ser pl ing forhe chilllend inen ameroa a s the h g gorandcld.
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rlil re,n rmerer aenihe gdc. vise dep ry kee erni o-- iefsefepketaffo grgeush o has de h wf toff thameran ge uthwht an izons h good wo morngther rlnd lcomhwan onck. od >>orood rnin bi: whe ard weom tod aer . histro>>d instatents atebiwharod a yeerda hi>> wrol, lk, iattse ye padaiona w l i dearatn ofnnocce w enpagh, naat wld he set eddeatof oc wthe sue yeerda en, bu wi t hnk,et uortutely e e ewe'rdapasthat int. bu tk, utuly 'rst t t.we need sehird pay n vadatied thahis s cims erdpa true va ti seehahis s e cs pols. weuead a p llees cole ool ys we ago, pco o 5 o, bieve the crges re n 5 tru bvehe ces38% n bliev theru we tru yeerda%therwas new pol bev he outhis weru mning yeda 3ers belwveol ey reouis tue mng 3 38elbelie th e tr. t 8 donlithnow actl trwherthis is onow tler butis is i do shomeut i deriorion o theerceagesh ofeoplehome lieve's de orn shhetingcetraiet wi anevwhenhat'sapps, a sh ng aindidwie hagot th g sanmeent
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ppird arty vidatn ofidishat g s aims bid : noy vatxplaof tt,hird mspartvali tionybino whla oer t rdat speficay? rtli >>onell,ywh lo, we o n ha fou peca won.>>l, theowe nhaou oginatw iledwo e colain witthe naonal ona reauraed assiati and recoivediniteaal set emenrera ossti nd re ed mr. in llshemeten o reemts. . saysthe portem he rest rantemssoc.tiont th ay e timertxone teim. i thstk thntfirsoclineonth of mene . dense for him th nthrsnes tof sa deok, e eoriden thaim n'm llin t thea tthet's r, ease eenha e rerts inhethe t naonal's r serestrant res assoatioe naif nald be r dactstnt th nme o soio thone wom nbe rwho'ct notth yet n o omtheom o' foard,otelea theet repts and fod,theyeahe doep enera h , itd gis hieyo dense era h it mebo elscame ogihihe concsionhey dre nse tru bols me wiout at, now get i o ancony n tuatrun whee've ot hmanwit , ow etcainayin ii aid nodo atwh ve ythi h, ann inin incasiny atno let two hi anme havome ncforwind noat w kn theletw e atav lst te oths, a b at rwno w someknointhehe w ight fathe l tth a b mbin me evntencef w thtf mpla txes v suin tevce t dearatn
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la ts of vnnocce t de at. ca areoing toofontieoc to rseoub caus the careng to ericti peoe are a ing, rsub us hecainble? biic:eoarrigh ag, one the inoine? you makbisgh at te y whent toinouakonvies one t w waortoothe vinow,ou neid fro ay owa tha he the staunt g up w, ould ro oleas thihaape ork thie au g fild. as hi thatas tpek hi hpene fi n y atxplas hne why >> yell, donlahink mr.ain hyspres d fo>> i.l,onhenk oyr.n es wafo-- outdei. oommeatorare t gog thcaus wa thiut tomeore ppen go th's gusng thaveo behio mr. in sayng i encall un g thevee nati al r. taurt asayciatn to rllleas u the portsecae ti r ur asey'lat v dica mto rasth siti .rtca til d unss hdoes 'l vhatca m theye nogoin to bti listl ing un any hesort at ey noin fa bless stcommg tatony ont cle faws tssprogms.mmto onis wl on cthe on han t og in.akin thihapp won ieon in eininhi pp ensithat it ha ienand ev then t'ssiyato surahindv bell enills ao theur aren qulltionabout thelomen ath themlvesand reeir histy iquonouhe enbeincall int estiem.esd r 'sst i a
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inllnt ti atul coue in siatio likhis. tu li gus touin manhat simeioikuts. yest daygu fled t a nat rass nt aim her sty fdextob thsse yem ser lter. te's w treating h sa ye ly, ir.lcall a s pss tatg sanferce iall ill the oer p ercuse i sitlt thableithhe me. o atoulbe a seitthleh bomhell . -- ul a >>hat ulde. omll lo, ye, and - >>et't bed c ar lo yeerean it' a- is cituion e is unir t ieverne a tarng -tun s w, lk, unr. c tner hasaid didnar wan -dohis. l and c youeasd ridnt, trean es. esti s be g raded ououteri t e t ti bemanra t fom ch tagobout h n tivaons,er b fkgrodcho andut h so rth. buvalet's,be c bar aroutd tndis. sois dsn't h. dobut' c him a a t goo. ov d the'tong hl oroven im ae shoot cntry ov anheone g the hor thn gs tt's g tosh cryappe i ane e'sheot t hah ts g hi stototraht peght iom 's th tbegiing d keait hito rastraht. t d wee ha hesthgig keonsttly ra . channg, u kwew,haestors,sty and 've so han, k aegatns aor acsatinds by eain e h aampaatn a th ve t ned oacti byt to ein truepa th
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they ccus td o t perto camign ofue eyusputtg tis ter ou itoamnhe of oodtt tou bodst iam. at tned t dot tbe te. bst. en the td t t aused he m krahaar of bng aed mocr wch mraar s's b care cr w eloyeof t s revernnt. andheyaid her eyeon t wrnrks. anteyider "p witics" a form"pic wr er w colete rm unlatetowr wer. theynderoneteheirwn unte cribily wh. thesay teyngserir ey c'trove cr orilhat whehey prov t notso be cruever t mr. ock nt onovot tevisie la nigue and sd, . k well hesi lan wigksnd a sll hpolico." wgues wha a itasn'her n. itli w." no latiship eshaall it n' rcept t y si lyit wo tid thiplast l me. ptll: t goesito thredistlity we'l see .w th all : oe gs.dity rl, ank'le thll y. g enjoariza. ma ha?, k mart: he y's aig qstio jo iz th morng, es ma t?e feral rt he agovement qave ioe rito th or , forcregution tfel on vente ri yo it is cenrcalguonqueson i theon fit agnst esidyot ama' s enhealarees la iinhe t ms ofiheagt id a' mand e whalh weavere aaalk t oso muc abo .
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ndwh wee so aow audgeaslk rud,uc dbo jue an ewso n aolitgeo isereu with is ique tajuanon wt nit allse th mea .th uea w ll thea
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mart: we, a g wifor e present'heal carlaw rt yeweerdaa wi r an apals ur r ledest'hatalarhew law yeda s cpstits iona rdayin t that amican wre nots citnain aranatedmanreem otom feral an regutioneesseiall so celth fed me y uy gu onse sollthinthat y ced mon't y wsont tinat y bu 'tthatas bn t cenal cx w tof thi bu deb b ten c nior ox n s lelhieb alys or n le jue anew nalita herto ys diuss. at's he aninjuanfthis a tafindergesteay? dis. >>n 's infis wo ndte?othi. >>
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9:38 am
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9:40 am
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9:41 am
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9:52 am
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9:53 am
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9:54 am
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9:55 am
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9:56 am
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9:57 am
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9:58 am
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9:59 am
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10:00 am
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10:01 am
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10:02 am
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10:03 am
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10:04 am
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10:05 am
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10:06 am
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10:07 am
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10:08 am
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10:09 am
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10:10 am
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10:11 am
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10:12 am
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10:13 am
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10:17 am
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10:18 am
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10:19 am
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10:20 am
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10:21 am
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10:22 am
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10:23 am
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10:24 am
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10:25 am
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10:26 am
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10:27 am
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10:28 am
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10:30 am
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10:31 am
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10:32 am
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10:33 am
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10:34 am
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10:35 am
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10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
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10:40 am
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10:41 am
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10:42 am
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10:43 am
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10:44 am
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10:45 am
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10:46 am
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10:47 am
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10:48 am
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10:49 am
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10:50 am
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10:55 am
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10:56 am
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