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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 9, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> sean: if what happened in the media tonight is any indication, the media is going to be put on notice that everyone's aware of their game. >> the only thing this did is knock the kardashian it's. >> and justin bieber. >> greta's next. see you tomorrow night. >> tonight, mr. herman cain and representative michele bachmann are going "on the record." and moments ago, the republican candidates battled it out on the debate stage over an issue important to all americans -- jobs. >> all of us on this stage represent a dramatically greater likelihood of getting to a paycheck and leaving behind food stamps than does barack obama. >> if i am president of the united states, i will be true to my family, to my faith and to our country, and i will never apologize for the united states of america. that's my belief. >> the people in this country are sick and tired of seeing taxpayer dollars going towards bail yourts and we are not going to have t. we need to stick a big old flag in the middle of america that says, open for
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business again. >> tax codes do not raise tax. politicians do. [cheering] >> the people will hold the politicianings' feet to the fire. it is not the code that raises taxes, it's the politicians. >> freedom isn't free. we all benefit, we all need to sacrifice. everybody has to be a part of this tax code. >> ron paul. >> now you are going to hear from mr. cain and representative bachmann in just a minute. but first, it is like a really bad virus. it is spreading, greece, ireland, portugal and greece, a second time, getting billions and billions and billions in bailouts. now italy is infected. we are catching some of it here, the dow plummeting, nearly 400 points. no one knows what is going to happen next. should you take your money and run? dennis neil is here.
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dennis, i know you are always optimistic. i don't know how you are going to make us feel good with almost 400 points down today. give it a try. >> all right. a couple of things. remember how big a problem is italy? and should we really have gone down 400 points over italy? let's remember that stocks were at 10, 660. we are up 10% after today's slaughter. sometimes the market goes down because they have been up. we are up 7 of the last 11 days. how big a problem is italy? greece -- schmesh. it's a gdp the size of connecticut. italy atr's the third biggest debtor nation in the world, after the u.s. and japan. italy is, of course, it accounts for 25% of all the debt in the entire euro zone. all right? we need europe because europe counts for almost 20% of all of our exports. here's why you shouldn't be scared and let the speculators
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panic and sell and stay in. we will go higher through the year and next year fwe do the right things. because of italy, basically, is incredibly maul. italy needs to do one thing -- borrow to pay off the old debts and refinance. it is not racking up new debt. in the u.s., obama has increased the u.s. national debt $4.1 billion per day. italy's not doing that. they need to roll over the debt. it has $2.6 trillion, 120% of the size of the economy. it needs to roll over $65 billion in the next quarter and $300 billion, that's 11%. that's doable. the reason the market got slaughtered is because the interest rates on bonds in italy soared and everyone was afraid of a domino impact. but our exports to all of europe account for 3% of the u.s. entire economy. so even if europe blows up, we won't be dead.
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there is china and asia, taking up the slack. >> explain to me why greece is in such a desperate situation. i realize it's profoundly smaller than italy and make its more important to my point. but greece and you have a big, big investment operation like mf global, run by jon corzine. lots of -- holds lots of the euro's own debt i. stupidly. >> stupidly. greece hits the skids and suddenly mf global goes under and you have american investors, some of them wiped out, their lives turned upside down -- >> wait a minute. hey, wait a minute. >> okay? >> we should be happy with what happens with mf global. it was a company with private investors and invested it big in european bonds because they thought they knew better because of one guy, jon corzine. they lost, they went into chapter 11 and belly up. that's what is supposed to
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happen without a government bailout. we have been complaining about bailouts. the system worked in the case of mf global i. i don't think -- you know what? i am not so sure i agree with you. you can say it worked with madeoff. his system imploded. these problems, you may see in a clinical fashion that the system works, but there is genuine heartache with a rippling effect, where people feel it across america. even today, to the extant that the market was rattled, people with pension fund who is might be energy retirement, they are feeling it. >> did you sell any stocks today? >> i am hardly -- listen, i'm hardly going to feel sorry for myself. i am employed and doing very well. i am not worried about me. >> greta! my point is, if you didn't sell stocks, you didn't lose a dime because this will come back up. you know, you wanted to sell a month or two ago when stocks were way lower, they are much
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higher now. what happened today was unalloyed fear and panic. when everyone is fearful and panicky, have you to calm down and hold off. >> but it may be fear and panic, but it has a real impact. that's what i am trying to drive home to you is that i don't want to be the one who is the wet blank oat this, but it does have a real and direct impact on lives. it does not mean because i don't intend to sell because i have a job, i am going to be here for a while. maybe to the chagrin of the viewers. >> for the vast majority of american, over half of us have money in the stock market. what the stocks do in a single day has nom pact at all. the professional traders, in of them can get wiped out in a day because they are margined up and leveraging. but not for regular investors. we have to take a deep breathe and remember that the t.t.s.p -- which is my stock -- this too shall pass. and we are not going to hell in
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a hand basket here. we are going to fix our way out of t. yeah, there is going to be european bumps, but asia's there to offset europe. and mexico and canada are bigger trading partners than europe. not is all black here. if you sell your stocks in the morning, you will take losses. i didn't sell in the 2008 meltdown. i didn't lose a dollar. my retirement fund is far larger than it was then. >> you are slietle right. if you have the luxury of being able to wait. >> if you don't, you shouldn't be investing in stocks. don't put pon net stock market unless you can lock it up and not look at it for at least two years. >> thanks. nice to see you. >> the white house sparking outrage over a plan to tax christmas trees. the agricultural announced a new fee on live christmas trees. a 15-cent per tree charge would hit producers and importers of
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fresh trees. let's face it, they are not going to show holiday here and assume the cost, they will pass it on to the tree buyers. if you buy a live tree, that's you. and did you know what the government wants to do with the collected tree fee? they want to fund the new christmas tree pronotion door, encouraging people to buy live christmas trees. lots of people are buying fake trees. rush limbaugh blasted that idea today. >> their struggles are not the public's problem. if they want to fund a promotional campaign for their product, they ought to do it themselves, without use involving the usda. that's for all, like beef, milk, soy or what have you. no reason the government should be involved in shaping consumer preferences. but they are lobbying effort. this is why so many of us say it's going to be really difficult to get rid of the tax code, as it's currently structured because look at the power.
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just the simple power of social architecture. when you give a lobbyist something for an agent, like the christmas tree growers, you own 'em. >> apparently the white house is now feeling the outrage for many. a white house spokesperson telling fox news, i can tell you unequivocally that the obama administration is not taxing christmas trees that said, they are going to revisit this action. if you thought the solyndra scandal couldn't get worse, you are wrong. it just got worse. now the white house has lots of plaining to do. chief political correspondent, byron york is here. emails have surfaced? >> yes. the issue here is, did this company, solyndra, ever lobby in the white house? did they talk to anybody in the
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white house, trying to 1; get the big loan, the $535 million loan or talk about trying to restructure that loan? you know when they were in trouble, they restructured the loan so they would get their money out of a bankruptcy i. influence to line their pocket? >> what they got today is -- of course, republicans control the house, they have subpoena power. they have gotten emails internally from solyndra investors. not emails from solyndra to the white house, but between them. they describe going to talk to people at the white house in which solyndra came up. and the white house has said, up until now that they did not discuss this. these emails strongly suggest that they did. >> is the -- the white house has come out and said that the republican who is released these emails are cherry picking them and designed to make the white house look bad.
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is that a fair criticism of the document dump or not? >> we'll know more when we see more. as a matter of fact, shortly after republicans released these emails and it was republican who is released them. democrats on the same committee said, wait a minute, there is a lot more emails. we just interviewed yesterday, george kaiser, the major figure in all of this, major investor in solyndra and a major obama contributor and bundler. and kaiser said, well, there is a meeting when solyndra came up at the end, somebody brought it up, it wasn't a topic of discussion and we never lobbied them. democrats say the whole emails will present a different picture. >> i don't know how this looks better, in terms of a whole email. this is from leavitt, who is part of -- one of the investors to another one of the investors, february 27, 2010, that says that they about an orgasm in biden's office when we mentioned solyndra. i don't know -- i am thinking
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hypothetically, in what way could that possibly be explained away? it says when we mentioned solyndra? >> exactly. they're talking about solyndra. the whole idea was, obviously, the obama administration was promoting a huge stimulus. and loan guarantee programs and they didn't just want to stimulate the economy, they wanted to stimulate the sectors of the economy that they wanted to grow like green jobs, clean energy, solyndra was a solar panel company and clearly the biden office and the vice-president's office was very interested in talking to solyndra and making sure that they got the support they needed. >> and the one who is had access to the white house and the board member wrote back -- in response to that escmail wrote, that's awesome. get us a -- and add in, department of energy loan. i mean, i don't understand how you can explain that away. >> well, we will need to see more from the white house. but you are right.
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you have to remember the white house position has been no contacts, no talks about solyndra between the white house and solyndra. and the emails seem to indicate that that is just not the case. mitchell, part of the first email. he wrote to george kaiser, one of the big investor, march 5, 2010 t. appears things are head in the right direction and stifen chu is apparently staying involved in solyndra's application and continues to talk up the company as a success story. now it shows the secretary of energy, i mean, this went all the way up to the top of the energy department. it wasn't someone below. >> solyndra wanted a lot. they got the $535 million and then they wanted to restructure that and they were applying for a nearly $500 million more loan guarantees, i think it was $479 million more. so they were trying -- even up to the end, they were trying to
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get additional taxpayer money to prop themselves up. >> i look forward to seeing what the other emails are that the in thees want to release that are going to make this look different maybe it will. but it seems like to me, that's quite a chore for them. byron, thank you. >> thank you. >> the debate just ended and they are here. mr. herman cain, and representative michele bachmann, both here to go on the record and an election bombshell in arizona. a frequent guest here on the record, russell pierce got ousted in the first ever arizona recall. why do you think the voters are throwing him out? he'll tell you himself. he will go on "on the record." ♪ eggland's best eggs. -the best in nutrition... -just got better. even better nutrition -- high in vitamins d, e and b12. a good source of vitamin b2. plus omega threes. and 25% less saturated fat
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>> mr. kahn cain finished a g.o.p. debate. and tonight's debate topic, your job, if you are lucky enough to have one. it was held near detroit, a city whose september unemployment rate is a gasping 26.6%. and italy's crisis is shaping up big time. and the dow dropped 400 points. what would he do if he were president? mr. cain is here from michigan. >> hello, greta. it's a pleasure to be with you. >> tonight, sir, speaker
10:19 pm
gingrich said that he would fire ben bernanke and audit the federal reserve. in the 1990s, you were the board of directors on the kansas city federal reserve. i am curious whether you agree with him that hee we should audit the federal reserve and dump ben bernanke and the role of the federal reserve in our economy and monetary policy? >> two out of three -- yes, i would fire ben bernanke. i would also audit the federal reserve because there has been some bookkeeping going on that i don't think the public knows about in terms of where the t.a.r.p. money went in, who got bailed out. that's the reason for the audit. in the 1990s, we didn't deal with a $frail 14 trillion debt. so we didn't try and basically tweak the economy with monetary policy and control unemployment and price stability.
10:20 pm
the federal reserve's role needs to be refocused on just price control, monetary price stability of our currency, that should be the only focus. i happen to believe that that's how we fix the fed, not getting rid of the fed in its entirety. >> all right. okay. i understand the bookkeeping. i am all for looking to see where the money's going. i don't like any fraud or risk t. i had assumed that it was transparent and there was something someone doing that. obviously, i'm wrong about that. but i'm curious, what's wrong with ben bernanke? that you think he should be fired and speaker inting gingrich thinks so? >> well, he allowed himself to be politicize by this administration, by -- with these infusions of money and to the monetary supply that has really gotten out of hand. in 1988, greta, it took $1.20 of
10:21 pm
canadian money to buy $1. today ttakes $1.20 u.s. to buy $1 canadian. this is upside down in terms of the value of our currency. and quite frankly, his decisions has helped lead to that. the reason he did that, i am conjecturing, is because of the $14 trillion debt. when foreigners are not standing in line to buy our debt, then the federal reserve flees trying to prop up the treasury. that's the problem that i have and speaker gingrich has with some of the decisions he has made. >> lyou know, it brings up the question of currency, something that i think that government romney said he would name china i think, the currency cheater and governor huntsman disagreed with him on that. but the idea of how we value our currency. itf china devalues its currency, the products are cheap because we want to buy their products. i am wonder figure you disagree with the way that the federal
10:22 pm
reserve has handled the value of our currency, the money supply. is there anything you could do differently to profoundly affect our economy, our ability to make more jobs? >> yes. it starts, greta, with out-grow china. that's where it starts. if we out-grow china, we won't have to borrow as much money. if we balance the budget in each fiscal year, which i plan to do, maybe not the first year, but certainly the second, we can bring down the debt. that's the problem. the other things like checking into owr how they are stealing our intellectual property. our problem isn't -- our problem with china is that we are not growing fast enough. they have a much smaller base. we have a bigger base. we need to outgrow china and do some of the things that governor rom no is talking about. but the fundamental problem is our anemic economic growth, which is projected to be about
10:23 pm
1.6% for this calendar year. >> speaker gingrich said tonight, i don't know if you agree with him, he said, if you repeal dodd/frank, which everybody says, repeal dodd/frank. he says that overnight, the housing industry will do extreme well. it seems like all of you lay criticism on dodd/frank twasn't passed until july 2010. our problem started in 2007 with the stupid credit swaps and the toxic credit swaps with people borrowing money that shouldn't be borrowing. why are you demonizing dodd/frank so much? >> you have to go back to the start of the problem, with the financial meltdown of 2008 because of fannie and freddie. that started this whole housing meltdown and the financial system meltdown. and then on top of that, the
10:24 pm
democrat congress thought they were trying to fix the problems because there were some things on wall street that needed to be regulated, not the way dodd/frank does it. what they did is impose more regulations on small banks, community banks. it caused them to be afraid to lend money. that's what has helped to basically -- freeze up the market. and so -- dodd/frank made the situation worse. >> wouldn't -- is it sort of like you would do it differently? but have you this situation, for instance, mf global, which who knows what they were doing, but everybody woke up on monday and found out they went bankrupt. someone wasn't watching. there is a suggestion of co-mingling of funds, i say it's only a suggestion at this point. but we can't let that happen to investors. so, i mean, where do you draw the line? >> well, you know, a lot of these problems are interrelated. the reason that speaker gingrich
10:25 pm
and i and others are saying we should repeal dodd/frank is because it didn't solve the problem. it didn't provide oversight for fannie and freddie. now, the committee that was headed up by senator dodd, the committee that was headed up by congressman frank, those were the committees that were supposed to stop the stuff going on inside of fannie and freddie from happening. they didn't do their job. so they wrote this legislation and instead of working on the right problem, they worked on the wrong problem, imposing more restrictions and reg eulogies on medium banks and small banks and community banks. that's the heart of the problem. get rid t. there are some things in dodd/frank, such as regulations on derivatives that should be addressed, but not the things that are slowing down money being able to get to small businesses and people resetting their mornings. >> small business owners have told me, they are unable to borrow money. i agree on that. mr. cain, thank you, sir.
10:26 pm
>> always enjoy t. thank you. >> this is a fox news alert. big developments in the child sex abuse scandal, plaguing the penn state football program. the board of trustees has ousted joe paterno. this is a live picture of the board's news conference. the board also announced that graham spennia would no longer be the president. jerry sandurkr dusky has been charged with molesting 8 boys in 15 years. officials say some of the alleged incidents took place at the penn state football complex. and rodney erickson will be the interim president and tom bradley will become interim football coach. stay tuned for the latest developments on this breaking news story. coming up, representative michele bachmann goes on the record. just moments ago, she walked off the stage, after g.o.p. debate number 9 or 10.
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get there -- commerce, education and -- and the -- the -- ergs pa. there you go. okay. [laughter] >> seriously -- >> is epa what we are talking about? >> no, sir. we are talking about the agencies of government -- epa needs to be rebuilt. >> but can't name the third bon! the third agency of government, i would do away with the education, the... commerce... and let's see... i can't. the third one, i can't. sorry. oops. >> obviously, a tough moment for governor rick perry, as the candidates battled it out over jobs and taxes and economies. michele bachmann says she's the real deal. she is here from michigan. congressman, i want to talk about economics. but i admit, i am sympathetic by
10:32 pm
the gaff by governor perry. i don't think we should judge anyone by a single gaff. you know, i know i have lost my train of thought, so i am somewhat sympathetic. i know the comedians are going to have a field day and the media will have a field day. i think all of us felt very bad for him, honestly. no one wants to draw a plank thought and sometimes that can happen. it's your worst nightmare. so i think everyone felt really bad fort him. >> to the economic issues, any second thoughts on free trade? i am looking around the world and there are so many variables in other countries that we can't control, whether it's the euro and their crisis or china and its currency level. and it has an impact on us. we can't control the variables. i am curious whether have you any second thoughts on free trade? >> well, i agree with the concept of dealing with china
10:33 pm
and the currency manipulators. but i don't want to do that at the expense of american manufacturers who are already taking it on the chin and american farmers because that's who would be hurt bia trade war. they are suffering enough as it is. we need to open up more manufacturing markets and more markets for our ad produce -- a.g. producers. so i don't want to close the markets off. it's cutting your nose off to spite your face and i don't want to do that. but at the same time, i do appreciate and understand exactly why we have to get tough with china. but the number 1 reason is what i mentioned tonight on the stage, it's the fact that we are in hoc to china because we are spending monoa welfare state. we have to stop t. we are in hoc over $1 trillion to china and the amount of money we are paying on interest on the debt is blinding us. we have to stop it. and unfortunately, under president obama, greta, there is no -- there is no stopping the
10:34 pm
spending in sight. >> i guess i am curious, all of these discussions about economics tonight, are on the national aspect, what are the national policies, whether it's repeal dodd/frank or helt care. then i look around the country and i see the number, in detroit, in the city of detroit in september, unemployment, 20 20.6%, orlando has 10.2%. so they are vastly different in terms of needs, demographics, climate, education, whatever -- whatever business in the areas. how do we possibly, you know, make national policies to address the issues that are so varied around the country isn't demands are so different? >> well, capital is mobile. so capital moves where it can have the best return on investment. clearly, people don't see that in some cities over others. of course, that has to do not just with the national policy, but it has to do with the state
10:35 pm
policy. and also the policy within a certain city. you have layers upon layers upon layers of regulation and layers upon layers of taxation. just new york city alone has multiple layers of taxation. so you are seeing people flee. one state in particular is in the state of come. they're just implementing and putting online a brand-new cap and trade program that will be increasing taxes dramatically. so you are going to be seeing more businesses fleeing that great state. that isn't what we want to do. we want to open up markets and we want to make sure that we have better places do do business. right now, unfortunately, the united states isn't the best country in the world to do business. i can't believe that i would live to see that in my lifetime. that's why as president of the united states, my focus is to hang out a shing they'll says the united states is the best place to do business and i am not going to rest until that is a reality. >> here's one of the other
10:36 pm
problems, on the one hand we want to police certain parts of our economy, for instance, mf global going under and lehman brothers or anybody. we have all of those problems. i know there is a lot of criticism of dodd/frank, but as i talked with mr. cain about, that was enacted in july of 2010. a lotted of our economic problems preceded it. so we complain about dodd/frank, but housing, after the housing crisis, those have nothing to do with dodd/frank and we have to figure out a way to prevent thoadz those prp problems. how do you balance the need for certain regulations, to police and for a market economy and the ability to move capital? how do you balance all of those things? >> well, it's tough. i mean, it's complicated and challenging. but let me tell but a fruit of dodd/frank, i'm the chief author of the bill to get rid of it. this is a jobs and housing
10:37 pm
destruction act. it's causing credit to dry up for people who want to get into a house or want to -- who want to grow a small business. but this is what dodd/frank did. this is the government reg iewferlts that tell us, this year, greta, we are going to see financial services companies and banks have to put out 11 million man hours to be in compliance with the one fourth of rules written near dodd similar frank, three-fourths of the rules haven't even been written and that will cost 11 million man hours, contrast that with when the empire state building was built, that required 7 million man hours over 13 months. so this is complete unproductive time. it's a waste of time. and it makes the united states far less competitive than other countries. that will mean more jobs will flee the united states. so we have to look at the issue of competitiveness, how the united states can be the most
10:38 pm
competitive -- >> you can -- >> that's what i intend to do. >> you mentioned that there are not rules written for dodd/frank. i will tell what you i find troubling and i know it's done all the time. congress passes a law like dodd/frank and we vote it -- and you voight it yes or no for it. and then, it's a fat bill. but then it gets sent to a government agency, people we never voted for, we don't even know their names and they write the rules. with health care and with this. that is my beef about how people. >> you are right -- >> we never voted for it. >> you are right. i am so glad you brought that up because that's the problem with coming. that's why i voted against obamacare, i voted against dodd/frank. you are right. these are bills that be never finish being written because they are written by nameless, phraseless bureaucrat who is write it for themselves. this is sick t. comes at a very high cost and it's a dereliction
10:39 pm
of duty on the part of congress. >> we don't -- >> we don't know who it is, so we can't vote the person out. they were never elected. it's outsourced, congress outsources it. >> that's right. it's ridiculous. and it's a dereliction of duty. it's absolutely off the charts wrong. i am glad you brought tup. it's terrible. >> congressman bachmann, good to see you, thank you very much. >> good it -- good to see you. >> news from the penn state football program. penn state trustees have fired head coach joe paterno and university president graham spannier. the board of trustees held a news occurrence conference. coach joe paterno's former assist not, jerry sandusky has been charmed with molesting 8 boys in 15 years. some of the alleged incidents took place at the penn state football complex.
10:40 pm
the university trustees announced rodney erickson will be the interim president and tom bradley will be the interim football coach. stay tuned for the latest developments on this break news story. coming up, you know arizona president russell pearce. he's been here many times. he has big news, arizona voters gave him the boot. want in a regular election, but a recall election. what provoked that? senator russell pearce goes on the record next. a surfer gets caught up in a 90-foot wave. wait until you see what happens next. you could save a bundle with geico's multi-policy discount. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. ♪
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10:44 pm
ainsley earhardt has the headlines. >> we are learning more about the break news. penn state trustees just announced they have fired the
10:45 pm
head football coach, joe paterno, amid the growing furor over how the school handled sexual allegations against an assistant coach. paterno said he would quit at the end of the season and the university president is also out of a job, after the arrest of jerry sandusky on sexual abuse charges. it is alleged that paterno was told about an incidents in 2002 and never went to the police with that information. the defensive coordinator, tom bradley will serve as interim coach and rodney erickson will be the interim school president. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to "on the record" with greta and for the rest of our headlines, check out our web site at >> state of arizona makingos history that senate president russell pearce is probably not wild out. he got ousted last night in a
10:46 pm
recall. i guess politics is a rough game? >> well, it is. this recall started a year before i was even elected, greta, rsv-1070, was funded. we have two republicans. there was no primary. he couldn't get the win. i can guarantee you. but he's funded. endorsed by the in thees and funded by move on dot org and pulled it off. >> why -- tell me, i mean, usually, there is -- where there is no primary, it seems odd that a republican -- this is not a primary, this is a recall i. right. >> but it seemed to me like there is -- i am just surprised, two republicans running against each other. and i think he -- >> i am, too. >> are you friends? are you friends? >> noose -- that's a stretch. he supports the dream act. he supports gays in boy scouts.
10:47 pm
he's endorsed by the in thees. we are at opposite ends of this issue. so that's a stretch. he's opposed to sv1070. crime is it a 30-year low in phoenix, the safest streets they have had in 30 years. reduction in home invasions, carjackings, kidnappings and they said completely because of sv1070. the results -- and the other thing, balanced budget. we are number 1 in the nation. i don't understand how a republican can be so offended over the promises i have kept, we have led the nation and changed the debate in washington, d.c. i am proud and america's proud -- 34 states are modeling legislation after us. i mean, i am disappointed that this recall has taken place the way it has and we vaa republican endorsed by democrats who refuses to get the nomination of his party. but i am grateful for the chance
10:48 pm
i have had to serve and i will continue to keep my promises and do what i think is good for this country -- >> okay. let me ask you, we only have a minute left. it's 24 hours later, political plans? >> well, greta, i have a lot of folks meeting with me, including the governor's staff and others. we have a battle, like you talked to two great people, herman cain and michele bachmann. love 'em both. vimet with both of them. there is a war going on here about what is right. less government, reduce the burden of government on the taxpayers obusinesses, protect the families. you know? it's about time somebody starts standing up for the mom and dads earning the money and doing great jobs in the private sector, not the government sector. that's what this battle's about. i don't know how you fix washington, d.c., but we have a good start on fixing arizona. it's modeled around the nation. i am proud of that. i am grateful for the chance to
10:49 pm
be able to make that kind of a difference. greta, i appreciate you giving us a chance to go on it and tell the world, you know, some of the things we have done and again, grateful for t. i would appreciate people, you know, would get ahold of me on russell and let me give them the full story. >> senator, i would like to have your opponent on and hear his ideas and hear both sides of. >> it i would like to hear his ideas, too. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, it's a scary sight, a 90-foot wave roaring right at you. see how a fearless surfer took on the ocean's powerful wrath and voters get more than they bargain for. you won't believe what they saw when they opened the curtain. that's next. i take my multi-vitamin but wanted to do something more for my nutrition. there's so much information out there. what's good for you today, is bad for you tomorrow.
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>> you have seen our top stories, but hera the best of the rest. a surfer breaks a world record, riding a 90-foot wave. the professional surfer caught the wave off the coast of portugal, blasting the wave, up to 90 feet. the surfer rode it out and lived to tell about it. the record setting surfer's from hawaii. he is part of aban elite group, who travels the world, following
10:54 pm
waves. >> a special delivery, the town council candidate came to the rescue when a woman went into labor. the fire chief had just finished voting in a local fire station. he just left when he heard a call for a pregnancy problem. he rushed back to the polling site and found a woman, moppets afwrai having a baby, he and two others delivered the healthy baby girl to the cheers of all the the voters. but he lost the election. and this is a strange scene. it's a winter wonderland, but it's not made of snow, it's made from sand in an arizona mall with a santa castle. a california couple traveled to arizona to create the sand art. it took 10 days to finish the project. and that's the best of the rest. coming up, your last call. a quick round before we turn down the lights. what does washington, d.c. do better than new york and beverly
10:55 pm
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contact your local travelers agent, or call 800-my-coverage. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time for last call. as the nation's capital tonight in washington, d.c. has been named the capitol of something else, here is jay leno. >> a new study shows washington, d.c., this surprised me. i thought it was beverly hills, but washington, d.c. is the most shopaholic city in the u.s.. do you know that? most shopaholics. okay. they shop and owe people money. that is why. >> and before we go we want to remind you about greta wire alert system that will send you breaking news. i'll send you alerts directly so you'll get on the record greta wire and breaking news fast. it's free. to sign up just go to the right side of greta and enter your e mail addr